The Robotification of Wonder Woman

by Knyght

{From The Wizard's Lair - reposted with permission}


It goes without saying that this is quite naughty and will probably curve your spine, grow hair on your palms, and keep the country from winning the war. 18 and over, please.

A tip of the hat to Dr. Droid, whose work inspired this piece. You da man, Doc.

[Portions of this story also appear in The Adventures of Julie Bot, Part I   Ed.]

The lab spread out before him, all humming machinery and robotic equipment. The villian known as Robotron sat on the far side, his hands folded in anticipation. The clues had all been laid, the trap set. The superheroine Wonder Woman had been searching for him for some time, and he was going to let her find him. The two had clashed countless times before, and every time Robotron had been on the losing end. Battered, bruised, his slaves stripped from him… he had spent long nights in prison planning his revenge, and once he broke out, he knew she would be coming for him. He couldn't hide forever, after all. He gazed around him at the humming lab equipment. No, a heroine such as Wonder Woman would have no trouble finding him.

No trouble at all.

To one side stood a row of fembots, women robotified by his equipment. Their minds been reprogrammed to obey his every command -- willing slaves eager to assist him in his goals. They stood, arms akimbo, in identical silver outfits -- tight tops, much like athletic bras, matched by silver briefs, silver gloves, and a pair of silver boots. None of them moved, or even breathed. Their eyes glowed a passionless white, devoid of thought or humanity. He had amassed quite a harem since creating the machinery, and he planned to add another one tonight.

Behind him sat a pair of conversion tubes -- devices he used to convert his victims. A tall girl stood trapped in the right-hand tube. Thick metal clamps held her wrists in place, while a similar pair of restraints held her feet to the ground. A heavy chrome collar rendered her neck immobile. She was utterly nude save for a pair of boots and the golden bracelets around her wrists. In front of her on the floor lay a star-spangled leotard and a pair of blue trunks. Unlike the fembots, she struggled mightily in her bonds, but could not budge them.

The heroine Wonder Girl had been easy enough to capture. A few carefully-laid rumors, a challenge that spoke to her vanity and bam! Ambush in an abandoned warehouse. The fembots had brought her back here without any trouble and placed her in the conversion tube.

But that was only the first part of his plan. Wonder Girl was only the means to an end: the key to her older and more powerful sister. When he departed with the teen heroine in tow, he had left a series of clues to his location: not so obvious as to tip his hand, but enough so that a woman as smart as his foe could follow them.

It wouldn’t be long now.

He turned and look at his captive again, admiring the fine curves of her body. He pert, well-formed breasts bounced angrily as she fought against her bonds, her youthful face a snarl of anger.

“A pity I can’t take you right now,” he mused. “I’d love to see a fembot with your… assets,”

"You just wait until my sister gets here!" Wonder Girl hissed at him.

"Yes, my dear, that's the idea," Robotron returned conversationally. "You're the perfect bait for my longtime nemesis. With her sister in trouble, she can't help but rush to the rescue."

As if on cue, the door to the lab burst inward as if from a mighty blast. The star-spangled form of Wonder Woman stepped through, her mighty amazon body moving with practiced ease. Placing her hands on her hips, she smiled arrogantly at the villain before her.

"Robotron!" she cried triumphantly. "I might have known it was you!"

"Welcome Wonder Woman," he returned. "I've waited a long time to see you again."

"Where's Wonder Girl?!" she snarled.

"Right here," he gestured behind him at the conversion tubes. Drusilla's eyes widened with recognition.

"Diana!" Wonder Girl cried.

"Drusilla!" her sister returned. "What have you done to her?!" she started forward menacingly.

"Nothing...yet. But keep moving forward and I'll do plenty." He gestured to the small control panel on his wrist gauntlet. "One more step, and your sister will become my latest fembot."

Diana froze, eyeing her foe carefully.

"You wouldn't"

"Try me. Twitch a muscle, move an inch, and I'll begin the conversion. You might defeat me, but your sister will be lost forever.”

Wonder Woman's mouth turned downward as his words sunk in. Her fists clenched angrily, but she didn't move.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"A new fembot, of course, like the ones I have here," he gestured at the row of women. "If necessary, I'll use you sister, but I'd far prefer you."

Diana's lip curled in disgust. "You...."

"I'll make a bargain with you: you submit quietly to my ministrations, allow yourself to be transformed into my slave. In exchange, I will release Wonder Girl from her confinement and allow her to go free."

"Never!" she hissed.

"Then I'll unleash my fembots while your sister undergoes transformation. You may overpower them eventually, but not before Wonder Girl becomes my newest fembot. A lifetime of prison would be worth it just to know that you couldn't save her."

