The IT Files:  Ryoshi's Experiment

by Zero

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!

Utopia Towers, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

               Ryoshi Dawson, formerly Ryoshi Tenzo before her marriage to the love of her life, smiled as her four assistants wheeled in the newest delivery. It wasn't so long ago, not even a year in fact, that Ryoshi had been working for the Paradise Foundation kidnapping attractive women and turning them into slaves using the Type-7 sedative and special chips designed to work with people who had the drug in their system.  The combination left them in a state of consciousness that made them obedient like puppets, though without the devices they were more like living mannequins. Ryoshi's boss, Scott, had decided to foil the organization's plans, since he feared they sought too much power and because they'd killed his mentor in cold blood; while Scott was many things, he'd never endorsed such heavy-handed lethal force. Ryoshi and Scott had helped bring Paradise down and then slipped away to live a life of luxury, though taking with them a group of women equipped with chips to be their slaves. Seven of the women were former prostitutes; most of them Canadians from Vancouver, and their names had never even been documented, so Ryoshi had made ones up for them. Other women in their collection of controlled servants included Izel Cortez, Veronica Estes, Alexis Sutherland, Karen Draskal, Naoko Kobayashi, Torre Myers and Mary Beth Talbot. The women were a mix of former Paradise employees and women whose lives had been so destroyed by the Foundation so otherwise it had seemed easier to keep them chipped rather than release them.

               Living in an apartment complex that her husband owned and operated to great profit, Ryoshi had no need to work for a living. Without any requirement to work, Ryoshi had been left to pursue her own dreams and ambitions; currently those had to do with the four motionless figures that had been wheeled in by her assistants. Scott had left most of the women working as drones in their four-floor penthouse, but Ryoshi had also rented out an entire floor of the complex herself so she could run an experiment that her four assistants would be helping with.

               "Good work," Ryoshi said in approval, her four slaves having recovered what she'd ordered. Izel, Veronica, Alexis and the newly-named Susan Richards, the latterÕs name a gag on Ryoshi's part as she'd been a big Marvel comics fan in her youth, were all dressed in red business dresses with white blouses on underneath as well as pantyhose with their hair up in buns to make them look serious. Ryoshi was dressed in a similar fashion but her blouse was black, her hair was in a Japanese bun with needles and she was wearing a short purple scarf. On the four dollies her assistants had wheeled in were four women, all of them famous supermodels that now wouldn't be missed as Ryoshi had spent a great deal of time arranging for their disappearances.

               "Okay, lets see if these work," announced Ryoshi, holding up a special remote control with a microphone built in. "Ladies, step forward off your transportation carts and stand at attention," ordered Ryoshi into the microphone. The four chipped models, who'd been standing motionless on their rides, practically snapped into action as if they were androids and did as they were told, taking a step off of the dollies and standing as they had been before. Each model had slightly different hairstyle and wore a unique one piece bikini, each one in a single solid color: Devon Krueger was the German blond in red, Tal Reubenstein was the Israeli blond with brown streaks in white, Adina Kapel was the Portuguese woman with brown hair and dark streaks wearing green and Kitty Drake was the black-haired woman in a blue suit.

               "Good, the transmitter is working," noted Ryoshi with a smile. Having become bored, Ryoshi had done some actual work and used what few engineering skills she had to create a new kind of chip, one that required less hard-wired data as it received most of its information from a wireless signal from a database hooked up to a router. While the router system meant the chips could fail if out of reach of the signal it also meant each chip didn't have to be programmed individually, which meant a great deal of programs could be added to the database without worrying about the chip becoming overloaded with information. This change to the chip design had also allowed for a better tapping into a person's personality once they were chipped, thus while they still wouldn't act completely normal per se, the person's stronger traits might seem more natural when they were ordered to be themselves while failing to notice the chips.

               "Okay, staff, hide the dollies in the next room and come stand behind me," was Ryoshi's next order, which caused her four assistants to leave the room with their gurneys and hide them in the doorway of the large apartment the group was in. To run the experiment, Ryoshi had claimed the apartment with four bedrooms as well as a large kitchen and living room, the latter being the room they were now in.  All the windows were covered so the models wouldn't know where they were. The room was also equipped with more hidden cameras than usual so Ryoshi could observe her experiment from next door.

