Wonder Woman and the Robot Master

By K from Japan

{From The Wizard's Lair - reposted with permission}


1) Mysterious Android

Wonder Woman was watching an android in front of her. The android was a humanoid-type and female-style with white skin and blond haired sitting without movement. The letters ‘Sally’ were marked on her forehead. Probably this was her name. She was silent, said nothing. Only her eyes were kept onto Wonder Woman’s face.

‘Sally, I knew you were distressed in Dr.Chemical’s hideout. Don’t afraid of me. I’m Wonder Woman, the warrior of justice. Please tell me about you,’ said Wonder Woman. But she kept silent.

How many times I might say the same question? Wonder Woman began to be tired with such a silly interrogation. Wonder Woman shrugged her shoulders.

‘OK. Then rest a little.’

Wonder Woman was thinking with a coffee-cup in her hand about yesterday when she rescued this android from Dr.Chemical’s hideout.


Wonder Woman found Sally in The Star-log Warehouse in this city. The warehouse was the Dr.Chemical’s hideout. Wonder Woman had been fighting against Dr.Chemical for a long time.

At last Wonder Woman drove him into a corner and broke into his final hideout, The Star-log Warehouse.

Dr.Chemical was a hard to defeat criminal. He was a chemist and the master of chemical materials containing all of the poisons and chloroform of course. Wonder Woman had been agonized over and over by his traps using chemical materials. Sometimes Wonder Woman was captured and lost her consciousness, almost killed by his demonic poison. But Wonder Woman was a proud warrior and never overlooked Dr.Chemical’s carelessness. Every time Wonder Woman escaped his death trap, she damaged and reduced his influence on the underground world. He had a grudge terribly against her. Yesterday’s battle was his final challenge to Wonder Woman. He used various types of poison in this battle, but Wonder Woman prepared the antidote against his poisons inside her costume. Dr.Chemical lost, he and his almost all henchmen except his right-hand man Greg were arrested. He sent to The Central Prison where the guiltiest villains are kept the rest of their lives in cold cells.

After the battle was over, Wonder Woman checked the hideout and found Sally. She was in the metallic cage equipped in the basement. She was chained to the corner of the cage by the red collar around her neck. She was lying on her side. She was naked and shut her eyes. When Wonder Woman dashed to the cage and broke it, Sally opened her eyes. Wonder Woman noticed Sally was an android. She had no eyeballs. Round lenses were under her eyelids. Also Wonder Woman noticed Sally was seriously damaged in her right hand and her left leg. Her mechanical parts were seen from inside the cleavage of her right hand. Countless scars were all around her body.

‘What’s the matter with you… Sally?…’

Wonder Woman saw the letters ‘Sally’ on her forehead and frowned. These letters were like a brand of slave.

Sally said nothing, only shrank back from Wonder Woman.

‘Don’t worry. I’m on your side’, Wonder Woman said and reached her hands to Sally.

When Wonder Woman touched Sally, she stopped her movement.


Wonder Woman asked her, but she didn’t move anymore. This android was very mysterious. Wonder Woman decided to bring Sally to the Central Office.

‘OK,Sally. I’ll check about you afterward.’ Wonder Woman said.


2) Chase

In the Central Office Wonder Woman took care of Sally. Wonder Woman was very surprised at the treatment that Dr. Chemical gave Sally. Wonder Woman broke the cuffs around her wrists and ankles, pulled off the needles that penetrated her nipples and labia. Wonder Woman cleansed her skin with hot water.

Sally’s eyes rolled and traced Wonder Woman. But she scarcely moved. She said nothing.

Wonder Woman read the report of Dr.Chemical’s interrogation. There was nothing about Sally. He didn’t know Sally, the report said.
‘Dr.Chemical was arrested and you’re safe now. Please tell me your story.’ Wonder Woman said.


Sally said nothing.


Wonder Woman sighed and took the receiver on the desk.

‘Hello. Dr.Helman’s office? I’m Wonder Woman. Dr.Helman, please.’

She waited a little with the receiver on her hand while she turned her eyes towards Sally.

‘Hello. Wonder Woman? ’

‘Dr.Helman. Please help me. I’d like to bring that android to you. You could examine any robot or android, couldn’t you?’

‘Of course, Wonder Woman. Very interesting. Please tell the android not to escape from me.’


At this moment, Sally jumped up quickly and dashed toward the door.

‘Wha….What ?!’

Wonder Woman was surprised and said to Dr.Helman.

‘Sally has escaped! I’ll call you later.’

She threw the receiver, chased after Sally.

Sally ran very fast. When Wonder Woman got out from the door, Sally was running at about some hundred meters forward.

Wonder Woman regretted not explaining Sally what she planned to do.

Wonder Woman flew to the sky and chased after Sally

Sally saw Wonder Woman chase after her from the sky. She speeded up. Wonder Woman was very surprised at Sally’s speed. Wonder Woman thought she could easily catch up Sally. But Sally was very fast. For almost half an hour Wonder Woman was chasing Sally.
‘Sally must have very high-powered engine in her body. As I expected, she had something mysterious.’ Wonder Woman said to herself.

At last Sally’s speed had slowed down in the Rabbit Town, the suburbs of the City and unsafe area especially at night. Sally cried something and got into the entrance of the underpass.

‘Sally. Please stop! I’m on your side!’ cried Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman got into the entrance too after Sally.


3) The remnant

Inside the underpass was like a ruin, very dark underground passage.

Wonder Woman looked around herself, but couldn’t see Sally.

‘Sally! Don’t be afraid of me. I’m on your side!’ Wonder Woman cried to Sally.

Watching carefully Wonder Woman could feel Sally’s breath. She was out of breath after hard-running. She was quivering in a crouch and made a little sound. Wonder Woman felt the sound like her sob.

