No Need for a Doll Maker

by Theodoric of York

Disclaimer: Tenchi and all characters of the Tenchi franchise are all the copyrighted property of AIC/pioneer LDC. Inc. The following work is parody only and is done with the greasiest respect to Tenchi and it the hopes of the author that the story will generate more interest in Tenchi because of it.

Author's Note: the drawing "Doll Maker," by Sebastian, inspired the following story. The drawing might or might not be found on his homepage He changes his art frequently. He has read my story and has given me permission to publish it. He had one reservation though and that was my use of Sasami in the work. To use his own words he wrote, "I have only one reservation on it and it is the use of Sasami in the story but that is just me." I respect his views on the subject. I too wrestled with the use of Sasami. It occurred because of my miss identification of Kiyone in the original drawing as being a mature Sasami. By the time I realized my mistake the story was to far gone to change it. Though would never place the eight to ten year old Sasami in the position she finds herself in, I do not have reservations of a sixteen to eighteen year old Sesame. By the way I feel the same way about Washu. I will never place twelve year old Washu in a sexual situation. If I ever would so it would be in her mature form, as seen the OAV episode 8.

The story takes place in a generic Tenchi universe. It should not be directly tied into any of the existing Tenchi story lines. It would probably best fit eight years after the Tenchi Universe Story line, though it would brake my heart if it were to happen. In that story line, more than any other Tenchi and Ryoko are meant for each other. Some aspects of the story better fit Tenchi in Tokyo. The story least fits the OAV story line.

The four of them knelt on their hands and knees, bound in place, their expressions ranging from fear and bewilderment to rage.

Mihoshi whimpered, "I'm afraid!"

Ryoko screamed, "Washu! What in the hell do you think you are doing?"

Ayeka attempted to sound as nonchalant and imperious as possible as she said, "I think this little joke has gone far enough."

Sasami whispered, "I don't think it is a joke, and I don't think that it is Washu that is responsible."

"Who else could it be!" screamed Ayeka.

"Yea, who!" shouted a frustrated Ryoko in agreement." She continued her struggles to break free. But it was to no effect. Her body was still held tight.

Sasami lowered her eyes as if in submission or shame. She said, "For one thing it is not Washu that is standing above us.

The four of them looked up at the young man, in his early, mid twenties. Ayeka cried, "Tell her it is not true, Lord Tenchi. It has to be some sort of joke, right?"

Tenchi answered, "No, your sister is right, as she is right so many times. I truly must admit that the one thing I am truly going to miss is your insights, Sasami." He paused and then added, "That and your cooking. But then again I can always hire a good cook."

Ayeka cried, "It can't be. This is not you. You couldn't do such a thing! I know you!"

Tenchi sneered back; "If you truly knew me you would not find yourself in the situation that you find yourself in right now. You would probably be in some forlorn corner of the universe trying to hide from me; or else you would be trying to muster the power of Jurai to stop me. I am not the insecure and shy boy that you met eight years ago." Tenchi stared a Sasami's bulging breasts, pressed against the bed that she had been planted in. He continued, "but I am the only one who seems to realize that. You continued to fight, break stuff and demean me as if I still was. Well today it stops forever. From now on you will be precisely what I want you to be. Let me explain; you find yourself in a transformation bed. Very soon psudopods will appear that will start pumping into your bodies a fluid that will permanently change the composition of your bodies into a matter that I will find much more to my liking."

They all shivered, for they knew what fate he talked about condemning them to. Nagi the bounty hunter had already suffered it. She now sat on the corner of his bed, rubber sex doll. Nobody knew exactly what had happened or how it had occurred. But they all knew that the once formidable bounty hunter, now set motionlessly, its mouth open, unmoving. Most assumed that Ryoko had something to do with her capture and Washu certainly had something to do with her conversion. Now Tenchi was indicating that it was he that was responsible for the conversion and each one of them, even Mihoshi, realized that they were about to experience the procedure up close and personal. Tenchi watched with satisfaction as each of their breasts began to quiver, though be honest Ryoko's breast were probably shivering more from rage than fear.

Ryoko let go a string of expletives, and swore she would get free.

