by Vincent Jarrod

Sorority president Samantha Esteban stood silent for a couple of moments, prolonging the anxiety of the four pledges who knelt with heads bowed in the middle of the floor, encircled by the rest of the sorority.  The sorority members all wore dark robes and carried black candles, from which flickering flames provided the sole light in the sorority house meeting room. 

One of the pledges, Susie Liu, shifted slightly to ease the discomfort she felt in her right knee from an old ice skating injury.  The sorority members emitted a slight gasp in unison, and Susie shut her eyes to berate herself.  One of her fellow pledges, Sally Johannsen, tried to give the Oriental girl a comforting glance.  Sally was a tall blonde, with an aerobicized physique from daily workouts, but even she was getting tired kneeling on the floor with just sheer white hosiery covering her knees.  While the sorority members wore full-length robes, the pledges had to wear short white robes and white tights or pantyhose.

After the gasp had echoed around and then out of the room, Samantha cleared her throat and began her rehearsed speech.  “Sisters of the Eta Epsilon Chi sorority, we gather here tonight to welcome four new additions to the comforts of Eta House.  We trust you are beginning to feel that comfort already?” 

Now there were snickers among the black robed sisters, who recognized the edged taunt in their leader’s words.  Jennifer Wheatley shot a warning glance at her friend and fellow pledge Deana Russ.  The black coed had a tendency to respond to taunting with more - and usually cruder and better - of the same.  Jennifer knew that Deana had been tempted more than once in the initiation process to tell these conceited white girls - actually, Deana preferred a term that rhymed with ‘witches’ - where to get off.  But Jennifer had helped her hold her temper, convincing Deana that joining Eta Epsilon Chi and being a part of Eta House had long-term benefits that far outweighed the immature gamesmanship required to get in.  So, Deana held her tongue, time and again, partly because of Jennifer’s argument, but mainly because she had forged a close friendship with the ambitious girl from a small town in the midwest.  The city tough black girl just hoped that one day, Jennifer would realize that making it didn’t require being everybody else’s footstool.

Samantha continued.  “You four have completed an arduous period of testing and challenge.”  Each of the girls immediately thought back over the past couple weeks of sanctioned humiliation that constituted pledging a sorority.  “And in that process, you all have proved that you have the vital qualities for what it takes to be a part of Eta House, and to dwell amongst the sisters of Eta Epsilon Chi, and represent us favorably in the watchful and judgmental eyes of the campus community.”  The attractive sorority leader began to slowly pace in front of each of the pledges.

She paused in front of Deana.  “Qualities like diversity and perseverance.  Despite the differences among us, you all have shown the ability to keep going and going and going, even when you’d rather come to a stop.”  The beautiful and intelligent African-American only heard the watchword ‘diversity,’ and smiled inwardly.  She realized the only reason she was here was the color of her skin.  But she also knew that this pretentious bullshit was like a ‘minstrel show’ in reverse, and she was content to put on white face for a little while, until it was her turn to stand in front and make the rules.

Samantha moved on to stand before Sally.  “Qualities like strength and endurance.  You prove to the world that the efforts expended in crafting a great form on the outside show up as quality in the inside as well.”  Sally smiled quizzically.  She believed Samantha’s words to be a personal compliment, in some way or another.

“Qualities like uniqueness, and the ability to reflect one’s heritage,” Samantha went on, as she stepped in front of a very nervous Susie.  “Even if you are different, as long as your beauty and poise are used in service, then others see those qualities in themselves when they look at you.”  Susie assumed that Samantha was making some kind of attempt at political correctness in acknowledging her Asian ancestry.  Or, maybe she was buttering Susie up because she needed help with Calculus.

