Pocket Pussy

V. Du'Arden

This story contains graphic discriptions of a very sexual nature.

Chapter One

         Bill took one look at the credit card statements and exploded, "VALERIE! You stupid, brainless, 'good for nothing but fucking' cunt! How the hell do you think we're going to ever going to pay these fucking bills off if you spend every cent I earn before I even get the checks cashed? I'm going to break your fucking fingers! I'm going to pull your fucking..."

         Valerie knew how Bill would react when he saw the credit card statements, and from the volume of his bellow she knew he just got a look at them. Valerie thought, "Ohh Fuck! Why'd all the bills have to arrive at the same time?"

         She had hoped to distract his anger and bought the sexiest and most out right lewd lingerie outfit she could find. But, from the volume of the continuous screaming, getting rapidly closer, she was having serious doubts Bill would even notice anything like the see through lingerie she had hurriedly put on when she saw Bill coming in with a hand full of bills. So far he had never really hit her, but this time she may have gone a little too far buying that really nice outfit last week, after all she did pay a bit over $5000 for it and all the goodies to go with it. But it had been marked down 50% and she just couldn't resist buying it before someone else snapped it up.

         Only after she got it home did she start to worry about how Bill would react, then she remembered a few of the other things she bought in the last month. So instead of trying to return anything, she decided it wouldn't hurt to spend a little more money, since she had already spent so much anyway, and buy something to help her 'distract' Bill's attention when the bills arrive. And since Valerie had learned sex was easiest and surest way to distract Bill's attention from unpleasant thoughts, such as strangling or doing other painful things to Valerie, she decide some sexy new lingerie would be just what she'd need for the job.

         Now, with Bill screaming and stomping around, she was having serious doubts about Bill's 'distractibility'. She was wondering how she could ever think such a simple teddy could possibly help her divert Bill's ire. Even so, she really hoped the odd little shopkeeper of the adult novelty shop where she bought the teddy wasn't just giving her a load of BS when he assured her the teddy was magic and she'd look so sexy wearing it no man could resist her, no matter how angry he might be.

         As soon as she realized the mail and the statements had arrived, Valerie slipped into the bedroom and changed into her new 'magic' teddy. She just finished changing when she heard Bill's first bellow. She quickly got in bed, struck a sexy pose, crossed her fingers, and waited for Bill. She didn't have to wait very long.

         Bill came roaring into the bedroom, waving the statements around and yelling, "Valerie! How can one woman spend so mu..." Then he saw her laying back on the bed and stopped like he ran into an invisible wall.

         Valerie thought, "Ohh gawd, it works! It's really going to work." as she watched a bulge, a really huge bulge suddenly appear in Bill's trousers. When she smiled up at him as she fondled a breast and slowly caressed her thigh and crotch, Bill's eyes got a blank 'hungry' look, and the statement fluttered to the floor. He closed his eyes and shook his head as he started gasping for breath. Valerie was momentarily alarmed, till he opened his eyes and stared at Valerie again before groaning and literally started to rip his clothes off.

         Bill jumped in bed and began acting like Valerie was a buffet and he was a starving man who couldn't make up his mind on where to start, and tried to eat everything at the same time. As Bill frantically caressed, fondled and kissed as much of Valerie's body as he could, she thought, "Ohh God, Ohh God, Ohh God! is it working, really is working!" Then she said in a firm commanding voice, "Eat me! Eat my pussy Bill. Make me cum with your tongue."

         Bill instantly move between her thighs and began kissing, licking and eating her pussy like he'd never done before. In a very short time Valerie had the first of a half dozen orgasms, one right after another as Bill continued eating her pussy. When she finally gasped, "Fuck me, fuck me now!" Bill raised up and plunged his stiff hard cock into her soaking wet pussy.

         Bill fucked Valerie or ate her pussy non-stop for over six hours, in any and every way she desired until he simply passed out from pure exhaustion. Her last thoughts before she also dropped off to sleep, "Ohhh God! I've never been so thoroughly fucked before. I'm gona have to see what else that shop has in stock."

         The next morning Valerie woke up as Bill rolled on top of her and resumed fucking her as he had been doing last night. Recovering from her surprise Valerie let Bill fuck her for about an hour before she simply had to make him stop so she could use the restroom. Bill begged her let him fuck her while she was actually pissing, and Valerie was feeling kinky enough to give it a try. So, Bill sat on the toilet, as far back on the seat as he could, then Valerie carefully squatted over his lap and impaled herself on his stiff cock. Then with Bill pumping his cock in her pussy as fast as he could in his rather awkward position Valerie let go a blast of piss between his wide open thighs into the toilet.

         Of course, with Bill's cock pumping in her pussy as she pissed caused her to soak his thighs and crotch. Valerie and Bill decided to take a shower together, and when she took off her outfit before getting in the shower with him she noticed his erect cock began to rapidly soften. By the time the shower was finished it was obvious Bill was no long interested in having sex with Valerie.

         As Bill headed toward the kitchen after the shower Valerie thought as she followed him, "Well, at least he's not yelling at me for spending too much."

* * * * * * * * * *

         A week later Bill was still pissed off about Valerie's spending, but he was also more curious about why he got so horny every time he brought the subject up. He knew he certainly didn't find the idea of going bankrupt at all sexy. It was almost like he's been hypnotized, but he couldn't think of when such a thing could have been done, and as far as he knew Valerie didn't know anything about hypnotism. At least she didn't know anything about it. But whatever the cause, he knew something unusual was going on, and this was why he just happened to be following Valerie when she visited the 'Magical Adult Novelty Shop'.

         While Bill sat in a small dinner across the street from the shop Valerie browsed through the shop's amazingly varied inventory of mild to extremely erotic and lewd novelties. Many of the novelties struck Valerie as more strange or weird then erotic. She browsed a few minutes while the smiling grand fatherly gray haired little old shopkeeper talked with a loud and rather large well dressed black man toward the rear of the shop. Valerie decided to leave the shop, and return a little later, since the black man's voice sounded more then a little threatening as he seemed to be arguing with the shopkeeper about something. But as she started to leave a cute little sexy doll caught her eye and she paused to read an advertisement pamphlet that went with the doll.

         It seemed that she just finished reading the pamphlet when the shopkeeper greeted in his oddly accented English, "Ahh, Miss Valerie. You are pleased with results of 'Magic Fuck Me NOW Teddy', yes?"

         Startled, then a bit puzzled, Valerie looked around the shop for the big black man the shopkeeper had been talking to, as she replied, "Ohh yes. Yes, I was very pleased with the teddy. But, its effects seem to be weakening, or at least that's what seems to be happening. Do you have something that's a bit more permanent?" The only other person she saw in the shop besides the shopkeeper and herself was a tall pretty black girl standing next to a display case about where the shopkeeper and black man had been arguing. Valerie was sure the very skimpily dressed black girl hadn't been in the shop when she came in, and where did the black man disappear too? Valerie was standing where anyone entering or leaving the shop would have to pass right by her and she was sure no one entered or left since she came in.

         Giving her a big smile the little old man said, "Ohh, yes, yes, yess. I have many things I sure you like. Magic spell of Teddy you bought, last short time. But I have other Magic, some last short time, some last long time some last permanent. I sure I have just what you desire." As the shopkeeper lead Valerie toward the back of the shop she saw the black girl was really a life size doll. It was one of those sex dolls, but not one of the cheap inflatable kind. This one was so real looking Valerie had mistaken it for a real girl until she got close enough to see it wasn't moving or breathing. She still had to feel it as she walked past, just to make sure the doll wasn't a real person.

         The shopkeeper noticed Valerie's interest and chuckled, before saying, "Yes, doll very real, like real girl. Just arrived, am saving for special customer. You think boy friend like?"

         Returning his smile Valerie said, "Ohh, I don't know. I'm sure he'd prefer a real girl, but I'm also sure he wouldn't mind 'playing' with it... especially if it's as realistic everywhere as it seems to be."

         The shopkeeper chuckled again and said, "Yes, yes, all parts feel and look very real."

         The shopkeeper seemed to know just what she wanted or 'needed' to know about whatever item that catches her attention. And this time, Valerie was not nearly as skeptical of the shopkeeper's claims about the 'special' properties of various items as she was during her first visit to the shop. In a relatively short time Valerie saw all kinds of interesting things, including some that were more then a little weird, but she finally settled on two items that had caught her attention on her first visit.

* * * * * * * * * *

         A few minutes after Valerie left the shop with a small, for her anyway, sack holding her purchases Bill visited the shop. To Bill, the shop like any other adult video, book and toy store, except there was only a few videos and magazines on display. There was actually a rather large selection of things and toys other then the usual dildos and male targeted sex toys. Bill looked around for a while and listening with obvious skepticism to the shopkeeper's outrageous sales pitches. His attention was caught by some unusual dildos and 'pocket pussies' sitting on a shelf.

