Pinball Wizard

by Northern Chill

This story originally appeared on the author's Yahoo! group; permission has been graciously granted to cross-post this story to this archive.

      Fran shook her head as she wandered through the home of her boyfriend Wally.  She knew he was a fan of stuff from the sixties, seventies and eighties but the sheer amount of material he had accumulated was amazing.  Of course, it helped that Wally was a

      She wandered past the displays dedicated to TV shows like Bonanza and Six Million Dollar Man to stop momentarily before the ones dedicated to the Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman shows.  Wally had outfitted several mannequins with attire that looked to be directly from the shows themselves.  From the tight fitting outfits that were worn by the Angel mannequins to the infamous Wonder Woman costume that hugged the shapely physique of the mannequin in that show's display, Wally had amassed quite the display; judging by the fact there were several empty spots in the glass cases, it was an on ongoing project.
      Smiling to herself, Fran wandered through a beaded curtain into the game room Wally had built and saw it was larger than she had guessed.  She wandered around looking at the large array of pinball machines and game consoles that were on display ranging from ones with brightly colored cowboys and Indians painted on them to electronic games like Defenders, Space Invaders and Tron.

      Running her fingers along the gleaming glass tops, she indulged in some fun by trying a few games.  After a few quick games at the electronic ones, she decided to try the pinball machines instead.  When she was younger, she was quite good at some of them and there were a few arcades where she was 'discouraged' from playing by the owners as she would tie up a machine for an entire day on just one quarter.

      She spent the next half hour reliving those childhood memories as she sent the silver spheres spinning across several table tops posting a new high score on several of the machines.  Fran sighed as the GAME OVER signal flashed on the last of the machines and she wondered what she would do now to pass the time.
      "Hmmm... what's behind the curtain?" Fran muttered out loud as she saw a heavy red velvet curtain sectioning off the back of the room.  She threw back the curtain and saw there was a lone pinball machine standing by itself on plush red carpet.  Fran walked over to the machine and saw that Wally had this machine custom built according to his specific desires. The flippers for controlling and directing the ball resembled the plastic legs of a plastic display figure you would see in a display window.  The board was painted with a normal woman on the left and a mannequin version of her on the right with bright yellow and bolts of electrical energy depicted between the two figures.
       "Well, I'll have to give this a try..."  Fran said to herself as she stepped up to the machine.  There was no coin slot, unlike the other machines, though there was a bright red button on the left.  When she depressed the button with her left index finger, she felt a sharp stinging sensation in it.  Lifting it up, she saw a tiny bit of blood in the center of the finger which must have come from a sharp edge on the button.

        After putting the finger in her mouth for second or two, she hit the plunger and sent the ball careening into the playing field. As the lights flashed and the ball kissed off the various bumpers, Fran felt a tingling sensation going through her body.  After several minutes and just as her third ball had rolled between the flippers to end its turn, she felt a stiffness growing in her legs as well as an odd feeling around her pussy.

        Turning to the side, she lifted her skirt to see what the matter was — it was then that her odd predicament became more precarious.  Fran found both her arms and now her legs were now totally unresponsive to her wishes and remained locked in place.  She could see herself reflected in the Gator Trap pinball machine and was horrified at what she saw there:

        Her skin was changing into smooth plastic with no signs of freckles or the surgical scar on her right thigh anywhere.  Joint lines appeared along both her wrists and left leg and her feet.

She was becoming a mannequin.


Fran screamed mentally as the change swiftly consumed her body, turning it into a lifeless piece of inanimate plastic.

Once the change was completed, the room fell silent save for the magical machine waiting for the player to continue her game.

 A machine named MANNEQUIN....

               Hopefully, Wally could reverse the change and explain why it happened to Fran to begin with..


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