On Display

by Lucy Yip

This story continues the previous tale Modeling Job, which you can read by clicking here.

Three months go by fast when you’re a mannequin.

Or so Nina realized.

Being a plastic model hadn’t been her intention, but it was now her life.  Answering a strange ad will do that, she thought, wishing she’d not been so hard up for cash to apply for a job.

This job.

Since that night months ago— the night she met Lucy, the night that fucking bitch changed her into what she now was— Nina’s life had consisted of standing rigid in a window at Frederick’s day and night dressed in whatever was put on her.  Not moving, yet able to sense and feel all around her.

She didn’t know what had come of her old life.  Though Lucy spoke to her a couple of times a week, she never talking about anything prior to Nina’s transformation.  But then, Nina knew there wasn’t anything to discuss.  She didn’t tell friends about this job; she hadn’t left any notes or messages behind.  So why would anyone think to look her for her?  Come to think of it, why would anyone think of her as a mannequin?  It was just too goddamn strange a thing.

Nina believed that by now she’d been reported as missing (her mother would have likely filed a report after not hearing from her for a while), and maybe they even found her car in the mall parking lot . . . but again, who would think to look for her here, in this window?  No one.  No one in their right mind, that is.

Her past was gone.  After the first month Nina realized that she was likely doomed to spend the rest of her “life” standing in this window —or some other window— never to be human again, never to be able to respond to the touch of another, the caress of a lover, the whisper in the ear . . . or to even have a good meal, watch a movie, read a book . . . it was always the same.

Stand and watch and do nothing.

Except wait for the two women whose interesting dichotomy had so far prevented her from growing too insane.

First there was Lucy, the person who transformed Nina.  Nina used to think of her as “The Evil Bitch,” but any more she didn’t know if that was true.  Sure, Lucy was wicked, but not in the usual sense.  There was some kind of method to her madness, but Nina couldn’t figure it out; she didn’t feel these days that Lucy had changed her because she was depraved— there just wasn’t any payoff.

The other thing was Lucy wasn’t mean to her.  Oh, sure, the first month Lucy played with her a lot.  She’d rub her and get her all excited —Nina could at least still do that— and then leave her at the edge of orgasm, sometimes for days.  Almost like it was a joke.  But not any more.  These days Lucy seemed to go out of her way to make Nina feel good sexually — and to drive her nuts even more than before.

Nina could still be aroused whenever someone touched her in the right spots.  Lucy would not only touch her there, she would do other things . . . like the night she dressed Nina in a pretty blue teddy and then slipped a plug-in vibrator inside the outfit and set it so the business end was touching her crotch.  She turned it on, told her, “Sweet dreams,” gave her a peck on the cheek and left.

The first orgasm lit Nina up like it was she that had been plugged in.  She was like that any more; her sensations seemed to have been heightened when she’d become less than human, and when she experienced an orgasm it was truly an earth-shattering event.  Then came the second, and the third . . . Nina couldn’t get weak knees, but neither could she remove the vibrator.  She spent the entire night cuming her brains out, blacking out every so often when she couldn’t take the pleasure.

And in the morning, before the store opened, Mandy found the vibrator and removed it, looking up at Nina with a perceptive look, as if she knew why Lucy had left the sex toy in place.

Mandy was the other girl in Nina’s life.  She usually worked the late shift and often closed.  She also dressed Nina about once a week.  But unlike Lucy, who seemed to tease a lot when dressing, Mandy took her time and was very gentle with her.  Nina thought that the young black girl was almost too gentle; she often thought that Mandy acted like she might hurt her.  She also liked to take her time . . . Mandy had a definite mannequin fetish, that was for certain.  Nina was not only the object of her affection, but there were times when . . ..

Take last Saturday.  Mandy closed up and removed Nina from the window— in many pieces, since it was easier that way.  She took her to the back and reassembled her . . . but rather than dress her Mandy stood next to Nina and just looked at her.  Before now Nina had never even heard of people who were interested that way in an inanimate piece of plastic, and even now that she was one she still found it hard to believe that Mandy would look at her with something akin to love in her eyes.

But that’s what she saw that night; Mandy’s loving gaze.  When her hands began caressing Nina’s naked form, she could almost feel the care that Mandy had for her.  It was as if Mandy cared more for Nina that she did for real people.  Of course it was one-way affection; though Nina did like the strange attention, it was absolutely impossible for he to reciprocate.  Nina wondered if perhaps she wanted it that way; a girlfriend who she could touch and dress and play with, but never have to worry about her being in a bad mood or on her period or any number of things that might affect a relationship.

The evening ended the way it usually did; Mandy would grow excited and masturbate.  After she cleaned up she’d take Nina back to the front and dress her, then leave.  And Nina would spend the night wondering why Mandy did those things, why she felt as she did—

And where things would eventually lead.

