Femforce - Perfect in Plastic

by Northern Chill

Author's note :  This is the fifth part of a serial that pits the shapely members of Femforce against Cosmetica, a
                    villainess unlike any they have encountered in the past.  There are scenes of violence, sexuality and foul language
                    so if this bothers you, please move onto another story.  Otherwise, enjoy!

[Read the previous chapter, if you wish, to see what has come before.. Ed.]

Chapter 5 - Time to Plan Changes

      "......time things went my way!  I take the time to plan out a job down to the last second and I'm lucky enough to only have to deal with a bunch of costumed bimbos.  If I didn't think that some leotard-clad fool would show up and ruin my hour of triumph, I'd sit back and take a 15 minute coffee break,"  Clock Queen exclaimed as she did a little pirouette in the middle of the vault she was standing in.  Nearby, Lipgloss was opening several boxes and dumping the trays of jewels into a nearby black sack with several full sacks sitting near the door.

       As for the guards working in the diamond exchange building, they seemed to be unaware of what was transpiring inside as none seemed to be moving in that direction.  Of course, if anyone entered the building at this point and encountered the women working security, they would have noticed that the guards seemed to be frozen in mid motion with a glazed look in their eyes.  In addition, there seemed to be a light blue tinged aura visible around them.

        "We've got six or seven minutes before we have to leave according to your plan, boss,"  Lipgloss called out as she dumped another tray of diamonds and rubies into her sack.  As she brushed the bag's interior to make sure that none of the jewels had lodged into folds before the bottom, the hireling spotted a ring stuck inside the left side that looked bigger than anything she had seen in her life.  Plucking it out with the middle two fingers on her right hand, Lipgloss gazed at the piece of jewelry like a child staring at an enticing piece of candy.

         "Six minutes, fifteen seconds to be precise and will you please put that bauble in the bag and resume your task!"  Clock Queen snapped while tapping the side of hourglass.

          "Yeah, yeah, I know......"  Lipgloss murmured as she dropped the ring into the sack.  She was about to remove another tray from the wall in front of her when a large ball of intense fire hit the wall about two or three feet to left of her.  Staggering backwards, she and Clock Queen turned around to see the unwanted figure of Stardust, a member of Femforce, floating near the ceiling in the main room with a smug look on her face.

          "You two had better surrender now or you may wind up getting hurt by me if you resist.  I've had a very long day and would like nothing better than to take it out on a pair of badly dressed thieves,"  Stardust proclaimed loudly as she gestured dramatically in the direction of the vault.

          "Sorry but I'm afraid we'll have to decline, Starshine or whatever your name is.  At this hour of the night, I plan on making a large withdrawal and don't plan on...... OOOOHHHHH!!!!!"  Clock Queen started to exclaim while pointing her hourglass in her foe's direction before catapulting backwards as an energy flare slammed into her favored weapon.  Landing on her butt, the time mistress saw her hourglass has fused into a cold black mass that bore little semblance to her weapon.

          "If you think I'm going back to federal prison, Stardust, you've out of our mind!!"  Lipgloss snapped as she moved quickly to the left of the vault, grabbed one of the wooden desks nearby off the ground and hurled it in the direction of the floating heroine.

          With an ease that spoke of the heroine's training on her native planet Rur, Stardust easily avoided the wooden missile and hurtled herself in Lipgloss' direction.  A loud THHUMPP!!! resonated through the room as the two combatants flew backwards with Lipgloss impacting against a wall and falling unconscious.

           "All right, whoever you are, give up now!  You haven't got a chance!!!"  Stardust called out as she landed on the floor and walked over to Clock Queen, who had pulled herself up into a sitting position.

           "Ok, ok, I guess I have no choice, do I?  I suppose that I should do......THIS!!!!"  the villainess shouted as she extended her hands in the air.  Before Stardust had a chance to react, three items that appeared to fly out of Clock Queen's hands and flew in the heroine's direction.  Instinctively, Stardust lifted her hands up in the path of the tiny missiles to block them but she was a fraction too late.

           "YOU CAN'TTTT........."  Stardust started to exclaim before the miniature hourglasses came in contact with her lithe body with the oddest detail that they seemed to target certain parts of her body.  One hourglass landed between her legs and against where her sex would be while the other two lodged against her breasts with the individual hourglasses coming in contact with Stardust's nipples that seemed to be slightly erect.