"You bastard!" Diana hissed. She raised her fists in anger.

"Think, Wonder Woman -- your life for your sister's. You know me to be a man of my word: I swear that if you submit to my robotification, I will release your sister from her confinement unharmed."

Slowly, reluctantly, Diana lowered her fists. Her face was a symphony of conflicting emotions -- rage, frustration, love for her sister. Almost against her will, her fingers slowly unclenched.

"You'll... release Wonder Girl?" she asked softly.

"On my honor."

"Let her go first, then I'll comply," she returned.

Robotron laughed. "How stupid do you think I am?! You'll submit to me, amazon, or"

"All right!" her shoulders slumped. "I'll do it!"

"Diana, no!" Drusilla cried. "Save yourself, make this horrible man pay!"

"I'm sorry, Dru," Diana returned. She shifted her attention back to Robotron. "It seems that you call the shots,"

"Of course I do. I've been planning this a long time." He stood up slowly. "I think you'll see that you made a wise decision, Wonder Woman." He moved carefully to the console, keeping an eye on the angry amazon, then tapped a few buttons. The left hand conversion tube lit up, then rose slowly to reveal a glowing platform. Diana stood tentatively in place.

"What happens now?" she asked with an arched eyebrow.

"First, remove your belt and lasso and toss them to me please," Robotron ordered. Reluctantly, Wonder Woman complied, slipping off the golden girdle and the looped rope, and throwing them lightly to the villain. He caught them one-handed and motioned, ever-so-slightly to the row of fembots. The one on the end -- a stunning red-head -- stepped forward to collect the amazon's artifacts, then returned to her place in line. Robbed of the belt that gave her her mighty strength, Diana felt tense and nervous.

"Now then," Robotron spoke conversationally. "Take off your costume. Your bustier and tights."

"No," Diana countered.

"Do it, or Wonder Girl pays the price"

"All right," she snarled. Her face set with defiance, she reached back and undid the zipper on her eagle bustier. Her large breasts compressed for a moment, then sprang free to form almost perfect globes. The belly beneath them was tight and trim, expanding slowly into hips that Aphrodite herself would have envied. Robotron drank in her beauty as the bustier slipped to the ground.

Drusilla began to sob as Diana pulled down her star-spangled trunks, pushing them over her shapely thighs and down the muscles of her gorgeous legs. With a slight kick, she tossed them to the floor, then stood up, to reveal the untouched thatch of her crotch. Now naked save for her boots, bracelets, and tiara, she stood brazenly before him, refusing to cover herself for his amusement. Her face was an enraged mask.

"Oh my dear," Roborton marveled. "You truly are a Wonder Woman. And soon, you will be a Wonder Bot!"

He walked slowly over to her as the conversion tube emitted a soft signal. Grasping her by the shoulders, he began to direct her towards the waiting machinery. She allowed herself to be taken, her mind swirling with rage and anger.

"You'll be the commander of my fembots," he whispered. "Their leader in the field. With your powers augmented by my machines, you'll be the strongest fembot I've ever created!"

"You bastard!" she hissed.

He guided her to the waiting platform, allowing himself to savor the moment of victory. She stood unmoving in place, her helpless rage apparent on her face. At the touch of a button, the plexiglass tube, studded with machinery inside and out, slid down around her, sealing her in. She turned to her horrified sister and touched her hand to the tube. Tears slid down Drusilla's face as she watched the converters hum to life around them.

"And now, my dear, the moment is at hand," Robotron rubbed his hands gleefully. "Do try to enjoy it." He pushed the start button and watched as his greatest nemesis became his greatest servant.

A pair of thick clamps shot out and sealed around Wonder Woman's wrists, pulling them to her sides. Micromolecular wires pierced the metal of her bracelets, analyzing them and converting their material to its own use. Beneath them lay her soft white flesh and as she felt the wires enter, she felt a sting of pain. They attached to her nerve endings and spread quickly through her system, altering cellular pathways and transforming nearby tissue into metallic circuitry. The foundation of fembot stun blasters began to be inserted into her forearms.

All of this occurred in less than an instant, as Diana was struggling to realize what had happened. She twisted and turned against the metal clamps, but they held her fast, even while continuing their work. A pair of flexible electronic tubes slid up from the floor, then clamped shut across her boots. Similar monofilament wires broke through the material and began their hideous invasion.

She was now held fast to the base of the tube.

