Saga Of Heroes Unlimited II

by Gak

Chapter 1: Stars are falling of the sky! Her almighty Return!


“2 years after the last war, the acolytes are still friends Julian, Ana; Karla, Gabriel, Selinette and Lui amatsu are 12th graders. Gian is on the Ninth Grade. Their powers are still blocked but this month is going to be an unforgettable one!”

“The day was Cloudy It was Raining A Chase Was In Progress In the skies a star chaser was chasing some criminals”

Nie Elemundio! Hata#1 Fire!

Stepe Nemuhana!

Missiles Fire!

Neh Jumpe!

Shit! Ehemue hatano!? Said> the star chaser.

Star chaser you will pay for your insolence!

Oh my god a star chaser fights!  Sound the alarms evacuate everybody at the lobby and the students that are in the classroom make them stay there!  Activate the school security and call the students warriors you know the Gaktianamus acolytes!


“The Alarms Sounded”

“Meanwhile at the classroom”

The alarm has been activated what is going on?!>asked Karla

Students Stay Calm the security Soldiers Will Take Care Of everything!>said Mrs. Rodriguez.

“Then the classroom door was opened One of the soldiers was there”

Karla rivera Hernandez!

Julian Rodriguez Acevedo!

I need you both to come with me your help is needed!

Our help is needed? Finally the time has come to kiss some butt!

Karla! Control yourself!

Rodriguez, acevedo aren't you're last names!

So?! It is better than Gak Cepart.

Trying to evade the fame?

Kind of...

You know... I still can't get used to see you with Glasses.

I wonder if sika will find a way for my glasses to be gone when I transform into an acolyte.

“After the soldier Picked-Up Karla and Julian He went to Find Gabriel”

I hate English class! I wish I could use my fire spin and burn the classroom into ashes!

Gabriel Ortiz?

Why yes I’m!

Come with me your help is needed downstairs!

As Long as I don’t have to take this class anymore today then I’ll go with you!

“Meanwhile at the center of the school the battle was raising all of the soldiers were at the lobby armed and ready to fire at anytime The students instead of being scared they were curious and they were watching the battle Julian, Karla, Gabriel and Ana arrived downstairs and they were in their warrior uniforms and Julian approached one of the soldiers and asked:”

What’s going on here soldier?

A star chaser was following those guys and then the star chaser vehicle crashed into the school grounds and then she started to fire like crazy to the sky but that star chaser speaks in a language that I don’t understand.

Julian! What is a star chaser?

Karla you don’t know what a star chaser is?

No I don’t

Star chaser are like Bounty Hunters But different they have their bosses commanders they persecute dangerous criminals and they must catch them at all costs even if it means to Travel each and every dimension they speak a language called Hyteno which I’m fluent on it.

Ok that’s great!

Principal have they identified if the star chaser is friend or foe? Or who are the persons that she’s following?

We don’t know anything. Sorry Gabriel but we don’t know anything.

What about You Julian do you know who is any of the villains?

They Are Planetchosers they choose a planet and they start Vandalism and chaos into that planet just for fun, star chasers and Planetchosers are Great Enemies for the last 10 years.

10 years? That’s not much!

Karla there’s something I didn’t said Star chasers have been around only for 20yrs and 10 yrs ago Planetchosers appeared.

Ohh I get it now!

“The battle was heating up and of the blasts almost Hit One of the classrooms the star chaser had a trick of her own”

It’s temeo Nextanu Levaratu!

What the fuck did she said Julian?

She just said it’s time to take it up to the next level!

Acole! Transforatu!

“The Star Chaser started to glow Pink”

Wow! She looks super saiyan! You know like that cartoon that was very famous in the 21st century DBZ. That the characters started glowed Golden But this time is pink!

Karla! Don’t bring Old cartoons into the subject!

Julian what did she said?

If I told you... you won’t believe me I assure you.

Tho Temeo I’ll Pratu!


“She threw a rose to the vehicles of the Planetchosers their vehicles were going to crash into the ground they jumped from their vehicles and they took out some guns and started firing like crazy”

Stormaratu of Rasus!

“Millions of roses were coming out of the star chaser hands but the Planetchosers were able to shoot them all”

Ana That Attack reminds me of someone does it looks familiar to you?

Yes it does!

Give up star chaser! There’s nothing you can do to stop us you must be killed for interfering with us!

UL The unos Tha Nedu tu Ba Tah A lassu!

Acole! Special Effectu Activu!

Storme Rassu!

“Millions of roses fell out of the sky along with the rain the Planetchosers were killed instantly they were left in the ground Full of blood around their bodies”

Gama Conclude!

Powerus Deactivated!

Guys she’s even tougher than me and you always tough that I was the merciless one Julian!

Freeze Star chaser! Put your hands in the air where we can see them!>said The Soldiers to the Star chaser.

Please do not Harm her just tell her to remove her helmet I have a feeling that she maybe from our side!

Julian you sometimes are weird enough to scare me out!

Shut up Karla!

Yes Sir!

Now Star chaser Remove your helmet carefully and slowly!

“The star chaser removed her helmet revealing her true identity”

Hey you guys Chill out I’m not going to hurt any of you!

I knew it was you! When you said Acole! Transforatu!  It means acolyte Transforms!

But how?! I thought you were gone forever!

You thought wrong of me Ana!

Guys put your guns down she’s an acolyte her name is Leanna she’s the Princess Gak Acolyte who was missing for 2 years She Finally returned!

Ehhh!! But...How was she got lost? Asked> the soldier.

Let’s forget about that Guys and everybody just chill out and return to your proper stations!

So she’s the one that you told us about Julian she looks Hot!

Gabriel did you forget that he told us that she’s younger than us as well!

It’s good to be back!

“Leanna was finally back with the acolytes but this time she’s an star chaser this looks like a whole new beginning for the Gaktianamus acolytes”


Chapter 2: A Strange new beginning! ...


“It’s been Two weeks since Leanna’s return the acolytes are happy to have her back she once again sneaked into the school as a High School Student to Talk with the Others Acolytes”

There’s something I still don’t understand Leanna you told us that when that kid sent you to that portal you arrived at the star world and you tried to use your gate opener to communicate with sika and the others acolytes to tell them where you are and that the gate opener didn’t worked.

Yes...  and?

Well you also told us that you were recruited as a Star Chaser by a Commander Called Cyber Tran and that you became a Star chaser but one question you could have told the commander or The Star Police to take you home why didn’t you do it?

Well Karla that has an easy explanation! As you may know zerieus caused a lot of chaos and disturbance so all of the communications were down and All of The Portal Opening Codes were off so I was stranded so I decided to Join the star chasers and become one.

Ok I finally understand!

But tell me one thing Karla how did it felt to fuse with Julian?

Well... Let me tell you!

“Karla whispered into Leanna ear telling her what she felt about fusing with Julian”

Ohh that’s quite interesting!

Karla what did you told her?

I won’t tell you! Girl Stuff!

Ok!! Karla whatever you say!

“The bell rang”

we must go to our respective classrooms so I guess I’ll see ya later on Leanna you must return to your school Immediately before you get late to your 1st class!.

Ok I will! Teleport to the basilio Milan Hernandez Middle School!

Teleportation sequence iniatiated!

Goodbye friends!

See ya later!>said Gabriel.

“The acolytes went to their respective classrooms a few hours passed it was 11:12A.M”

Karla do you really think this Chemistry class is fun?

Yes Julian I Think so!

Well Gabriel is having more fun he’s at Electronics class and Ana is at Bakery class!

Oh Julian you are an Impossible one!

“All of the sudden the earth shacked”

Karla did you felt that Tremor?

Yes I did!

“All of the computers at the chemistry classroom turned off”

Hey teacher what’s wrong with the computers?

I don’t know mine as well got turned off!

“Meanwhile at the Library All of the computers were turned on automatically and the screen went Blue and a communication was about to enter”

Hey what’s going on! The computers are activated!>said the Librarian

“The computer screen went normal and all of the sudden Sika could been seen in every monitor of the library computers she was communicating from Nimbo”

Nimbo is in Trouble! Gaktianamus acolytes awaken!

“Sika raised her hand and she started to glow”

Whoa! I can feel it! My powers are back!  My gate opener is back! Teacher! Take a look at this we are back as Gaktianamus acolytes!

“In the library the communications were still on sika then said”

Now Three New acolytes will rise! The Angel Namus will come and choose the three new acolytes!

“The angel Namus came out of the computer and he was over the table and he raised his hand and three little blasts of light stroked three 12th Graders then he raised his Left hand and he gave them The Gate openers”

Whoa! What’s this?!

This all till now Farewell Mortals!

“Angel Namus disappeared and the computers were turned off again”

Ok guys this looks like one of those things that the Gaktianamus acolytes have that they use to teleport and communicate I think we just became Gaktianamus acolytes!

Old news Vanessa!

Well you don’t really sound Surprised of becoming a Gaktianamus acolyte!

Vanessa there’s nothing to be surprised so we became Gaktianamus acolytes Yay! For us the one I think who is still in shock is Jennifer!

I’m am not in shock I’m just surprised! Very surprised!

Guys now that we are back as Gaktianamus acolytes we must reunite and talk about this!

Right Julian! But the air conditioner in this classroom doesn’t let the communications get thorough!

I got an idea Karla!

Mrs. Enid Rodriguez can we go now because we have some planning to do! Serious planning!

Ok you can go but remember you must come later to finish today works

Ok we will!

“The acolytes went to the lobby where they met with Gabriel and Ana”

Guys! We’re back as Gaktianamus acolytes! What do you think of this?

Karla I hope you don’t get hyper because of this!

Oh Shut The Fuck Up Gabriel!

You two stop it! This is serious matters our powers have been awaken but everything looks fine and well so I really don’t see the point of the return of our powers and me as a Gak I know the importance and seriousness of this powers and abilities so whatever the reason of danger that she activated the powers must be important I guess.

My question is if Gian, Selinette and Lui Amatsu have their powers reawaken as well we must communicate with them and let them know the situation.

