No Need for a Companion

by Theodoric of York

WARNING: The following story includes mature subject manner. Minors and people who are offended by such descriptions should read no further.


The following story is a sequel of sorts to another story I wrote, "No Need for a Doll Maker." This story starts a few years after the end of the previous one and was partially inspired by a drawing of Ayeka as a ponygirl, done by Sebastian. A censored, thumbnail version of the drawing can by found at Click on commissions, then click on the first simple of the Ponygirl Portfolio. If you want to see the uncensored version of the drawing I guess you will have to buy the portfolio and, no, I am not getting a kickback.

Disclaimer: Tenchi and all characters of the Tenchi franchise are all the copyrighted property of AIC/pioneer LDC. Inc. The following work is parody only and is done with the greatest respect to Tenchi and it the hopes of the author that the story will generate more interest in Tenchi because of it.


"Chantilly Lace had a pretty face and a ponytail hangin' down

A wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk

Make the world go 'round Ain't nothing in the world like a big eyed girl

To make me act so funny, make me spend my money

Make me feel real loose like a long necked goose

Like a— oh baby, that's a-what I like!"

Chantilly Lace/ J. P. Richards

Nobuyuki trudged the stone stairs back to his house, like he had done thousands of times. This evening was no different. At least Ayeka would be waiting for him. Everyone else was gone. It was not supposed to be like this. Tradition stated that Tenchi at least should be living with him. In Japan the eldest son was expected to live with his parents and take care of them in their old age. If there was not a son the eldest daughter took up the responsibility. Thus it was that Nobuyuki, when he married Achika, moved in with Masaki family and took on their name and responsibilities that were expected of him. He did begrudge his son for going to Jurai and becoming the Emperor of the Universe, but it did get lonely here now.

Tenchi and Kiyone had, of course, invited Nobuyuki to stay with them at Jurai. But he had responsibilities here. Somebody had to take care of the Masaki shrine and he could not bear to leave the home he had designed for Achika. In reality they had designed it together and when he left it would be torn down to make room for a new house. Such was the Japanese way. Then all that he had left of his beloved wife would be no more. That he could not bear to allow happen. So each day he would trudge home to an empty house and do his best to maintain the place. He would unsure what would happen when he was gone. It saddened him. He preferred not to think about it. Instead he liked to indulge in what fantasies he could find in his well-stocked library, and Ayeka.

Ayeka was patiently waiting for him, kneeling in the same gown he had dressed hi in last night. She waited quietly, staring ahead as he prepared himself a meal. He was not a bad househusband, had he only had a wife. He had learned such skills caring for his ailing wife, and afterwards raising their son. He liked to think that he did not do a bad job; after all Tenchi was now Emperor of the Universe, and by all accounts was doing a good job at it too.

As he ate he studied Ayeka's form. What would he dress her up like this evening? Perhaps it would be the naughty schoolgirl to make an appearance, or the businesswoman. A Harem outfit might look nice.

His thoughts went back to those wonderful, chaotic years when the house was filled beautiful, young aliens running amuck, causing no end of mischief. He could picture his exasperated son vainly trying to bring order to the mess. Now things were very orderly, very quiet. All that was left were memories, and Ayeka.

He carried his bowl and plate to the sink to wash them. It had been an adequate meal, but nothing like Sasami used to make. He had visited Sasami the last time he had visited his son. She was still relegated to being a rubber bed for Ken-Ohki and Rio-Ohki to cuddle in. She was now an incredibly effective fuck toy and he had enjoyed her many times. It was easier that way. When slipping his dick in and out of one or orifices it was easy to forget that she was once a living, vibrant, human being. He kept telling himself that it was better this way. His son had to be right but at times like this he certainly did miss Sesami's cooking.

Of all the girls living here only Kiyone and Washu managed to avoid the fate of becoming inanimate playthings and cushions. Nobuyuki kept telling himself that each and everyone deserved her fate, it is not like Tenchi had not given them ample warning. Of course when they were living human beings he had not been allowed to touch any of them. He was just a dirty, old pervert to them, if they though of him it was with contempt. Not they said nothing as he used them, whether if was Ryoko's luscious ass or the ponygirl Washu whinnying submissively as she matched each of his strokes as he thrust into her. She would looked over she shoulder needful when he did so; gone were the sharp comments and gleam in her eyes while engaging in dangerous experiments. Nobuyuki kept telling himself that it was all to the good but he missed her extra dimensional lab she kept in the closet.

