by JMD

"It needs something," she said.

We were sitting on the couch, cuddled up watching television. At least, I was. Apparently, Jennie was looking around the room instead.

"What's that?" I asked, turning to her.

"That corner," she answered, pointing with her chin. "It needs something."

I sat up and looked where she'd indicated. "It's got the lamp," I told her.

She sighed in that way she had. "It needs something else," she said simply, with a tone that let me know she was trying to be tolerant with

"Like what?"

She thought about that for a second, giving the corner a serious look. "I know," she finally replied, turning back to face me. "How about that girl you were seeing before we got together. You know. The bitchy one."

"Beth?" I asked, obviously not getting it.

"That's her," she nodded. "She'd be perfect." Then, she gave me that mischievous wink that I liked so much.

Smiling, I pointed at the corner. "Okay," I said. I gave my wrist a wave, and Beth was there.

She had apparently been ready for bed, seeing as how she was wearing just a baby-doll t-shirt and a pair of high cut panties. She looked around in confusion for a few moments before spotting me on the couch. "Galen," she said, placing her hands on her hips. "I should have known." She started to
step out of the corner. "What's the big..."

"Stay," I ordered, with another wave of my wrist.

Instantly, she froze in place, her question dying on her lips. Only her eyes still moved, glaring at me in hatred.

"Well," I said, turning to Jennie, 'she's there. Happy?"

Jennie eyed the frozen girl for a few seconds. "Yes and no," she answered. "She definitely adds something to that corner, but the way she's
standing is all wrong."

"Well," I told her, "she can't move on her own, but she's fully poseable."

"Really?" Jennie said. "Cool." She practically leapt up from the couch.

Beth's eyes followed her as she came over. I sat back on the couch and watched as Jennie walked back and forth in front of my unmoving ex-girlfriend a few times before tentatively reaching out and pulling one of Beth's hands away from her hip. When Jennie turned it loose, it remained where she left it. "Cool," Jennie said again, and set to work.

A few minutes later, she stepped back to admire her work. She had placed Beth's right hand on top of her head with the elbow bent outward. The other hand had been pulled slightly behind her to rest on the rounded part of her rump. Jennie had also spread her legs apart a little and jutted her hip out
a little to the right. But I could tell that she still wasn't quite happy with her new decoration.

She turned to me. "Does she have to look so mad?"

"Not at all," I said. Again, I gestured at the girl. Instantly, Beth's eyes shoot wide open, before slowing falling back into a contented gaze. A moment later, even though my paralysis spell still held her frozen, her lips began to slowly pull up into a smile.

Jennie's own eyes went wide. "What did you do?"

"Gave her an orgasm," I replied.

"What?" She turned to me in shock. I just shrugged. "Well," she said, turning back to Beth, "we'll consider it a going away present."

"So, what do you think?" I asked. "Marble? Gold? How about solid crystal?"

Jennie considered it for a few moments. "No," she said. "Too common. I think she'd look best as a mannequin."

"A mannequin?" I repeated. "Like in a store?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"Well, you're the decorator."

I made the necessary gesture and the change was almost instantaneous. Beth's eyes stopped following us around the room, as they locked in place. Her tan faded somewhat as her skin took on a smooth plastic look, reflecting the light from the nearby lamp. The final touch was the lines that appeared at her waist, leg and arms, before forming into the dividing points of a typical mannequin. And that's what she was.

Jennie stepped forward to check everything out, running her hands over Beth's smooth hard torso under her t-shirt. "Well?" I asked after a moment.

"Like I said," she answered coming over to me. "She's perfect." And she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss of thanks.

"I'm glad you're happy with her," I said as our lips parted.

"Yeah," she agreed, "me, too. Now, about that area at the bottom of the stairs…"


"So," I asked, "is that it?" It had been about an hour since Jennie had made me transform Beth, and in that time, she had kept me pretty busy.

Jennie smiled back at him. "Well, I don't know. Let's take a look at what we've got so far, shall we?" She was obviously enjoying herself. "We already know that Beth is perfect."

I turned to look into the corner where Beth...or rather the mannequin that used to be Beth...still stood. "Well, if you say so," I commented, still thinking that a mannequin was a strange choice for a home decoration. "Personally, I think Eunice turned out better." Jennie made a face at me. "What? You don't agree?"

"It's not that," she answered. "I'm still dealing with the fact that you dated someone named Eunice."

"What's wrong with Eunice?" I asked. "It's a nice name. And she was a nice girl."

"Well, I don't know about that," Jennie smiled, "but she sure makes a nice figurine." She turned and looked over at the television set...or, more specifically, at the object on top of it. I turned and looked, too.

