Restaurant of Frozen Patrons

by The Freeze Fan

NOTE: The following is not so much a story, but a conversation between two people that share the power of timestop. As they learn more about each other, they find out about the other's life as a timestopper. "Restaurant of Frozen Patrons" has been inspired heavily by the works of Nicholson Baker. Please, if you happen to like or dislike my work, send me an e-mail telling me what you think about it. I would appreciate feedback.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been that pissed off before-- But there was this one time I got really angry at my insurance company. I had just got my renewed insurance card in the mail, as well as a prescription for some headache pills. Then this girl working at the pharmacy started giving me all this crap about my card being invalid, and that I had to call my insurance company and get them to call the pharmacy to correct it all out. This was all one big pain in the ass.

“The girl behind the counter was young -- somewhere in her early twenties -- probably right out of pharmacy school. She was wearing a uniform that reminded me of what nurses wear, and that got me thinking. Why does she have to wear that? All she really does is put pills in bottles, right?

“Never in my life have I been behind a pharmacy counter, so I stopped time with the snap of my fingers right as she looked down at my prescription to confirm that without proper insurance that those pills would cost me three hundred dollars. Yeah, right, I thought; I’m not paying three hundred dollars for pills.

“I went behind the counter and pulled her light blue pharmacy pants down, and saw that she was wearing black panties. I spread her legs apart and pulled her panties down. I took out my cock and started stroking it--but before I inserted it--I decided to grab a box of condoms.

“Believe me, I wouldn’t have done it without a condom; I was feeling evil that day, but not that evil.

“I pumped into her fast, and when I was done I wiped off my hands in her hair. She had curly blonde hair, not what I would expect for a pharmacist. Each time I fuck, I feel extremely hungry afterwards, so I went across the street and grabbed a roast beef sandwich. As I ate on the way back to the pharmacy, I put everything back the way they were. When I restarted time, the argument still raged on, but her hand immediately went straight for her ass; as if some one had just drilled into her asshole. It was quite amusing. Watching her stand there uncomfortable actually took away my headache, so I told her, ‘Sorry for your troubles, have a nice day, ma’am.’ And that was the last I ever saw of her.”

“That’s an amusing story,” she said. “But I was wondering if you ever used your powers to harm anyone.”

“To hurt anyone?” he thought about it for a minute. “Once a guy raised his arm to punch me; I used my power to dodge his punch. I got behind him and punched him in the back of the head; then I disappeared. This happened a few years back.”

“I don’t think I can ever punch somebody right after I unfreeze them. Or when they’re frozen, for that matter.” she giggled. “Honestly, I’ve never been able to punch anybody my entire life. The closest I’ve ever gotten is when I make a fist and slam my hands against my girlfriend’s chest.”

“One of my ex-girlfriends used to do that too. I would freeze her in the act, but I never revealed my secret to her.”

“I’ve only told one mortal about my self, about my true self.” she said. “It was this girl named Kelly, I had known for a couple of years. She got kicked out of her house, and asked to stay in my apartment until her parents let her back.

“She was a strange one. Well -- I mean -- she was a beautiful brunette and all. And she was well younger than me.”

“How old?”

“Twenty-two. She must be twenty-three now.”

“Was she good freeze material?”

“Oh yeah. A dozen times a day, at least.”

“And she didn’t mind?”

“She didn’t know. I didn’t tell her till six months had gone by.”

“Six months? I thought she just wanted to stay over for a few days.”

“Yeah, I know, I got tricked. But it was fun freezing her.”

“Tell me more about Kelly.”

“She was attractive. And that’s about it for her. She didn’t have a job, so she hardly left my place. And she wasn’t really good in bed.”

“Then why did you allow her to stay?”

“She was a friend. Besides, it was fun pausing her. She would always work out to this exercise video tape, and as she would bend over to stretch -- with her feet spread a foot apart -- I would pause her...

“Sit back, fall into a book, relax, and enjoy the view while I read. That describes every other day with Kelly.”

“So she was your own personal home statue that you could sculpt anyway you could, right?”


“But she was bad in bed?”

“She was bad in bed, but it was still fun for me. You see, when ever she was going down on me -- usually she would be on all fours, and I would be on my back -- and I would be feeling absolutely nothing so I would freeze her, get one of those yellow memo pads and stick ‘em to her forehead with the message: ‘Be back in five minutes.’

