A New Playmate By M.P.

It was extemely quiet in the huge warehouse and by the thermomitor it was close to 80 degrees. This did not effect the little droid in any way for he was not programmed to feel, that was for the masters more intricate toys. He was simply a service droid and tonight he had been sent out to aquire some parts for a new unit that the master was working on. As he made his way among the piles of various machine parts and limbs of all kinds the droid would pick out what he needed and placed them in a small cart that he pushed. It was like a scene from a supermarket. But there was no milk or bread to be bought here, only the makings of a new life form. After several more trips that night to the warehouse the shopping was finally done. With his load installed into the masters remote controlled hovercar the droid stepped inside as well and pushed the controllers to activate the viehicle.

An hour later the hovercar came to rest on the roof of a long white stucco and glass building. The droid started to remove the parts and was soon joined by other service droids. They made a series of beeps and resonate tones to one another and exchanged commands. When they knew what was required of them the other service droids began to unload the ship and the first droid went in to report to the master.

The master was leaning over a long chrome worktable. His hair, though now grey with age, was a tangled mess piled high on his head. He wore a rumpled lab coat, and a tan suit with a faded green tie. He was a very hansome man but because of his living alone so long he had not kept up on his appearence. He had a fine beard on his face and wore wire rimmed glasses. He stopped in his work and rubbed his eyes as the little droid came into the room.

The master turned and smiled as the little machine walked over to him. He gently patted his little chrome head as a father would his small son. The droid made a series of happy beeping sounds and then spoke to his creator.

"Dr. Simpson, The aquisition of the needed parts is done,and they are in the work room."

"Thank you unit 6, I'll be right in." Dr.Simpson said.

He collected his papers and placed them into a small attache case. Then Simpson left the lab to go to the work room. Unit 6 followed behind him and soon the two entered the small work area. The other droids units 9 and 13 had left the parts on the tables in the work area. Here were more chrome tables that contained the parts of the work droids. In the ten years that Simpson had been working in robotics he had mastered the building of the worker class droids. In all he had manufactured at least 100 units. Most of these were sold to people in the community and were considered the finest droids money could buy. In fact it was from the sales of the worker droids that Simpson had gotten his fortune. But in the last three years he had wanted to improve his technique. He had wanted to try and make something more human than what he had made in the past. Until now all of his machines had been like the old R2D2 type droids from that old "Star Wars" movie.

Simpson began to pick through the pile of parts and found that unit 6 had also included several parts from old mannequins. He picked up a torso from one of the mannequins and examined it. The torso had small breasts about a c cup in size and a smooth flat belly that had no navel only a small indentation from where it had been molded from a live model. Simpson also noticed that it was hollow and had openings in the arms and neck and could be connected at the waist as well.

"Perfect!" Simpson said to no one in particular. "This will suit my needs very well."

He continued to pick through the pile and soon found arms and legs that could go with the mannequin as well. The only thing missing was a head. Simpson decided that the best thing would be to manufacture one of his own and put in a computer brain and make it totally independent.

Several weeks went by and Simpson had dedicated a lot of time and effort into the new droid. Soon however he had found himself getting more and more attracted to his latest creation and had even named it Eve. This particular evening he stopped in his work and admired her perfect body. He had added position joints and flexable links to make her body more fluid. Inside her hollow plastic body he had installed an aluminum skeleton and ran servos to power a hydrolic system. The only thing wrong with this vision of loveliness was that Eve still had no head. Simpson would install that last. He pulled out a remote control and hit several buttons in sequence. The headless body of Eve began to move. At first the movements were stiff and mechanical. But as the hydrolics were more evenly distributed within her the motions became more human-like. Simpson hit more buttons and then Eve began to dance. The headless body of the droid was writhing and bucking its hips to an imaginary tune. She swung her long graceful arms with the rythum and stepped in time with her long shapely legs. She ran her small graceful hands over every inch of her perfect body. Concentrating on her breasts and on her hips and ass. Simpson could not help but get an erection from the sight of the erotic dance being performed before him. He hit another button and suddenly Eve froze in mid dance. Simpson walked over to the inert figure and felt her firm plastic body. It was unusually warm, probably from the hydrolic fluids inside of her. Yet from the outside she was still lifeless plastic. Simpson had taken care and time to make her as realistic as possible. He had installed sensors into the tips of her nipples and a fine net array inside of her body shell. He hollowed her at the junction between her legs and installed an artificial vagina that he had bought from an adult store. This too was connected to the sensor array and when she was fully functional she would feel everything as would a real woman. Then using fine paint and alot of makeup he made her body coloring into a perfect brown gold tan. He went behind the still life figure of Eve and ran his hands up and down her back. She was now beginning to cool a bit and was returning to her original state as just a hollow shell in the appearance of a beautiful woman. He rubbed her hard smooth ass and stuck a finger into her plastic vagina. He triggered a release sensor inside that made the little opening get wet. He took his finger out and tasted the juice. It tasted of peppermint. He smiled to himself and slapped the inert figure on the ass. It was as close to human as he was going to possibly go, but somehow he wanted more. Then he stepped back and hit the pause button once again. The figure of Eve immediately began to dance. Number six looked up at his master and could see that the plastic female was not enough for his masters pleasure. One day he would recitify that problem.

