Reality Changing

by The Titan

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Screams of joy and orgasmic pleasure echoed out from the alley. Deep inside it, Samantha felt furious that she had not been able to make the stranger she fucked cum. Torn from her body, her shoulder-free top and extremely short skirt lay discarded in the gutter.

The man had just walked by her on the sidewalk, and she dragged him into the alley, ripping her clothes off and shoving her prey to the ground to ride him. With only one thought going through her mind, "I'm such a Slut, I'm such a Slut" repeated over and over until she came again, passing out for a minute as her body still quivered from the orgasms.

Dan, just over the shock that a woman had dragged him into an alley, tore off her clothes and wanted to rape him, as he got his clothes back on. He was a man that could not say no to that kind of offer. After she was done with him, he tossed her a dollar. Her eyes went crazy as she saw the money and as it landed on her she screamed and came again.

Slightly grossed out, Dan walked out of the alley and suddenly realized he had to hurry down to the pub to meet his friends. Unknown to Dan or any other living soul, he had a dark passenger inside his mind taking a ride to wherever the host went and this bar sounded like a place where it could have fun. This being had a new game he wanted to play.

* * *

As Dan entered the bar, he looked around. A long L-shaped bar with a lot of tall bar chairs in front of it, several tables both for larger crowds with comfortable black couches and some smaller with chairs for more intimate conversations. The big-screen TV placed high on a wall showed the latest soccer game.

That all too familiar smell of tobacco and alcohol filled the air like a fog and a small aquarium had been build in between two tables with some small colorful fishes in it. The bar did not have class by any standards, but was far away from the dumpster-like watering holes you could find elsewhere in this part of town.

Dan saw his friends, walked over to them, and told his true, but hard to believe story. As he did that the being inside him slowly scanned the bar for "subjects".

Ann sat at the bar slowly sipping her usual wine from a glass. She had sat there for nearly 2 hours without a refill to her glass and didn't plan on leaving the bar until forced to. Being a freshman at the local university, thin as a twig from years of anorexia and so short that she could give her last, and only, boyfriend a blowjob standing up only bending her backside forward, she could easily hide in a crowd of three.

Tonight she tried to get drunk, partly, for this reason. Without being noticed by guys so easily, she still had not been touched down there and the few guys she dated the last year became too disgusted by her physical condition to stay any longer than the date lasted. Last night she went on such a date at the movies and the guy left during the film to "go to the toilet" and she never saw him again, so now she tried to drown her sorrows slowly.

She picked this bar because she could dress very easily to match the surrounding decorations. Tonight she felt so depressed and down that she could not stand talking to another living thing, and she needed to gloom in the dark for a bit just to get her hopes up again for the next guy.

This went far too well as a man walked up to her chair and prepared to take a seat on her. She made a high-pitched noise and the man suddenly noticed her, backing away mumbling an apology. She watched him finding an empty seat on the other side of the L-shaped bar so she could still see him after he sat down there. As she went back to glooming and staring at her drink she heard a voice again, but this time inside her head: "She is so silent; she looked like that she was part of the furniture for a second."

She instantly recognized the voice as the guy that had tried to sit on her a moment ago, but he sat a long distance away, and that voice had been inside her own head. While thinking about this, her feet felt completely stiff from one second to the next as they moved together against her will. This sudden unwilling movement made her want to scream out or at least say something but her lips also betrayed her by staying firmly shut. Feeling the terror of stiffness crawling up from her legs, she tried to move them, but they where frozen solid in there position.

Panic made its way to all her body parts but as she tried to shift her body to get a look at her feet, she felt that she could not even budge her head anymore. She noticed that her eyes could still move, but this only made her even more horrified. As she looked down she saw her thighs move together like her feet.

She could both see and feel that the upside of her thighs had turned bright-red and felt very different, almost soft, while the rest of her legs felt rock hard. A feeling of water floating through her brain flushed for a few seconds, then vanished with a pop.

Realization dawned on her as she understood that her body slowly transformed into furniture, just like that voice had said. She knew that she should still be terrified by this but somehow that feeling had melted away with that water earlier, so she was very relaxed and calm about it. As the change continued to crawl up her body she saw that the changed body had taken a darker tone of blue, like the rest of the chairs in the bar. The change moved past her small breasts as it turned them into the same red color as her thighs and they felt like soft pillows.

Before the change moved into her arms, the arms from the shoulder to the elbow glued themselves to her torso just like her legs had done but shot forward from the elbow out to her hands to clearly form support for whoever was going to sit on her. As the change moved past her head, it turned her head backwards with her chin up like she stared towards the ceiling. Her hair flowed down her backside as it also stiffed and became the last part of her body turning into furniture.

