by Alexandria ML


A dark cloaked figure moved around the corner and out of sight as the heroine Primrose, dressed in her tight red and pink spandex bodysuit, moved to follow.  Primrose suspected that the woman she was chasing was dangerous and might defeat her if they did battle, but Prim had come to far to stop her pursuit now.  Primrose ran to the corner of a building and slowly stepped around hoping to see the woman farther down the street, but was surprised when she saw noone on the street.

“Where did she go?” Primrose muttered under her breath as she started to walk forward, unsure where to go next.  The street was clear; the ground showed no trace of the mysterious woman’s passing.  Prim knew that she should use caution when giving chase especially when she was certain that she was outclassed but her youth and feelings of invulnerability were getting the best of her and onward she moved past several well lit store windows containing numerous mannequins and displays.  The frozen display figures reminded her of the scene that she had just left of a crowded room filled with people turned into living statuary, Primrose prayed that the evil spell holding them could be reversed.

Something caught Primrose’s attention and her head quickly turned toward one of the windows.  Nothing there but a mannequin in a dress.  Her eyes glanced up and down the mannequin’s body; attractive one she thought.  Another movement caught her attention in another window and Primrose turned quickly to see just another frozen display figure modeling a pants suit.  Get a grip there girl, these mannequins and that witch are getting the best of you she thought to herself.  Nothing here that can hurt us she started to remind herself.

“Lovely aren’t they?” a voice sounded from behind Primrose.

Primrose turned quickly and found herself standing a couple of meters from the woman she had been chasing.  A cold shiver spread down her back as she gulped at the close proximity of the other woman.

“Someone should have told you that following people wasn’t a very nice thing to do, you never know when they might turn around and chase you.”  The woman said with a slight grin on her face.

Primrose swallowed hard as her body tingled and panic filled her.  Get a grip on yourself or you can’t defeat her.  “Who are you and what did you do to those people back there?”

“My, you are quick with the questions.  Trying to buy yourself some time for the rest of your team to show up before you confront me?  Well I’ll entertain you then.  I’m Alexandria and as for those people, they are just temporarily immobilized.”  The woman responded.

“Immobilized?  Will they be ok?”  Primrose asked as she took a deep breath and tried to activate her pheromone power to seduce the witch standing before her.

“They will be fine, as everyone is that I use my magic on.  Perhaps you’d like to sample my talents first hand and judge for yourself.”  Alexandria said with a smile.

Primrose took a step backward and bumped into the glass of the display windows.  Her eyes were growing in size as Alex stepped forward toward her.  Primrose hadn’t known much fear in her time as a heroine but she knew at that moment that the woman standing before her was too powerful for her to stop and she could only guess what she might have planned for her.

Alexandria’s hand reached forward and Prim closed her eyes in anticipation of the touch.  “You are very tense and filled with fear, perhaps I should just depart and leave you to your fears.”

Primrose opened her eyes and looked into the other woman’s eyes.  Such lovely eyes and voice she found herself thinking.  She wouldn’t harm me.  Just then she felt Alex’s soft touch on her cheek and a warmth filled her.

“I’m going to walk away now and you will remain right here.  Don’t attempt to follow me or I will be forced to put you on display.”  Alex said as her head nodded toward the windows behind Primrose.

Prim remained frozen in place, her heart beating at a torrent pace, it’s beating filling her ears.  Several moments passed before Prim finally swallowed hard and dared to look up in the direction the woman had gone.  “I can’t just let her get away” she said to herself aloud.  As she started to step forward she felt a touch to her shoulder.  Quickly she turned to see who was there and as soon as she caught sight, her body froze and locked in place.

Jackhammer and Parcel finally arrived at the last location that Primrose’s locator beacon had transmitted from.  They looked around the empty street trying to figure out where Prim might have gone.  Parcel walked along the street hoping to get a look down the nearby alley in case Prim had slipped into it.  As she walked forward her eyes caught site of a lovely mannequin standing in the store window beside her.  Something was different about the mannequin and that was what had caught her attention, at first she couldn’t determine what it might be, it certainly wasn’t the pants suit she was wearing, perhaps the torso turned position as if looking back over her shoulder. 

Slowly Parcel’s eyes scanned upward before locking on the surprised expression on the mannequin.  Realization hit a moment later where Primrose was hiding.