Mihoshi continued to whimper that she was sorry for anything that she had done, as if that was going to change her fate. She was always sorry but that did not stop her being a ditzy klutz. Tenchi was tired of paying the replacement costs of everything she had broken.

Sasami looked up and begged, "Please let us go. I promise I will be good!"

Tenchi looked at her, suddenly with tenderness in his voice. He answered, "I know you would be good. You would not have to promise. That is why you must sure this fate. You would try to stop me. Unlike your sister the power of Jurai is strong in you. If I allowed you to mature any more you might become a threat to me. I truly am sorry. I have long thought about you as the sister I never had." He did not mention that she was the sister that for the last couple of years he wanted to fuck.

But he never had tried; though he certainly got indications that Sasami would have been more than willing. He had his fill of fucking Jurai princesses with her sister Ayeka. Their love making sessions inevitably ended up with him tied up with a laughing Ayeka practicing her whip craft on him. Often Sasami would join her sister in his punishment and humiliation. It was another reason that Sasami found herself sharing her sister's fate.

Over the last few years had been experiencing the so-called delights of Mihoshi, Ayeka, and Ryoko. The couplings inevitably led to disaster. Mihoshi was a screamer. During the course of their fucking the wildly humping and flailing Mihoshi would inevitably kick a hole in a wall, break an object, or crack Tenchi's ribs.

Ryoko was different. In some ways she was incredible. She could be gentle and daring at the same time. But they had to do things her way every time. It was if she was the male and he was the female. He was tired of her independent, free spirit. He had been brought up in a culture that valued consensus and avoided conflict. Ryoko, even in their love making, was nothing like that. She thrived on conflict and chaos. He had tried to reform her, make her into more a team player, but she had never learned. She remained very much the cowgirl. Afterward perhaps he would put her into a cowgirl costume. Maybe he would not. The point was that she would wear and do what he wanted. None of them would now longer would be allowed to disrupt his home life.

Suddenly Mihoshi exclaimed, "Oh, my!", as she watched a Psudopod forming in front of her eyes. It was emerging from the bed, just before her chin. It was long and round, like a snake. Its head was shaped like that of a penis. Around the head there was a symmetrical, four spiked growth that reached forth grabbing her face. "Oh dear!" exclaimed Mihoshi and attempted to keep her mouth shut. Then her eyes bulged out and her mouth gasped in surprise as she felt her two rearward openings penetrated by two slimy, oozing psudopods, similar to the first. That was the opportunity the first pod needed. It thrust itself into her open maw as the face hugging hand held it firmly in place.

The other ends of the growth were in clear, bubble like containers, filled with an unidentified liquid. The liquid started to be pumped into the receptacle that was Mihoshi's body. Mihoshi felt a sudden moment of panic as she felt her teeth and tongue dissolving as the interior of her mouth began to form a slick, round corridor. Her two rear channels were similarly being reformed to better accommodate their new existence. The fluid began to fill her belly and womb before it began to seep into the cellular membranes of the surrounding tissue, forever changing its molecular structure into a soft, elastic rubber. It was not unpleasant though. Pleasure began to build in her. Mihoshi suddenly shuttered in orgasm.

Sasami was the next in line to be assaulted by psudopods. She meekly excepted her fate, only showing a brief moment of pain, as her virgin barrier was broken. As the first orgasm hit she wondered if this was what sex was like. Ryoko resisted the penetration of the psudopods as long as possible. But they were persistent. He vagina and anus were the first to be stuffed and soon her own month was stretched around one and she felt her own body being filled with the stuff. Soon she too was shuttering in orgasm. She shut her eyes, attempting to resist her conversion to the very end. Ayeka's eyes remained bulged in disbelief as she felt her own body changing from the effects of the fluid. To the very end her mind could not grasp that her beloved Lord Tenchi could do something like this to her.

Meanwhile Mihoshi's skin and even hair began to take on a distinctly rubbery shine as more and more of the liquid was absorbed into her body. With each orgasm the shine grew. At last the pods that held the liquid were empty. Their job done, with distinctive pops the psudopods disengaged themselves from Mihoshi's orifices and slid back. Mihoshi's mouth remained open, which was not surprising in that the transformation turning her into a rubber doll had largely taken place. Still, like a potato taken out of a microwave, for the next few minutes she would continue to 'cook' until she was nothing but sensuously soft, stretchy rubber.