Even after her entire body had become solid she could still think. For some reason, while she still had a million questions in her head and the first one was how this had happened in the first place, she could still not shake that relaxed feeling of that everything that happened to her had done so for a good reason.

Soon after the change finished a man came up to sit down on her. The second he touched her she had an orgasm, without any buildup. Ann's eyes did a 180 degree turn looking into her skull as her mind tried to process the feelings leaving her eyes whitewashed. The orgasm kept rocking her mind, as her stiff body could not, for close to 30 minutes straight with no pause to catch her non-existing breath.

The man sat on her thighs and rested his back against her breasts and at just those areas she had a burning sensation of pure bliss that spread all over her plastic body. When he got up and left her, the orgasm disappeared as fast as it had come. However, her eyes remained the same white color as her mind could no longer process any other thought than that it wanted someone to sit on her one more time. She was truly a part of the furniture now.


Lily had her usual bad day. That type of day that typically meant her coming to the bar trying to forget her stupid life. She had walked into the bar when it opened at eleven in the morning and did not plan to leave it until it closed.

Being very beautiful, and dressed for men to notice her, she could have scored several times that night, but she could not care less. Staring into her empty glass, she realized that she had been drinking for such a long time she forgotten what she wanted to forget. The problem for a drinker like her is that one drink is not enough, and every drink after that leads to another drink.

Unfortunately, as she got more and more drunk, she also got clumsier. She had already broken three wineglasses and a number of beer-pints. As she twirled around in her chair, she heard the strangest voice say: "If she breaks another glass, she is going to replace it"

She recognized the voice as the bar's owner because she had talked to him several times about how late the bar opened in the day. She could see him standing on the other side of the room talking to someone, so she wondered how she could have heard him. However, her being so drunk already, it caused her not to think about it much.

She put out her arms trying to imitate an airplane and quite accidentally knocked the woman sitting next to her on the elbow. This caused the woman to drop her drink which shattered when it hit the floor. Lily didn't bother with this, as she bent her head backwards to sip the last drops off her own glass.

That was when things got weird. As she put her glass against her lips and let the wine flow down her throat, she felt something spreading outwards from her neck to other parts of her body. She could not react fast enough as this stiffening feeling of something hollow went right up and across her face.

Now she could not move a muscle in her entire body so her head locked in a backward position with her hand still holding the wineglass to her lips. She felt her body and mind twitch as her sight blurred and she suddenly found herself standing on the bar, legs spread wide and her head in the same position as before.

If she could have seen herself, she would have seen that her entire upper body had transformed into see-through glass and it was spreading further and further down her body. As it spread down her body, her dress fell off as it disintegrated. A nude, hallow, glass-statue now stood on top of the bar.

Lily's mind still worked and she could see that the entire room suddenly seemed larger, but quickly realized it was herself that shrank. Soon she stood only a meter tall but had kept the same proportions. The bartender walked up to her back with a wine bottle and poured it into her hallow inside through a hole. The wine flowing through her inside felt like someone fondling her from the inside out. The wine stopped right above her pussy and did not go down into her legs.

By now the same woman that she broke a wineglass for, had been given a new glass from the bartender and walked up to Lily. She put her glass under Lily's pussy and simply pressed one of her nipples. Suddenly Lily's inside felt like a vacuum cleaner on highest power. Her brain felt like it tugged downwards, even if she no longer had one.

She came violently as the wine from her inside, gently began to pour down into the glass. Together with the wine, her mind also seemed to be flushed out of her. When the glass almost spilled over, the woman released her nipple and the cumming stopped. Lily's completely hallow body and mind, now stood transformed into a glass statue on a bar.

Ling walked into the bar with a terrified look on her face. She thought that the man at a table worked at her office. As she recognized that the person did not turn out to be this person, her face took a more relaxed look.

Her narrow, East-Asian eyes scanned the rest of the crowd and her pretty, small, but attractive mouth gave out a small sigh of relief. Her slender but yet well-toned body moved her to one of the tables where she sat down, but her thoughts occupied another part of her body, her hair.

Ever since she got out from her hairstylist that afternoon, she had lived in fear. Fear of what her co-workers at the office would think. Fear of what her relatives would think when she got home. Her hairstylist thought that highlights would bring out her hair to its best. Afterwards she had first been screaming at her for several minutes, then running out without paying.

In the bar, she drew a lot of attention to herself with her new hair as she now sported long but very thin stripes of blond hair all around her dark brown hair. When she turned her hair in any direction she looked like a small disco light as the blond stripes almost glittered in the gloomy light of the bar. She made a small jump in her seat when she suddenly heard someone say: "Those stripes makes her look like a wild tiger, meow!"

