Replacement Mannequin 3 - Illustrated

Story by Paul Jutras & Heather St. Claire
Illustrations by Anthony Burns

[This is a nifty bit of artistry, creating illustrations with Sims 2 avatars, then capturing the images (full-size originals are linked). Since only a part of the story has been given this treatment, I've shortened the rest; you can read the original Replacement Mannequin 3 by clicking the link.  --Ed.]


Heather Mamoru watched as the crystal that the mysterious woman had sold her started to glow red light some kind of Christmas night light. "What the?" she muttered as she stared into the crystal and at first didn't notice the stealthy figure moving up behind her. When she did see the shadow from the moving mannequin falling over her, she turned around wide-eyed and screamed. Those were her last words.

- - -

The next morning a detective went into his Chief's office and slammed the door behind him. "I'm telling you... There is something going on with that Chinatown shop. Drugs, white slavery and who knows what else."

If only the mannequin of Heather sitting inside the Chinatown shop could talk, she would tell the officers what had happened; but it was a tale they would never believe; somehow, the strange crystal had allowed a consciousness, a life force inside one of the mannequins switch places with her. She was now stuck inside the motionless mannequin while the mind of the mannequin controlled her real body. Well, maybe stuck wasn't the right word for it. At first Heather had been very angry; then very frightened. But as soon as those feelings passed, she found herself beginning to get used to her new rigid body. She realized that every square inch of it was extremely sensitive. Just the feel of the soft, silky kimono against her hard plastic exterior sent waves of pleasure through her mind. The small curio shop was not very well ventilated, so the owner had left a rotating fan on all the time... when it made the circuit of the room, and caught Heather at a particular angle, the wave of cool air across her sent her soaring toward ecstacy. She was almost becoming resigned to her fate. But she still wondered what had happened to her body?

For that answer, she needed to go no further than the mysterious woman who had sold her the crystal in the first place. Heather -- or the mannequin's mind in Heather's body -- was sitting across the desk from her in the back of the shop. "With control of this shop, we will have a nice source of illegal income... that will help finance our activities.. after all, we have lots of our mannequin sisters to set free, don't we."

The new Heather smiled. "We sure do. I can hardly wait."

When the police commissioner's daughter disappeared, the detective decided to investigate the shop where she last visited.

He grabbed his hat and coat and headed down to  Chinatown.





Entering the shop main door, he soon found and faced the mysterious woman; where he slammed the serch warrant onto a low table. "I want to know what it is you sell here!"



"Dreams and second chances."






The woman spoke as she walked behind him and started to massage his shoulders. She slipped off his coat and loosened his tie. "You're so tense detective. Muscles already so tight and inhuman."

"Don't change the subject." The detective said as he tried to take a step, but found his feet wouldn't move. "I... I want to check this place out."


"Of course you do." The woman whispered into his ear. His legs and hips soon felt solid on the outside and hollow on the inside. Pressing her hand into his spine, she arched his back and watched it stay in position when she released her hands.


"You're much too manly for my taste. Perhaps after a few changes you'll feel like joining me for tea."





"What are you doing to me?" The Detective asked as the mysterious woman set one of her crystals into his hand and placed a wig on top of his head.



As she ran her hands over his body it seemed to take on a polished plastic look to it.



As her hands passed down his chest, he suddenly felt a hollow weight being suddenly added there and a heat grew between his legs when she touched him there.



If he could have bent over; he'd of notice the reason he couldn't make his penis go erect was because it was no longer there.

"You are beautiful now."


The woman kissed the pair of hard, red painted lips; the detective could not lift a finger to stop her.





Then she began stripping down her new female mannequin,
putting his old street clothes onto hangers to be sold later.    


She then pulled up a full length mirror for the detective to see reflection. "Now take a look at your lovely new self, Miss Sherlock."


"Jillie Sherlock will be a good name for you." The mysterious woman smiled as she took the crystal back and put it with the others.



She then took the new Jillie and tipped her briefly onto her back. The heat in her newly sealed pussy throbbed for attention as the shop owner slid a pair of plum panty hose up snugly against the mannequin's crotch, then stood the mannequin upright once more.

When she was finally in place, Jillie exploded in a mental orgasm like she never felt before.

The mysterious woman then slid up a pair of blue jeans and angled her feet into a pair of two inch heels. "One thing you should know, Jillie. Those hose you are wearing were once as human as you. A girl whose dream was to feel smooth slippery nylon against a pair of legs for eternity. Since you're a mannequin without ever the need to pee, she can remain snugly on your legs for just that... eternity."


"One last thing." The woman chuckled as she placed a semi-transparent blouse on the new Jillie Sherlock so that the mannequin's upright breasts were seen peeking through.


"Now that's perfect. The mannequin that has replaced you with a second chance for life will see that you are shipped to her former store."

The former detective could only watch as she was picked up and brought a few steps back into the studio.

Once packed up, like the display fixture she'd become, the detective was shipped in blackness to the store where she would spend the rest of her existence.


She only saw light again once the crate was re-opened   
in the middle of the workroom. The people there knew   
nothing of her magical transformation into a mannequin.


She was taken out, the zipper in her jeans was pulled down and she was posed in a window with a display pole placed through the zipper. Jillie could feel the hose being pushed into the small support hole where her sex should have been.



Soon everyone had forgotten where their newest mannequin had come from.


With the nosy detective forever out of the way, the mysterious woman could now continue her devious plans without interference.


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