Puppet Master - Time for Revenge 2

by Northern Chill

Author's note : This is part 2 of my serial about the villain known as the Puppet Master. To start with part 1, click here. This chapter does have elements of nudity and mild profanity so if this bothers you, please move on to another story. Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 2 - Inner Emotions, Outer Looks

     Jill sat behind the wheel of her car waiting for the traffic jam to let up.  It had been a long day at her job at the Bracken Financial Group and she wanted to get home out of the afternoon's stifling heat as soon as possible.  She glanced at her wristwatch and realized she hadn't moved in about 10 minutes.  "Geez..c'mon....get your butts in gear..." she grumbled mentally as she glared at the immobile cars sitting in front of her.

    Just as Jill reached down to retrieve her cell phone from her purse to call home with, there was a startling CRASHH!! directly in front of her vehicle.  Straightening back up with a start, she saw a lamp post had smashed into the back end of the car directly in front of hers, sending debris flying in all directions.  As she jumped out of her Honda, she saw up ahead several female figures engaged in a furious fight with more debris and people scattering in all directions.  She stepped back a few feet just in time as a large metal mailbox came crashing down on the roof of her car completely caving in the tan roof.

     The young woman turned and started to run from the chaos as fast as she could, silently cursing the fact that she chose today to wear her new 3" heels.  Jill had traveled about two blocks when she saw two women getting out of a limousine parked at an intersection.  She ran towards it as fast as she could, thinking maybe they had a cell phone she might use.

    "Hey ! Hey, over here! Hey!" Jill shouted as loud as she could at the women standing next to the stretch limo.  As she approached the pair, she noticed the blank looks on both their faces and their attire — skintight latex and leather outfits — which seemed more appropriate to the seedier parts of town than here.

    A little winded, Jill halted in front of the two, gasping as she held her hand to her chest. "Do.. either of you..two have a cell phone I.. could use, please?" she inquired of the duo.  Nothing but silence was the response from the redhead and brunette as they stared straight ahead, not even acknowledging Jill's question.

     Growing irritated, Jill repeated her question even louder than before.  Suddenly, she saw a gloved hand waving her inside the car.  Peeking inside, she saw a brunette dressed in a blue leotard that suggested a heroine of some type sitting on the right near on the door.  On the left, she saw a bald headed man nodding hello to her as he was hurriedly putting what looked like tiny dolls out of sight.

     "Sit down, my dear.  We'll get you away from the fracas up ahead right way," the man said, extending his hand in help.   He glanced over at the brunette woman who was pulling out a laptop computer and what looked like a camcorder. "Kara, why don't you get this young lady's name and address so we can get her home ASAP?" he inquired nonchalantly.

     Jill hesitated slightly but figured  the presence of a heroine would assure her safety.  Settling into the leather seat, she rattled off her personal info to Kara, still trembling from the events around her.  She was a little perplexed why the limousine was still sitting by the curb and the two women outside had yet to move.

     "Let's see... Jill Walters.. single, no children, current occupation is financial planning, has a college degree with 4 years working as an interior decorator." Shapeshifter intoned with emphasis on the last part.

     Jill lifted her head up sharply. "What the...? How the hell did you get all that? Who are you two?" she demanded, feeling a tad uncomfortable.

     The bald man leaned over and gently grasped Jill's right wrist. "No need for panic, my dear.  In fact, your expertise is precisely what I am looking for in a project I am undertaking," he said gently, smiling warmly.

     Jill calmed down just a little. "What, you need advise on stocks or mutual funds?  Listen, call my office for..."  she started to say.

    The man held up his hand. "You misunderstand me.  I'm in need of your skills as a home decorator. You see, over the next few weeks, I plan to accumulate quite a few decorative art pieces for my mansion.  I'll be acquiring them through the bodily transformation of numerous heroines into said objects.  My associate Shapeshifter will be providing me assistance in that regard as she has done in the past.  I'm prepared to offer you a hefty compensation in return for your placing this "living art" tastefully throughout my home and grounds. What do you say, Ms.Walters?"

    Jill's face went white as she absorbed the offer. "Are you crazy?? I'm outta here!!!" she shrieked as she clawed at the door handle to get out of the limo.  To her horror, she realized the two women outside were now leaning with all their weight against the side of the car, preventing her opening the door.

