Raye’s Late Night Job at the Wax Museum

by ANIME1979

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters that appear in this story are the property of Naoko Takeuchi. No infringement intended. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

Raye Hino was now 22 years old. She is also the Sailor Senshi known as Sailor Mars, but it had been years since she encountered any type of evil from the Negaverse. She was in college and now working a late night job to help pay for it. This was her second day working as a part-time security guard at a wax museum. She was wearing a light blue security shirt and a dark blue miniskirt. She had her long black hair in a ponytail as she wore a cap on her head with the security logo.  She was on the third floor of the museum as she looked down at a huge diamond that was on display in the Science area.

“I still don’t get why a huge diamond like this is at a wax museum, I sense no type of energy coming from it at all also.  No super villains should be after it. I just miss the old days, I guess,” said Raye.

She walked over to the stairs were another guard was standing. Raye went downstairs because she was patrolling the 2nd floor. Raye walked into a new exhibit and looked at them.

“Whoa, this wasn’t here yesterday!” said Raye.

The exhibit Raye saw was a set like a porno studio.  The display was set up with pink walls and a bed with dark red covers. There were two male mannequins in the display. One of them was nude on the bed. If it was one thing this museum was known for it was having very detailed mannequins, all the way from the muscle tones to each of them having genders. The other mannequin was dressed up like a cameraman and was on the far side of the display with a fake video camera.

“The exhibit isn’t done yet. They still need to put a female mannequin in there.” said Raye. 

Raye knew this section of the museum had no security cameras. Rayed walked onto the display and rubbed the plastic penis of the mannequin that was on the bed.

“If you were real I would fuck you.” said Raye in a joking tone. 

Raye got off the display. She was about to walk to the next exhibit but the doors closed on her, locking her in the porno exhibit.

“What!” said Raye.

Raye ran over to the doors and tried to open them but they wouldn’t move. Raye started to bang her left fist on the doors.

“Whoever is doing this, it’s not funny,” yelled Raye.

Suddenly the fist Raye was banging the doors with was grabbed from behind. At that moment Raye felt a weird tingle go through her body. Raye turned around and saw that it was the nude mannequin that was on the bed. The nude mannequin then started to walk back toward the display. It was pulling Raye along with it by her left hand causing her uniform’s cap to fall off her head.

“Let me go!” yelled Raye.

Raye tried to get free of the mannequin’s grip, but it was no use.

“Dammit, I shouldn’t have left my Sailor Pendent in my locker!” said Raye as she tried kicking the mannequin.

Raye tried anything she could think off. She did a series of different kicks each hitting the mannequin’s chest and stomach area. However the mannequin just stood there still as it received the kicks. Not even one of her kicks moved the mannequin from where it stood. Raye became greatly annoyed. It was as if the mannequin was mocking her. Raye looked at the mannequin’s plastic penis and with as much force as she could she swung her right foot towards it in hopes of breaking it.

“OWWW!” yelled Raye as the mannequin pulled on and squeezed her left hand tightly.

It caused Raye to go off balance as her right foot went back down, not reaching its target, as she fell to the floor on her knees.

“Bastard!” yelled Raye.

 Raye tried to quickly move her right hand up to break of the mannequin’s penis again. However the mannequin took his other hand and grabbed Raye’s right hand as well!

“OWW, that hurts!” Raye yelled.

Raye could feel the tingling in her body getting worse, it was making her weak. Each time Raye tried to stand up she would just fall back down, each time her knees only getting no more the three inches from the ground before touching it again.

Darn this stupid stiff! If I could only get up!” thought Raye as it was becoming hard for her to move.

Raye then heard footsteps so she looked to her right and saw the cameraman mannequin getting off the display.

“Just great! You too!” said Raye as she watched the cameraman mannequin walk toward her.

The cameraman mannequin walked behind her and kneeled down.

“Hey what are you doing?” yelled Raye as the cameraman mannequin removed her socks and shoes.

