Supergirl and Rose's Shop of Horror

by Dr. Purple

Author's note: I'm not much of a comic buff but I'll try to stay as loyal to the characters as I can with what little resources I have.
Characters, such as Supergirl, Power Girl, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Donna Troy, Stargirl, Jade, and other superheroines, are property of DC Comics.
All characters within this story are 17 years of age or older.

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Part Three: Closing Shop

When Power Girl and Black Canary failed to report back to Oracle she decided it was time to take a more aggressive approach and send in a team whose primary goal was to capture the mysterious shop owner and interrogate her. They would then rescue the missing heroines and resume the original investigation. Unfortunately many of the world's greatest heroes were still away ending a war between two alien races that could potentially destroy Earth. Wonder Woman however was unable to join her comrades. She had to stay behind to battle Euryale, but Oracle was lucky enough to reach her sometime shortly after she imprisoned the ancient gorgon.

After being briefed on the situation and their findings, Wonder Woman agreed to lead a team consisting of herself, Donna Troy, Jade, Batgirl, and Stargirl; all of whom were available and willing to help. Within a day they gathered in Purplestone City where they reviewed Oracle's reports so everyone had some idea of what was happening and who they were up against. Oracle participated from afar, using the ear-bud communicators she had given them months ago.

Once the meeting ended, the heroines split up and went out into two separate groups. The first was lead by Wonder Woman and consisted of only herself and Batgirl. They were going to Rose's Shop while the second group led by Wonder Woman's sister, Donna Troy, would pay a visit to the sorceress' beachside home. Since they knew so little about Rose, aside from the likelihood that she had somehow bested three of their elite heriones, both groups were advised to stay out of sight and report to the others once they spotted her.

There was no sign of the peculiar redhead at the shop or anything else for that matter. The store had been thoroughly stripped, leaving no trace of Rose or her bizarre operation. Fearing their suspect had fled, Wonder Woman wasted no time alerting the others who assured her she couldn't have gone far.

Oracle had provided them with the address to the home of a "Rose McBride"; the registered owner of the shop. Her home was actually a beachside villa in a part of town only the wealthiest of Purplestone City could afford. There were telltale signs that she was still living there. Everything seemed in place and there was even a steak marinating in the fridge. Rose was the only person missing from the scene as well as a purple Dodge Viper she had customized. Donna contacted Oracle with what they found; to everyone’s' relief the super hacker had made some discoveries of her own as well.

It seemed that over the years Rose had gone by many different names, switching identities as she moved back and forth between different parts of the world. Her birth name, though, was Katherine Rose. Born in 1927 to an Irish mother and an English father, they lived in London where her father owned several small but prosperous banks. They led rich happy lives until everything went up in a bright fiery flash during the war. In 1941 Katherine's entire family was killed in the Blitz bombings. The same attacks reduced her father's banks to rubble and turned her family's fortune to smoldering ash. Fortunately, her father had made a number of friends and one took young Katherine in as his own daughter.

According to several journals in the months that followed, Katherine went through a number of changes. Her once raven black hair turned to a vibrant crimson red. Her pale skin took on a coppery hue. Not much thought was given to any of it though; the war was still raging on. Her mother had red hair so everyone just assumed it was part of her growing up. She was a teen after all; it was natural for the body to undergo changes. As far as her skin tone, they figured it was from the extensive time she spent out in the sun. Her adopted sister, Emily, even noted her strange behavior but attributed it to the trauma she had endured. Details got sketchier as time passed.

Finally in 1946, Katherine and Emily both left for the US but disappeared shortly after arriving. One journal hinted that their bond was not that of sisters but that they were in fact secretly lovers. Whatever the case, Oracle was unable to find anything else on Emily but Katherine, on the other hand, appeared from time to time under different aliases. She had apparently stopped visibly aging somewhere in her late twenties or early thirties.

Concerned they may have overlooked something, Oracle began a search for property in Purplestone City that was owned or being rented by anyone under the name of Katherine or Rose or McBride. She found an old warehouse near the docks and according to its records many items had traveled between it and an undisclosed store with the same address as Rose's Shop. Since it was unlikely the proprietor would return to her store, Wonder Woman and Batgirl set out to the warehouse while the other group waited at her house in case she returned.