         Some of the dildos looked like little men who were almost all cock, and some just had a human head and face at the business end of the dildo. Right along side of these unusual dildos were 'pocket pussies' that looked like foot high dolls with hugely enlarged life sized and very life like looking pussys. They looked like little women who had been turned into almost nothing but pussys, just like the little men dolls had been turned into almost all cocks.

         The thing about these particular dildos and pocket pussies was that no two were alike. The doll like faces of each one was different. The realistic pussies of the pocket pussies were varied in detail just like real pussies would be, and the size, shape and details of each dildo was as just as varied. Pointing to the shelf Bill asked, "Where'd you get these?"

         The shopkeeper said, "Oh, those very special. Take long time to make a pair."

         "Really. Are they always made in pairs?"

         "Yes, a male and female, a pussy and a cock. Creation of pair take several months to complete. Conditions must be prepared very carefully."

         "It sounds like they're kind of expensive."

         "Yes, very expensive, very special. Sell only in pairs, 5000 dollars."

         Bill shrugged and said, "I bet you don't sell many of them at that price. But right now, I'm just looking around."

         The shopkeeper nodded and said, "Yes, I know. You look now. You be back, buy something then."

         "I'm actually interested in what the young woman bought who was in here before me." Bill said

         The shopkeeper replied, "I believe young lady wish to surprise you. I think you enjoy surprise."

         Bill started to ask the old man how he knew Valerie knew him since he hadn't given his name, but the phone rang just then and couple of obviously gay men entered the shop. Bill didn't bother waiting around to ask his question since the homos made him uncomfortable, and shopkeeper didn't seem in any hurry to get off the phone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Two

         Valerie could hardly wait to get home with her purchases. She thought as she laid out her goodies, "If this 'Magic Double 'D' Tit Kit' really works I'll love to see Bill's face when he sees me with a pair of Double 'D' tits instead of my normal 'Barely Bee Boobs'. Bill has never complained about the size of my tits, but I've noticed how he looks at the girls with big tits and I'd love to see him look at me like that. I know he'll love having a pair of nice big tits to play with."

         Picking up the smaller of two boxes, the one labeled 'Super Sizer Cock Ring' she said to herself, "He gets a pair of 'Magic Double 'D' Tits' to play with, and I get a 'Super Sized Cock' to play with. I bet we'll have so much fun he won't be thinking of any old credit card bills."

         Sitting the cock ring aside Valerie opened the shiny black box with 'Magic Double 'D' Tit Kit' written in gold lettering across the top. She was not at all impressed with what she found in the box. It was a pair of rather cheap looking form rubber breast forms and hand written instructions on a single four by six index card. Picking up the foam rubber breast forms and holding them up to her own breasts she thought, "If these things are suppose to make it look like I a have a pair of real double 'D' tits they better be magical, because there's no way these could even fool a blind man if they're not." The instructions on the card read:


                  Instruction Sheet

         1) Prepare warm water bath.
                 Bath water must be deep enough to fully submerge breasts.
                 Use only water, add nothing to bath water.
         2) Moisten back surface of breast forms with warm water.
                 Do not submerge forms in water at this time.
         3) Press breast forms over breasts.
         4) Submerge breasts in bath water.

         After reading the simple instructions Valerie shrugged and headed to the bathroom to fill the tub with warm water. As the tub filled she wetted the breast forms as the instructions said. She discovered the foam rubber forms fitted snugly and stuck quite firmly over her own breasts. They still looked like cheap fake foam rubber boobs. After the tub was nearly full Valerie got in, but found she couldn't fully submerge her chest and the breast forms in the shallow tub without causing the tub to overflow. She solved this problem by simple turning over and laying on her stomach in the tub. The instructions didn't say how long she was suppose to soak the breast forms in water, and laying as she was on her belly she couldn't see what was happening without raising up out of the water. So, she decided to stay in the tub for at least fifteen minutes.

         Valerie really wanted to see if the 'Magic Double Dee Tit Kit' was actually working and she found it very hard to wait for as long as she decided to wait. On raising up out of the water she immediately noticed how much heavier her breasts felt, then she saw she had a pair of huge breasts that looked totally real. As she stood in the tub examining her huge new breasts Valerie discovered they not only looked totally real, with big fat nipples and wide dark aureoles, they also jiggled and bounced just like real natural Double 'D' plus breasts. But, the most amazing thing that totally stunned her, they FELT just like they were her own breasts. Tweaking the breasts big fat nipples she discovered they swelled up just like the real nipples they looked and felt like.

         As Valerie hefted and fondled her new breasts she muttered, "Ohh good God! There's nothing fake about these. They are real! They're really real! They're also a lot bigger then double 'D's."

         After drying off Valerie found her new huge breasts still looked and felt just as real dry as they did wet. As she posed and played with her new breasts in front of the full length bathroom mirror Valerie thought, "These are, are so neat. I wonder how long I can ware them... Hell, how am I going to get these monsters off. There has to be more instructions then was on that card."

        This thought prompted Valerie to check the Tit Kit box again, as well as the tissue paper the breast forms was wrapped in, to see if she missed any pamphlet or brochure the first time she looked. There was nothing to find, the box was empty except for the wrapping paper and the wrapping paper was just wrapping paper. Finding nothing Valerie muttered, "There has to be more instructions then that one card. There has to something about how long I can wear these. And, how I can take'em off?"

         About then, Valerie heard Bill entering the apartment and decided to worry about the obviously missing remaining instructions after she surprised Bill. She figured she could get the missing instructions from the shopkeeper with no problem. So, she threw on a big roomy bathrobe and draped a towel down over her shoulders to help conceal her new huge breasts as she left the bathroom. She stuck small box holding the 'Super Sizer Cock Ring' in her robe pocket before greeting Bill in the kitchen where she found him fixing himself a sandwich.

         Valerie originally intended to wait only long enough for Bill to get comfortable before throwing out her robe to reveal her surprise with a big 'Ta-Da!'. But instead, at the last moment she decided to see how long it would take Bill to notice something was different before springing her surprise on him. So, after giving him a quick kiss on the cheek Valerie started making a fresh pot of coffee.

         Of course, Bill noticed what Valerie was wearing but didn't give it much thought. When she kissed him, Bill could have sworn he felt Valerie's breasts press against him in a way they never did before. He also noticed Valerie looked different some how, and she seemed to move differently. Bill studied Valerie for three or four minutes as she got his coffee cup and set across from him at the table while they waited for the coffee maker to finish brewing.

         When Valerie got up to pour the coffee Bill was sure she was hiding something under the robe. He saw it move. As she returned to the table with the coffee Bill asked, "Valerie, did you buy anything special today?"

         Valerie smiled sweetly and replied, "Oh just a little something I thought you'd like. I was hoping to surprise you."

         "Is it alive?"

         Valerie stifled a laugh and said, "Well, I don't know for sure. I think they are."

         Wondering how much she had spent this time, and trying to keep his irritation from showing Bill asked, "You think, they are alive? What the hell do you mean?"

         Trying to keep from giggling Valerie replied, "I was wanting to surprise you later, but I guess I'll can show them to you now. You'll see what I mean." With a big ear to ear smile Valerie stood with her back toward him, slipped the robe and towel off her shoulders and let them fall back on her chair. Then she quickly turned around and bounced a little just to set her now huge tits a jiggling.

         Valerie loved the look of stunned amazement that swept over Bills face as he got a good look at her new breasts. When he didn't do anything except stare open mouthed at her tits Valerie struck a few poses, causing her huge breasts to bounce and jiggle in ways only real breasts could do. When Bill only swallowed and continue staring Valerie walked around the table and plopped down in his lap. After lifting his hands to her breasts Valerie asked, "Well? Do you like them? I got them on sale. I thought you'd like to play with them and I hope you like'em."

         Bill finally managed to stammer as he fondled a pair of huge tits that he knew could not be real, but felt just like real warm soft tits, very big tits, "Ha... Ha, how? I, I mean are they real? But, how could they be real!?"

         Laughing, Valerie stood and pressed Bill's face between her breasts as she said, "They sure feel real to me. How do the feel to you?"

         Bill sputtered as he pulled his face away from Valerie's huge new breasts, and as he hefted and fondled them he muttered, "They are real! But, but they can't be real."

         Experimentally Bill tweaked a nipple of Valerie's fantastic new breasts, to which she immediately reacted with, "Owww! That hurts!"

         "Good God! They are real!" Bill exclaimed. "But, where... How is this possible!?"

         Valerie laughed and bounced up and down, which caused her breasts to bounce and jiggle all over her chest, as she said, "Magic!"


         Valerie laughed again and said, "I said Magic, real magic. I bought a 'Magic Double Dee Tit Kit' and it really worked! Do yea like em? I got them just for you ta play with'n look at."

         Still staring at her bouncing jiggling tits Bill swallowed and said, "Uhhh, yeah. I like them, but I still don't understand how such a thing is possible."

         Valerie picked up the bath robe and handed Bill the instruction card she had in the pocket as she said, "This is all I had to do."