The cameraman mannequin then took a knife out of his pants pocket and grabbed the back of Raye’s shirt collar.  The cameraman mannequin then placed the knife between Raye and the right side of her collar.

“What are you going to do with that!” asked a worried Raye.

The cameraman mannequin quickly cut from the collar down all the way to the end of her right sleeve. Then the same was done to her left sleeve. Next from the collar and down the back of the shirt was cut along with the back of her bra.

Why are they doing this? They must be trying to rape me. I have to focus! I have to get out of here. Come on body! Move! PLEASE MOVE!” thought Raye.

The knife was then placed between Raye and her panties on her right hip. The knife was soon moved down cutting both the panties and the skirt on Raye’s right side. The same was soon done to the left side of Raye’s skirt and panties as well. The knife never once cut Raye herself. Raye then felt that the nude mannequin loosened its grip on her.

“Take that, you stiff!” yelled Raye as she used what was left of her strength to quickly stand up and push the nude mannequin away from her.

When Raye stood up her clothes completely fell off her. She then felt dizzy and fell back to the floor. She was reduced to crawling as she tried to escape. Her body was still tingling from the mannequin’s touch.

“I have to get to the door.” gasped Raye as she found it much harder to move now.

Suddenly the nude mannequin picked up the now nude Raye and put her over his shoulder.

“This can’t be happening,” said Raye weakly.

As she was carried over to the display Raye saw that the cameraman mannequin was back in his pose by the fake video camera. That was when Raye thought of a horrible theory.

No way; this was all a trap to get me to be a part of the display?” thought Raye.

The mannequin laid Raye in the bed on her back. The mannequin got on top of her and started to rub her breasts. The sensation of the touch gave her great pleasure, but it was coupled with the tingling, which felt much worse.

“Stop touching me let me…OHHHH!” said Raye as she saw her breasts grow from the mannequin’s touch.

Raye’s breasts grew four times larger then what they were. Then suddenly the tingling stopped and so did Raye’s ability to move. The mannequin then stood Raye on her knees on the bed and the mannequin stood up fully on the bed. The mannequin’s penis was right in front of Raye’s face. Suddenly Raye begin to suck its penis.

What – I can’t control my body!” thought Raye.

After a few minutes of doing this, Raye’s lips became larger. The mannequin then laid Raye back on the bed and turned Raye over on her stomach. It then posed Raye so her ass was high in the air with her legs spread out. The mannequin then slapped Raye’s ass many times. As Raye’s ass wiggled back and forth from each slap, it became larger. Raye now looked fully like a Porn Star now.

“I can’t move. What type of twisted fate…” said Raye but she didn’t get to finish because the mannequin started pumping his penis in and out of her vagina.

“Ohh! Ahh!  Stop… Ohh! Ahh!... sto… Ahh!” panted Raye as she tried to speak in protest while moaning.

With each thrust of the mannequin’s penis Raye’s skin looked more and more like shiny plastic. Raye tried to speak once more but her mouth opened wide enough for something to fit inside of it and she couldn’t close it. Raye’s eyes glossed over, completing the frozen look of pleasure on her face. Once Raye’s transformation into a wax mannequin was done the mannequin that was fucking Raye stopped moving and just stayed there with Raye in their fucking pose, both now still and silent.

Suddenly the doors opened and the security guard from the 3rd floor walked in. He picked up Raye’s ripped uniform pieces and put them in trash bag he was holding. The guard then walked onto the display and kneeled down by the bed next to Raye.

 “Well, Raye, you too have discovered that all who look at the cursed diamond for too long become a part of the displays,” said the guard.

He then undid Raye’s ponytail and made her long hair look spread out and messy as if to help the porno display give off an impression of wild or rough sex.           

 “There much better, since you’ll be working FULL-TIME in the porno exhibit, you may as well look the part,” said the guard as he walked off the display.


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