by Baobab


 Jimmy had no idea how his life had spun out of control after he met Tanya.  His brother had a huge crush on Tanya and Jimmy had stepped in and stolen her away.  Everything was a blur, the sex was incredible, and the brothers were feuding; nothing had ever come between them before.  She suggested a weekend in a suit as his brother's birthday gift to make amends.  Jimmy had considered himself open minded but this started a real fight, she broke him down and talked him into it, she was playing them both like school boys.  It was just going to be for a couple of days around the house, right?  She said it would be good for them both.  He knew it was a bad idea but then something went wrong; she got shipped to Mexico City straight from the clinic instead of his brother’s place. 

His brother felt responsible, chartered a plane to go after her, and he hadn't been heard from in nearly two weeks.

 The more he thought about it the more he knew his brother was in trouble.  How much was he worth shipped off to some flesh farm?  This wasn't his fault, he strained every muscle in his body but none of them would obey him.  From behind he could hear the cargo door slam shut. 

Who was he kidding, this was all his fault.

Eight hours earlier

He couldn't see but at least he wasn't gagged.  Jimmy had woken up hooded in one of those restraint suits you use to ship crazy people and criminals in.   They had dampeners that ran down the spine to let you adjust the level of electrical impulse you let through.  Turn it down all the way and you're a rag doll, turn it up all the way and your paralyzed, push through your own electrical pulses and you could make someone dance a waltz.   Jimmy felt himself being positioned over something that felt like a barrel and started to complain, "I don't know what they are...arrag."  Jimmy's jaw locked up and silenced him; he was left nothing more than grunts and moans.  Someone was busy putting him into his service position, he wondered if it was a human or android.  He hoped android.

 His arm tingled like it had gone to sleep, was moved and then stiffened up like a board.  The routine continued all over his body until he was perched with his ass up like some bitch in heat.  Lasers punctured the synth skin membrane that hadn't quite finished bonding to his real skin, his junk and his asshole were left hanging out and then the suit came alive with a pulse of electricity that washed over him.  Another tingle and he found himself with a raging hard on... he didn't even get to control that.

He wondered what he looked like.  The old ones were mostly thick-looking S&M bondage suits because they had to be.  Now they could make the suits look like almost anything if you had the money.  With the right skins and some prosthetics, husbands and wives could spend their vacations as mannequins or a sex dolls or just about anything they could afford.  He had a friend that agreed to let his wife pick their suits for their honeymoon as long as he got a no-questions-asked bachelor party in Vegas.  He ended up as a helpless little furry bunny to her big bad (and awfully well hung) wolf.  

 But these things could be risky; chicks would consent to a weekend for their boyfriend's fantasy and end up sold overseas.  The stories and videos that Jimmy had always felt titillated by suddenly struck a painful chord.

 He remembered a few years back there was a notorious high school swim coach ordered a set of fancy new "full body swim suits" for his entire swim team at the start of swim camp.  He had the whole team line up on the starting blocks to try out the new suits for the camera.  They were all crouched down waiting for the pistol, but when it went off they didn't move.  They couldn't move.  He started working his way down the line for the camera.  By the time swim camp was over the team had been sold to buyers all over the world, and the coach had disappeared.    The authorities got most of the team back eventually. The videos started showing up later, of people banging a member of the swim team in exotic locations and in ridiculous ways, it became a meme; now you can buy your own copy of the swimsuits. The coach was never caught.

He felt the muscles in his mouth suddenly relax, "look, I think there has been a misunder… stannnddiingg...."  Jimmy's tongue and mouth turned to jell-o.  Fingers pulled his mouth open and something phallic and rubbery slid right in.  He couldn't offer any resistance, the tool simply plowed in, angled slightly and headed down his throat; then he realized it was perforated and he could breathe through it.  His tongue slid through a slot at the base of the insert and was left with the ability to wallow around a bit.  Another tingling pulse and Jimmy's muscles locked it in place, the moisture in his mouth activating an integral adhesive; it tasted like bubblegum.  There was a click and something unscrewed, leaving the device in place, but Jimmy's mouth held that perfectly receptive "O" shape.    A few seconds later he felt hands fiddling with the position of his rump and he knew he was about to get the same treatment in his backside.  

 Even nearly gagged, Jimmy sounded like a bitch with the few noises he could make.  His new insert arrived and was locked into place in one long invasive motion.  The move was so precise that Jimmy was now fairly sure he was being worked by an android.  Another sets of currents, more adjustments were made, tightening Jimmy's muscles so hard that he thought he might snap the thing in his ass in half but it turned out to be completely pliable.  The currents were now finding their way deep inside of him, testing muscles that he had never had control over before.