‘Sally?’ said Wonder Woman with her soft and calm voice. Wonder Woman carefully walked toward Sally.

Wonder Woman stood in front of Sally and smiled gently.

‘Please let me help you, Sally.’

‘D… Don’t touch me please’ said Sally in a trembling metallic voice. Her shoulders were quivering.

‘You can speak English, can’t you? Don’t worry. Come with me.’

Wonder Woman got closer to Sally. Sally had shuddered hard with fear.


‘Please calm yourse….’

Wonder Woman touched Sally’s arm softly with her hand.

Suddenly white gas arose from under Sally’s arm.

‘W…What’s this?…’

Wonder Woman cried in agony, hold her throat with her hands. She felt a severe sore in her throat.

‘I begged you not to touch me…’murmured Sally in a mindless voice.

‘Trapped me!?’ cried Wonder Woman.

Sally was quivering. She said nothing.

Wonder Woman felt her superpower began to drain away. She dashed toward the entrance of this dirty place.


Wonder Woman noticed men blocked her way. She didn’t notice anyone else a little while ago when Sally and her came into this underground passage. But now there were about ten men in front of her. They moved slowly to surround her.

‘How could you get out without making an apology to us for trespass on our place?’ said a tall man.

‘Let me go out. OOpphh…’

Wonder Woman coughed badly. Too bad. Need fresh air. Her power was still draining away. She stepped forward unsteadily. The men came nearer to her to block her. She stopped walking.

‘Who would help their enemy, Wonder Woman?’ the tall man said in a calm voice. Ridiculous laughs aroused in the crowd.

‘Who are … you?’

Wonder Woman asked the man with all her might. Her throat hurt like a fire. It almost became to be hard to stand still there. Her legs became trembling.

‘Have you forgotten your enemy?’

Wonder Woman narrowed her eye.

‘Oh!, you, nasty guy!’ cried she. He was Greg, the right -hand man of Dr. Chemical.

‘You trapped me?’


‘You and Dr. Chemical lost. Make way for me.’

‘OK. No way!’

Wonder Woman sprang on the nearest man. She grabbed his arm and flung him toward the side. Gangs rushed to her.

Wonder Woman had been weakened but her power was still greater than humans. Quickly She knocked three men out.

‘Hold her arms! Take off her magic belt!’, cried Greg.

Five gangs rushed to her. They aimed her arms, legs and her belt. They were not so strong but very quick, hard to attack straight. Too embarrassing she thought.

Wonder Woman had been gradually tired with fighting them. When she punched the shortest man she staggered forwards.

Hard blow hit behind her neck.

Wonder Woman fell down on her knee and covered her neck with her left hand.

The shortest man quickly grabbed her belt and took it off.

‘Got this!’, he jumped away with her magic belt in his hand.


She turned pale. Her superpower was gone.

Four gangs held her arms and legs. She couldn’t move anymore.

‘Game is over. You, an arrogant bitch!’, said Greg.

Wonder Woman stared at Greg angrily. Greg laughed.

‘I’ll invite you to my party. Come with me to my guest room.’

The other man approached behind her. He had a cloth. He cupped his hand on her face.


Wonder Woman writhed her body but four men held her tighter. She couldn’t resist.

‘You like this, don’t you? Chloroform, of course.’

Greg narrowed his eyes to see the superheroine’s beautiful body go limp.

‘Take her to the basement of our house. With that robot.’

Greg ordered his henchmen with looking at Sally on her bottom in the corner of the underground passage.


4) The basement

Wonder Woman was regaining her consciousness. She opened her eyes. She was lying in a corner of a small room with four stony walls. The room was almost vacant but she’s not alone. Sally was sitting near another corner of the room. Sally was in chain like a dog. Wonder Woman looked around herself. She was chained too. Her arms tied behind her back and her hands were handcuffed. A collar was around her neck that connected the chain to the ring on the wall. Her bracelets, her magic belt and her magic lasso were all gone.

Wonder Woman looked at Sally’s face from her side. Sally was sitting motionlessly.

‘Sally? Are you conscious?’, she whispered. Sally moved a little, said nothing.

‘I think you also must be the sacrifice of them.’

Wonder Woman smiled and said to Sally in a soft voice.

‘I’ll escape from here with you. I promise.’

Sally turned her face to Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman waited for her word.

‘Y…you are a fool. Needn’t help me.’, said Sally in somehow sad voice.

Wonder Woman smiled at her.

‘I’m glad for you to speak to me. You’re my friend. Don’t be afraid. I’ll save you’ ,said Wonder Woman in a calm and confident voice.
‘Don’t worry.’

The door opened suddenly. Greg walked in. He had a steel rod in his hand. He watched Wonder Woman.

He was a tall, about 6 feet and a half. He grinned. ‘Welcome to my guest room, Wonder Woman.’

‘Let us free, Greg. You couldn’t match me.’ Wonder Woman demanded.

‘What an arrogant bitch you are. I don’t like your manner.’ Greg spat.

‘First set Sally free.’ Wonder Woman ordered Greg in a calm voice.

‘Sally? This robot first? ‘, Greg broke into laughing.

‘W…What’s the matter?’

‘You’re foolish as this robot said.’, Greg said. ‘Too funny.’

‘Tell me, Greg. Tell me!’

Greg approached to Sally. He beat Sally hard with his steel rod again and again. Loud sounds were aroused. Sally cried loud in agony.

‘STOP! Don’t beat her!’ Wonder Woman barked at Greg.

‘Why have I to stop beating her? This is her task. Oh! I don’t want to call such a machine ‘her’.’

‘What are you saying?’, Wonder Woman questioned him in confusion, but soon she widened her eyes and shut her mouth with surprise at Sally’s words.

‘Please beat me more, master. Please more’, Sally gasped.

