Perfect Subject

by Shadedsun


Leading Yume through my house took longer than I had anticipated, but it was fun at least. Every time we came to a new display she would stop me and ask if the story I'd written about it on the site she'd found me through was actually how I'd acquired the mannequin posed in front of her. Often the answer would surprise Yume, as she'd thought I was embellishing my experience for the enjoyment of my readers. When we arrived at the subject of her favourite story, she couldn't restrain herself from letting out a girlish squeal then running up and embracing the scantily clad Nicole. "I know you're enjoying this Nicole," Yume stage-whispered into the mannequin’s ear before planting a kiss on its stiffened lips.

"She's enjoying that very much Yume, and before you ask: Yes, the story I wrote for Nicole is how she became a part of my collection."

"You mean you actually hypnotized her into turning into plastic? And she really thinks that she always was a mannequin?" Yume fondled one of Nicole's firm breasts as she asked her questions.

"Yes I did, the human brain is capable of some truly remarkable feats, especially when given a bit of help from some of my chemicals. As for thinking she was always a mannequin, I can't say for sure. It's what I wanted to make her believe as I changed her, but I haven't exactly gotten the chance to ask since if she still thinks that way."

"Well if she does or not, her story was hot. When you begin describing the process of changing her – starting by mounting her on the support stand – I get wet every time," Yume admitted.  Turning to her plastic plaything, she added, "I'm a little wet right now, actually".

"Her transformation was one of the more fascinating to watch, and fun to perform. By the time I placed her on the stand she couldn't move on her own, so I had to pose her by hand even as her body slowly started changing to plastic. I do sometimes regret mounting her between the legs though; I can't have her wearing pants and if I want a lingerie mannequin, she's limited to things like you see on her now."

"I'm sure she likes it though, I mean if you're going to hypnotize and change a twenty-year-old girl who’s trying to get a start in the modelling business, the least you can do is make sure she enjoys it, right?" Yume punctuated this statement by rubbing the area around Nicole's stand.

"I suppose that is fair. Speaking of changing though, I believe you contacted me about more than just viewing my collection."

"I did, didn't I? And I've been delaying that by asking all these questions; well, I guess it's time to let you have your way with me. From this moment consider me already a part of your collection, and do with me as you please." After saying that Yume gave Nicole one last kiss and hopped down off the display platform to stand at attention in front of me.

"So you're already part of my collection eh? But I only collect dolls and mannequins – objects, toys – you're still flesh and blood and so are neither."

"I am flesh and blood my owner, but I am no less of an object than the rest of your collection; if you wish to correct this flaw though, then your toy will obey." Only Yume's lips moved as she said this, her body remaining perfectly still.

Smiling a bit, I decided to test Yume's resolve, "Alright, if you're one of my toys, you should be wearing something from my toy's wardrobe; get out of those clothes you're in now while I go find you something more appropriate for a doll".

I watched for a bit as she began stripping, then ducked into a nearby room and rummaged around for a while, looking for something to give her to wear. I decided on a pair of frilly somewhat transparent panties and a matching "bra" that covered nothing but served to provide a bit of support – perfect for when I decided to end our little game. I also retrieved a tiny vial of sparkling blue liquid I'd been saving since I got into the hobby of collecting life-sized dolls. Stepping back out into the hallway, I found Yume standing at attention again, but now wearing the lingerie that had been on Nicole. I was most appreciative of the sight she presented, and though she tried to hide it I could see she knew, but I decided to keep the game going a while longer. "Doll, what is this? I told you to strip while I found you more appropriate garments, why have you taken the clothes off of another toy?"

"Well owner, you said I should be wearing something from your toy's wardrobe; these were on the toy behind me, so I figured they would be alright for me to wear. Do they not please you?" Again she remained perfectly still while speaking to me, so I thought it would be fun to try and break her stillness.

I stepped over to her and walked in a circle around her, pretending to examine her closely, and occasionally poking or prodding her body a bit. "Well you do look good in them, doll, and I like easy access they provide," I said while sticking a finger into her with one hand and tweaking a nipple with the other. To her credit her body remained still, but her face was trembling a bit, "but a doll does not get to choose its own outfit. That is up to its owner to decide".

"I am... sorry o-owner. Thisss do-o-oh-ll will no-ot doo, thah-ah-aht a-ag-aain." She managed to say as I continued my ministrations.

"No it won't Yume. Mannequins can't move to change themselves after all. But before you change I have to prep you, and we'll be using a very special method do to that." After telling her that, I opened the vial I'd collected earlier and downed the contents. "Now doll, I'm taking you to the bedroom where we can finish what we've started".

Arriving in the room I placed the still-unmoving Yume on the bed and posed her to allow entry. Amazingly she managed to maintain her stillness for a good fifteen minutes – and a few orgasms –  before she finally gave up and started responding to me; I don't think she anticipated the incredible stamina the liquid in the vial had given me. After two hours of incredible sex I finally came, making sure to be deep inside Yume as I did. We both collapsed on the bed shortly after that, breathing hard, the only indication that we'd just done something beyond a normal – for a given value of normal – romp in the sack being that Yume's eyes now had no pupils. Seeing that, I knew the liquid I'd drank – and injected into her when I came – had taken effect, and so drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to Yume's smiling face the next morning, "good morning owner! Did you enjoy playing with me last night? I've read all your stories and usually once you've had your fun with a girl you change her right away, so I'm a little surprised to still be a flesh and blood doll."

"I did indeed Yume, and I actually have a bit of a confession to make to you: I've used a method you haven't read about because I can only use it once, and I'd been saving it for a special girl. I enjoyed our talk last night, and when you declared yourself a part of my collection even before changing, you hit on a fantasy of mine of having a living girl in my collection. I know you wanted to become a mannequin though, so I used this special method to have the best of both worlds. I can change you when I want into a mannequin or a love doll, but you can also be the way you are now: a living, breathing – if now ageless – doll. Oh, and the way you were acting last night is now your default personality. You still get your wish of being a toy, but I get you as a living toy too."

Yume took in my explanation, and remained silent for a while. Her face was blank while she thought it out, then she broke into a huge smile. "So my story will be unique? And you can even have more than one with me in it?"

"That's one way of looking at it" I laughed." It also means that unlike Nicole you're not locked into one pose, or even one type of object. If I want you to have the soft silicone curves of a love doll I can make that happen. But for now, you came here to be a mannequin so I'll display you as one for a while. Here, put these on," I tossed her the white lingerie I'd retrieved the previous night.

"I like your choice!" She said, smiling at me "but I think mine was better" her smile changed to a mischievous grin.


"I'm sure you do, my Pose-able Mannequin," I said, causing her to halt all motion.

She'd not put on the lingerie yet so I helped her into it, taking the opportunity to feel her up and fondle her a bit as I did.

I carried her into my bathroom, and posed her sitting on the side of the tub with one hand providing support and the other splayed above her right breast. I added a necklace and bracelet I'd pulled off of another display to her ensemble, then kissed her, moulded her face to my liking, and said "Mannequin".

I've seen it so many times but the mannequin transformation always gets to me, her sexual organs vanishing then the slow conversion of flesh to plastic. I was tempted to make Yume into a love doll so I could watch that transformation and then blow off some steam with her soft pliable curves, but decided to go get Rachel instead.


Yume had said that Rachel was her favourite love doll transformation story after all.












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