Spells R' Us: Secretary's Day

by Paul G. Jutras


     It was 4:30 PM in the upper west side of the city.  Carol Spell had finished typing the reports Ricky Roberts had given her when he called her on the intercom.  She looked quite lovely in her green dress, hose and sling back shoes. "Miss Spell, I just remembered it's my girlfriends birthday. Please run down to the jewelry store and buy her something nice. I'll see you'll get a bonus in your pay."

     "Yes, Mr. Roberts." She bit her tongue as she shut down her electric typewriter and headed for the elevator. On the way, she came across her best friend and roommate, Sabrina. Sabrina was dressed in a similar fashion that consisted of a white blouse, gray blazer, skirt, smoke gray hose and slides. "You too?"

     "Mr. Trevor said he forgot to pick up his cleaning during lunch." Sabrina replied. "Asked me to pick it up and while I'm at it get myself a nice match of roses for Secretary Day tomorrow."

     "MEN!" They both said at once and then began giggling.

     "We really should do something to teach them a lesson." Carol muttered. "I'm going to be late with my date with Tony tonight by doing this. I know of a shop at  the mall that could help. I believe the cleaners are open until six."

      "Sounds like a plan, girlfriend." Sabrina smiled wickedly. "Tomorrow is our day after all."

     Later at Dreams Come True mini mall, Sabrina and Carol walked into a store called Spells R US. As they walked in, a tiny bell behind the door announced their arrival. "Hello?" Carol called out to the echo of her own voice.

     The place was dark and a bit spooky. Racks of costumes lined the side walls and deflated love dolls on the selves made Sabrina feel like they walked into some kind of sex shop by mistake. "Are you sure this is the right place?"

     "This is the address Diane gave me." Carol said in a tone that was more than a little nervous.

     "If that the same Diane who spent six months in a mental hospital screaming that she was someone named Dave Turner?"  Sabrina asked.

    "She's perfectly fine now," Carol replied.

    "May I help you?" An old bearded man in a robe asked as he stepped out of from the back through the curtain the divided the shop.  "Would Sabrina like to go  first or Carol?"

      "How'd you know our names?" Sabrina asked.

     "I'm a wizard," The Wizard replied. "I know lots of things. "Like the fact that you're looking to make this a very special Secretary Day."

     "That's right." Carol gulped heard and wondered if she was making a mistake.

     "I've got just the thing." The wizard opened the back of the glass case between them. He pulled out several jars. Two blue and Two pink.  "Fix your boss and yourself a drink. Put the pink potion in their drinks and you take the blue. Before your eyes, you'll swap bodies."

     "We'll be the bosses?" Sabrina said, finding it too good to be true.

      "We'll be hairy, disgusting men?" Carol felt repulse on the idea.

     "Since only you two know you got the potion from me, only you will know where to come for an antidote when you want to change back?" The Wizard said. "The antidote is simply to drink the opposite color potion than you had before."

      "We'll do it." Sabrina said as she paid for both Carol and herself. "My friend will do it too."

      "Wise choice in purchases." The Wizard put the money in the register and watched the girls leave.

     They finished their chores their bosses had them do and returned to their one bedroom apartment. Sabrina was dressed in tan pajamas while Carol wore a baby doll nightgown and painted her toe nails. "Might as well give Ricky the full effect."


      The next day Carol and Sabrina showed up before any of the other secretaries and entered their bosses offices with a pair of wine glasses.  "Morning sir," The girls smiled at their bosses as they brought the tainted drinks to the desk.

     "What's this?" Fred and Ricky  asked Sabrina and Carol.

     "Thought we'd start celebrating Secretary Day together." Each girl said in turn as they drank their drinks and one by one felt a bit light headed.

      "What was in that?" Ricky asked in a high pitch voice as he stared at his own rugged race behind his own desk. "What's going on here!"

     "Here's the deal." Carol said as she stood up tall in Ricky's six foot frame and paced around her former self who wasn't even five foot in heels. "My friend Sabrina and I have just swapped bodies with you and your friend Fred  Trevor. You can be us for the next couple of months and we'll swap back with you. We want you to know what being a female secretary is truly like."

     "You'll never get away with this!" Ricky shouted and stood up unsteadily in four inch pumps. "I'll sue!"

     "Tell anyone the truth and you'll only be spending the next six months or so in a mental ward." Carol said as he escorted him to his next desk. "You know what memo and papers I was to work on today. Since you're me now, you'd better get going. Don't forget my date with Tony tonight."

     "I'm not dating a man like I was a -." He began as Carol stared smugly,

     "Like you were a woman." She finished his sentence for him.

    Getting together in the senior dinning room, Carol and Sabrina compared notes about how wonderful it is to be the bosses. They were finally putting their collage education to good use. They made sure to stop by their former cubical to see Fred and Ricky eating salads and diet cokes at their former desks.