Gale Evens was alone and on the run. She had broken out of jail and was now a hunted woman. At just over 20 she looked older than her age. She had long blond hair that just came to an end above her ass. Her eyes were bright blue with speckles of silver. Her body was perfectly toned and was a fantastic 38-25-38, unfortunately it was now hidden in the dirty orange prison uniform she had escaped in. Gale had been arrested for killing her fiance'. He was a real pig and had abused her many times. Then one night while he was hitting her, she snapped and grabbed a gun and shot him. That was 6 years ago, and had she stayed, she might have come up for parole. However Gale was impatient and had joined in an escape with two other girls in the same block. Unfortunately for the others they were shot by the guards but Gale had gotten away.

She had forgotten when she had last eaten, and now since it was night she was cold as well as hungry. She ran for what seemed an hour and suddenly came into a large field. In the distance she could see the lights of a large house. It was a big white house probably made of stucco or some kind of rough stone. She turned to go when suddenly a bright light was turned on her. She felt a numbing through out her body and dropped to the ground. She knew that she was still awake but for some strange reason she had no control of her body. Gale fell to the ground frozen with her legs and arms straight at her sides. She laid on the ground like a store mannequin that had fallen from its stand. Her entire body unmoving, her eyes wide open yet glazed over. From the brush nearby a small army of little chrome men came out and picked up the girls inert form, and carried her toward the house.

Unit 6 came into the work room and made a series of shrill beeps. Simpson looked up from his work and walked over to the little droid.

"What is wrong number 6?" Simpson asked.

"Master, there has been an intruder."Said unit 6.

"The intruder is a young female, master, and has been taken to the main dining salon."

"I'll take care of this 6, and as long as she is in the dining room, get me my dinner." Said Simpson.

Simpson walked into his ornate dining room and seated in another chair was Gale. She had not come out of the stasis beam yet, so the droids had carefully placed her in one of the chairs. She sat with her back upright and both hands placed petitely in her lap. The droids had taken liberties and removed the dirty prison uniform and washed and dressed her. She now wore a sheer dress of white lace that clinged to her shapely body as if it had been sprayed on. On her face she still wore the vacant stare, her mouth partially open. Simpson walked around her still form several times amazed at the beauty before him. He gently touched her smooth blond hair and let the smooth mane pass through his fingers. Gale could see and sense everything that was being done to her but in her present condition she could do nothing but be a pawn in the hands of this strange man. From what she could see from her point of view of him was that he was not entirely unattractive. With a little cleaning up he could be quite handsome she thought. He smoothed down her hair and then sat down across from her.

"Well my dear it is unfortunate that you have stumbled into my estate." Simpson continued.

"My privacy is most needed at this time and since you obviously have a record of some kind, you will have to be a permanate guest."

As he said this he picked up the fragments of her orange prison togs.

"Number 6 come in here, please." Said Simpson.

Number six walked into the brightly lit dining hall. The lights in the room reflected off his shiny metallic skin casting a rainbow effect on the walls. Simpson handed the small droid the fragments of cloth and told unit six to get rid of them. With a series of happy beeps the little droid grabbed the cloth and clanked away into the other room.