           Before the heroine could react further, the hourglasses activated and her whole body, as well as her mind, became inert and frozen in time.  Stardust stood there with her mouth frozen slightly open and her eyes locked wide open in surprise and shock.  Her legs were slightly splayed apart with her arms still in front of her trying to block attacks that had already succeeded in their purpose.  Stardust's breasts jutted out somewhat as if she had been caught in middle of a deep breath

            "Damn!  If there's one thing I get tired of, it's being smacked around by heroic bitches!  Hey, that's, uh, cool!  She ain't moving just like, uh, well, you know who,"  Lipgloss exclaimed as she pulled herself to her feet and saw the yellow and black leotard clad heroine standing still with her boss picking up the bags of loot they had accumulated.

            "Stardust didn't think that I could figure out a way to defeat in a matter of seconds.  As it happens, I have emergency hourglasses built into my gloves that I use for just such an occasion.  These missiles of time are programmed to seek out the most active erogenous zones of the target they are fired at.  You might say that I was lucky that this heroine seems to get quite horny by the ebb and flow of fighting,"  Clock Queen said as she ran her fingers down Stardust's face and neck.

             "Ummm, ok, do we have time for more loot?"  Lipgloss asked with her eyes drifting towards the long rows of unopened deposit boxes yet to be opened.

             Clock Queen shook her head as she briefly glanced in the vault's direction.  "No time for that stuff!  You grab the bags while I carry our immobilized foe out to the car out back,"  the villainess snapped in a decisive manner.

              "Why don't we leave the frozen bitch here?  We'd get away that much quicker......"  Lipgloss asked as she gathered up the four bags they had accumulated.

              "With my Hourglass destroyed, I want some kind of protection in case any of this bimbo's comrades are waiting for us unexpectedly.  Let's go, we're wasting time!"  Clock Queen snapped as she moved quickly towards the door leading out of the room.  Moments later, her underling followed carrying the transfixed Stardust, who was oblivious to everything around her with her mind frozen in time.

              Back at a certain mansion................  

             The mission was dark save for the faint flickering of an active computer window near a front window and the melodious tones of crickets echoed in the grassy lawns around the building.  The sky was covered in clouds with an indication of an imminent thundershower looming in the air.

             Against this backdrop, the mansion belonging to Cosmetica stood dark and silent with no sign of activity inside.  However, this view was quickly altered by the sight of one of windows on the side of the house quietly sliding upwards and a fedora wearing figure climbing inside.

             "I hope the info I got out of shaking down those low lifes is right.  If this place turns out to be actually owned by the elderly recluse listed on the deed and she's here, I'm going to have make some quick apologies!"  Miss Masque thought to herself as she closed the window behind her and looked around the room she was in with the aid of a small flashlight the heroine carried in her right hand.

            Seeing no sign of Cosmetica or the heroines she had abducted, Miss Masque made her way out of the room and into the hallway leading to the main atrium of the first floor.  Cautiously making her way around the rooms in the back of the mansion, she found a room dedicated to what looked like lab work as well as one that appeared dedicated to exercising.  Aside from what looked like a plastic punching bag that resembled a woman and several mannequins that suggested Cosmetica had victimized women other than Femforce members, there was no sign of anybody.

            Making her way into what looked like an unlit room for computer usage, Miss Masque saw there were more than a few items in it along with what looked like a female figure near a computer desk.  Finding a light switch on a nearby wall, she flipped it for better illumination and was startled to discover that the figure was none other than Cosmetica herself!

            "Cosmetica!  Cosmetica, turn around and surrender now!"  Miss Masque called out as she advanced cautiously on the woman.  Strangely, the woman was unresponsive to her shouts and, in fact, made no discernible reaction whatsoever to the heroine's presence.  From what she had learned of the villainess' clashes with the Femforce recently, Miss Masque knew her potential adversary was extremely strong, in addition to her transmutation powers, and would be a dangerous opponent in hand-to-hand combat.  Keeping all this in mind, the heroine advanced cautiously towards Cosmetica wary of any surprise that might be sprung on her.

            When the heroine got within a foot or so of her quarry, she saw what appeared to be an odd glow around the woman with Cosmetica's eyes fixed staring straight ahead.  Miss Masque didn't see any sign of what caused the villainess' current state but decided against any close investigation for now to avoid breaking Cosmetica free from her predicament.

             "I guess my next step should be to contact Femforce HQ and let them know to call off the search for Cosmetica.  Where did I put my communicator...... wait....... what's that noise?"  Miss Masque started to say while reaching for her waist before stopping upon hearing a commotion just outside the room.  When the heroine investigated, she saw a figure moving slowly across the tiled floor and the person was wearing an outfit that looked very familiar to Miss Masque.

