by Anynom

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Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. A unique one from me and I hope a popular one. Enjoy.


It truly said a lot that the closest Lisa ever got to another person's flesh was helping her models get on the outfits she designed. It wasn't that she was totally lacking for companionship and it wasn't like she couldn't get any if she tried, but she had just been through a major dry patch the last few months, coupled with her demands at work, it just caused her to miss a lot of chances to go out and miss someone. In fact, the closest she got to actual companionship was the blonde mannequin standing stiffly on the side of her studio.

It was a lush studio that doubled as her apartment, the perfect place to design her work and have models drop by to try them on. It had taken time for Lisa to build up her personal designing line, having dropped every penny she had into it but it was paying off. She was now in demand by major designer companies and was enjoying the financial windfalls and the chance to show off her creativity. Now, if only she could translate that into something for her love life.

She sat at her desk, going over some outfit sketches, adjusting a few markers here and there, doing far more erasing than she would have liked. More than one client had reflected on the irony that Lisa could have been a model herself. She had a nice body, thin but shapely, with a moderate bust, her attractive features framed by her brown hair, cut short at the nape of the neck with bangs hanging over her forehead. She was dressed in a loose work outfit, simply a dark shirt with a skirt, a pencil hooked on one ear as she pored over her designs, intent on the clothing and the clothing alone.

"Been burning the midnight oil?"

Lisa yelped as she turned to see a tall woman smiling at her. She was dressed in a tight black dress that revealed her shapely body, emphasizing her nice chest, her hair cut shorter than Lisa's and bleached blonde to boot.

"God, Amanda, don't do that!" Lisa yelled, shaking her head. "How'd you get in, anyway?"

"Duh, I'm your sister, I have a key!" Amanda smiled as she stepped forward, a hand rubbing her younger sister on the shoulders. Amanda had always been the more unorthodox of the pair but she and her sister did work well together, Amanda's clothing store often home to the first of Lisa's creations. Amanda had helped put her sister on the map, telling customers how good her dresses were (nimbly avoiding her family connection) and boosting Lisa's fame with some of the design houses in town.

"You okay?" Amanda prodded, concern creeping past her usual flippant attitude.

"Yeah, yeah," Lisa nodded, straightening up, letting out a soft moan at the pains in her back. "It's just been rough working out these new designs for next week."

"Well, they're not due til next week, you should be able to relax a little," Amanda said. "I get worried when you throw yourself into things like this. You have eaten today, right?"

"Yeah, yeah," Lisa said, motioning towards a half-eaten microwave dinner. "And I've remembered to shower too, Mom."

Amanda chuckled as she moved behind Lisa. "Look, sis, I appreciate you want to be big. I was the same way when I started getting the shop together. But I knew I had to let loose every now and then. You need to do the same, Lisa, you really do. Come on, how about a night out with me?"

Lisa shook her head. "Not up for partying, Amanda, I still have work to do. I just can't figure out how to make these new designs perfect."

"Aw, come on!" Amanda grinned. "Take you to my favorite club."

"Oh, no," Lisa said. "I am not going to a gay club!" Out of everyone in the family, Lisa had been the most supportive when Amanda had come out a few years before. She'd long suspected it, noticing how Amanda didn't date that many boys in high school and once caught her looking through their brother's old "Playboys." Seeing her peeking into a shower when one of Lisa's friends was over for the night kind of gave it away.

Lisa was truly happy for her sister, knowing Amanda enjoyed her sexuality but was a bit thrown off by how she flaunted it at times. Although, lately, she'd been tempted to maybe give her sister's lifestyle a try, probably the only way she could get some.

"Is that so?" Amanda grinned as Lisa realized too late she'd said that last part out loud.

She groaned and turned back to her table and her designs. "Look, sis, I really have to work on this, I'm sorry."

"Now wait, wait, you can't just leave on that," Amanda said. "Lisa.....have you been having feelings towards women?"

"No, no, I'm not gay; I'm sure of that," Lisa said, trying to concentrate on her designs. "It's's been so long since I've had any satisfaction, I'll take it from anyone."