After several minutes the effects of the stasis beam were now beginning to wear off and soon Gale was getting back her mobility. At first it was slow and stiff and from Simpsons view it was highly erotic. He felt as if he was watching a new toy that had just wound down. The first thing that Gale did was scream.

"Oh no my dear please don't do that." Said Simpson.

"If you are going to resort to hysterics I will have to put you back in stasis forever."

Gale knew that she had not liked the short time she was under before and the prospect of an eternity like that was not a pleasant thought. So she became very quiet.


Simpson continued.

"My dear, my name is Dr. Frederic Simpson."

"And this is my factory of sorts."

Gale now spoke for the first time.

"I'm Gale Evens." "Please don't kill me?"

"Don't worry my dear I have no intention of harming you." Said Simpson.

"In fact judging from your previous wardrobe I think life here will be most welcome for you."

Simpson continued.

"You may have the run of the estate but you must never leave it, or enter my laboritory."

Just then the door at the end of the dining room opened and in walked number 11 pushing a cart loaded with food. Gales mouth started to water at the sight of all that food and knew in her heart that she had gotten very lucky to fall in with Dr. Simpson.

A month went by and Gale would see less and less of Dr. Simpson. She knew that he was a recluse of sorts but he was so handsome. He would spend days sometimes in that little work room of his. Sometimes she would go up to the door and knock but stop herself. She remembered her promise. Some days she would hear the sound of footsteps behind that door and one day she swore she could even hear music. The only times they would meet would be at dinner or any other meals. As she got more familiar with the every day workings of the estate she started to vision herself as lady to his house and started to order about the droid servents. The only one that she could not boss around was the little smart ass one, that one he called number six. It seemed that six was sort of a pet and was always by Simpsons side. It would have to be taken care of if she was to have him all to herself.

Gale had tried all through sepember to try and get on Frederics good side. He seemed to like having her around but several times he would get upset at things she would ask and storm off to his lab. Number six clanking along behind him. Then at the end of the day Simpson would go to his rooms and Six would post a guard outside his door. One night she went to his door. She had put on a very seductive gossimer thin black negligee, no bra and black lace panties and tried to enter to make love with Frederic. She knocked on his door and entered the dark room but Six stopped her and put her in stasis. She hardened and fell to the floor like a statue. She laid on the floor and felt the cool air on her skin through the filmy garment. After several minutes lying there she felt the hands of the other droids come in and pick her up and carry her back to her room. Frederic had never known she even attempted to enter. She knew now after that embarresment that to get all of his devotion she must get rid of number six. The next day number six was bringing Frederic his afternoon tea and Gale set a trap for him. She had rigged a small string in between the doorway and Frederics study. She yelled for number six to come at once and when he tripped and smashed the fine china set she blamed him for being clumsy. Since he was not programmed for argument he merely apologized and cleaned up the mess. Several times after that Gale would trick the poor little droid and after several times she got to enjoy persecuting the droid. What she had not planned on however was that his AI unit had begun to percieve a pattern and in his own mind he knew he would one day get even.

It was in early october and Gale was having three of the droids move a heavy piece of furniture when inside the lab she heard a loud bang. In fear that Frederic had injured himself she ran to the door and banged on it. She forced open the door and was immediately hit with a stasis beam. At once she froze in place. Her arm reaching into the open room and her legs frozen in mid stride. Frederic lay on the floor awake, but in obvious pain.

"Number six discontinue stasis."Simpson said. "I need help."

The blue beam faded and Gale could feel herself coming out of it. She ran over to Simpson and cradled him in her arms. He soon passed out and Gale yelled for the droids to come and help. At once six of the faithful little machines rushed into the lab to aid their master. Simpson awoke after a few minutes and looked into the tearing eyes of Gale.

"Don't worry Gale I'll be alright."

Simpson continued.

"The droids are setting up a robotic hospital for me and I should be alright in a few days."

Simpson went on.

"I think I have punished you enough dear one and if you want to go, you may."

She pondered the offer but told him that she would stay. When he had been put to bed Gale went back downstairs and poured herself a drink. She drank it and was then pocessed with an urge to see what else was in the lab. She made her way downstairs and reentered the lab. At first she was amazed at the complex machines that lined the walls. She saw all the spare parts for the service droids and then IT caught her attention.