He walked over to Ayeka and knelt in front of her. Gently he lowered her head down as he stuffed the circular opening that used to be her mouth with his cock. He shivered with pleasure as he felt that channel almost grasped him with soft pleasure. Nobuyuki had never determined if Ayeka was rubber, or some sort of rubbery substance. He suspected the latter in that he doubted that any rubber could be so sensuous to the touch, soft but firm.

His thoughts went back to Washu, the way she would meekly kneel in front of him to take his cock and way her now bushy ponytail and horse's tail would swish when she did so. Washu was now a wonder. Nobuyuki would wonder just how much of Washu's reprogrammed mind was oriented towards sexual technique. It must have been considerable. Sometimes he wished his son had turned Ayeka into a ponygirl, programmed with such skills. Other times he preferred the rubber elegance of the doll that she had become. Nevertheless his mind was made up. This night her fate would again be a ponygirl. Suddenly he ejaculated, pumping this spunk down her silky throat.

He pulled her head up. With a washcloth he softly cleaned the residue from her lips and channel that used to be her mouth. It was the part of the nightly ritual that he liked to engage in. Carefully he would undress her of her current costume. He would carry her up to the bathroom where he would wash her. This evening he laid her, face up on a bench. Then he patiently, thoroughly cleaned the doll as he did every night as he did in the last years of Achika's life. As with Achika as he cleaned a body part her would gently caress it and press his lips against it. He would gently caress and kiss her face and hair. He would work his way down to her neck and shoulders. He even kissed her armpits. Then he worked his way down her chest, down the valley and up the Twin Peaks that were her breasts. He kissed each nipple before heading down to the rest of the abdomen. With massaging fingers he worked his way down her rib cage and ending at her navel. Then he rolled her onto her belly. With his fingers and his lips he worked her way down from her shoulders to the small of her back. Then he worked up each arm and leg, kissing each fingers and toe tip. In the end he worked up her thighs. Finally he kissed each ass cheek and her rosebud, as he had done every night with Achika before she passed away.

Then he propped Ayeka up in a kneeling position, as if she was waiting for him to prepare himself for the bath. Soon though he had washed and cleaned himself and was ready for their bath. He picked up Ayeka, cradling her in his arms, hugging her, and pressed her against his chest. He walked over to the tub and stepped in it. He lowered himself and Ayeka into the water. The he relaxed and told Ayeka about his day.

Next he carried her to a makeup desk and placed her, sitting, on a stool. He dried he off. Then he buffed and polished her, a new addition to the ritual that he had done with Achika. Then he carefully brushed and braided her hair into a ponytail and added makeup to make her face shine. Then he walked away to get the costume that Ayeka would wear this evening. In moments he returned with straps and leather gear and buckles that made up the ponygirl outfit. Just as he had done with Achika years before the wrapped her in the leather straps that made of the harness that would grace her body. Soon a studded leather collar encircled her neck and harness was complete. He slipped the long, hoofed leather gloves until the slid past her elbows. He tightened the series of buckles in place and then moved on to the next arm. The leather hoofed boots reached up to her knees. He tightened the buckles down the interior of the boots. This night he did not bother with the horsetail but plug that was part of the costume, but he did strap the bit and bridle around her head. He watched as they press into her rubber lips as he tightened the bridle. The he carried his ponygirl to his bed. Squeezing her tightly against him as he listened to a storm raging outside. He was soon fast asleep.

The next morning he found himself trudging down the stone stairs to the Masaki shrine, wearing an ill fitting robe. Nobuyuki had never been a particularly religious man and he was only a Masaki by marriage only. But he understood, when he married Achika that certain responsibilities were involved and he had never shirked them. Of course it had been assumed the Tenchi would be the one that would take his responsibilities, but Tenchi had far greater responsibilities now and Nobuyuki was the only Masaki left, even if it was only through marriage. He hoped that soon another Masaki would be found that better take up the responsibilities of maintaining the Masaki shrine. But until then it was up to him to do the best he could do.

On his return trip to the house he saw it. It was a glint of something metallic some distance off the trail. Realizing that he had some time before he had to be at work, he became curious as to what it could be. In moments he found himself working his way along the slope of the mountain to investigate it. Soon he was kneeling down beside the object, half buried in the soil. It looked familiar. He pulled it out of the ground to that he could better examine it. It looked like a piece of jewelry of some sort, but where had he seen it before? Suddenly it struck him; it was Ayeka's headpiece. It had been missing all these years, sense Tenchi had left. The storm last night must have uncovered it.

He carried it back to the house. While he prepared himself for work he cleaned and polished the object. When he was done it shone like new. As he left for work, without thinking, he placed it on Ayeka's head. He muttered, "Now that is the Ayeka I remember." And left. As he was walking down the stairs, unbeknownst to him, the artifact began to glow.