Jackhammer had moved to investigate the opposite end of the street as Parcel had and was moving along cautiously when he heard Parcel’s shout.  He quickly turned around and ran back in the direction that Parcel had gone.  He slowed down as he approached her when he saw that she was looking up into a store window display.  His own gaze moved up into the display window and locked upon the frozen face of his teammate.  “What the hell happened to her?”

“Somehow she has been turned into a mannequin of somekind.  I don’t know how or who might have done this.”  Parcel said

“We’ve got to get her out of there and back to our base and see if we can find a way to restore her to normal.”  Jackhammer said as he stepped closer to the glass that was separating him from his mannequinized teammate.

“Hold it, you’re not going to break the glass are you?”  Parcel shouted as Jackhammer’s hand moved toward the glass.  “Let’s see if we can find an open door or something.  If someone sees us breaking the glass the cops will be all over us and I don’t think that we want to get into trying to explain how our teammate is now just a mannequin.”

Before they could start to find a way into the store, their communicators beeped.  “Bastion here, I’ve got the witch in sight, she is moving through the back alleys attempting an escape, transmitting her coordinates now.”  A voice crackle from their small ear pieces into their ears.

“Parcel here, Jack and I will move to join the rest of you but be careful, The witch has already taken Prim out and I’m sure she will dispatch the rest of us if we aren’t careful”

Parcel and Jackhammer arrived on scene and paused to survey the situation.  Their teammates had surrounded the woman and were moving in close to her.  Shudder was the first to act, bringing his Vibration blast to bear upon the woman, hoping for a quick victory but as his blast erupted from his hands, her cloak seemed to come to take on a life of it’s own and it moved around the woman and seemed to shimmer and create a barrier to protect her from that attack.  Parcel and Jackhammer rushed down the alley as the woman started to defend herself.  They could only watch helplessly as she threw small black disks toward Firelight and Bastion; the disks flew threw the air toward their intended targets and just before impact expanded to capture their targets into sleeves of tight black latex.  Within the first few moments of the fight, their team of six was suddenly down to only four uncaptured members.  Rock-on moved cautiously around the woman, her eyes glancing at her two fallen teammates and then toward the two teammates that were closing to join the fight.  Shudder took a couple of steps backward hoping that the woman didn’t have anymore of the tiny black disks to throw his way.

“Only fools rush into battle against an opponent they know little about.  Do you all desire to end up like your friends so badly that you would attack before understanding who you are up against?” Alexandria said aloud to the approaching heroes.

Jackhammer and Parcel moved up to join their teammates, Each hero taking up a position so that the four heroes were able to cutoff the woman’s every escape.

“I have no desire to fight and little desire to dispatch you, but if you are bound and determined to find your final fate, who am I to deny you that right.  Choose well before you commit to a course you might not enjoy.”

“Get ready to meet your end witch, we’re going to take vengenance for what you did to Prim.”  Jackhammer exclaims as he moved rapidly forward and swung at Alexandria.

Alexandria’s agility surprised the massive hero as she quickly dodged his fist as it swung in her direction, he could only look surprised as she dropped to the ground under his blow and grinned up at him.  A quick gulp was all he could do as her speed presented itself and her open palm moved up between his legs and slammed hard into his groin.  His eyes rolled back in his head as his hands reached to grasp his injured organs and he toppled hard to the ground.

Rockon raised her hands and unleashed a deafening blast of pure sonic energy at the cloaked Alexandria as she rose back onto her feet.  Alexandria’s cloak shimmered and seemed to solidify around her, deflecting the blast away harmlessly.  A few shattered window nearby were the only evidence of the attack.

Parcel was the next to act, raising her hands and creating a glowing white cube of energy.  Shudder was starting to activates his powers for another attempted attack when Parcel unleashed her cube in the woman’s direction.  The cube moved through the air toward It’s target and Parcel was confident of a success when Alexandria’s hand gestured and the cube changed it’s direction and slammed into the unsuspecting Shudder.  A shimmer of light and Shudder was left standing inside what appeared to be a clear plastic cylinder, his body frozen in the act of preparing his attack.

Alexandria now looked at the two heroines before her.  “Nasty way to treat your friends.” Alexandria said in Parcel’s direction.

Each of the lovely heroines swallowed hard and wondered how they would be able to escape from this battle without joining the rest of their team in defeat.  Neither could turn to run without risking leaving her teammate alone to face the witch so both heroines held their ground and tried to show no fear.

“What sets heroes apart from the rest of our society is the unwavering strength of character and purpose that they display even as they know that defeat is upon them.  Neither of you will flee to save herself, instead you will both stand your ground and be defeated together.”  Alexandria said with a smile.