      After work, Ricky and Fred took turns showering and getting to know their new bodies. They learned how much time is takes a woman to look beautiful as they followed the instructions that their former secretaries had left in the apartment.

    "Ready for the ballet, Carol?" Tony asked Ricky as he took the woman he thought was his girlfriend by the arm and escorted her off. Fred didn't know what he was ready for until a knock came and Sabrina's lesbian lover, Susan showed up wearing nothing under her winter coat. Fred couldn't help but have his new crotch get wet at the sight of the woman who slowly undressed her lover and took her to bed.

     For Ricky; however, the night was one big nightmare compared to Fred. The heels, corset, bra and stockings were killing him. He had to keep Tony happy if he ever expected to get his body back from Carol when their time was up.

      "I've waited a long time for this." Tony said in the lobby after the ballet while on one knee. "Will you marry me?"

     Taking the diamond ring, Rick felt like he had no choice and smiled while nodding yes. He just wanted get out of his sight since his handsome appearance made Ricky's crotch moist.

     What Ricky got home, Susan had already left and Fred was laying naked in Sabrina body, spread across the bed sheets.   Ricky just rolled Fred body over and changing into the baby doll nightgown labeled for him and climbed in beside him.

      With next day was the girls day off, but Ricky called Carol at work. "Please Carol!" he pleaded. "Tony wants to marry you and I said yes for you."

      "Hope you make your husband happy until we swap back." Carol smiled. "Remember. I'm interested in kids without having to go through labor myself. So maybe after the next nine months or so, I'll see about you being boss again."

     The next few weeks was a roller coaster of denial and disbelief for both Fred and  Ricky. Carol male turn female friend Diane showed up in pink ruffles dress and matching pumps as Ricky's bridesmaid. "You almost ready? She asked.

     "Diane, could you tell me how you got changed?" Ricky asked as she stared at the wedding dress hung on the back of the door while Fred sat on the floor barefoot in a white blouse and black mini skirt. Fred pulled off Ricky's nude hose as Ricky sat cross legged in a similar outfit to Fred.

     "I didn't drink a potion like you two, if that's what you're asking." Diane sighed. "I put on this body suit which bonded to me forever. The store only appears to those who need it. Hardly ever seen in the same location twice."

     "That's no help." Ricky said as Diane helped Fred into a matching bridesmaid outfit and then both helped Ricky into white silk stockings, garter belt and wedding dress and pumps. Diane slipped a dildo into Ricky's vagina so that he could get use to the full filling he'd be getting when his new husband hammers him on the honeymoon.  When dressed, Diane gave Ricky some quick lessons on dancing like a girl for the reception.

     The wedding went without a hitch and both Fred and Ricky saw the male selves among the guests as Ricky was carried down the isle to a car with tin cans tied to the bumper.

      A couple of months had passed since the honeymoon and it didn't take a rocket scientist for Ricky to know that having no period meant that he was indeed expecting. What he wasn't expecting was that Tony would order him to quit work when his increase size had moved him to a Queen 2X size pantyhose.


     At six months pregnant, Ricky waddled with his swollen feet in a larger pair of shoes, maternity pantyhose  and a red with white sleeve maternity dress to clean out his desk. As he looked into his old office and saw it empty, she turned her replacement, Nadine. "Where's Ricky?"

     "Didn't you here?" Nadine asked as Ricky shook his head.

     "On the way home last night, his car broke and forced him to take the subway. Two rival gangs choose his car to have a knife fight and Mr. Roberts died on the way to the hospital. Mr. Marcus is working out of that office now."

     Ricky just stared blankly in horror. With Carol dead in his body, there was no going back to being a man again. With how moist the touch of Tony makes his feminine crotch, he wondered if he'd really want to loose the full body warm feeling sex as a female brought him.

     A couple months after giving birth to little Ricky, Ricky had lost all touch with Fred. When she took little Ricky by for a visit, Susan and told her that she had moved out. It seemed strange to her, but she had nothing to bring to the police.

       When Susan went to work that night at her store;  Susan's Sensations,  she went to the back. There Fred was tied and gagged on the office couch. "You do have such firm tits." Susan smiled and squeezed them like ripe melons before stripping her down to her nude pantyhose. "They'll soon be even firmer."

      Picking Fred up, Susan raised Sabrina's body so that her plump ass went into a metal rod sticking out of a transparent base.  Susan then proceeded to spray her all over with her special hard plastic sprayer. The hose Fred had on would made his female crotch look sexless and his toes fused together. She then left Fred to dry. "night, hon."

      The next day, Susan walked over and tapped Fred's breasts. With a hallow echo, Susan was pleased with her leaving doll and started to slice into her plastic flesh to install tiny motors. "This is so you can be a moving window display on holidays. You'll never die or grow old now." Susan said as she put the motors into Fred and dressed him in a pair of black hose, four inch open toe sandals, and a tan pant suit on display in her career wear section. "You will be wonderful in my little world forever."


THE END       

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