It was late that evening that Nobuyuki returned home. The storm had returned. He huddled under his umbrella, trying to protect himself from the rain. When he reached the kitchen something told him something was amiss. But he forced the impression from his mind. But what he wanted right now was a hot cup of tea. He stood, looking out the window at the lighting strikes. It was quite beautiful really.

Then he heard a noise from up stairs. It was a crashing sound, as if someone was falling down. He rushed up the stairs, fearful. His heart started to pound. "Who is there!" he called. There was silence but he saw a light was coming from underneath the crack of his bedroom door. Cautiously he opened it, saying that he was armed. He looked at he teakettle in his had, steam coming from it. He had a sudden feeling that he was in a Ranma episode and began to laugh.

But the laughter stopped when he heard whimpering coming from a corner of the room. When Nobuyuki's eyes adjusted to the shadows he realized. It was just Ayeka kneeling there. She must have fallen down. That must have been it. But the relaxation was only momentary. He realized the doll was alive, struggling to stand up on her ponygirl hoofs. He started to breathe heavily as he started to panic. The words, "I got you now!" in that sadistic joy she was able to intone them, still sent shavers down his back. Memories of their torture sessions popped into his mind, his being helpless and her insane laughter when she would apply the whip to various parts of his body. Sometimes Sasami would be there, encouraging her.

He realized he was in grave danger, for no matter what one thought about Ayeka's abilities, she was far more powerful that he could ever hope to be. He started to back up, expecting at any moment for her to jump up and grab him. He stammered "Uh… Uh… what… how."

But all she did was stop trying to stand and meekly look at her face and eyes downcast. There was a gentleness in her expression, they way she sometimes looked when dealing with her sister. Her hoof mitten hands lifted her breasts up to him invitingly. She tried to say something but he could not understand her because of the bit in her mouth. Still it sounded like she was offering herself to him.

Slowly Nobuyuki approached Ayeka. Again Ayeka tried to stand, holding her arms out to him. But her wobbly legs would not hold him and she went sprawling forwards towards him. It was too familiar. Nobuyuki panicked, running out the room an Ayeka rolled onto the floor.

That was where he found her, laying there, whimpering and looking at him pitifully. This time he gently picked up the girl in his arms and placed her, on her back, on his bed. Removing her bit, he said, "You can sleep here tonight. Don't worry. I will not bother you."

She answered, "Don't be silly. This is your bed and I am your doll, remember?"

Nobuyuki exclaimed, "Doll; what are you talking about?"

Ayeka answered, "Would it help if I whinnied. I am your ponygirl, at least until you change my costume, aren't I?"

Nobuyuki stammered, "No… nooo. I will see you tomorrow."

Ayeka flipped onto her belly, thrusting her ass up invitingly. "Perhaps you would like to insert my tail!" she called out hopefully to the fleeing man. But it was too late. He had already closed the door behind him.

Some hours he crept back and knelt at the door. He peered through the keyhole. She was knelling on the bed, striking a pose. She had struck out her breasts and looking at the door with an eager, come hither look.

Slowly he stood up and opened the door. He walked in, saying, "Ayeka, what's going on?"

She answered meekly; "I don't know what you are talking about. I am your sex doll, waiting for to be used, like the way you have used me almost every night sense you acquired me, Master."

Nobuyuki held his head in a downcast fashion. He said, "So you remember that. If you are trying to shame me, you are doing a good job."

"It is not my desire to shame you, Master, you least of all." she answered. "I belong to you. You are my life. I am your love doll, remember?"

Nobuyuki asked, "But you are no longer a doll, right. You have returned to your former self."

She answered, "No, I have not. Watch!" With some difficulty she removed the headpiece from her head, and offered it to Nobuyuki. Her skin soon began to transform as her movement ceased. Soon she was a rubber doll again.

Nobuyuki carefully carried the headpiece back outside. He walked to the dock in the lake near the house. He walked to the end of the dock. He reached back to throw the headset as far away as he could. But he could not throw it. Instead he carried the headpiece back into the house and carefully put it away.

It was weeks before he got it out again. Carefully he picked it up and walked back to his bedroom. He opened the door, finding the rubbery form of Ayeka exactly where he had left her. He had been sleeping in anther room during that time. He carefully placed the band back on her head. Then he waited. Hours passed. Nothing happened. Nobuyuki waited, kneeling beside Ayeka.

At last the headpiece began to glow. The shine began to dim. A gentle smile formed on Ayeka's face. She looked at Nobuyuki and said, "I missed you."

He answered, "I missed you too."

