One Man's Ideal Woman!!!

By Commodore

A single man came up with a idea, about how he could have any woman spend time with him "If they wanted to, OR not", during  which his true view of women is shown, and "A surprise at the end" of which you'll have to read to discover!

             At an unknown collage town some where out there, lived a man named Marcus Wilkes Booth who was scary smart and could make anything and everything that would pop into his mind. One day he had an idea of what would it be like if he could create a device that would take any woman and change her into a hyper-realistic sex toy, where she would continue to not only look, but also feel to the touch just like she had before when she was a flesh and blood woman. Once he was done he could change her back, with her ever knowing anything about it except for losing time from when she was a inanimate figure of herself.  Less than a day passed before he had it completely built.

            As he was finishing up with his device while looking out the window he spotted his first target, a cute woman of about 18 to 21 years of age with shoulder-length dark hair and an average build named Brittney Alexis Pike. He had the hotts for her since junior high school “Middle School” but she was never into him, and he even later found out that she had always gotten the creeps from him, thus she never wanted to spend much time either with –or around– him; his immediate thought was she would make a perfect test suspect to try his device out on. 

A week later while she was out jugging in the morning (he had learned her routine and she always stopped and stretched at the same spot every time); this time he decided that he would be hiding at that location where she would stop and stretch to tag her. At 09:13 she came jogging alone and stopped at the park bench to stretch out. As she was stretching, he silently came up behind her with his device on his finger and touched her at the base of her neck; in that instant she suddenly stopped, nether moving or breathing, just stopped like a waxwork figure in the middle of the act of stretching. After a few seconds he reached out and waved his hand in front of her blank face with absolutely no reaction coming from her, not even a blink of her eyes. From there he moved his hand down to her boobs, knowing that if she was just playing she would scream at him, but when he touched them she had no reaction at all. After that he moved his hands all over her body, enjoying the sensation of Brittney’s shape, knowing she would never know what he is doing to her. Feeling emboldened, he next moved his hand down into her bike shorts, discovering she wasn’t wearing anything under them; afterwards he’d placed his left hand on her right boob while leaning over and kissing her on her right cheek, before going back into hiding. After he was out of sight, he pushed the Green button and she instantly finished her paused stretch and went back to normal movement, continuing on as if nothing had ever happened at all.

            A couple of days later he decided to use another part of his device, one that would give him the power to put thoughts and ideas into her head, ones that she had to follow no matter what. This one time he decided to make her wear her push-up bikini top and a pair of high cut shorts along with a pair of matching slip on shoes. Then he would have her secretly go to a prearranged spot where she would walk-up to a van, and knock only on the sliding door and to never look inside; he also adjusted her thoughts to be fine with the notion of losing and entire weekend Friday night through Sunday night. His device worked flawlessly.

Just as he wanted, she showed up in the outfit he wanted her to wear, and she did as she was programmed to, standing calmly outside the van after knocking, which was his cue to change her into a lifelike toy. When she had just taken in a deep breath and about to exhale, he pressed the Red button, transforming her into a hyper-realistic sexual play toy with her breasts fully up and out. Her skin looked slightly different, almost plastic, and she held her pose motionlessly like a mannequin. With her now being nothing more than a inanimate object with her body trapped the way it was, which also meant that since Brittney was wearing a push-up bikini, her boobs would remain pushed-up even after the removal of her bikini top and her body would remain like that until she was returned back to a living state, after which everything would be like it was before.

In her inanimate state, Brittney now weighed a little less than half of what she would normally, so with just one arm he picked her stiffened body up and placed her inside his van with him,; after closing the door he promptly removed her bikini top so he could move his hands and fingers all over her chest and boobs while driving her back to his place to play with as she lay between the seats.

After getting home, he had all kinds of fun with her as she remained trapped in her toy state; Brittney spent most of the weekend on his bed where he enjoyed her multiple times; by Sunday night he’d cleaned her body up and dressed her again as she was on Friday night. The he drove back to where she had met him before, where he pressed the magic button; she went back to being a real woman live woman. Just as before, she wasn’t aware of anything that had transpired during the last 60 hours while she was nothing more than a lifeless toy before him. She never felt a need to find out what had happened and why she was standing there either, as the implanted thoughts from his device worked perfectly.  She walked away and resumed her life without the slightest trace of suspicion.

  As the months moved on and after many more weekend meetings, he got her to start to hang out with him a little bit more by having her come up with a reason why that would satisfy all of her friends and family; by the time six months had passed he had adjusted her to the point where she didn’t mind the notion of some man making her into a doll. Thus he started keeping her in her doll state for longer and longer, until the day came where he could keep her in her inanimate state for months at a time. She would think that this was completely normal for her so long as she became a doll for him and no one else, for she belonged only to him.