Julian! Karla!

What’s up Jason?

You won’t believe this! At the library the computers were reactivated automatically and this woman with golden armor appeared in all of the monitors saying something about Nimbo and the acolytes reawakening and an angel came out of one of the computers and gave to three seniors Gate Openers after that happened the angel disappeared and everything went back to normal!

Wait! Did you say 3 Gate openers to three people?

Yes that’s what I said Julian!

Guys let’s communicate with Gian, Leanna, Selinette and Lui amatsu about what happened.

I’ll do it Julian!

Ok Karla! Just try to say it decently

Yes I will do it in a decent way!

Gate opener! Communicate! With the nuclear acolyte, Princess Gak acolyte, Ice acolyte!

Communications enabled!


End and out!

Communications ended

I said decently!

Well that was decent!

“The other acolytes arrived at the school”

We’re here! It’s been awhile since the 7 of us have been together like this!

Yeah it’s cool!>said Lui amatsu.

Well actually 8 now that I arrived!

Good point!>said Gabriel.

Now guys I’ll global teleport you all to the library! Jason! Come closer so you can teleport with us and tell us the students who were chosen.

But Julian what if the students aren’t at the library anymore?

Doesn’t matter I want to check if they are still there. So Teleport to The library!

Teleportation sequence initiated!

“The acolyte’s teleported to the library with Jason to check on the new chosen acolytes it’s a strange new beginning for the acolytes”

Teleportation sequence completed!

Ok Jason we’re here! Where are the three students?

Over there in that table!

Hi! As you may know I’m Julian Gak acevedo the Gak Gaktianamus acolyte I have been told that you three became Gaktianamus acolytes 15mins ago.

Yes we became Gaktianamus acolytes but we have no idea of how to transform into acolytes!

My name is Vanessa the psychic Gaktianamus acolyte!

My name is Luis the Dragon Gaktianamus acolyte!

My name is Jennifer the Ground Gaktianamus acolyte!

Psychic, Dragon and ground! Nice team of new acolytes I have! Welcome to the group!  Acolytes! Introduce yourselves to the newbie’s!

I’m Ana the electric Gaktianamus acolyte!

I’m Leanna the princess Gak Gaktianamus acolyte!

I’m Gabriel the fire Gaktianamus acolyte!

I’m Karla! The Water Gaktianamus acolyte!

I’m Lui amatsu the solar Gaktianamus acolyte!

I’m Selinette the Ice Gaktianamus acolyte!

Ok that’s great! But how do we transform?>asked Vanessa

That’s easy! Come with us outside transforming inside of this library could really shake up things in this library!

“Julian told them to step outside of the library so he could teach them how to transform into acolytes”

Transforming is easy and once you are transforming your life will change forever!

Leanna is right about that once you say the words acolyte transforms! You’re life’s would never ever be the same again!


I think so!

I’m ready since the beginning!

Let’s do it!

All right! Just say the name of your power and the words acolyte transforms!

Ready?! Let’s do it!

Gak acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Princess Gak acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Electric acolyte transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Water acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Fire acolyte transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Solar acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Ice acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Dragon acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Psychic acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Ground acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

“All at the same time”

Gaktianamus acolytes!

This is so cool!

Of course it is Vanessa it’s fascinating having such an interesting Transformation!

But I feel weird I fell if I had something running inside my body and I feel supercharged and super strong!

Don’t worry Jennifer that’s normal in the first Transformation.

My glasses are gone!

Then the transformation helped you get rid of them while you are in this form.

Our first order of business it’s to Teleport to Nimbo and to ask sika what’s going on!

Nimbo?>asked Luis

Yes Nimbo is the dimension where our powers come from And Sika is our leader the one that chose us to become Gaktianamus acolytes the one that you saw In Those Computers.

Leanna Enough Talking and let’s teleport!

Global Teleport to Nimbo!

Teleportation sequence initiated

Teleportation sequence failed

What the fuck?

Watch your words Karla!

Don’t start preaching me Jennifer!

Enough from the both of you! We got to try to teleport again!

Global Teleport to Nimbo!

Teleportation sequence initiated!

Teleportation sequence Ended!

What?! Not again! Must be Your Gate Opener! Try it Karla! Teleport yourself to Nimbo

I’ll do it! Teleport to Nimbo!

Teleportation Sequence Initiated!

Teleportation sequence Failed!

Any of you newbie’s try it!>said Karla

How?>asked Jennifer

Push The Red Button with a T on it and say Teleport to Nimbo!


Teleport to Nimbo!

Teleportation sequence Initiated!

Teleportation sequence Failed!

Doesn’t work either! Maybe The Teleportation codes are off in the school.

Today the teleportation codes were going to be on to run some teleportation tests so I don’t think that’s the problem in this case is there a way to communicate with our leader?

Yes there is Vanessa! I’ll communicate with her!

Communications! Communicate me with Sika! Gak acolyte Gate opener! Trying to establish a connection with Nimbo Communications in process...

Process Cancelled!

What the fuck is going on?

Karla control yourself please

Don’t start again Vanessa!

Enough already the both of you! We already have enough problems with not being able to teleport or communicate to Nimbo don’t you think is enough already?


But Nothing Karla! Now if you are so kind can you try to open a portal to Nimbo?

I’ll try! Portal Open!

Process Failed!

For some reason we cannot teleport as well anyone got any ideas on how to solve this?

Not even I as a Gak have a solution for this we must wait for an answer from Nimbo sika will answer us soon

Yeah Right…

I heard that Karla

 What’s wrong with that?!

Shut the fuck up already!

Wow the newbie wants a piece of me?

Do not make me forget that you are a girl

Luis and Karla stop it!

Something I don’t understand Julian why all of the events that you have told us that happened before the saga of heroes Eternal don’t appear in the history books. I mean they were big events.

Ohh I forgot to explain all of you that

Then start explaining me

What events?>asked Jennifer

And I forgot as well that we have three new Acolytes and that they need some Training on the current events

“The three at the same time”

Yes we do!

Ok! Let me start! In the saga of heroes Millennium II Final Episode  Gaber’s Gak was the archangel king  he used his powers combining it with the powers of the acolytes of the past and destroyed the Minions of hell that were trying to destroy earth

Gaber’s Gak Grandson who was the Gak acolyte at that time used the power of friendship and the universal Cadet Melissa Rodriguez acevedo used her Universal Blast as well! The minions of hell were destroyed as well but after all of that everybody was left unconscious except His Grandson and Himself. He was shocked kind of Traumatized about everything that happened he wanted to forget about everything he realized that all of his life he spent it fighting.  Then Mrs. Medina Gaber’s Gak old English teacher who was an acolyte as well told him of an Option.

What option?>asked Ana

The option of erasing history and being reborn once again

Be Reborn… those were the words that he said at the end of the saga of heroes V and in the end of millennium II

Yes he did Karla he used his powers to restart everything he was reborn everybody was reborn with no memories about everything that happened  No one in the world forgot about the events that had happened it was a new beginning.

Finally I understand that’s great…

Anyway we must be on our guard as I told you before I don’t think peace will last very long plus when sika said:

Nimbo is in Trouble! 

“2 weeks later”

“Julian, Ana and Luis were on a school trip to The Tapia Theater in sanjuan everything was still calm but they were prepared for anything”

Wow this Theater is beautiful it’s been in here for like more than 2,000 years and it’s still on his complete glory

Is this your first time here Julian?

Yes it is Luis

Well this is my first time as well I just hope the play won’t be boring I need some good entrainment!

Oh please Ana I think the biggest entertainment of you is the battles we had as Gaktianamus acolytes

No I don’t think so Julian.

Students listen up! The rules of this theater are simple just listen up!

  1. All Teleportation,Portal,Comunications codes are off  the only time that the codes will be on will be during the interception and then only the teachers in charge will be able to use the systems.
  2. Be silent during the play.
  3. No food or drinks are allowed inside the theater! 

That is all! Now keep seated and wait for the play to start!

I think bringing our gate openers was futile I mean all codes are off so we cannot communicate or anything so we need a plan just in case something happens.

           You worry to much Luis nothing bad is going to happen inside this theater well I hope that’s the way it works out


            Attention! The play is about to start please be seated and quiet.

             Ok! That’s great the play is about to start.

             “The play started the actors started”

                 Chaguito! Chaguito!


“All of the sudden some Puppets that looked like Pinocchio appeared out of nowhere and started to shoot laser beams at everybody around”

  Ahhh!! We’re going to die!

Classmates calm down well solve these problem right now ready guys?!


Electric acolyte transforms! Gaktianamus Acolyte!

Gak Acolyte Transforms!     Gaktianamus Acolyte!

Dragon acolyte Transforms!  Gaktianamus acolyte!

But guys we can’t battle them in here we may damage the theater or the students I mean the theater goes into lockdown when Chaos start inside the theater.

I wish I could communicate with Gian maybe he’ll be able to hack the codes and turned them on!

I think we may be able to do it Julian let me show you a little trick I just learned in the meantime entertain the puppets!

I’m the perfect person at calling attention!

And now you know it Ana

Shut the fuck up!

Puppets over here! I’m here! I dare all of you to come and get me!

It’s time to call for backup!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Dragon Call!

“A huge Dragon came out of Luis hands the dragon penetrated the roof without crushing it the dragon was on top of the theater and launched a huge roar”


Did you heard that Gabriel?

Yes I did!

Teacher we must go now!

Wait! Wait! You’re not going anywhere!>said Mrs. Soto

Sorry teacher but the time comes calling

Fast teleportation!

“Gabriel and Vanessa Fast teleported out of the classroom”

Insolent children! Just wait until they get back.

“In the meantime at Mrs. Rodriguez classroom Karla heard the roar as well”

Teacher our friends need help I must go now!

Fast teleport!

Here we go again that girl doesn’t learn that there are other methods to travel besides Fast teleporting!

“Jennifer was in the library and she heard the roar as well”

I guess it’s time! Fast teleportation!