‘Sally was made by the Robot master to offer its body to the torture as a slave of its masters.

It was programmed to respond as a masochist to its received treatment. I bought it from the Robot master. It’s mine. This is its task. Hahaha…’

Wonder Woman was shocked by his words. She shook her face frantically.

‘I…Incredible!… She’s not….’

But Sally writhed her body erotically and was looking Greg with a very sexy look. Apparently she desired more treatment.
‘The fact says the truth’, said Greg.

‘And this also will be your style in the rest of your life, Wonder Woman. I’ll give you a lesson to make you my slave.’

‘No, you couldn’t do such a silly thing! I won’t lose. You couldn’t defeat me.’

‘I’ll teach you how to speak as a slave’, slapped Greg. ‘Sleep just a moment.’

Greg took a spray can from his pocket. He aimed the nozzle at Wonder Woman’s nose. He looked pleasantly at her face distorted with humiliation. ‘Don’t forget I was the right-hand man of Dr.Chemical, Wonder Woman.’ Then he pushed the button on the can.


5) First stage of Wonder Woman’s Training

‘…titty. ….Titty….’

Wonder Woman was regaining her consciousness when a voice was heard from somewhere far off. It grew louder and louder. Stern voice. She lay there with her eyes closed.

She remembered the words Greg said just before she lost her consciousness.

‘Before starting your lesson, I’ll give you a nickname. You’ll be called by the nickname in your training. Then he stared at her round and buxom breasts. He smiled with the corner of his mouth twisted. ‘Titty is all right for you, Wonder Woman. We’ll call you Titty from now on.’

He laughed. She passed out.


Wonder Woman blushed red in humiliation. The voice called her by that humiliating nickname. She opened her eyes and barked in anger.

‘Don’t call me such a foolish nickna…..!’ She stopped her saying.

Two women just looked down at her.

Wonder Woman was on the bed which height was about two women’s bottoms high. Two women stood looking down her beside her head on both side of her. Their body and face was the same that was same also as Sally, only their hairs and skin colors were different. They were naked.

‘Don’t say such a saucy thing to your trainer’, said the right woman with black skin and short black hair on whose forehead were the letters ‘BOXER’ in a furious voice.

‘Let’s start our session’, said the left woman with white skin and long blonde hair on whose forehead were the letters ‘STINGER’ in a cold voice. She had a black bag in her left hand.

Their eyes were made of lenses. They were androids.

Wonder Woman was not chained. She was free but without her magic girdle, bracelets, and magic lasso. Only her teara was on her forehead.
‘I have to fight with you, mustn’t I? Then I’ll do. Greg should pay for his humiliation on me afterwards ’, said Wonder Woman in a calm voice.

Quickly Wonder Woman jumped up from the bed and took a fighting stance.


Boxer did too. Stinger stepped back and stared at the fight.

Wonder Woman dashed toward Boxer. Boxer stepped aside and dodged her blow. Boxer gave Wonder Woman a counter punch on the face. Wonder Woman jumped aside. Boxer’s blow grazed her right temple. Two women glared at each other in a fighting stance.

‘Tough opponent she is ’ thought Wonder Woman. It was just a scratch but Wonder Woman’s instinct told her that Boxer’s blow was very dangerous.

Wonder Woman directed her attention to Boxer. Stinger stood motionless and looking at them.

She judged the situation that Stinger was then an observer of their fight.

Boxer moved aside to the right. Wonder Woman did to the right too.

For a moment, Stinger was out of Wonder Woman’s view.

Boxer moved aside to the left. . Wonder Woman did to the left too.

Wonder Woman noticed Stinger was not at the former position. She directed her attention to the left of Boxer to search for Stinger.
Boxer didn’t miss a chance. Boxer caught off guard and gave Wonder Woman her powerful blow on the solar plexus.

‘AAGGHHH!!’, moaned Wonder Woman in pain. She grabbed her stomach and bent down the upper part of her body.

Boxer’s next blow was on her temple. Third was on her chin. Wonder Woman’s face leaned backward. Her blood was scattered from her mouth. Wonder Woman fell down on her knees.

She guarded her face with her hand. More blows on her face or head would give her a fatal wound. She had to guard with all her might.

‘You must learn how to fight, Titty’ said Stinger from behind Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman looked back at Stinger.

‘We’ll teach you teamwork in fight,’ smiled Stinger.

‘You, bastard!’

Wonder Woman hit on Stinger’s cheek with her right fist. Stinger’s body was flung onto the wall behind her. This blow worked, pleased was Wonder Woman. My power was sufficient to match these androids. But this blow to Stinger gave Boxer a great chance. Wonder Woman’s attention was just on Stinger at that instance.

When Wonder Woman turned her face to Boxer again, her merciless punches dashed on Wonder Woman’s face. She fell on the floor. She cried in severe pain and almost lost consciousness. Then Boxer beat twisting Wonder Woman with her strong fists one after another. Wonder Woman’s cry was weakened. Instead her low moan in agony continued without a break.
Boxer kept on hitting. Hard.

‘I would like to die as a warrior even without my belt. I’ll never give up,’ thought Wonder Woman. But her power was gone. She couldn’t guard against Boxer’s blow. Wonder Woman thought of Sally. She had never trapped me. If so, I would have had forgiven her.

She couldn’t move anymore.

Boxer stopped hammering on her at last.

‘She couldn’t fight against me anymore. I’m ordered not to kill her. ‘ said Boxer.

‘Your today’s task is over, Boxer. Go out. We’ll meet again tomorrow,’ said Stinger.

‘Good night, Stinger. She needs more lessons by physical pain to understand her inferiority.’


Boxer went out.

Stinger looked down at the beaten superheroine who fell down in a faint. ‘Good night Titty. See you again tomorrow evening.’