             "Nightveil?  Nightveil, is that y.... OH NO!!"  Miss Masque started to call out before her words were interrupted by the figure turning towards her and the red costumed heroine saw that Nightveil's face was decidedly artificial in appearance and looked more like a storybook display figure than a live woman's face.  Before she had a chance to react, Miss Masque found herself grabbed roughly from behind and tossed through the air like a rag doll.  With a loud thump, the heroine careened into a wall at the opposite end of the room and crumpled to the floor.

             "First that time manipulating bitch takes advantage of my generous hospitality and tries to leave me as just another piece of furniture in MY OWN HOUSE!  Just when I'm free of that situation, I find a bimbo from that Femforce bimbo group snooping through my hallways,"  Cosmetica crowed as she cast aside what appeared to be a crushed hourglass charm.

             "Huh?  You.....you better stand right there, Cosmetica.  My friends will be here in a matter of minutes and you'll be sorry if you don't surrender to me right now.  Put your hands up right now!"  Miss Masque called out as she quickly pulled herself to her feet and drew out the guns she had in her holsters.

             "Oooooohhh, I guess I better surrender because you'll shoot me otherwise.  I wonder, though, if there might be something you're forgetting about," Cosmetica replied with an obvious tone of disdain evident in her voice.

             "I don't think so, you mad woman.  Just keep your hands where I can see them and if you're thinking of rushing me, I'll let you know that I can shoot faster than...... WHAT THE??......."  Miss Masque exclaimed before stopping in mid sentence upon seeing that her guns appeared to be changing in appearance.  As the heroine looked down in stunned silence, the guns she held changed from metal and wood to what looked like rubber prop guns that one would see on a Hollywood movie set.  Glancing to her left, Miss Masque saw what looked like Nightveil standing there with her arms out in front of her and a glossiness visible on her thighs and forearms that Miss Masque had seen before on Cosmetica.

             "Hmmmm, let's see, what were you saying before?  Oh, yeah, HANDS UP!!!"  Cosmetica shouted while simultaneously hurling herself through the air.  Before Miss Masque could react, she found herself shoved against the wall with her arms pinned upwards by the enraged woman.

             "Geez, now that you big, bad guns aren't pointing my way, I guess the tables have turned.  Since I don't see your bimbo friends charging through the doorway, I think it's time I decided what to do with you.  Ya know, I'm in need of a need pool toy when I'm not keeping busy trying to fix my problems.  Maybe.... OOOOOFFFFF!!!!!"  Cosmetica started to say before doubling over as a result of a well placed knee to her torso courtesy of Miss Masque.  Before the villainess could respond, she found herself spiraling to the ground after being on the receiving end of the heroine's right cross.

             "Sorry, you psycho bitch, but I'm not ready to spend the rest of my days floating under your fat ass.  Now, while I've got a chance, I'll see what you did to Nightveil and if I can do anything for her.  Nightveil?  Nightveil!  Nightveil, if you can hear me, say something..... blink your eyes..... do something!!!"  Miss Masque exclaimed as she rushed over and grasped her friend and comrade by the shoulders.

             After a moment or two, Miss Masque thought she detected the faintest sign in Nightveil's eyes that she had heard Miss Masque's imploring words.  Before she could examine Nightveil any closer, Miss Masque was clubbed on the head from behind by Cosmetica.

             "I may be relatively new to this hero versus villainess fighting but I do have enough sense to not turn my back on an opponent that has yet to be vanquished.  Now, where was I?  Oh, yes, deciding where to... OOWWWWWW!!!!!"  Cosmetica proclaimed before tumbling backwards as a result of a roundhouse kick from Miss Masque.

              "Sorry to disappoint you, Cosmetica, but if you knew anything about me and my exploits, you'd be aware that I have a steel lid built into my hat to prevent getting knocked out by my enemies.  Now, are you going to surrender or do I have to ...... OOOOOFFFF!!!"  Miss Masque started to proclaim as she stood up before having the wind knocked out of her by her opponent punching her in the stomach.

              "Heroines.....always trying to claim victory prematurely.  Lemme see, I've got a little room on my upper floor for some new items.   This could be......... UHHHHHH!!!!!!!"  Cosmetica snapped as she nodded in the direction of Miss Masque, as well as the silent Nightveil, before falling back to her left after a head butt from her foe.

