Plastic Assets

by Northern Chill

          Julie wasn't sure why she was even considering the job offer she had recently read about in the paper.  Of course, the fact that she was stuck in a dead end job as an assistant retail manager for a local clothing store might have pushed her mentally to look through the classified ads in the newspaper.  As the redhead leafed through the ads for everything from warehouse laborers to "high end, quality management supervisor at a fast paced dining establishment", she spotted a rather ordinary company that was looking for management level trainees for three different bases it was establishing worldwide.

          Merchandising and Distribution, Inc. was the company and according to the ad, they offered a well rounded package of benefits as well as guaranteed travel to its' other branches worldwide for successful applicants.  It asked all applicants, who met their requirements and such, to forward their resume to the email address listed at the bottom of the ad.  After mulling the ad over for a day or so, Julie decided to forward her resume to the address and see if she got a response.

         Three days later, when Julie got home from a particularly long day at work, she found that the company had emailed her back and judging by the tone of what was written, they seemed genuinely excited by the resume she had forwarded to them.  They requested Julie send a picture of herself through an email attachment so they could start doing the preliminary work for her job training like an ID badge and other routine work.  At the end of the email, the company mentioned that they would be shipping Julie a fairly large package in the near future that would have more information as well as samples of the inventory that the company dealt with.

         Intrigued, Julie looked through her files for an appropriate picture of herself to send in.  After dismissing the risqué ones she had originating from her time with Jacob, her boyfriend of four years until recently, she found two that figured would be suitable to be sent.  One was of her in her standard work attire on a day that the store she worked at was doing a holiday promotion.  The other was taken at a beach in Maine she had visited last summer and showed her wearing a blue and gold bikini that showcased her figure without being too revealing or racy in appearance.

         "Who knows?  Maybe these pictures will land in the right pair of hands at this company and I'll be heading up the corporate ladder faster than any of the other trainees....!"  Julie thought to herself as she attached the pics to the email she was sending acknowledging the company's invitation.  The redhead briefly paused as she contemplated the fact that maybe the recipient might be a woman but, figuring she had more to gain than lose if she sent in the beach picture, she went ahead and sent the email as is. 

         Once she was done that, and a few more minutes surfing, Julie glanced at her watch and saw she had about thirty minutes or so to grab a bite to eat before heading out to pick up some new clothes she was planning to buy.  Clicking off her monitor and computer, the redhead quickly dressed while her thoughts were already drifting to what her prospective new job might be......

          Next day......

          "....thanks for shopping at Soft 'n Sultry and have a good day!"  Julie said as she handed a pink and white plastic bag to a mid-40's woman, who thanked her and left the store happily.

          Julie glanced up at the clock mounted high on the wall opposite her and mentally sighed with relief when she saw she only had fifteen minutes left to go in her shift.  She had told the store's owner, Eileen Douthwright, earlier in the day that she was giving her notice and leaving her job in two weeks.  Although she was upset at first and pleaded with Julie to change her mind, Eileen grudgingly accepted Julie's leaving and told her it was no problem.

         Mentally cheering in excitement when closing time came, Julie quickly hurried home to check her email and plan for how she was going to tackle her new job.  Once she arrived, she found her email was fairly routine but there was a notice in her regular mail saying there was a large package waiting for her at the local post office.  The note went on to say that she should contact the office and let them know if she was planning to pick it up in person or arrange a time where she'd be home to accept delivery.  Considering the fact that Julie drove a compact car that was big enough for her and a friend and not much else, it wasn't a hard choice at all.  As she picked up the phone, Julie's mind started to envision what exactly had been sent to her......

          Following night....... 

          When her doorbell rang, Julie practically sprang out of her seat and hurried quickly to the door.  Opening it, she found a postal worker holding what looked like a large wooden crate.  The crate had a fairly large lock and latch on the lid with THIS END UP! written on the sides.  After signing for the package, Julie directed the workers to leave the crate in the middle of the room.

          After the delivery people left, Julie opened up the package that accompanied the crate to see if there was a hint what was inside.  Besides the keys to the lock, there was a brief note from M&D that welcomed her to the trainee program and stated that she should familiarize herself thoroughly with the contents.  Slightly puzzled by the vagueness, Julie flipped the paper over and back several times to see if there was any additional information provided.  Finding none, the redhead set the paper down on her dining room table before taking the crate's keys and walking over to the mysterious package.