“The acolytes were on their way to the Tapia Theater while in the basilio Milan Hernandez middle school the roar was heard as well Leanna and Gian were in the English class”

What the hell was that?

Gian that was the Dragon Roar the acolytes must need help!

   But they are on a school trip to the Tapia Theater all of the codes are off so it’s going to be a little hard to help them out

How do you suggest we could help?

By hacking the mainframe of the theater!

Well teacher we must go now my friend here needs to hack the tapia theater mainframe so our friends can teleport and communicate with us and by doing that we can save all of your asses once again! So see ya!

Fast teleportation!

“Gian and Leanna fast teleported out of the classroom”

That new girl is so…..

“Meanwhile Gian arrived to his house along with Leanna to use the computer to hack the theater mainframe”

Were here! Now all I need to do is to find the location code of the tapia theater mainframe and the rest is going to be easy.

And how are we going to do that?

That’s easy as well I got a book that has all of the location codes from every building in this country.

And how the hell did you get that book?

That was very easy! I stole it from O.H.R.A.R industries!

But! But! How?

I’ll explain later! Now see that big red book over there? Look there for the Tapia Theater and give the location code.

Let’s see... Tapia Theater Tapia Theater   found it!


Ok! Let me run the program first! Computer Run Hack/Code program!

“Gian’s computer is one of the expensive ones is voice commanded and manually as well”

Your parents must have a lot of money! I mean your computer is one of the most advanced and expensive ones!

Yeah my dad works at O.H.R.A.R industries so he gave me one

Oh cool!

Now! Hack/code program link to the network of Tapia Theater!

Input location code

Actually I will do it my voice!  Location code 55.23

Link successful! Access to the Tapia Theater successful

Awaiting commands

All access! Codes on!

“Back at the theater things were heating up the students were panicking and the acolytes were doing their best to hold off the puppets”

We need to teleport out so we can destroy those puppets!

I know that Ana but we can’t all of the codes are off!

“All of the sudden”

Codes on!

Codes on?

Never mind that Luis I’m teleporting all of the puppets and us out!

Global teleportation! Teleport everybody out except the students, actors and staff of the theater!

Teleportation sequence initiated!

“The acolytes and the puppets were teleported outside of the Tapia Theater now the students were safe”

We’re outside! Now it’s time to end this!

Hey you guys!

So you’re finally here!

But where’s Lui amatsu and Selinette?

I guess they didn’t heard the roar

Let me finish these puppets!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Finishing move!

Mental pressure!

Ahhh!!! The pain!!!...

“The puppets were screaming like hell if like their minds were being squeezed they had a horrible agony until their heads blew up”

That was horrible and gross!>said Ana

That was so cool!>said Karla

Impressive powers Vanessa I admire your great abilities

Thanks Julian!

But how did they get in the theater? And who are they?

Jennifer to tell ya the truth I really don’t know.

“Then later on angel Namus came and erased everybody memories except the acolytes and the play continued and when it ended the acolytes went to get some lunch”

It’s been awhile since I have been in this part of sanjuan I really enjoyed this trip except for the part when he had to transform to crush all those puppets.>said Ana

“They arrived at a fast food restaurant called “Wendy’s when Julian ordered his lunch he realized that his friends were gone”

And now where the hell are my friends?? Oh well I Guess I have to eat all alone.

“Julian sat down in one of the tables”

I wonder where my friends went to...

Hey kid! Come here sit with us!


“A girl called Julian over to her table”

We called here since you were all alone there don’t you have any friends?

I do I just don’t know where they are.

What’s your name?

My Name Is Julian Gak.

Julian Gak? You are the gak acolyte right?


Well nice too meet ya! I’m Louise! She is Maria de Los Angeles!  She’s Michelle and he is Roberto!

Nice too meet you all!

I don’t think he got them all.>said Maria de Los Angeles.

From where are you?>asked Louise

I’m from metropolis toabaja from the Pedro albizu Campos’s high school.

In which grade are you?>asked Michelle

I’m in 12th grade. I'm on the group known as 12-6

12-6?>asked Louise.

In public schools 12th grades are divided by numbers like that.>said Roberto

You guys are in a private school?

Yes is in Rio piedras but our school looks a lot like a public school.

I imagine private schools must be really hard…

“1 week passed everything was calm but there still wasn’t any communication from Nimbo or sika everything was still the same”

It’s been now 5 weeks and we still don’t have any idea of what’s happening in Nimbo this is frustrating!

I know how you feel Karla I feel useless because not even me that has an extensive knowledge in everything Gaktianamus I can’t do anything to establish a communication.

But Julian... nobody is perfect not even the gaks

Yeah you’re right Vanessa!

“The alarms were sounded the students were scared”

Why are the alarms sounding? What’s happening?

Star chaser! Locate the disturbance!

From where is coming from?>asked Ana

It’s coming from the main yard! Let’s fast teleport!

“The acolytes fast teleported to the main yard they were already transformed when they arrived”

It’s those things again!

“The puppets turned their backs and they were aiming towards a student.”

Oh my god they are going to kill that student we got to stop them!

I’ll do it!

Thunder storm!

“The puppet was blew up in pieces”

And now 20 more had arrive acolytes let’s be ready this might turn very ugly!

This battle is going to be one of my greatest since I fought zerieus using the Gak sword!

“All of the sudden a flash of light appeared from that flash of light came out a girl”

As always the Gaktianamus cannot finish their jobs! Do I have to do everything myself?

Who the hell are you?>asked Karla

“The girl raised a diamond to the sky”

Warrior of Light Liana!


“A bright light was covering her whole body”

Did she just say warrior of light?

“The transformation sequence ended the light disappeared”

Light religion Warrior!

But I thought that the only light religion follower left was sheniah!

So sheniah is still around? It’s a miracle he’s not here fighting with you guys he always have helped the Gaktianamus clean their messes.

Stupid light follower!

I heard that water Gaktianamus acolyte!

I’m not afraid of you!

Are you really that stupid Gaktianamus acolyte!?

Karla! Chill out!

Yes Julian!

Now Gaktianamus let me show you all how the light religion handles these situations!

First! Light deactivator!

“The acolytes were demorphed”

Hey she destransformed our powers!

Hey I’m the only hacker around here!

That way I can stop you all from interfering in this battle! Now second step I’ll destroy each and every one of this puppets without hitting a wall, a tree or a student! Light shots!

“She was shooting like crazy every hit was right on the enemy”

Wow she really knows how to shoot!

Yeah she has good aim!

I got to admit she’s good!

She’s good at hitting without missing! Not even Gaber’s Gak could do it so perfectly!

Gaber’s Gak wasn’t good at aiming?

Gaber’s Gak was like Karla except he wasn’t arrogant he was nice but he used a lot of firepower in the wrong places which it caused a lot of destruction he was hyper.

Hey stop comparing people using me!

You make Great Examples!

Shut the fuck up Julian!

Stupid Gaktianamus children go now to the town of Moca there’s a big Chaos in there and if you don’t go there to stop it soon things aren’t going to be pretty. Fucking go now I can handle all of this Pinocchio’s all of by me!

Right! Fast teleportation!

“The acolyte’s Fast teleported to Moca town”

We’re here!

“Lui amatsu was fighting one of the war tanks that was attacking the city but she fell to the floor and the tank was about to shoot her and that’s when Julian saw her and came to her rescue”

Star chaser! Ray beam!

“The Tank was destroyed”

Lui amatsu!

Hey Julian is so nice to see you again after all of these years!

Can you stand up?>asked Ana

Yes I can!

You got to transform now!

I can’t!

What do you mean you can’t?>asked Gabriel.

If you don’t want to transform then I will! Gak acolyte Transforms!

“Nothing happened”

What’s going on?

Fire acolyte Transforms!

What’s happening?

See guys I told you that I couldn’t transform!

Lui amatsu have you seen Selinette?

Yes Julian I saw her I was with her but we decided to split up in different parts of the town but in this part I found the most difficult forces!

Hey guys it’s been awhile!

Selinette is good to see you again!

Where’s Gian?

Oh! I almost forgot!

Gate opener communications mode!

Communicate with the gate openers of the princess Gak acolyte and the nuclear acolyte!

Gak acolyte Gate opener! Trying to establish a connection with both nuclear and princess Gak acolyte gate openers

Communications in process!

Successful! Now you can communicate with both gate openers!

Leanna, Gian come to Moca city immediately!

“Leanna and Gian arrived”

What the hell is going on here?

Try to Transform and find out!

Princess Gak acolyte Transforms!

Nuclear acolyte transforms!

“Nothing happened”

What the fuck???>asked Gian

What’s happening in here?

Eh Julian who is she?

Lui amatsu and Selinette allow me to present you Leanna the princess Gak acolyte she’s the one that was missing for all of this time

Nice to meet you Leanna

Nice to meet you!

“Then 4 tanks arrived and started to shoot”

More trouble!>said Selinette

I had it with sika and her mysteries! Julian! Give your gate opener!


Just do it!


I just need to hack a few codes so we can open a random portal and that portal will teleport us to Nimbo directly!

I have no idea of what you just said but whatever it is sika and the guardians won’t like it!

Like I give a shit of what she says! Done!   Now try to open the portal the link is very weak so we got to do this quickly!

Portal open!

Come on acolytes let’s hurry!

“The acolytes start to run towards the portal they finally found a way to get to Nimbo but will it work?


Chapter 3: The Battles Begin! ...


“The Gaktianamus acolytes entered the portal which it activated the gate openers teleportation sequence to teleport to Nimbo”  “they arrived with a bang!”

Teleportation sequence completed!

Hey but not here in the air!>shouted Ana

“The Acolytes fell in the floor”

Ouch! That hurts!

I want to know what the hell all of you are doing here?!

Actually sika we want to know what’s going on!

So... is this Nimbo?  It looks cool but I’m really freaked out.

There’s nothing to be freak out Jennifer

Luis how can you take this things so calmly?

I’m used to surprises Vanessa!