Finally, Samantha walked back past Sally and Deana, and stood before Jennifer.  “And most endearing of all, are the qualities of ambition and self-improvement, even while overcoming the limitations of your upbringing, and the tragic circumstances of your past.”  Samantha’s remarks put a slight din on Jennifer’s enthusiasm.  No doubt the sorority leader’s reference to tragic circumstances referred to the fact that all four girls  had suffered losses that left them virtually alone in the world, but for distant relatives.  And none of the girls came from wealthy families or exclusive private schools like the other members of Eta Epsilon Chi.  But the implication of Samantha’s remarks was that the main reason the four pledges had been accepted was pity.

Perhaps the sorority leader saw that in the look on Jennifer’s face when she elaborated.  “What I mean is, your efforts to move on from such a background make you stand out even more from the rest.  And make you the focal point of any room in which you find yourself.”  Jennifer smiled.  That was better.

Having finished her speech, Samantha nodded at a couple of the sorority members, who momentarily left the room.  “And now it is time for the final step in your preparation to join us in Eta House.”  The two girls returned to the room carrying silver trays.  On one tray were several crystal flutes containing a golden bubbly liquid that was obviously champagne.  The other tray contained four wooden flasks.  Each of the sorority members, including Samantha, took a glass of champagne.  The other tray was lowered before the four pledges in turn, and each took one of the wooden flasks.

Samantha held her glass out toward the pledges, and the other sorority girls followed suit.  “And now, the Ceremony of the Eta Elixir!  Your final challenge before becoming part of Eta Epsilon Chi.  Drink!  Drink ye all of it!”  The sorority members lifted the crystal flutes to their lovely mouths, and downed the sparkling champagne.  Deana, Susie, Sally, and Jennifer lifted the flasks to their mouths, and began drinking the most horrid tasting substance they had ever put in their mouths.

Susie and Deana stopped at one point, with Susie almost on the verge of gagging.  “All of it, Pledges!”  Samantha shouted.  “If you want to stay in Eta House, you must drink all of the Eta Elixir!”  Deana was tempted to tell Samantha where she could put the ‘Eta Elixir,’ but she was determined not to let these rich white girls get the best of her.  So, down the hatch it went.  Susie also made it all the way through, praying that her first act as an Eta Epsilon Chi would not be hurling all over the Eta House floor.  Sally remembered being given old Scandinavian home remedies by Great Aunt Hilda that made the Elixir taste like a Slim Fast shake in comparison.  And Jennifer simply used willpower to ignore the smell and taste, and downed it as quickly as possible.

“Congratulations, pledges,” Samantha intoned, “you have successfully completed your final test.  The sisters of Eta Epsilon Chi are pleased to welcome you to Eta House!”  Samantha motioned for the four coeds to stand, and as they did the entire sorority broke out in applause.  Susie forgot about her earlier miscues.  Sally stood tall and proud, fighting to hold back the tears.  Jennifer put up no fight whatsoever, as her cheeks were quickly drenched in salty emotion.  And even Deana thought for a fleeting moment that all of this wasn’t half bad.

“Now it’s time to get you settled so that we may proceed with Pledge Night,” said Samantha.  “We have already chosen your rooms.  Jennifer, you and Deana will be downstairs.  Please wait in our formal living room while we get Susie and Sally settled in.  They will be sharing a room upstairs.”  A few of the sorority sisters escorted Deana and Jennifer into an adjacent room, while Samantha and the rest of the Eta sisters accompanied Susie and Sally upstairs.

The blonde Scandanavian beauty, and the petite Oriental coed were led down a long hall.  “We’ve decided to put the two of you in our newest bedroom,”  Samantha explained, much to the girls’ delight.  At the end of the hall, the sorority leader opened a door and gestured the two pledges in.  Both girls ‘ooohhdd’ and ‘aaahhdd’ as they looked around.  The room was much bigger than their two dorm rooms put together.  The walls were painted a lovely light blue.  The hardwood floors were a rich, polished brown, with two large rugs - one Oriental, the other a Native design - on either ends of the room. 

The only thing the room seemed to lack - was furniture.  “Umm, the room is lovely.  Very large,” Sally started, with Susie nodding.  “But, where are the beds?”