    She found herself being pushed back into seat by a strong arm from Shapshifter, who then handed the camcorder to the bald man.  He looked at Jill sternly. "Now, dear, don't be so hasty. In case you were thinking of refusing my offer, you might want to look at the tape in the camera.  It should help you in your thinking," he advised the trembling woman.

    When Jill hit the playback button on the camera, the image of a beautiful red-haired woman came into focus. She was sprawled on the floor trying desperately to get away from an approaching figure that was menacing her.  Even though she could see the person only from the back, Jill knew it was the woman called Shapeshifter from glimpses of her attire that were visible.  As the woman dragged herself backwards on her elbows, she saw Shapeshifter lean over and grab the woman by the left wrist. Almost immediately, the women's attempts to escape seemed to slow down noticeably, though she desperately tried to pull herself away from the viselike grip of the villainess.

    As Jill continued to watch, the woman's  writhing became slower and slower.  Her skin was showing a change in color from pink and red to a light tan color.  After another minute or two, her struggles had almost ceased altogether and her limbs were only slightly twitching.  The woman's face, holding anger and fear before, now was slowly contorting becoming a mask of pleasure and lust.  Her chest, barely moving at this point, swelled outward as her breasts pushed outwards, straining her lacy bra and poking into her pink blouse.

     When the woman's movements had ceased altogether, Shapeshifter began stripping the clothes off the woman rapidly.  Jill was shocked to see that the woman now appeared to made entirely of plastic with a mouth that was pouty and O-shaped and eyes that seemed to be now colored glass.  The woman that she had seen at the beginning of the tape was now nothing more than a lifelike plastic love doll with exaggerated breasts and smooth skin that showed not a trace of humanity anywhere.

    Jill looked at Puppet Master with great fear written all over her face. "Who.. who was she? Where is she now?" she asked, trying to hold her panic back as best she could.

    The man looked at her coldly, then replied. "Her name is unimportant.  All you need to know is that she had earlier turned down the same offer I have just made to you.  As for her current whereabouts, well, she was shipped to a manufacturing factory I own in Germany where she'll serve as the prototype for a new line of adult entertainment dolls.  We even applied a extra coating of latex to make sure she'd stay intact while being measured and 'tested', for the lack of a better word, by the staff there," he said deliberately.

    Jill could only gasp, the images from the tape burned into her memory. The bald man continued.

    "Now then, will you accept my offer, or should I contact my factory and tell them to await the arrival of a prototype for a  'Jetset Jill' sex doll line?" Puppet Master said while nodding towards an impatient Shapeshifter, who flexed her fingers menacingly.

    Jill swallowed audibly. "Uh.... umm..well, is there a particular part of the house you'd like me to start with?" she inquired with false enthusiasm.

    The villain laughed heartily. "Good question, Miss Walters.  The right question, in fact, to ensure your continued mobility. Well, if the incident up ahead provides me the advantage I have planned, we'll be starting soon," he intoned before turning to Shapeshifter. "Kara, head back to my mansion and check for any messages .  I'm expecting some people to get back to me on this plan."

    Shapeshifter grumbled mentally that she wasn't HIS secretary but figured she'd go along with this man... for now.  She opened the car door and, with a brief glance back at the two in the car, stepped out. "This had better result in the money you promised me, buddy, or you'll regret the day you ever encountered me!" she thought before flying off  with a burst of speed.

     Up ahead, the fracas was still going as intensely as when it started.  The three female figures were still locked in energetic combat that was quickly reducing the surrounding buildings to rubble.  The civilians that were originally there had quickly fled the area till the destruction had ceased and order was restored.

     "Take this, you costumed idiots!" the woman standing atop a pile of rubble shouted as she flung a large metal dumpster at the women below.  Dressed in a tight fitting purple leotard with a large gold belt, Titania was a mighty opponent in combat whose strength dwarfed many in the hero community.  Her physique, from well toned arms and legs to an ample chest, made her stand out in any crowd.  She had participated in many criminal acts over the years by herself and with other allies in the crime community ranging from simple thefts to fights on a grand scale.  If anyone could get close to her this day, one could see the familiar sneer of contempt written on her face  along with a slightly glazed lookin her eyes.