           Unlocking the latch, Julie swung open the crate's door and was surprised to find a blonde mannequin attached to a chrome support disc standing inside the box.  Pulling away the packing material that was wrapped around the display figure, she saw that it was dressed in an attractive black bra and panties set with matching garters, sheer stockings and high heels. Peering closer at the mannequin, she was amazed at how realistic the facial features appeared to be.  Julie reached up and tapped the figure's right cheek with her fist just to reassure her mind that it was just an inanimate figure.

           Once she heard a normal hollow sound, Julie carefully removed the mannequin from the crate and carried it to the center of the living room.  She then went to her computer and sent an email M&D stating that she had received the figure and looked forward to starting work with them soon.

           After doing a little net surfing, Julie's attention returned to the mannequin standing just a few feet away from her.  She was amazed at how lifelike and elegant in its pose.  It seemed almost like there was a real woman standing in front of her, getting ready to dress for the start of her day.  Standing up, Julie made her way over to the display figure and gently ran her fingers over the silky bra on the mannequin.  As she did, an idea began to form in her mind as to how she would familiarize herself with the M&D's clothing.

           "I think this bra will look will look quite nice on me on Monday at work.  I just need to unhook the strap here.... I don't think you'll mind, my plastified friend,"  Julie said to herself as she leaned over and quickly removed the piece of lingerie she had in mind.  When she stood back, the red haired woman noticed that the mannequin's breasts were, like the rest of the display form, perfect in shape and texture.  In fact, Julie saw that there wasn't even slightest indication of nipples evident on the plastic boobs.

           Shaking her head slightly in wonder, Julie headed to the bedroom where, on a whim, she tried the bra on to see how it would fit and look instead of putting it in with the clothing she planned to wear tomorrow at Soft 'n Sultry.  She spent the rest of the night talking to a few of her friends about the new job she'd be starting soon as well as making arrangements for her leaving for her new job.  As the hours passed, she felt an odd tingling sensation building in her chest that was pleasant to say the least.  Although it was only 10 pm when she finished, Julie was feeling more fatigued than normal and decided to go to bed early.  At this point, she would have normally slipped off her clothing and tossed on her nightie but her new bra felt so good on her that she decided to leave both it and her panties on for the night.  With that, Julie slipped under her bed covers and quickly fell asleep.  As she slept, her dreams seemed to be much more vivid than normal, with the center of them involving Julie modeling lingerie and swimwear to an unseen crowd.  There was something weird about these visions that Julie couldn't understand or figure out for certain.

           Next morning..........   

           Julie pulled herself slowly out of bed and walked slowly into the bathroom to wash up for the day's activities.  When she removed her lingerie, she happened to see herself in the mirror and was startled by what she saw.  Her breasts, which usually sagged slightly when not supported by a bra, stood proudly outwards from her chest.  Her nipples and areolas, which Julie always thought to be a little on the small side, looked to be even smaller now though Julie knew that was impossible.  Dismissing what she saw as a side effect of early morning blahs, she stepped into the shower and washed herself thoroughly.

           However, a routine morning shower only gave Julie more questions to ask about herself.  As she lathered her body up with her favorite body soap, she swore that as the hot water beaded off her body, she could hear what seemed like a hollow sound like the water was hitting wood and not flesh and blood.  Puzzled, Julie ran her hands over her tits and they seemed fine though a little stiff.  A little disconcerted, she finished off her shower and after toweling herself off, she wrapped the towel around her body and headed out to the kitchen.

           After pouring herself a glass of cranberry juice, Julie wandered around for a few minutes aimlessly and before she knew it, she found herself standing before the beautiful mannequin that had enraptured her completely.  Glancing at the figure, she thought the mannequin was in a different pose than before and its chest looked different somehow... more lifelike.  Realizing that she was starting to let her imagination run wild with impossible ideas, Julie quickly dismissed the notion like her previous thoughts even as she continued to stare into the mannequin's face.

           As she looked, Julie found herself imagining what it would be like to be one of those models that worked as living mannequins in store windows or at trade shows that had been held in the past.  Some people she knew had dismissed such people as promoting the objectification of women but Julie didn't think that was true at all.   She looked it as the ultimate way of expressing beauty — to be admired by men and women both looking at a figure seemingly frozen in time.  Without consciously noticing, Julie was posing her arms and hands in an attempt to imitate the display figure before her.  She found herself concentrating more and more on the image of the figure being admired, only she was seeing herself at the center of attention.... not moving.... just an inanimate figure.......