She wrapped her arms around him and pressed herself against him. "Touch me!" she begged. He felt her thighs wrap around him and her breasts press against him. She felt like a woman. It had been a long time that he had made love. He hoped he was up to it. It turned out that he would have several opportunities to practice his technique, with Ayeka's encouragement, that night.

In the next morning he awoke to find himself hugging a rubber doll. He wondered it might have just have been all a dream. He bent down to press his lips against the doll's forehead. There was no reaction. He waited but still there was no change. He decided to allow his doll to rest.

When he returned from work that evening, he was not surprised to find the doll was gone. He wished her luck and went down to fix himself a bit of dinner. Suddenly he heard the clip clop of hoofs behind him. He turned to see, Ayeka standing at the door, smiling at him. "I am getting better walking in these things, don't you think?" she announced.

Nobuyuki looked at her and said, "I thought you had gone. If you had I would have understood."

She answered, "Don't be silly. I am a half-naked sex doll, dressed as a pony girl. Where would I go? Besides you once told me that I could stay as long as I liked. You are not getting rid of me this easy." He walked over and started to unbuckle her. She rubbed against him as he did so.

Nobuyuki forced a laugh. He said, "You should find yourself some nice, young prince, some one deserving of you. You can do a lot better than me. I'm just a dirty old fool."

Ayeka pulled her hand from the hoofed glove. She stared to flex her fingers and wrist sensuously. She said. "I had a nice, young prince of Jurai, Remember? He is the one who turned me into a doll in the first place. I could do a lot worse than you, believe me. You treat me like a princess."

Nobuyuki knelt down and took Ayeka's hand. "He said, "You are a princess."

She answered, somewhat wistfully, "No I am not, not any more. I know that now."

Nobuyuki laughed. "If somebody told me that I would be trying to talk a beautiful young woman to leave me, I would have thought they were crazy."

Ayeka looked at Nobuyuki with pleading eyes. She begged, "Please don't give me away. You can, you know. You own me. You can do anything you want with me. Keep me with you. I beg you."

Nobuyuki asked, "Why do you keep referring to yourself as a doll. You are flesh and blood, right. You speak as if I had some sort of choice over your future. You can do what you want. I could not stop you if I wanted to. You are far too powerful. I am just an ordinary earthling, remember." He paused and then blurted out, "Please do not leave me. I beg you." Tears ran down his eyes.

Ayeka hugged him, pressing herself against him. "But I am not flesh and blood. I am just a rubber doll and can take on a semblance of flesh and blood for brief periods of time. Even with my headpiece, sooner or later I will have to return to my natural state. You will see."

"I am truly sorry." Answered Nobuyuki, but he was acutely aware of Ayeka's breasts pressing against his chest and that the beautiful young woman was saying that he owned her.

Ayeka answered, "It's not a bad existence, being your doll. I hated it at first, the things you subjected me to. But now I find myself craving your touch. I have nothing else to look forward to. To tell you a secret, somewhere along the line it seems that I have fallen in love with you. I didn't mean to. Your assault on my senses was relentless, day after day. I had no choice in the matter. Touch your doll, My Lord. Make me feel alive!"

Nobuyuki pressed his doll onto the table. He was vaguely aware of his meal falling to the floor as he slid into her hot, moist and yielding body. The former crown princess of Jurai used all of her considerable assets to please and prove worthy of her master. He seemed not disappointed by her efforts. He allowed her to explore them on the table, on a chair, on the floor and against the wall. She just wished these moments would last forever. Of course she knew that they would not.

Afterwards Nobuyuki watched his possession get on her hands and knees and clean up the mess they made. She put on quite a show while doing so. She was learning to wiggle her ass and jiggle her breasts just right even in the most mundane of activities. She was a mixture of sluttyness and refinement in her movements. The truth was that it was joy for Ayeka to be allowed to engage in the most routine of activities again. The fact that she was allowed to put on a show for her beloved owner at the same time was just a side benefit.

She next prepared a new meal for her lord. Ayeka had never been a great cook, but Nobuyuki did not complain. He had suggested the she prepared extra large proportions so that they could eat the meal together. But Ayeka explained that as a doll she did need to eat and the food would just rot or go bad inside her. On seeing his dejected face she suggested s compromise. While it was true that she could no longer digest food she could certainly taste it. So in the end he found himself putting a bit of food in her lips. She would wait for a moment, savoring the taste. Then she would pop it into his mouth as they kissed. It was not terribly efficient, but he did not seem to mind.

She spent the rest of the evening doing things both mundane but now incredibly sensual. She savored each moment, trying to lock it in her memories so that she might never forget them. For his part Nobuyuki did not object to Ayeka shaking and jiggling all over the place. He had never seen her so alive and happy.