         Bill quickly read the instructions and asked, "Breast forms?"

         Valerie nodded and said, "Yeah. When I first took them outa the box they looked like the kind of cheep foam rubber breast forms yea can use to stuff a regular bra when yea don't have a padded one. Then I followed those instructions and, and well... Yea can see the results for your self."

         Then Valerie set a small box on the table and said, "I also got this for you." When Bill picked up the box Valerie quickly added, "I don't mean to imply you're too small or anything like that, because you're not. I just remembered that comment you made about the size of that porno actor John Holms, and I thought you might like too see what it's like to have a cock as big as that."

         Bill read aloud the box's label, " 'Magic Super-Sizer Cock Ring' ", and asked, "You mean this is suppose to make my dick grow like that 'tit kit' gave you bigger tits?"

         Bright eyed and smiling Valerie nodded and said, "Yeah. That's what the Shopkeeper said it would do." Then as she pressed her breasts against him and caressed the bulge in Bill's trousers she asked in her seductive tone of voice, "I'd really like to help you try it out if you want too."

         Bill gave Valerie's tits another squeeze, they still seemed totally real, then shook his head as he slipped an arm around her waist and said, "You know damn well yea little minks I'll have to see if this thing really works, especially after seeing your great new tits."

         As they when to the bedroom Valerie was thinking, "Well, he sure as hell is not thinking of any credit card bills now!"

         In the bedroom, While Valerie helped him take his clothes off, Bill read the small instruction card he found folded up in the box with what looked like short, thin walled rubber tube with a hole in its side. The tube was about an inch in diameter and three inches long with a 1½ inch diameter hole in its side. The rubber was about twice as thick as the rubber used to make normal surgical rubber glove, it was flesh colored on the outside and reddish-tan on the inside. The instructions read :

        Magic Super-Sizer Cock Ring

                  Instruction Sheet

         1) Remove all hair from penis and testicles.
         2) Place elastic cock ring around base of penis with red side against bare skin.
                  2a) Insert testicles through the hole in cock ring.
         3) To activate Super-sizer cock ring, engage in vaginal intercourse.

         After reading the brief instructions Bill complained, "Hey, this says not to get any hair under the cock-ring. Look at this thing! If I have to do that I'll have to shave my whole crotch! Do I really have to do that?"

         Valerie shrugged and said, "It's magic. Do you really want to ignore a capitalized and underlined warning concerning a magic thingy? Especially, since it's suppose to effect something you value as much as your cock? Who knows what might happen if you don't shave? Your cock could shrivel up 'n' fall off. Besides it doesn't say you have to shave your entire crotch, just the part the cock ring will fit over."

         "But, look at how long this 'ring' is! It should be called 'Super-sizer Cock Tube'", Bill complained.

         "Oh stop whining! Even if yea do shave everything off, who's going to see besides me? I'll do it for yea, you just lay back'n think what it'll be like ta fuck me with a foot long cock.", Valerie said as she pushed Bill back on the bed.

         It took only a few of minutes for Valerie to remove all trace of hair from the 'designated' area using a pair of scissors and the electric shaver she uses to shave her legs. Since Valerie did a little more then just shave his cock and balls, Bill had a nice big hard-on by the time Valerie was ready to slip the cock ring down over his cock. She was careful and double check to make sure none of his remaining pubic hair was under the cock ring. Playing with Bill's cock had gotten Valerie wet and ready to fuck by the time the cock ring was in place and Bill asked, "Well Val, you ready to help me activate this thing?"

         Valerie licked her lips and asked, "You want me on top or the bottom?"

         Bill laughed and lay back as he said, "I want you on top so I can play with those fantastic new tits of yours, and watch them bounce around while we fuck."

         Valerie laughed and shook her tits at him. Then she straddled his waist and slowly impaled herself on Bill's hard thick cock. After fully burying his cock in her pussy Valerie leaned forward to let Bill reach and fondle her breasts, which wasn't very far. As he took full advantage of her offer Valerie begin rocking her hips back and forth, slowly at first but faster and faster till it looked like she was riding a runaway horse.

         For the first few minutes Valerie concentrated on pumping Bill's cock in and out of her pussy as fast as she could without accidentally popping it out, and she didn't really notice anything difference from the other times they fucked this way. Then she noticed an odd tingling, almost like a mild electric current was flowing between her pussy and Bill's cock. The tingling sensation grew stronger fairly quickly and it felt like either her pussy was shrinking and gripping Bill's cock much more firmly, or his cock was growing larger.

         She gasped, "Ohh yeah! I feel it happening! You're getting bigger, you're really getting bigger!"

         He groaned and just managed to gasp, "Yeah! I think I feel it too!"

         In a short time Valerie realized Bill's cock didn't seem to be growing any bigger, but the odd tingling continued and seemed to fill her entire belly. The sensation wasn't painful or uncomfortable, in fact it felt good, very, very good, and Valerie was quickly having one shuttering orgasm after another. This seemed to go on, and on, and on until Bill finally gave out a long loud agonized sounding groan and gasped, "Uhhhh, I'm cuummin! I... I'm cuummminng!"

         Then Valerie felt surging gush after gush of thick warm cum spewing from Bill's throbbing cock to fill and over fill her pussy. Cum, a fantastic, unbelievable amount of cum poured and gushed out of Valerie's cock filled pussy around Bill's throbbing cock. Their crotches and thighs, as well as the bed beneath them, was thoroughly soaked with warm gooey cum.

         Almost before he finished cumming Bill literally passed out, sound asleep. Looking down at Bill's sleeping face Valerie realized she was also feeling very tired. She lay atop Bill's sleeping body with his cock still buried in her cum drenched pussy, just to rest a few minutes, but she was so tired and sleepy was Valerie soon as sound asleep as Bill was.

         Some time later Bill woke up to find Valerie sound asleep on top of him, her still huge breasts squished against his chest, and his now soft cock still buried in her pussy. Despite the sticky mess almost gluing them together Bill found the feel of his cock buried in Valerie's warm pussy and the thick lustful smell of sex was causing his flaccid cock to start getting hard again. As he felt his cock slowly swelling and stiffening in Valerie's pussy Bill began to pump it in 'n' out, slow 'n' easy at first, but faster and harder as his cock grew stiffer and stiffer.

         It wasn't long before Bill's stiffening thrusting cock woke up Valerie up and she became a more active participate. She stretched and smiled at Bill as she said, "Ohh, what a nice way to wake up. Mmmmm, yea know... Yea really do feel bigger, a lot bigger."

         Valerie began bouncing up and down on Bill's cock again, rising higher and higher with each bounce, till she was bouncing up and down Bill's cock higher then she ever had before. Even raised up as high as she could on her knees as she straddled Bill's waist, at least eight inches, his cock still didn't slip out of her pussy. As she bounced higher and higher on Bill's cock Valerie gasped, "Ohh good Gaawwd! How the fuck big did you get? This thing's a fucking monster! How the fuck is this, this monster fitting in my pussy!?"

         Valerie tried get up off of Bill's obviously monstrously enlarged cock to see just how big it was, but he pulled her down saying, "We can see how big my cock is after I fill your pussy with cum again."

         Then holding her close, Bill rolled over on top of her, and resumed fucking Valerie with long forceful thrusts as her huge breasts shimmered, rolled and bounced around on her chest like two big mounds of jello. The sensation of her new breasts bounding around like they never did before, combined with the feel of having a telephone pole size cock ramming in and out of her pussy, very quickly had Valerie cumming and cumming and cumming.

         Bill fucked Valerie this way, like a mindless runaway robot, for many many minutes, and long before he finally came she had lost count of the number of orgasms she had. And when he finally did cum, he came even more then he did the first time. He filled her pussy with cum like water from a hose till cum was actually squirting out around his cock. Then once again, Bill immediately fell sound asleep almost before he finished filling her pussy with his impossibly huge load. But this time, Valerie managed to stay awake.

         Valerie just lay beneath Bill for a while as she recovered from the most intensely fantastic fucking she'd ever experienced. When she finally managed to roll Bill's heavy sleeping form off of her she felt and actually heard Bill's semi-flaccid cock slip out of her pussy with a wet sucking sound that ended in a distinct 'popping' sound. Valerie was amazed by how 'empty' and down right 'drafty' her pussy felt without Bill's cock filling it.

         When she got her first look at the most monstrous cock she ever saw on any human Valerie muttered, "Ohh good Gawd! That thing is huge! It really is a monster!"

         Bill's cock was actually longer then her forearm now and nearly as big a round as her forearm. After discovering just how big Bill's flaccid cock was she shook her head muttering, "How the hell did ALL of that monster fit in my pussy! I bet a fucking horse cock isn't any bigger then that thing is."