Sika you haven’t introduce yourself to the newbie’s they are really confused well excluding Luis who is very calmly for being his first visit in Nimbo.

Do not tell me what to do Julian Gak! And you still haven’t answered me my question!

Why are all of you here?  And how?’

It was Gian idea to hack into Julian gate opener and force teleportation using a Random portal so if you going to blame somebody Blame Julian Gak!

Karla you are such a ….

I’m such a... what Julian!?


“A thunder streaked one of the columns of the hall”

I will deal with this later on! Now that all of you forced you’re way here I need to tell you all what’s happening here at Nimbo!

What can be happening in here?  According to what I read so far Nimbo is impenetrable by any force outside of Nimbo or the Gak family.

Well you’re kind of right...  but if you remember Nimbo defenses have been down ever since eternal I.  I don’t know how  an evil scientist called Professor psycho and his hired lieutenant darkness have come to Nimbo and with their army created a barricade to the lair of professor psycho to get to the professor we got to pass through that army.

But why didn’t you stop them? I mean you’re more powerful than all of us combined

I’m not allowed to intervene in any battle unless the Nimbo forces are completly surrounded or in case that the Gaktianamus acolytes die in the battle

Is Gaber’s Gak helping?>asked Julian

He’s helping but there are too many forces for him and the Nimbo army to fight alone

For how long have this been happening?

For a month they are very powerful forces...

Why didn’t you let us enter Nimbo before?>asked Luis

I can’t release that information yet. Anyways now that the 10 of you are here you can help in this battle is in the area of the archangel king castle he darkened the skies and area so things might look different. You will be transformed immediately when you arrive to the battlefield.

That’s not a problem for us!! Let’s teleport!

“The acolytes fast teleported to the battlefield”

Wow so many ships, soldiers and guns!!! >said Karla

So the Gaktianamus acolytes are here this is so great let’s see how powerful they are!

From where is that voice coming?

He must be communicating from his lair we must pass through this barricade!

So! Let’s do it! 

Fast Bumping Teleportation!

“They started to destroy the ships using the new fast teleportation but they were stopped by lieutenant darkness”

 Who are you?!

Allow me to introduce myself water acolyte! I’m Lieutenant Darkness!

He’s the one that sika told us about!

To go to my master you will have to get thorough me and the army barricades but first you’re going to have to face me Gaktianamus acolytes!

As you wish! Crystals of ice!

Black fire!

Water pump!

“Karla’s water pump extinguished lieutanent darkness black fire”

You’re good Gaktianamus acolytes! But not good enough!

Eternal black fire!

Eternal Fire!

Let’s see who’s fire is stronger mine or yours? Fire Gaktianamus acolyte!

That’s easy mine of course! I’m at Nimbo our celestial powers are twice as strong!

We will see about that Gaktianamus acolytes! Full Power!


We must ascend to ultra now so we can stop him!>said Julian

But what about Leanna, Luis, Vanessa, Jennifer they don’t have ultra crystals!

“A light appeared a gave the ultra crystals to Leanna, Luis, Vanessa, Jennifer”

Leanna you have the rose Ultra crystal

Luis you have the rock ultra crystal

Vanessa you have the butterfly ultra crystal

Jennifer you have the sun ultra crystal

Now the rest of you need to summon your ultra crystals!

Right! Ultra Crystal’s powers activate!

Gak power!

Star Ultra crystal power!

Fire power!

Dragon Ultra crystal power!

Water power!

Dolphin ultra crystal power!

Electric power!

Triangle ultra crystal power!

Solar Acolyte!

Lighting Ultra Crystal!

Nuclear Acolyte!

Atom ultra crystal!

Ice Acolyte!

Cross Ultra Crystal!

Psychic acolyte!

Butterfly ultra crystal!

Dragon acolyte!

Rock Ultra Crystal!

Ground acolyte!

Sun Ultra Crystal!

Princess Gak Acolyte!

Rose Ultra Crystal!

“All at the same time”

Ultra Gaktianamus acolytes!

Now we have enough fire power to crush all of your army!

Hahaha! You foolish Gaktianamus children you still have no idea of my powers and how foolish is your trying to stop me!

“Lieutenant Darkness looked confident if like he had a plan to stop the super powered Gaktianamus acolytes will the acolytes be able to stop lieutenant Darkness?”


Chapter 4: “their humiliating defeat! A new hope for the acolytes”...


“The acolytes ascended to Ultra Ultimate level but lieutenant darkness didn’t looked scared he was glad of the transformation of the Gaktianamus acolytes”

Let’s see what you got Gaktianamus acolytes!

Solar Blast!

Storm of roses!

AHH!!!   That was powerful! But still not good enough! Darkness storm!

Cross Ultra crystal! Effect activates!

Hey we’re ok!

Yes Gian my ultra crystal protects us from any darkness blasts!

Acolyte Special effect activates!

Finishing move!

Rain of roses!

““Millions of roses fell out of the sky but it wasn’t doing any harm to lieutenant darkness”

That was your best shot? Princess Gak acolyte!

Julian we must fuse now! Leanna couldn’t defeat him using her finishing move!!

Ok! Ready?

Ready when you are!

“Julian and Karla and the same time”

Acolyte special Effect activates!

Acolyte fusion Activates!

“They both started glowing”

United we stand! Divided we fall! As one we can work for a better future!

Water Acolyte Transforms!

Gak Acolyte Transforms!

Unite our powers and bodies let us become one!

“A Big explosion erupted”

What are you trying to do now?

Julian and Karla are gone!

Now we are one!

Karla and Julian Fused to create…

Kariel!  The Gaktianamus Ultra Fused Acolyte!

How cool! A fusion!>said Leanna

You got to be kidding did they really fused?>asked Vanessa

It looks very real for me!>said Luis

Julian and Karla became one! Fascinating!>said Jennifer

Princess Gak acolyte! Solar acolyte! You can fuse as well your powers are compatible!

Us fuse? You got to be kidding!

I’m not kidding! I need all of the backup I can get

But how do we fuse?

That’s easy princess acolyte! Just repeat the same words that Karla and Julian used to create me the difference is the name of your powers.

Ok! Let’s do it!

“Leanna and Lui amatsu at the same time”

Acolyte special Effect activates!

Acolyte fusion Activates!

“They both started glowing”

United we stand! Divided we fall! As one we can work for a better future!

Solar acolyte! Transforms!

Princess Gak acolyte Transforms!

Unite our powers and bodies let us become one!

“a big explosion erupted”

 Now we are one!

 Lui amatsu and Leanna fused together to create!


  I’ll fight him first Leatsu stay back just in case!

And who told you that I would stay back! While you fight the loyal servant of the psycho behind all of this I will pass through the barricade keeping us from professor psycho!

As you wish Leatsu!

“Leatsu flied away at high speed”

Wow two sets of fusion that’s interesting!

Luis I’m still wondering why aren’t you freak out

Acolytes! Go and help Leatsu pass the barricade!

Isn’t him stronger than all of us?>asked Selinette

Just... fucking follow!

“All at the same time”

Yes Julian!

“The acolytes flied at high speed as well”

Do you really think the acolytes and that fused freak will be able to pass through the barricade?

Yes I do!

I will teach you a lesson fused acolyte! Darkness blast!

Meteor Blast!

“Both attacks had an explosive collision”


Celestial Bow and arrow come to me!

So the fused acolyte thinks that can defeat me with a few arrows of light let’s see you trying!

Arrow one! Fire!

Shield of Darkness!

Arrow two! Fire!

Foolish acolyte you cannot penetrate my shield!

I couldn’t! But I got an idea! 

Heart Crystal effect activates! Unlimited Energy!

Arrow three! Fire!

“the shield broke in half and the arrow stroked Lieutenant Darkness”

Ahhh!!! You’re more powerful than I expected!

Just give up before I kill you!

You still have no idea of what I can do! I can mimic that last effect the ultra crystal did on you!


Watch me! Copy Effect! 

“Lieutenant Darkness got powered up”

Just because you have the same power up as I do doesn’t mean that you’re going to defeat me!

There are three steps to defeat a fused acolyte!

Yeah right! Try it and regret it!

First! Darkness barrier!

“A Dark barrier trapped Kariel and the lieutenant”

I’ll crush your barrier! Lights Shine!

“Nothing happened”

What the hell is happening to me!?

The barrier disables your powers!

And now the second step! Deactivate his fusion!

I’m not going to let you deactivate it! Fast teleport!

“Nothing happened”

Not even the fast teleportation?

Every power that you have is disabled!

Oh no I’m doomed!

Dark shot!


“The fusion deactivated”

Our fusion deactivated!!

And Third! Destroy his power up tool!

Dark hand!

“His hand Became dark and it stretched it grabbed Julian by his Ultra Crystal by Breaking it”

Ahh!!!! No! My Ultra Crystal!

“Julian Ultra level Deactivated”

My powers! He broke my Ultra Crystal!

Julian my ultra powers are disappearing as well!

Just as I planned! If I destroyed the star Crystal the rest of the Ultra Crystals will become useless now all of you are at my mercy!

“Meanwhile a few miles ahead of Julian and Karla Leatsu was crushing every ship and gun in his way the acolytes were right behind him”

Ice Crystals!

Ice acolyte what are you doing here?

We came to help you as well!

I don’t need you’re help!

“They all started to glow”

What’s going on?

Our ultra levels are deactivating!

“The fusion deactivated”

What’s happening to me?

We must turn back and help Julian and the others!

“All at the same time”


Now! Water and Gak acolyte say goodbye!

I can’t believe I have to die like this! I’m not even a Gak!

Shut up Karla!

“All of the sudden”

Pink energy!

“The barrier shattered”


Julian, Karla are you all right?>asked Gian

We’re all right but Julian star Ultra Crystal was broken!

And without my crystal other acolytes aren’t able to fuse or to ascend to ultra the rest of the crystals are powerless right now.

Now I have the 10 of you where I wanted! I will destroy you all with one shot!

“All of the sudden”

Crushing light!

Ahhh!!!!! Such power! I never felt anything like this!