             "Time is up, you psycho bitch!!  Your days of running rampant are, uhhhhh, WHAT THE HELL??!!  WHY CAN'T I MOVE??  NIGHTVEIL?  NOOO!!!"  Miss Masque snarled and started to grapple for a a pair of handcuffs in her waistband when her hands froze in mid motion.  Seeing that Cosmetica was still picking herself up off the floor, the heroine glanced quickly around and saw Nightveil, standing with her arms raised and staring at her blankly.

             "Oh, so sorry, Masque.  I suppose I should I have mentioned that Nightveil responds to my commands, mental and verbal.  Oh well, in a minute or two, this won't be a concern for you any longer.  In fact, all of your concerns will be gone for good,"  Cosmetica cackled as she rubbed her jaw with her right stand while righting herself.

             "You can't win!!  We'll stop you!  We............."  Miss Masque exclaimed before falling silent as her body started to dramatically change shape under the influence of Nightveil's spell.   The heroine's clothes seemed to grow glossier by the second even as they clung tighter to the woman's skin.  The woman's exposed skin was also taking on a shiny appearance with her eyes reflecting a somewhat vacant expression.  As the seconds ticked by, Miss Masque's thinking started to fade into darkness and, with it, her resistance to what was happening to her.

             Cosmetica watched with bemusement as Miss Masque's body took on a transparent appearance with her skin looking bright red in color to match her uniform.  There appeared to some sort of electrical wire emerging from the heroine's ass and writhing towards a nearby electrical outlet on the wall.  Along with these changes, there was an odd humming noise that seemed to be reverberating from within Miss Masque's body that was decidedly mechanical in nature.

            In a matter of minutes, the transformation was complete and Miss Masque stood in her new form as a very unusual water cooler.  Her head was transparent with an expression that seemed to be a mixture of surprise and defiance visible in it.  There appeared to be what looked to be a door handle on the right side of her torso made of gold and ivory indicating there was something on the inside.  The heroine's legs were slightly spread apart with a glossy appearance to them and transparent, like her head, to anyone who gazed upon her.

            "Ooooh, I think I'm going to like this in my home very much!" Cosmetica murmured as she leaned over and opened the door that was built into the living water cooler.  The villainess was impressed to find what looked like a water bottle full of cold water inside the cabinet with a small spigot for dispensing water.  If it wasn't for the exterior appearance, a person would, upon seeing what was inside, assume it was just another water cooler. 

            "So much for yet another member of the famous Femforce.  If it wasn't for my own little problems, I'd take more time to gloat over this scene.  Nightveil, come with me!  We have work to do!"  Cosmetica exclaimed as she glanced over at the transformed spell casting heroine before turning and heading towards the front door.

            "Noooooo......."  Nightveil responded with her lips barely moving.

            "What?  What the hell was that?  What did you say?"  Cosmetica exclaimed as she spun and faced the object of this unexpected statement.

            "Nooooo..........." Nightveil  repeated in a tone that was barely above a whisper.

            "Damn!  I don't have time to figure what is going on.  Well, my semi-solid spellcaster, it seems that my ability to control you is rapidly coming to an end.  Since I can't change you again, I guess the best thing I can do is try and make it so you don't interfere with my plans,"  Cosmetica snapped as she grabbed a sash from a nearby set of drapes and walked over to Nightveil.  The deranged villainess quickly grabbed the sorceress' arms and tied them behind her back.  After shoving a gag in Nightveil's mouth, Cosmetica left the room for several minutes only to return with a fairly long set of chains with links that looked to be several inches thick.

              "I might be overreacting but, at this stage, I can't take chances,"  Cosmetica said as she draped the chains over the semi-rigid spellcaster's body.  Ignoring the occasional sound of metal scraping against plastic, the villainess wound the chains as tight as she could before securing them with a padlock.

              "Now that you've been secured, I can set out on my plans to eliminate the remnants of that accursed Femforce and solve my condition once and for all,"  the villainess snapped as she turned and headed towards the front door.  Just as she got within a few feet of the entranceway, the door swung open and two colorfully costumed women walked inside.

              "You!!!"  Clock Queen and Lipgloss, carrying the rigid Stardust, exclaimed upon what seeing who was standing before them.

              "Clock Queen!!  Lipgloss!!"  Cosmetica shouted with her blue eyes narrowing in anger.

               The sounds of fierce fighting quickly erupted...........

To be continued.........

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