Oracle's hunch paid off. Using her binoculars Batgirl spotted Rose's customized Viper. She and Wonder Woman took turns watching the former store owner’s activities from the roof of an abandoned office building across the street. She was oblivious of their presence as she carried a small crate inside. Wonder Woman tapped her communicator.

"Wonder Woman to Donna, we've spotted her, over," she reported.

A few minutes later...

On the far end of the office building, beyond the sight of Rose, the five devised a simple but effective plan. They would come at the sorceress from all sides in a coordinated attack. They figured their best bet was to take her by surprise, so stealth was vital. Wonder Woman and Jade would go in through the front; Donna, Stargirl, and Batgirl would cover the rear. They would create a noose by slowly closing in around her and hiding where ever they could to ambush her. Once everyone was in place, they would strike.

The interior of the old warehouse was just barely lit by the old dusty lights that hung overhead but with the sun fading, the team found themselves growing ever more dependant on them.

"Why is it so many bad guys are drawn to old warehouses?" Stargirl asked, turning to Batgirl. "You'd think with all the money this chick has, she'd have someplace better to spend her time."

Batgirl shrugged. "I guess she's trying to keep a low profile." she whispered.

As the five ventured further into the warehouse the lights began to flicker. No one paid it much attention at first due to the run-down condition the building was in but then, suddenly everything went black. Batgirl slipped her night vision goggles on and looked around. She had somehow lost Stargirl and Donna Troy and as the lights flickered on again, the other four heroines found themselves isolated as well. Jade was sure Wonder Woman had just been ahead of her but now a wall of crates was all that stood in front of her. Batgirl pulled her goggles off and tapped her communicator.

"Hey guys," she whispered. "I've lost sight of you."

"I know. I can't find you or Stargirl." came Troy's voice.

"Be on your guard, everyone," Wonder Woman warned. "This is likely part of some trap."

"I recommend your regrouping at the center of the warehouse," Oracle suggested. "If any of you spot Rose before then, stay with her. This one is slippery. We can't afford to lose her; over."

Jade crept through the shadows, hovering just inches above the floor. She made no sound as she moved down the aisles, taking cover behind any large crates she came across. None of her surroundings were familiar. She had somehow been moved to different part of the warehouse and, unbeknownst to her, so had the rest of her colleagues. The tapping of stiletto heels on the concrete announced the presence of someone close by. Jade — who at this time was uncertain if she had been discovered — took a peek from behind a crate and spotted Rose as she walked by. It appeared as though she was unaware that the emerald heroine was near.

The sorceress wore a new latex suit. This one was pink and, like the transformed Supergirl, was once a person; a woman she had taken home from a nightclub, had her way with, and transformed. Every now and then the suit shivered as it enjoyed the warmth of the sorceress' skin. It savored her taste, especially that of her more intimate regions. Each movement she made sent the enchanted suit into a state very similar to climaxing. The nature of the blue suit was similar except this pink suit still retained the essence of the young woman who had been transformed.

Jade gently tapped her ear-bud. "I've found Rose and it doesn't look like she's spotted me. I'm going to pursue her as planned."

"Alright, just remember to wait for the rest of us before you make any attempt to capture her," Wonder Woman instructed. "And keep us informed of your progress; over."

Rose walked over to a small steel door. Mounted on the wall beside it was a keypad that was undoubtedly connected to a locking system. It wasn't anything Jade hadn't seen before. Villains were nothing if not predictable and often kept their secrets and the most sensitive areas of their operations closed off. The emerald beauty watched closely as the sorceress entered the code 7-6-7-3 and just as she expected there was metallic "click". Rose opened the door and stepped into the next room. Once the door closed behind her, the lock clicked back into place, sealing the room off once more.

Jade approached the keypad and, hovering in place, entered the code she had just seen used. Nothing happened... not at first anyway.