Stinger opened her bag. She took a metallic collar and a syringe from inside it. She fixed the collar around Wonder Woman’s neck and locked it. Then she injected some drugs on Wonder Woman’s both arms.

She went out.

Wonder Woman was left flattened on the cold floor.


On the morning of the next day the bed in the cell was removed before Wonder Woman regained her consciousness. She heard someone called her faintly from somewhere near her body. Soon the voice faded out. She thought it might be illusion.

On the afternoon of that day, the lesson started again. Two women entered into the cell at 6:00 pm. Wonder Woman was just making a preemptive attack against the two women. But her upper part of her body tripped suddenly to the right. She slipped on the floor. When she staggered to her feet, Boxer’s ugly smile was before her very eyes. Then continuous blow on Wonder Woman’s face and body had begun.
‘Just 6:00 pm. The drug I gave her yesterday began to take effect on her sense of balance. My calculation is precise. The drug worked when her blood pressure went up to fight against Boxer. ’

Stinger’s shrill laugh continued until Wonder Woman blacked out like the former day. That lesson or assault of that day was over at 7:00 pm.
Day after day the same sessions were repeated. Wonder Woman tried to defeat Boxer. But she could never do. Boxer was far stronger and had high-level fighting technique.

Day by day Wonder Woman’s confidence was being broken gradually. The interval from the start to the end of the lesson was getting shorter and shorter. The fact she couldn’t overcome Boxer steadily implanted her inferiority on her mind. For the proud Wonder Woman the fact that Boxer was an android was no excuse for her loss.

At the day when Wonder Woman lost just a hundred and one times, Wonder Woman burst into tears with frustration in the dirty cell named ‘Titty’s cell’ where she was arrested alone. Her will was never broken but her confidence on her own strength was apparently defeated.

Greg murmured with looking the screen that monitored inside the Titty’s cell.

‘Even Boxer that has been programmed using the artificial intelligence of Mohamed Ali took more than three months to break Wonder Woman’s self-confidence. How long would it take to convert her into my slave? It might be a year. No good! I rent those robots from the Robot master for only a year. He’ll never prolong our contract. HURRY UP,GREG! The harder your effort is, the more satisfaction you’ll get.’

Greg clicked the icon on the screen, installed the second file, and operated Stinger to proceed to the next stage.


6) Second stage of Wonder Woman’s Training

Wonder Woman shivered and couldn’t stop it when she heard the knock on the door. This is the sign of starting dairy assault.
Stinger came in alone today. She turned backward a little and signaled to someone outside, then came in. Stinger said to Wonder Woman shivering with fear.

‘Titty, Greg ordered us to suspend our session.’

Wonder Woman’s shiver just stopped. She was deeply humiliated when she felt her shiver stopped. But she knew their ‘lesson’ didn’t stop.
‘What are you going to do to me next?’

Stinger shrugged her shoulders.

‘Why aren’t you glad to hear my news. You’re not docile. If you resist me, Greg’ll order me to resume our session with Boxer. Can you understand?’

Wonder Woman began to shiver again. She shook her head with her lower lip trembling like a child.

‘I’m very glad to hear your words.’

‘Thank you, Stinger?’

Wonder Woman’s eyes widened.


‘Th…thank you, Stinger.’

‘OK. Be obedient to me, Titty.’

‘D…don’t call me by such a name.’

Suddenly Stinger called toward the door.

‘Boxer! Come in!’

The door opened. Boxer came in with a smile on her mouth. Wonder Woman shrieked. And her session resumed.


The next day, Stinger came in alone like yesterday. A cynical smile was on her expression.
She had a black bag in her hand. ‘Titty, Need Boxer?’

‘No’, replied Wonder Woman in a small and obedient voice. She was quivering as yesterday.

‘Thanks to me?’

‘Y…Yes..’, Wonder Woman murmured.


‘Thank you, Stinger’, said Wonder Woman in a clearer voice.

‘OK, good girl.’

Wonder Woman blushed in anger but said nothing.

‘Today, I’ll give you another lesson, Titty’, said Stinger.


‘Thank you, Stinger.’

Wonder Woman decided to stand this humiliating conversation until her chance would come.

Stinger stared at Wonder Woman clenching her teeth.

‘What’s the matter about your teeth, Titty ?.

‘No problem, Stinger.’

‘Lie down here on your back, Titty’, Stinger said in a stern voice.

‘N…’ , Wonder Woman was just going to say ‘No’, but the tone of Stinger’s word stopped her saying. She laid herself down on her back on the cold floor.

Stinger bent over the beautiful superheroine.

‘Open your mouth, Titty. Or do you want Boxer’s sessions? ’

Wonder Woman felt uncomfortable. But no way, she did as Stinger ordered to do.

Stinger inserted her fingers of her left hand into Wonder Woman’s mouth and grabbed her tongue.


Wonder Woman tried to shut her mouth and grabbed Stinger’s hand. Stinger stopped her movement with glaring at Wonder Woman’s face. Wonder Woman couldn’t resist because Stinger put a long thick needle with her right hand on Wonder Woman’s slender neck.

‘Release my hand! Shut your eyes! Titty , you lost. Obey to my order!’, Stinger barked at Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman released Stinger’s hand and shut her eyes. Her tears of regret rolled down her cheeks. Her sobbing aroused from inside her throat.

‘You’re the proud warrior of Olympus, aren’t you? Don’t sob. Titty.’

Stinger twisted Wonder Woman’s tongue. Wonder Woman moaned in agony. ‘Yeeess. Spread your arms apart.’ Wonder Woman did. Stinger released her tongue.

‘Put your hands with the palms upward.’

Wonder Woman did.

‘Keep closing your eyes, Titty.’

