Satan's Hand

by Paul G. Jutras

It was a hot steamy evening in New Orleans. Jennifer Orson was a 21 year old girl who stood nervously in a bar with a drink in her hand. Her hand fiddled with her yellow sun dress. She watched as couples would make their way downstairs and return. A dark skin, dark hair woman approached her with a big smile on her face. She took Jennifer by the arm and led her to the stairs.

"This your first time?" The woman giggled as the headed down the stone steps. Jennifer could see mold on the stone walls.

"No." Jennifer said weakly.

"I mean your first time in a place like this?" The woman corrected.

Jennifer just smiled a little a nodded. The dark woman smiled back and led her down the corridor to a door. Taking a key from her purse she unlocked it and pushed it open. Laying on a bed with his arms behind his head was a muscular blond handsome man .

"Names Mary," The dark woman finally said. "If there is any trouble, call for me."

"Wh What does Mary mean, trouble?" Jennifer swallowed hard. "We're not going to do anything dangerous are we?"

"We don't have to do anything but look if you don't want to." The man assumed her with his perfect smile. "Then again... maybe you'll get lucky."

He approached her and with a single finger raised her chin up. "Some women would give their soul to go to bed with me."

As the man laid her down on the bed, one of the stones on the wall be began to move. In the shape of a hand, its fingers began to wiggle. Then as the two began kissing the stone hand detached itself from the wall and started hovering.

He rolled over on the bed and allowed her to climb on top. As he penetrated her, he began pumping his juices until she screamed in orgasm. Then the hand flew across the room and attached itself to her face. She was pushed off him and up against a wall. Tentacles shot out of the hand. They went down her throat, into her sex and ass. A fluid began pumping inside of her, making her orgasm again.

The man just sat down and put his pants back on as she moaned in the background. Her skin turning into plastic before his eyes. As the hand returned to the wall, a shiny mannequin stood where Jennifer had been.

"Another one for the market place." Mary said with a smile as she picked up the light Jennifer up and carried her back upstairs. "I'll see she's shipped somewhere nice."

The next morning, a boat traveled up river to a large plantation manor. A young woman in a wide brim hat, sun dress and sandals climbed out of the boat and was greeted by her Uncle, a young man dressed in a white ice cream man suit and had a black eye patch on his left eye. "Greetings Sandy. I'm glad you could stay with me this summer."

"Thank you." Sandy smile as her Uncle Ricky helped her with her bags and headed up to the manor. The place and a splendid southern charm about it. Although she could picture how spooky the estate could get at nighttime.

"Who's that?" Sandy smiled at a young man on horseback.

"That's Marco." Ricky said as he glanced over. "One of my hired hands riding back from the fields. He is known as a ladies man and best keep away."

"He is handsome." Sandy thought to herself. "Almost a god like body. Such a handsome face, it's no wonder he known about town as a lady killer."

Ricky took her upstairs and opened a door. "This will be your room." Ricky said as he set her bags down. "I'm sure you'll find everything you need. Dinner will be at 6, I'll see that someone in the house reminds you."

As Uncle Ricky left, Sandy went into her room and wondered where to start unpacking. It was then she notice a book on the nightstand. Picking it up, she found it wasn't a book but a dairy. A dairy of some girl name Jennifer and the rumors she spoke of about a place she planned on going on her 21st birthday. That the most handsome fellows in town hung out their.

"I wonder who this Jennifer was?" Sandy thought as the dairy only contained the month and day not year. She had no idea how old the diary could be. She was sure that her Uncle wasn't seeing anyone and thought maybe a current or former worker. Maybe the daughter of a worker.


Sandy read the line over a couple of times when she sense she wasn't alone. Looking up, she saw a man who looked similar to Marco only even more handsome. She felt herself compelled to get off her feet and walk out of the room. She moved down the hall to the bathroom and watched the image pull open the shower curtain before vanishing.

"Well now." Marco smiled as he stood naked in the shower. Feeling embarrassed and wondering if she was sleepwalking, she ran back to her room. She locked the door behind her and started to unpack to get her mind of the diary and Marco.

That evening, Sandy met Marco out in the garden. "Look I'm sorry about the shower." She said embarrassed. "I was tired from my trip and must of been sleepwalking or something."