A strange green disk appeared just under Jade's feet and as it ascended it became more like a pedestal of some kind. The moment it came into contact with the emerald heroine's boots it somehow seeped through them and sealed up around her feet. Jade found that she was no longer hovering, but standing on an odd platform. She tried to pull herself free but it was no use. Even when she attempted to fly off, she found she was firmly planted in place. While she struggled, the keypad beside the door split open revealing the barrel of a small weapon of some kind. When she saw it she had only enough time to raise a small shield to protect herself from an oncoming energy beam. Unfortunately the beam resonated with the same energy frequency; it was able to penetrate her protective shield easily. By all rights she should have been injured or worse but the weapon wasn't designed to cause harm. It had been ingeniously crafted to disintegrate clothing and inorganic objects such as Jade's latex costume and communicator. Her bodysuit and ear-bud evaporated into dust.

Aside from being nude, save for her gloves and boots, Jade found that she had not been harmed. She blasted the ray gun, sending sparks and small metal fragments across the floor. A large clear tube suddenly descended from the ceiling and dropped completely around her. The pedestal squeezed inside like a cork, creating an airtight seal. Jade fired away at the glass cylinder but the material had been designed to withstand small missile fire. Short of blowing up half a city block there was no practical way to break the glass.

At the top of the cylinder was a large black hose which dangled from overhead. It began pumping a thick green liquid into the structure. Jade gasped, fearing that she would surely drown if she didn't find a way to escape or at least stop the flow of goo. She fired off an energy blast at the nozzle but for some unknown reason it had no effect. The blast didn't even penetrate the ooze. She then created a green cork but the moment it came in contact with the goo it dissolved and she couldn't understand why. She would figure it out though, when the warm liquid rose above her boots and made contact with her skin. She realized that somehow the strange goo could absorb her energy and was draining her powers as it moved up to her knees.

As the goo filled the tube, Jade felt a soothing and very pleasurable sensation in her legs. It felt as though her legs were gently being rubbed, caressed, and suckled on. She tried not to think about the feeling though and instead concentrated on her efforts to escape. She continued blasting the insides of the tube but her attacks were growing weaker and more desperate as the goo filled the cylinder. She even resorted to pounding on the glass with her fists but was brought to a halt when the ooze made contact with her sex. She gasped as it parted her lips and started flowing into her. It was giving her lower regions the same tender affection her legs were getting. It was better than being eaten out.

Her bottom lips trembled as she raised her fists in an ever-weakening attempt to free herself but when she struck there was little force behind the blows. A faint lustful moan seeped from her emerald lips. She started to become less concerned with escape and more focused on the wondrous sensations the ooze sent through her as it entered her body and enveloped her. She was blissfully unaware of the rapid deterioration of her resolve. By the time it rose above her navel an animal lust had taken over and she was cumming hard and savoring every moment of the goo's loving attention.

An overwhelmed Jade began to swoon and would've fallen if the goo hadn't been holding her firmly in place. Her head went under the stream that was being pumped in from the hose and as a result her hair and the back of her neck were coated with the strange substance.

As the goo soaked in, Jade began to think about Rose and that latex suit she had been wearing. The tight suit left little to the imagination and Jade was willing to bet she looked even better without it. Our green heroine could just picture Rose naked. The image made her climax even harder. To Jade's horror it suddenly dawned on her that she was not only lusting after a criminal but a member of the same sex. She was troubled by this at first, but then she figured there was no harm in just thinking about it.

The goo had risen to her breasts and they too were receiving special treatment as it sucked, rubbed, and kneaded them, making Jade's defeat all the more pleasurable. The heroine was off in another world, though, fantasizing about Rose. What she wouldn't do to taste her; to shove her face right into the enchantress' pussy. That thought would echo in her mind as she came once more and everything went black.

By this time the ooze had risen over her head and the emerald beauty was becoming part it. As the tube neared filling completely, a sensor that had been mounted at the top sent a signal to the pump that shut it down. The hose detached and after a minute or two the tube withdrew back into the ceiling. The goo had hardened into a firm, rubber-like substance and was able to stand on its own. In the open air of the warehouse the mass began to shrink down until it stood only 12 inches tall. Jade's fate had become clear: The once powerful heroine had been turned into a green dildo for the sorceress' enjoyment.

As the toy cooled from the transformation process, the lock clicked and Rose stepped out of the door with a sly smile. She knelt down with a smile and picked up her new dildo. At its base was a switch which she eagerly pressed. The green vibrator came to life, squirming in her hand almost like a snake. After a few seconds it started to take on the likeness of Jade. A look of fear was frozen on her face as her body wriggled in a sensual manner. Every curve and detail had been beautifully rubberized, from the folds of her pussy, to the crack of her heart shaped ass, and to the nipples of her breasts. Rose could even make out the seams of her tiny boots and gloves.