Both heroines felt wave of cold and fear fill her as the witch they had hoped to defeat just a few moments before now prepared to do some unknown evil to each of them.

“Well ladies, I won’t say that it has been fun but I have business elsewhere and the two of you are keeping me from it.”  Alex said as she gestured at Rock-on and Parcel.  A moment later both heroines found that their bodies were paralyzed and could only stand as Alexandria moved around them, their minds imagining all sorts of potential fates that she had prepared for them.

Parcel struggled to wake up, her eyes were heavy and her mind was having a tough time thinking clearly, she found herself fading in and out of consciousness.  Her mind began drifting back to her memories of the earlier portions of the day.

The day had started with the group being asked to assist in the security at a charity banquet.  They had gathered just an hour before the event in a briefing room and had been notified that a dangerous witch was suspected of operating in the area and that they needed to prepare for any attempt to attack that she might attempt.  They had scattered to their positions around the banquet hall and stood ready to repel the witch if she appeared.  None of them would have suspected that she would indeed appear and that they would face her in the fight of their lives.

An hour into the banquet, Parcel saw something that made her suspicious and she moved to investigate.  The target of her suspicion was an woman moving toward one of the back entrances to the building wearing a long black flowing cloak.

“I’ve got a woman near entrance three, I’m going to move in and investigate.” She had said into her communicator before advancing on the woman.  A  few moments later Parcel was near the woman.  “I need to ask you to step away from that entrance and identify yourself.”  Parcel said with confidence in her voice.

The woman stopped at the door, her hand just barely touching the door that was denying her entry into the banquet hall.  “I believe that you can help me my dear.” She said as she turned toward the heroine.  “Come closer so that I might get a better look at you” She said with a tempting voice.

Parcel’s mind filled with uncertainty. Her mind suddenly feeling weak and vulnerable.  The woman’s voice was so tempting, so musical, filled with an almost hypnotic quality.  Parcel was powerless against the woman’s desires and had moved mindlessly to obey her instructions.

“You will remain here and protect against anyone trying to get inside.”  The woman had told her as she lightly brushed her hand against Parcel’s cheek.  “You will ignore the memory that I was here and that you have obeyed me.”

Parcel blinked and found herself nearly frozen in her thoughts and time.

“We’ve got trouble in the hall.” A voice crackled from her communicator.  Parcel shook her head and suddenly remembered her encounter with the woman.  No she thought to herself fearing that indeed the witch had been the one that had successfully moved by her.  Parcel opened the door and rushed into the hall.

Arriving in the hall her eyes could hardly believe the site that greeted her.  Hundreds of people that seemed to be frozen into immobility.  Across the hall she caugth sight of a quick movement, the flash of a black cloak as it vanished through a doorway.

“This is Parcel, the witch is in the hall and making her escape, secure all exits.”  Parcel quickly shouted into her communicator before moving toward the doorway the witch had vanished into.

A chase to capture the witch had insued ending with the fateful encounter and battle against the witch in the alley and to this moment  for her team.  What the witch now had planned for them she couldn’t guess but she was certain that none of them would have long to wait to find out.

Parcel slowly opened her eyes as consciousness returned to her.  She felt the weight of her body pulling down upon her arms, as her wrists felt bound to something above her head.  Her legs steadied themselves and pushed against the floor to relieve the strain her wrists were feeling and she found herself standing with her arms shackled above her head and she could feel shackles on her ankles also.  A slight chill swept over her body as a breeze hit her.  She shivered as her eyes opened wide as she felt the cool breeze touch against her private parts of her body.  Embarrassment as she suspected her appearance. Her eyes glanced down and confirmed that her body had indeed been stripped and put on full display with the rest of her teammates.

Parcel glanced around in an effort to attempt to identify where she was and what was holding her arms and ankles.  Parcel looked up at the heavy metal bindings on her wrists and quickly decided that she had no chance of breaking them or any chance of pulling her hands through them without crippling herself.  Her ankles were also secured and held apart by a spreader bar.  The bar between her ankles kept her legs from pulling together and left her with her sex feeling very exposed.  She wondered why her wrists were binding were attached to what looked like a large metal hook on on overhead track, then her mind began to wonder where the track would take her if it was turned on.  The rest of her unconscious team was bound the same as herself.