“I would come back whenever I wanted, too.”

“When did she find out about you, the real you?”

“I had come home from work and saw that she was watching TV, and I sat down next to her. We didn’t really exchange much dialogue, in fact we didn’t say anything at all. She was watching Charmed, and the one witch that can stop time, her name was....What was her name, again?”

“It was Piper, I believe.”

“Oh, yeah, Piper waived her hands and froze an entire room full of women at some find-a-date agency, and they were all very attractive women. I thought I should go down to one of those and see how the women looked there...”

“But what did Kelly do when she saw that on the television?”

“She slowly looked at me, and her eyes told me everything she was thinking.”

“She found out then?”

“No, no, she just got concerned. I don’t blame the girl. I would freeze her way too much, I wasn’t surprised the least that she would at least think that something funny was happening in my apartment. Besides, what happened to her a week earlier was enough for her to suspect the existence of my timestopping power.”

“And that was?”

“Before I entered my apartment one night, I stopped time and entered to see what Kelly was doing at that very moment. I found her in the bedroom, naked and masturbating. The expression on her face was one I’ve never seen before. And she was using a dildo.”

“And that angered you?”

“I thought she hated dicks like me.”

“C’mon, you can’t say you hate dicks. You’re talking to me right now.”

“You are the only person I can talk to freely about the hidden side of me, that’s all.”

“Okay, okay, just continue with the story.”

“Well, I thought of doing something. I pulled out the dildo and restarted time. Immediately she yelled, ‘Where the hell did you come from?’ and I followed with, ‘I thought you were a full-fledged lesbian. What the hell are you doing with this junk?’ and she said, ‘It works better than you!’ and I said, ‘I bring you into my home. You don’t work. You don’t bother looking for a job. You can’t do nothing right, except for being a statue...”

“And what did she say to that?”

“Her eyes grew into a shape I couldn’t describe. She said, ‘What do you mean by that, and how did you get in so fast without making a sound?’ I froze her to buy some time. A couple of minutes later I restarted her and told her that she must of  not heard me because she was enjoying herself so much. Immediately she got up and started yelling at me, so I froze her again. It was for her own good, by that point I could of just thrown her out. But that would of been too harsh since she had no where to go.

“About an hour later, I came back to my bedroom where she was frozen, and restarted her. I told her to calm down or I was going to ask her to pack her bags. She shut up-- not because of what I said, but, well, she asked, ‘Wasn’t your hair in a pony tail a second ago?”


“Yeah. I had taken off my pony tail while she was frozen and forgotten all about it. Luckily, that wasn’t enough to prove about my powers, but she new something was up.

“Two months later she told me that she was moving in with some guy named Steve.”

“Who’s that?”

“I don’t know, exactly. I never met him. She was with him for a week before she moved back in with me, said, ‘Things didn’t go as planned.’ But when she was gone I felt like I missed the opportunity of a lifetime by not telling her that I had frozen her on so many occasions.”

“So you told her?”

“She came in and made herself at home, without really asking if she was invited back. The girl doesn’t know manners. I told her about my powers that night.”

“How did she take it?”

“The first thing she said was, ‘I knew it!’ and then ‘HEY! YOU DIDN’T!’

“I told her I did.”

“How did she deal with it?”

“She was kind of pissed off knowing that I had frozen her all those times. She was shocked, I would tell her about times I had frozen her, and she would say, ‘You froze me then?’ She would tell me that she had no idea.”

“But now she did. Now you couldn’t get away with all the time, so easily.”

“Are you kidding? This was better than ever. I could’ve done whatever I wanted, and I did just that. I would jam things inside of her whenever she would bend over; and laugh at her reaction when I restarted her. I sometimes laughed so hard that I froze her again, just so I wouldn’t upset the poor girl with my over enjoyment. She never raised her voice to me again. And I never caught her in the act of doing anything wicked. She knew I could always see what she was doing at whatever given time.”

“So she became an angel?”

“An ice angel.”

“How often?”

“About the same as before. Only now it was more exciting. Still, I could get away with it more often. I would still freeze her as she poke her head in the fridge, while on the toilet, or in the shower. I could even remove an article of clothing from her and she would still be clueless, until she looked at herself and realized something was missing. The thing was that now I did not mind if she found out about what I had done to her; fine, let her find out. There are no longer any secrets to hide.”