When it came for the nightly bath the ritual changed this evening. This time they washed and cleaned each other as they engaged in a good deal of mutual touching and kissing. Soon their bodies were sliding into the water together. Cuddling together they relaxed in the hot liquid. Nobuyuki asked Ayeka what was it like to be a doll.

She answered, "It was terrible at first. I was all alone in myself; not believing that Tenchi would do something like this. You do not know how long I waited for Tenchi to reverse it, telling me it was all a joke. Had he done so I would have course been very angry with him. Over time I realized that that he was not going to release me and being a rubber sex doll was going to be my destiny. Then it became easier.

The hardest part is the boredom. I sat around for long hours waiting to be stimulated. You can not imagine how much I have learned to treasure the feel of a breeze on my skin, even the small feet of an insect or a rodent walking over me. I suppose it part of my design but I can not help it but to come when you touch me. It was most frustrating when I hated you and detested what you were doing to me. Perhaps it would have been easier if Tenchi had kept me. I thought I loved him. I do not know. But as it was I came around. I came to love the time that you cleaned me, bathed me and especially when you buffed and shined me. I realized I was very lucky. Low many other dolls could count on such consistent and loving attention. That is when I fell in love with you. Then I found it frustrating that I could not express my love or appreciation for being owned by you. I resolved that I would make it up to you if I were ever granted movement. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into, my master, my Love."

Nobuyuki gulped when he saw the lust on Ayeka's face. He said, "You could kill me. I am not a young man any more."

Ayeka answered, engulfing him with her arms and legs, "But you are getting younger!"

Nobuyuki gasped, being pressed against the side of the tub, "Ayeka, what are you talking about?"

"I did not know it at first. It seemed that you were becoming more virile and vigorous in your lovemaking. But I was not sure until again I laid my eyes on you that first time, when you placed my headpiece back on me. You must remember, up until that point I could not focus my eyes. But I have no doubt about it. You are getting younger." At that moment she took the opportunity to insert her tongue into his wide-open mouth and impale herself onto his pole. She then began to make some of her long held dreams become a reality.

By the time she was through the rubbery shine was beginning to return to her skin. When he realized what was happening, he cried, "Ayeka, I forgot to ask. What do you want to be dressed up as tonight?" But it was too late. She had already returned to her natural state.

This night he took special care to buff and shine his doll. He placed perfumes on her and a silken, clinging nightie for her to wear. He placed her, lying on the bed beside him and for hours played with his doll.

The next morning he knelt Ayeka in front of his television and turned it on. He programmed his C. D. player to play beautiful music continuously. Finally he found an electric fan in storage and set up to blow cool air on her continuously. He cooked up some savory food and placed it in front of the fan so that she could smell the aroma.

That evening he walked up the stairway, his arms full of packages and bags. He had been shopping. He had flowers, perfumes, incense, herbs, anything to assault the senses. He had bought satin and silken clothing and undergarments of all sorts of styles and designs. The only requirement was that they be pleasurable against the skin. He bought dildos and vibrators of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Finally he bought a Jacuzzi device that would turn his tub into a bubbling, swirling torrent.

His eyes were graced, halfway up, by the sight of his Ayeka running down the stairway toward him. He marveled at the bouncing tits and ass of his purple haired, red eyed beauty but could not help thinking, "She runs like a girl!" They made love on the rough stones of a landing and Nobuyuki marveled at the delicious imagination of his doll.

She was, in turn, delighted in the imagination he showed in selecting the gifts that he had picked. They spent the evening trying them out. During that time Nobuyuki quizzed Ayeka about her likes and dislikes so that in his next shopping trip he might do a better job shopping for her.

She could see, in his eyes, what he was planning. Her cheeks grew red as she lowered her head. She said, "Master, you should not spend anything more on me. I am your slave. I exist to give you pleasure, not the other way around."

He answered, "Giving you pleasure gives me pleasure. Besides if I am truly your Lord and Master it is my duty that you are well taken care of. It would shame me do anything less." Then he pressed her onto the floor so that he could take better advantage of his plaything. Later that night he fell asleep with his rubber doll lying beside him. He fell asleep to the lullaby of vibrators humming. She, ecstatic, was tied up in a small ball, by her own long hair.

The next few months were a delight for Nobuyuki. Ayeka proved no end of delights for him. Some of the were her ideas. Some of them were his.