A wide belt slid around and cinched off her waist. A computerized box on the front sent down a tentacled cable, which slid effortlessly into her sex and attached itself to the tissue there. They sent a low electric current through the nerves, sensitizing them to the point of ecstasy. Her pain vanished, to be replaced by pleasure as every nerve in her vaginal wall lit up. She gasped in with the shock of it.

At the same time, a pair of diodes attached to flexible metal cables snaked up her sides and attached themselves to her breasts. She uttered a short cry as a spiderweb of circuits shot out across their expanse, trapping the globes of her chest in its grip. She tried to shake them off, but to no avail. They began to hum as they sent their own network of mircocircuitry deep into the fatty tissue of her mammaries.

"The interface equipment will be located in your breasts," he spoke to her through a microphone. "It's the most unobtrusive place. Don't worry, though, they won't be damaged in the slightest. I've taken quite a liking to them."

She screamed in outrage and continued to fight, as the machinery expand further into her body. Robotron watched her battle with insidious glee, as screens and monitors around him displayed the progress of the conversion. The machinery was spreading throughout her entire body, reshaping her womanly attributes to serve his cause. He caught her eye looking through the plexiglass and gave her a cheery wave. A mixture of panic and defiance played across her face.

Then the metallic helmet slid down and cut off her sight. The headgear was connected to unseen machinery above by a thick strand of cables, and had a solid black faceplate that completely covered her eyes. Beams shot into her ocular cavity and began adjusting her vision, while a pair of tiny radio transmitters were planted in her ears. Another cable slid down and inserted itself into the base of her neck. Entering her spine, it shot a glittering arc of microscopic computer circuits into her brain. Now, the very core of her being was open to the robotification process.

The first to go was her pleasure center, the area which regulated endorphins and other chemicals to her body. It was already deeply stimulated by the spreading wires in her vaginal cavity, but Robotron's circuitry surpassed even that. Once it had attached itself, it began sending jolts of pleasure through her, in time with the changes the conversion was making. Her pain faded, to be replaced by utter bliss. Each new transistor or transformative wire sent a ripple of ecstasy through her. Her clitoris grew moist and wet, and her shouts became gasps as she was overwhelmed with the sensations. Her struggles continued, but they were now more rhythmic, less forced. Her lust rose in spite of the horrors that engulfed her.

The circuitry in her brain began issuing commands, overriding her memory and personality in favor of Robotron's matrix. She felt herself -- her very soul -- beginning to slip, as memories and beliefs were replaced by binary codes of ones and zeros. Each new command was accompanied by a burst of endorphins, so fighting the process became difficult. Like a trained rat, she quickly learned that accepting the code meant pleasure, and before long, all resistance to her reprogramming had stopped. Awash in a haze of passion, she no longer cared.

More circuitry was being added by the minute, designed to replace and improve upon her natural abilities: hydraulic boosters in the muscles of her thighs, oxygen converters in the chambers of her lungs, increased reflex reactions in every corner of her body. They heightened and augmented her already superhuman abilities, boosting her power levels far beyond what she would have dreamed possible. She did not acknowledge any of it.

Her thoughts were quickly being reduced to the cold, hard logic of machinery -- accepting input, following orders, processing algorithms. The part of her mind which might still resist the process were now overwhelmed with pleasure, a pleasure that would never abate for as long as she lived.

She was his.

Drusilla cried out in horror as Wonder Woman's body stopped writhing, commanded to by the condition of her reprogramming. Diana shuddered in ecstasy, the throes of passion still not completely silenced, but she no longer fought in her bonds. The diodes on her breasts buzzed and hummed, while the rest of the robotification equipment completed the transformation of her body. Robotron rubbed his hands with glee and waited for the process to complete.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the machinery stopped. The cable and wires detached themselves and returned to their former positions, to await the next robotification victim. The helmet slid up from Diana's face, revealing eyes that glowed an inhuman white. Here and there, the sheen of metal or glitter of circuitry poked through her skin. But not enough to disguise her gorgeous curves or the powerful muscles beneath -- muscles which would now serve his cause.

"" she spoke in a robotic monotone, her voice devoid of emotion. "Awaiting.orders.master."

"No!" Drusilla screamed as she saw what her sister had become.

"Excellent!" his cackles echoed through the hall. "The great Wonder Woman -- all mine!" He walked slowly up to his new creation, examining every inch of her converted flesh. The newly transformed Wonder Bot did not move, allowing her master to explore her as he pleased. He grasped her breasts and felt the weight beneath his fingers, then moved down to her smooth belly..

"Yes" he whispered, "...yes, you are a masterpiece." After a few more moments of inspection, he turned away from his new toy and addressed her sister.

