SRU: Bodystocking

by Paul Jutras

     As Lesley sat down at her computer to get back to the book she was writing, she stared at a blank monitor.  She needed to give her publisher a progress report at the end of the week, but her writer's block had gotten her stumped. All day she watched television, did laundry, vacuumed, picked up dishes and anything else she could think of to avoid the computer. Since it was too early for her room mate, Bob, to come home from work she couldn't use cooking as an excuse.

     She looked up when she suddenly heard the sound of a key in the lock. Wrapping a robe around her transparent negligee, she walked over in shock to see Bob home early. "You didn't lose your job did you?" She asked. "The rent's due in a couple of days."

     "No," He chuckled as he put some packages on the coffee table. "Things were slow at work, so I asked for some time off to do some personal shopping. I really do need a new suit to greet people in. When I saw this new shop called Spells R Us at the mall, I thought I'd surprise you with a little something.

     "Spells R Us?" Lesley asked, letting her robe fall open.

     "Suppose to be a real popular chain like Sears or JC Penny's, though I never heard of it before." Bob said with a chuckle. "The funny thing is, is that place is made up like a magic shop and the owner dresses like a wizard or something. Hard to tell with that old bathrobe he wears. Even pretended to read my mind. Even though I know he had to have been reading my work's name tag."

    "What did you get me?" Lesley asked, being one who loved gifts.

    "Actually the wizard said it was for both of us." Bob said as he began to remove pink tinted Barbie wrapping paper. "A two-person belly dancer costume."

    "Two person belly dancer?" Lesley thought that her lover had had something kinky in mind for them. "Sounds interesting."

     "The wizard at the store says we'd look like one of those multi-limb statues one sees in the country of India and other areas of the far east."

     "Can we try it on now?" Lesley asked as she glanced back and the blank monitor screen. "Maybe it will give me an idea for a story."

    As Bob and Lesley finished unwrapping the gift, he spread out the parts of the costume for his partner to see. It was composed of a body stocking big enough to stuff two legs down each side. The outfit would give their skin a much darker tone than they already had. A single brassiere was put in the kit since Bob told the wizard it was for a male/ female team. It was well padded out to between a C and D cup. The pants were a vivid plum and that matched the pointed toe slippers. As Bob looked at the shoes he knew they'd fit Lesley's dainty feet but wasn't sure about his own.  The final item was a veil for each of their faces.

     "Only one wig?" Lesley asked.

     "Your hair is naturally feminine," Bob said as he tried the wig on. "I'm the one that needs the female make over to look right."

    "Let's get started." Lesley said as she wanted to do anything that would allow her to avoid her work on her story. She quickly stripped down to her panties and bra and then helped her lover take off his own clothes.

    "Good thing that wizard gave you instructions on how to put this on us." Lesley said as she looked the body stocking over. "Even with them off, I can barely find the seam in this thing. It's really going to look like it's our own body when we get it on."

     After they stepped into the suit and got it zipped up, Lesley could feel Bob's penis tight in her ass like one of the butt plugs she sometimes used when Bob was away on a business trip. Lesley was right handed and Bob was left so getting their arms into the sleeves was easier than they thought.

     "This body stocking feels like it's practically molding me into your shape." Bob resisted the urge to reach around and squeeze Lesley's breasts and make love to her right then and there.

     "I know what you mean." Lesley said. "I run my arms along the body and I can only feel my own curves not yours. Like we're a two headed woman instead of a man and woman in the same suit."

      "You're kidding, right?" Bob said as they walked together over to a chair, Lesley felt the pleasure of having her boyfriend's member buried deep inside of her. She especially felt full when they sat down to put the shoes over their stocking feet. Bob was sure the shoes wouldn't fit, but was they sat with their four feet intertwined he couldn't tell his apart from hers.

     As they got up and stared at themselves in the mirror, Bob was just stared at how lovely she looked and didn't seem to care that he couldn't tell where she ended and he began. They smiled at each other as he tweaked her breast and she ran her hand up his leg. As they began kissing, they stumbled into the bedroom and collapsed on top of the bed into passionate love making.