A noise sounded and Parcel found herself lifted by her wrists once more, her feet just a couple of inches off the ground, as the track began to move and carry her away from the rest of her team.  Soon she was in another section of the building and turned a corner to find herself in line to enter some kind of corridor filled with machinery, her mind almost instantly was reminded of the drive through car washes that as a child she had enjoyed, she doubted that she would be enjoying this and didn’t think it was meant to give her a simple wash.  She was brought to a halt at what appeared to be the first station and she was able to relax for just a moment as her feet touched the ground.  A few seconds after her feet came to rest a small panel in the floor opened and a metal claw reached out and seized hold of the spreader bar between her ankles, effectively locking her helplessly in place.  Her eyes were locked on the claw between her ankle so much that she failed to hear or notice the metal arms on either side move into place and lock around her waist.  Parcel began to sweat as she saw a tentacle rise out of the floor opening with what looked like a funnel and began to move up toward her sex.  Another tentacle rose behind the first with a smaller cover and moved behind her, she didn’t have to guess where it was going.  Before she could scream out tentacles fell down from an unseen opening in the ceiling, one made it’s way quickly to her mouth and slid neatly into place effectively gagging her before she realized what was happening.  Two other tentacles moved down and took positions in from of her breasts.

Parcel nearly fainted when the first tentacle moved up against her sex.  The touch of the cold steel against her exposed private area sent incredible shivers though out her body and she wanted so badly to pull her legs together, to attempt to protect her sex from this alien intrusion but alas her ankles her to far seperated to allow her that comfort.  The funnel like ending on the tentacle was positioned underneath her and allowed her only limited view of what was happening to her below her waist, but she quickly realized that her pubic area had been lathered up and that a razor of some kind was removing all signs of her womanhood.  Parcel had never shaved her pussy in her life and the indignity of having this done to her at this time left her fully humiliated and ashamed.

After the last of her hair had been swept away a cool rinse of water was applied between her legs to wash away the shaving lather.  Her eyes glanced down and were surprised to see her bald sex, for a few moments she found it hard to believe that she was indeed looking at her own pussy, but quickly the realization sunk in.

As she was busy lookind down at herself she was unexpectently penetrated from behind.  Parcel’s surprise at the anal intrusion showed clearly on her face, her eyes growing to the size of large coins, the surprised look froze on her face as she bit down hard upon the gag as her teeth attempted to clench in response to the unwelcome advance.

The two tentacles hoving before her shapely breasts moved forward and clamped themselves against her orbs.  Parcel’s body tensed at the further violation that she was feeling and she had only a moment to suspect that her sex would be next to be violated before her suspicion was confirmed.  A large phaelic shaped dildo slid deep inside of her, completely filling her sex.

“Processing Stage 1 commencing” a soft woman’s voice said.

Parcel barely heard the voice but her mind heard the words clearly.  Processing she thought to herself, processing to what, how.  This can’t be happening she thought, we are heroes and this never happens to heroes.  Once more Parcel felt a surprise as a warm feeling filled her.  No she wanted to scream as she felt the warm flow of liquid into her backside.  To be violated was bad enough but to have a forced enema was even worse.  The feelings in her body got even stranger as she felt an additional warm flow into her sex.  What is being done to my body she thought as she experienced the wild sensations of being penetrated and filled with some unknown solution.  Several minutes passed as Parcel hung helpless and was forced to undergo the torments being inflicted upon her.

“Stage 1 complete…  Stage 2 commencing…” the voice returned to tell her.

Now what, Parcel thought and then she heard a slight sucking sound as all of the tentacles began to suck the fluids and wastes from her body.  Even her breasts were being worked upon.  Panic filled her as her body tensed at the invasion being inflicted upon her.  Moments passed as the draining continued then everything stopped.  The mechanical tentacles pulls out of her body, leaving her hanging totally exposed once more.  Parcel’s eyes dropped and she was able to see her now shaved sex clearly, no trace of her pubic hair remained.  She began to hope that her torment might be over, but her body was suddenly moved forward toward the next station.

“Stage 3 commencing..”

Warm water began to spray upon her from all side, and several mechanical arms with cloth covers moved out and began to scrub her helpless body.  Whatever she was being prepared for, at least she was going to be clean.  After her wash, another spray of water rinsed her off and she was moved forward beneath a warm blower to dry her skin.

“Stage 4 commencing..”

Parcel was moved forward and was surprised when a black bodysuit slid into view before her.  Her ankles and legs were released from their shackles and a pair of arms lifted her ankles to position them to slide into the legs of the latex suit hanging before her.  Parcel wanted to resist, to fight against being put into the suit but she knew that any resistance she might hope for would be futile and completely hopeless to succeed.  Slowly her body was pushed into the latex suit and she found herself once more standing in her shackles, her arms positioned at her sides.