Ling found it very odd to hear such a thing; especially with no one close enough to speak that clear to her. She frowned at this but as she did, she felt something under her nose. As she moved this part of her face something long and thin had suddenly appeared there. She raised her fingers to check what it could be, but as soon as she touched it she suddenly became so extremely horny she had to rush to the bar's toilet.

After entering the empty toilet her horniness disappeared as rapidly as it had come. She quickly found a mirror and saw that whiskers somehow had grown above her upper lip. She wanted to scream but, as before, she got highly aroused just by looking at them so the only thing that escaped her lips became a loud moan.

Looking down from the mirror, she could see her hands and arms moving completely on their own on top of her cunt making her feel even more turned on from her body, but this did not surprise her more than what her clothes did. Her pants, her shirt, all her clothes had taken a color very similar to her skin, and from the touch of her hands, the clothes felt like they where vanishing into thin air.

After half a minute she stood naked, pleasuring herself and with whiskers in her face. She still wanted to scream from the top of her lungs but as she tried to, she only screamed due to the orgasm hitting her for full effect just then.

Looking into the mirror she felt another orgasm building up again but very little of her cared anymore, it felt so good. Her mind snapped back at attention when her hands felt hair along her skin.

She had always kept herself shaved all over her body so this came as a surprise for her. When she looked on her hands, they moved all over her body, and from every spot they touched a thin layer of hair grew. This new body hair, gave the impression that it looked like the same black and blond striped color that her normal hair got earlier the same day.

While this new hair stayed a few centimeters short, her normal hair grew much faster and reached her butt before she could even react to her new fur. Her old ears absorbed into her head as her clothes did, new ones appeared on top of her head and they where much more cat-like.

This entire episode seemed minor to her as her mind slowly melted away. The thought about making money for the future somehow changed into an image of tuna. Thinking of her own independence fell out of her mind, as a collar appeared around her neck, and obedience to the owner took its place. Her minds previous thought about sex remained but got amplified to the level of a cat in heat.

As her new tail grew out of her tailbone with the same color and fur like the rest of her hair, nothing about her could be remotely connected to the person she had been, body or mind.

The new feline walked out of the toilet and stuttered behind drinkers, gently letting her fur and tail stroke against them. Her long hair swashed behind her like a mane, still glimmering gently in the gloomy light of the bar.

She no longer cared whether she could find a male or female to play with her, so long as her hornyness could be relieved for even a brief moment. She purred gently with her thoughts on orgasm as she moved along the customers.


Sitting across from her client, Sue felt happy. This guy earned millions on the internet boom, and now by signing the contract that money would be at Sue's disposal. Taking him to this bar seemed to have relaxed him a lot after a drink, but it came as no big surprise that this geeky looking guy never had that much alcohol in his system. Being here on business, she wore her suit but he had taken a much more casual look with his Hawaii-shirt and jeans.

As he held the pen hovering above the contract, she felt a tremble of joy. She always felt this way when she successfully gained money from men for her own purposes that most certainly did not make the men any better off.

She could even see herself in the close future, sitting in her beach chair on some remote island paradise sipping her drink and watching the sun setting into the crystal clear blue water.

She came back into the present and out of the corner of her eye she spotted her client. He still held the pen above the contract and this made her instantly nervous. Did he not believe all her perfectly covered lies about how this would make his money grow tenfold in a year? Perhaps he spotted her moment of joy? As she went through all these thoughts in her mind a new sound in a male voice penetrated it and said: "I don't really trust this; there is something fishy about her"

She could not understand how that voice had entered her mind but she realized quite fast that the voice belonged to her client. Somehow it had bypassed her ears and gone straight for her brain. Her legs suddenly shot forward pointing stiff forward and down toward the floor. She felt she needed to panic but somehow could not do anything but watch her feet.

She looked with horror on her shoes as they shimmered in a bright blue mist. This mist crept slowly up her feet and left behind a fishtail covered in emerald green scales. Sue had always been fast to understand situations, and very quickly connected this fishy situation she transformed into and the voice of her client.

Despite her hate towards him she also felt a strange but strong affection toward him. The more that the mist and tail overtook her body, the more she thought about sex rather than any other thing,

As the mist kept creeping up, very conflicting thoughts floated through her mind, in her own voice however. Thoughts of swimming in the ocean replaced those of having a career, and her previous disgust of eating fish turned into the only thing she could imagine to eat.

In her mind she clung heavily onto her previous future vision but even that changed as the mist and fish scales crept over her waist. Her vision changed into her swimming on the water surface toward the descending sun away from the island.

The mist and scales stopped moving at her waist and from that point she looked like fish downwards and suit upwards. Sue felt dizzy for a second and suddenly realized that she had been transported into the, now much larger, aquarium but without her suit, making her nude in her new tail.