Nina started to get a feeling for the seasons by the way people dressed.  Soon it was fall and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas was upon them.  Nina not only saw the decorations in the mall, but was spending most of her time dressed in a Christmas teddy that made her look like some kind of sexy Santa helper.


She’d been a mannequin for seven months.

Nina had given up on the prospect of returning to a normal life.  As the days rolled by it became more evident that Lucy had no intention of changing her back to a human.  Part of this was a feeling due to the way Lucy played with her, teased her, talked to her when no one was around— saying things like, “See?  I told you this would involve long hours . . . and so many more to come.”  Or the time she said, “It’s a good thing you didn’t have many friends, because that leaves fewer people who will worry about you.”  Her tone let Nina know that as more time went by, the greater the probability that she’d always remain a display model.

And, then, of course, there was her body.

It wasn’t hers any longer.

Right after Thanksgiving Lucy once again stayed late.  When she was removed from the window Nina figured she would be dressed, as this was the usual routine.  Lucy began disassembling her almost immediately, placing a leg here, an arm here, and her head on the counter— situated, unfortunately, so she couldn’t see the retail space where Lucy was working.  Nina could hear the girl humming away, happy in her work . . . while Nina was feeling the most unusual sensation.  It was customary that she could feel the different parts of her body even when they were apart, but now . . . now it seemed as if different areas of her body were going numb.  This had never happened before.  It was all very confusing, because this feeling continued even after her body had felt as though it had been reassembled.

The Lucy walked up behind her and touch the sides of her head— and Nina felt a buzzing that had never been there before.  It was as if someone had laid a vibrator against her skull.  As the buzzing died down the numbness she’d felt dissipated; her body started coming back to her.  Only things felt so different now.  It was her body — her torso, hips, legs and arms, yet there was a difference she couldn’t quite figure out.

Lucy picked her up, saying, “You’ll love what I’ve done with you.”  As she carried the head, Nina could see her body— only it wasn’t really her body.  It felt like hers, only now . . . not the torso was longer and slimmer, as were the legs and arms; the fingers were longer and the nails tapered and sharp.  Her ass looked a little rounder, but her breasts . . . they were much fuller.  She was probably a good D cup now.  The biggest change was the skin color; she was a light brown all over, as if she’d been made over into a Latino girl.

Lucy put her head back on the body, and everything clicked into place.  Nina could really feel her body now, and it was her body, no mistaking.  She saw her reflection in the window — her face was still her face, but there was slight changes in the lips, the eyes, the way the makeup was panted on . . . and the skin was darker as well.

Nina felt the pat on her ass.  “No one would ever know you were the same girl who walked in here,” Lucy nearly whispered.  “Lets get you dressed . . .”  She put her in the Christmas teddy and put her back in the window.

It was only after Lucy left that Nina understood.  She was not only a mannequin, but she now she’d been altered again — and in a way that even if she ever did become human once more, she wouldn’t be Nina.  Her past was really, really gone.

So the brand new Nina stood . . . posing . . . watching the world go by, the people looking at her . . . over and over and over . . ..

A few days before Christmas Mandy was working closing.  Any more Nina loved to have Mandy closing because of the things she did for her.  The touching, the looking . . . and ever since Nina had become Miss Latino Mannequin Mandy had been doing a lot more looking.  It was like she knew it was still the old Nina, but that she’d undergone another metamorphosis.  And it was one that met her approval.

After the lights were out Mandy closed the window curtain— something they only did when anyone was doing something they didn’t want anyone outside to see.  Most of the time the curtain was left open; no one really gave a shit is they were seen dressing a mannequin.   Nina wondered if Mandy were going to finger herself right here in the window and didn’t want anyone to see.

But instead of Mandy coming over and touching Nina all over and then bringing herself to orgasm, she just sat and looked up at Nina ever so often.  Nina could see the girl was lost in thought.  Nina really did wonder what the hell was up.

Not that she could ask.

Finally, after ten minutes, Mandy stood and began straightening Nina’s teddy.  “Girl, I really do wish I could be with you,” she said.  There was a hint of sadness in her voice.  “You’re so sexy, especially now that Lucy’s changed you again—“

Nina about shit.  Changed me again???  That meant Mandy knew about her transformation!  The girl must have known about it all along.

Mandy began running her nails over Nina’s cheek.  “You probably think I’m strange, wanting to spend time with you.  Touching you and all that shit.  But I understand, I do.  I know how it gets, standing here all the time . . . not that I minded.”  She shrugged.  “It was what I did, what I was suppose to do—“

So Mandy was turned into a mannequin as well.  In a way this gave Nina hope.  If Mandy had been a mannequin and she was now human again, then maybe . . . maybe she’d be changed back as well.  It could take time — maybe a few more months.  Then it’d be back to walking and talking and . . . hell, even breathing would be great.  And Mandy knew what she was going through.  She was trying to help her get by.

If she could have cried, tears would be flowing down Nina’s cheeks.

Mandy leaned in and gave Nina a kiss on the lips.  “I’m going to keep talking to Lucy.  You’ll see; we’ll be together soon.”

