Office Mannequin

by Paul Jutras

Shirley Dalmatians worked in a corporate cubical. She enjoyed her job and the many smiles she got from the male co-workers. After she finished watering the plant that sat beside her computer, she got to work on the architect designs on her computer screen. When the weather permitted her eat outside, she'd tease the men by posing like one of the sexy statues in her skimpy skirts and tight blouses.

One cloudy day, Shirley stared at the clock first and then the window. There was only a half hour before lunch and it looked like any rain that would hit that day would hold off until she finished flirting with the men who took their lunches outside. Especially those from the mail room who enjoyed her little treats. "Almost time." She smiled as she stood in her three inch working heels, suntan nylons and a very tight sleeveless dress whose hem barely extended past her hips.

"Shirley, can you print out the specs for the new office building going up on 22nd St?" Mr. Dosman asked over her speaker phone. As her painted finger pressed a button, she acknowledged the order and went to see if the printer that was shared by the floor was in use or not. She checked the paper supply then made her rounds to the desks to make sure that nobody planned on using it.

After returning to her desk and pressing the PRINT SCREEN button, she headed toward the printer to make sure that the paper came out without getting stuck. As she approached the printer room, one man picked up his desk phone and pressed a lit button. "Mr. Dosman, she's on her way. Yes sir, everything has been all set up."

As a security camera followed her petite body, she proceeded back to the printer. As she was walking toward it, her moves became sluggish. Her legs went stiff and she had to hold on top the printer to keep from toppling over. She glared at the shiny gloss finish that seemed to cover her hands. All imperfections disappeared and her nails turned the same color as the rest of her hands. Unable to ever brink, she just stared blankly at her hands. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a man from the chest down approach her.

"I bet you're wondering what's happening." Mr. Dosman's voice was heard. "The security camera that followed you to the printer has released an invisible ray altering the atoms in your body into the type one finds in an inert mannequin."

"A little present before the change is finished." Mr. Dosman said as he pulled down her pantyhose and shoved a dildo into the lips of her pussy before it turned into a smooth mound. He then pulled the pantyhose back up. "Since it's lunch time, you can have the mail department fawn over you outside. By the time the afternoon shower is over, we should have your platform and pole set up in the management cafeteria."

For the next couple of hours, Shirley stood in front of the office building. The people from the mailroom watched her as normal. As she didn't make any changes in position, they soon approached her. Shirley could only stand and watched as her breasts, butt, legs and sex were all touched before it started to sprinkle. As she stood getting soaked, the mail personal headed back inside. "How long am I going to be left here?" Shirley shuttered due to both the rain and the dildo inside of her.

By the late afternoon, the rain had stopped and Mr. Dosman ordered that she was brought to the cafeteria. Much to Shirley's embarrassment, she was stripped before her boss and co-workers. "Do not worry Shirley." Mr. Dosman said with a smile as Shirley noticed her breasts didn't droop in the slightest without support. "We don't want you catching cold in your wet things."

"How thoughtful." Shirley thought as she was lifted up and let out a mental moan as she had a rod driven up into her butt. Her toes barely scraped the floor as one of her co-workers put her in a slutty red top with a bare mid section and denim cut up shorts that hugged her hips tightly.

The other female workers simply returned to their work without a word. Each was afraid that if they complained, they could be next to face the same treatment as Shirley. The women who went on their lunch breaks in the cafe especially kept their mouths quiet as they saw Shirley staring blankly at nothing while perched on her support rod.

Out of the corner of her eye, Shirley could see the clock reaching quitting time. She wondered when her boss was going to free her. Neither the male or female workers said a word as they walked past the cafeteria door and headed home.

As Shirley stood motionless in the dark, she fell asleep. She was soon awakened by the cafeteria light. Much too her disappointment it was only the cleaning staff. As she was dusted like some of the other statues around the building, dust entered her nose. She wanted to sneeze but couldn't. The feeling of being dusted and polished cause her such pleasure that her orgasms increased to the point where she blacked out in her wash of pleasure.

The next time she woke, she was in the work area watching her co-workers already hard at work. She could see Tom adjust his neck tie as he turned on the portable fan on his desk. She could also see at another cubical that a Mary kept crossing and uncrossing her legs high on her thighs as her painted finger tips moved on her keyboard. Shirley could relate to her suffering in hose and business suit on hot summer work days. This reminded her of how she was still currently dressed as a slut.

Mr. Dosman left his office with his briefcase in his hand. As he headed for the elevator to meet with the chairman of the board, he turned and looked over at Shirley. "Tom, send that mannequin down to the shipping department. They'll take it apart and ship it off to Apollo's Department Store."

"Noooo!" Shirley screamed mentally as she thought intensely on the final word. "You can't just take me apart like some sort of ... of thing. I've worked hard to get where I did in the company."

"Yes sir." Tom said as the other girls did their best to avoid all security cameras. They did their work without complaint as they feared the same fate might fall upon them. "May I ask what why you did this to Shirley?"

"Miss Dalmatians only thought about sex and her work suffered for it." Mr. Dosman answered. "I will not tolerate that from any employee. She liked the feelings of orgasms and pleasure, so now she can feel them forever. Besides, Apollo Department Stores is paying me a lot of money to deliver her to them. Any other person who fails to do their job will also be fired the way Miss Dalmatians was."

"Understood." Tom said as he took her to the freight elevator and down to the mailroom. She was touched by many of them before taken apart and put on display as a free standing mannequin both on floor platforms and in window displays. Shirley soon got use to being naked in public and being dressed by someone else. In time she learned to enjoy the fashions of heavy winter wear and thin summer wear.

Mostly she enjoyed it when she was put in Apollo Stores special erotic adult section and given a slut like look to her.


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