"As promised my dear, you're free to go." He touched a button on his belt, raising the tube and freeing Wonder Girl from her confinement. "I suggest you make your way to the surface quickly, and never return. I captured you once. I can easily do so again."

Tears still running down her eyes, Drusilla moved slowly towards the lab exit. She used her hands to cover her nether regions and bowed her head shame-faced before the thing that had once been her sister. Halfway to the door she stopped and turned.

"I swear," he shuddered. "I swear I'll free Wonder Woman and make you pay for your crimes."

Robotron smiled. "Yes, I was afraid you would. Which is why I've taken an added precaution. Slave," he barked at Wonder Bot. "Convert her!"

A pair of cables shot out of Wonder Bot's nipples and latched on to her sister's bare breasts. Wonder Girl screamed as the nanocircuitry quickly spread out from the tips, across her bare skin and burrowing deep within the flesh.

"Unit.interface.established." Wonder Bot said blankly. "Voluntary.movement. frozen.Begin.system.assimilation"

Wonder Girl's hands froze as she moved to pull the wires off. Her eyes widened in paralyzed terror as Robotron walked up to her.

"My new fembot has an added feature," he spoke conversationally. "Her own conversion devices!"

"You...said... you'd" Drusilla struggled.

"And so I did. I released you from the conversion tube, as I promised. What I do after that is entirely up to me."


Drusilla's hands slowly fell to her sides as the circuitry connected with her nervous system. She gasped as eddies of erotic pleasure crept into her conscious mind, disguising the invasion of Robotron's programming.

“Assimilation.commencing." Wonder Bot intoned.

"Now, I won't have to bring my subjects here: she can enslave them for me! Naturally, they won’t be as sophisticated as the subjects in my lab, but you can't have everything."

Wonder Girl felt her willpower slipping away, replaced by binary code and wiring from Wonder Bot's system. The code was a slave program, connected Diana's master program and obeying its edicts. She gasped softly as her soul vanished beneath a haze of pleasure. An orgasm shuddered through her, almost as an afterthought.

“I suppose I could have returned you to the tubes for a more thorough conversion,” Robotron commented, “But I am a man of my word. As it is, you’ll be beholden to you sister for your commands - you won’t be an independent unit. But then, you never were.”

"No" she whispered.

"...Processing" Wonder Bot intoned. "...processing...processing"

Drusilla's brown eyes rolled up to the whites and began glowing softly to match her sister’s. here and there, the sheen of computerized silver slowly appeared on her flesh. Her hand rose automatically to her hips, taking the akimbo stance of the fembots beside her. All traces of resistance had vanished.

“Processing… concluded.” Wonder Bot finished, “Assimilation.complete.”

The wires detached from Wonder Girl’s breasts and returned to their owner. An unspoken command passed between them and the younger Amazon turned to face her new master.

“” she intoned in a blank robotic voice. Robotron’s laughter echoed through the halls...


Wonder Bot stood in front of the computer banks, her back to her new master. A single cable ran from the bank of circuits to an open port on her left breast. The machines were downloading every aspect of her personality -- memories, contacts, her secret identity and more -- into Robotron's data banks. For use in case he needed them. She shook slightly as the information was pried from her mind, much the way a piece of machinery would when faced with an arduous task.

The download ended and the cable detached itself, ending her shudders. She turned to face Robotron, placing her arms akimbo on her hips. She was now dressed in a metallic replica of her old costume. Silver bracelets, silver boots, a silver thong bikini bottom and a silver bustier inscribed with Robotron's sigil and the code "WW-001" on the right breast. A silver tiara had replaced her old one, framing eyes that still glowed with a passionless fire.

“," she intoned mindlessly.

"Very good, Wonder Bot." he reached out to cusp her tits, feeling the mixture of warm flesh and cold steel. "And now, I order you to escort me to the bedchamber, where you will pleasure me for the remainder of the night.

“I.hear.and.obey.master." she turned and matched stride beside him. As they passed through the door, they passed Wonder Girl, standing at rigid attention in the hallway. She too was dressed in silver, the tight jumpsuit matching her old uniform, and her eyes glow in time with Diana’s. The sigil WG-001 marked the fabric above the right breast. An invisible signal passed between the two former heroines and Drusilla turned to follow the pair, several steps behind.

“For starters, I think we’ll connect Diana to the orga-nator,” Robotron mused. “We’ll see if she can control her sister enough to pleasure me with her while her own system is… stimulated.”

“Yes.Master,” the two women spoke as one. Through the cold circuits that now controlled her mind, an emotionless anticipation grew. Another session with the master meant another opportunity to serve him - and the pleasure which that entailed. What more could a pair of enslaved robots want?


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