Wonder Woman’s instinct alarmed her. When she had just opened her eyes, Stinger jumped onto Wonder Woman’s solar plexus and swung two long needles down onto Wonder Woman’s palms with her both hands. They went through her palms forcefully and pinned her on the floor.

‘GEEEEAAAHHH!!!’, cried Wonder Woman with the upper part of her body twisted. But the needles and Stinger on her stomach held Wonder Woman firmly.

‘Slave has no right to rest,’ declared Stinger.

Something like drug might stick to the needles. Wonder Woman’s arms quickly lost their strength. Pain didn’t weaken however.
Wonder Woman’s frantic cries continued to echo in the cell.

‘Strength is useless on your body. Only the sense is useful. I’ll give you love sessions, Titty.’

Stinger jumped off Wonder Woman’s body.

Wonder Woman was twisting her torso and her legs, but she couldn’t set herself free. Her arms lost their power and paralyzed perfectly.

Stinger smiled. She took her bag. Stinger took a very large dildo from her bag. Wonder Woman was shocked by its diameter.

‘Don’t do this to me. Please, Stinger’, begged Wonder Woman.

‘You must take my sexual lesson. This is Greg’s order’, said Stinger.

Stinger grabbed Wonder Woman’s blue pants with white sparkling stars on and began to draw it down. Wonder Woman begged again Stinger with tears on her eyes.’

‘Please, Stinger. Don’t do this!’

She squirmed. She was just crossing her legs.

Stinger flipped the needle penetrating Wonder Woman’s right palm when her face was distorted in pain and her legs fell aside limply.


Stinger laughed. She drew Wonder Woman’s pants down just above her knees.

Wonder Woman’s crotch was exposed.

Stinger showed Wonder Woman a dildo and smiled to see Wonder Woman put her knees together.

Stinger took a syringe and a little bottle of drug from her bag. Wonder Woman stiffened up.

‘I’ll keep your legs free. But if you would kick me, I’ll never forgive you. I would use this. This has the little stronger but more gradual effect than the drug that sticks on the needles on your palms. This paralyzes only motor nerves and makes sensory nerves more sensitive. You couldn’t move your arms but could feel even a delicate touch on your skin. Very excellent drug, doesn’t it? Very convenient for my sessions of pleasure and pain.’

Stinger stood up suddenly. She looked down at Wonder Woman whose eyes were sunken and wide open with fear.

‘Do you understand, Titty ? Huh?’

‘I … understand.’

‘Are you glad, Titty? Thank me?’



‘Thank you,…s… Stinger.’

‘Good slave, Titty.’

Stinger walked with a syringe in her left hand around to the side of Wonder Woman’s head, went down on her knees, and bent over Wonder Woman’s upper part of her body. Stinger seized Wonder Woman’s costume with her right hand just at the doubled W emblem and pulled it down to expose her beautiful breasts.

‘No! Please no.’ said Wonder Woman giving Stinger a begging look.

‘How wonderful your tits are! I’ve just understood why Greg named you Titty.’

‘Don’t move, Titty. If you would do, you’ll have to pay’ ,said Stinger.

‘What are you going to do to me?’ murmured Wonder Woman.

‘I’ll inject this drug into your tits. No motor nerves in tits. You could have more sensitive tits.

Congratulations, Titty.’

Stinger pinched Wonder Woman’s right nipple and touched the point of the syringe to it.

She turned her face to Wonder Woman. ‘Ready?’, smiled Stinger.

‘No….no….NOOOOOOOO!!!!’ , Wonder Woman made a random kicks in the air.

Stinger thrust with the syringe and gradually injected the half amount of drag in the syringe into her nipple.

‘Ouch! Oh oh…no….AHHH!!…’, screamed Wonder Woman.

‘Next one’, said Stinger in a cold voice as she was pinching and massaging Wonder Woman’s left nipple with her fingers.


In addition to her nipples, Stinger injected the drug to her clitoris too. Stinger stood up and put on the switch of the air-conditioner.
She went out without a word. Wonder Woman was left alone.

All night long, Wonder Woman was distressed in the pain in her palms. She couldn’t sleep at all.

Besides the pain, she began to be troubled with itches on her nipples. At first, it was subtle, but it was growing. Even the wind flowing from the air-conditioner stimulated them. The effect of that drug, thought Wonder Woman, was too embarrassing. She was going to twist her body. But her arms were limp. The twist of her torso and legs couldn’t keep her body away from the flowing air. Things went worse. Twisting her legs gave her crotch serious stimulations. Sexy feeling was arousing from her clitoris. She stopped twisting. Her face was distorted in agony. Only she could do was to stand this growing sensation with her body lying still on the floor.

‘I’m the warrior of the Olympus. I won’t lose. Hera, Save me!’

Wonder Woman preyed but she felt a fear of not bearing this sufferings.

Anyway the night was one of the worst nights for Wonder Woman.


The next afternoon on 5:00 pm, Stinger came in. As Stinger opened the door and looked into the cell, she broke a laughing fit.

Wonder Woman was moaning loudly with her torso and legs writhing hard.

Beads of sweat stood on her face, probably all over her body and another liquid might pour from inside her crotch.

‘What’s the matter, Titty?’, said Stinger. ’You’re like a cat in heat.’

Wonder Woman had noticed Stinger entering into the cell.

‘P..Please..help me,Stinger. HELP ME!’, begged Wonder Woman with tears on her eyes.

‘You have to take more lessons, haven’t you?’, said Stinger.

‘You have to know how to beg your master or trainer for something.’

‘P…Please help me, please.. Stinger. What do I have to do? Please.. OOOhhh…Mmmm..’

She moaned loudly again.

Her writhing made her sexually aroused more and more.

She had reached near orgasm over 30 times that day from dawn to this afternoon, but never achieved orgasms. Very frustrating. She was just going to go mad.