Samantha and the other girls laughed.  “Oh, the beds are being delivered tomorrow morning.  We’re putting those in last.  We wanted to put in our custom pieces first.”

“That’s good,” said Susie.  “And where are they?”

“Why, right here.”  Samantha nodded, and half of the sisters grabbed Susie, and the other half grabbed Sally.  “Take her over to the end of the Oriental rug,” Samantha instructed Susie’s captors, and they dragged the struggling coed to the other side of the room.  Samantha walked up to Sally, who was barely being held in check by four sisters.  “I think we should do this one first.  She’s too strong to hold for very long.” 

“What do you think you’re doing?”  Sally cried out as she tried to free herself.  “Is this another stupid pledge stunt?  You said we were finished with that.”

“Oh, absolutely.  You are finished with all of those things, forever.”  Samantha reached inside her robe and pulled out a necklace with a large stone attached.  She held up the stone in front of Sally’s face.  “This is a very special amulet.  As you can see, it is carved with the initials of our sorority.  ‘H’ for Eta.  ‘E’ for Epsilon.  And ‘X’ for Chi.”  Samantha started waving the amulet before Sally’s eyes. 

Initially, the blonde laughed.  “Oh, and what’s that for - do you plan to hypnotize me?  Is it a magic stone?”

Samantha continued waving the amulet back and forth.  “No.  And yes.  Hypnotism is so easy, so mundane, and has no long term benefit for the sorority.  We plan on something much bigger.  Much more permanent.” 

Sally smirked at first, but the longer Samantha waved the engraved stone before her, the more focused she became on it.  Her head began to swim inside.  She couldn’t seem to focus.  All she could see was the amulet.  All she could hear was Samantha’s voice, and then a whispered chanting from the girls holding her captive.

“And yes, Sally, it is a magic stone.  Not all powerful.  But combined with the incantations we speak, and the potion you drank downstairs, it is capable of great magic.  As you are about to find out.”  Samantha saw that Sally had completely stopped resisting.  She motioned for the girls to move her back near the wall.  And then she motioned them to let go.  Sally’s body began to sway back and forth, to the rhythm of the chanting and the motion of the amulet.  Samantha motioned once more, and the sorority girls tore the short robe off of Sally’s torso.  Then they removed her bra, and pulled down her   pantyhose and panties, letting them fall around her ankles, then gently lifting one foot and the other to remove them completely.  Sally’s well-toned, voluptuous body now swayed nude in front of them.

“It is time!”  Samantha called out, and the girls stopped chanting.  The sorority leader grabbed hold of the amulet, holding it still.  And at that moment, Sally’s naked body came to rigid attention, her eyes staring blankly forward.  “It is time to make you a part of Eta House!”  Samantha cried, lifted the amulet above her head, and loudly spoke an incantation in a language unknown to the civilized world. 

When she finished, she lowered the amulet, and stood back, as did the other sisters.  Slowly, Sally’s rigid body began to sway.  And then it lurched from side to side, and up and down.  The lovely coed began to moan, then gasp, then grunt, along with the movements.  During this prelude of motion and sound, Sally’s eyes remained closed.  And then, suddenly, her eyes flew open wide, and she stared in questioning horror at Samantha.  Her lips did not move, but her expression cried out, “What have you done to me?”

An evil grin flashed across the Eta Epsilon Chi leader.  “Now comes the fun part,” she said softly, and looked down at Sally’s feet.  First, they turned a light brown, like the color of a sandy beach.  Then they began sliding apart, while at the same time narrowing and elongating.  While Sally’s stance was widening, her body began to thicken.  Starting from her knees, her thighs melded together and her entire mid-section began to expand - both deeper and wider.  Sally’s gaze dropped sadly to witness her firm, attractive breasts recede into her chest, until all that remained were two engorged and enlarged nipples, which also moved farther apart as her chest also widened. 