“Stage 5 Commencing..”

A tingle spread throughout her body and the tight black latex suit shimmered.  What is happening Parcel thought as the suit changed colors and for a few moments almost seemed to dissolve before once more appearing on her body,  Parcel willed her arms to pull against the restraints still holding them but she was suddenly startled to discover that her body no longer responded or obeyed her mental commands.

Night had fallen upon the city, and the street in front of the department store had become nearly abandoned.  A group of lights in the store windows continued to illuminate the lovely displays to show off the lovely clothing for anyone wanting to take notice.  Everyone at the store had gone home many hours before and the the late hour had chased most people off of the streets.  The newest of the display figures remained standing in her pose and seemed destined for an eternity of modeling for her merchandiser.  The plastic shine off her skin continued to hide her true identity as her mind slowly began to awaken from its forced dormancy,  her vision was clouded as her eyes remained partially plastified and were only now beginning the return to normal.  Fear gripped Primrose’s mind for a moment as she remembered seeing the plastic form of the mannequin reaching down from the store window for her and then nothing.  What had happened to her she wondered and then she realized that she was unable to move.  Alexandria had somehow done this, she had to have done it, what was her evil intent for the heroine Primrose wondered.  She took relief in the hope that the rest of her team was capable and would find and rescue her no matter what evil had befallen her.

Primrose’s vision began to clear and she was able to finally see that she was standing inside of the window, standing in the same place the mannequin had been.  Dear God she thought to herself, she has somehow turned me into the mannequin.  Barely able to move her eyes she was able to see that her body was posed and modeling the same outfit that had been on the plastic dummy she had seen, and now she was the plastic dummy in the window.  But if I’m a mannequin, how can I think or see she wondered.  Somehow the spell must be wearing off --she was beginning to slowly revert to her normal self she figured as she was beginning to be able to feel the rest of her body.  Slowly the plastic shine dwindled as the body changed from its mannequinized form back to its normal flesh and blood.

Finally, with a near gasp, air once more flooded into lungs that had been held frozen for many hours.  A body unused to being motionless for long durations shivered as it was restored to normalcy and the warmth of flowing blood pushed back into it.  Primrose collapsed to the floor as she was released from the spell and laid on the floor breathing hard.  After several minutes of recovery she got up from the floor and moved toward the exit to the window.  Just before exiting the window into the store she paused to take a look back at the pedestal that she had stood upon for so long and was startled to see that the mannequin that had somehow frozen her was once more standing in its place and that her own costume had returned.  Without another thought Primrose moved toward the store’s exit and planned to return to her team.

Commencing stage 6.  Data link established, preparing system for programming.

Data link, system, what the hell does that mean Parcel wondered as she felt something beginning to happen in her mind.  What is being done to me she wondered as the strange sensations in her body and mind continued.

Downloading profiles.

I’m losing myself, being turned into some kind of machine, android or something she thought as the voice continued to tell her of her progress.

Downloading obediance program, system complete. Reboot commencing.

Reboot? Parcel thought, then blacked out.

A few moments later, Parcel’s body, wearing the black skin tight black latex suit, moved along the track and was moved into an empty room and moved to a standing position.  Her eyes staring blankly ahead showing no sign of movement.  A short time later the rest of Parcel’s team mates were moved into positions beside her also clad in the black suits.

Primrose was getting close to her team’s base, she hoped that they had somehow defeated the villainess witch and would be waiting for her to return, probably wondering what had happened to her.  She imagined that Parcel would get a good laugh at the idea of Prim standing helpless as a mannequin in a store window since she enjoyed shopping so much, almost a fitting place for her to be trapped she thought for a moment.  As she approached the elevator entrance that would take her swiftly to the teams base underground a dark figure moved toward her.

Primrose shrieked and jumped back to avoid the sudden movement beside her and her heart nearly stopped as she looked upon the dark figure now just a couple of feet before her.

“Dear God, no!” Primrose said under her breath.

The shadowy figure pushed back the hood that concealed her face and Primrose felt suddenly sick to her stomach.

“What are you doing here, didn’t you have enough fun with me yet?”  Primrose shrieked at the now familiar woman before her.

“I think you need to come with me, pet.” Alexandria said, her words sending cold shivers deep into the body of the lovely young heroine standing before her.

To Be Continued...

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