Already Sasami's skin began to take on a shiny gleam such as that of Mihoshi. In a very few minutes she would be 'cooked' too.

Tenchi stepped in front of the object that had so recently been Mihoshi. It did not react when he adjusted his pants, revealing his large erection. Its unseeing, glossy eyes stared forward when he pressed his cock into the tight, soft orifice that so recently been Mihoshi's mouth. The soft, pliable surface stretched around his cock, distorting itself to accommodate the object being forced into the doll. Soon he felt the entire length of his cock embraced by the sensuous pressure that the channel was exerting upon it. He slowly thrust back and forth a few times. With each thrust he noted Sasami was becoming less animated and her skin and more glossy. He had to cry out in delight when he ejaculated. It was the best blow job he had ever received from Mihoshi.

As he withdrew from Mihoshi, he noticed that that the psudopods had withdrawn from Sasami. She too was now just a rubber mummy, a doll ready to service his pleasure. In moments he had climbed onto the bed, squeezed behind her and was sliding inside her also. The cavity was soft and tight and wonderful. With every thrust the doll would bounce forward and the snap back gently jiggling all the time. The sensations he was experiencing were incredible. He was glad he had waited.

Ayeka was vaguely aware what was happing to her sister when she at last succumbed to the effects of the serum being pumped into her.

That left only Ryoko. Her eyes closed shut as she continued to attempt to resist the changes happening into her body. All the time she own skin was assaulted by the soft rubber torsos of Sasami and then Ayeka as Tenchi took his pleasure from the dolls. It was a titanic struggle. Tenchi eased her transformation along by reaching down and fondling her breasts. Soon her skin, eyes and hair began to show signs of the rubber shine that had engulfed her compatriots. She found that she could no longer close her eyes as she watched the psudopod disengage from her mouth. She felt the psudopods slipping out of her rear cavities. There was no more fluid to pump into her. The fluid was having its effect. The orifices were now round chambers and there was nothing she could do about it. Still she resisted. She could not move or focus her eyes. But she could see the blurry form of Tenchi's cock entering her mouth. She felt it slide into her mouth. There was nothing she could do about it. Silently she screamed, "I am not done yet. This can't be the end. It can't be." But the intense orgasms continued and her movements ceased as he ejaculated. The deed was done. By the time Tenchi had disengaged his other dolls from the transformation horse she was "cooked." She was just another rubber doll, waiting to be removed from the transformation bed.

He placed his four rubber playthings side by side against a wall. He studied his trophies, trying to decide what to do with them next. He thought a long while before taking his next action, relishing the quiet that had fallen in the house. Tenchi suspected that the house had not been this quiet or orderly in eight years.

First was Mihoshi. With a tissue he carefully cleaned its orifices of his spunk. Next he covered polish over every inch on the doll, pressing and rubbing it in. Then taking a rag he buffed and shined the doll's surface until it glowed, as he would do with each of the dolls when it was their turn. He placed the thing on a display stand, the torso leaning forward at about a parallel to the floor, at a slight upward angle. Her body was arched in such a way to accent her breasts. Mihoshi had been a lovely woman. Now her beauty would be displayed, unchanging for all time. Its thighs were stretched wide as its wrists and ankles were secured behind its back. Now all three of it orifices were readily available for Tenchi to take advantage of. Tenchi thought for a moment more and made another slight change in his doll. He could see no reason why Mihoshi could not be functional as well as fuckable. He walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. He held the cup just under Mihoshi's tit. As he squeezed the rubber orb he reflected just how much of a chance he would have been taking just a short time ago. It would have probably resulted in himself by doused with scalding liquid, followed by Mihoshi's apology. Instead he was rewarded with a slight squirt of a white liquid into his coffee. Sipping his coffee, he let his creamer be. He had other projects to attend to.