               "Excellent," grinned Ryoshi, holding up her special remote. "Alright, I want you four to unfreeze and act normal, but with program Alpha Three active." Immediately the four women blinked and looked around, somewhat confused.

               "Where are we?" asked Kitty, speaking first.

               "I have a show," complained Devon.

               "Ladies, we're on the set of Model Citizens!" exclaimed Ryoshi with a smile. "This is the apartment you each agreed to share for one week!"

               "Wait, what?" asked Adina, lost.

               "We agreed to what now?" objected Kitty.

               "I didn't sign anything..." muttered Tal.

               "Ladies, I have your contracts right here," revealed Ryoshi, producing four pieces of paper from her coat. "You all agreed to appear in this pilot for VH1. Your agents assured me they'd briefed you. Do I need to go over it again?"

               "Might as well, if it is a pilot," shrugged Kitty, apparently fine with the scenario.

               "This bikini isn't my style," grumbled Devon, crossing her arms across her breasts.

               "Okay, youÕll all spend a week in this apartment without going out," explained Ryoshi, gesturing around. "We've made it as lavish as we could, and the general idea is to see what happens when four models are forced to live together for a week and can't go anywhere. It's a reality television bit. You do have satellite TV but you're not allowed to even communicate with the outside world. No cellphones, no email..."

               "What?!" exclaimed Devon, now really distressed. "So I can't even back out by calling my agent now?!"

               "You can leave at any time by walking out the front door," explained Ryoshi, attempting to calm Devon, knowing that if the chipped model tried that she would immediately freeze solid. "If you leave though you don't win your cash prize, and the viewers may not think highly of you."

               "Crap, peer pressure," groaned Tal.

               "So we just live here for a week with no one else around?" asked Adina, trying to confirm the premise of the show.

               "Yes, well, except us," confirmed Ryoshi. "My team and I will take care of the daily food supplies in case you run out of anything and we'll be doing your laundry, since the showÕs other requirement is you can only wear sexy clothing like those bikinis."

               "What are our other choices?" asked Kitty, suddenly concerned.

               "Pretty much underwear and robes," revealed Ryoshi. "You are models, after all. Don't worry though, you'll be getting paid fifty thousand each for this, and the services and everything are covered."

               "Not bad for a pilot deal," noted Adina. "Okay, I guess we can't really back out now."

               "Yeah, it could be worse, we could be naked," agreed Kitty.

               "I just wish we could have a view," sighed Tal, noting the large covered window.

               "Ugh... who gets which room?" asked Devon, shaking her head.

               "You get to figure that part out," smiled Ryoshi. "Okay, and, freeze." The four models, each clearly about to move one way or the other, all instantly stopped in mid-motion, following Ryoshi's order. "When you hear the front door close, you'll all unfreeze and continue about your business.  Pay no attention to my disappearance."

* * *

               The first day, as Ryoshi had observed, had gone on without an issue, the women surprisingly managing to get along well. The four had been recruited after a charity show in Brussels, their contracts approved by their agents and the four then chipped before they'd signed on just to make sure cooperation would be guaranteed. The second day had now begun and Ryoshi was eager to see if her wireless router held up to the strain she was about to put on it.

               From her monitoring room in the next-door suite, Ryoshi had camera views of every room in the apartment, which currently showed Devon in the shower, Tal still in bed and both Kitty and Adina making breakfast. Kitty was using the waffle iron while Adina was cutting fruit. Smiling to herself, Ryoshi raised the special remote to her lips. "Everyone freeze," Ryoshi ordered, causing the four to stop in their tracks, even Tal who'd just sat up. Behind Ryoshi were her four assistants, all standing at attention in case they were needed. "Susan, you start laundry, Veronica, you finish breakfast," commanded Ryoshi as she headed out the door.

