Promises, Promises

by Johnsan

It was a ring. Margarita looked at it and daydreamed. Sam had given it to her last night telling her it was a promise ring. She had asked if he meant engagement but he had said no. It was a promise to her for sometime in the future he had instead replied mysteriously. “I don’t care which it is I love it either way!” she told herself as she gazed on it.

It was a week later when Sam had come by and spent time with her. They were on the couch cuddling when she said she wouldn’t mind doing this all the time. Sam looked out the window and saw Margarita getting out of a cab. That was a surprise as she’d taken her car that morning. Margarita burst into the room and hugged Sam with a smile so large Sam couldn’t help but join in. “What’s going on? Where’s your car, honey?” he asked with a broad grin. “So you just want to be my little toy then?” he asked her.

“Yes just your toy to snuggle with honey!’ she replied grinning. “So what are you going to do about it?!” Margarita challenged.

Sam stood up and gazed down at her. “Well first lets get those clothes off you after all a doll like you’ll be has to be nude. He then began peeling her clothing off. Piece by piece till she lay nude on the couch. Sam began to fondle her and lick her body. “You’ll be my doll tonight and tomorrow just to give you a taste. So when the time comes you’ll want it even more.” he smiled at her while she lay there not moving.

“Just as long as you make me feel good I won’t care. I’ll be your doll sweetie!” she told him with a salacious grin on her face.

Sam then pointed the ring he had on his hand at her and concentrated. Margarita began to feel the tingling all over her naked body. She found herself unable to control her limbs anymore. Margarita began to feel more sexually aroused than she’d ever been before. She could feel her pussy throb as she lay there frozen. She could see the ring Sam had given her glowing as she felt more and more unlike herself.

Sam looked on as Margarita began to change from human female to artificial woman. He watched as her body became silicone rubber and latex. In moments his girlfriend was now his sex doll.

“What is happening to me? Oh this feels so wonderful and strange. I’m changing…I’m becoming something else! But how? Why is this happening?” Margarita asked as she changed.

When she’d finished, he grabbed her and lifted her. Sam carried her to the bedroom but stopped to show her how she looked in a large mirror.

“I’m different! I look like one of those sex dolls now! How did he do this? Oh his touch it’s so wonderful! I feel like I need it I crave it! I need more though much more! I feel so, so ….like a doll! Yes a doll and I need him to use me!!” the new doll told herself.


Sam grinned as he held her and whispered “Enjoy, my new doll!” then placing her on his bed he began to give the newly minted doll what she and he both craved.




When Margarita was finally back to flesh and blood it all seemed like a dream. Sam had just pointed a ring at her and poof she was an inanimate sex doll! It didn’t seem real till she gazed at the ring on her finger and it all came back.

For days afterward she often caught herself staring at the ring on her finger reliving those events when she was frozen and silicone. When Sam came by she grabbed him and sat him down to ask all about the ring and what had happened.

“Okay what gives?” Margarita asked waving her ring in Sam’s face.

“Oh that, well that ring and this one.” he held up one on his hand. “Are matched sets with this ring on I can change you into a love doll anytime I want. Now as to how I got this well I just lucked out. As to how long you can be changed there’s actually no limit except for how long I want you to be transformed.” he grinned “Now there is another little secret but I’ll let that wait for awhile. If you enjoyed the last time we can do it again.” Sam smiled at her while holding the hand that wore the ring he gave her.

Margarita stared at him for a moment “Do it again?! No I don’t want to do it again, I mean even if I’ve never cum like that in my entire life and I’m still dreaming about it. It was strange, weird even being an object, a thing for my owner…I mean Sam to use. I’m his girlfriend, not his sextoy!!” she thought to herself as she looked at him.

