Punishment and Pleasure

©2002 by Northern Chill

The black haired dominatrix strolled through the marble tiled hallways of her mansion with a look of extreme unhappiness etched on her face. Several maids, dressed very erotically with outfits you wouldn't associate with the palatial surroundings, quickly found something to do lest they would find themselves the recipients of her wrath.

Mistress Beatrix stalked down into the lower levels of the mansion, slapping her small cane lightly against her bare thigh. Her six-inch high heels that adorned her thigh high boots caused tiny sparks to flare up as she stormed down into the stairs into her immense basement.

Walking to the far end, she pushed open the black double doors to reveal a large room that shared none of the opulence of the rest of her mansion. A bland gray concrete floor was surrounded by barren walls save for many instruments she would use for disciplinary manners on her many submissive women. Several women barely covered by bits of tight fitting latex and leather could be seen hanging from chains on the wall or strapped down tight to various tables and chairs. However, one woman in particular was the center of Beatrix's attention that day.

Wearing nothing more than an ornate silver studded belt and black heels, the blonde woman trembled noticeably as she stood at attention when her mistress. A river of sweat poured down her face both from being in the very warm room and her nervousness at facing a very ticked off dominatrix.

Beatrix slipped her black cane under the trembling woman's chin "Slut Diana, do you remember why I have placed you down with all these unworthy wenches?" she hissed in the young woman's face.

"I failed to give pleasure to my Mistress the entire time she desired it in bed two nights ago. I deserve to be here with all these other sluts and whores." Diana replied dropping her head a little.

"Well, I am here now and have a task I wish you to complete for me immediately! Is that understood, you miserable excuse for a pleasure slave?" Beatrix hissed poking her cane lightly into the blonde's ample bosoms.

"Yes, my Mistress. I exist only to obey your every wish." Diana said softly avoiding eye contact with the raven-haired woman. She saw the dominatrix pull out a small white tube and plopped herself in a padded high-backed chair. Beatrix then waved Diana over next to the chair and stand there while she attached bolts with small padlocks around both of Diana's ankles.

Beatrix then sat back down in the chair and handed Diana the tube she was holding. "I want you to spread this tube of ointment over your entire body especially around your breasts and sex. Do this as fast as you can and rub it in as though you were permitted to once again give me pleasure." she said with a voice that obviously showed she expected no questioning of her request.

Silently, Diana took the tube and squirted the fluid all over her body with her left hand while her right hand fervently rubbed it in particularly over her tits and moist pussy. Once the tube was empty, the blonde woman dropped the tube and began to rub the transparent fluid with both hands rapidly all over her body. She could feel her body heat rising as waves of erotic pleasure rode through her squirming lithe body. The pleasure continued to build even as her own motions seemed to be getting slower and slower by the moment.

Meanwhile, Beatrix was being turned on not just by the sexual frenzy her submissive was whipping herself into but by the coming transformation she was anticipating. She watched with a certain sadistic satisfaction as Diana's movements slowed down and finally ceased altogether with her hands frozen over her pussy still trying to pleasure herself. Her head slowly locked in place with her mouth locked open in one final moan of pleasure. The fluid then worked its magic on the frozen woman's skin turning what was warm living flesh into cold plastic. Her nipples and areolas vanished as her breasts turned into two mounds of molded plastic. Beneath the mannequin's hands, her pussy had disappeared as well, forming a smooth mound of plastic. The usual seams one would associate with a mannequin appeared all over the plastic form's arms and torso giving it the same look as any window mannequin you would find in a store.

Beatrix reached up and, while she caressed her own pussy, caressed and fondled the lifeless plastic shell of what minutes before had been a living and naive young woman. After several minutes of pleasuring herself, she got out of the chair and walked over to the mannequin. Picking it up, the dominatrix carried it over in front of two cowering women chained to the wall who witnessed the entire horrifying transformation. Beatrix grabbed a chain off the wall and ran it from the mannequin's leg bolts to the two women.

"You two will share the same fate if you don't show a little more remorse over your recent actions. Decide, you miserable sluts!" the dominatrix hissed at the two women.

Looking at a wall clock, Beatrix strode to the doors "I'll leave you women to your thoughts. You might want to look at my newest mannequin if you doubt my will. When I come back, I'll show you what happened to Becky after I caught her whoring with another slut in my bed. You can even use the air pump on both to see how 'full' of themselves they are." she said with a mixture of malice and sadism.

The door closed as the woman walked off leaving the women alone with little to say but still more than the lifelike mannequin...


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