               Inside the special apartment Ryoshi arrived first in the kitchen, well ahead of Veronica, and carefully moved Kitty and Adina from their work places. Both women were wearing their designated colors only instead of bikinis it was bath robes, both having already showered, Adina's hair still in a towel that also matched her swimwear. Kitty's right arm had been stirring the waffle batter while she held the metal bowl in her left, so Ryoshi carefully removed both the spoon and container from the American's hands, placing them on the counter. Adina meanwhile had been cutting up strawberries with the knife in her left hand, her right feeding the fruit to her blade, Ryoshi removing the cutting tool from the woman's delicate hands. With both Kitty and Adina disarmed, Ryoshi carefully dragged them both into the living room and moved on.

               Finding Devon in the shower, Ryoshi turned off the water and quickly stripped herself down to the buff, entering the facility with the gorgeous German. "You have a wonderful body, and such a tall one too," moaned Ryoshi in excitement, rubbing her fingers down the soapy-slick form that was Devon's back. Ryoshi soon turned the model around and began making out with her, raising the blond's arms above her head as she pushed her against the wall of the glass shower and pressed her lips in deep. Lust hadn't been the plan, but it was what had happened.

               "My my," moaned Ryoshi, touching her lips with a smile. "Okay, don't notice me here but unfreeze and dry off, then put on your robe and go stand with the others in the living room." Devon blinked and moved, paying no mind to the naked Japanese woman in the shower with her, instead exiting the shower and doing as she was told.

               Leaving Devon to her orders, Ryoshi quickly went to check on Tal and confirmed that Susan had collected everyone's bikini for laundry duty. "You'll be the first guinea pig," Ryoshi told Tal, giving the Israeli a kiss on the cheek before locking all of her other clothes in her bedroom closet, ensuring she'd have to walk around in nothing but the towels found in the adjoining bathroom or in bed sheets.

               Back in the living room, Ryoshi saw Devon standing with her hands on her hips, practically posing as if on a catwalk. "Devon, freeze," Ryoshi casually ordered as she left the room, causing the blond to become more rigid.

               Back in her observation lounge Ryoshi took a seat and opened up the command window to the router, proceeding to broadcast special instructions to the various chips in the network. Tal was ordered to get up and shower, after which she'd have more or less total control over her own actions. Kitty, Devon and Adina meanwhile would still be frozen and would remain so until a command word was uttered, the words in this case being 'go' or 'unfreeze,' 'stop' and 'freeze' being the word that would return them to their current condition. The idea was Tal would discover the women and learn how to control them, after which everything would go as normal, Adina and Kitty not even remembering making breakfast themselves or being aware that they were not in the right room. Veronica was finishing breakfast and both she and Susan were under the same commands as the models, though they wouldn't start frozen as they did still have work to do. The entire scenario was just an experiment to see how different people would react to the power to freeze others.

               "And... run," announced Ryoshi, pressing the final key and watching to her delight at Tal unfroze and began moving as required while the other three models remained frozen in place. Tal moved almost like a robot would, entering the shower and quickly cleaning up, her elbows always rigid. Ryoshi noted the slight flaw, other chips having overcome such an issue and being nearly perfect save the lack of emotion; she was planning to fix it when the experiment ended.

               After Tal was clean Ryoshi watched in amusement as the model looked around and let out what had to be called a growl of frustration at being locked out of her closet before donning a towel instead of proper clothing. The Israeli exited the bathroom and wandered into the living room where she saw the others and nodded in greeting. "I'm sorry, but I can't seem to get at my wardrobe," announced Tal, not noticing anything unusual. "Could one of you loan me something from yours?" Naturally there was no response from any of the other models, causing Tal to frown and approach them. "Girls?" she asked, somewhat alarmed.

               Ryoshi smiled and had Alexis get her a sparkling water as she watched Tal wave her hand in front of Devon's rigid face. It was then that Susan suddenly appeared, walking around in the corner of the screen. "Hello, hey!" called Tal, but Susan had already exited the apartment. Veronica however was still in the kitchen, and Tal, upon hearing the sound of a timer going off, went to investigate. "Excuse me, why are the others acting like that?" asked Tal as Veronica removed the yogurt mix from the blender.

               "Acting like what?" asked Veronica, having been programmed to be helpful, even having been given emotional responses within the router, though coding it had been difficult.