Helpless to stop anything that was happening to her, Sally felt her two arms raise, then bend toward her immobile face.  As her hands touched her cheeks, both limbs, from shoulders to fingertips, began to narrow and curve and twist, until each framed the coed’s upper half with an artistically detailed, but barely human, edging.  Just when Sally thought that her body could not stretch and re-form any further, it stopped.  Stopped re-forming.  Stopped stretching.  And stopped being a body.

The hardening began where the reshaping had, in what were once Sally’s feet.  Now these two whitened, elongated shapes became two beautiful wooden legs.  The wood transformation continued up Sally’s widened body, the only thing not becoming wood were her two nipples, which instead hardened into dark brass knobs.  Sally’s twisted arms became a beautifully carved wooden framework.  Soon, Samantha and the sorority sisters were staring at a beautiful armoire, with a living human face resting in the middle of its apex. 

Susie, who had stared in mute terror through Sally’s ordeal, felt tears streaming down her face as she saw Sally’s eyes blink and lips move atop what was now a beautiful piece of bedroom furniture.  “Oh, Sally,” she strained to whisper, “you’re not going to leave her like that, are you?”

Samantha ran her fingers through Sally’s hair, and gently caressed the flesh of her cheek.  “It would certainly make for a wonderful conversation piece.  But I think our lovely Sally would prompt the wrong kind of conversation about our sorority, don’t you, sisters?”  The other girls nodded.  Samantha held her hand in front of Sally’s lovely face.  “Now, it is time to finish,” she said, and waved her hand slightly.  And as with the rest of her body, Sally’s beautiful face and hair began to harden into wood.  At the same time, the image began to sink back into the wood, so that once the hardening was complete, Sally’s beautiful blonde hair had become part of the edging, joining the ornate frame at the top middle of the chest.  And Sally’s face was but a small silhouette indentation in the very middle.

Samantha rubbed her hands over the solid wood of the armoire.  “I told you, ladies,” Samantha asserted as she closely examined her handiwork.  “The best bedroom furniture is Scandinavian.”

The sisters that had overseen Sally’s transformation now turned their attention to the other struggling pledge in the room.  When the attractive Oriental coed saw the small group heading toward her, her shocked silence turned to fearful denial and pleading.  “No.  No.  Please, no, keep away!”  As Samantha stepped forward with the amulet in hand, Susie started to yell for help.  But her cry was quickly muted by her captors’ hands.

The sorority leader began waving the amulet back and forth, and the other girls commenced their low chanting.  And rather quickly, Susie’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she swayed in rhythm to the chanting.  Samantha smiled.  “I thought this one would go under quickly.”  She looked at one of the sorority sisters, then at another, nodding at each.  They stepped forward, and after Susie’s captors had removed her robe and lingerie, each of the sisters stood on either side of the spellbound pledge.  Samantha pointed the three-lettered stone at her victim, and Susie immediately stopped swaying, and stood perfectly still.  The sisters standing at Susie’s side immediately began dipping a small brush in a multi-colored palette, then painted shapes on Susie’s skin, from the top of her shoulders, down the sides of her arms, on each hip and down the outside of her thighs and upper legs, stopping at her knees.  Samantha inspected the artwork and nodded her approval.  She then told two other sisters to prepare the ‘cocktail,’ smiling wryly as she described it thusly, and hearing the titters of the other sisters.  While the sound of breaking and crunching glass could be heard in an adjacent bathroom, Samantha raised her amulet once more, and began an incantation similar to the one she had used on Sally.  And Susie’s body began to change . . . .

Deana sighed loudly and impatiently, rocking back and forth on her low heeled pumps.  “Maybe you could just quickly show us where we’ll be staying?”  She asked one of the sisters standing nearby in the formal living room, but the girl simply smiled and shook her head no.

“Deana, don’t be so impatient,” Jennifer chided her friend.  She had been walking around the room, looking at various plaques and framed photos, trying to absorb as much of the ambience of her new home as possible.  The room was quite beautiful, with a light blue carpet, a large leather sofa and matching armchair on one side of the room, and a beautiful stone fireplace on the other.  The room could definitely use a few more pieces of furniture, but hopefully once she’d been accepted as an Eta sister, Jennifer could offer some decorating tips.