     As the dumpster hurtled towards the two women in the street, a beam of fiery energy emanated from the woman on the right intercepting it.  As the object shrunk and melted from the intense heat, it suddenly bounced off its path and clattered to the street as if it had hit an invisible wall.  The woman on the left nodded in satisfaction and relaxed slightly as the air shimmered slightly in front of her.

    The two were known world wide as Invisible Woman and Crystal, long time members of the Fantastic Four. Invisible Woman's powers of force fields and the ability to make herself unseen to her opponents, along with Crystal's abilities to cast powerful beams of energy, made them together a formidable force in any clash with a villain or criminal. This day, however, their powers were being taxed to the limit by the rampaging amazon woman before them.

    "Give up, Titania! All this destruction won't help you get away from us," Invisible Woman shouted, hoping to bring an end to the struggle.

    "Who says I want to get away, bitch!" Titania said with a rather a hollow voice as she hurled a thoroughly wrecked SUV at the two.  Meanwhile, a limousine had pulled up nearby and a man had gotten out, seemingly unconcerned about the violence around him.

     "We can't keep doing this all day, Sue. We have to find a way to stop her," Crystal muttered as she fired a beam of ice at the oncoming projectile .  It dropped to the earth with a loud thud as a frozen metal cube.

    Just then, Titania looked over her shoulder and noticed the man walking behind her through the rubble. "Maybe I should pick on an easier target for a change!" she yelled as she hurled a large piece of a broken sewer pipe at the unaware man.

    "Sue!!" cried Crystal.

    "Got him!" Invisible Woman yelled as her brow furrowed in concentration. Just in time, a force field bubble went around the man deflecting the heavy pipe aside.

     "Take this, Titania!" Crystal cried as she targeted the pile of rubble Titania was standing on with a beam of hot fire.


     The beam struck the pile and ignited a broken gas main, which resulted in a massive explosion.  Titania was hurled backward by the force sending herself striking hard into the side of an apartment building where she crumpled and lay still. Where she had stood a fire raged.

     "Check on Titania, Crystal, while I see how that man is," Invisible Woman cried as she ran in his direction, hoping he was unhurt.

     Arriving at where she had last seen him, she saw the man was unhurt and dusting himself off while picking up a large briefcase he was carrying. "Invisible Woman, is it? Thank you immensely for saving me," he said as he grasped her hand in appreciation.

     "Yes, it is. You really should..should be more....whew ..?" Sue started to say, though her thoughts were getting a little cloudy. "He ..looks familiar..where have I seen him before... ummmm.. no,not important.." she thought to herself, trying to remember.

    "I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going at all, was I?" the man said, looking sheepish. "If it wasn't for your prompt protection, I could have been crushed by that out of control pipe .."

    "Yes... it was... out of control.... wasn't it?" Sue stammered as she held the back of her hand up against her head. "Warm... getting so hard to.. think... " she thought as her face took on a blank look.

   Crystal ran up to Sue. "Titania 's out cold. I  turned over to the proper authorities for imprisonment. Is this the fellow you saved before?" she asked her colleague, unaware of the glazed look in her eyes.

    The man then grasped Crystal's right hand also and shook it in appreciation. "You must be the amazing Crystal. Both of you are so brave to stand up to a woman of such frightening strength.  So brave, and so beautiful," he said as he reached up and placed his hand against her face.

    Crystal reached up to brush aside the hand but it somehow didn't seem important now. She squirmed mentally as she started to feel... so..odd....

     "Yes, but you... shouldn't... shouldn't do... tha... shouldn't..." Crystal stammered as her thoughts seemed so hard to focus together now. It felt like she was swimming in molasses mentally and it took a lot of effort to keep any type of focus.

      "...Shouldn't I offer you two a drive to my mansion, as a way of saying thanks? I insist, my lovely rescuers," the bald man suggested, gesturing towards the waiting vehicle.

     Both heroines' faces lit up with happiness. "Sure. We'd love to go with you!" they responded together in voices that sounded decidedly off in dreamland.

     Once the three had clambered into the waiting car, Puppet Master looked at the two dazed heroines. "You two look all sweaty and very uncomfortable after your battle. Why don't you take off those hot dirty outfits and relax a bit?" he inquired in an innocent voice that spoke little of his ulterior motives.