Sheniah! You’re back!

Yes Ana I’m back!

Gaktianamus acolytes!

 What are you doing here?>asked Gabriel

Sika it’s been so long since the last time our paths crossed!


Do you know lieutenant Darkness sika?

Yes I do! He’s my brother!

What the fuck?>asked Gian

It’s hard to believe but she is my sister

Wow! The black sheep of the family

You sometimes can be very annoying light warrior

Thanks for the compliment!

Acolytes! There’s still hope! You must Travel to Maingak, Bayamon and find the masks of Genealis

What are the Masks of Genealis?

Genealis was a very powerful Gak Gaktianamus acolyte and sorcerer! He feared that there was going to be a day, where the Gak powers and the Ultra crystals will be useless so he and my grandmother combined our powers and created 19 Masks and they hid them in two separate treasure chests and they were send to the future. He located the first 10 in Maingak and his forces are attacking Maingak in an effort to find it. You must Travel to Maingak and reclaim the masks before the world is doomed!

Are you going to fight your brother?

No I can’t intervene in the battle yet

But I can! Don’t worry Gaktianamus I will take care of this just teleport to end and find the masks!

More powers! Yay!>said Karla

Initiate Global teleportation sequence!

To Maingak!

Teleportation sequence initiated!

“The acolyte’s teleported to Maingak their journey to find the masks is going to be a difficult one and full of trouble”


Chapter 5: Journey to Maingak! Trouble ahead!


“The acolytes arrived at Bayamon just miles away from the Flying city Maingak”

Wait! This isn’t Maingak

Oh I forgot that all of the teleportation and portal codes are off in Maingak because of security risks it already was destroyed once they can’t risk it

Julian what exactly happened to Maingak?>asked Ana

I’ll tell you all later! Now let’s call our vehicles!

No need for that! Look over there!

“In the parking lot of the building across the street all of their vehicles were parked in standby waiting for the acolytes to arrive”

Luis your vehicle is the dragon motorcycle

Jennifer the Necha helicopter is yours

Vanessa the mega bus is your vehicle

Leanna I hope you know what’s your vehicle

Yes I know Julian the same one I used when I arrived here for the first time but the planetchosers did some damage to it luckily sika repaired it

Acolytes aboard your vehicles and switch them to flying mode we’re going to need to need them to be able to get to Maingak.

Way ahead of you Julian!>said Gian.

“They blasted off towards Maingak the closer they got the better look they had of the events on the city”

Things look really harsh in there!

Don’t worry Vanessa we just need to find the masks and then we will take care of them!

Guys welcome to Maingak!

Sir! The Gaktianamus are here in the city

Send all of the forces to strike them! Remember we must find the masks first than they

“All of the enemy ships started to fire”

Fire Dragon! Missile of fire!

“5 ships blew up”

Nice shot Luis!

Thanks Julian!

Open fire again! Destroy the Gaktianamus Acolytes!

“They opened fire again it hit them all this time”

That was a strong shot! We must do something!

Calm down Gian! I got an idea! Everyone who’s able to use their vehicles on the ground use them on the ground now! Everybody who’s able to fly stay flying!   Use your gate openers in radar mode and track the masks! Karla you stay here were fusing

Fusing?  But I thought since the star crystal was destroyed fusions were disabled

Leanna! The only one who can’t fuse is you with another acolyte but you can fuse with me but this time we’re creating Kariel so everybody go and find the masks don’t worry will be fine!

Well as you wish!

“All at the same time”

Gate openers! Radar Mode!

Beep! Beep!

The signal is strong northwest let’s go!>said Leanna

I guess it’s time for us to fuse!

“Julian and Karla and the same time”

Acolyte special Effect activates!

Acolyte fusion Activates!

“They both started glowing”

United we stand! Divided we fall! As one we can work for a better future!

Water Acolyte Transforms!

Gak Acolyte Transforms!

Unite our powers and bodies let us become one!

“They jumped out of their vehicles”

   “A Big explosion erupted”

Now we are one!

Karla and Julian Fused to create…

Kariel!  The Gaktianamus Fused Acolyte!

And our vehicles have fused to create Gredieus the Mega spaceship!

Teleport to vehicle now!

“Kariel teleported to his vehicle”

Gredieus space ship powers online!

It’s time to attack with the mother ship!

“The battle went on for hours the Gredieus space ship fighting off the enemy army and their mother ship it was a tough battle but meanwhile at Nimbo things weren’t looking so good”

not even Gaber’s Gak is has been able to stop them…  come on Gaktianamus acolytes hurry up and find those masks before it’s too late for everybody….

Mother let me help!

But your powers aren’t so advanced yet how do you think you can help?

Something tells me that they have some spell cast and that’s why Gaber’s Gak isn’t able to fight his hardest! Mother I need the Millennium Gak Medallion!

Are you nuts?  I know it was repaired but we don’t know if it going to work we haven’t tested it yet

It’s a risk that I must take mother!

Well as you wish siran!

“from the sky the millennium Gak medallion fell into siran hands”

What is this necklace mother?

Is part of the tools needed for transformation you need to say Gak power! Metal millennium! Transfer the power!


Gak power! Metal millennium! Transfer the power!

“Transformation began”

It’s working!>said Sika

“Transformation sequenced ended”

Gaktianamus acolyte!

It’s been so many centuries since I have seen someone  wearing the metal millennium uniforms

I feel weird and heavy...

You’ll get used to it very soon

Now! Teleport to action!

Good luck my son...

“while siran teleported to the battlefield, Back at Maingak Kariel was still fighting the enemy”

Acolytes! I need your help! Attach your vehicles and let’s get ready to use the Gaktianamus gun we really need the Gaktianamus gun!

But... we’re looking for the Masks!>said Leanna

We need to find them!>said Ana

I think we’re nearby!-Said Gabriel

Shut up! And attack your vehicles!

Ok... as you wish!>said Jennifer

“all at the same time”

Attach now!

“The vehicles attached and they teleported inside the Gredieus ship”

Wow this ship is cool! It reminds me of the spaceship that my boss has

don’t tell me that star chasers have spaceships as well

Gabriel...  Star chasers are very resourceful

Now everybody prepare were using the Gaktianamus gun!

What is the Gaktianamus gun?>asked Luis

Is a powerful laser cannon that has enough power to blow up a city>said Gabriel

Ohh that’s interesting

Gaktianamus children give up now or die!

Well see who’s dying!

“all at the same time”

Gaktianamus gun fire!

“it destroyed all of the ships around it left a curtain of smoke around the sky then everything cleared out”

we destroyed their army!>said Gabriel

Kariel look the mother ship is still online!>said Selinette

Mega Gun fire!

“they hit the Gredieus ship the blast was so powerful that it detached the vehicles and the acolytes were expulse from the ship”


“their vehicles crashed and the acolytes fell into the ground”


Ouch that hurt even more than the day I arrived at school with those planetchosers chasing me!

The vehicles look fine after all. said Lui Amatsu

“The vehicles started to explode”

Nooooo!!!!!!! Vehicles!>said Vanessa

Kariel is still standing!

His vehicle is stronger than us

Warning! Warning! System overload! Continue using of the ship could ultimately lead to the destruction of the ship and your destruction

Then I’m taking That Risk!

Stop it Kariel! If you die our friends Julian and Karla are dead as well!

Shut it Princess Acolyte I know what I’m doing!

Gaktianamus children you have no idea of what are you doing!

Shut the fuck up! Activating Gak Phoenix!

“the ship turned into a bird of fire and it streaked the enemy mother ship at high speed”

I won again! Warning system overloaded! All systems down!

“The Gredieus crashed into a building destroying for complete Kariel was inside the ship”

NOOOOO!!!!!   KARIEL!>said Leanna

I can’t believe it we lost our vehicles and our friends!>said Ana

“The vehicles were destroyed and Kariel vehicle was destroyed as well but did Kariel survived? Or did he die in the explosion?”


Chapter 6: Learning to fly! The masks of Genealis are finally found!


“the acolytes were shocked when they saw the Gredieus crashed and burned they were afraid that Kariel might be dead”

Guys do you think Kariel survived the explosion?

To be sincere to you Gian  I don’t think they are alive

That shows how positive you are Leanna

Enough children!

“Gian and Leanna at the same time”

Yes Gabriel!

“a Rumbling was heard in the ruins of the ship”

what was that?>asked Selinette

Psychic sensing!

Guys! Kariel is alive

Then that means you were Leanna!

Well I’m not psychic

Enough the both of you!>shouted Ana


Yes sir...

“Kariel came out of the fire”

Kariel you are alive!!

You can fly?

Yes Ana I’m alive and to answer your question Leanna I can fly because I’m a whole new being unlike Karla and Julian

But how can you fly? And can you teach us?

Yes Gabriel I can teach you all  is very easy as you may know when you transform your powers come out heavy so that means you’re whole inner power will be heavy  u need to focus all of your inner energy and then let it go slowly so it doesn’t come out harsh. When that happens you will be able to fly

I think I understand...

Lui amatsu try to understand! But right now I’m very weak so

Fusion deactivated!!

“the fusion deactivated”

Ohh!!  I feel weird...

I have horrible headache this is the last time I’m fusing with you Julian!

Hey It’s not my fault that you have a headache

What the fuck happen here?

Karla can’t you go a day without saying a bad word

Shut up Julian I’m just expressing

Ana! Do they fight like this every time?

Yes they do ever since they met each other

Now could the both of you chill out a little and start practicing a way to fly we don’t have much time and I’m afraid of what might happen if they get the masks first

You’re right I think fighting with Julian is pointless

What did you said?

Fucking stop it!>shouted Ana

Now explain us what happened here?

You don’t remember anything?

I don’t remember anything

Me neither

Ok guys this is what happened after you both fused and created Kariel and he had a fight with those enemy ships for hours until Kariel decided to call us and tell us to attach the vehicles to summon the Gaktianamus gun

Then he won temporarily until the Mother ship appeared and use the mega gun and the blast was so strong that it detached the vehicles with one shot! And they crashed and burned.  And then the computer told Kariel that the Gredieus System was in overload that the continuing could destroy him along with the ship but he didn’t listen he used the Phoenix technique and crushed the mother ship but the system overloaded so he crashed and he was badly hurt so he defused.