         There was a couple of cans of pop sitting on the dresser and on impulse Valerie took one of the unopened cans of Dr. Pepper and discovered she could easily slip it, all of it, up inside her pussy. Then she stuck another one in her pussy and was stunned to discover the two cans of soda was no more uncomfortable then one of the tampons she used every month. Even after walking around the bedroom a few times Valerie found that if not for the weight of the full cans of soda she could have easily over looked the fact she had two cans of pop stuck up in her pussy like a tampon.

         Since she had cum dripping all the way down both legs Valerie decided she really needed a shower. She didn't bother to take the cans out of her pussy and took the shower with them still in her pussy with no discomfort at all. She found she could use the hand held shower head to douche with and did so without bothering to remove the cans while she showered. By the time she finished showering and douching she barely noticed she had anything in her pussy at all.

         In fact, for a couple of hours Valerie nearly forgot she was carrying two soda cans around in her twat. When she finally got over the novelty of have a couple of Dr. Pepper's stuck up her pussy Valerie stood with her legs spread wide apart to see if the cans would slip out of her pussy. They didn't, so she tried to see if they'd fall out if she relaxed her vaginal muscles as much as she could. She discovered she had to really concentrate to get vaginal muscles to relax to the point she could feel the cans starting to slip lower and lower in her pussy. Then, with little warning the cans suddenly slid out of her pussy and dropped to the floor.

         Picking up the warm slimy cans from the floor Valerie muttered, "Ohh good Gawd, I'm ruined! I'll never be able to fuck a normal sized man again. Ohh fuck! I'll have to use a fucking 'maxi-pad' for tampons from now on."

         Returning to the bedroom Valerie was again amazed by the massive size of Bill's cock. Even totally soft and flaccid it was bigger then anything she ever saw on any man, except for the freakish monsters a very, very few porno stars sported. She still had hard time believing she now had a pussy big enough to fuck the monster cock Bill had now, or maybe even a horse. Just as Bill started waking up Valerie had a sudden and very alarming thought, "Ohh Gawd! What if he's stuck with that thing!? If he has to lug that monster around all the time, he'll kill me!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Three

        As he woke up Bill was first aware of the sticky mess he was laying in, then he felt an equally sticky mass laying across his thigh. Raising up on his elbows he caught his first look at the thick massive flaccid cock laying across his thigh. He blinked several times, then just stared at the monstrous organ sprouting from his crotch until he noticed Valerie quietly sitting in the chair next to the bed. He gave her a wry smile and said, "So, that's how big a Super-Sized cock is. It's obvious the Shopkeeper who sold you this toy did not exaggerate in naming his wears."

         Valerie asked, obvious relief in her voice, "You, you're not mad at me?"

         As Bill stood up still staring down at his cock that now literally hung down to his knees he asked in a bemused voice, "Why would I be mad at you?" Then he took hold of his massive cock and said, "Gawd! this thing is huge, and it really feels real. Even my balls look bigger. I wonder how long it's suppose to stay this big?"

         Following Bill into the bathroom Valerie watched him piss as he said, "Will yea just look at the size of this monster!"

         Valerie giggled nervously and said, "Yeah, I bet yea'd have no trouble suckin your own cock now."

         Valerie watched as Bill's initial look of disgust at the idea of sucking his own cock slowly changed to a thoughtful expression. Then she noticed his cock didn't seem quite as flaccid as it had been. She laughed and said, "You're really thinking about givin it a try aren't yea?"

         In response, Bill grabbed Valerie's hand and pulled her back to the bedroom where he pushed her back on the cum soaked bed. Then he climbing astride her and flopping his huge and still mostly flaccid cock down between her huge breasts and against her face. Looking down at her with his cock laying across her face Bill said, "I just might give it a try sometime. But right now, you're the one who's going to do some cock sucking."

         Taking hold of Bill's cock with both hands, Valerie giggled and said, "That, I gota see." Then, opened her mouth as wide as she could and took as much of Bill's monster cock in her mouth as she could. Bill's flaccid cock must have been over fourteen inches long and over two inches in diameter. By the time Valerie worked on Bill's cock a while it grew and stiffened into a seventeen or eighteen inch rod of flesh that was at least 2½ inches in diameter. As it grew to it's full size Valerie quickly discovered she could barely get the head of the monster cock in her mouth. She had to settle with mostly just licking the monster and using her hands on it.

         Once Bill's cock was fully erect and as hard and stiff as flesh could get he moved back to kneel between Valerie's legs, and for the first time Valerie saw just how huge his cock was in comparison to her own body and pussy. Valerie gasped and exclaimed, "Ohh good gaawwd! That thing has to come all the way up as far as my tits! There is no fucking way all of that monster will fit in me!"

         Bill just smiled as he moved back far enough to slip his swollen cock-head into Valerie's pussy, then as he slowly pushed more and more of his monster cock in her pussy Bill said, "Valerie, you've already had the whole thing buried in your pussy. I never realized you had such a big pussy."

         As he slipped his cock in her pussy and easily buried half its length in her in one thrust. Valerie watched wide eyed as every inch of Bill's monster cock disappeared in her pussy. Once Bill's cock was in as far it was possible to go, with his pubes firmly pressing against Valerie's, she rubbed her belly and muttered, "I know all of that thing shouldn't be able to fit in my poor pussy. But it is! That monster must go all the way up to my tits! My poor pussy has got to be the size of horse's pussy to take all of that thing."

         Once his cock was buried in Valerie's pussy he didn't seem to care what she was saying and for the next half hour Bill fucked her as if he was trying to drive his cock all the way up and out of her mouth. Valerie lost count of the orgasms she had, she even lost awareness of everything excepting the monstrous cock pounding in and out of her pussy. Awareness slowly returned sometime after Bill spewed another unbelievably huge load of cum into her pussy and passed out on top of her with his cock still buried in her pussy. Valerie just lay under Bill's limp sleeping body, without the energy to struggle out from under him after another mind-blowing fucking, until she also drifted off to a very sound sleep.

         Valerie awoke to the smell of coffee and frying bacon. The wonderful smell of cooking almost 'forced' her to get up, and when she moved to roll out of bed her new massive breasts made themselves known. At first Valerie sat on the edge of the bed just staring down at a pair of really huge massive tits in sleepy wonder until she woke up enough to recall how her breasts had gotten so huge. As she hefted her massive tits in wonder she was struck by the urgent need to piss and had to hurry to the bathroom.

         After taking care of her morning 'business', Valerie realized just how 'funky' she was decided she really needed a nice hot shower. While she adjusted the water temperature Bill yelled from the kitchen, "Hey, Val. You finally decided to get up? What do you want for breakfast?"

         She yelled back, "Whatever you're fixing smells okay to me. I'll be out as soon as I take a shower."

         After a quick shower, she saw just how gooey and cum soaked the bed sheets (and mattress) was, and took the time to throw the sheets and bedclothes in the dirty clothes. She couldn't do anything about the cum soaked mattress, but she figured they needed a new one anyway and this time she'd be sure to get a rubber sheet to go with it.

         Just as she started to leave the bedroom the box Bill's cock-ring came in was laying on the floor and caught her attention. As she picked it up Valerie noticed 'Mystical Magical Novelties' and a phone number was printed on the inside bottom of the little box. This reminded her she needed to find out how to take off her magic tits and return Bill's cock to normal size, if it hasn't done so on its own already. The bedside alarm clock read '09:52 AM', she had slept over twelve hours, and she figured the shop should be open. She decided to make a quick call to see if she could get the missing instructions without having to drive to the shop to get them.

         Making the call, the phone was answered, before the first ring finished, by the shopkeeper who said, "Good morning Miss Valerie. How may I help you this fine morning?"

         Valerie replied, "Good morning to you too.", then she realized she hadn't said who she was but the shopkeeper already knew.

         Before she could ask about it the Shopkeeper said, "Caller ID work good, does it not?"

         Her unspoken question answered, Valerie replied, "Uhh... Yeah. It does."

         Before she could say anything else the Shopkeeper asked, "How you like new tits? How Bill like new cock? I bet you and he have very good time playing with new tits and cock."

         Valerie answered, "Ohh, yeah, we love them, and we did have a good time playing with them."

         The Shopkeeper chuckled and said, "Good, good. I knew you like. I know, I know I forget to write anything about effect cock-ring have on activating pussy. Sorry about oversight. You like new 'Super-size' pussy 'Super-Sizer Cock-Ring' give you?"

         As the Shopkeeper mentioned it Valerie became aware of how her noticeably larger pussy actually seemed like it was gaping open, and how 'empty' it felt. She replied, "Well, it was a bit of a surprise, but I guess it shouldn't have been. I was also surprised how huge Bill's cock actually got, and my tits are a lot bigger then double 'D'."

         The Shopkeeper chuckled again and explained, "Size of new tits are double 'D' plus size of old tits, so you now have double 'E' size tits, and Super-size mean super-size, not just big or extra big."

         Valerie frowned at this rather obvious, if late, explanation then said, "Uhh, well, okay, I guess I just didn't think about that. But, we still need to know how to, to return everything to normal. You seem to have put only part of the instructions in the box, the part that tells us how to make my tits and Bill's cock bigger. The part that tells us how to make ourselves normal size after we're done playing was not the boxes."