A man stood next to her fish tank and pressed his hand toward the glass. She pressed hers against his and felt a powerful orgasm moving through her body, out her hand and down through the man for a few seconds until he removed his hand from the glass, immediately ending the sensation.

She pouted her lower lip in disappointment that it didn't last longer but noticed the man's shirt. She had that dream so many times and when she earned enough money from this place she would finally able to swim out in the ocean a free mermaid. Hawaii would be her first stop.


Christine felt sad but also focused. She worked the bar alone at this hour and a group of customers had just entered and ordered drinks and for this she had to stay focused so she did not mix the drinks wrong. But she also felt sad as she and her boyfriend had a huge fight last night over something as silly as who would cook dinner. She had stormed out of the apartment with all her stuff yelling insults she didn't even thought she knew.

Right now she regretted every moment of those hours they fought as they had been together for nearly a year and she sold her old apartment a month ago. During that year they had done so many things together like surfing in Australia and backpacking across a lot of Europe.

She did ask a friend to take her shift this evening because she wanted to keep her mind off things and simply work her way through this hard time. She served the drinks to her customers very fast but she could not muster up that friendly smile as her thoughts kept wandering back to things like "were am I going to stay now" and "how am I going to be able to support myself".

As she manned the bar alone at this hour she had to do several runs into the back area to pick up things that were close to out of stock at the bar. Most of these items where stocked inside her boss office and this night he struggled with the books there and just sparsely gave Christine a glance as she walked into the room so often.

After two hours of hard work things finally calmed down and Christine could slow down a little bit on the serving but her expression did not change as her thoughts where still hung up on her private life's situation. However when thinking so much about that, she failed to notice her boss standing in a doorway to the back watching her work. For a moment she thought she heard her boss say: "She is really working hard and silent today; almost like a robot"

Christine turns around to question her boss to why he would say something like that, but notices he is nowhere to be seen as he already left to go back to his office over a minute ago.

Christine turns back to the bar with work on her mind as she suddenly hears a large metallic clang sound coming from her legs. As she looks down she sees that her knees are now covered in a metal surface that seems to be integrated through her black work pants and into her skin. She wanted to reach down and feel them but her hands keep working like a normal barmaid would.

Christine felt terrified about this metal being stuck to her knees and the fact that she can do nothing to alert others that something is wrong with her. But that feeling goes away very soon and she goes back to her usual cleaning of a glass (Side note: This is done by all bar staff in all universes. Don't ask me why).

She hears yet another metallic sound but this time she can feel the metal being thrown onto the left side of her face. Her brain is instantly intertwined with this new metal that seems to have a computer chips at the spot her old brain half used to be.

As she sways back into her previous position, she feels how she can use a zoom function on her left eye and that it is with 100% clarity that she checks her reflection from the mirror across the room.

Over the next minute her back, her legs, her stomach, the right side of her face is also turned metal. As each piece is thrown onto her, a part of her mind is changed into robotic thoughts. From thoughts on where to live and how to avoid her ex, she now thinks of simpler things like servitude to her owner and pleasuring her customers.

At the end only her breasts, vagina and head-hair is not covered in metal. As soon as the metal hits her breasts two things happened. First the breasts grow several cup sizes as the metallic transformation hits, and the word "breasts" are deleted from her memory banks.

As the metal hit her vagina that word also left her mind and she suddenly became constantly horny, however she had her orders to maintain the bar and then her owner did not allow her to relieve herself.

Soon her hair started to shimmer in silver-metal color from her roots and slowly spreading out to the very tops. The hair still looked like the same curvy and flowing hair it had been, but also looked like metal in its color. As the metal reached its end, her mind's last part of her previous self disappeared, lost forever.

Her new robotic self only followed the rules of her owner and smiled, happy with the serving job he had given her. She only existed to serve her owner and he had told her to be happy and serve the customers, so now she felt happy and focused on her job.


Stefan closed down the bar slowly. The last drunkards sent out and hopefully home together with that slightly annoying feline, feeding the mermaid with some tuna, ordering his robot maid to power down and regenerate power for tomorrow.

Locking the backdoor he walked out into the fresh night air thinking on about how his business had gone up a lot since he bought that mermaid and robot in a real bargain. The human chair he had gotten from a chair company for promotion had been very occupied by men and a few women. The vine dispenser also seemed to amuse some customers but it seemed to make a lot more unnerving about its usage so he had to sell it soon.

He reminded himself that he would need to buy some more tuna for the mermaid as he walked home utterly unaware of that a dark being only known to itself as The Titan sat in his mind, resting for the moment. Soon it would be ready to wreck havoc again but for now the world was safe for a little while.


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