Watching Jade one might wonder if she were writhing in pleasure or trying to wiggle free. Whatever the case, her destiny was between the enchantress' thighs and she would smell, taste, and feel every moment of it.

Even though this was her moment of glory, a thought occurred to Rose that troubled her. Like all vibrators, Jade had a battery inside, but with her it was her own essence. Once used up, the dildo would never look like Jade ever again and a simple battery replacement couldn't change that. Rose suspected though that with her starheart Jade would last her a long time and she intended to enjoy every moment of pleasure. Jade would prove to be a better battery than lithium.

Stargirl looked around somewhat nervously. The warehouse seemed to be alive as it felt like something was in the shadows watching her. Even with the powers she derived from her cosmic converter belt and the star rod she carried she still had a feeling of vulnerability.

A hand silently reached out from the shadows and took hold of her shoulder. Stargirl's rod emitted a brilliant flash as she spun around and found Batgirl standing behind her. She had a finger over her lips, signaling Courtney to keep silent.

"Have you seen Rose or the others?" Stargirl whispered.

"No; just you," Barbara replied. "I don't think the rest of the team is doing any better than we are. It's been pretty quiet."

"I don't know about you but I'm completely lost." Stargirl confessed

"It's Ok." Batgirl assured her.

The fem crusader withdrew a small device from her utility belt that resembled a smartphone. On its screen was a map and compass.

"Oracle sent me the layout of the warehouse. The center is much further west of here," She explained.

The two heroines set off. As they got closer to their destination they noticed there seemed to be an ever increasing number of toys strewn about on the floor. They stepped over them when they could but they were becoming more difficult to avoid and every now and then one of the girls would step on a small car or plastic soldier. Finally they reached a large toy box, which appeared to be where the toys had all come from. Next to it was small plastic house with a bright pink roof. It was unmistakably a Barbie doll house, complete with a pool and a few Barbie occupants. There was an even larger assortment of Barbies in a pile next to the pool. Stargirl leaned down and started examining them.

"Come on," Batgirl said,"We don't have time to play."

"Just wait a sec. It wasn't that long ago I stopped collecting these and there's a few here I've never seen before," Stargirl said, looking over a short-haired doll in a vinyl catsuit. "Even you must have played with Barbies growing up?"

"I had a few. I kind of hated them because other kids called me Barbie all the time." Batgirl grumbled.

Stargirl glanced over at Batgirl, whose skintight costume appeared to be sagging. She was about to express her befuddlement when her star rod and the doll she held suddenly felt as though they were growing heavier. Batgirl watched in awe as the room expanded around her. The two frightened heroines suddenly realized what was happening.

"Batgirl!" Stargirl shrieked in a small voice.

"We're shrinking!" said the ember-haired crusader.

Courtney's star rod landed beside her with a loud clang. The young blonde found herself standing naked with her empty costume and belt piled around her. Batgirl wasn't fairing any better. She knew she wouldn't be able to retrieve or even use anything from her utility belt. Both girls were trying desperately to tear pieces away from their costumes to cover their shame but being only a foot high, their new sizes made them too weak to do so. The fabric was just too strong.

"Hey Batgirl, when this is over let's never talk about it," Stargirl said, holding her hands over her body.

"Agreed!" Barbara said.

"Think those dolls would mind if we borrowed some of their clothes?" Courtney asked.

The mini heroines took off towards the Barbie pile, but before they could reach it they soon found themselves surrounded by a group of living and very animate Barbies.

"They're quick!" Stargirl observed. "I really wish my belt and star rod had shrunk with me."

"Yeah, and without our ear-buds we can't call the others." Batgirl added.

One doll after another lunged toward them and for a time they did well, fighting them off, but they were outnumbered and ultimately overwhelmed. Batgirl was last to be captured. She and Stargirl were held side-by-side and no amount of struggling could free them from the iron grip of the Barbies. Both girls had her arms held behind their backs and her legs secured to prevent kicking.

