Petra-Fiction - Part I: Intro

by Teslaboy

Welcome to the story Petra-Fiction.  A comedy/Transformation Fiction story based on magic and sword wielding, with a little modern twist.  I hope you enjoy.


Teslaboy:  Main character.  Loves to turn his girlfriend, Petra (you’ll learn about her later) into various things using his potion and spell expertise, or using his magical crossbow bolts.  He doesn’t change the other girl, Armoris (you’ll learn about her, too) because she is the only one that knows the spells to reverse the effects from Teslaboy.  He has the ability to learn those spells, but refuses to because Armoris already knows them, but he does know a couple.  Tesla, as his friends sometimes call him, always wears his “lucky” Plate Armor, and wields his Lightning Sword, which obviously uses the power of lightning, and his magic crossbow.

Petra:  Teslaboy’s girlfriend.  Is slightly annoyed about being changed all the time by him, but likes how she looks after the transformations, although most of them render her immobile, he’ll sometimes thrown in an animal or two.  Petra is the thief, so she wears an extremely tight black Latex bodysuit that shows off the curves of her wonderful butt, and has a very revealing neckline.  Petra wields a longbow, and enough daggers and throwing knives to be her own personal Armory.

Armoris:  The mage/cleric.  Was once a servant of Midas, so although she moves normally, her body, inside and out is permanently golden. The only way she can move and think like she could before she became a slave of Midas is from Skylark (you’ll learn about him). She likes the look, so all she wears is a golden thong bikini.  Always is left to clean up Teslaboy’s jobs on Petra, and insists he should learn his own way.  All Armoris has, and will ever need to defend herself, is her trusty wand

Tina and Alex: These girls are both victims of Teslaboy’s accidents with spells.  Tina is up in Teslaboy’s room, as a silver statue wearing a black lace bra and panties, frozen standing up with her head turned to look around at her butt wiping a piece of fuzz off of her panties.  Alex, is her bra and panties. Both girls have to spend all of eternity like this because Tesla forgot that if you say ‘Permeto’ at the end of a spell, it’s permanent, and there is nothing in the world that can be done to reverse it, and Permito makes is unpermanent.  Teslaboy never made this mistake purposely again.  Both girls are alive and conscious, and Armoris is trying to establish a mental link so they can talk.

Skylark:  Never once seen by anybody of the team, Skylark lives up in Teslaboy’s guestroom. 

T-Square: Ever seen a Wigger Knight? Well there’s one in this story.  He’s the strongest out of everybody on the team, but is also the most stupid.  He wields a large two-handed sword, and plate mail to boot.


Now beginning Chapter 1: Intro……

“It was a simple accident!!!”  Teslaboy exclaimed  

“Yea, an accident that made two girls unable to live out there own lives now.  Do you know how bored Tina must be, Lookin’ at her butt all her life?!?!?!?”  Armoris shot back. 

The two of them have been arguing about when Teslaboy permanently changed Tina and Alex, two years ago. 

“Yes, I admit it was a bad mistake, but lookit the bright side, who’s gonna chase you around the house tryin to rip off your thong now that they can’t?”  Teslaboy said. 

“you.” Armoris shot back. 

“Well…. Yea, you’re right.”  Teslaboy admitted. 

“Umm… do you mind changing me back?  It’s not really that fun having your suit being changed to stone.”  Petra said.  A couple minutes before Tesla and Armoris got into that argument, Petra dropped a fork on her way to the sink.  She bent over to pick it up, and Tesla changed just her Latex bodysuit into stone. 

Armoris snapped her fingers, and Petra’s suit was back to its previous form. 

“Hmm… I’m thinking good thoughts about you…” Teslaboy said, looking Petra over.  “My room. Now. Hehe.”  They both rushed into Teslaboy’s room.  “Take off your clothes.”  Teslaboy said, and Petra did so.  “Now, you’re gonna LOVE this.  Biologo, Latexa, Permeto!”  Teslaboy threw a spell at Petra. 

It hit her right in her midsection, and nothing happened.  “So… what’s supposed to happen?  Wait.  Permeto means PERMANENT!!!”  Petra gasped.

“Yup” Teslaboy said.

A little shiny black dot appeared where the spell hit Petra, and it was beginning to spread.  “What the-“ Petra said.  First, it spread downward, and Petra began to feel her insides changing.  She tried to bend over to see what was happening, but she couldn’t move.  “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!?” Petra exclaimed. 

“You will see, and you will like.” Teslaboy said just as the wave of the metallic black substance reached her face.  She froze with one leg a step in front of the other, both hands in front of her face.  And her face solidified with a look of shock.  “Your entire body now has become living latex. It will take a while to get used to moving, so I’ll sit here with you as you get used to it.  Once you get more skilled, you will see you can change the color of your body, you can make patterns, and when you are even MORE skilled, you can change the shape of your body.

And Teslaboy sat on his bed for a full half hour before Petra began to make extremely slow movements.  She slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y, put her hands at her sides.  Her movements slightly quickened as she rubbed her arms up her body, up to her large, round breasts.   Feeling every inch of her new latex body.  She then turned to face Tesla.  She climbed up onto the bed as if stuck in slow motion, and slowly mouthed the words ‘thank you’. 

“You’re welcome.  Now, it’s time to go to sleep.”  Teslaboy said.  He tapped Petra on the nose, and she turned into a cotton quilt.  Tesla wrapped Petra around himself and went to sleep.

The next morning, Teslaboy woke up and Turned Petra back to her latex state.  She appeared, lying on the bed, looking at Tesla.  He reached around her and patted her on the butt. 

Because she still hadn’t regained perfect movement yet, she didn’t respond, as if she were a statue.  Well, she couldn’t move anyway, because that pat on the butt had turned her into a mannequin.  Tesla Picked Petra up under his arm and carried her downstairs for breakfast.


To be continued. . .

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