See!? This is the last time I’m fusing with you Julian!

Karla I don’t want to fight you

Kariel told us how to fly as well!


How do we fly?

Let me quote what he said>said Gabriel

as you may know when you transform your powers come out heavy so that means you’re whole inner power will be heavy  u need to focus all of your inner energy and then let it go slowly so it doesn’t come out harsh. When that happens you will be able to fly!

Then let’s try it!>said Julian

“They closed their eyes and started to focus in flying all of the sudden they started to glow and flying they were already”

Yeah we can fly!


Acolytes we can celebrate later right now we got some masks to find!

Julian is right we must find the Genealis Masks!>said Ana

High speed flying!

“Julian used the High speed flying and the others did it as well they were looking at high speed for the Genealis masks now they have an even better chance of finding the masks now that they can fly but lieutenant darkness forces were right behind them and In Nimbo battles were still strong sheniah was battling lieutenant darkness”

For some reason my light powers are weakening I was supposed to finish off this punk a long time ago but my powers don’t seem to be at their top

Poor light warrior...   your powers are weakening for the atmosphere of darkness that is all around this area  only angels and Archangels powers don’t get weaken in this Blanket of darkness  oh and I forgot to mention the ones who wear the Genealis masks  who is me their future owner!

And do you think the acolytes will let you have them without a fight?

The acolytes are weak as celestials because of the incompetence of my sister

I know I always have spoken bad things about the Gaktianamus acolytes but there’s something I got to admit I really admire their courage and determination for being teenagers they are really doing it very well

Now you’re going to start getting all mushy about the Gaktianamus! I’ll finish you off now!


“All of the sudden”

Millennium Fireworks!

Ahh! That hurt! Who is it?

I’m siran the son of Sika and she gave me the metal millennium medallion Gak so I could fight you!

So you must be my nephew this is getting very interesting...

Your nephew?>asked siran

Yes! Didn’t you know that Sika is my sister?

I didn’t know... so that means you’re my uncle!

I don’t care if I’m your uncle! I’ll crush you all Gaktianamus! Dark blast!

MetalMillenium Shield!

“The metal millennium shield protected him from the attacks that was sheniah chance to attack lieutenant darkness while he was distracted attacking siran”

Crushing light!


Metal Millennium power shot! Ayah!!

“From his Hand his fired an energy blast that left lieutenant darkness unconscious”

Now it’s time to finishing him off while he’s unconscious!>shouted Siren

Leave it to me! Crushing light!

“Lieutenant Darkness disappeared”

Where did he go?

Sheniah you really have a bad Aim!

Shut up Gaktianamus!

Looking for me?! Chains from hell!

“Red chains appeared out nowhere and grabbed both sheniah and siran”

Now that I have you trapped you won’t be able to intervene anymore!

“Meanwhile not too far from the battle that sheniah and siran were fighting Gaber’s Gak was surrounded by some of the forces from Professor Psycho”

There’s only one way to stop this! I know I’m not allowed to use this because I left the throne more than a century ago but I have no choice I must save Nimbo even if I’m punished severely!  Archangel King Transforms!

“Gaber’s Gak transformed into Archangel King and crushed everybody who got in his way he was determined to win but in the meantime on earth the acolytes were still looking for the Genealis masks”

Where are they? We have looked everywhere and we haven’t seen anything this even harder than chasing criminals for 12 dimensions.

The enemy is right behind us and every time one of the shots gets closer to us very close so let’s hurry up and find them!

Julian! Gian is right we need to hurry up or find a better way to look for the masks-said Lui amatsu

Vanessa I know that it weakens you a little bit but we need your psychic sensing!

Doesn’t worry leave it to me! Psychic sensing!

Can you sense the masks?>asked Luis

Yeah can you?>asked Ana

Yes I can! Let’s turn right and then let’s turn to times at the left is not far from the inter-dimensional port of this city but we must hurry up the enemies forces are near the masks.

Acolytes let’s do it!

“All at the same time”

Fast teleporting!

“The acolyte’s fast teleported, the enemies forces increased speed and firepower and started chasing the acolytes but in the meantime at Nimbo Gaber’s Gak destroyed the first part of the barricade”

This will teach you not to mess with the Gaktianamus in their own dimension! This Game has concluded!

“All of the sudden he started to feel weak and he powers deactivated”

Ahh!! My powers! It must be because I haven’t used these powers since the Saga of heroes Millennium II but I must keep fighting in order to save Nimbo

“Back at Maingak the acolytes found the Treasure Chest where the masks were and the enemies started to destroy everything in their way”

Julian let’s stop this is it!

Great Job Vanessa! Thanks!

Inside of this treasure chest is the power that I’m going to use the kick the ass of lieutenant darkness and Professor Psycho. Let’s open it!

Not know Karla we must get out here the enemy is very close!

Ana is right and besides in here all of the codes are off so the only way to open a portal to Nimbo is to enter the inter-dimensional pathway that the Inter-dimensional bus uses to offer transportation to the other dimensions

“The acolytes started to fly at high speed but the bus was starting to leave and the gates were closing they were almost there when the enemy appeared and blocked their way”

Moved it! We must get to Nimbo at once!

You Gak acolyte and the others aren’t going anywhere! Our master wants the masks and he’s going to have them at all costs even if we have to blow up this whole city to get it!

Gian! Nuke them with your nuclear evolution!

Yeah! Acolyte special ef…

No! If you do it it’s going to crush everybody in this whole city!

Foolish Gak, Water and Nuclear acolytes you are so stupid!

“All of the sudden the enemy ships blew up”

What happened?>asked Gabriel

This is the futuristic police of Calle Del poder Bayamon! Don’t worry we’ll take care of everything

Thanks!>Said Gabriel

Acolytes quickly let’s go! High speed flying!

Wait children! You can enter there this is only for the inter-dimensional vehicles!

We are the Gaktianamus acolytes we can be anywhere we want!>said Karla

“The bus was right behind them they were inside of the pathway the doors were closed that’s when everybody used their gate openers at the same time to open a portal”

Portal Open! To Nimbo!

“The acolytes successfully opened and entered the portal to Nimbo the first part of the mission was complete they had the masks now they were going to be able to save Nimbo”


Chapter 7: “The Mask Adaptation! The overwhelming powers of the masks”…


“The acolytes arrived at Nimbo sheniah and siran were in trouble”

Now you both will receive my wrath! Chains! Crush them!

“All of the sudden”


“The attack bounced back”


So the acolytes are back? You foolish children don’t know that the Gak powers are bounced like if they were mirrors against any kind of Metal!

I don’t need to use my water powers to free my friends! Weapons! Sword Gak come to me!

Sword Gak! Double silver blade slash!

“The sword broke the chain”

The masks! Now acolytes let’s make a good deal you give me the masks and I will let you all live


Acolytes you’re here!

Gaber’s! Sika!

Now it’s time to open the chests! Gaber’s do it!

Key of heaven!

“An energy blast in form of a key opened the chest”

How cool those masks!

Each one of you, pick a mask

I won’t let you Gaktianamus children!

You will have to get pass through us first!

Don’t even try it Gaber’s, sheniah and siran will kill you all with one shot!

I won’t let you as well brother!

You can’t interfere remember?

I can Block the only thing I can’t do is fight you! I’ll block you Wall of fire!

“A wall of fire arose in the middle”

Gaktianamus children! You won’t let me out for long! I will crush down this wall

Now acolytes put your masks on and say Mask adaptation!

But sika Are you sure that they are going to be able to handle the power of the masks I mean it has never been tested on children!

You worry too much Gaber’s Gak! Now hurry up and transform!

OK!>Said Lui amatsu

“All at the same time”

Mask adaptation!

“They put their masks on and a tornado and a thunderstorm stroked”

Such power! That power should be mine not yours Gaktianamus children! I will break down this wall right now and reclaim that power!  Crushing Darkness!

“The wall broke down”

“The Transformation ended and all at the same time said:”

Masked adapted Gaktianamus acolytes!

“They had the acolyte uniform and they had wings of angels and they were taller and they had the masks one of each different color and all of them had their hair long”

I feel different!>said Selinette

I feel Much Stronger than before! Said Julian

Brother let me introduce you the masked adapted Gaktianamus acolytes they are much stronger than before and ready to kick your ass at any second! You and professor psycho will pay for invading Nimbo and destroying one of the most sacred talismans of the Gaktianamus religion! Gaktianamus acolytes I will let you finish off my brother and after you’re finish with him you can help Gaber’s and the others break through the barricade and kill off Professor Psycho.

Not even with those masks your acolytes will beat me!

Farewell brother…

“Sika disappeared”

Acolytes this battle is yours I think we need to talk to sika I could see in her eyes that’s she’s not feeling well like if she’s about to cry.

My sister is such a weak Guardian! I was always the strong one of the family

For the love of god she’s your sister! How do you think she felt when she gave us the order to finish you off!>said Karla

Oh shut up Water mask adapted acolyte

Have some compassion! The both of you are in opposing sides but still that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel bad about what’s happening!

Karla I never seen you like this

Julian… I Killed My brother!


I’ll explain later!

We’ll take care of this foolish barricade later!>said Sheniah

“Gaber’s, siran and sheniah disappeared”

Now which one of you wants to go first I will fight you one by one! I want to test the abilities of every one of you now that you have the masks.

Karla I order you to go first!

As you wish Julian!

So they sent the Tomboy first! This is going to be fun!

I’m not a Tomboy! I summon The Celestial double edged sword!

“Karla summoned the celestial double edged sword”

I will cut you in pieces! I will slice you like an onion!

Come on! Try it!

Double killer blade slash!

“It slashed at the speed of light”


“Lieutenant Darkness fell on his knees and said”

Hahaha good move acolyte!

