Ownership Is 9/10th Of The Law

by Northern Chill

                 MEOWWW!! called out the alley cats as the bright moonlight shone down on the felines perched on a chain link fence.  Their howls were interrupted by the roar of a car engine as a Toyota drove down the alleyway before stopping in front of a small white house. Two people dressed in dark clothing got out and quietly made their way into the house.

                "I have to admit, Nancy, you were right.  That was the easiest place we've ever broken into especially considering the value of the items that were there," the red haired woman said as she removed the black hood from her head.

                "Well, ya didn't think we were going to break into Fort Knox or something like that now, Debbie?" Nancy said as she flung aside the duffle bag on her shoulder and ran her hand through her red hair.  She grinned broadly at the thought of another caper successfully completed.

                The two were the most successful thieves in the city, easily bypassing the most elaborate alarm systems that the wealthy residents and leaving the local authorities nary a clue as to who they were.  At first, the robberies provided a valuable source of income for the women to live a comfortable lifestyle, but after a while the thefts proved an emotional exhilaration over outwitting yet another target with ease.

                "Which type of wine should we use tonight to toast yet another successful caper, Nancy?"  Debbie called out as she stripped off her snug fitting outfit and walked over to the cupboard where they kept the wine wearing only her blue satin bra and panties.

               "Hmmm... I think maybe that nice French red wine we picked up the other day will do very nicely.  I'm gonna take a quick shower and then we can go over the haul from tonight.  Try not to peek while you wait for me, huh?" Nancy replied as she hurried off to the washroom, whistling happily.

               Debbie poured two glasses of wine and left them sitting on the kitchen counter while she went over to a nearby overstuffed chair and sat down to wait for her partner to finish washing up.  However, patience was not one of Debbie's strong points and she stood up after a minute or two.  She hurried over to where the satchel from the night's theft was sitting and started pulling out the items they had taken.

                First out was a golden chalice that looked to originate from a medieval church with jewels encrusted along the sides with Latin writing visible on the base. After admiring the cup for a few seconds,  Debbie reached in and pulled out several sets of rare coins dating back to the days of the Roman Empire in great condition.

               The last thing Debbie pulled from the bag was a gold and silver medallion in a glass case with a long gold chain wrapped around it.  Puzzled over why there was no visible lock on the case, Debbie unwrapped the chain from the case and set it on a nearby table.  She looked over the medallion which looked fairly routine compared to the rest of the items before her gaze returned to the chain she had set aside.  A look of amusement crossed her face as an idea for a little fun quickly came to mind.  As she dashed off to another room, she failed to notice that the medallion was starting to pulse brightly in a regular rhythm.

  Stripping off her bra, Debbie quickly grabbed a piece of cardboard and a black marker and walked with them and the chain to the center of the living room.  She wrote SEXY DISPLAY on the cardboard piece and set it on the floor in front of her.

  Debbie then took the gold chain and wrapped it around her waist  just enough so she could close the clasp on her right thigh.

  Standing upright, Debbie smiled brightly as she held her pose like the many statues she and Nancy had walked past in their nighttime excursions.  Strangely, she felt an odd tingling sensation that was starting to spread from where the chain was on her through her entire body.  She dismissed it as part of the excitement she was feeling about being discovered like this by Nancy.

  However, when she saw her reflection in a nearby brass sculpture, the true nature of the feeling and its repercussions revealed itself to her.  Her skin was rapidly changing from flesh and blood to warm plastic devoid of freckles and blemishes and any other signs of humanity.

  Debbie could see lines forming out of the blue on her shoulders, wrists, waist and left leg as the change swept through her body.


  Debbie shouted to herself as her ability to move or talk had ceased.  She saw that her breathing had also ceased now with her breasts now two mounds of solid plastic with dark brown circles capping them.  Her eyes had changed into twin pieces of colored glass, though somehow she could still see out.



              As the change neared its completion and Debbie's mind started to fade away, she became aware of two things occurring.  The first was Nancy running into the room and screaming in horror at the sight that she took in.  The second was the distant sound of police sirens that seemed to be heading in their direction.  After that, there was nothing as the change was complete and an inanimate plastic figure stood where a living human being was just a few minutes ago.

              Nancy heard the approaching sirens as well and figured if she didn't get out of there, she would be arrested for certain or even changed like her friend was.  Grabbing  her purse and wearing only a T-shirt and shorts, she raced out the door vowing to try and find out what had gone wrong that night with her friend..

Twenty minutes later...

            "All right, let's dust the place for prints and go talk to the neighbors for a description of who lived her.."  Detective Kojak shouted to the men bustling in and out of the house.  He pulled out a lollipop and sucked on it thoughtfully while looking over the semi-nude mannequin.

            "Detective!... Detective, we've got a problem here!"  a man shouted as he ran up to the bald officer.

            "What is it, Sergeant Hutch?  Did you get hold of the museum curator who put this anti-theft device in his exhibit?  I want this mannequin changed back to the woman she was right away!" Kojak snapped at the curly haired man.

           "Well, that's the problem, sir.  You see, the curator tried to get hold of the inventor of the unique device that was designed to look like an ordinary chain earlier today but was told he had died in a house fire just recently .  Unfortunately, the same fire had also destroyed all his notes including how to reverse the change.  The curator was going to remove the chain tomorrow but..." Hutch said softly before trailing off.

           "DAMN! All right, Hutch, get over to the curator's house and arrest him right away!" Kojak shouted as another officer threw a tarp around Debbie's figure.

           "On what charge?" Hutch inquired

          "Mannequincide...."  Kojak muttered to himself as he walked away slowly........


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