I  Promised You A Rose Garden

by Northern Chill

                 Dee Dee looked around the greenhouse she was in and grinned broadly.  When she wasn't having wild and passionate sex with her husband, she loved to wander through the vast array of flowers and plants that they had acquired over the years from all around the world.  Sniffing at an occasional flower and stopping occasionally to look at one of the many species of plants they cultivated, she marveled how Bruce had managed to combine his work in bioengineering with the building of a fantastic looking plant collection.

                The greenhouse workers which they employed had gone home for the day leaving Dee Dee alone as she continued to wander around musing over her plans for the evening with Bruce.  After walking around for a few minutes, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks and a look of inspiration crossed her face.  "I can combine our love of plants with a little intimacy tonight and do it all right here in the greenhouse," she said with a bright smile.

                Dee Dee hurried out of the greenhouse and into the nearby house.  After thirty minutes or so, she returned with a large piece of cardboard and a stepladder.  Setting the ladder down in front of the greenhouse entrance, she stepped up and carefully hung the cardboard above the glass door before returning to the ground.

              GARDEN OF EDEN  proclaimed the sign in bright green letters to Dee Dee's immense satisfaction.  She headed inside where she quickly dialed Bruce's office number.  Her happiness briefly dimmed as she realized the call was being picked up by his answering machine. After waiting for the signal to leave a message, she happily started her rehearsed plan: "Bruce, darling, when you get this, could you come home soon?  I'll be waiting in the greenhouse now known as Eden and I hope to see you soon, my Adam!!" she chirped happily.

               Dee Dee wandered back into the meeting place where, after checking to make sure no one could see her actions, quickly stripped her sun dress and shoes off. This was followed quickly by her bra and panties as well as the jewelry she was wearing.  She placed her belongings in a neat pile near the red roses she had recently planted  and wandered around once again to admire the many plants.
              Although she was not a nudist, Dee Dee had to admit it was quite exhilarating feeling the air brush against her bare skin.  She could feel her nipples growing stiff though whether it was from cool air circulating from the overhead fans or from her growing anticipation for her night of passion it was hard to say.

             When she neared the back of the building, Dee Dee spotted a box over in the corner covered by a large tarp which she hadn't noticed before.  Intrigued, she pulled back the covering to reveal a large glass case with several beautiful pink roses in full bloom inside.  Judging by the initials inscripted on the side of the case, the flowers seemed to have originated from the Czech Republic.  There was a set of what seemed to be technical data forms on top of the case but Dee Dee was unfamiliar with language it was written in.

             Dee Dee decided that she had a little time before Bruce would be home and figured to have look at the beautiful flowers contained in the case.  She unlocked the case and bent over so she could examine the roses in closer detail.  As she ran her hands over the petals, she marveled how the flowers retained their color and texture while being shipped from wherever they originated from.

"Oowwwww!!!!!!....." yelped Dee Dee as one of the rose's thorns pricked her left hand's thumb."You'd think Bruce would have brought in roses without such sharp thorns... mmm.."  She looked at the thumb in question and noticed that there was a trace of blood visible along with what seemed to be a pink fluid of some kind as well.

The woman turned to move towards where the first aid kit was kept but found her legs seemed rooted to the spot; totally unresponsive.  Slightly annoyed by what she figured to be an allergic reaction, Dee Dee tried to bend down and retrieve her cell phone near the flowers. 

However, she found her arms seemed frozen now and immobile like the rest of her slim body.

To her horror, Dee Dee could feel that her body itself was changing form from flesh and blood to shiny plastic with no freckles or blemishes visible anywhere.  She felt her pussy disappearing  becoming the same material as the rest of her body with no opening visible whatsoever.  Strangely enough, these changes were accompanied by waves of pleasure flowing through her still body. 

Soon Dee Dee had stopped breathing altogether with her breasts frozen in rigid domes capped with small plastic nipples.

            I've. .I've. .become a mannequin.... I... can't...ca.. moveeeee!!!!!!! 

Dee Dee shouted to herself before her mind dissipated as it became hollow and plastic like the rest of her transformed body. 

For the new few hours, the only noise that could be heard in the greenhouse was the automatic sprinklers that switched on and off according to the timers they were hooked to.



Later that night...

             A brown haired man walked into the greenhouse and flung aside the briefcase he was holding. "Dee Dee, darling, I'm here at last.  Shall we try biting on some forbidden fruits?" he called out as he pulled off the navy tie he was wearing "I've had a long day dealing with our new legal representatives James, Mullen and Dillard so I'm looking forward to some fun."

             Bruce wandered around a little, puzzled by the lack of response to his shouts.  When he neared the back of the building, he saw what looked like a nude mannequin standing next to some experimental roses he had recently imported from an eccentric scientist in Europe.  However, when he neared the display form, he discovered to his horror that the mannequin was his beloved Dee Dee; transformed into this inanimate figure.  He slowly ran his fingers along her stiffened torso, shocked how lifelike she still looked, yet was now just a hunk of plastic with visible joint marks all over body and a chrome plate where her ass was for the insertion of a display rod.

            After several conversations on his cell phone, Bruce resigned himself to the fact that for now Dee Dee would be stuck in this form as there was no antidote available to change her back. He had a glass display case brought into the greenhouse and had Dee Dee placed in it. 

            Dressed prettily in a bright green one piece swimsuit and dark sunglasses, she looked serene surrounded by the plants she loved while she waited for the cure her husband worked on frantically.

           And waited... and waited....


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