           Suddenly, Julie's dreaming was interrupted by the sound of the telephone ringing.  As if she was waking from a deep sleep, the redhead managed to shake herself out of the reverie she had fallen into and answered the phone on the fifth ring.  To her surprise, it was Eileen calling; she was wondering if Julie was going to be coming to work that day.  Julie started to sputter that she had plenty of time before the start of the day but she glanced at a nearby wall clock and saw that it was just past noon!  Making up an excuse that she hoped sounded convincing, Julie told the owner that she'd be there within twenty minutes or sooner.

          Upon hanging up, Julie quickly got out the outfit she was planning to wear that day.  She slipped on the black bra that she wore before, almost as second nature, stopping in front of the mannequin.  With a slightly glazed look in her eyes, Julie swiftly removed the mannequin's panty and garters and put them on herself without a moment of hesitation.  Donning the rest of her outfit, Julie headed out of her apartment with a noticeable glow evident in her cheeks.

          Later that day........ 

          For Julie, and the other workers at the store, it was an extremely quiet day in terms of sales and customers.  Since it was Julie's last day, she wasn't terribly disappointed at the tranquility.  She was still feeling a little distracted though she couldn't quite put her finger on the reason.

          As the day dragged on and the other store employees kept themselves busy, Julie found herself wandering away from the main counter and going over to where the various fashions were on display.  When she found herself standing in a new display that featured two mannequins dressed in a swimwear line that the store had just started to carry.  Suddenly, an idea started to form in her head that she wouldn't have even considered a few days ago.....

          Several hours later, a woman and her teenage daughter were busy walking through the store with the older woman looking for attire to wear to her daughter's upcoming graduation.  Her daughter, looking decidedly bored, wandered through the aisles silently wishing she was at home chatting with her friends on the net.  After aimlessly walking around for a bit, she came across a display for summer bathing suits.  Thinking that the swimwear looked really tacky, the teenager started to aimlessly play with the display figures with no sales people to bug her.

          "Eeeek!  Mom, come over here right away!  There's something really weird about this dummy....ewww!!"  the teenager shouted which brought her mother, as well as store staff and a few other other customers, hurrying over to see what the matter was.  They saw the teenager backing away from a red-haired mannequin wearing a shiny white bikini with matching high heels.  The right strap on the bikini top had been pulled aside exposing the breast underneath and the nipple and areola.

          "Here, here, what's the problem?"  Eileen said as she hurried over to the center of the commotion and saw what was causing it.  Julie was slowly stepping down from the display stand and tugging the strap up so that she wasn't baring her boob any longer, while the mother and daughter looking on in obvious moods of shock and outrage.  After trying to mollify the two with a hastily conceived explanation of what they saw and telling them that she would apply a hefty discount to whatever they purchased in the store from that day on, the store manager turned her wrath upon Julie.

          "What the hell were you thinking when you pulled this stunt?  I probably lost two customers forever because of this thing and you don't look the slightest bit sorry.  Julie, do you hear me?  Julie.... Julie, look at me! "  Elieen exclaimed as Julie didn't seem to notice her manager in the slightest.  In fact, Julie was headed for the dressing room she was just in and after changing back into her own clothes, she walked back out and left the store almost immediately.  The store manager was left standing there with her mouth slightly agape and still trying to figure out just what had gone on.......

          Later on.......back at Julie's apartment........ 

           Julie turned the key in her apartment door with the disorientation she has been experiencing before intensifying noticeably by the hour.  She had been blaming it on her expectations for her new job but there was something else nagging at the back of her mind..... that she was following a line of thinking not of her own mind.

           Slowly making her way into the apartment, Julie hung up her jacket and tossed her purse and shoes onto the floor.   Feeling suddenly lethargic, the redhead was going to lie in bed for a few hours when she heard a commotion coming from the living room.  Walking slowly to the area in question, she saw the crate for the mannequin was there but the display figure was nowhere to be seen.

           "Where is that....... mmmm...... dummy that came with.... oooohhh.... this.... box....?"  Julie gasped as she looked around the room somewhat bewildered by what was going on.  In addition to the fog that had enveloped her mind, she sensed a growing stiffness sweeping through her body that was oddly pleasant in its sensation.  She took off her blouse and skirt and tossed them onto a nearby chair though she wasn't quite sure why she was doing it.

           "I have to admit that I like the looks of this apartment.  It's a bit understated for a few things but that is something that can be fixed up with a few quick purchases,"  a female voice called out from near Julie's bedroom.  The redhead turned slowly to see a blonde woman walking towards her wearing a bath robe that looked very similar to one that Julie owned.  There was something familiar about the woman but Julie, in her current befuddled state, couldn't quite figure out what it was.