“It just seems to be taking an awfully long time to show Sally and Susie their rooms, that’s all,” Deana said, with a critical tone aimed at the Eta sisters standing nearby, and a phony, tight-lipped smile aimed at Jennifer. 

“Quit complaining.  After all, the hard part is over . . .” before Jennifer could finish her sentence, she heard a short cry come from upstairs, and then nothing.  She stood beside Deana, and both girls looked toward the second floor.  “That sounded like Susie,” Jennifer accurately recognized the source of what had been a quickly muffled cry for help.

“It sure did.  What the hell is going on up there?”  Deana sharply asked the Eta sisters, all of whom had quickly gathered close around the two new pledges.

“Oh, nothing,” one said calmly.  “Sometimes the new pledges are overwhelmed by what they see in their new rooms.”  The other sisters smiled and nodded.  Jennifer did the same, satisfied with the explanation.  But Deana just continued to stare upwards . . . .

The significance of the painted designs on Susie’s skin became evident once that skin became a darkened teak wood.  Samantha’s incantation had wrought many changes in the beautiful Oriental coed.  Her small lovely feet had merged together, flattened, and hardened into a strong base.  Susie’s legs had spread into a bow and also hardened into wood.  Likewise her arms had spread to the side, her hands falling on her hips and melding into the skin, and then it all changing to wood.  Susie saw that the designs that had been drawn on her skin were now painted dragons, samurai warriors, and lovely geishas decorating a lovely frame.  Susie’s torso had flattened - her small pert breasts had sunk into her skin, her belly button had disappeared, and her pubic area was not indistinct from the rest of her featureless middle.  The sisters who had been working in the restroom returned to the bedroom, carrying a small plastic cup containing a shiny, grainy powder.  Samantha took the cup, waved her special amulet over it as she spoke a short incantation, then carried the cup to Susie’s still living mouth.  She parted the girl’s lips, tilted her head back, and poured the mixture in.

At first, Susie choked slightly as the finely ground glass traveled down her esophagus.  But when it reached her stomach, she felt it begin to spread all throughout her midsection.  And then she could see her skin begin to flicker, then shine, and then change.  From her neck, down her flattened chest, all the way to her waist and pelvic region.  What was once smooth silky skin, had become a large sheet of glass.  Samantha stood in front of Susie, admiring her blonde hair and bosomy figure in the mirror while smoothing a few wrinkles in her robe.  Then the sorority leader stepped forward, waved her amulet one last time before Susie’s lovely face, and said, “Now, it is time to finish.”  Almost immediately, Susie’s hair hardened into a luminous green, and her face retained each lovely feature as it, too, turned to solid jade.

Samantha stepped back to admire her handiwork.  “I had originally considered a Dressing Screen, but I felt that Susie needed more time for reflection.”  The other sisters laughed.  “I believe we still have some work to do downstairs, ladies.  To the living room.”  And Samantha led the troop into the hallway and toward the stairs.

As the upstairs contingent reached the ground floor and walked into the formal living room, Jennifer stepped forward to greet her new sorority sisters, and attempt to gauge the pleasure in Susie’s and Sally’s faces at their new living quarters.  But her co-pledges were not to be found, and Jennifer was silently disappointed and concerned.  Deana shared her concern, but not her silence.

“We thought we heard somebody scream upstairs.  Where the hell are Susie and Sally?”  Jennifer cringed at her friend’s mild profanity, but was interested in some kind of explanation. 

Samantha stepped forward to meet Deana’s challenge.  “Yes, the two newest occupants of Eta House were quite surprised to see where we had placed them.  But after the initial shock, I think they’ve become quite adjusted to their new living quarters.  Wouldn’t you say, girls?”  The other Eta sisters smiled wickedly and voiced their assent.