Next was Sasami. After he buffed and cleared her he began to fold and contort Sasami into a basket until the doll was converted into a soft bed for Ryo-Ohki. Sasami's head, breasts and slit remained open for Tenchi's exploration, but soon Ryo-Ohki and Ken-Ohki were curling up and snuggling with each other. He had acquired Ken-Ohki at the same time he had acquired Nagi. Soon the female cabbit found herself hugging a plump, round breast while the male cabbit was inserting himself into her. Recently they had discovered that they liked sex almost as much as they like carrots. But the sensuous bounce that their Sasami bed gave their efforts the realized that they might have to reevaluate that priority. Sasami was destined to serve as the cushion of countless generations of cabbit litters being conceived, born and suckled on it.

With Ayeka he wrapped the former Princess in ribbons and bows. He carried the bundle into his father's bedroom and placed it on his father's bed in as a seductive pose as possible. Nobuyuki had to put up a lot from these girls over the years. After all he had taken them into his house and never a word of thanks from any of them. Instead they tended look down on him and think he was a dirty old man. He had suffered from no one more that Ayeka. She had practiced her S & M fantasies on him when she could not get her hands on Tenchi. From now on she would be Nobuyuki's to do as he pleased. Tenchi chuckled. No doubt her spirit was screaming, if she realized her fate.

That left only Ryoko. When he was cleaning and buffing the doll he noticed two series of tiny droplets descending, in a line, from Ryoko's eyes. He thought, "Why Ryoko you were crying in the end and I though you were as tough as nails." Carefully he cleaned up the droplets with a clean tissue and put it in his pocket.

After puffing and polishing it he lifted the doll off the floor and slung it over his shoulder. He carried it into his bedroom. He placed it next to his Nagi doll. The two were very similar in appearance. They made a nice matched set of playthings. It last tickled his fancy that they were such rivals in life that they would now serve side by side as sex toys. The pair never looked better.

Washu knelt motionless, in the center of the room. She was not rubber; it was only that her master had not given her leave to move. She knelt, her body straight, statuesque, waiting for the next command. She no longer had the body of a twelve-year-old that she had when she first met Tenchi. Part of that was nature. Over the years Washu had allowed herself to grow and mature, until she stood just slightly taller than Tenchi. She now had a larger bust line that even Mihoshi. Other changes to her body and mind were of Tenchi's design. She now had hoofs, instead of human feet, and a large, twitching tail coming from out of her tailbone. He had allowed her to retain her hands. He found human hand more alluring and useful than horses' hoofs. One could take this pony slave thing to extremes. It was enough that she now wore a harness, bridle and bit. Her mind had been altered too. She was still possibly the greatest genius of the universe, but that genius was his to access, not hers. That luscious pony girl body of her now housed probably the most powerful organic computer in existence. The computer had been constructed to obey only him. Gone was her megalomania and confidence. All that was left was a personality was a submissive desire to serve and please him.

It had been a titanic struggle to gain control of her. It was the greatest struggle in his life. But there could be only one controller of the universe and somehow he had prevailed. If Washu had made one mistake in her life it was that she underestimated the control that Tenchi had gained over the power he possessed. All too often she viewed him as a research subject or a genepig, rather than a potential rival. He would have to remember not to make that mistake himself.

But in the meantime he was going to relax and play with his now toy. He began to explore his newly created Ryoko doll. He ran his hands all over her form. The rubber had a silky quality to it and was soft and yielding to the touch. Eventually he rolled the doll onto its back, he allowed himself to slide between her thighs. The doll yielded and stretched to accommodate him. As he pressed himself into Ryoko, the doll's breasts flattened luxuriously against him. Suddenly he realized that there was something special about this doll. It was almost as if it was aiding in its own ravishment. He allowed himself to be lost in the moment. He was in heaven.

