Pool Toy

by JMD

[Maybe not quite along ASFR lines, but an interesting image, eh? Ed.]

Jackie couldn't wait to get out by the pool and soak up some rays. That's the only thing she wanted to do on this family vacation. But, unfortunately, her folks had gone shopping in the village and left her to watch out for her little sister. So, before she could go to the pool, the seventeen-year-old was stuck blowing up Katie's inflatable pool toy first.

It was one of those ring-shaped deals that kids wore around their waists. Katie was only ten, and still not a very good swimmer, so she had to use it whenever she went into the pool. Jackie had already blown up her sister's arm floats, and just had to finish with the ring. She just had a little more, and then it was off to the pool.

However, as impatient as Jackie was to get outside, Katie was ten times so. "Come on, Jackie," she shouted. "I want to go swimming."

Jackie pulled her lips away from the ring's nozzle. "Calm down, Katie," she said. "I'm almost finished, you little pest. If you'll just cool your jets for another minute, we'll be on our way."

Katie just stuck her tongue out at her older sister, who ignoring her, turned back to the task at hand. "Cool my jets," Katie repeated under her breath. She looked around the motel room, spotting the ice bucket on the dresser. An evil smile came to the little girl's face. "How about I cool yours, Jackie," she said, reaching into the bucket and pulling out a piece of ice. She moved up behind Jackie and stuck the cube into the bottom of her sister's bikini.

Jackie had just been about to finish with the ring, drawing in air for the final breath. The sudden cold at her bottom was so shocking, that she inhaled even harder, the nozzle of the ring still at her lips. She inhaled so hard, in fact, that she drew the ring into her mouth. This surprised her so, that she gasped, which just drew the ring in further.

She could feel it at the back of her throat, which caused her swallowing instinct to kick in. She swallowed a couple of times, each drawing the ring in more. Finally, with a final gulp, the ring went all the way in and down her throat.

Jackie couldn't believe that she had actually swallowed the ring. That should have been impossible. But she didn't have time to worry about that as she was suddenly dropping downward. She felt her body hit the floor, where it bounced a couple of time, before coming to a rest with her head straight up and just a few inches above the carpet.

This isn't possible! she thought. What's happened to me? She tried to look down and back at herself, but found her neck impossibly stiff. She could only turn it a little in each direction. So, she couldn't see the strange situation she had gotten into.

But Katie could. And she stared in wide-eyed wonder at her sister for several seconds. From just below her neck, Jackie's body was now in the shape of a round ring. The exact same shape as the pool toy she had been blowing up. And Katie had the typical ten-year-old reaction to this sight. "Cool!"

Katie grabbed up her sister, and stepped inside, pulling the ring up to her waist. Jackie caught her first look at her new shape in the motel room mirror above the dresser and tried to cry out, but found that she couldn't make a sound. Apparently, the rubber ring inside her was preventing her from getting enough air to talk. She was stuck until she could somehow get it out.

"Let's go, Sis," Katie announced heading for the door. "I can't wait to try you out in the pool." And out the door she went.



The End

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