           "Oh, I know, you're trying to figure out what's going on even though you're probably sensed your fate in some sort of subconscious way.  To make a long story short, you're going to be a mannequin and I'll be taking over your life in the next few minutes.  It's all due to the lingerie you have put on which does the whole deal.  Isn't that cool?"  the woman said as she walked confidently towards Julie.

           " I.... I don't understand.... what are.... bra... and.... mmmmmy..... panties.... to do....uhhhh......"  Julie gasped as she slipped her fingers underneath the bra she was wearing in an attempt to stop what was happening to her.  However, her fingers seemed to freeze just as she had slipped the bra partly off followed quickly by the rest of her body.  Other than the slight rise and fall of her chest and the fact that her eyes were bouncing around in her eye sockets, Julie looked and stood just like the mannequin she was posing as earlier in the day.

          The blonde walked slowly up to where Julie now stood. "You see, I was shipped to you with the idea that you would give into temptation and try out the garments I was wearing.  Once they came in contact with your body, the spell was cast on you, with the first part involving a gradual change in your mental process to become more receptive to the forthcoming changes to your body.  In fact, you should be feeling the final effects of your physical transformation..... oh..... any minute now,"  the woman replied while briefly glancing at a wall clock nearby.

          "What is she........ mmmmm.... I feel strange..... I....I CAN'T TALK!!!!..... WHAT THE HELL???"  Julie thought before starting to feel the effects of her transformation.  As if to further her understanding of what was going to happen, the blonde woman, who used to be a mannequin, pushed a mirror into Julie's line of sight.  Even though she could no longer could talk, a soft gasp could be heard coming from Julie as she realized what was happening to her.

          Julie's skin was rapidly taking on an artificial appearance with blemishes and freckles rapidly disappearing from sight.  Oddly, the transformation was accompanied by a feeling of great pleasure as if her body was also being stimulated by the caresses of an invisible lover.  Her breathing was slowing quite noticeably as the artificial nature of her new existence started to transform her inwards as well as outwards.  She could start to see what looked joints appearing on her wrists, shoulders and her left thigh just like any display fixture you would find in a department store.

          Julie mentally moaned in pleasure as she felt her pussy lips clench tightly together before the area seemed to smooth over and become plastic like the rest of her body was turning to.  While this was happening, the redhead sensed her anus changing as well as it was forming into a long, smooth opening that seemed perfect for the insertion of a display rod from a stand.  Simultaneously, Julie sensed some sort of metal plate forming over the opening that was meant for the securing of the rod she could be mounted on.


          Julie thought as her thinking varied widely from normal thoughts to pondering her future use as a display fixture in a store window.  The transformation moved into the redhead's upper torso as Julie suddenly stopped breathing altogether, though she barely noticed in her current state of mental euphoria.  Her breasts became twin mounds of molded plastic with her right boob, judging by the featureless surface it was taking on, showing that her areolas and nipples had disappeared as a result of the transformation.

          The blonde was playing with Julie's hair. "I suppose I should tell you at this point that when the spell completes its work and you're fully transformed into a mannequin, the final bit of irony happens.  A subtle alteration of reality occurs where people will perceive me as 'Julie' in every way, right down to their memories changing and past pictures of you altering to suit this change.  In your case, you'll think of yourself as nothing more than a lovely mannequin ready to be displayed wherever your owner wants,"  the 'new' Julie murmured as she saw the spell complete its work by transforming the 'old' Julie's eyes into nothing more than colored glass and her red hair became a wig of synthetic fibers that was easily removable.

          "I HOPE MY NEW OWNER PUTS ME ON DISPLAY SOON.... OOOOH.... SUCH PRETTY SHOES... I WILL LOOK SO GOOD WEARING THEM IN A WINDOW......."  the 'old ' Julie thought as she saw the blonde haired woman slipping a pair of high heel shoes on her feet while tipping her slightly in doing so.  After oscillating briefly, the mannequin felt herself come to rest and saw the new 'Julie' brush a few strands of hair out of her face.

          "Well, my plastic dear, I have to leave you for a bit.  I have to get dressed and arrange for a pickup of the shipping crate, once you've been packed securely.  Oh, you'll be happy to know that my new job will be a department store on the other side of the country.   I'll be working in a department that will have you to display lingerie, swimwear and other ladies fashions.  Isn't that exciting?"  'new' Julie said before heading off to change.

           For the mannequin, her old self might have been upset with the situation but now she was looking forward to displaying clothes....

           It was her job after all... as an important embodiment of the store she was destined for......

           THE END

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