“His body sliced into pieces and his remains were in a pool of blood”

Shit! My sword is full of blood!  No problem! Celestial acolyte effect! Water pump!

“She sprayed her sword with water to clean the blood”

Julian did you see that? I know she’s tough but I never seen so flawless so cold!>said Ana

I don’t know her as long as you guys but she looks so focus and so determined when she cleaned that blood of  her sword.>said Luis

Now we got to find professor darkness and break through his barricade!>said Jennifer

Yes let’s go! Karla! Come on!


“the acolytes flied at high speed looking for professor darkness they were breaking through the barricade of ships and soldiers the blood flied everywhere with the acolytes mortal slashes in the meantime Gaber’s Gak and sheniah were in the Main Palace of Nimbo where sika was”

Sika all you all right?>asked Gaber’s Gak

Yes I’m all right

Gaber’s actually believed you but I know you aren’t all right one of the abilities I have is that I’m able to sense other people feelings like for example I know The feelings of Julian and Karla and Gian and Leanna those four are..

Ok! Ok! I admit it I’m feeling sad because all of these events I mean who would actually think that my own brother would wage a war against me and my acolytes my own flesh and blood!

Sika I know how you feel in the saga of heroes I when I was only 11 years old I had to kill my Grandfather and no matter how many times I’m reborn I will never forget that but you got to remember that he’s no longer on your site now you are in opposite sites.

“Sika crying”

I know that! But this is my first experience with this! He first rebelled and left Nimbo because he dint wanted to be part of all the Gaktianamus stuff he always refused to believe in the Gaktianamus faith and legends he rebelled as a teenager evil forces used it as an opportunity to take over him and give him the power that he has!

Sika... Your brother was just killed by one of the Gaktianamus children

I know that as well sheniah I just sensed it

“Back at the battlefield the barricade was almost over they were close to professor darkness laboratory the biggest battle was about to begin”

We just destroyed every allied ship of those forces so it’s only a matter of time before this war is over and we all can start living normal lives again!>said Gabriel

“Applauding professor darkness came out of his laboratory”

Congratulations Gaktianamus acolytes for passing through my barricade or should I say masked adapted Gaktianamus acolytes?

Now show me what you!

We all are going to fight him at the same time he’s not match for our new powers! Let’s do it!>said Julian

“All at the same time”

Triple shining Blade Slash!

“All 10 slashed him at the same time he was badly hurt he was full of blood”


“He fell to the floor”

You’re dead! Game over!

“While on the floor upside down he started to laugh”


He’s still alive?>asked Lui amatsu



“Professor Darkness disappeared”


Mask special effect! Psychic probe!


Calm down Selinette! What’s happening to you?  Now let me concentrate!

Where is he?>asked Leanna

He’s on earth!!! He’s on a rampage on the boulevard avenue!

Our school is on that avenue!>said Karla

Our school activated the field force but if we don’t get there fast I don’t think they are going to be able to resist it!

Let’s do it!>said Julian

“All at the same time”


“The Acolytes teleported back to earth they arrived at the rampage already started professor darkness was very much alive and he opened an portal that linked directly to the Main source of his darkness the core of darkness”

We’re here! But what’s up with all of this wind and tornados and thunder?

So did you think that I was dead you wrong! And now let me show you!

Chain wraps!

“Chains popped out of the earth But Karla evaded the trick on time”

 I’m tired of all this silly chain tricks! Double slash!

“The chains were broken”

We need to hold him off!>said Gabriel

Celestial acolyte effect! Freezing ice!

You won’t hold me off for long!>said professor darkness

“He was frozen”

Now let’s kill him!>said Vanessa

We can’t the ice is too weak he might get free and attack us the ice is weak because of the current condition of Nimbo and earth remember that ice is my acolyte power not the masked power.

What’s inside that portal?>asked Jennifer

Mask special effect! Power detector!

“Julian used his power detector”

The core of darkness! His main source of power is inside of that portal!

That means we have to go inside and crush it?>asked Gian

Yes we must crush it!

No! I will do it Leanna!

Karla! Wait!

“Karla flied at high speed ignoring Julian orders”

Acolytes stay back and back me up! I must stop Karla! Knowing her she’s going to do something risky!

“All at the same time”


“Julian flied at high speed towards the portal Karla was inside the portal”

I must destroy the core of evil and the only way to make sure that I destroy it is to use the mask fantasy technique

Karla I just heard you and you’re not going to use it!

I know that the techniques absorbs all of my vital energy and power into my sword and sends it double and I can die doing it but I don’t care I will not let professor Darkness crush the earth and Nimbo!

I will not let you!

Water pump!

“Julian was send back outside the portal”

She’s so stubborn! Stop it Karla!

“Julian entered the portal again from outside Karla could be heard saying:

Mask fantasy!

“A big explosion came out of the portal which it knocked out everybody outside the portal all of the thunder and wind and tornados stopped then a few minutes later the acolytes regained consciousness Julian came out of the portal holding Karla in his arms he placed on the floor and he fell on his knees”



“Everybody came running to see them both”

Julian! Are you all right?

Yes Ana I’m all right but Karla is not

See I told you Julian that it would work I destroyed the core of evil and closed the portal>said Karla very weakly

Karla I know I didn’t get to know you very well but you were really cool please don’t die I promise I will keep a secret of your opinions about fusing with Julian

It’s too late already...  Julian how do I deactivate my powers?

You say lights down! And you remove your mask

Lights down!

“Karla removed her mask and her powers were deactivated”

This is it goodbye my friends…

“Karla died”

No!!! Karla!

“Julian and the others started to cry it started to rain and professor darkness was on his feet again Karla body was sent to Nimbo”

Hahaha! How cute your friend just died!

And your powers were decreased!>said Leanna

It doesn’t matter I still have enough power to crush you all!

“The acolytes raised her hands and all at the same time said:”

Power of teleportation! Teleport us along with professor darkness to Nimbo!

What the hell are you all doing?

We are going to finish this at Nimbo!>said Gian

“Everybody was teleported”


Chapter 8: The end of the final battle! ........


“The acolytes returned to Nimbo in the meantime Gaber’s Gak, siran and Sheniah were still talking to Sika in the main palace”

One of the Gaktianamus has fallen!

What do you mean sheniah?

Did something happen to one of my acolytes?

The arrogant one what was her name?

Her name is Karla! Did she…?

Yes she’s dead!

Sika what are we going to do now? The acolytes need a water acolyte and the blue masked adapted acolyte!

Is the Gaktianamus girl coming here?

If she died recently she will be arriving in like 50 minutes to the main palace

Gaber’s Gak I sensed a power increasing on you a few hours ago the power was far more powerful than any of the foolish Gak children that are fighting out there

Don’t call my acolytes foolish children! And the power you sensed it’s the archangel king power he used for a little while

Gak you haven’t used that power in centuries! The last time I saw with those powers was the time that you did the silly mind tricks that you thought I would fell for it but I didn’t and for what I seen you didn’t neither

That’s not the point sheniah! The point is that I wasn’t supposed to use it and I could get punished for it!

“Three sparks of light appeared and three persons came out of it”

Gaber’s Gak! Sika! Who are those three?!

Sheniah those are the guardians they came here because of what I did!

Gaber’s Gak come with us to the celestial court there are some issues related to your misusing of the throne powers we need to discuss!>said the guardian of fire.

As you wish!

“Gaber’s Gak disappeared with the guardians”


Yes siran tell me

What’s going to happen to him?

It depends on what they decide

“Meanwhile at the battlefield the acolytes were battle ready to finish the fight”

This time we are going to make sure that you die!>said Julian

Now that the core of evil is gone you are piece of cake!>said Gian

Do you think I wasn’t preparing for that?!   I still can gather the ashes and dark energies left after the explosion and infused them inside my body! 

“The darkness came to him he became stronger again”

Now can you stop me!?

We must find a way to stop him!>said Gabriel

I Hope this works! Time Stopping!

“Time stopped the only ones who could move were the acolytes”

Julian what did you do?>asked Leanna

I stopped time! Because I need to think on what to do next

Let’s finish him now!

We can’t Leanna! We cannot attack while time is stopped but I just got an idea!

What are you going to do? >Said Luis

I call upon the powers of time! Ancient Guardian Chrono! Give me the ability to bring back every generation of Gaktianamus acolytes of the saga of heroes! Acolytes of the past! Come now!

“All of the sudden from out of nowhere all of the acolytes generations were present there were like more than 20 different acolytes they were confused”

Where are we?>said The Millennium Gak acolyte (Gaber’s Gak from the past)

Gaber’s Gak from the past and all the others allow me to introduce myself  I’m Julian Gak  I’m the great.,  how many greats would that be??...  Anyway just call me your Grandson from a distant future.  This is the year 4,204 we are in the west area of the Nimbo very near of the royal palace.

But you can’t be a Gaktianamus acolyte... you have a mask! And the Gaktianamus acolytes don’t have masks... I think

Eternal Gak Acolyte  Sheila Lucian  we are a different kind of Gaktianamus acolytes were using a ancient technique called masked adaptation is a force more powerful than our regular Gak powers professor darkness the one you see there in black sent one of his soldiers to destroy our ultra crystals and he did it and we needed more power so we got the masks then we fought him and he killed our acolyte friend and now he’s powerful again and I stopped time and we need your help we need to use our powers all together to stop him!

I dint understand half of what you said built I’m willing to help!>said the metal millennium psychic acolyte

Time is back!

“Julian deactivated the time stopping”


“Back at the main palace sheniah sensed what was happening”

There’s a disruption in the time space continuum can you feel it sika?

Yes I can sheniah let’s see the celestial well so we can see what’s happening.

“The celestial well was in the main palace they could see anywhere on earth and Nimbo in that well and they could use it to go to earth as well”

Wow so many Gaktianamus!

Julian learned fast how to use the power of his mask!

Mother what Julian did could alter time space continuum very badly!

Don’t worry it won’t happen.