And with that she was gone.

This was the best Nina had felt since becoming this thing.  She now knew it was possible that she might be human again.  Okay, so she wouldn’t be like she had been, but so fucking what?  What was important was she would be alive.  Not some plastic parts one could arrange.


The hope was the only thing that made the holidays bearable.


It was New Year’s Eve before Nina knew it.  She hadn’t been counting the days, but rather just letting things flow by, letting the days and night become one.  Ever since her one-sided conversation with Mandy she’d been trying to keep her hope down, but suddenly it seemed like she wanted to believe that soon she would be a real girl again.

She saw Mandy off and on, but there was never another conversation like they had just before Christmas.  Nina also saw Lucy, but she also seemed to keep her distance.  Nina knew that both women were working together on a couple of occasions, but if there were any conversations concerning her, Nina didn’t hear them.

With the new year coming up the store was busy.  People buying and people returning stuff.  It didn’t matter to Nina.  She could feel something in the air.  Something was going to happen.  Nina hoped against hope that it would be something good, but she couldn’t say.  She was worried that something would happen, but it wasn’t going to be something that would make her happy.

Come after hours, and Lucy and Mandy were still about.  Nina heard both girls go in the back.  A lot of time was going by.  Nina could imagine Mandy pleading with Lucy, asking that they be together.  Nina was scared that in a little bit Lucy would return with another mannequin — one that was the spitting image of a young black woman.  She did appear finally, but she was alone.  That was a bit of a relief.

“Well, Nina, how are you?”  Lucy was smiling, very cheerful.  Nina wanted to slap the bitch.  Lucy began taking Nina apart, separating her as she would when she was going to dress her.  “I know you can hear me— unless, that is, you’re totally out of your fucking mind by now.”  She winked at Nina’s head before setting the torso down.  “But I don’t think so.  You’re very strong.  I sensed that the moment I met you.”

Nina couldn’t see anything since she was face down on the floor, but she could feel Lucy removing her hips to get at her legs.  “I have to say Mandy has been a total pain in the ass.  She’s really wanted to be with you, you know?”  Nina could almost see the grin.  “But then you do know that.  What with the after hours trysts you two have had, I would expect you to know.”  Nina could feel something slide onto her legs.  Then her hips were back on and Lucy was lifting her torso into place.

“But there’s just something about changing you back, Nina,” Lucy said as she stripped off the teddy.  “I like you this way — you’d never understand why, so there’s no point in explaining.”  She slid a black leather bra around her waist and hooked it, then removed her arms.  “But Mandy . . . she simply wouldn’t let it go.  For some reason she thought you two were made for each other.”  Lucy pulled the bra into place and began reattaching the arms.  “Unfortunately I don’t need another display model — I mean, you’re perfect.  However . . .” She pulled the leather thong up snuggly into Nina’s plastic crotch and placed a diaphanous long sleeved robe over her body.  “It’s always possible to reach some kind of compromise.”

As soon as everything was in place Nina felt the stimulation.  But Lucy wasn’t touching her on the breasts or the crotch, no she wasn’t touching her at all . . . No, the undergarments were moving!  Slowly, like hundreds of fingers caressing her most sensitive areas, but moving imperceptibly nonetheless.

What the hell is this freaky chick up to now? Nina thought.  And then it hit her: Jesus!  If she can change me into a mannequin, then . . ..

“I think you and Mandy will enjoy each other,” Lucy told her, as if she were reading Nina’s mind.  “I think she likes it even better this way.  She can be so close to you and keep you happy, and at the same time you keep her happy.”  Lucy straightened the robe.  “And I dare say you’ll both be that way for a long time . . ..”

Nina was now screaming and moaning.  No, please, Lucy!  Please let me out!  Then the feeling Mandy was giving her became too much and she released . . . then went back to pleading for her life— and for Mandy’s as well.

Lucy gave Nina a long, loving look.  “There’s something you should know,” she told her softly.  “You probably think I’m being mean to Mandy now; that I’m fucking with her as you feel I’m doing with you.”  She sighed.  “Mandy was never happy with what she was.  She was always happier being on display.  She could never get the hang of being with other people — only mannequins.

“You see, Mandy was a mannequin first.  I made her human.  And she didn’t like it.  So—“  Lucy smiled.  “Now she can be on display with you.”  She patted Nina on the shoulder.  “Enjoy.”

Enjoy?  Yes, Nina might enjoy the love Mandy was giving her.  It was almost as if she could hear her: Nina, my love.  I will make your time go quickly.  I will love you, and make you feel special.  We will have so much time together . . . and for all she knew it was her voice.  Maybe Lucy was letting them speak to each other.

Maybe in time Nina would understand the enjoyment Mandy had being this way.  Maybe in time, and with a few thousand orgasms she’d forget she’d even been human at one time.

Maybe she would really enjoy this life that she shared with her new lover.

Maybe she would.


The End

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