Even though she was covered by a blanket, a single sexy leg stuck out seductivly. Gale walked to the inert figure of Eve and removed her cover. She jumped back in fear as the headless figure came into view. Gale was facinated by the nude figure and found herself touching it.

"So you are the other woman, huh?" Laughed Gale.

It felt exactly like a store mannequin but it had the coloring of a living woman and upon closer examination she could even see it had a little pink clitty. Running her hands over the beautiful life size doll,it was warm to the touch. As she was examining the nude figure some more, Gale did not realize she was not alone.

Number six had received a signal on his tracking sensors that someone had intruded upon the lab. When he got there he found Gale with the masters newest creation. The one he had nicknamed Eve. Through his visor he could see the human female was touching the inert form of Eve. At first she was only gently feeling the outer surface of Eve and gently stroking its face and body. As she got more daring she began to explore the rest of her. It was now that Number six had an idea to have some fun with this trespasser and finally get the revenge that he was due.

He knew she had interfeared once to often. Previously he had resorted to placing the human female into stasis mode but this time he had a better plan. One that the master might really enjoy. As quietly as possible he walked over to the work table in the corner and picked up the masters remote device. He pressed the series of buttons and suddenly the inert Eve doll sprung to life. Gale jumped back and was ready to run from the headless doll when it grabbed her. First Eve forced Gale onto the floor and began to tear away at her clothing. Number six was facinated at the sight which was unfolding before him. He turned on his recorder cameras and started to film the entire event. Eve sat on top of Gale and held her in place by the throat with one hand. Since it was powered by hydrolics it was stronger than a mere human. First came her dress and then Eve tore away her skimpy bra and panty set. In a matter of seconds Gale had been subdued and disrobed by this headless doll. She lay in the pile of what was left of her clothing. Her breasts heaved as she laboriously fought her captor. She could feel herself getting weaker as she fought. Yet as she fought she started to feel stimulated and soon her little clitty was starting to dampen from a growing orgasm. As the struggle continued Eve picked up what appeared to be a small pocket watch. Gale began to squirm under the weight of Eve, but it was useless. Gale tried to punch at the plastic girls body but since she was not human she felt no pain. Then Eve took the watch like device and touched it to Gales head. The small object immited a spray of blue and green sparks and then Eve released her grip on Gales throat and got up. Though released, Gale remained on the floor, her arms and legs still in the act of fighting an imaginary force that was holding her down. Her breasts were squashed down and her hair had billowed into a rumpled mass. On her face there was no responce. Her eyes had turned to lifeless orbs of dull blue and her flesh had frozen to a hard plastic like resin. Now Eve picked her lifeless body up from the floor as if it were made of balsa wood. She carried it into the lab and closed the door.

Christmas arrived and the droids had planned an intimate night for the master's holiday. He had recovered nicely from the accident and so the droids felt it was good for him to have this party. Dr.Simpson came downstairs at exactly 8:00 and was dressed in his finest tuxedo. But before he came all the way down Number six stopped him.

"Hello Six." "What is it my little friend?" Asked Simpson.

"Doctor, we have been repairing the damage to the lab." "Also we and Mistress Gale have a surprise gift for you." Said Six.

Then from the corner room emerged a shapely figure dressed in a silver lame' gown and black cloak. She had flowing blond hair that went all the way down to her spine, a cut in the dress exposing a shapely leg in shiny pantyhose. She leaned against the door sill, one hand on the door the other on her sexy hip. Simpson approached the sexy young thing and she turned to face him. It was Gale, but not quite Gale. She had the same body but it was paler than when she had first come. It was from a heavy coating of skin makeup, and with extra mascara and false eyelashes. Around her neck he could see one of the fine lines where she had been turned into a droid/mannequin. Her eyes no longer had that bright lively blue, but a cold metallic steel coloring. Her lips were a bright shade of blood red and were very full just waiting to be kissed. Her breasts were slightly larger and she had grown about 5 inches. She walked up to Simpson and took him in her arms.

"Hello Doctor, Its me, Gale Evens, G-al Evens, Evens, Eve."

With that the new Eve kissed her master/lover. It was a lingering kiss and then Simpson took her arm, and led her into dinner.


The End