"See, there's all that overwork kicking in," Amanda said moving up behind Lisa and putting her hands on her sister's shoulders, rubbing them gently. "You have to try and relax, sis, you really do. You have to try and relax. I mean, you're so tight, so tense, you've got so much tension in you, you have to try and let go of that, hon, you've got to try and let go and just relax, you've got to let go of all the tension in you and all the worries and anxieties and just relax, is all, Lisa, you just have to relax and let the tension flow out of you, just relax and let the tension flow out of you..."

Lisa closed her eyes, sighing as she felt Amanda's hands roam and squeeze her shoulders, feeling long held-in tensions slowly escaping as Amanda's fingers worked into her sore muscles. She leaned back a bit, letting Amanda rub and knead at her with slow, easy squeezes as she spoke. "Just let all that tension flow out of you, Lisa, just let all that tension flow out of you, just let it flow out, Lisa, let it all flow out and feel yourself relax, Lisa, feel yourself relax more and more as you let all that tension flow out. You're feeling tired right now, Lisa, you're feeling really tired right now as you let all that tension flow out, really tired as you let all that tension flow out, so relaxed as you feel all the tensions just flow right out, Lisa, just let them flow out and relax, Lisa, just relax....."

Lisa felt like she was floating, all her worries and anxieties seeming to vanish as Amanda's hands dug into her shoulders, seeming to wipe away all her pains with every pinch in her muscles. Lisa just let herself drift off, let herself fall away, just to fall away and let herself relax more and more, her mind falling away......

*  *  *

Lisa's eyes blinked open, looking around to see her studio bare of anyone but herself. "Could have at least said goodbye, sis," she muttered as she rose up. She must have nodded off briefly during that massage and Amanda took advantage to leave. Well, she should be grateful, she felt a lot better. Now if only she could concentrate on these designs.

She sighed and erased a line, trying to get the bugs out of this outfit. She glanced up at the blonde-haired mannequin in the corner, the dummy staring blankly forward with unseeing eyes. "Well, Pam," she said, calling it by the nickname. "Looks like it's just you and me. Again."

She glanced back at her designs, pushing aside the thought that she was now talking to a lifeless dummy and sighed, trying to unlock her creativity. A shuffling sound got her attention and she looked up, confused over what was wrong. She looked around the apartment but didn't see anything off until she looked at Pam and stared. She knew it couldn't be right, but she could swear the mannequin had taken a few steps. As she watched, Pam moved forward, taking slow and easy steps towards her.

Lisa was frozen in place, her pencil dropped to the ground, her eyes wide and in utter disbelief as the formerly lifeless dummy moved towards her. Lisa took in the body, utter perfection, heavy and firm breasts that showed little sag, nipples erect, a blond bush having sprung between her legs. "How-----how is this-----this can't be-----" Lisa's stammering was broken when Pam leaned down and kissed her full on the lips.

Lisa was in shock for a moment, not just because she was being kissed by a mannequin but because she was being kissed by a woman. The first thing she could tell was that Pam was definitely a real live woman, her tongue flicking over Lisa's lips as she kissed her. Lisa closed her eyes as she felt a sudden feeling of arousal sweep through her, her hands moving to Pam's body, feeling the now-warm skin underneath her hands as she swept down the back with the long curly blonde hair and to the tight ass, squeezing it hard.

Pam broke off the kiss, taking Lisa up and with surprising strength, moving her up to the table where she was drawing. Slowly, Pam moved her hands over Lisa's body, swiftly but methodically stripping away her outfit, Lisa still in amazement over what was happening. Soon, her shirt and skirt were lying on the floor. Pam unsnapped her bra, pushing aside and taking Lisa's tight breasts in her hands, kneading them together as she moved Lisa back to the stool, the two continuing the kiss before Pam broke off. She put her breasts to Lisa's face and Lisa automatically felt herself cup and squeeze them, burying herself in the cleavage and licking the curves.