Two red-haired Barbies suddenly approached. Both were identical and had once been women who infatuated Rose. For this reason, she transformed them into special Barbies. In her twisted mind it was an honor of sorts; they could do things that her other dolls couldn't and that ranked them above the others. No matter how you looked at it though, they were still puppets. As they stepped up to the captured heroines, their nude, plastic bodies shimmered in the pale light.

"What are you looking at, freak?!" Stargirl spat.

The doll didn't respond to Courtney's insult. She only smiled, as all Barbies do, with her eyes as empty as her bubble head and lips stretched to overly express her joy. Each of the twins embraced a heroine and, much to their surprise, locked lips with them. The kiss sent shockwaves through the shrunken girls.

No sooner had Courtney's plastic companion withdrew her lips she began caressing the young blonde's abdomen. The once spangled heroine was revolted at first but as strange as it was the doll's hands were warm and felt nice. Her touch was gentle and very soothing. As her hands worked their magic Stargirl found herself grower hotter; the doll was becoming harder to resist. The friendly toy gradually worked her way up where she lovingly kneaded young Courtney's breasts.

Batgirl was receiving the same treatment. Her tits felt as though they were going to explode in the hands of her smiling new partner. In moments both Batgirl and her blonde colleague were cooing as they gently came.

With both heroines now completely under their spell, the red-haired Barbies got on their knees and began eating them out. Their mouths worked masterfully as they licked, kissed, and suckled their captives into further submission. Neither Batgirl nor Stargirl had any desire to escape and because the other dolls could sense this they released them. As both young women took their dolls by the head and drew their faces in deeper, it was clear that they were becoming just as much puppets now as their plastic friends.

Unfortunately release came all too soon for the young heroines. Courtney let loose an ecstatic cry while Barbara moaned lustily with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. The Barbies detached from their snakelike tongues, leaving them to dance around inside the girls. Neither heroine could move as the redheaded twins backed away and collapsed lifelessly on the warehouse floor. Their task was complete and they could sleep peacefully until their mistress needed them again.

Inside the immobilized heroines, the plastic tongues began reshaping and programming them to fit the desires of their new mistress. Their pubic hair disappeared and then their vaginal lips fused shut forever, trapping the wriggling appendages inside. As their hips widened and their skin became glossy, the memories of who they were faded only to be replaced by a need to look beautiful, be touched, and get dressed and undressed over and over again. The hands of both girls turned fin-like as their fingers fused together and solidified. Their feet would undergo a similar change as they arched and became more slender. A pleasant burn spread though their tits and they inflated by several sizes; this sensation would intensify as their plastifying skin absorbed their nipples completing the transformation of their breasts into large, blemish free orbs.

In their minds they pictured Rose holding them. Her touch brought them joy and as they envisioned this, they smiled with a vacant look in their eyes. This expression would forever be held in their faces as their transformation into Barbie dolls concluded. Aside from the color of their hair, both girls had become identical looking.

With their objective completed, the Barbies that oversaw the capture and transformation of the heroines returned to their posts to rest once more. As they disbanded, their sultry mistress approached with a green dildo lodged in her belt. She picked her new dolls from off the floor and studied them for a brief moment. Her thumb gently traced the smooth mound that was Batgirl Barbie's sex. The doll squealed with pleasure and sensing this Rose smiled and began carrying the two of them off elsewhere.

"I guess I never really outgrew dolls, so if I'm going to keep you two around you're going to need new clothes," she said.

Both Barbies were overjoyed and started cheering gleefully when they spotted a workbench covered in doll clothes. Rose had already made small, spandex costumes that resembled the ones they had once worn; as she started with Batgirl Barbie, Stargirl Barbie protested because she hadn't been chosen first. Rose only smiled and ignored her. The dolls moaned uncontrollably as she dressed them in their respective costumes. The spandex rubbing against their plastic skin brought arousal causing them to orgasm more than they would from just the tongues alone.

Once she finished with Stargirl Barbie, she gave the doll's pussy one last caress before laying her down beside her transformed partner. The tiny plastic heroine moaned blissfully just before her mistress disappeared into the shadows. Rose had spent many nights creeping through dark places to ambush her unsuspecting prey, so for her stealth was second nature. She knew there were still two Amazons that needed conditioning and she was determined to take them by surprise.

To Be Continued...

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