It was then she glanced at the ring on her finger and again the memories of that night came vividly to her. Like a switch going off in her head she seemed to change her mind “Well it wasn’t that bad. I mean it felt good so good and being helpless was fun. It can’t hurt to be his toy again. Anyway I love the way he treats me he’s such a good owner!” Margarita smiled and lightly laughed. She then looked at Sam with a sparkle in her eyes and agreed to be his doll again.

It began like that, every now and then when they were together she’d be turned into a real doll for a few hours and Sam would play with her. It was normally only on weekends that they’d even think of doing this. So it went on for a few months till on one weekend they decided she’d be a doll for all day. It wasn’t long till Margarita was spending half her weekends as a silicone love doll.

After a few months Margarita wanted more in fact she needed more. On one Friday night when Sam had come over Margarita had insisted he change her then and leave her a doll till Monday morning. After a few months it had become habitual for her to spend her weekends as the silicone doll. Sam then went and bought a doll stand for her and clothing that would fit her enhanced body when she was a doll. Margarita the doll would end up dressed in something sexy sitting or laying in the living room just being Sam’s loving inanimate companion.

He even sent pictures of her to Cover Doll magazine wearing her new wardrobe of course she had her doll name when she was used for that. Margarita would blush when she saw inanimate alter ego nude and posed provocatively on the cover.

Still, she loved it and found her need to be Sharon growing more with each time she was transformed.



Sam on one Friday night when she came over to his place showed her the new accessories he had procured for his sex doll. Margarita smiled as she saw the wigs that Sam told her would fit on her artificial head since as a doll her own dark brunette hair could be removed. He then showed her the doll box he purchased from one of the major companies that produced such sex dolls. It wasn’t so much a box as a case for storage and transport of a silicone doll.

Margarita just found her gaze locked on the plastic foam filled case. She then looked up at Sam and found herself arguing with her thoughts. “The stand and wigs are one thing but this?! Maybe we’re going too far?! I mean I’m not a doll all the time!” Margarita found herself smiling “At least not yet, although I do find it a not unpleasant idea. Still seriously I think it might be going too far!” Margarita told herself.

She then caught a glint of sunlight off the ring on her hand. Another thought seemed to come to her. “Well he did say it was only for short periods or any trips we might make. It might be fun to be the doll he takes on vacation! We’d really save on airfare that’s for sure!” Margarita happily thought to herself.

Margarita smiled as she hugged Sam and thanked him actually calling him her owner. In no time at all her owner had her changed into her doll form and was referring to her by her doll name. Sharon was shortly wearing her long blonde wig and clothed in some of her sexiest lingerie. Sharon was the happiest doll all that weekend.


Sam and Margarita spent their weekends like this almost all the time. It wasn’t long before they’d expanded their doll time to include one of the weekdays as well. Margarita then decided to take some vacation time. Sam was only too willing to have Sharon for an entire week. Sharon also got to be stored away in her case as well. For Margarita being Sharon for an entire week was even more exciting than her weekends.


Being Sharon seemed to be easier and easier for her as well. At the end of the week when she was changed back Margarita found herself depressed at the prospect of not being Sharon any longer.

Margarita found her depression abating as the weeks progressed. It was at least two weekends before Sam changed her again. For both those weeks she’d been thinking about being Sharon the doll at every free moment.

While surreal, it felt more like it was pulling on her mind and soul. It astonished her how her thoughts seemed to alter as well. When she was laying there she found herself thinking of only how she could please Sam or as she referred to him her owner. “I just want him to use me and fuck me all the time! It’s like I’m obsessed over it when I’m Sharon!” Margarita told herself with a shake of her long jet black hair.

The doll weekends continued for the happy couple. As before they’d take one of the weekdays to play for a short time as well. Margarita was the first to brook the idea that maybe just one weekday wasn’t enough. So when they could she might spend two or three nights as Sharon only changing back so she could go to work. When they got together that night she’d become Sharon again.