“Meanwhile at the battle field Julian was giving the battle orders”

Guys we’re using the power of friendship! We the mask adapted acolytes will use the lethal sword dance that is almost equal in strength as the power friendship.

Foolish masked adapted acolyte I will break your little trick! Spell breaker!

“A massive blast of darkness broke Julian spell of bringing back the acolytes”

Now let’s see who’s winning this battle!

This is not over yet!   [“Whispering”] Julian what do we do now?

There’s no reason to be nervous Leanna this battle is far from over! You see he thinks that he won but he hasn’t I still can bring the acolytes back

Like I’m going to let you do this!

Celestial charm!

“Lui amatsu used a powder called celestial charm that paralyzes evil forces and breaks their spells the skies were blue again and the acolytes were back”

See Leanna I always have a backup plan!

You won’t win acolytes!

Now that the skies are blue we are even more powerful!  Acolytes get ready to do the power of friendship!

“All past generations at the same time”

Power of friendship blast!

“All masked acolytes at the same time”

Lethal sword dance!


“He was blown to pieces nothing was left of him the battle was over and back on earth all of his forces died instantly”

“On earth Liana was still battling the puppets when she noticed the sudden change”

Huh? Those puppets died themselves... The Gaktianamus children must have won!

“Back at the battlefield”

It was nice to work with all of you guys! Return to your times!

“All of the past’s acolytes disappeared”

Guys let’s deactivate our powers!

“All the same time”

Lights down!

Fast teleport!

“The acolytes fast teleported to the main palace of Nimbo to talk to sika about the conclusion of the final battle”


Chapter 9: The End of an Era! Goodbye Leanna hope to see you again!


“The acolytes arrived to the main palace sheniah, sika and siran were there”

Welcome back my dear acolytes!

We won!

That was one unique way of winning!

Yes I know about it we all saw the battle you are a fast learner Julian juts like Gaber’s Gak

I got to admit Gaktianamus you did great!

My mother did a nice job choosing all of you as Gaktianamus acolytes I’m still trying to get used to the metal millennium powers that’s why I haven’t deactivated my powers yet.

And talking about Gaber’s Gak where is he?>asked Gian

He is in a meeting with the guardians for doing that silly archangel trick he’s in trouble in a very deep trouble!

“A drop of water fell out of the sky it was Karla she finally arrived at Nimbo”

Finally I’m here!

You’re alive!>said Selinette

No exactly! I’m dead but because I’m a Gaktianamus acolyte I go to Nimbo instead of heaven it just takes longer to get here.

Sika what are we going to do now? We need a water acolyte!

There’s a small problem! Part of her power was scattered around the world so we need to find first who got that half of that power.  And second because she’s dead her powers cannot be transferred we have to copy her powers into another person.

What about her Genealis mask?>asked Julian

I don’t think it would be a good idea to let anybody keep using the powers of the masks as I thought the power would be overwhelming only a few have been able to control the amazing powers and your generation is the only of those few.

Wait! You mean that there was a second reason for us to find the masks?! You used us as Guinea pigs to see if we were going to be able to resist the amazing powers of the masks!

You could say that Karla...

The powers of the masks shouldn’t be used by children!

Gaber’s! Stop appearing like that you scared the hell out me!

You always have been like that Gaktianamus! And what happened with the guardians did they punished you?

I’m not allowed to talk about what happened in that meeting.


Anyway I’m proud of this Generation of Gaktianamus acolytes they did great against professor psycho sika you did a great job choosing them!

Mother what’s going to happen now?  I mean now that everything is over.

Acolytes even if I’m going to let you keep your acolyte powers you must return to the chest the masks of Genealis they are far too dangerous for your young age.

“The treasure chest where the masks originally were opened the acolytes placed the masks inside”

I’m going to miss playing with the time and space continuum!

“The chest closed”

Gaktianamus Acolytes you will have to return to earth and remember that you cannot use your powers for playing around is for emergencies that required the use of the powers.

Karla something you must know... because you’re dead you won’t grow up so you’re going to stay as you are right now.

I can’t believe I won’t able to grow up like you guys will…

Too bad she can’t grow up.

Well Karla I’m going to miss hanging out with you.

Yes I’m going to miss you all I hope we see each other again!

“Everybody hugged Karla”

Well Gaktianamus see ya next time!

“A Bright light appeared and when the light stopped shining sheniah was gone”

Well goodbye to you too sheniah!>said Leanna

Mother I must return to my training at the central palace so I guess I’ll see ya later

Don’t be a stranger and come visit me soon!

I will! Mom! See ya!

“Siran fast teleported”

Acolytes I hate to say this but is your turn to go as well

“The stairs appeared the stairs that would lead them back to earth and all at the same time were saying goodbye to sika and Karla”

Goodbye sika! Karla! Hope to see the both of you again!

Goodbye! Behave well Karla!

You bet I will! Goodbye!

“The acolytes started to go downstairs they arrived instantly at earth they were in front of the pharmacy Walgreen’s in metropolis”

Ohh!! Where is Lui amatsu and Selinette?>asked Leanna

The stairs sent them back to their towns>said Jennifer

Guys I have to go! As I told you I’m a star chaser for 2 more years so I need to get back to headquarters in the star dimension it was nice to be back for a whole month.

Now that Karla is not here and you are going away can you tell me what Karla told you about fusing with me?

No I can’t! Is girls stuff!  Now I need to transform into a star chaser!

Stars are falling of the sky! Star Chaser 05! Region 3! Transforms!

Star Chaser! 

Portal open!

Now you need to find a new vehicle!>said Gabriel.

I hope they give me one! Goodbye friends!

Goodbye Leanna! I Hope too see you again!

Well guys! I am going to miss that girl! I got to admit she’s pretty cute!>said Gian

Ohh! Gian has some hidden feelings for the princess!

Of course not! Vanessa! Don’t be silly!

“Months later they finally graduated from the 12th grade they were in their graduation but things were going to change soon”

I can’t believe we made it!>said Gabriel

“Then the ceremony teacher announced the ones who will win the high honors”

For the high honor award the following students earned it:

Ana espinal

Silvette Ríos

Jun torres.

How cool Ana made it!

Yeah she’s really smart! I Hope she stays that way because college is going to be tough!

“The students received their awards and when the students sat down all the exits closed suddenly”

What was that?!

What’s up Vanessa?

Because I’m the psychic acolyte I can sense things even if I’m not transformed into acolyte and something is wrong!

What is wrong?

I sensed the doors closed! All of them!

“Then a portal opened and from those portal mutant lizards appeared along with some planetchosers and they started to attack the students and teachers”

Planetchosers! And mutants!   But how were they able to come here?

That’s not what matters now Julian! What matters now is to stop the planetchosers and the mutants from slaying our classmates and teachers!

“The security staff intervened but the mutants and the planetchosers were to strong for them to handle”

They killed the security guards as well! Let’s stop those monsters!

Gak acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Electric acolyte transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Fire acolyte transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Solar acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Ice acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Dragon acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Psychic acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Ground acolyte Transforms! Gaktianamus acolyte!

Now! Let’s stop them!

“The acolytes started to fight the planetchosers and the mutants the battle was fierce but they were able to stop them from killing anymore students”

They are super strong!>said Luis.

“A portal opened Leanna came from that portal”

And they call this a 12th grade graduation??  Those planetchosers need to be stopped!

Stars are falling of the sky! Star Chaser 05! Region 3! Transforms!

Star Chaser! 

Leanna! Come and help us!

Star cannon! Fire!

“The star cannon was a huge cannon that uses the power of the stars to launch a huge energy blast”


“The planetchosers and the mutants were killed”

I can’t believe they killed some of our friends and teachers.

What a massacre! Luckily I detected the conflict in time and helped you guys stop them!

I don’t have my star ultra crystal anymore and sheniah is gone so there’s no hope for us reviving the students.

Not all hope is lost.

Angel Namus? What are you doing here?

I saw the whole thing and I came here to revive the Killed students and the ones who are badly hurt and erase the minds of all of you.

Wait!  We don’t need our minds to be erased!

Julian! A 12th grade graduation is one chance in a lifetime and having memories of violence and blood must not stay in any of the students minds. Including yours!

As I told ya before! I don’t care.

This whole mess will be cleaned as soon as I activate the light amnesia! 

No wait! Don’t do it!

Erase their minds! Light of power!

“A light shine brightly and illuminated the whole place everything was fix and the students didn’t remember anything it was like if nothing ever happened”

I declared you all Graduates!

“All the graduates started to throw their birettas to the air and started to celebrate it was a happy moment for everybody”

Whoo!! Yeah!

“15mins passed at the ceremony was over the acolytes reunited’

Hey guys!

Hey Gian!

It’s only 4 years till you have this marvelous experience!>said Julian.

Congratulations guys!

“Then Karla spirit appeared in front of the acolytes”

Congratulations on your graduation acolytes!


“Julian runs towards her but he went right through her”

I guess I forgot to mention that I came as a spirit and that my physical form is only present on Nimbo and heaven but thank you for trying.

Karla... it’s my fault that you’re dead.

Why are you saying that Julian?

Because I wasn’t strong enough as a leader to stop you from doing what you did.

It wasn’t your fault! It was mine and besides I died knowing that the world was going to be safe and that you guys were able to graduate.

Karla I miss you!

I miss you too Ana! But Ana my time here is up so goodbye for now!

“Karla disappeared”

No wait! Comeback!>said Gabriel.

I knew I would see you again Karla! Till later!

“Once again the acolytes have saved the world well this time they saved more Nimbo than earth but it’s almost the same another era ends with this adventure until the next time that the world is in trouble again”




Zero Two: Saga of Heroes Prodigy I Preview

It’s been 10 long years and the acolytes are adults! Lead by an evil force. The planet choosers start a global search for the Gaktianamus acolytes causing rampage along the way!  But the planetchosers search won’t be easy because there are going to be a few obstacles along the way!

Saga of Heroes Prodigy I

Chapter 1: “The beginning of a new era! The next generation of Gaktianamus acolytes....


A whole new era!

A whole new ruling!



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