Kiyone was walking up the drive to the house when she thought she heard something. Carefully she withdrew her service energy pistol and approached the house to investigate. Carefully she opened the door and entered the abode as stealthily as possible. Immediately she froze when she detected movement to her right. She did not move for quite some time while her eyes adjusted to the sight in front of her. She gasped at what she saw. She approached the still form of Mihoshi carefully. Underneath Mihoshi was Ken-Ohki, bating at the right breast of Mihoshi. Ken-Ohki darted away as Kiyone approached. She whispered, "Mihoshi, are you all right? What has happened to you?" When there was no answer from the nude doll Kiyone carefully reached out to touch Mihoshi's skin. She gasped when she felt its texture. Then she noticed that a small droplet was forming at the end of Mihoshi's tit. She carefully brushed the end of her finger against the end of the tit, and brought the sample of the substance to her mouth to taste it. She gasped when she realized what it was. Her heart began to beat faster.

Carefully she scanned the room. Here eyes instantly locked onto the Sasami bed. Rei-Ohki was perched on Sasami's head and was batting some of Sasami's hair as if she was playing with a toy. Cautiously she approached Sasami. Rei-Ohki looked at her approaching and happily meowed a greeting. She reached down and inserted a finger into Sasami's open oval that was her mouth. She reached up and tasted the salty residue that she found there. She realized at once what it was.

Then she detected some sounds of heavy breathing coming from up the stairs, coming from the direction of Tenchi's room. Slowly she crept up the stairs, both hands on her pistol, pointed up. She saw a dark form crouching beside Tenchi's door. Suddenly the stairway creaked. The creature jumped up.

Kiyone breathed a sigh of relief as she saw that it was an embarrassed Nobuyuki running for his room. But the respite was only momentary. Tenchi's door flew open and a nude Tenchi came running out. Their eyes lock and for what seemed an eternity their eyes locked. Then Tenchi relaxed as he said, "Kiyone, it's only you."

Kiyone asked, worried, "Tenchi, is everything O K?"

Tenchi answered, "Yes, I have taken care of them all. They can not harm us now! You can put away your gun."

Kiyone answered, "Oh Tenchi I never thought you could do it." She relaxed and a relieved smile formed on her face. "I already have studied Mihoshi and Sasami. Are you sure that Ryoko and Washu pose no threat to us either."

Tenchi answered suggestively, "Come into the bedroom and check." He walked down and cuddled her in his arms. She relaxed against him happily as he led her to the bedroom. As he did so he started to strip off her police uniform. She did not object. He led her through the door. She studied Washu, who was now kneeling on the bed, as Tenchi continued to strip her with delicate, sensuous fingers. He carried her to the bed and laid her between Ryoko and Nagi. Kiyone shivered she lay, cradled between them. She watched Tenchi as he got up and closed the door. As he did so she commented, "I saw what you did with Sasami and Mihoshi. What did you do with Ayeka?"

Suddenly the heard Nobuyuki shouting, "Yes! I must be the luckiest man alive!" They heard the man's footsteps as he ran to Tenchi's door. He burst in, Ayeka held under his arm. He cried out, "Thank you son, thank you."

Kiyone squealed as she tried to cover her Redding body. Tenchi snapped, "Dad, we would like some privacy now!"

"Of course." Answered Nobuyuki knowingly. He backed out of the room and closed the door. They listened to his footsteps as he ran back to his own room.

Both Kiyone and Tenchi started laughing. Finally Tenchi managed to say, "Does that answer your question?" He crawled onto the bed, joining his mate.

His thoughts went back to the first time they made love. They had known each other for years, but up until this moment Tenchi always only thought of her as a friend. Kiyone's hopes for a promotion had been dashed again by Mihoshi's bumbling. He had watched this strong woman reduced to tears and her hopes for advancement lay destroyed around her. It was that moment that Tenchi realized that he and Kiyone had a great deal in common. It was a defining moment in Tenchi's life. He realized that he loved her and he would not let them harm her. They would if they found out about the relationship. They would hound Kiyone with their jealousy and petty infighting. He would not allow it, no matter what it took. This day he made good on that promise.

Tenchi encircled the torsos of his two dolls with his arms and pressed them against his love, cradling her between the three of them. Kiyone felt herself being engulfed in rubber as she felt herself being pressing into the cushion that was Ryoko and Nagi. She had never been into this rubber thing but this could get addictive. She even wondered how many of these dolls would be needed in order to make a mattress composed of them.