               "Look, I came out of the shower, found my wardrobe locked and the others are standing around like... statues!" exclaimed Tal, clearly annoyed now but not thinking anything was really wrong, rather it was just an act.

               "If you're locked out of your wardrobe, I can help with that," offered Veronica, finishing pouring the yogurt and producing keys from her jacket pocket. Ryoshi noted some level of helpful concern in Veronica's voice, but it still felt off, a bit much for such a simple problem. Any remarks about the others being statues or mannequins were automatically ignored by Veronica; that was also part of her program.

               "Stop ignoring my question!" shouted Tal. "Why are they acting like that?!" Naturally, having heard one of the trigger words, Veronica froze in mid-step, her keys hooked around her right index finger, a perfect soft smile on her face. Ryoshi noted while the inflections and such were still off, the emotional software was making great progress with expressions.

               Tal waited for a response, but then frowned when she realized Veronica was now also acting like a mannequin. "Very funny," grumbled Tal. "Why don't you go jump in a lake?" Sure enough Veronica began moving once more, continuing to walk like nothing had happened.

               "This way," announced Veronica, this time lacking emotion in her voice, which was another annoyance for Ryoshi. The Spaniard led Tal through the living room, where the Israeli spent another moment glancing at her immobilized roommates in confusion, and was then led into her room, with Veronica unlocking the cabinet for her.

               "Wait..." Tal then muttered. "I don't really remember the contract, but there was something about another twist in it..." Ryoshi smiled, pleased that the chipÕs implanted memories were working well. The contract had stated there would be more to the game than initially seen, with the implications of hypnosis, but Ryoshi herself hadn't mentioned it when the women had arrived at the apartment. On-screen, Veronica pocketed her keys and turned around.

               "If there's nothing else I'll return to finishing breakfast," announced Veronica, starting to exit the room.

               "Stop," Tal suddenly said, and once again Veronica froze in mid-step, her right foot forward and her face blank. The Israeli smiled and walked over to Veronica, carefully touching the woman's shoulder and then her face. "Not even a blink," Tal almost laughed, amazed. "I guess this was the hypnosis thing they implied. Now it all makes sense..." Tal continued to poke and prod Veronica, eventually working up the courage reposition the woman's arms so they were above her head. "I wonder..." Tal then uttered. "Sleep?" Nothing happened, which was what Ryoshi had intended, wanting to focus more on the freeze aspects of the experiment. "Must just be the stop and... not-stop that works then," noted Tal.

               Ryoshi received her drink from Alexis as she observed Tal returning to the living room and facing the trio that stood there. "Next test," Tal announced, now clearly speaking in monologue so the audience at home, which unknown to her was just Ryoshi. "Devon, go." Tal did laugh in amusement as Devon suddenly moved, lowering her arms and turning to look at Tal with a raised eyebrow.

               "What's so funny?" asked Devon, raising her right arm to scratch her head.

               "Just the fact that I can make you freeze," laughed Tal, continuing to do so when she saw Devon had returned to her petrified state, her hand still inches from the back of her neck. "Okay, I really should leave this for now," decided Tal. "Later, however..." With that Tal unfroze Veronica and then the other three, keeping the knowledge she'd just gained to herself.

* * *

               A few hours had passed, it now past noon but most of the models merely snacking instead of having lunch, Ryoshi guessing that was one way they kept their figures as ideally svelte as they had, by just eating when they were hungry rather than focusing on a three meal system. Aside from Kitty talking to herself in the bathroom when not doing anything, apparently thinking it was a confession-type room, nothing had happened, though Tal did freeze her three roommates at one point during breakfast to test the word 'unfreeze.' Susan had just returned with the laundry, giving Tal her cleaned bikini last, when things became interesting again.

               "Pardon me, before you leave could I get a favor?" Tal asked Susan, who was now programmed to be helpful.

               "What can I do for you?" asked Susan, turning to face Tal, the latter wearing her robe while the former was wearing the themed dress, her hair in a small but tight bun.

