New Year's Dolls

by Paul G Jutras

The music was going hard from the base officer's club. George couldn't find a costume in his size and choose to wear his uniform while he thought his wife looked sweet in a ballet dancer's tutu and toe shoes. A scarecrow-dressed man came over to George and patted him on the back.

"Hey Charlie. How is it going in the research department?" The scarecrow asked.

"You know my work is top secret." George replied. "We had to can Dr. Clark last week. The wacko thought he could save the world millions in moving by coming up with a shrinking ray."

"That's nuts," Charlie said.

"That's what I told him when I ended his project," George said.

The night went on and both George and his wife Donna had quite a lot to drink. Before they knew what was going on, the two both staggered to their car and drive to their off base house to pack for their second honeymoon. They fumbled with the door and made their way up to the bedroom where they both collapsed onto the bed without bothering even to undress.

Sometime later Donna's slender pink nails stretched out and went through some long black hair. As she rolled on her back she was surprised to notice her ballet costume had been replaced with a pink backless evening dress with a push up bra that showed off her chest and hugged her waist and hips tightly.

"I don't remember doing my toe nails," Donna said as she saw her pink toes through her open-toed heels. "George, dear..?"

"That is it, honey?" George asked in a sleepy tone as he saw her. "What are you wearing?"

"Me?" Donna asked. "What are you wearing?"

As George brushed some dark hair from his face, he realized someone at the party must of glued a long hair wig on his head but good. He noticed both his fingers and toes had on purple polish and he had on what was obvious breast forms, a purple one-piece ladies bathing suit and white top that hugged his C or D cupped chest. Well done face make-up finished the job. He had been made into a woman. "We really must of gotten loaded last night. Hope Charlie didn't take any pictures."

"I don't even own a dress like this." Donna said. "You know I prefer tee shirts and shorts."

"You know I like how the shirts and shorts show off your tits and ass." George chuckled. "You're right. Let's get out of these things.

As the two walked over to a stand-up wardrobe and opened it, they found nothing but female fashion model dresses. Nothing but girlie girl outfits in the drawers as well. "None of this stuff is ours," Donna said as she sounded a little scared. "Did we walk into the wrong house?"

"I... I don't know." George stuttered. "I can't image another house looking identical to our own, but we'd better leave just to be safe. After we find some new clothes we can return these outfits."

"At least I don't even recognize you in that wig and bathing suit." Donna giggled as they took off. George wish they could of at least found some nail polish remover to get the purple polish off his fingers and toes.

"The street is deserted," Donna said as they didn't hear a sound in the still outside. Not a car or even a bird. "This is worst than a ghost town. Even in a ghost town you hear the sound of nearby animals."

"There must be someone here," George disagreed. "Charlie, Dick or any of my buddies from the base who must have pulled this little joke."

As the sound of a juke box turned on, the two headed for a nearby café. When they entered, they found the place as deserted as the town. Not even anyone working behind the counter or in the kitchen.

"Still think I'm crazy with my ghost town talk?" Donna asked as she notice how easily George sat with his legs crossed high on his thigh.

"Maybe it's too early for them to be actually open," George said as he looked at the menu and wondered why he wasn't the least bit hungry. "We could be in one of those small towns that don't bother locking their doors. That would explain how we ended up in the bedroom of that house."

After several minutes, they left the café and decided to explore the town.

"That doesn't explain who changed our outfits," Donna protested as they talked and walked. The walked over to the local movie theater and were about turn away with a sigh when they saw an auditorium of empty seats when the projector clicked on.

"Come on!" George said as he ran arched up on his toes to the projector room. As soon as they entered, it turned itself off with a soft click.

"I don't understand," Donna asked.

"Neither do I," George added as they exited the movie house and walked into a small playground park. "Neither do I."

"What I do know is that my feet are killing me," Donna complained as she kicked off her heels. "Look at me. I never wear heels and now my leg muscles are so stretched that I can't get my feet out of their high heel arches."

"Can you walk?" George asked as he helped her to her feet. As she tried to flatten her feet, they both collapsed on the bench.

"No, I don't think so," Donna finally said. "I think you should be more concerned about yourself. Or haven't you noticed your own feet?"

"What do you mean?"

"Stand up and see for yourself." Donna said as George stood up and noticed that not only were his feet were arched like hers, but his toes were fused together. As hard as he tried, he couldn't wiggle them.

"You don't suppose?" George began to say as a look of horror formed on Donna face. Getting her shoes back on, she got to her feet and hobbled over to the park's public bathroom. A few minutes later she walked out looking like she had seen a ghost. "Well, dear?"

"I don't know if my toes are fused together or not," Donna said as she collapsed back on the bench. "When I tried to remove my pantyhose to check, I found they had bonded to become part of my body. I couldn't even feel my womanhood, just a smooth mound where it should be."

"This doesn't make sense," George muttered as he got up and began to pace back and fourth. "Our bodies can't be changing like this by themselves. Something must be doing this to us."

"But what, George?" Donna asked, almost in tears. "You're in the base scientific branch. You must have a theory or something."

"Radiation," muttered George. "Maybe; I don't know. This type of effect on the human body has never been recorded before."

"We need to find someone,." Donna said as she pulled her husband to his feet. "We'll find the town's hospital. Surely they'll be someone there to help us."

Feeling no hope, but not wanting to disappoint his wife, he smiled and nodded. As if on cue, the sound of an ambulance siren was heard to lead them toward the hospital. "I feel like a rat being lead about a maze." George thought to himself.

"Hello?" Donna called out at the hospital's ER front desk. "Is anyone here?"

"Would anyone in the hospital please report to the front?" George spoke into the front desk's intercom. Donna and George sat waiting and waiting, but nobody came. No even a sound could be heard.

"I thought this was New Years, not Christmas," George muttered. "What's with all this 'not a creature is stirring' nonsense."

"What?" A voice spoke out suddenly. "Don't like my new year's resolution of revenge?"

"What?" Donna stood up stiffly. "Who said that?"

"I know that voice," George said as he punched the palm of his hand with his fist. "That voice is Dr. Clark. Where are you, you nutball?"

"Didn't think my shrink ray could work, did you?" His voice grew louder as they two ran outside the hospital and looked up. There they saw a giant-sized Dr. Clark staring down at them. "It shrunk your house just fine with both of you in it.

"That was our house?" Donna looked confused. "Our clothes?"

"Sort of. My daughter, Sarah, threw them all out and gave you some from her dollhouse," Dr. Clark said as a curly-haired blonde walked over in a white dress with puffy shoulders, taupe hose and black pair of Mary Janes. "She wanted a pair of fashion dolls. That meant I had to make some changes to George of course, but you'll learn to love playtime when your transformation is completed."

"Dolls? This can't be happening," Donna felt a tear run down a plastic cheek as her body completely froze up with George right beside her. Dr. Clark and Sarah just stared down with a chuckle and smiled at the two standing there like tiny female mannequins.

"Now I'll see about getting you a family set to play with for your birthday," Dr. Clark chuckled as he checked the remote control for all the devices in the table top model town that used to be the town that had vanished after a bomb scare evacuated it. Sarah reached down and stripped her two new dolls of all their clothes. Inside their plastic heads the two were screaming in panic but they appeared motionless on the outside with their blank globe breasts and smooth blank crotches. "My revenge on the one who fired me is complete. Like the rest of the town, nobody will ever discover how or why. Ha-ha-ha!"


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