Meanwhile Nobuyuki eased himself onto Ayeka's torso. His hips straddled the doll's waist. He eased himself forward until his cock slid between Ayeka's breasts. He pressed the breasts together until they formed another channel for his enjoyment. Perhaps he would have to call in sick tomorrow. After all did he did deserve a day off occasionally? Besides it was about time that he got to know Ayeka. From now on they would be spending a lot of time together.

The next morning Kiyone still lay cuddled with Tenchi. He was happy. How could he not be? He had four set of breast pressed against him. Two sets were rubber, one was that of his pony slave and the other was that of his beloved. Kiyone had proved remarkably willing to allow him his indulgences with his dolls and pony slave. At last he had asked why she could be so indulgent with his infidelities with his dolls and slave. She merely kissed him and said that when you are in love with a god you have to make some allowances. Besides she had enjoyed them maybe more than Tenchi had. To be quite frank she found her somewhat erotic to see him humping his toys, knowing who they once were and what they were now. Her agile mind already working on ways they could incorporate Mihoshi and Sasami into their sex play. She told Tenchi about the incident of when she had reached into Sasasmi's mouth and tasted his sperm.

Tenchi gently answered, "Kiyone, that was not my sperm."

Kiyone exclaimed, horrified, "If notů. Who?"

Tenchi answered, "Dad of course. Shortly before you came in I heard him humping both Mihoshi and Sasami."

Immediately Kiyone began to heave. She gasped, "I think I am going to be sick!"

Kiyone did recover quickly. Later that day she watched Tenchi walk to the fields to care for them and harvest more carrots. Tenchi might have been the most powerful being in the universe but he still liked to garden. He told Kiyone that it relaxed him. Ryoko was folded and stuffed into a backpack until only its bobbing head was visible as Tenchi walked. The doll would serve as a cushion for Tenchi when he took a brake to rest or stopped for lunch. Washu dutifully high-stepped behind her master, whinnying, with a large basket strapped to her back. Later that day she strained under the bucket full of carrots. Tenchi observed his pet as he maneuvered Ryoko's head up and down on his cock. He marveled at the now silky rubber hair as he grasped it in his fingers. He turned his attention to the doll, saying, "You know, this is your own fault. You created me. I tried to tell you, but you just didn't listen. Of course I am glad you did not listen. Had you done so you might have escaped this fate that you so justly deserve. What no argument. Could it be that you now know your place? It is good that you hold your tongue. Your silence is music to my ears." He paused, looking down into the doll's blank eyes and then said, "To think I was once found of you!" He lifted her up by the shoulders and examined her. Tenchi said, "You know, you are better this way." He noticed that Ryoko had been scuffed. He took the tear stained tissue out of his pocket and rubbed it off. He then threw her over his shoulder and carried per back o the home. After her had buffed and polished her again he commented, "I could put you on display. Would you like that, Ryoko?" May be some day he would, but for the time being he would not. He liked Ryoko beside him or at least under him.

Kiyone had her own errands to do this day. She resigned her commission from the Galaxy police and she picked up and application for a marriage license. Her former partner accompanied her, also folded and stuffed into a backpack. It gave Kiyone a sense of fulfillment having her own nemeses reduced to such a state, besides, if nothing else Mihoshi now made an excellent cushion. Given time Kiyone knew that she could find more uses for Mihoshi. The two of them had all the time in the world. She was going to have so much fun.

A few weeks later Tenchi made Kiyone the queen of Jurai, having demonstration his right to the thrown by turning the current empress and some of her closest supporters into the mattress Kiyone had coveted. Some months later their first child was born. Washu proved to be an excellent nanny. Tenchi and Kiyone proved to be popular rulers of Jurai. They seemed wise and just. Of course there were rumors about the emperor's hobbies. It seemed he to like to collect dolls. There were even rumors that when an opponent would disappear his collection would grow. There were even rumors that he had a small but growing collection of ponies. Nobody looked much into these rumors. Those who did had a tendency to disappear. Thus it was that Tenchi and Kiyone lived happily ever after; that is that they lived happily ever after until Ryoko found a way to reverse the treatments that she had been subjected and be returned to her former self. But that is a different story.

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