               "Just stop for a moment," requested Tal, smiling when she noted Susan seemed to go stiff. "It's not just them, it's everyone," noted the Israeli, making a bold move and wrapping her arms around Susan, sliding her on her heels and causing her to fall onto the bed back first. Practically bouncing with glee, Tal sat on the bed behind Susan and carefully sat her up, proceeding to let down her hair. "She's like my very own human doll!" exclaimed Tal, far too loudly. Ryoshi, enjoying a sandwich, smiled as she saw Kitty, who'd been just outside the room reading a magazine in her bikini, moved to investigate.

               Tal had just produced a brush from her make-up table when Kitty knocked on the door. "Are you alright in there?" asked Kitty. Tal looked worried but then smiled again, making her way to her door and opening it slightly.

               "I need some help with something," Tal told Kitty, glancing around. "But look, don't tell the others, I don't want them to know yet."

               "Okay?" agreed Kitty, shrugging as she was let into the room. "What's with her?" the American immediately asked, noting the frozen form that was Susan on the bed.

               "She's been hypnotized to respond to some words; we all have!" revealed Tal. "It has to be one of the show's twists! We can use special words on each other to make us do weird things!"

               "Seriously?" asked Kitty, surprised. The young woman waved her hand in front of Susan's blank face and her eyebrows jumped. "Wow, she's like a mannequin!" noted Kitty.

               "All you have to do is say 'stop,'" declared Tal, then realizing her silly mistake as Kitty was now rigid, bent at the waist with her hands on her knees as she was face to face with Susan. "Oops." Tal seemed about to say something else, but to Ryoshi's delight the Israeli changed her mind, instead moving to push Kitty forward, which caused the model's lips to meet with those of the other's.

               "That should boost ratings," chuckled Tal. The woman appeared to be considering saying something else, but once again she didn't and instead left her room.

               "Izel, go get Jessica from upstairs and bring her down here," Ryoshi told her companions. "Alexis, you're on dusting duty. Change into outfit 21 and get in there." The blond and brunette both moved upon receiving their orders as Ryoshi turned back to the monitors.

               Devon was in the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of water over the sink while clad only in her robe, the top even hanging slightly loose to give any viewers a fair amount of cleavage. Tal peered into the kitchen. "Freeze!" the Israeli then suddenly shouted, causing the blond to continue pouring the water even after the glass was full. Giggling to herself Tal then started off towards Adina's room but was surprised to see the woman instead appear, clad in her bikini, with her arms crossed.

               "Will you stop shouting?" hissed Adina, hamming up her words like only an over-eager actor could and clearly attempting to become the fake show's villain. Tal, also subject to the special words, froze in while in a ridiculous tip-toe pose, her hands nearly at her shoulders and a large smile on her face, her eyes wide. "Thank you," breathed Adina, turning around and heading back into her room, unaware of what had just happened.

               "There goes that," sighed Ryoshi, tapping her fingers on her desk for a moment. Adina was back in her room and clearly going to take advantage of the flat-screen TV with satellite services, the latter feature included so the women couldn't learn where they were as it was configured to not have a clear local area. Knowing there were still several days left to go, Ryoshi made up her mind. With a few keystrokes Adina was frozen with her remote pointed at her TV while sitting at the foot of her bed, Alexis was frozen while in the changing room of the apartment Ryoshi was using, and even Izel was frozen upstairs while retrieving Jessica Drew, another former prostitute given a comic book name that was going to be the second maid.

               "Making a chipped person act normal is almost like making artificial intelligence," realized Ryoshi as she leaned back in her chair, noting that Veronica was also frozen in front of her. "Come on love, I need something to get my spirits up."

* * *

               It was nearly twenty-four hours later before Ryoshi returned to the experiment and unfroze her assistants, even Susan, the blond leaving the apartment to return and join the Japanese woman. As Alexis finished changing, Izel arrived with Jessica, the small brunette wearing only a white lace bikini. "Izel, stand down; Jessica, outfit 16," ordered Ryoshi as she commanded Adina to unfreeze. As predicted the Portuguese woman simply turned on the TV and sat down on her bed, watching a French soap opera. Luckily by now Alexis was in the apartment, dressed in a black French maid outfit and dusting all over the place. Shortly afterwards Jessica was clad in a pink American maidÕs outfit, which was the classic woman's work dress that was pretty much a jumpsuit save with a skirt, a white apron on top of it and her hair pulled back in a springy ponytail. "Go vacuum," Ryoshi told Jessica, who departed with the required black object in her hands.