When I had "popped" her into the room a few minutes earlier, it was obvious that Eunice had plans for the evening. She was dressed in a long flowing evening gown, holding the skirt out from her legs with one hand. She had probably been admiring how it looked in a mirror, but instead looked like she was in the middle of a waltz.

Apparently, Jennie agreed, because she had me freeze Eunice before she had a chance to realize what was happening. Then, she made a few minor adjustments in the girl's pose...pulling her other arm across her body, tilting her head back...until Eunice looked even more like she had been captured in the middle of a dance. Once she was satisfied, Jennie had me shrink her down to just about a foot in height, before turning her into pure white porcelain.

"Perfect," she said, as she placed the little figurine on top of the television. I had to admit that Eunice looked really good.

I turned to tell my current girlfriend so, but Jennie was busy looking around the room. "I think we've done all we can in here," she told me. "Let's check the patio again." Taking my hand, she led me through the double doors that led outside.

It wasn't much of a backyard. There were just a few trees around and a small flowerbed. Jennie had bought one of those plastic lawn table-and-chairs sets at the local discount store and placed them on the small concrete slab that functioned as our patio. All and all it was a typical residential yard.

Except for the fountain, that is.

"Pretty lucky us catching Janet in the shower, huh?" I said as we walked over.

Jennie poked me in the ribs with her elbow. "You know, if I didn't know that bringing her here was my idea, I'd swear that this wasn't an accident."

"Purely co-incidental, I assure you."

"Uh-huh," Jennie said, with a touch of doubt in her voice. We stopped and looked Janet over. "And certainly inspirational."

Seeing Janet standing there with water dripping from her naked body had proven to be an instant inspiration for Jennie. She had me freeze her on the spot and ran off to the storage shed, returning a few minutes later with the little plastic swimming pool that she had bought last summer to lay in when it had gotten so hot. I helped her lift Janet into the pool and Jennie went to work. Soon, she had the girl posed on her knees with her hands under her naked breasts, holding them up. She tilted Janet's head back and pursed her lips. Stepping back, she had me turn her, as well as the pool she was sitting in, into solid brass.

But Jennie wasn't through yet. She used the hose to fill the now-brass pool with water. Then, she turned to me and just smiled. It didn't take a genius to figure out what she wanted. With a snap of my fingers...and a shake of my was done, as a stream of water came from Janet's lips, turning her into a fountain that, even now, I had to admit added nicely to the backyard decor.

At least, I thought so. Apparently, Jennie was still unhappy about something, based on the sigh she let out as we stood there. "Okay," I said, trying to sound patient. "What is it?"

"It just needs a little something else," she replied with another sigh.


She thought about it for a few seconds, then smiled. Turning to me, she threw her chest out and, using the index finger of each hand, drew circles around the tips of her breasts through her t-shirt.

Now, it was my turn to sigh. "Okay," I nodded. It just took another snap of my fingers to add two new streams of water, one from each of Janet's brass nipples. "Happy?"

"Very," she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "In fact, I'm just about ready to show you how happy I am." She arched her brows at me.

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah," she answered, taking my hand and leading me back to the house. "We can check on Sharon on the way upstairs." We passed quickly through the living where Beth and Eunice were located, going into the short hall at the front of the house. Another door opened into the kitchen with its small dining area, while a plain wooden staircase led to the second floor.

When we had come into the hallway after transforming Beth about an hour before, I instantly realized that Jennie was right. Except for a small table with a mirror hanging over it, the area was incredibly drab. It really did need something to dress it up. "So," I asked her at the time, "what did you have in mind?"

"Well," she answered, again giving me that mischievous wink that had led to Beth's current predicament, "we already have one old girlfriend. We might as well go for a set. Who did you date before Beth in there?"


"Sharon it is, then."

At that point, I knew how the rest of the evening was going to go, and even as I made the necessary gesture to bring an unsuspecting Sharon into Jennie's grasp, I had no doubt that Janet and Eunice would soon be joining her.

Sharon appeared just like Beth had, dressed for bed, only wearing a short satin nightgown instead of a t-shirt. For just a second, I wondered if she had been alone, as with another wave of my hand, I froze her in place. "There you go," I told Jennie. "She's all yours."

"Great," she said, "but for what I've got in mind, she needs to be nude."

"Not a problem," I replied, giving my hand one more wave. Instantly, Sharon's sleepwear vanished, leaving standing there completely naked.

Without another word, Jennie went to work. First, she half-carried, half-walked Sharon over to the foot of stairs, positioning the frozen young girl with her back to the banister. Next, she arranged Sharon's hands in a classic statue pose, placing her left hand delicately over her pubic region and pulling her right across her body to rest on her left shoulder. As a final touch, she tilted Sharon's head to the left, resting her cheek on her hand.