It should have disturbed her spending more time as an inanimate doll than a flesh and blood woman when she wasn’t working. It didn’t in fact it was beginning to seem more natural for Margarita to be Sharon than a living woman. She found herself dreaming she was a sex doll and in her dreams she’d always been one. Margarita would finger herself just at the thought of being Sharon again. “It’s just so damn compelling to be just an object of lust for my Sam, my owner!” Margarita thought excitedly to herself.

One evening right before Sam was going to change her he surprised her. He told her he could alter her appearance so she didn’t look like Margarita as a love doll but could look just like one of the factory made faces or any face or body type they’d like.

Margarita smiled when she heard that. Somehow she didn’t mind having her identity lost just the thought of being her lover’s custom made sex toy made her feel warm and wet.

Thereafter Sam’s Sharon doll would take on all the different faces offered by the original manufacturer. In addition Sharon got a chance to try out all the different body types as well. The idea came to them to make her the artificial twin of their favorite celebrities as well. Sharon wasn’t just one doll but any doll Sam could even want. Margarita more and more just a small part of the mind that occupied the sex doll that she had become thrilled at the way her owner could mold her.

They then began to arrange their vacation times so they coincided and just as Sam had said earlier Margarita and him went on trips only she was traveling as baggage on the plane. Not that she’d spend all of her time as an object when they arrived but Margarita did find it pleasurable to just be his possession in public as well as private.



The months went by rather quickly when Margarita and Sam came to the same conclusion. That since Margarita was spending so much time at Sam’s place she might as well move in. With them now living together Margarita insisted she be changed every night from now on. “It’s my other job!” she teased Sam.

It was a surprise though when Margarita came home to Sam’s place and found him with two other silicone dolls.

For a moment she felt a huge pang of jealousy thinking he was throwing her over or at least the love doll that she was over for another.

Sam then explained they were to keep her company when she was a doll.

He told her he thought she could use a few sisters.

Margarita just smiled and began to examine her 'sisters'. A thought occurred to her as she was examining them.

Later that night Sam had three dolls two of them exact twins sitting in his bedroom.

The only problem was that the more time she spent as Sharon the doll the more she craved it when Margarita. It began to affect her at work Margarita would often be in the ladies room playing with herself thinking of how she’d be that night.

She began to draw the ire of her employers till one day they called her in and asked her to leave.


“I should be upset or angry but somehow I don’t care. In fact I’m glad they let me go I think I’m ready for something else. I think Margarita is ready for a final change!!” a smile crossed her lips as she gathered her things and left for the final time.

Sam looked out the window and saw Margarita getting out. That was a surprise as she’d taken her car that morning. Margarita burst into the room and hugged Sam with a smile so large Sam couldn’t help but join in. “What’s going on? Where’s your car honey?” he asked with a broad grin.

“Sold it and took all the money from my bank and investments. It’s all here in this check, made out to you of course. “ Margarita grinned. “Oh and I’m no longer employed so from now on I’m yours and only yours!” she then kissed him long and passionately.

“You quit?” Sam asked with a quizzical look on his face as they broke from their kiss.

“More or less.” Margarita smiled “You remember what you told me when you first gave me this?” she asked Sam with her infectious grin.

“Umm yeah, why?” Sam grinned “Are you asking for me to carry out my promise now? You do realize what it is don’t you?” he asked her with a serious look on his face.

“Yes, I think it came to me today when I was looking at the ring. I’m ready for this now and I can’t wait!” she said with a smile.

“You know you’ll always be mine and you’ll never change again?” Sam added cautiously.


“Yes and that’s what I want now and forever! Make me your Sharon for the last time!” Margarita implored, quickly disrobing. Her last act as a living person was to remove the ring from her finger.


Sam pointed his ring at her and in moments Margarita was gone; in her place stood his Sharon doll, this time with no ring. Sam knew this last change was permanent there was no way Sharon would ever be Margarita again.


As he carried his new doll to her permanent home he didn’t mind a bit.





And neither did Sharon the love doll!





The End

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