A few days later Ayeka, at the command of her Master, found herself kneeling in a piercing parlor. She winced when each of her nipples was pierced and a golden ring was permanently placed in it. He navel was pierced and ringed twice. She stuck out her tongue to have studs implanted. Ayeka was unsure about the new accessories being added to her body, especially when she felt a series or rings being placed down both of her pussy lips. The piercing of her clit was down right painful. But her doubts were put to rest when she felt her master's cock slide down her throat. The studs were proved to be a marvelous addition to both their enjoyments.

He placed her on her hands and knees. She felt her ass hole being impelled his and reached around her body so that he could play with her nipple and clit rings. She pressed her breasts and groin into his exploring fingers as she let loose delighted squeals.

That night he made use of the rings binding his rubber doll with silken twine that they had acquired that very day. It had been Ayeka's idea. At first Nobuyuki was hesitant, thinking back to the days that Ayeka used to bind and whip him. But Ayeka assured his that it would only be used on her. The next day Ayeka described the exquisite pleasure she endured as a bound package, especially when he fucked her. From the on Nobuyuki was faced with the pleasant dilemma in exploring new ways of binding his love doll. But Ayeka was more than helpful in sharing this burden she had placed on him.

Soon the family grew to three as Nobuyuki acquired a pet. She was a gift from Tenchi and Kiyone. For a long time he had resisted having a cabbit as a pet. Rio-Ohki had been more of Sasami and Ryoko's pet. He had found her cute, but had never been drawn to her like he had to the girls and he did not like the idea of maintaining all those carrot fields again.

But things had changed. The Kitten was more for Ayeka than it was for him. Of course she demurred, saying that she did not need a pet. But her expression changed to delight when she held the tiny thing in the palm of her hand and allowed the cabbit to paw at her nipple rings. The cabbit would meow with delight when Ayeka could jiggle her breasts. Ayeka giggled in return. Nobuyuki looked on proudly. He had no longer any doubt that Ayeka would make a superb cabbit toy among her other duties.

The Kitten had bushy, golden hair and an energetic personality. Soon she was bounding about the house. She was knocking things down and breaking things with such carefree innocence that she was quickly christened Mihoshi.

He thought about the original Mihoshi, consigned to being a cream dispenser and play toy of Kiyone. He wondered if she was happy with her fate. He suspected she was at least accepting of it. She was no longer in danger and she got to be with her Kiyone; she always most loved Kiyone.

Still he was glad to be here, away from all that and with his Ayeka

The next morning Nobuyuki made a huge bowl of pureed carrots, in which he poured all over his kneeling rubber doll. When he returned home that even not a trace of the mess could be found. All that greeted him was Mihoshi curled up in a ball, fast asleep on the cleavage of her Ayeka bed.

Tenchi had hoped that the addition of a cabbit to Nobuyuki's household might prove too much trouble for him and Nobuyuki would finally agree to move in with Tenchi and Kiyone. But the carrot fields proved to be surprisingly easy to manage especially when Nobuyuki hooked Ayeka up to a plow. He would buckle her in her ponygirl outfit. She got quite god at swishing her but plugged tail while pulling the plow for the benefit of her master. For Nobuyuki this undulating, sexy plow horse once was the crown Princess of Jurai really turned his crank.

Christmas proved to be a true treat. Nobuyuki got scores of presents from his son and daughter in law. They were nice, though for many he had no idea what they were or what they were used for. Wheat really mattered that Christmas morning was the tree they rested under. The tree was, of course, Ayeka. She knelt, serenely, ornaments dangling from her ears and nipple rings. Her nude body was rapped and bound in strings of beads, body jewelry, and tiny blinking lights. He had spent the evening before preparing her for this morning. But what he did not expect was little Mihoshi, curled up like a little golden star, asleep on top of Ayeka's head.

His thoughts went back to Sasami, Ayeka's little sister. He hoped she was happy. In life she seemed no more content that when she was with Rio-Ohki. Now she was the home of countless litters of cabbits.

But his thoughts quickly went back to his Christmas display. She was breathtaking. He kept her bound like that for quite some time, even attempting to thrust in her to rhythm of the blinking lights. At one point he felt a gentle surge of electricity. But that was O K. If anything is was a little bit erotic. Needless to say over the coming weeks there would be many more Christmases, Nobuyuki found many new was to bind and use his display.

One spring evening Nobuyuki set, cross-legged, watching a beautiful sunset. Ayeka knelt above him, impelled. Her knees rested on the ground, on either side of him. She leaned he back against him as she thrust herself up and down. Nobuyuki guided the rhythm of her thrusts with his hands grasping her breasts, his fingers threaded through her nipple rings. She too was watching the sunset. Her movements were slow and steady, despite her labored breathing. With each thrust of her pelvis he rolled his body to batter accommodate her movements. The pair now moved together like a well-oiled machine. Their breath became more labored but she did not quicken her pace. There was no need to. She knew what she was doing. She knew what he was capable of and just how long she could maintain it before he had to let himself go. At last she cried out in ecstasy as she felt the warm liquid being pumped inside her. Then she allowed herself to ball back and rest against his chest. She felt it expand and contrast against her back as she relaxed.