Deana was not satisfied.  “That didn’t sound like any shout of ‘surprise’ to me.”  She stepped up nose to nose to the sorority leader.  “It sounded like a cry of hurt.  A cry for help.”

“Perhaps you’re right, Sister Russ,” Samantha responded.  “After all, this is a new experience for the girls.  And change can be painful.”  Samantha laughed, and the other sisters followed suit.  This only made Deana more angry, and Jennifer feared what might happen should her fiery black friend lose her temper.  She quickly stepped between the two. 

“Yes, change can be painful.  But it can also make us grow and become better.  I’m sure Susie and Sally will join us downstairs as soon as they recover from the effects of their new situation in life,” Jennifer was comforted by the look of respect given her by Samantha.

“You are so right, Sister Wheatley,”  Jennifer beamed, for a moment, “and you are so wrong,” Samantha finished her thought and Jennifer’s smile turned to confusion.  “Sister Liu’s and Sister Johannsen’s changes have made them grow and become better than before – stronger, sturdier, more beautiful than ever.  But I’m afraid they will not be joining us downstairs this evening.  Or ever – unless, of course we decide to redecorate.”

Deana and Jennifer gave each other puzzled looks while the rest of the sisters laughed at Samantha’s comment.  Finally, Deana flung her arms out.  “That is it for me!  You are all a bunch of crazy bitches, but you,” she said, pointing at Samantha, “are the Craziest Bitch of them all!  Now, I am going to march up those stairs and make sure Susie and Sally are all right, and then I am going to march out that front door and get as far the hell away from here as I can.  And if you,” she looked at Jennifer, “and Susie and Sally have any sense, you’ll follow me.”

The angry black girl started to leave the room, but at Samantha’s signal, several of the sisters grabbed her and held her tight.  “Deana, what is going on . . .” Jennifer started to protest, but then she was grabbed as well.  The sorority leader nodded, and the sisters began tearing the short robes off the newest members. 

“Make her kneel in front of the sofa,” she directed Jennifer’s assailants, “but don’t remove her hosiery.”  Jennifer’s half-clad body was forced to the floor.  “Take her to the fireplace,” she directed Deana’s captors, and they pulled the screaming, struggling, nearly naked coed to the wall next to the fireplace.

“No!  No!  Not in there!”  Deana stared in horror at the crackling fire that burned in the stone fireplace, fearing that the crazy sorority sisters were planning on using her like a giant marshmallow. 

“Why, of course not,” Samantha said.  “What a waste of décor that would be.  Lift her.”  The sisters did as their leader instructed, and Samantha pulled Deana’s white pantyhose off the attractive black girl’s waist, down her hips and legs, and slid the crumpled nylon off both feet.  She took a moment to study the shade of the hosiery, then looked across the room at Jennifer’s white sheathed legs.  “Just as I thought.  The exact same shade.”

“So what!” Deana screamed as she continued to struggle.  “We bought them at the same store!  Does that turn you on, Lesbo?”

Samantha turned to Deana, a frighteningly wicked smile on her face.  “Lesbo?  That’s very politically incorrect of you, Pledge Deana.  I believe you need to stand in the corner and think about what you’ve said.  For a very long time.” 

Samantha nodded once more, and the sisters tore off the tiny bikini panties Deana had been wearing, leaving the girl completely naked.  The sorority leader looked down, and the sisters forced Deana to her knees.  But even in subjugation, the coed was defiant.

“Who’s politically incorrect now, Samantha?  Making the black girl kneel in front of all of the white girls?”

Samantha bent down to face her captive.  “Oh, I’m not making you kneel because you’re black, Deana.  In fact, I don’t see your skin color as a disadvantage.  I see it as a great asset.”  Samantha turned and nodded once more to all the surrounding sisters.  And they began a familiar chant.  She then reached inside her robe and pulled out the HEX amulet.  “And by the way, pledge, white pantyhose doesn’t turn me on . . . .”  She held the amulet in front of Deana’s eyes, and began to swing it slowly back and forth.  “ . . . . but this does!”