“How was she, now that she knew?”

“Well, she asked a lot of questions about what I had done to her all those times before. One story she really liked was the time I spent with her frozen for a week because I got tired of hearing her speak. Luckily, I don’t get much company over, so she was that way for a complete seven days. She was sitting at the dinning room table, and was about to a sip from a glass of water when I froze her. I was going to unfreeze her a few minutes later while I rest my mind, but I thought she looked so lovely that I left her that way.

“About an hour before I unfroze her I took away her glass of water, rinsed it out, and poured a new glass and put it back where it was when she was frozen. I told her she had no idea.”

“What did she say?”

“She felt funny, thinking why the week went by so fast, since I froze her on a Tuesday night and unfroze her the following Tuesday around the same time.”

“I have frozen women for long periods of time, moved them around, and rearranged them; but I have yet to leave somebody frozen for a week.” he said. “Do you live with Kelly now?”

“No, she moved on. I mean we never broke up...we just never really started dating. She told me that her parents wanted her to come back, and they were getting worried. I wanted to scream at them at the top of my lungs. The girl was twenty-two, she could take care of herself...”

“You mean, you can take care of her. You make an adequate salary as a high school teacher, and she... she doesn’t work. She doesn’t really do anything... except you know, be a statue...”

“I don’t intend to keep her around my apartment as my private towel holder, so I could have something good to look at when I get out the shower...”

“You would rather have her be in the shower with you...”

“But she left, and the last day with her was the best freeze I ever did. I had a short discussion with her in my bedroom about how I didn’t want people to know about my timestopping powers, and she agreed she wouldn’t say anything to anyone. I believed her so I kissed her good bye and she started walking to the door when I paused her. I pulled her red thong down that she had worn so many times before -- got back where I was before -- and unfroze her. She spun her head around for a quick second, smiled, waived good bye, and disappeared. I’m not sure if she knew at that moment of what I had done.”

“And that was the last you saw of her?”

“She called a couple of times, and we would talk for a long time. She would ask me to stop time while we were on the phone and go over to her house and meet her there. I told her that my powers didn’t have that far a reach. They work well in closed areas, but I had never achieved a wide scale freeze. Maybe one day I will wake up and be able to. And maybe you will even be able to freeze up, my dear Philip.”

“Trust me, you will never turn me into a statue. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be my piece of art one day...”

“We’ll see...”

“Does Kelly still call?”

“She hasn’t called in almost a year. The last I ever saw of her was when I decided to drive by her home, and freeze time as her mother opened the door for me. Thankfully there was no eye-hole so she had no idea who it was. I snuck in at the first sight of a crack in the door, and found Kelly with her mouth wide open in a almost ridiculous way. She had been talking on the phone, with her fingers rapped around the cord. I thought this was funny since she hardly called anyone when she was at my place. I placed the phone on the hook and picked her up and put her in the bathroom and restarted time. She jumped a little, but a smile grew on her when she realized it was me.”

“And then what happened?”

“We had our fun, and that was that. She disappeared from my life after that. I think I might visit her again, but she hasn’t called me or anything.”

“Doe she think that you are the only one of your kind?”

She thought about this for a moment. “You know Phil... I never told her that there are more of my kind. But she did ask me where I got my powers from, and I told her I didn’t know, that I was just born with them. Maybe my mother was abducted by aliens, and I myself am part alien. Or my parents had the power, we just never discussed it. I mean, I tried telling my parents but they just say I was just my imagination.  Or maybe I was dropped on my head and that some how was responsible for my powers. Were you ever dropped on your head when you were a baby?”

“Not that I remember.”

“Have you revealed yourself to anyone?”

“Yes. One of my girlfriends that lived with me. Joanna. I had known her from high school, and hardly spoke to her then. But we knew each other, and we shared many classes.” he said. “One day -- years after our high school graduation -- she walked into a coffee shop, and I saw her; but she didn’t see me. I stopped time, got behind her, unfroze everything, slapped her on the ass, refroze time, got back to where I was sitting and started everything up again.”


