Author's note: It has been a very long time since I've done anything active with the ASFR community. I discovered the joys of Second Life about 7 or 8 months ago after reading postings from other ASFR community members about their experiences. It's been a mind-blowing experience and has rekindled some old flames. The names you will see have not been changed. They are quite real. Only the actual story has been modified, and then only slightly, to protect the guilty. I hope you enjoy it.


The Return?


Rvasfr, or 'RV' for short, punched in the login credentials for the first time. With a sudden 'whoosh', he was sucked into a strange, new world. A modern day wild west, where rules are applied by virtue of the strength of the landowners or sheer dominance of will. Magic and physics were one and the same, the only true difference was the appearance of how it was applied or invoked.

To get by in this new realm of possibilities, one still needed currency. While the oldest profession managed to find its niche here, there were still more honorable ways of earning a living. RV came into just such an opportunity as he explored and met a pale-skinned figure of a woman with glowing green hair and eyes that matched.

Her name was Monyca. Monyca Medusa, a name that fascinated RV, for as he explained to her, he was a bard of sorts and artist in the other realm. Stories and images of beauty rendered inert and eternal, stories of flesh made metal, free wills being rendered into perfect obedience. How could one who wrote of such things not be drawn by such a name?

“Stories such as yours give us life.” She said. “I sense that you speak a great truth and I sense something else. Perhaps we can discuss this over a meal?” As they ate, Monyca explained the order of life in this realm, how she herself possessed powers to manipulate mind and despite such powers being subservient to a being name Roen. As they finished the meal, Monyca raised her glass “A toast, my friend.” RV raised his glass, looked Monyca in the eyes and downed the rest of his wine.

RV awoke the next morning lying on a strange bed, in Monyca's arms. Her breasts pressed into his body, and... something was wrong. The sensations were all wrong, wildly erotic, but wrong. Monyca's breasts were pressed into another set of breasts. He quickly sat up. Monyca stirred and smiled. “Surprised?” She propped herself up on one elbow and with her free hand traced along RV's inner thigh. Shivering at the sudden stimulation, RV moaned in response. For the next several minutes, Monyca expertly stimulated RV's new body. Breaking RV's will, preparing for the next step in her plan.

Physically weakened and shaking from the continual stimulation, RV was led by Monyca into a greenhouse located at the rear of her estate. Lush, green plants of all manner filled the greenhouse, circling various raised pedestals. Some were occupied by women rendered in stone, some supplicant, some reaching for an invisible lover, but each with an expression of pure lust. RV was guided to the very center of the structure and up onto the ornate pedestal found there. Stepping onto the pedestal as well, Monyca guided RV into the pose she desired, all the while continuing to stimulate, keeping RV from forming any coherent thoughts beyond simple lust and desire.

When the pose was just right, Monyca stepped down, careful to keep a finger placed just on the edge of RV's dripping cunt. “You do know what happens next, don't you?” She smiled and pushed her fingers into RV's over stimulated opening. RV's hips bucked in response, moans increasing and constant. Monyca placed her free hand against RV's right foot, ready to begin the final stage, making RV a permanent fixture, a part of her collection.

A flash of light interrupted her concentration just as she was about to begin the slow process she savored so much. The being Roen appeared, smiling knowingly, approvingly. “Hmmm, another one to add to the collection, my pet? And in the center, too? This one must indeed be special to you.” “Yes, Mistress.” Came the automatic response from Monyca's lips. Deciding to exercise her status over Monyca, Roen spoke. “We shall do this MY way.” “Of course, Mistress.” The response held just a hint of disappointment in Monyca's voice. If Roen heard it, it was of no consequence. Monyca was hers to use as she saw fit, and tonight Roen was in a very dominant mood. “Make her kneel, pet. I want her hands cupped in front of her, looking up in reverence to her superior.” Monyca projected the desired image into RV's mind, slipping her fingers deeper into RV as she did so. RV slowly knelt, hands cupped in front, head tilted back, looking up in reverence to the unseen superior standing in front.

“Excellent, pet. You may continue to stimulate her as the spell is cast.” Monyca smiled, knowing that she could at least enjoy the transformation. A snap of her fingers and a book appeared in Roen's hands. She opened it and began to read from it. A crackling of energies filled the room, permeating RV's body. Transfixing it, solidifying it, petrifying it. Skin turned white, flecked with blue-silver streaks. RV felt nothing but the pleasure that was being applied by Monyca. Monyca siphoned off as much of RV's essence as she could handle, savoring it. Monyca consumed RV's life in her mind as she watched the playback stream into her. As she neared the end of RV's tale, she gasped as she realized the full extent of what she had sensed earlier. RV wanted this fate. She smiled and absorbed the last of RV's life force. RV's fate, final and eternal, sealed by Roen, could never be undone by Monyca, nor did Monyca feel she would ever want to. Monyca withdrew her fingers from RV's stony body and slowly licked them clean.

In the other realm, sparks erupted from RV's computer, shutting it down. The monitor went dead, a telltale wisp of smoke indicating that it was fried beyond repair.  In the glossy black surface of the darkened monitor, an image of a woman could be seen. One hand cupping a breast as another reached below the desk. Alabaster white and flecked with blue-sliver streaks, the petrified figure gazed back into the now lifeless monitor.


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