That remained the way things were until while he was out one day he came across another young woman named Jessica who had a curvy body that wouldn’t quit and a nice set of boobs to go with it. At the sight of her, he had decided that wanted to make her his new sex toy; the fact was that he had been getting tired of Brittney for some time and had now found her replacement, which is what he had been hoping and waiting for.

Like before he played his game tracking her down, the same one that he had played with Brittney; soon he was getting Jessica into his bed as a rather upgraded toy; all the while he kept Brittney in her inanimate state while he had the other one there. Then came the day when he decided to replace Brittney with Jessica. As I heard it, Brittney was in human form when he came home telling her that his job required him to go out of town; he asked her to please prepare as usual for when he left her. She then put all of her things away and stepped out wearing only a push-up bra and panties along with a pair of high heels that she knew he liked to see her in.  Like every time before, he changed her with the device as watched as she stiffened into an inanimate sex toy standing there. After this point everything else he did is unknown; all I do know is at that at some point he placed her and her belongings in storage, which is where I come into this story. 

He knew I was a problem solver and he wanted to be rid of Brittney, although at the time I still thought that she was nothing more than a crafted doll made to look and feel like the real thing. However after I had not only seen her up close but also touched her, I felt that destroying this lovely doll was a bad idea and decided to instead to keep her as mine. When I agreed to get rid of his Brittney doll, he gave me everything that had to do with her, including a small device with 5 buttons colored Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue, made to look like some remote control with an empty battery compartment, which looked like it took 2 AA batteries. As planned, I accepted everything from him, but instead of destroying it I took all of it to my place – even the life-like doll that was still wearing only a bra and panties. Once I got it all at my place, I started looking over everything that came with this doll and started fiddling with the remote-control-looking device, placing 2 fresh AA batteries in and started pressing buttons.  Little did I expect what happened.

After I had randomly pressed the Green one, the Brittney doll suddenly came to life! Looking around, wondering where she was; she then saw me and we both screamed at the same time. I quickly pressed the Red button and she went back to inanimate state again, with a very frightened expression frozen on her cute face. After a few seconds I got over my shock and walked over to her, looking her over, wondering just what is going on. Then I thought about the remote in my hand and things kind of clicked. While standing next to her left side I pressed the Green button and she instantly reanimated and continued with her screaming, then jumped in surprise as she suddenly realized that I was now standing to her left. The notion of my sudden repositioning cut off her scream as she collected her thoughts while glancing around the strange place she was now in.  I got to give her credit; she didn’t stay rattled long.

After just a few seconds, she asked me “where’s Marcus?” and the first thing that went through my mind was “What do you mean where’s Marcus?” “Who‘s Marcus?” That’s when she told me that Marcus was the man that she belonged to. Then she asked me “Who are you and why am I here with you?” and that’s when I told her the truth:  That her Marcus had gotten tired with her wanted me to destroy her; after which she got totally upset over the fact that her owner had wanted her destroyed, and yet was very happy that I didn’t destroy her.  She couldn’t go back to him.

That’s when things start getting Really Interesting; although Brittney had started to see herself as mine now, I now somehow wanted her to be more to me than just a possession. Then it hit me, that I could “stop” her anytime and slip something into her drink, then bring her back to life where she would continue to drink her drink never knowing that something had been added to it. Then she would have no choice but to fall in love with me and we could live together. One day I did just that; while we were talking and I had her remote and I pushed the Red button behind my back and she instantly became a doll, stopped at that moment. While she could do nothing more than just stand there, I slipped a serum into her drink that would make her fall in love with the first male she sees, and after making sure that there were no other men around, I first kissed her firmly on the lips and then got back into the pose I had been in before and pressed the Green button. She resumed talking, and then took a sip of her drink, never knowing anything had happened.

From there on, she fell completely in love with me and now sees herself not only as my sex toy, but also as my live-in girlfriend and lover; she even asked me to from time to time to make her into a doll just for fun. After I showed her about her remote, there are now times where she will slip into something more revealing, place one of those post-it notes on her breast, and then push the Red button, making herself into a doll, just waiting for me.

            Now as to Marcus... Well Brittney and me had found out that he was getting tiered of Jessica too and he was actively looking for another young woman to make into a doll.  Also, Brittney had discovered that I also have a knack with electronics and asked me if I could find a way to change the control device of his so that it would work on him and him alone. Because she asked, I agreed and got started on doing just that; after about 2 weeks tinkering, I discovered how to do it.  Easy, really.

Then we found one of Brittney’s old friends and got her to help out; for after Marcus was made into a toy she would take him in, at which point he would become the same sort of sexual play thing just as he had done to two other young women and looking for a third to do it to. Well, by acting like an idiot, now you could say he got what all idiots like him had coming.

If you would I wouldn't mine, I’d like to get back to Brittney now.  Be Well!

Willam Tiberius Booth


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