No Longer the Oldest


“I’ll be going out for a few hours, you take care of your sister.” Mrs. Mercury said as she left. Despite only being 14, Janet was excellent at performing real magic. Her seven year old sister, Melody, loved it when she babysat her. It meant she would be well entertained.

“What are you doing for me today?” Melody asked as they went up to their shared bed room.

“Watch this.” Janet said as she got out her magic book and began to read out loud. Melody watched as her sister’s body took on a sheen plastic look. As she shrunk in height, her feet arched up on its toes. Soon Janet was a plastic Barbie doll that still had her own classic looks to it.

“My very own special doll!” shouted Melody gleefully. She got out her doll house and spa set while Janet went to change into one of the dolls bathing suits. She found it perfectly natural to walk on her toes like she was doing it all her life.

“That’s right.” Janet smiled. “Your very own special doll.”

Janet enjoyed the pampering that Melody gave her hair and nails. While Janet was relaxing in the hot tub, Melody went to Janet’s book and started flipping through it. She then started to smile and say one spell softly to herself.

As the spell activated Janet felt a tingling all over. She suddenly found herself unable to move or speak. “What’s going on?” Janet thought to herself as her plastic form slid in the tub and stared at the ceiling.

“Honey, where’s Janet?” Mrs. Mercury asked as she and her husband walked into the house later that afternoon.

“Janet here,” Melody said as she picked up her Janet doll and showed it to her parents.

“She’s playing with you.” Mrs. Mercury said with a giggle. “Janet, you just make sure you down for dinner.”

Janet wasn’t down for dinner. At least not in her human form, as Melody carried her plastic sister down to the dinner table.

“Enough is enough, Janet.” Mr. Melody said angrily. “You change her back this instant. You’re worrying your mother.”

“I do think something’s wrong.” Mrs. Melody said as she went upstairs and got her daughter's magic book. She soon returned with a worried look on her face. “Looks like she picked the wrong spell.”

“What do you mean?” Mr. Melody said as he took a look with her at the incantation.

“She won’t turn back to human until her sister out grows playing with dolls.” Mrs. Melody gulped. “The only good news is that the spell also affected reality so only the four of us will remember that Janet ever existed.

It was many years till Melody outgrew playing with dolls. Especially with her favorite doll, Janet. It was Melody’s 14th birthday that she was given her first make-up kit and showed how to properly put it on by her mother when a voice came from the girls' bedroom.

“Mom, what happened?” Janet asked as she walked downstairs wearing only a towel. She couldn’t find her own clothes since her mom had packed them away in the attic over the years.

“One of your spells backfired and made you a real doll for the last seven years.” Mrs. Mercury said as she gave her daughter a hug. “It is so great to have my daughter back again. You haven’t age a day since your transformation,” She said as Janet found she went from being the older sister to being the same age as Melody.


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