Stepping back, Jennie surveyed her work thoughtfully for a few moments, before turning back to me. "Okay," she said with a nod. "This time, I think we will go with marble."

"As you wish," I said, smiling and waving my hand. A second later, it was done, as every inch of Sharon's body took on the color and texture of cold white stone. I watched as Jennie went back over for a closer look at her latest work of art, running her hands over Sharon's hard unmoving breasts.

"So, where to next?" I'd asked her, and she'd whisked me off to the patio, leaving Sharon there to brighten up the foyer.

And as we stood there an hour later admiring her, I had to admit that she did just that. I turned to my girlfriend, who clung to my arm and told her so.

"In fact," I added, "I'd have to say that you did a great job with all the girls."

"You would?" she questioned, looking up at me skeptically. "Even Beth?"

I turned to look over my shoulder back into the living room, where I could just see the mannequin standing next to the lamp. With a sigh, I nodded. "Yeah, even Beth."

Jennie gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "Good," she said, going over to cop another feel of Sharon's marble breasts, "because I really like how well they turned out, too." She turned back to me with a sad expression. "It's too bad that they will all be going home in the morning."

I smiled and shook my head. Jennie knew how I felt about permanently transforming anyone. Still, she was the first girl I'd dated that truly appreciated my magical abilities, and she had put a lot of work into her redecorating project... "I'll tell you what," I told her. "Since it's Friday, how about we let them spend the weekend with us. I don't think they'd really mind that much."

"Well, I guess not," Jennie said with a slight tone of anger. "Not considering the little gift you gave them."

I tried not to, but I had to smile. Jennie was upset with me for what I had done for each of the girl before their final transformations. Just like Beth before them, Sharon, Janet and Eunice each had received a magic-induced orgasm, the afterglow of which would remain with them for as long as they stayed in their transformed states. To me, it was the least I could do for the inconvenience I was causing them.

"So, is that it?" I asked again, seeking to change the subject.

Jennie looked around for a second before answering. "I guess so," she said. "Why? You got an idea?"

"Well," I said, glancing up to the roof, "I was thinking that we could probably use something to help in the bedroom."

"I suppose," she nodded, thinking about it. "Still, what can we do? You're all out of old girlfriends."

"True," I agreed. "Guess we'll just have to use my current one." And without another word, I waved in her direction.

Letting out a startled gasp, Jennie dropped to the floor, falling straight down as if the air had been let out of her. Which, in fact, it had been. For almost a full minute, I just stood there and looked down at the crumpled pile on the floor. I could make out Jennie's sandals, her jogging shorts with just a hint of her black panties, and her favorite t-shirt. Among her clothes could be seen what looked like some kind of pink rubber, topped with what might have been a black wig.

Going over, I reached down and took a handful of the black hair in my hand. Lifting it up, it was obvious that the pink material was attached, as it came up with it. Jennie's clothes clung to the rubber, too, but a couple of quick jerks shook them loose to fall back to the floor. Folding the loose material over my arm, I headed up the stairs, giving Sharon a playful wink as I went by.

Once I made it to the bedroom, I took what I was carrying and spread it out over the end of the blue bedspread. There was Jennie, though she looked like she'd been run over by a steamroller and flattened out with her hands raised up next to her head. Her green eyes stared up at the ceiling, her open mouth making it look like she was shouting out in terror. Slowly, I bent over her open mouth. "And now, for the final touch," I said before planting a soft kiss on her flattened lips.

Instantly, Jennie began to inflate, though her skin kept its rubber-like appearance. As air continued to fill her, her arms lifted her slightly up off the mattress, while her legs spread out wide, revealing the pink latex tunnel that had taken the place of her vagina. Meanwhile, her breasts expanded on her chest. Capped by large bright pink nipples, they grew somewhat bigger than their normal size. After a few minutes, she was full.

"So," I said, smiling into her wide green eyes that now looked like they were painted on her air-filled head, "what do you think?"

Of course, speech was impossible for her, since her mouth had been replaced by an empty hole surrounded by bright red lips. Still, her thoughts came into my mind just as clearly. What do I think? I think I'm a frigging blow-up doll. That's what I think.

"Yes," I nodded. "Yes, you are." I reached out and took her left breast into my hand. Giving it a squeeze, I smiled as the displaced air caused its companion to grow slightly. "And a very pretty doll you are, too."

For a few moments, I got nothing from her. Then, in my mind, I heard her thoughts again. Why you little... She didn't finish her comment and went quiet again. I waited patiently for her to collect her thoughts. Finally, she came back to me, her tone somewhat less angry. So, she thought at me, where's my orgasm.

My smile grew into a grin. "Coming right up," I said, undoing the button on my jeans.


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