    Normally, such a request to two women would have resulted in a hard slap across the face by both of them. However, this time the two enthralled women both thought his suggestion was a super idea and they immediately started removing their leotards.  Once they were undressed, Sue turned around and allowed Crystal to unhook her lacy white bra .When that garment fell to the floor, Sue did the same for Crystal's full-cut satin black bra.  A quick wriggle by both out of their brief panties and they sat back into the leather upholstery, completely naked with a look of complete happiness on their faces. The air conditioning felt so good on their unclothed skin.

    After a few more minutes, the car stopped outside Puppet Master's palatial mansion.  The villain stepped out and helped out the two nude heroines out of the car.  He noticed how the physical exertion and exposure to the cool air had resulted in both women's nipples hardening and jutting out several centimeters from their heaving bosoms. He exulted mentally as this would make things look all the better in a few minutes.

    He guided the two women inside the house to the main atrium where a large marble pedestal stood. The plinth was constructed low to the ground with an inscribed gold plate affixed to it, though the writing was too small to read easily.

    "Now then, my lovely ladies, if you'll step up onto this platform for a second," Puppet Master said, holding out his hand.  The two heroines clambered up without a murmur of protest.  They had not yet realized that anything was out of the ordinary.

    "You both have just realized how much you love each other. You want to touch and explore each other's bodies, writhing in each other's passion. You want to have your breasts fondled, your sex caressed, and your lips tasting the sweet nectar of each other. Act on these impulses now and allow your naked desire to come forth, my lovelies!" the villain exhorted, compellingly.

    The  two nude heroines immediately started wriggling and writhing together as their hands roamed up and down each other. Crystal rubbed and caressed Sue's impressive breasts while Sue kissed and caressed her fellow heroine's lovely face.  As they continued to explore each other's bodies and their passionate heat built up, they were completely oblivious to the entrance of the woman known as Shapeshifter.

    Silently, she mounted the pedestal and stood just behind the women who were moaning and twisting in erotic pleasure.  After a minute or two, Shapeshifter leaned over and grasped each woman by the shoulder.  After a few seconds, a  noticeable effect  started to become visible on the women's bodies.  Their skin started to change color and rapidly faded to become a dull gray in color. As the effect spread upwards, their bodies started to slowly stop moving yet they continued to expend energy touching each other.  The effect reached the top of their legs and pussies turning them into hardened marble with a few strands of pubic hair standing out like tiny fingers of rock.  Upward the transformation proceeded, turning their breasts into twin mounds of delectable smooth marble. Just before the transformation engulfed their heads, Puppet Master dropped his mental control of the two trapped heroines.

    "What... what..is... happenninggggg???????"  Sue managed to gasp before her ability to speak was taken away as her head became marble in nature and her blonde hairs became stone in nature.  Then her immobility was complete and no words were possible.

     "I... can't.... I.... movvvveeee!!!" shrieked Crystal before she, too, was engulfed and her thoughts went silent like her friend.

     Shapeshifter stepped down and looked at the fresh tableau before her. Crystal was standing to her left with her left hand grasping Invisible Woman's right leg.  Invisble Woman had her hands firmly cupping her friend's breasts while her head was thrown back and mouth agape. Whether she was shrieking in pleasure or in horror was something Puppet Master never intended to find out.

     "Good job, Kara! Why don't you have Jill come in here so I can discuss what else I want to place in this room?" he asked his associate. As Shapeshifter left, the villain walked over to the statue and bent down to buff the plate mounted on the pedestal base.

     "Eternal Love. by P. Masters" it read.  The villain chuckled to himself as he left the room to plan his next target, leaving the two immortalized women in stony silence.

      Several hours later.....

     A tall blonde woman walked into an office that looked very expensive in nature.  Behind the desk sat a mid 50's man staring at a computer screen.

    "Here's the report you requested, sir. Everything we had in research on the subject is in this file," she said before setting down the folder in question and leaving in a great hurry.

    The man picked up the file and started leafing through it. "This will be prove most helpful.. most helpful indeed," he said to himself.

    The name on the file: Shapeshifter


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