               Ryoshi leaned back in her chair, watching the magic begin as Jessica began to clean, having turned up the special vacuum's sound muffler so it would be very loud. Adina, clearly agitated, soon emerged from her room with a fake scowl on her face. "Is that necessary?" she asked Jessica, who wasn't programmed to respond yet and kept going. Alexis, meanwhile, was using her duster on Tal's rigid shoulders, which got Adina's attention.

               "What are you doing?" asked the Portuguese woman, walking over in curiosity. "Oh, this is cute. Nice impression Tal, now stop it." Tal didn't move, but suddenly neither did Jessica or Alexis, both freezing with blank looks on their faces. "Wait..." Adina glanced around, seemingly confused, but Ryoshi froze the model remotely for a moment to give her new instructions. Watching Tal figure things out had been entertaining but drawn out, so Ryoshi immediately gave Adina the four commands she needed to know and then let her move again.

               "I feel like some kind of magician," laughed Adina, immediately moving to remove the duster from Alexis's hand and drag the maid back, laying her down on the couch with her arm still extended. "Such a sexy outfit..." giggled Adina, proceeding to surprise Ryoshi by kissing the Brit on the lips.

               "I didn't know she swung that way," remarked Ryoshi, proceeding to update her data on the woman. "Scott will probably love this. I only wanted one who was even remotely bi-curious, and now I've got two."

               Back in the apartment Adina finished kissing Alexis and proceeded to unplug the still-going vacuum, then removing the object from Jessica's grasp and hiding it in her room under her bed, promptly returning to carry Jessica inside. Ryoshi ordered some popcorn from Susan as she watched Adina slowly strip Jessica, kissing every piece of skin as it was suddenly exposed.

               "Lets add a surprise," decided Ryoshi, pressing a few keys and causing Devon to unfreeze, though she didn't know what was going on.

               "Oh, shoot," grumbled the German, noting the dampness, though the twenty-four hours that had passed did allow most of it to dry up on its own. The blond returned the pitcher to the fridge and picked up another magazine from the large rack in the kitchen, wandering into the living room.

               "What is this?" gasped Devon in German, seeing Alexis on the couch and Tal standing in a silly pose. Putting down her glass and reading material, Devon carefully touched Alexis and tried moving the other blond's arm, discovering she was capable of being manipulated. "What's going on?" Devon asked next. While the word didn't register, Ryoshi decided she wanted Devon to figure things out almost right away as well so she made Alexis unfreeze.

               "Hello Miss Krueger," greeted Alexis, sitting up like nothing was wrong.

               "Why were you laying there like that and what's Tal doing?" asked Devon, clearly lost. "This reminds me of that time those thugs kidnapped me..."

               "We've all been hypnotized," revealed Alexis, sounding too monotone but Ryoshi had stopped caring. "The show's special twist, besides everything else, is you can cause each other to... become frozen or unfrozen by saying certain words. For added fun most of the show's staff was subjected to this as well. If you say a certain word and have a person's name before it you can only manipulate them, otherwise anyone who hears it besides you will be affected."

               "This is a great twist!" exclaimed Devon, grinning as she moved towards Tal. "I'm sorry, what was your name?"

               "Alexis," responded the Brit, now standing and looking for her duster.

               "Right," acknowledged Devon, turning to look at the other blond. "Alexis, freeze." Sure enough the maid froze while glancing behind the couch. "Fantastic," muttered the German with a grin.

               "Hello?" called Adina, suddenly sticking her head out from her room, her hair a bit of a mess as she'd clearly been having a great deal of fun with Jessica. From Ryoshi's monitors the Asian woman could see Adina had Jessica naked with her hands cupping her breasts while she was on her back on top of the bed.

               "Adina, freeze!" Devon quickly shouted, causing the Portuguese model to stop in her tracks, her left hand holding the knob to her room while her right was touching the frame, worry on her face. "Oh ho, this feels great after what happened back then. Tal, unfreeze!"