‘This drug’s most superior point is to keep women’s sexual arousal at just before orgasm. You’ve been forced to be aroused and kept in the frustrating condition’, said Stinger.

‘Help,Stinger…Help..’, she was sobbing.

Stinger ordered Wonder Woman to make men’s slave in the rest of her life.

‘N…NOOO! I couldn’t!’, cried Wonder Woman.

Stinger shut her mouth. She bent over Wonder Woman and touched her right nipple softly.


Wonder Woman shook her face frantically.

Stinger pinched her nipples with both hands.

‘Be a slave, Titty. BE A GOOD SLAVE!’ ,ordered Stinger in the harsh voice.

Wonder Woman’s torso bounced repeatedly. ‘AGGGUUAAAAHHH!!! NO! NO!…’, shrieked Wonder Woman.

‘You’d like to go mad, wouldn’t you, Titty. How admirable your efforts are!’, said Stinger.

Stinger was in silence and thought deeply about something. Then she went out.


7) The alteration

Greg was irritated at the report by Stinger.

‘Titty is hard to enslave to men. Almost impossible I think’, said Stinger.

‘I know it. She is an Amazing Amazon, hard to enslave, of course. Why can’t you brainwash her more easily? You’re a robot specialist made to enslave women, don’t you?’ barked Greg.

‘Titty is not a human. She is a goddess. Who knows how long it takes to enslave goddess?’

‘I have only 5 months before this plan is completed. Do I have to change my plan? ’, said Greg looking at the beautiful android before him.

‘We might alter the plan. We planned to enslave her to men’s slave. But she couldn’t make the slave of abstract concept ‘men’. But we might be able to implant her inferiority to some particular person into her deeper mind’ said Stinger.

‘How could you do this?’, asked Greg.

‘Just that particular person would be her trainer by our enslaving method. He might not be able to dominate her mind. But her body and deeper mind couldn’t resist that person because her subliminal mind would have been dominated using our method’, said Stinger.

‘OK. I got it’, said Greg.

‘Then who’ll train her?’ ,asked Greg.

Stinger smiled and pointed at him. ‘Of course, you.’


The effect of the deadly drug was fading gradually. Wonder Woman was gasping hard. She didn’t know why Stinger went out suddenly, but it was lucky for Wonder Woman. She could rest even for a while.

She thought about Sally and Stinger again and again.

She couldn’t believe they were robots or even androids. She felt the sense of life with high intelligence in the manner of their behavior. They had their own mind, she thought.

‘Their minds must be captured by someone who is more wicked than Greg. They must be sacrifices. Who is the Robot master? I must persuade them to escape themselves from the Robot master and defeat him.’

She felt unpleasant when she thought about Boxer. She was a fierce fighter, mindless sadist.

She quivered but she felt her power was regaining.

She was a warrior princess. She never gave up.

She tried to move her arms with their palms pinned by the needles. They moved a little.

She frowned in pain, but was relieved. I could pull out these needles.

When they came in this cell next?

She began to think about Sally and Stinger again.


Greg was in his leather jacket, put leather gloves on his hands, and in his leather shoes. He entered into the Titty’s cell with Sally.

Wonder Woman was lying on the floor with her arms spread. Her palms were pinned by the needles. Her fingers were bent a little. She opened her eyes when Greg entered.

‘How are you? Wonder Woman’, said Greg.

‘Not fine, of course. Would be better if you were absent’, said Wonder Woman.

‘AHH.. you must have been obedient to me. You’ll regret ’, said Greg in anger. He rummaged his pocket in search of his best weapon.
‘In your next lesson I’ll teach you how to behave as a real slave. Sleep just a little while.’

He aimed the nozzle of the spray can at Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman quickly jumped up. She kicked his hand by her right leg.

The spray can was flung away and rolling on the floor. She stood just before Greg with her hands on her hips.

‘What’s this ?….’, Greg was white in shock.

‘Of course, I have regained my strength, I am waiting for you’. said she. ‘You had better use new tactics’, smiled she and slapped him in the face.

Greg was flung to the corner of the cell. He moaned in pain.


Sally was standing still at the other corner of the cell. Wonder Woman ran up to Sally.

‘Sally! You are dominated by the villain, don’t you?’

Wonder Woman asked Sally, but she didn’t move in silence. Something strange.

‘What…..?’ ,Wonder Woman stopped saying. She looked at Sally’s face.

The face with the letters 'Sally’ on her forehead smiled at Wonder Woman.

‘Let’s play with us, Titty.’

Suddenly Wonder Woman was frozen.

‘S…SALLY. Why do you?’

Sally was staring at Wonder Woman with strange expression on her face. She took Wonder Woman’s hands softly with her hands, but said nothing.

Greg was approaching Wonder Woman from behind her.

Wonder Woman just noticed him when a pad soaked with chloroform covered her face.

She tried to escape from the pad but Sally gripped her hands to hold Wonder Woman.

‘You always fall into a same trap, Wonder Woman’, said Greg.

‘Breathe deeply Wonder Woman.’

‘Just as I thought, Greg ’, said Sally keeping staring at Wonder Woman.

She released her right hand from Wonder Woman and put it on her own forehead. The letter ‘Sally’ changed into ‘Stinger’
Stinger giggled at Wonder Woman’s surprised look.

‘Hmmmm, you’ll pay for this, Wonder Wo…’, said Greg.

‘Her name is Titty, Greg’, laughed Stinger.

‘Sure’, said Greg.

Greg and Stinger looked down at the fallen superheroine on the floor.


8) A storm of torture

The Robot master was sitting in the sofa. He sipped a glass of brandy. He leaned forward to take papers and began to read the session report of Wonder Woman that contained the records of 8 trainings.