         Still in a friendly happy tone of voice the Shopkeeper replied, "Yes, yes, that right. Is none."

         At this reply a cold chill gripped Valerie's guts and she asked in a suddenly high squeaky voice, "What!? What do you mean, 'is none'? Are you saying you've misplaced the instructions?"

         The Shopkeeper replied, "No, no. No lose. Is no more instructions."

         Valerie would have yelled except her voice almost failed her as she demanded, "What do you mean, there is no more instructions!? There has to be! How am I suppose to take these monster tits off!? How do I make Bill's cock and my pussy normal size again!?"

         Sounding puzzled, the Shopkeeper said, "You said you wanted permanent, I give you permanent. You want, I sell."

         A stunned Valerie heard the shop's door bell and voices in the background over the phone shortly before the Shopkeeper said, "I must go now. You and boy friend enjoy new tits, cock and pussy. Bye, bye now." Then he hung up, leaving Valerie staring in disbelieving shock at the phone as it hummed and then began beeping at her to hang it up.

         When Valerie finally responded to Bill's repeated calls and went to the kitchen he realized from her pale wide eyed but otherwise blank expression that something was very, very wrong. He was immediately concerned and a more then a little annoyed, he figured she had spent a wad of money and just now realized just how much she spent on some stupid impulse. From the way she was acting he figured she must have really spent a bundle on something, but with a lot of self-control he didn't start yelling before asking, "Valerie, what did you buy this time? How much did you spend on what ever it was?"

         Instead of trying to come up with some outrageous story, or simply running away to lock herself in the bathroom or bedroom, as she normally did when confronted with some new outrageous bill, Valerie just plopped down in a chair and started wailing like someone died. This startled Bill enough he didn't start yelling about the bills, instead he sat down beside her and hugged her as he asked, "Uhhh, Val, what's wrong, Honey? You can tell me. No matter how much you spent, I promise I won't do more then yell like I always do."

         He finally coaxed her into wailing, "Ohh Gawd! I wish this was just about me spending too much! I, I've really fucked up this time! Ohh Gawd, did I fuckup this time! You're goin'a kill me an, and I really deserve it for what I've done to us!"

         Bill was getting a sinking suspicion Valerie was not talking about spending too much this time, and with a lot of effort he finally got her to explain why she was so upset. After she finished telling him how they was stuck with their overly 'enhanced assets' Bill found himself staring down at his cock and how it now hung over the edge of the chair seat and half way to the floor. He was thinking, "She's right about fucking up. This is surly the most mind blowin fuckup anyone could make. And all because she didn't want me to get mad because she keeps spending every cent we have as fast as we earn it."

         Looking at Valerie, at how pitiful she looked Bill said, "Val, I, I guess everyone fucks up, but good God girl! when you fuck up you really fuckup. Except for the way you spend our money, I never thought you were a dumb bimbo Valerie, at least I didn't think you were. So I find it hard to believe you didn't make damn sure this was reversible before you did something like this to us."

         In response Valerie just cringed and looked even more miserable so Bill said, "Val, I'm not going to kill you or do anything like that. Maybe I should, I sure have cause if I thought you did something like this on purpose, but I know yea didn't. Besides, I think those huge new tits of yours is going give yea even more problems then this monster I have hangin between my legs. And if I do kill yea then who will I fuck?, some mare?, cause I seriously doubt I'll find any other woman I could screw with this horse cock I have now."

         As Valerie began looking a little less miserable Bill was thinking, "Nooo, I'm not gona kill yea, but I will find some way to make sure yea never do something like this again."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Four

         A couple of months after Valerie's magical surprises she and Bill had more or less adjusted to their oversized equipment. Valerie happily bought herself new bras, new lingerie, new dresses, practically a whole new wardrobe, much to Bill's dismay. What still bothered Valerie very much was how everyone seems to just see her tits, at least that is where everyone seems to be looking. She also couldn't help but notice how people didn't seem to take her seriously since her tits grew so huge. It seemed like both men and women assumed she traded in her brains for tits, and assumed she was a dumb blond bimbo. Even dyeing her naturally blond hair dark brown didn't help.

         Bill's wardrobe adjustments mostly consisted of switching to loose boxer underwear and very loose fitting baggy trousers. Speedo swim shorts, as well as almost all normal swimware was simple not an option for Bill at the beach. And the first time he got a hard-on while stuffed into tight fitting shorts was more then a little uncomfortable. He also found there was somethings, like going to the beach, that simply wasn't worth the trouble and aggravation his horse size cock usually caused. Luckily his job as a freelance programmer and network trouble shooter was not adversely effected by the size of his new cock.

         As he headed home after finishing a job that kept him away for four days he wondered how much Valerie spent while he was away this time. For a while after she fucked up with the magic sex toys she showed a surprising amount of restraint in her spending, but he should have known it couldn't last. He had a big job coming up in a couple of days, a job that would take him all the way to Australia for at least three months and maybe as long as six months.

         On all the other long jobs he has had he could and did take Valerie along with him. She usually enjoyed the trips, and he could keep an eye on how much she was spending. This job would be the longest, and best paying job he has had so far, but he couldn't take Valerie with him this time. Could be away for six months, he's never been away more then a couple of weeks and left Valerie alone with the credit cards before, and he was really dreading it.

         He had very little doubt she could spend more then he'd be earning on this job no matter how much they paid him. He really didn't want to do anything like strangling Valerie, or locking up somewhere, or stranding her on an island in the middle of nowhere. So, as he was dwelling on this problem and trying to think of something he could do about it he realized he just drove past the 'Mystical Magical Adult Novelty Shop'. For some reason, probably just desperate hope, Bill found himself turning around and parking in the small parking lot next to the shop.

         He debated with himself for a few minutes about the wisdom of having anything to do with the little shop and its shopkeeper. The bulge in his left pants leg that extended all the way to his knee was a powerful reminder that 'magic', some magic anyway, really worked. It was also an equally powerful reminder that magic could really fuck an unwary person over. Although he felt he might be making a very serious mistake Bill finally decided to go in and at least browse around. He really doubted he'd find anything he could use, or had the nerve to use.

         On entering the shop a different shopkeeper greeted him, this one was a really sexy looking redhead, instead of the little old man. So Bill was a little surprised when she greeted him by name in the same, but much sexier, accent the little old man had. "Good day, Bill. See, you come back. This time you buy something, something for your woman. I know I find just what you need."

         Surprised, Bill stared a few seconds before starting to ask, "How did you... "

         The sexy redhead interrupted with, "I be Sorceress. Is how I know who you are, how I know I have something you desire."

         An hour later Bill was pulling into his garage with a small gift and a very big surprise for Valerie he planned on springing on her tonight, or tomorrow night. As usual, Valerie greeted Bill wearing a sexy little outfit that had very little to do with modesty and a lot to do with the fucking they both enjoyed every time he returned from a job, even a short one or two day job. After a quick dinner Valerie and Bill lost no time in getting naked and into bed where he nearly fucking her unconscious before falling into a deep sound asleep, as he usually did.

         Valerie lay under Bill's limp sleeping form, with his softening cock still filling her cum filled pussy. She loved the feel of Bill's cock in her pussy, and though she'd never admit it she was not all that sorry about the mistake that gave him a horse size cock and her a pussy to fit it. Although she had more or less gotten use to her double 'F' tits, and she loved the way they felt when they were played with, but she did wish they weren't quite so big.

         Gently caressing Bill's strong back and nice firm ass Valerie wondered, not for the first time, if she was addicted to getting fucked by his huge thick cock. When Bill was away she missed him a lot, she also missed having his cock in her pussy, and it seemed that she couldn't stop thinking of the way it felt to be fucked by him and his giant cock. After a while Valerie gently rolled Bill off of her, taking care to keep his cock firmly buried in her pussy, which is how she fell asleep a few minutes later.

         The next morning Valerie woke up before Bill to find he had a partial hard-on, which wasn't too unusual. She carefully stuffed his long thick semi-erect cock in her pussy and using her very well developed vaginal muscles soon had him nice and hard. When he finally fully woke up Bill found Valerie sitting astride his hips with his now fully erect cock buried in her pussy gently massaging it with her pussy muscles. She had her eyes closed in concentration till he reached up and began fondling her massive tits.

         Seeing he was fully wake Valerie smiled as she continued 'pussy milking' his cock while he played with her ample tits and long fat nipples. As she began to slowly rock her hips to pump his cock in her pussy Valerie said, "After I give yea a nice good morning fuck I'll fix yea a nice breakfast while yea have your after fuck nap."

         Then she leaned down gave him a passionate kiss before saying, "Have I told you how much I love you lately? Well, I do. I love the way you have patience with me. I love the way you put up with my spending, and I promise I am trying to at least ask myself if I really need something before I buy it. I love the way you nearly fuck my brains out. And I just love You for the wonderful person, and lover of course, that you are." She gave him another long passionate kiss then said, "You just lay back and let me do the work this time."