               The Israeli suddenly stood up straight and began looking around in confusion. "Devon?" Tal said in surprise.

               "Truce!" Devon quickly shouted, patting the woman on the shoulders. "You know about the hypnosis right?"

               "Darn, you figured it out?" pouted Tal.

               "Alexis just told me," revealed Devon, indicating the waxwork-still maid. "It would be boring for everyone if we just did this one at a time, so what do you say we team up and have a little fun?"

               "Well, it beats getting treated like a toy," agreed Tal, shaking hands with the blond.

* * *

               Two days had passed since the truce between Tal and Devon. Ryoshi had purposely interrupted them at one point to flat out tell them that due to how ŌhypnosisĶ worked they would be fine even if frozen for several days, which led the pair to leaving everyone frozen for a while. Kitty was still in Tal's room, though the Israeli had played around with her, and when Susan had returned later on to do laundry again, the American model had once again been posed with the former whore in a compromising position. Veronica had also been frozen when she'd come to cook the next morning and still hadn't been released, Tal and Devon were afraid of what would happen if one of the staff suddenly decided to use the trigger words as well.

               Adina was the woman Devon had spent most of her time with, revealing her own bisexual nature, which Ryoshi had already known about as did most magazines, frequently falling asleep with both the other European and Jessica beneath her, Alexis later brought in as well. The time was actually fairly interesting as Tal and Devon bonded, the former fine with the sexual misconduct though not engaging in it herself, not that it stopped Devon from freezing her new friend to give her a kiss now and then. Tal didn't entirely hold up her end of the truce either, twice freezing Devon so she could have some alone time in the kitchen, which was necessary since they'd frozen Veronica.

               Finally Ryoshi decided to add a new element to her little play, growing tired of watching Devon feel up Adina and Jessica and Tal place Veronica, Susan and Kitty in yoga-style poses, though at least the Israeli sometimes let her fingers or lips wander. "Izel, go to outfit three and stand by for orders," Ryoshi told her only remaining servant, who nodded and went to change. While the sultry woman put on a yellow-colored bath robe with nothing underneath, Ryoshi set up a special set of instructions for her slave, who quickly exited the observation room after she'd changed.

               Outside the special apartment Izel quietly opened the door and stepped inside, though Tal clearly heard a sound as she exited her room in spite of being naked, both she and Devon losing their inhibitions after living as they had been for the past two days and assuming censor bars would be used if the show made it to TV. Tal saw Izel but the new arrival was quicker. "Tal, freeze!" Izel fired off, Tal promptly seeming to turn to stone as she locked in place, her left foot forward and her right hand holding her magazine at her side, her mouth agape.

               "Who...?" muttered Devon, emerging from her own room but wearing a robe, though she hadn't tied it up and her womanhood was on full display.

               "Freeze," Izel quickly said before she could react, the German model freezing with her eyes half-open due to exhaustion, her hands fiddling with her robe's belt. With the two active women frozen, Izel began circling the apartment and unfroze Alexis, Jessica, Susan and Veronica, the four returning to join Ryoshi. Once the staff were removed Izel took the time to properly dress the four models present in the apartment, putting Devon in Adina's room and Tal to her own but leaving Kitty and Adina where they were. Finally Izel returned to Adina's room and leaned in through the door, the two models now sitting on the same bed facing the TV in their bikinis and robes.

               "Unfreeze," Izel uttered quickly before closing the door and even locking it, promptly freezing for the moment with her hand on the handle as Ryoshi wanted to see how the scenario played out.

               "How did this happen?" muttered Devon, looking at Adina in half-awake surprise.

               "Where did you even come from?" asked Adina, and then both seemed to realize what had transpired.

               "You know?" the two models said at the same time before smiling.

               "Not only that, I know what you were doing with that maid," revealed Devon with a grin.

               "You do?" confirmed Adina, looking suddenly uneasy.

               "Relax, I think it's hot," remarked Devon, reaching over and touching Adina's face. "I didn't know you had a wild side, and I've known you for a while."