“It was no surprise that she spun around fast looking for the culprit. Then she saw me, said hello, and sat down at my table. I bought her a cup of coffee, and she agreed to visit my house. We got to know more about each other, and we became very close friends. I would freeze her here and there, but didn’t do too much with her until I got to know her better. I decided that she was the one that I was going to reveal myself to.

“A month after I was seeing her I found her in bed with me. She toyed with me a bit -- but really I toyed with her, freezing her as she played with my slightly raised member. These freezes didn’t last too long -- only about ten or twelve seconds. I just wanted to admire her as the piece of art that she was.

“Eventually I found her with her ass hanging in the air, with my member inserted deep inside of her. Everything was going just fine when I realized...

“It wasn’t working, so I stopped her, and the room fell silent because there were no longer any moans coming from her. I pulled out of her frozen form and made myself a roast beef sandwich, and later did some push ups. I felt like I was ready and came back, inserted myself, and restarted everything. She didn’t notice anything.”

“So, did you come?”

“Yeah. She was happy.” he said. “In the morning I heard her footsteps roaming around my house. I stopped time to see what she was doing in my house.  I had caught her in a mid-stride on her way to my room while holding a tray with French toast and a tall glass of orange juice.  She was in one of my white button shirts -- and nothing else. It was very big and loose on her. I patted her on the ass, and went back to my room to await my breakfast in bed. Seconds after I restarted time, her voice spoke: ‘Wake up sleepy head, rise and shine.’ She placed to tray on the bed, and I thanked her and told her she didn’t have to. We talked that entire morning. I didn’t even freeze her once during that time.”

“Joanna seems like a special girl. Maybe I...”

“Forget it...

“As for telling Joanna about my powers, I was tempted to tell her, but I didn’t. I just didn’t feel like it was the right time, or maybe I didn’t want to lose what I had.

“We continued going out for a few more months, and I continued freezing her every now and then. Usually just to admire her while she was stretching in the morning, or just by accident.”

“By accident?”

“Well, I have this problem. Sometimes I accidentally stop time. I could be in my sleep, and I stop time, and go on dreaming while the immediate world around me is stopped. One morning I awoke to find Joanna frozen, bending over while pulling her panties up. She must of been like that for a few hours. I must of waived my hand in my sleep and frozen her. It happens time to time, I could be eating diner with her, and if I slam my glass too hard...”

“You stop time.”


“So when did you tell her?”

“That was an accident as well. I got accustomed to getting very close with her in very public places, and one day as I was walking with her through a park, I slapped her on the ass. I thought she didn’t mind, and I was right, she didn’t. But it was something else. She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. She had felt that hand print on her butt before. She said, ‘You know... someone has done that to me before. Only I don’t know who it was, I never saw who did it.’

I asked ‘Did what?’.

She said, ‘Slap me on the butt like that. But it couldn’t have been you.’ But then she thought: She first saw me in that coffee shop, and I had played that little trick on her. She knew something was up. As of that day, I had known her for three months. And even though I wanted to tell her about my real self, at the start of the relationship, I was reluctant to speak now. I acted dumb.”

“She didn’t hate me or anything. But from then on she looked at me with a third eye.”

“So when did you finally tell her?”

“A week later, we were together at my place. I had told her that I had something to tell her, and she was cool about it.  I sat her down at the dining room table, and started to explain to her that ever since I was a kid, I could halt all objects in suspended animation while I moved around freely. At first, she didn’t understand. Then she thought I was joking. Later she thought that I was crazy. Finally, she told me to prove it to her. So I did.”

“How did you pull it off?”

“I didn’t just want to freeze her and pop behind her or anything like that. I wanted this to be special. So I asked her, what she wanted me to do. She said she didn’t know, what can somebody that can stop time do, she asked. I told her -- virtually anything. She told me, ‘Fine, take off all my clothes and lock me outside. Then I will believe you.’

“I didn’t want to, and I told her that she should reconsider. I froze her and did everything she wanted me to. I took her outside, where everything was moving through normal time, and locked the door as I went back in. I unfroze her, and watched her through the key hole as she begged to come back in. I said, ‘Now do you believe me?’ And she said, ‘Yes! Yes! Just let me in!’ I opened the door.”

“Was she angry at you?”

“Only because it took so long before I told her.”

“Are you still with her?”