Deana’s strong will allowed her to resist for a few moments more than Sally or Susie, but the magic was too strong.  At first, her head began to move side to side and in small circles.  A moan of pleasure could be softly heard, and it grew louder and more intense as the chanting also escalated.  Unlike the upstairs victims of Samantha’s magic, Deana’s body did not immediately undergo any unusual alteration.  But the sorority leader did smile as she noticed that the girl’s lovely black skin was becoming darker and shinier.  Once the shade seemed to spread from head to foot, Samantha knew it was time for the next step.  She motioned for the sisters to release their hold on the girl, and when they did, Deana still knelt before them, virtually motionless but for the rhythmic circling of her head.  And then, Samantha reached out her hand, placed it on Deana’s chest just beneath and between her darkened, glistening breasts – and gently pushed. 

The black girl’s body moved backwards, her rear touching her heels, then moved forward to its initial position.  Samantha pushed again, and this time Deana moved backwards a little further, and came forwards a bit past her initial position before coming to rest.  Samantha repeated her push a couple more times, until finally, Deana’s body began to move backwards and forwards on its own, without being pushed.  Once the motion began on its own, Samantha held the HEX amulet in front of Deana’s eyes each time her body moved forward.  And then the real changes began.

Deana’s lower legs thinned and narrowed, and then flattened into two elongated black slats.  Her feet first turned to knobs, and then became more rounded ends to her transformed legs.  The thinning and flattening process began to move up the coed’s body, starting with her thighs.  Then her lap and rear end practically deflated.  Her back stiffened, and her lovely breasts were virtually sucked into her chest.  As her midsection thinned, her ribs became more defined and visible, and then they moved from a horizontal to a vertical position, elongating from her flattened waist to her neck.  Her arms underwent a similar process to that of her legs, with her hands turning to knobs, then the rounded ends of dark black slats that extended back to what were once her elbows.  The upper parts of her arms became the outer frame of what were once her ribs, now separated with nothing in between, like the slats of a cage.  Deana’s shoulders formed the upper ridge holding the transformed ribs and arms in place.  Finally, the only thing not transformed was Deana’s lovely face.

“Like I was trying to say,” Samantha ran her hands along the various parts of Deana’s transformed body, “black is beautiful.  And perfect for a cozy rocker.”  She grasped the amulet firm.  “Now, it is time to finish!”  And at her words, Deana’s transformed body began to harden into a deep, dark, black wood, all the way to her sinking, shrinking face.  In moments, the beautiful black coed’s moans of confused and enchanted delight, had turned into the soft creaking of wooden rocker slats moving forwards and backwards on the floor next to the fireplace.  Eta House had one more piece of special furniture.

The powerful coed enchantress turned away from her latest transformation, and toward the next – and final – new pledge.  A few of the Eta Epsilon Chi sisters still held Jennifer’s kneeling body in place before the sofa, but their efforts had become nearly unnecessary.  The young coed, so enthusiastically satisfied several moments before, now simply stared at the piece of furniture that had been her dear friend Deana.  A few low moans of fright mixed with shock mixed with disbelief sounded from her lips.  But she was virtually paralyzed by the sanity-draining sights of the last few moments.

“One remaining pledge,” Samantha said in a sing-song chant, while running Deana’s sheer white pantyhose across the kneeling captive’s neck and back.  “Your three friends have all become an integral – and beautiful – part of Eta House.  And now it’s your turn.”

Jennifer continued to stare at the wooden rocker beside the fireplace.  Samantha’s words were just indistinguishable sounds from the far side of the echo chamber of insanity.

“Earlier this evening, I promised that you would become the focal point of any room you were in.  The center of attention.”  Samantha bent down to whisper in Jennifer’s ear.  “I always keep my promises – although not exactly as one might expect.”  The sorority leader started to wave her amulet before Jennifer’s eyes, but realized there was nothing there.  “Well, that part won’t be necessary.  Lift your arms, Pledge Jennifer.”