               "If I'd had a chance, I'd of..." breathed Adina, stopping herself by proceeding to kiss Devon passionately, the pair quickly starting to make out properly on the bed. Satisfied, Ryoshi unfroze Izel, who moved away from the door and headed for Tal's room.

               Unlike Adina's own suite, Tal and Kitty were separated, with Tal standing by the door with her hands behind her head and her chest thrust out provocatively, a favorite pose of Ryoshi's. Kitty meanwhile was sitting on the foot of the bed when Izel came up to her. "Kitty, unfreeze," Izel told the American, who promptly did, dressed like Devon and Adina had been while Tal was not wearing a robe, only her bikini.

               "Who are you?" asked Kitty in surprise.

               "Izel, your new housemate," revealed the Spaniard with a wink. "Ryoshi brought me in to stir things up. Believe it or not, a few days have passed."

               "What?!" exclaimed Kitty, shocked. The American then noticed TalÕs frozen pose. "What's with her?" asked the model from Chicago. "Is this what she was talking about? The hypnosis?"

               "Yes, all it takes is a verbal command and we can end up like her," confirmed Izel, standing up straight and moving to stand next to Tal. "She's a human mannequin now. The best part is we can go for days like this. You might notice you're not even hungry."

               "Yeah!" noticed Kitty, though the lack of hunger was due to the Type-7 nature of the chip she was secretly wearing, not hypnosis. "So what do I say to stop people?" Kitty looked at Izel but soon realized the woman was now frozen, her right arm hanging loosely around Tal's waist, her left hand on her hip and a big, tooth-filled smile on her face. "Oh, it's 'stop!'" realized Kitty, standing and smiling. Ryoshi ordered late afternoon snack from Susan as she watched Kitty wave her hands in front of Izel's face.

               "This is so cool!" exclaimed Kitty as she began to change Izel's pose, dragging the woman away from Tal and sticking both of her index fingers up her nose.

               "So you have two lesbians, a fun-loving Israeli and an immature American?" noted a voice from behind Ryoshi, causing her to spin around in her chair in surprise. Karen, Mary Beth, Torre and Naoko were all present, each one wearing a black catsuit and leather stiletto heels, their hands all on their hips and their faces blank. Behind them stood a strong-looking man in a black suit, who was adjusting his tie and grinning.

               "Hello lover!" cried out Ryoshi, not even hesitating to freeze everyone she was controlling from her computer as she got up to hug her husband.

               "Good to be back, honey," remarked the former CSIS member, embracing his wife and giving her a kiss. "I brought you a rose." Ryoshi took a White Mexican Rose from her husband's free hand, admiring its form and naturally smelling it. This proved to be foolish, as the rose had been laced with Type-7, causing Ryoshi to freeze while using both hands to hold it to her nose, her gaze drifting upwards with a smile on her face.

               "I think that ends that test," noted Scott, curious if she'd notice the trap within the flower. Scott had been away with his four companions stealing some technology from the Mexican government when he'd come up with that method. Scott was more or less an honest man now, but to keep himself under the radar that meant stealing tools to ensure none of his internet and phone activities could ever be traced. Ryoshi was Scott's favorite test subject when it came to normal Type-7 and although she'd be mad at first, he planned to make it up to her by arranging for the four models she currently had collected to stay another week.

               Looking at the monitors and seeing the frozen scenes, Scott nodded in approval. "Looks like the router works great," announced Scott to himself since Ryoshi while frozen could not hear anything. "I'd say this experiment was a success."


The End


Ryoshi Dawson - Maggie Q

Izel Cortez - Roslyn Sanchez

Veronica Estes -  Paula Graces

Alexis Sutherland - Naomi Watts

Susan Richards - Alexz Johnson

Devon Krueger - Charlize Theron

Tal Reubenstein - Bar Refaeli

Adina Kapel - Liliana Queiroz

Kitty Drake - Hilary Rhoda

Jessica Drew - Elise Gatien

Karen Draskal - Josie Bissett

Naoko Kobayashi - Park Ji Hoon

Torre Myers - Kelly Rowland

Mary Beth Talbot - Molly Culver

Scott Dawson - Kiefer Sutherland

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