         Later that day, as he prepared to spring his surprise on Valerie Bill felt a twinge of conscious. Despite her faults he knew she really did love him and although the Shopkeeper assured him his surprise really wouldn't hurt her he almost decided to not do it too her. Then he saw one of this month's credit card statements, and decided he really couldn't afford to go off and leave Valerie alone with any of the credit cards for over three months.

         At dinner that evening Bill told Valerie about the Australia job. She was not happy to hear he'd be away for three to six months and complained, "But why can't I go with you? You know how lonely I get when you're away for only a couple of weeks! I don't know what I'll do if you're gone for three whole months, and six months would be more then twice as bad!"

         Bill reached over to caress her face as he said, "Ohh, you'll miss me? You poor thing, I'm sure it's my cock stuffin you pussy is what you'll miss."

         Valerie replied heatedly, "Damn it! It's not funny! That is not the only thing I'll miss! I mean it, I'll miss you, not just your cock."

         Dropping his hand to her breast he said, as he slipped his hand under her top and played with a fat nipple, "Ohh, I guess you will miss more then my cock. I know I'll miss having you around for more then just your pussy, although I doubt I'll find anyone else I could fuck."

         She slapped his hand away from her breast as she angrily said, "Damn it Bill! I love you, all of you, not just your cock. I thought you loved me too, and not just my tits and pussy! Is that all I am to you, big tits and a pussy big enough to fuck that monster cock?"

         Bill got up and hugged Valerie as he said, "No Honey, I love you too. You're not just big tits and a pussy to me. You're really not, but yea have to admit you're gona miss my cock as much as I'm gona miss your pussy. Yea have ta admit my cock and your pussy was 'made for each other' since you had a lot to do with that."

         A while later, in the 'game room' Bill and Valerie had fixed up as their own private orgy room, Valerie snuggled up close to Bill, pressing her breasts against him as she caressing his swelling cock. In return Bill fondled her breasts and nipples as he slipped his hand into her warm damp slit while he very lightly stroked her clit with his thumb. She nuzzled his neck and said, "Mmmm, I know it's sometimes in the way and inconvenient, but I have to tell yea I love what that magic cock-ring did to your cock. Yea know, when I first saw how huge your cock became I couldn't believe I actually had the whole thing in my poor little pussy."

         Bill chuckled and said, "Well, your 'poor little pussy' isn't so little any more." Then he slipped his whole hand up past the wrist into her pussy.

         Valerie gave a little groan of pleasure before giggling and saying, "No, it sure isn't 'little' any more, but your cock fills it up just perfect." She suddenly frowned and said, "I guess I'm gona have ta get use to goin without my favorite pussy stuffer." She sighed and added, "That house-cock size dildo you got me isn't nearly as good as the real thing. I'm really gona miss yea while you're away in Australia."

         Bill decided Valerie was in the right frame of mind to let him give her his surprise and said, as her continued probing her pussy with one hand while playing with a nipple with the other, "When I accepted the Australian job, then learned I couldn't take you along I thought about turning it down, but I didn't. We really need the money they'll pay me so we can finally pay off some of our credit cards."

         In a rather contrite tone Valerie said, "Ohh... I, I'm sorry about all the bills. I know you must dread goin away and leaving me alone with our cards, but I promise, and I really mean it, I'll not touch any of them except to buy the bare necessities."

         Bill gave her nipple a playful twist and said, "Well. I think I've found a way I can, in a way "and quite literally", take you with me to Australia If you're willing to give magic another try."

         Surprised and mildly alarmed Valerie said, "Magic!? I thought you didn't want to have anything to do with that after our, er, accident. You wouldn't even go back to the shop to see if he had something to reverse what the tit kit and magic cock-ring did to us."

         Bill frowned as he said, "Yeah, well, I may have reacted a little too strongly. But anyway, on the way home today I found myself driving by the 'Mystical Magical Adult Novelty Shop' and on an impulse stopped. I still almost didn't go in the place, but I finally decided it wouldn't hurt to just look around. I also decided I was going to make damn sure I understand everything about anything I might buy in that shop."

         Valerie asked, "Did they have anything to make us normal again?"

         Bill shook his head and said, "No, not really, not in stock anyway. The Shopkeeper expects to acquire something in a few months, but there's nothing right now. At least not unless you want to trade in your tits and pussy for a cock and balls."

         Valerie said, "Uhh, no. I don't think I'm in that much of a hurry, I can wait."

         Bill chuckled and said, "Yeah, I didn't think so, and I sure wasn't ready to permanently trade in my oversized cock for tits and a pussy. Although, if you're willing, I think we might give it a try some weekend."

         Valerie giggled and said, "Ohww, that might be fun. I think I'd like to see what it's like to be the fucker instead of the fuckee for a change."

         Bill laughed and gave one of Valerie's nipples a tweak as he said, "But, I did find something for you, something nice'n kinky I think you'll like."

         "Ohh... you did? What did you get?", she asked with cautious curiosity.

         Popping his hand out of Valerie's pussy, Bill got up and got a neatly wrapped box. Opening the box Bill gave Valerie a small crystal bottle filled with a pearlescent pinkish liquid, and said, "It's a 'magic potion'. It is suppose to... let me fuck you no matter where I am, even in Australia."

         "What?? How..."

         "As the shopkeeper explained it to me, you drink the potion then we fuck to activate the spell." Bill said then paused to take a fleshy colored latex tube from the box before continuing, "Then no matter where I am, when I use a special 'pocket pussy' it'll feel just like we're really fucking. You'll even feel my cock in your pussy."

         Valerie stared at the little pink bottle then at the latex 'pocket pussy' before asking, "You mean that no matter where you are it'll feel just like we're really fucking when you jack-off with that thing?"

         Bill shrugged and said, "Yeah, I guess it's suppose to work something like that."

         Valerie giggled and said, "Ohh Gawd! Long-distance fucking. I heard the phone company talk about reaching out a touching someone, but I never thought imagined doin it like this!"

         Bill just laughed and said, "Yeah, long-distance fucking. Yea want to give it a try?"

         Frowning, she stared at the foot long, two inch diameter latex 'pocket pussy' again then said, "That thing'll never fit over your cock."

         Bill thought, "Oh Oh, She's getin suspicious", as he said, "No, not now it won't. Yea want ta give this a try? If it works like the Shopkeeper said then neither of us will have to go without fuckin for the next three to six months. That is something I'm really not lookin forward ta doin."

         Valerie said, "Yeah, me too.", before looking from the pink potion to Bill and asking, "You sure this isn't going to do something unexpected? You did make sure you understand everything this stuff is suppose to do, and we're not goin to get a nasty surprise like we did with the 'toys' I got? I know I fucked up then and I don't want to do it again."

         Bill thought, "You might be surprised, but I made sure I won't be.", as he assured Valerie, "Ohh, I feel the same way, and I made damn sure I learned exactly what that potion does and doesn't do. I promise there will no surprises "at least for me" as far as this is concerned. I also made sure the effects are fully reversible. If I'm not totally satisfied with the results the Shopkeeper assured me she can and will reverse all and any effects of the potion."

         Valerie sighed and said, "I really wish I had done that when I bought my toys. Big tits like these can be a lot of fun, but not if yea have ta put up with'em all the time. I'm sure you feel the same about your one-eyed monster."

         She looked at the potion again and asked, "All I have to do is drink this, then we fuck? How would that make it seem like you're fucking when you're really fucking a plastic jack-off toy?"

         Bill replied, "Yeah, that's what we do, and as far as how it works, I have no idea, after all it's magic."

         Making up her mind she knelt on bed beside him and asked, "Ohh, okay. I didn't mean how the magic works. I meant what's the effects? How will it feel? What actually happens when we use this potion?"

         Bill nodded and said, "Okay, that I can tell yea. The Shopkeeper explained in detail what will happen after you take the potion and we fuck. At first nothing will seem to happen until you start cumming, then each time you cum it'll seem like you're changing into a 'pocket pussy'."

         "What!? Are you saying that stuff is suppose ta turn me into one of those plastic sex toys?" Valerie demanded in an unbelieving tone of voice. "Are you out of your mind!?"

         Bill chuckled and said, "Well, no I don't think so. And as far as you turning into a plastic sex toy is concerned, that won't really happen. "at least not a real plastic sex toy" As I understand the Shopkeeper's explanation, some kind of magic link will be made with the pocket pussy as we fuck. As this happens it'll feel like your entire body turning into one big pussy around my cock as we fuck."

         As he waited for Valerie to drink the potion, which he was fairly sure she'd eventually do, Bill thought, "'Cause that's exactly what will be happenin to yea dear. All, I have to do is talk you into willingly take the potion and fuckin me, then you'll become my own personal little pocket pussy."

         Giving the little vial of pink potion a speculative look, Valerie asked, "How long does the 'potion' work?"