Still inside her he felt her start to change. In minutes she was again a rubber doll. He held his doll steady, not moving until the sunset was no more. He did not want to leave it. This was one of their favorite places to share.

At he was carrying Ayeka down a thought occurred to Nobuyuki. The had made this pilgrimage many time before and until very resonantly Ayeka would have walked beside him, brushing herself against him along the way. But now he had to carry her. It then occurred to him. That for some time Ayeka would be waiting for him, doing some chores when he came home from work. Now inevitably she remained in doll form for longer periods of time. On his days off he realized that she now spent very little time in human form.

When he asked her about it, Ayeka became pensive and tried to change the subject. When he persisted she suddenly lost her temper and shouted at him that it was none of his business. For a moment it was if the old princess Ayeka had been reborn. Though she quickly returned to her loving demurer a thought occurred to Nobuyuki. Was this all jut an act? Was Ayeka manipulating him for some ulterior purpose?

Suddenly tears came to Nobuyuki's eyes. His mind drifted back to the memories of the house when chaos reigned supreme, when such outbursts were the rule, rather than the exception. God he missed those days.

Suddenly he realized that Ayeka had returned to her rubber state. H realized that it would be several hours before he would be able to talk with her again.

Over the next few days Ayeka seemed genuinely ashamed of her actions. They did not talk about it. They did not talk about much. She seemed shamed by her action though. Her body language broadcast that well than words. Nobuyuki did not press the issue though.

Meanwhile Nobuyuki began to track just how long Ayeka maintained her human form. He would record the time of day when she turned human to the moment when turned back. There was no doubt about it; it was growing shorter in an alarming fashion. He realized that very soon she would be only a doll again.

That night he ran an ice cube all over her curves and valleys. He knew that she liked that. He kissed he on the lips, cheeks, nipples, belly and clit. Then he said, "I miss you. Don't leave me."

The next evening she reminded him that she was a doll. Soon she would have no ability to leave him if her wanted to or not. She looked meek and vulnerable.

Nobuyuki asked, "Ayeka, what is happening? I have got to know!"

Ayeka told him that her Jurai power, the power that allowed her to maintain her humanlike state was seeping from her. Soon she would just be a doll permanently. There was nothing ether of them could do about it.

Hugging her Nobuyuki asked, "Are you sure that there is nothing we can do. I could contact Tenchi. I an sure that he could return you to your former state."

She asked, "Do you really think so. Do you really think he would want to? I have no doubt he prefers me as a sex doll than as a princess. I really must agree with him. I am a much better sex doll than I ever was as a princess."

Nobuyuki answered, "I miss the old Princess Ayeka."

Ayeka asked, "Why, she was arrogant and cruel. She was contemptuous of you, you know. She took you for granted. She spent all her time blindly chasing after someone who did not love her."

"I am not perfect either. She could be kind, giving and loving, even to me. I know. I observed her a lot."

Ayeka answered, "Believe me, I wasn't very good in bed. I was not the sexy trollop that you own now." She pressed herself against Nobuyuki to emphasis the point. "Please let's not talk any more. Let's fuck. I have only a few days left. I want to do nothing but fuck." He attempted to comply with her wishes as best as he could. But each day her presence as a human grew shorter. Too soon it was only a few minutes. Nobuyuki pleaded to allow him to contact Tenchi about her condition, but Ayeka made him swear that he would not.

At last one night, Ayeka rested in Nobuyuki's arms. Nobuyuki feared that this might be the last time they would be able to talk. He asked, "Are you sure there is nothing I can do?"

She answered, "You have already done too much. I have a confession to make. I have been using you. Forgive me."

"Using me, how?" he asked puzzled.

"I always knew my time was short. I could always feel my power slipping out of me. I wanted to live life again to the fullest so that I could gain memories that could sustain me. I was merely using your kindness and generosity to gain those memories."

"Did you not love me? Was that a lie?"

She answered, "I did not know. I did not really love anybody in my life, except Sasami. I thought I loved Tenchi for all those years. But now I know it was a passion brought on by a mixture of jealousy, lust, and a misbegotten romantic notion I was raised on. I did not want to believe I had fallen love with you when I was a doll. I told myself I was just using you as you had been using me. But I now know I do love you. I want to share your life, to grow old with you and watch our children grow!"