“Yeah. She told me to not freeze her too often, but I get away with it all the time. Just yesterday I froze her in the shower, snuck behind her and restarted everything. She jumped a little, but she didn’t mind.” he said. “She dropped her soap and bent over to get it -- that was the best. I just let her stay frozen in that state for ten minutes, as the hot water fell on her. I played with her a little and restarted her...

“Were you a lesbian your entire life?”


“Wait... so you’ve never tasted cock?”


“Tell me.”

“Remember about that time with Kelly? I found her in my bedroom with a dildo, and she told me it was better than me. That got me a little interested in it, so I went down to some club, and decided to experiment. I ended up going over some guy’s house, I forgot his name. It was Jerry or Jeremy or something that started with a ‘J.’ He tried sleeping with me, but I refused, told him to take it easy. I ended up going down on him...

“Seconds later, I found a jet of sperm hanging in mid-air, leaving the hole of his penis. I had jumped back and frozen him at the moment he had cum. I didn’t want that touching my face so I found a couple of tissues, cleaned the floating cum, and got out of his house.”

“You just left him frozen?”

“I’m sure he unfroze eventually.”

“That’s the worst thing you’ve done.”

“Believe me, I’ve done worse.”


“There is one student in my classroom that I always had an attraction for. I shouldn’t really tell you her name, but she is this blonde girl that always dresses herself like pop stars you see on TV; she is always around the popular kids in school. I tend to give her Bs and As. Well, one day I saw her come into my classroom with a bunch of balloons, and I asked her what the occasion was for. She said that it was her 18th birthday, and her friends had gotten her balloons to parade around during school that day. She asked if they were a nuisance. I told her no...”

“What did you do to her?”

“That day, I froze time to walk from my empty classroom to the second classroom I teach at. I hate walking through hallways as traffic is in progress, it is horrible. Anyway, I found this girl sipping on some water from a fountain. I pulled down her jeans and found her wearing some pink underwear with butterflies on ‘em. This was too good to be true, it was wrong, but it was good. I pulled down her underwear, and fingered her. You have no idea how 18 year old pussy feels like.”

“Don’t worry, I know.”

“Are you hungry yet?”

“Just a bit. It will probably take thirty minutes for our orders to arrive. I should unfreeze everything now if the waiter should come around to this table.”

“Fine. Be my guest.”

Time flowed in the restaurant. The frozen couple to the left of Phil and Rebecca went back to chatting about movies, and the elderly man to the right went back to slurping his soup. A few more minutes flowed, the two newly aquatinted timestoppers browsed through their menus.

“Rebecca!” a voice emanated out of nothingness.

She looked up.

“Kelly?” asked Rebecca. “What you doing here?”

“I got a job. I work here. Oh, yeah, are you guys ready to order?”

“Where have you been all this time?”

“My parents don’t approve of you.”

“Do they know about us being lesbians?”

“No, its not that.”

“By the way, this is Phil. He’s got the power too.”

They shook hands. “How long have you two known each other?”

“Since a couple of hours ago. He tried freezing me.”

Phil’s face turned red; and he waived his arm.

“Why did you freeze everything again?” said Rebecca. “But I must admit. I haven’t seen Kelly in a while. Look at her. She looks so beautiful, just standing there in that waitress uniform.”

“Ask her why she hasn’t spoken to you in so long. You should take Kelly back to your place then?” He unfroze everything.

“If you guys aren’t ready, I can come back in five minutes.”

“No, Kelly, that won’t be necessary. How about you come back to my place?”

She smiled. “Sure.”

“I’m glad I don’t need this uniform anymore.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m quitting.”


“Aren’t you asking me to come over to your place again?”

“Yeah, but...”

“Great. I don’t need to work anymore. I’m done here.”

“At least you are good at one thing, Kelly. And that’s being a statue.”

“Great. So I can be your towel holder again?”

“You were never my towel holder. But maybe tonight you will be.”

“What about your friend, Phil?”

“Yeah, what about you Phil?”

“What about me? I’m going to go back to my place, hopefully Joanna will be there. And I’ll turn her into my towel holder for one evening, and one evening only. As she stands naked in my bathroom, I’ll enjoy a nice hot shower, and watch her stand there as I clean myself off and change. After that I’ll play with her some more, and I’ll leave the rest up to imagination.”


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