         Bill thought triumphantly, "Yesss! She's really goin ta do it!" as he said, "Well... Once the magic pocket pussy is made it's suppose to last indefinitely." Smiling he continued with, "If you like, we can go back to the shop after I get back from Australia and see what else we can find. Maybe then, there'll be something to return our 'oversized assets' to a more reasonable size. If we're very careful I'm sure we can have a lot of fun with some of the things that shop has."

         Valerie paused as she considered what Bill said, and although she trusted Bill to be very careful, there still might be a chance he overlooked something and the potion will have unexpected effects. She asked again, "You said the Shopkeeper guaranteed that anything this stuff does to me is reversible, right?"

         Bill nodded and said, "Yes, that is what she said."

         "She? What happened to the little old man?"

         "Uhh, I don't know, I assume he had the day off."

         After another short pause Valerie shrugged then giggled and said, "Sure, why not? It sounds like fun. And it'll sure help to keep me from getting bored while you are away."

         As Valerie drank the potion Bill was thinking, "You are goin ta get a big surprise, dear. I love you Honey and I hope you'll forgive me for pullin this on yea, but I just can't have you spending us into bankruptcy while I'm away. Well my lit'l spendthrift bed warmer, after that potion works you'll be keepin me company on my trip... at least in bed anyway."

         After taking the potion Valerie said, "Uhhmm, It tasted like oranges strawberries.", then she climbed astride Bill's reclining form and slowly impaled herself on his already erect cock. As she lowered herself and Bill's huge oversized cock slipped into her equally oversized pussy Valerie let out a long drawn out groan of ecstasy.

         After fully impaling herself on Bill's thick eighteen inch monster Valerie gasped, "Ohh Gawd! That feels soooo fuckin gooood!" Then she leaned forward to give Bill a kiss before saying, "Yeah know, every time I see your monster I still can't believe it'll ever fit in my pussy till I actually have it buried in me like I do now. Mmmmm, and the way it fills my pussy feels soooo gooood!"

         A couple minutes after she began pumping herself up and down on Bill's cock in long strokes as fast as she could Valerie gasped as said, "Ohh yesss! I, I'm cummin!" Then she shuddered and gave a long moaning scream as her pussy and belly convulsed with a powerful orgasm.

         Bill knew Valerie now had little chance of avoiding her transformation after the first orgasm ran it's course, and she said, "Ohh Wow! That felt so, so odd, and so very, very gooood!"

         Less then a minute later Valerie exclaimed, "Ohh, ohh, ohh, I'm cummin again! Ohh yessss! I'm cummmminnn again!" Then she shuddered, convulsed, and screamed with ecstasy again, and as she recovered from her second powerful orgasm Valerie said, "Ohh Yeesss! I, I can feel something starting to happen. It, it feels soo weird!"

         Bill couldn't feel or see anything unusual happening yet, but if Valerie said she felt something he'd not disagree with her. But, by the time she had her fourth orgasm he realized Valerie seemed have shrunk a bit and she definitely weighed less. After her sixth orgasm Bill noticed her arms and legs were much smaller in proportion to the rest of her body. Valerie's orgasms came more and more often and with each one she slowly changed from a living breathing young woman with over-sized tits.

         Bit by bit Valerie changed until she had become, or appeared to become, a rather large latex 'pocket pussy' sheathing Bill's huge thick hard-on. Her legs had drawn up against, and partially merged with her torso. Her arms, also partially merged into her torso, now seemed cradled her still oversized latex tits, in a rather seductive way. Her torso was now only a little longer, and only about twice as thick, as the huge cock now filling it, and Valerie's still recognizable face was frozen with an expression of pure wanton bliss.

         Although Valerie's transformation seemed complete Bill could still feel her vagina throbbing and caressing his cock just like she could do before her amazing transformation. Closing his eyes, it felt just like he had his cock buried in Valerie's warm wet pussy and she was using her fantastic vaginal muscles to jack him off as she's done many times. The pocket pussy's tits, though much smaller then real tits felt like real if small tits, as did its slightly exaggerated ass.

         From Valerie's point of view her transformation into a seemingly lifeless latex pocket pussy sex toy was the most erotic experience she ever had. She was totally aware of how her body seemed to be changing, how her limbs drawning in close to her body, and how her body got smaller and smaller till it was little more then a thick latex tube sheathing Bill's monster cock. She felt herself slowly changing as one shuddering orgasm after another gripped her body and mind in wave after wave of pure ecstasy. Even if she realized she was actually truly being transformed into a latex sex toy she would have been helpless to stop the transformation.

         Valerie could feel how Bill's seemingly huge hands caressed her tits, her ass, her entire body as though she had really become a sex toy he was using to jack-off with. Then she felt Bill's impossibly huge cock throb then spew torrents of warm thick cum into her pussy, but this time it felt like he was filling her entire body with his cum. As Bill's thick warm cum seemed to fill her body Valerie was gripped by an orgasm more powerful then anything she's ever experienced, she felt like she was actually about to explode.

         Bill fell asleep after cumming, just like he always does, and as she lay face down on his chest with his softening cock still buried in her Valerie realized she couldn't move. Valerie also realized she seemed a hell of a lot shorter then she should be. She loved the feel of Bill's cock, even soft and flaccid, filling her pussy and discovered she couldn't stop massaging it with her pussy. As she lay, rhythmically massaging Bill's cock buried in her pussy, Valerie wondered, "Mmmmm, this feels good, real good, but why do I seem so small, why can't I move?"

         Some time later, she didn't know how long, as Bill's cock began to swell and stiffen within her throbbing pulsating pussy Valerie was thinking, "Ohh, yessss! He's starting to get hard again... Mmmmmmmm, yeesssss. It feels so good to have a big thick cock growing stiff and hard in my pussy. I think Bill tricked me, the big prick, I think he really did turn me into a pocket pussy. I know I should be mad at him for doing this to me, but the way his cock fills me up feels so good I can't stay mad at him for making me feel so good."

         As Bill's new Valerie Pocket Pussy throbbing and pulsating on his stiffening cock slowly rose up off his belly, Valerie couldn't deny that he had really turned her into a latex sex-toy. As Bill's cock rose higher Valerie could see his still sleeping face, and she watched as he slowly woke up as his cock grew fully erect and stiff. She could now feel every detail of Bill's cock in a way she had never known before, and she also felt such total 'fulfillment' as she gripped and pulsated and massaged the lovely cock filling her hollow latex body.

         Although she could not move or even blink Valerie's sight and hearing were little effected by her transformation, so she saw how Bill stared at her with amazed wonder as he exclaim, "Ohh good God! It, It worked! It really worked! It really turned her into a fuckin pocket pussy, a real rubber pocket pussy!" As Bill's now giant hands held and caressed her stiff yet soft latex body, which gripped and continued massaging his cock, Valerie thought, "Yes, it worked you fuckin prick... Mmmmmm, yesss... My fuckin prick. I love the way, the feel of my fuckin prick filling me... Now I really am good for nothin but fuckin, fuckin, fuckin... Yessss my big beautiful prick, let me pump you, suck you dry. Fill me with your cum, your wonderful delicious cum."

        Bill just lay and watched the latex sex-toy sheathing his cock throbbing and pulsating. Although he watched it happen, and it's doll like face looked like Valerie's face, he still had a hard time believing the soft rubber pocket pussy sheathing his cock was really Valerie. He was stunned by how much it felt like the way Valerie could massage his cock with just her pussy muscles as she sat on his cock seemingly without moving.

         Gently caressing it's doll face and little tits Bill said, "I don't know if you can hear me, or if you're aware of what's happened... The Shopkeeper said you would be awake and fully aware of what was happening, at least while you were being used. She also said you should find the experience to be 'pleasantly erotic'."

         Bill paused then grunted and said, "Uhhh. I sure find this to be a little more then just pleasantly erotic. The Shopkeeper said that as a magic sex-toy, a pocket pussy, you'd only be alive and awake when you're being used, and having a cock in you is all you'd really want. So, I know you're not mad at me now, hell, right now all you care about is gettin me off and filling you with cum. But, the Shopkeeper said you'd remember everything... everytime you get me off, after you become human again, and I, I really hope you aren't too mad at me for doing this to you."

         Valerie heard, and listened to everything Bill said to her as she massaged his cock. She understood what he was saying, and on some level she was very pissed off at him, but as a pocket pussy all she really cared about was having a cock, any cock, fill her with its long firm form and fill her with cum. It took a little over twenty minutes of steady cock massaging before Pocket Pussy Valerie felt the cock filling her pulsating throbbing body began to swell and throb just before Bill finally came a second time and filled her with the cum she craved.

         When Bill woke up again his magic pocket pussy still firmly gripping and massaging his partially erect cock. He almost took Valerie off his slowly stiffening cock, but he had something he wanted to show her, and she'd 'go asleep' if he took her off his cock. So, with Valerie still sheathing his cock like a super thick condom, Bill got up and took a shiny plastic box from a dresser drawer.

