Product Experience

by Shadedsun


Sandy had always known she wasn't an ordinary girl; ordinary girls had normal parents, had lives that would extend past their twentieth birthday; ordinary girls would be able to determine for themselves who they spent their lives with. Not so for Sandy and her sisters, they weren't girls they were products; the best, most realistic-feeling love-dolls money could buy.

Their mother was a chemist, and their father a silicone love doll that she had created artificial semen for, at least that's what she told her daughters. In reality the male doll was her high-school flame; she'd caught him cheating on her with a gymnast the week before graduation and took out her revenge then and there. The gymnast, now love-doll, was owned by her former boyfriend, one that she too had been cheating on.

Of course this knowledge was irrelevant to Sandy, she just knew that because of her parentage, her body behaved differently to normal girls. If she gained weight it was always in the “right” places for a doll to be hefty. Whenever she had sex with someone, her body would react to that person and change just a bit to be more closely their ideal partner. She could turn her hair into a wig at any time, and replace it with another wig that would become her real hair. Finally, when she turned twenty, she would change into silicone completely and be ready for sale. Nothing would trigger the change, it would just happen, that was what she was after all.  A product.

Other than that, she lived a normal life: she went to school, had boy/girl friends/troubles, experimented with sex, drugs, and while she wasn't partial to rock and roll, she did rather enjoy classical music and went to see her city's symphony orchestra whenever she got the chance. She was part of the cheerleading team in high school, and had a brief stint as a mannequin-model for a swimsuit store in the mall, but the store closed down after the owner moved away.

Starting from her sixteenth birthday, Sandy had a product page on her mother's company website. On it she kept a journal of her various life experiences, and updated her measurements and photo-gallery weekly. Starting from her eighteenth birthday, her gallery updated with nude-shots and a “buy now” button was added to her page, in case a potential client wanted a slightly younger doll. Just the other week Sandy had helped her mother trigger her sister Vicky's transformation early – at Vicky's request as the two were close – with an addition of cat-ears and a pose-able tail to make her a cat-girl toy. Sandy then took care of Vicky's packaging and shipping as their mother went to her bedroom to “prepare a new doll”.

Looking at her page now, Sandy saw the “sold stamp” across her profile picture. Her buyer was willing to pay the premium on a soon-to-transform doll in order to ensure Sandy ended up as his or her property. A normal girl might have balked at being owned, or even being regarded as nothing but a toy to begin with, but to Sandy it was natural, and she was happy to have been bought. To her all the things normal girls went through seemed like a lot of effort for only a chance at happiness. Sandy's life from now on revolved around giving and receiving pleasure, be it as an inanimate toy like any other run-of-the-mill love doll, or as an active participant in the act, a feat no other dolls could boast of.

Sandy woke up on her twentieth birthday and started it off like any other day: she took a shower, picked a wig to be her hair for the day, and sat down to update her page.

Today is my last day as a living woman; sometime around noon my body will change from the flesh and blood one you're used to seeing on my gallery page to silicone rubber, and I'll be Sandy-Doll in body as well as mind. Thank you all for reading a blog written by a toy, your comments and kind compliments always made my days a little brighter. A big thank-you to my buyer! I'll be in my box on my way to you soon! To those of you who missed out, don't worry: my little sisters will be just as happy to be your doll as I would have been. Goodbye to all of you, and please keep checking this page! My owner will be updating my gallery with pictures of my new life.

Posted by Sandy-Doll 03/17/2013 11:59 am

sandy doll

Just after Sandy hit send, the clock changed to noon and a powerful orgasm rocked her body; when she recovered she could no longer move.

She couldn't see herself changing but felt as her flesh and bones became silicone and plastic approximations of themselves, starting from her feet as a pleasant tingling feeling. When the change hit her crotch another powerful orgasm arrived, this one nearly knocking her out.

By the time she recovered enough sense to feel herself transforming again, the wave hit her breasts and the resulting climactic orgasm proved too much for her to handle in her already topsy-turvy state.



Sandy-Doll passed out.

* * *

vicky doll

“So dear, should we play with Sandy or Vicky tonight?” Ellen asked her husband.

“We had Sandy with us yesterday, let's let her rest and bring Vicky to bed with us tonight,” Brad replied.


“Alright,” Ellen turned to the dolls and pulled Vicky-Doll down from her stand. “Sorry Sandy, you'll just have to watch tonight. I'll still let you have some fun though.” Ellen winked as she shoved a vibrator into Sandy-Doll's silicone pussy. “Ok Vicky, lets go.”

Sandy-Doll watched as her sister was carried off to the bed.

She was happy to have been bought by the couple that had purchased Vicky-Doll, and secretly suspected that her favourite sister had something to do with that decision.


Ellen and Brad put both dolls to good use as active and inactive participants in their near-nightly sexual escapades, and frequently updated both doll's profile pages with the best shots from various photo-shoots.


Sandy-Doll was happy in her role as an object of sexual desire, as she'd always known she would be.



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