Lisa was in disbelief over this, pushing Pam's tits around her face, tongue sliding over the curves and the nipples. She felt Pam's hands suddenly move down her body, past her own breasts before sliding a hand into Lisa's panties, working into her pussy. Lisa moaned through her licks as she felt Pam finger her, index and forefinger feeling hard in her pussy as they manipulated Lisa's clit, the designer shuffling in her stool as she kept licking at Pam's breasts while the mannequin worked at her.

Without warning, Pam broke off, moving down and peeling away Lisa's panties, leaving her wearing only her boots on the stool. She moved in, her face pushing into Lisa's pussy and starting to go to work, her tongue incredibly lively inside Lisa's lips. Lisa moved back on the easel, moaning as she felt Pam go at her, the mannequin able to pinch at her breasts as she licked her out. Lisa moaned loudly as she shuffled on the stool, letting Pam's tongue reach all of her dark-haired pussy, her hands still working at kneading her breasts as she ate the designer out. Feelings long ignored started to come loose, brought to life by this strange situation and turning Lisa's arousal on to the point that she was soon erupting onto Pam's face, staining the blonde's face with cum.

Pam slowly took Lisa and lowered her onto her back and the floor, moving over and sitting onto Lisa's face, her pussy above the designer's mouth in invitation. Lisa had stopped trying to analyze this situation and just went with it, feeling the need to lick out Pam's clit. She reached her tongue out and began to lap away at the lips, not even bothering to wonder how the dummy had gotten a pussy. She was in too much love with lapping away at the pussy, her hands moving up to touch those perfect breasts, squeezing them hard and hearing a soft moan escape the mannequin's mouth, proving she had a tongue too. Pam worked herself on Lisa's mouth, letting the designer eat her out and massage her tits at the same time. Lisa's tongue dove in and out of Pam's pussy, feeling the beginnings of juices spill onto her mouth. Pam kept moving forward, her round ass rubbing on Lisa's breasts as Lisa kept licking away at her. Lisa's hands gave Pam's breasts a final squeeze and she came, juices spilling onto her face and swallowed away by the waiting brunette, the orgasm carrying Lisa into a state of blissful peace.....

*  *  *

Lisa blinked her eyes, rising from her drawing table. She looked around, seeing Pam frozen in her normal state near the corner of the room. "Just a dream," she whispered. She let out a smile. "Damn good one...." She frowned and cocked her head to the side, thoughts coming to her. She picked up the pencil and started to draw, finishing the touches on this outfit, then tearing off to another page, pencil working furiously as outfits came to her, inspiration striking her somehow.

Lisa was so involved in her work, it would be some time before she called it quits and noticed how her panties hung from Pam's fingers and how the mannequin's face was covered in cum.

The blonde moved around the front seat, throwing a dress over her body as the car sped along, the driver smiling at her. "No need to cover up on my account," Amanda grinned at her girlfriend.

"Need something to wear before we get home," Valerie smiled. "Damn, that sister of yours is something. You sure she's not gay, she ate me out great."

"Nah, just a bit lonely," Amanda smiled. "Figured she needed something to release the tension and get her juices flowing. Creatively, I mean."

"And she thinks it's all a dream," Valerie smiled. "Well, until she sees that mannequin. I can't believe you put her under so fast."

"Hey, I always thought she'd make a good hypnotic subject," Amanda said. "She trusts me and she was lonely and horny enough to open up to new experiences and keeping her off balance with the mannequin coming to life helped."

"Well, she was good," Valerie said. She moved forward to give Amanda a quick kiss on the cheek. "Not as hot as you......"

"Don't make me put you under until we get home," Amanda grinned. "So, the timing worked out right?"

"Yep," Valerie nodded. "Exactly thirty seconds after she woke up, so did I so I didn't have to play the mannequin anymore."

"You were very pliable," Amanda smiled. "Wanna try it again tonight?"

"Oh, yeah," Valerie smiled, the two taking off into the night, both making new designs almost as fast as Lisa above.

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