"Children?" asked Nobuyuki surprised.

She answered, smiling slightly, "It was a fantasy of mine. I would have been terrible at it. I was raised by nannies all my life Can you imagine me, raising children. I would have screwed it up like I have screwed up everything else in my life."

Nobuyuki answered, "You would have been a good mother."

She asked, "You think so?"

He answered, "I know so. For a number of years, for all practical purposes you were Sasami's mother. She turned out well."

"She suffered the same fate I did. She is also a doll, remember?"

Nobuyuki answered "That is not your fault. Perhaps if a perverted old man had not raised Tenchi he would have turned out differently. As it turned out he was a chip off the old block. When I has young I was very much like Tenchi. I guess it should not have surprised anybody that he would have turned out too much like me."

Suddenly Ayeka exclaimed "Nobuyuki try again! For my sake, please!"

"WHAT!" exclaimed Nobuyuki.

"You are young and vital now. Find a nice, young woman and make her happy, like you made me happy. Have another family. I think I would like to hear children's voices in this house. Do it for me. Swear to me that you will, please!"

He answered, "You know I can not do that. I could never marry again."

"Stop living in a Mausoleum. Achika would not want you to. She would be horrified if she knew that you continued to hold a torch for her."

Nobuyuki answered, "It is true that I will always love Achika. It is no doubt as to why I never married again for so these many years. But don't you understand? That is no why I can not remarry. It is you I want to spend by life with now."

Ayeka answered, "Don't be silly. You can not marry a doll. Rubber sex dolls are not good wife material. Find yourself a good wife, a wife that can be a whole woman to you, one that can run the house, and take care of your finances. They really are a mess." She paused, as her cheeks grew red. The she added, "Could you just make sure that she likes to play with rubber dolls. I will be all right then."

Nobuyuki answered, "But it is you I love!" Tears streamed down his eyes. Ayeka did not answer. She could not. She had returned to a rubber state. She had not the will or the power to return back. She thought it ironic that at last she had heard those words spoken to her by a man that she had waited all her life for. There was contentment in her heart. She knew her consciousness might inhabit this rubber cage that Tenchi had made for her for quite some time. With luck she might still hear the sound of children playing. With more luck though her consciousness would seep away into oblivion by the time Nobuyuki lift her for a final time, and Tenchi consigned her to another fate. There were worse fates.

Nobuyuki trudged home one more time, wiping his brow. They were definitely working him too hard. He would like to take a break once in a while. He worked his way up the stone stairs again. He saw a yellow shape zipping around to greet him. He smiled and said, "Hello Mihoshi."

She meowed happily in return. He realized that might be the only bright greeting he would receive that night.

Suddenly he saw a young girl running down to great him. "Daddy!" She cried happily.

He asked cautiously, "Mayuka, how is your mother?" They had a fight this night before. This afternoon, when he opened his lunch he found that his rice was burned. That was never a good sign. Sometime he swore that he had married a demon.

Mayuka answered, "I don't know. I want to talk about you. I missed you." Sometimes Mayuka avoided her mother, especially now when her mother's mood could change without a moment's notice.

Nobuyuki answered, "Remember you have to be understanding about your mother. She is under a lot of pressure with her having to take care of the twins and all. It is up to you to help her. You are the oldest."

Mayuka looked down shamed. "I know daddy, but it is hard."

He said, "Things will change, when you get your new sister, you will see."

Mayuka made a face. She said, I don't know how. Yugi and Sakuya are trouble enough. I do not see how getting another brat of a sister is going to make any difference in the world." She answered, walking beside him. It seemed that he was cursed to by surrounded by bickering girls. He did not mind it one bit.

They were in sight of the house now. Suddenly he saw his wife. She cried happily, "Nobuyuki, you are home." And started running towards him, her arms outstretched. He had to admit his purple heaired, red eye beauty's mood could change in a moment, but he loved her all the more for it. It made life interesting. As he watched her run, he thought, "She still runs like a girl."

As Ayeka pressed her full, bosom against his chest he could feel her nipple rings pressing into him. More importantly he realized that she was wearing her ponygirl harness underneath her silken coverings. He exclaimed "Ayeka, are you all right? What about last night?"

She answered, "Last night was last night and tonight will be tonight. I think your pony girl needs a workout."

Nobuyuki laughed nervously and asked, "Are you sure?"

In reply his ponygirl winked at him and whinnied suggestively. It would be an interesting night.

You might ask, "What happed? How did this turn of events come to be?" Or did it happen? Was it all just a fantasy of a lonely old man, or that of the fading consciousness of a rubber doll? That, dear friend is a different story.


The End

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