Training1 Whipping (10days)

We(Greg and Stinger) fixed Wonder Woman’s body on the table on her stomach. We forced her to lift her buttocks. Then we lashed her buttocks, her thighs, and her crotch using a single-tailed whip.

1 st day we each lashed 100 times(total=200 times). She fainted 3 times. After every faint we awakened her by stimulant drug
2 nd day to 5 th day : lashes by a single-tailed whip : total =1000. Faint: 30

6 th day to 9 th day : lashes by a steel rod : total =1000. Faint: 60

10 th day : Random hard lashes all around her body : total=300. Faint: 20

At first Wonder Woman was rebellious but day after day she became more and more obedient. Her body became reddened like ripe tomatoes. At every lash we forced her to say ‘Thank you Greg, I’m Titty. ’ or ‘Thank you Stinger, I’m Titty .’ At last day she murmured these words without our order. Then this training was over.

Training2 Wax and Water (5days)

We strap her naked except for her tiara and boots. We tied her with her wrists and ankles, then hung her upside down. We dripped hot wax on all around her body, especially her crotch, buttocks, and her tits. An effect of hot wax was great especially on her buttocks and thighs hurt in the first training.

The latter half of this training is the water torture. We hung her upside down and sunk her head into a tub filled with water. We checked her. How long she could stand without air? We prolonged the soak time of her head in the tub. The maximum time was 20 minutes (but then she had lost her consciousness. Reference record).

1 st day : used 3 dozen of hot wax candles four inches in diameter.

2 nd day: used 2 dozen of hot acid wax (Greater effect! She fainted 5 times.)

3 rd day to 5 th day: Water torture. She fainted many times. I didn’t count her faints.

Of course, every time we forced her to say ‘Thank you Greg, I’m Titty. ’ or ‘Thank you Stinger, I’m Titty.’

Training3 Bondage and Hanging (13days)

Greg was little tired with her training. We bound Wonder Woman and left her hung for a long time.

1 st day to 5 th day : I hogtied Wonder Woman and left her hung with her stomach toward the floor for full 5 days. She begged me to release her with tears on her eyes at 2 nd day, but I left her more 3 days. When I released her she fainted.

6 th day to 10 th day : I hung Wonder Woman upside down. Also she begged at 2 nd day, but I left her more 2 days. I repeated this hung twice.

Hung Wonder Woman was my enjoyable toy. I used her body as a dartboard or so. Very funny.

I forced her to say usual words as my darts pierced on her body. Her tits were my favorite targets.

Training4 Triangle Saddle and Expansion (5days)

Greg returned. We tied Wonder Woman’s wrists over her head and chained heavy iron balls to each her ancle. We had her sit on the special tall Triangle Saddle which edge sunk deeply into her vagina by the weight of the iron balls. This sitting forced her to scream severely. Besides we expanded the upper part of her body with chain connected to her wrist cuffs. The engine connected to the other end of the chain rolled the chain and lift her to the ceiling. In this case, the iron balls made effect on expanding her body deadly.

When she begged us to forgive her, I stopped the engine as she wanted. Of course her body fell onto the edge of Triangle Saddle in her crotch. She passed out.

The weight of the ball was at first 20kg. We added weight day after day. The last day it was over 500kg. Even without her magic belt Wonder Woman could stand such a heavy ball. Very surprising but her will power was weakened considerably. At the end of this training Wonder Woman’s body was limp like paper.

Training5 Enema and Piss drinking (10days)

Because Wonder Woman was severely hurt on her body by the former training, I gave her skin a rest and train her inner organs. For this training I gave her an enema treatment. Every day I injected the drug to her rectum through her anus. This drug aroused her sexually and hurt her inner organs at a same time. We increased the amount of the drug. Her agony between her desire and her illness in her body was funny to look. Her brain rejected this drug but her body desired. I gave her no water in the period of this training. When Wonder Woman begged me of something to drink, I gave her my piss. The idea to inject her the drug of thirsty came into my mind. Everyday I gave her that drug in the morning and gave my piss at noon and in the evening. She begged for my piss because of her severe dry throat.

She called me her mistress at last. I called her Titty the slave.

Training6 Nail(5days)

I liked blood. From first to fifth training rarely contained bloody treatment. I was very frustrating by the lack of bloody play. Greg didn’t like blood. So I alone did this training. I fixed Wonder Woman on the crossed X shaped pillar by her wrists and ankles. Before I fixed her,I paralyzed her arms and legs by an usual anesthetic, of course that robbed power from motor nerves and promoted their sensibility. She understood what I wanted to do when I took long nails from my bag. She cried, sobbed, and begged. But I liked it.

When I struck nails into her wrists and ankles with a wooden hammer, she cried like a beast in deadly agony. The nails looked like steel ones but in fact wooden ones. I slowly hit the hammer for her pain to continue as long as possible. When the nail broke her skin beautiful blood flowed from her wound. In every hitting I called her Titty. She was like a little child sobbing and crying. I was satisfied with Wonder Woman’s humiliation.

For the next four days I gave her the nail or needle treatment almost all around her body. Her body was soaked with her own blood at the end of these days. I was happy to taste Wonder Woman’s blood. Her words became fewer and fewer and gave me a vacant look among this training. Only when I ordered Titty to say ‘Thank you mistress’, she said so in a hollow voice. Every time I thrust her I ordered her to say so in a loud voice.

Prepared for the next training I penetrated her nipples and clitoris with needles.

Training7 Electric Chair (5days)

I’d like to experiment on this famous goddess. How high voltage could she stand was my main theme. I nipped her nipples and clitoris with three clamps that connected to the powerful battery through three long metallic codes.

I would like to do this experiment in one day but her reactions for this treatment was very entertaining. I prolonged this training to 5 days. Her top record was 10000 volt.