      Neither of them felt so energized when having sex before. Bob could feel himself buried deeper in Lesley that he had ever been able before. It seem quite unnatural for him to do so. They kept it up until they passed out from exhaustion.

     When dawn's early light shined across the bed the next day, Bob woke up completely naked and with the feeling of an unnatural weight on his chest. He slipped off the bed and tried to stand, only to collapse against the dresser. Brushing the hair from his face, he stared into the mirror to see Lesley's face staring back at him. "Huh?"

     "Bob, what a night." He heard his own voice say as a muscular arm reached up from the floor to the bed and pulled his own body up to its feet. "What happened to us?" She asked feeling a disgusting covering of body hair and a large item handing between the legs.

    "The suit..." Bob stood confused. "It switched our bodies. I buried myself deeper and deep into you until I entered your body itself.  I must of pushed your soul right out of your body and it entered mine by mistake."

    "Don't just stand there." Lesley cried in Bob's deep voice. "Put the suit back on so we can switch back."

    "It's torn." Bob said as he picked it up. "We were pretty rough last night. Do you think it'll work.?"

     "It's got to." Lesley said as he stared at Bob's hairy, flat chest body and felt sickened by its appearance. She loved it on him of course but not on her. She had no desire to live out her life as a man.

    "Let's do it." He said as he got into the suit first this time and she followed. He soon learned what it's like to be the female partner in bed as he felt his former tool enter his now wider butt.  Bob was just glad it was his day off. They could keep on trying all day if they had to.

     Like before; after passing out for many hours, it was Lesley who got to her feet first. "Yes!" Lesley shouted at her mirror image as she touched her right side of her face, but found her left numb and not moving.

    "Bob, we did it!" She turned to see Bob's body wasn't laying on the floor. "Bob? Oh no, what have we done?"

    "That's what I'd like to know." She heard Bob say but the body was nowhere to be seen.

     "Bob, where are you?" She asked.

     "Here, inside you." She heard his voice in her head. "The suit was damaged and I didn't exit when you reentered your body. In fact, I'm feeling a stiffening cramp from our head to our little toes. Can you move okay?"

     "No Bob, and I'm getting more numb by the second." Lesley's thoughts answered Bob's.  "What now? I can't move a muscle at all now."

     Days had passed before either Bob or Lesley was missed. When the police broke into their apartment, it was Christmas Eve. All they found was a naked mannequin standing in the middle of the bedroom. The body suit had changed to plastic and given her toes a completely fused look and her nails the same skin tone as the rest of her rigid smooth body.  Tears fell upon family members as there was no sign of  the real Lesley or of Bob.

     "At least we know what she was doing with that man." Lesley's mother said with tears in her eyes. "She must of been poising to have that mannequin done. "I'm sure she'd like it sold and displayed in some store like J.C. Penney's or Sears. "

     As family members picked Lesley's body up, they had to tilt her back to get her through the door. On the bottom of her smooth flat, plastic foot were the words: MADE BY SPELLS R US.

In between dimensions The Wizard looked into his crystal ball with the young woman who worked for him. Some may wonder if she was his first transformation or not but that's a story that may never be told. "If I told people once, I'm told them a million times to follow directions for my magic suits." The wizard said to the girl with a sigh. "At least this one turned out happily for both of them."

    "What instructions did you give Bob when he came to the store?" The girl asked.

     "The usual -- never sleep in the costume. The suit was designed to have sex in but they took things too far.  Oh well, not expecting any more clients today. What say we tune the crystal to the neitherworld world series? I hear it's The Vampires vs. The Werewolves."

     "Want to put a bet on it?" the girl asked with a grin.

      "I'm always in for a good bet." The wizard said, never have been a loser in his life.

      "If  I win, you have to buy me a new wardrobe in the next mall we go to." The girl said.  

    "Okay." The wizard said. "If I win you become the wizard for a month. It would be a relief to be seen by the public clean shaven and in anything than this old bathrobe for awhile.  Even comfortable clothes become uncomfortable if worn often enough."

    "Done," The girl said. "I'll take werewolves."

     "Okay," The wizard said. "That leaves Vampires for me."



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