The coed did as she was told, and Samantha placed each of Jennifer’s hands in each foot of Deana’s pantyhose.  She then carefully rolled each leg down Jennifer’s arms, then placed the panty portion of the hosiery over Jennifer’s head and face, stretching it a little further so that the waistband just covered the tips of the captive’s nipples. 

Samantha looked at her amulet.  “I will need your help to tie up some loose ends.”  She nodded at the sisters to begin their low chanting, and as their unholy chorus began, the sorceress stretched the top of Jennifer’s pantyhose up over her stomach until the waistband of the lower pair met the waistband of the upper.  She closed her eyes and waved the amulet once over the fabric, and the waistbands joined together into a seamless piece of shiny cloth.  Now Jennifer was covered from head to toe with white nylon.

The witch spoke once more to her pantyhose sheathed captive.  “Standing out from the others takes a bit more effort, but the results are always worth the work.  Let us begin!”  Now Samantha waved the HEX amulet before Jennifer’s eyes, and the chanting of the sisters grew in volume and intensity.  While the amulet did not have the same numbing effect on Jennifer, it did infuse the coed’s body with the same intense pleasure, and her attractive body writhed and shook from the magical sensations, stretching the white nylon like a taut, personal binding.

Once again, Samantha intoned unearthly language as the amulet moved back and forth, and then her voice rose to its highest pitch, and she stopped the amulet’s motion.  Jennifer’s feet closed together and pointed high behind her.  Her pantyhose-gloved arms and hands extended in front of her, palms down on the floor.  And her nylon masked head lifted up, as the obscured features of her face strained forward.

“And now, my lovely, as with your friends, it is time for you to become part of Eta House.  It is time – to finish!”  Samantha shouted to the rafters, as the other sisters’ chanting reached its crescendo as well.

And just as Sally, Suzie, and Deana had before her, Jennifer’s body began to harden into wood.  But unlike her transformed friends, Jennifer’s wooden form took on a white, almost flourescent glow as it changed from life into immobility.  And even more unusual, there were only minor alterations in Jennifer’s features – for instance, her stockinged feet melded together, and her small pert breasts expanded into a large wooden bust.  But unlike the other girls, whose human features were changed entirely into the look of furniture, the wooden piece that now sat before the sofa was very much that of an attractive, even voluptuous, wooden female.

The sisters gave Samantha a puzzled look.  The beautiful enchantress ran her fingers along Jennifer’s new form.  “Function has its place when creating furniture, of course.  But sometimes, form must be served.  Imagine the looks on our visitors faces when we tell them that our new coffee table was recovered from the bow of an ancient shipwreck, and then lovingly restored to its original luster and beauty.  We may even get approved for an Independent Study to track down the name of the ship on which it was proudly affixed.”

The sisters murmured their understanding, then assent, and then hearty approval.  They broke out in applause for the creative – and destructive – efforts of their leader.  Samantha feigned modesty, and after a few moments raised her hands to quiet the small crowd.

“Thank you, ladies.  It is always exciting and rewarding to add such lovely decorations to our residence.  But we still have many empty corners and half-furnished rooms.  So we must keep our eyes open on campus for our next set of recruits.”  She nodded at one of the sisters, who opened a storage closet and brought out a cardboard box.  The sisters began to loudly moan.

“Now, now, sisters.  Our work is not done.  The new additions to Eta House – as well as previous new members in each room – require our attention.”  There were still a few groans, but acceptance was settling in.

Samantha reached into the box and began removing the several spray cans contained within.  Each sister received a can, along with a couple of small cloths. 

“Partying comes after work, sisters,” Samantha reminded the Eta Epsilon Chi members.  She uncapped her can, and sprayed a small, lemon scented cloud of cleaning material in the air.  “After all, ladies,” she said, holding the can up high with its label showing clearly.  “This is Pledge night.”


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