         Looking down at Valerie's lust filled doll face, Bill smiled as he showed her the box and said, "I'll take good care of you Val. See, I got this nice box to keep you in when I'm not using you. I know how much you love and want to continue what you're doin, so I'll let you jack me off one more time then I'll have to put you in your box." Bill chuckled and added, "You'd suck me totally dry if I'd let yea."

         As he made his way to the sofa in the living room Bill suddenly realized he, and the bed, wasn't all cum covered like they always were after fucking since Valerie's little surprise gift. It seemed that as a magic pocket pussy Valerie actually absorbed the massive loads of cum he filled her with. So he didn't bother using a couple of towels to protect the chair cushion before sitting down to watch some TV while Valerie worked on his nearly fully erect cock. This time it took Valerie a half hour to get the cum she desired, then Bill passed out as he always did, and she continued to gently massage Bill's nearly totally flaccid cock after he came.

         When Bill woke up this time his cock was still mostly flaccid but this hadn't discouraged Valerie and she was still gently working with a totally 'single-minded' purpose to get him off again. Bill caressed Valerie's little rubber tits and ass then he pulled her off his semi-flaccid cock and a few seconds after he did so he felt her body stiffen and the pulsation's deep within it slow and stop. The pocket-pussy Bill now held in his hand was just a molded piece of latex with an attached vibrator no different from any other such sex-toy, except it was twice as big as most them are.

         After showering, Bill put his new 'Valerie' pocket-pussy in its box, and carefully stuffed the box in one of his suitcases. Then he called the storage company he had already made arangments with, and told them he was ready for them to pick up and store the furniture and other house hole things. While he waited for the movers to arrive Bill packed up all the loose things like the clothes in the closets and other odds'n ends. Once everything had been picked up, except for the washer and dryer, and kitchen applyances, Bill made sure the water, gas and phone was turned off then he left to catch his flight.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Five

26 Months Later

         Bill's clients had been extremely pleased with his work and the resultant excellent recommendations lead to other job offers to good to turn down. One job lead to another job and another job in various Southeast Asian countries, all were very profitable and interesting challenging jobs.

         Then one night as Bill lay back in bed and slipped a oversized latex pocket-pussy down over his cock, as he did every night, he realized it had been over two years since he temporarily turned Valerie into a magic latex pocket-pussy. As the pocket-pussy's warm moist life like cavity pulsated and throbbed around Bill's rapidly swelling cock he felt a little guilty about turning Valerie into a sex-toy. Although Bill really loved how Valerie's throbbing pulsating pussy was always ready to totally satisfy his oversized cock and boosted sex drive, he still missed having the rest of her around to talk to and for general company.

         In a few minutes, as he was rapidly nearing one of his usual powerful orgasms Bill lightly caressed Valerie's soft latex doll sized tits, ass and face as he said, "Just a few more days Honey, and we'll be back home. I just hope yea're not goin to be too mad at me for doin this to yea when I turn yea back into my favorite girl." Then he came, his cum spewing out into Valerie's throbbing pocket-pussy, and then as usual he passed out with Valerie still impaled on his long thick cock.

         Twenty-six months, two weeks, and three days after he walked out the door Bill returned and set about getting the house ready for occupation again. He was very happy to find the housekeeping and maintenance company he hired to take care of the house had done an excellent job. It took all day to get the house in order and everything except the phone turned back on.

         After a nice hot shower Bill took Valerie from her box and made himself comfortable in bed. This time, after slipping his cock into the warm moist life like cavity of his favorite pocket-pussy, Bill held Valerie's throbbing doll like latex body in both hands and carefully said some seemingly nonsense words, "Tol-lek, Tol-vay, Tol-cum." Nothing seemed to happen for several minutes as the throbbing pulsating pocket-pussy soon had the cock it held as hard and stiff as usual and Bill was on the edge of cumming. Just before he came Bill again said in a strained voice, "Tol-lek, Tol-vay, Tol-cum.", then just as he began cumming he felt the pocket-pussy almost painfully grip his pulsating turgid cock harder then ever before.

         As usual, Bill passed out after cumming, so he didn't see the Valerie pocket-pussy began growing bigger and bigger. Her arms and legs began to slowly separate from her body, as her hair slowly changed from simple colored molded latex to doll like hair to real hair, and her eyes slowly took an a more and more life like appearance. After she was turned into a latex pocket-pussy sex-toy Valerie was fully aware when ever she was being used and she knew what she was and had been, and that now her total sole purpose was to pump as much cum as she could from any cock inserted into her. So, Valerie was fully aware of what was happening and what Bill did to her as she slowly turned into a real living breathing woman.

         Once Valerie was fully transformed from the magic pocket-pussy she had been, she just sat astride Bill's hips with his cock still buried in her pussy as she felt and caressed herself. As she clutched and fondled her still huge tits Valerie studied Bill as he slept after cumming, considering just how she could get even with him for turning her into a sex-toy. He was totally at her mercy, if she wanted to do something really nasty to him such as cutting off his cock or balls or both or worse, she'd have no trouble doing so. She realized he must have over looked that particular fact, or he didn't know he'd pass out, or for whatever reason he really trusted her.

         As she sat there with Bill's huge but now flaccid cock still buried in her pussy Valerie had to admit being a pocket-pussy really wasn't a bad experience. In fact, it had been a lot of fun since from her point of view as a pocket-pussy it seemed the all she did was spend the entire time fucking, one of her favorite activities. So she really wasn't all that upset with Bill, but she was still going to do something to him for what he did to her, as a matter of principle if for no other reason.

         Valerie carefully got up, shivering a bit at the sensation of Bill's huge flaccid cock slipping out of her pussy, and got off the bed. She was mildly surprised, and pleased, to find cum was not leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs as it usually did after fucking Bill. She saw Bill's cock looked wet but it, and his crotch, wasn't coated with cum as they always have been since he got his cock 'super-sized'.

         After checking out the box Bill had kept her in while she was a pocket-pussy Valerie took a quick shower. As she started to get dressed Valerie discovered most of her clothes in the closet was all jumbled up and wrinkled, then she noticed most or all of the furniture had been moved. The more she looked around the house the more obvious everything seemed to have been moved around, but as far as she could tell nothing was missing so she finished dressing.

         Valerie already decided the best way to get even with Bill for turning her into a sex-toy is to do the same thing to him, which meant a trip to the 'Magical Adult Novelty Shop'. Bill seemed to be really sound asleep and it looked like he'd be sleeping for several hours. Hopefully, she could visit the magic shop, find what she wanted, and return before Bill woke up. She needed money, so she looked through Bill's pockets looking for his credit cards.

         She found the credit cards, as well as the receipt from the storage company which answered the puzzle of way things looked like they had been moved around. She glanced at the receipt and was just about to put it back in Bill's pants pocket when she realized the bill had been for over 2000 dollars, which even to her seemed far too much to for even six months of storage. Taking a closer look at the receipt Valerie exclaimed in surprise, "A hundred and fifteen weeks... good gawd, that's over two fucking years!"

         Feeling a lot more pissed off Valerie gave Bill's sleeping form a nasty smile as she muttered, "Two years! The fucking shit head turned me into a fucking sex-toy for two years. Okay, yea asshole, I'm gona really make sure you're sorry for this!"

         After a quick stop at a couple of ATM's, where she had no trouble figuring out Bill's PIN numbers, Valerie headed straight to the magic shop with a thousand dollars in her purse. The Shopkeeper, a pretty young redhead who really didn't look old enough to set foot in such an adult shop, said in an equally young perky voice, "Hi Val. What can I git for yea today?"

         Valerie stared at the girl thinking, "What is a girl this young working in a place like this?"

         The girl smiled and said, "Oh, I'm really not as young as I look Val. You'n Bill have a good time in... was it Australia or New Zealand?"

         Valerie frowned and replied ,"I wouldn't know. Bill may have had some fun, but I didn't know anything about it." The she saw a dozen or so pocket-pussys sitting on a shelf and pointed at them as she added, "The fucking asshole turned me into one of those pocket-pussys and kept me in a fucking box when he wasn't shoving his fucking cock in me."

         The girl giggled and asked, "Aww, come on. You really sayin you didn't like bein justa a big pussy wrapped around that huge horse cock of his? Be honest now, you did like it, didn't yea?"

         Valerie frowned even more but the girl's open friendly smile and manner soon forced her to admit, "Yeah, I guess I did like it. But he had no right turning me into a sex-toy without askin first. And, he sure should not have kept me that way for over two years!"

         Still smiling the girl nodded and said, "Well yeah, I guess I see your point. So, I guess you'd like a little surprise for Bill. Sort of a... 'thank you' gift for his surprise, right?"

         Valerie giggled and said, "Yeah, that's just what I want. You wouldn't happen to have any sugestions, would you?"

         The girl giggled too and said, "Ohh, I think I might find something."


to be continued. . .

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