The robustness of her body was admirable. The last day I carried her limp and faint body to the last training room.

Training8 Rape (10days and continued)

This lesson still continues. Wonder Woman has been raped by Greg and all of his henchmen everyday.

Wonder Woman’s dairy work is to lick and suck men’s cocks. She offers her pussy and all of the other halls of her to anyone desires to sex with her. They are calling her Titty. ….

The Robot master read the report over. He stood up from the sofa and sat before her computer system.


9) Escape from hell

Wonder Woman was flung into the Titty’s cell as always. She lied on her stomach on the floor. She was very exhausted from her sexual burden in this hell. She was naked except for her teara, the collar, and the iron ball chained to her right ankle. The collar and the iron ball were fastened by Stinger. Her magic belt, magic lasso, bracelets, costume, and boots were robbed by Greg. She was then a sex slave who offered her body to all of the men in the Greg’s hideout and those horrible androids.

Her daily work was to suck their cocks and be raped by them. She had been watching her opportunity but she didn’t catch yet. When she knocked a henchman down once or twice, Boxer or Stinger came quickly and punished her. Wonder Woman was being watched all day. Boxer’s punishment was violent one and Stinger’s was by drug and various tools.

Then these androids succeeded in terrifying Wonder Woman. She was now like a real slave before them. Before them her body was always shivering with fear then. The terror to them was implanted her brain. She couldn’t resist them. Every night Wonder Woman sobbed in humiliation in her cell. Every day she was troubled with nightmare. Wonder Woman was just a domestic animal of Greg. Greg was then full of confidence, extending his power in the underground world.

Wonder Woman raised her head to see the door when she heard a low voice from outside of the door.

‘Wonder Woman, are you in?’

‘Yes, mistress’, answered Wonder Woman raising herself up to a sitting position and to the pose of slave.

The door opened gently. Slowly Stinger came in with her large bag in her hand. Wonder Woman began to quiver as usual. She dropped her eyes.

‘W…What’s your order, mistress’ ,said Wonder Woman in a trembling voice.

‘Please don’t say so. I’m Sally’, said Stinger.

Wonder Woman raised her eyes in surprise. She found ‘Sally’ on the forehead of the android.

‘Sally,..Are you OK?’, said Wonder Woman.

‘I must apologize to you for trapping you. I’ was controlled by Greg. I came now to save you. ’said Sally in a gentle voice.

Suspicion and the bitter experience aroused in Wonder Woman’s brain. ‘Are you Sally or Stinger?’

‘I’m Sally not Stinger. The yesterday’s power failure in this building reset my computer system. So I’m set free. The letters on my forehead never change. Touch my forehead. Please trust me as you said to me when you saved me in Dr.Chemical’s warehouse.’

Wonder Woman nodded.

‘I trust you.’

Sally opened her bag. She took Wonder Woman’s magic belt from the bag.

‘WOW! How could you take this!’, Wonder Woman jumped for delight.

‘I was watching all. But couldn’t move. Forgive me.’

‘Of course. You’re my friend’ ,said Wonder Woman putting her belt around her waist.

The power regained inside her body. Wonder Woman cried with delight.


Then she put her bracelets, her costume, and her boots. She broke the chain and the collar around her neck.


Wonder Woman carefully sneaked out the cell with Sally.

Wonder Woman’s counterattack against Greg was perfect. She captured all of the gang contained Greg of course. This time even these horrible androids were no match for Wonder Woman. She destroyed them easily. She might keep attention to their drug or chloroform.
Wonder Woman felt relieved to confirm Stinger and Sally were not the same android.

Hell was over.


10) Epilogue

Dr.Helman reported on the phone to Wonder Woman the result of investigation of Sally.

‘She was hurt seriously. It was surprising for her to save you as your report. I removed the devilish chips from her brain system. Now she is never masochistic or a slave to anyone. I’ll send her to you tomorrow.’

‘I’m very relieved. Sally saved my life and is my friend. Thank you Dr.Helman’, said Wonder Woman.

‘No problem. Good night.’

He hung up.


He entered into his laboratory. He sat on the sofa. ‘My plan was perfect’, smiled he. He stared at Sally stood at the corner of the room.
‘I could get rid of Dr,Chemical and Greg by using Wonder Woman. I gave a present to them, this masochistic android Sally. And I rent androids, Boxer and Stinger. Foolish Greg thought he was controlling them. But it’s me to be controlling all of them by this remote system.’
‘I had succeeded in implanting the fatal psycho-anchor to Wonder Woman’s subliminal mind.

When she was severely damaged or felt deep humiliation she heard ‘Titty’ with her ears. Stinger and Boxer called her Titty in all training of Wonder Woman’s enslaving. Even Greg and their henchmen called her so as Stinger said to Greg. In addition the low and subtle voice from that collar was always speaking to Wonder Woman endlessly, ’I am Titty. I am Titty. I can’t resist whoever calls me Titty. I am an obedient slave to whoever calls me Titty. I am Titty…..’

Wonder Woman couldn’t hear this voice of extremely high frequency. Only some special sensory organ carefully activated by Stinger’s drug could catch these messages. And these were implanted into her subliminal mind.

Hmm. If Wonder Woman might be my obstacle, I would defeat her using this cursed word ,Titty.’

Dr.Helman or The Robot master took the bill that is for sending Sally to Wonder Woman.

He signed on it. He added a letter ‘L’ between ‘Hel’ and ‘man’ to his own sign.

‘I am Hell-man’, he giggled.


Wonder Woman returned to her usual life. Everything was the same as before.

But sometimes especially when she watched or heard of dirty contents of adult magazines or so, she felt very uneasy and frustrating. She couldn’t know the reason why she became so uneasy.

Those works contained the word ‘Titty’, of course.




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