 The attendant android pulled on his dick, sheathed it, snugged a collar around its base, and adjusted the suit's programming.  Jimmy felt his cock and asshole began to flutter, pulsing.  More adjustments.  Something phallic was pressed to Jimmy's asshole and just like that Jimmy's sphincter took it in.  Jimmy shuttered as his asshole began to rhythmically suck in the tool, gobbling it in with each pulse.  Jimmy's but and asshole had been automated and began milking the invading object relentlessly.  The attendant adjusted Jimmy's speed up, then down, and then way up. The sound's Jimmy was making seemed to match the speed.  Jimmy's ass finally slowed to a crawl and then a stop.... then Jimmy was put in reverse.  Jimmy's ass spit the tool out with a farting sound.  Even with almost no control over his mouth Jimmy managed to sound relieved. 


 Jimmy jumped at the sound of the muffled human voice.  A wave of embarrassment rolled over him.  He had been sure he was at the hands of an android and now he knew there was at least one real person involved.  The android would handle anything the attendant considered distasteful.  The human would handle anything he considered interesting.  A sense of dread descended upon Jimmy, there was a team working on him... this wasn't a weekend pleasure suit.

 Jimmy couldn't see the attendant mark another item off their electronic list.  The attendant had nearly two hundred programs that had to be manually input into the suit on top of the seven hundred that came as part of the upgraded base programming.  When they were done this guy would drive your car or suck his own dick at the push of a button.  This was some very expensive programming.  A button was pushed, the attendant always felt a little sorry for guests that had such a heavy programming schedule.  Jimmy was a "guest", after all, "clients" were here voluntarily.

 Jimmy blew his load right away without any warning, he was shuttering from the surprise orgasm. There was a pause before Jimmy's cock cycled through another full orgasm, he still couldn't go limp; his mind was blown.  He had heard the new suits could make some men multi-orgasmic, Jimmy finished, waited, held his breath, wanted to beg for it but it came again without him asking and it began just as his motor controls were returned to him.  He convulsed wildly, grabbed his cock with both hands and screamed, writhing around on his back uncontrollably.  He was in control of his own body, it might be the last time for all he knew, and instead of trying to tear his suit to shreds all he could do was spank his cock like some fucking monkey.

 When he was spent his motor control vanished as quickly as it had appeared, he was exhausted and practically still in a state of bliss but he still felt like an idiot as he climbed up and assumed his "service" position on the mechanical saddle that he was now mounted on.   

 Next the tip of a nozzle slid between Jimmy's lips.  Then something happened that Jimmy realized he had done once to a seriously slutty girl once when she was passed out drunk.  An attachment locked onto his face and a nozzle loaded with that gel/foam sex sanitizers (oxygenated lubricant, low calorie spermicide, vitamin enriched, germ and disease killing, air freshening, etc...) wedged  between his lips and sprayed his mouth completely full.  He had only used a dab on a drunken chick and that was just polite because they really didn't know each other. It tasted like bathroom cleaner and his head began to spin.  

The gel started to foam up and his lips snapped shut.   A few minutes later his stomach was bloated with the foamy stuff and a burst of the stuff would gurgle out his nose yet he could breathe through the stuff just fine.  The technology was amazing; who ever thought you could fuck, clean, and feed someone with the same product? 

The process got repeated on his backside, another attachment and cleaner went in as a push of a button closed his back door until his intestines began to expand.  Jimmy broke into a sweat and began to shake as his lips and sphincter refused to release the pressure of the ever-expanding invasive foam.   It turns out that Jimmy was one of the new self cleaning models, his saddle had kicked into its maintenance routine and he was set for a thirty minute cleaning cycle.  When Jimmy’s timer finally went off he felt like a bottle of champagne that had just been uncorked from both ends. 


Tanya's skin tingled as she watched Jimmy straining in the confines of his new suit as his saddle performed its daily maintenance, with the bush of a button Jimmy's brother loaded his sibling into the plane's cargo hold.  She stretched and felt the comfort that came from her own second skin.  She supposed she fought it as much as anyone at first but now she hated any time she spent without wearing it.

 The two brothers were a good catch; identical twins were worth a fortune.

 She followed them into the cargo hold of the plane, it was a long flight; no need to waste the time when there was so much programming to do. 


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