"Quite alright." Marco replied. "I'm always glad to see such a pretty face as yours. Walk to go for a walk?" he asked as he held out his arm. She took it and leaned her head on her shoulder as they took off together. They traveled along a fence in trail that circled a duck pond.

"Beautiful aren't they." Marco said as he pointed to the ducks.

"Yes." She answered. "The entire estate is. Something old and mysterious like one would expect to meet someone practicing voodoo in the room next door."

After supper, Sandy put on a silk night gown and climbed into bed. With a knock Uncle Ricky stepped in. "How was your first afternoon?"

"Great, Uncle." Sandy smiled. "I was reading this weird dairy about some place in town to find handsome men."

"I suggest you stay away from that place." Ricky said in shock of the idea she'd be interested in such a place. "I'll protect you from any harm going about in this village. There are still some these days that still practice the black arts."

"You mean voodoo?" Sandy asked.

"You let such thoughts leave that pretty little head." Ricky smiled and kissed her on the forehead. "Go to sleep. Stay away from Marco, I don't want to see him get you in trouble."

After Ricky's light went out from under the crack in his door, Sandy changed in a tight sweater and loose mini-skirt. She headed out the door and off into town. It was pretty dark when she came across the name of the place mentioned in the diary.

She saw the bar was pretty crowded but soon found a table to sit at and ordered a beer. Mary came walking over and smiled at Sandy. "You're new in town aren't you." She smiled. "How about to celebrate, first round on me."

"Did you know a woman name Jennifer Orson?" Sandy asked as she took a sip. "She must of stayed at my Uncle's at one point since her diary mentioned this place. "Since I'm only visiting I don't want to stir up any skeletons in the family closet by asking anyone on the estate."

"Never heard of her." Mary smiled. "Course I've seen so many women working her, who can learn all of them by name."

"I suppose so." Sandy sighed.

"I think I know someone who can take your mind off your problems." Mary said as she took her by the hand and lead her down stairs and down the hall. She was about to top the door when Marco appeared at the end of the hall.

"Sandy, you'd better get home before you Uncle finds you missing and worry." Marco said, walking up to them. "You'd better come with me."

"We're busy." Mary replied.

"She's coming with me." Marco said as he pulled out a gun and took Sandy by the arm. "Let's go young lady. This is no place for you."

The next morning Sandy blinked her eyes awake. At first she thought she saw Mary's image standing before her bedroom window, then the ghostly image was gone. Getting dressed, she went to the patio and had breakfast with Marco. "A little too much of an adventuring spirit. I know it's hard living alone with you mom."

"What are you getting at?" Sandy asked.

"If you want to be an adventurer, do you want to see where your dad is buried?"

After breakfast the two found themselves in Sandy's family crypt. The two circled the stone coffin. "This is reality." Marco said to her. "What goes on in that place last night is far more than anything you'd expect in reality. Something supernatural that is to be kept away from. If you go back there, you might be joining your father here."

That afternoon Sandy took a nap. As she laid fully dressed on top of the sheets, images of Mary and the bar appeared in her head. So strong were they, that Sandy felt compelled to return to the bar that night. She sat on the bar and Mary walked over to her. "Going to ask for someone particular?" She asked.

"I heard of the God like being, whose handsome features surpasses even the friend I was with last night." Sandy said with a nervousness in her voice.

"I believe he's already taken tonight." Mary smiled. "Perhaps one of the other men downstairs will help your needs."

"No." Sandy replied. "It has to be the specialty of the house."

"If you're not minding waiting awhile." Mary snapped her fingers to the bartender. "Fill her up with one on the house."

"Hey baby, what's giving you the blues?" A man who looked a lot like a young Elvis asked. He could see that Sandy looked puzzled. "Can't get your shaking groove up? Look I'm not some impersonator."

"You're not?" Sandy asked.

"I'm the real thing." Elvis said as he shook his hips. "First I was alive, then I was dead. When I was brought back to life here, I got myself all the heavenly bodies I can handle."

"That's interesting." Sandy said as she thought she was dealing with some kind of nut.

"Okay big girl." Mary said as she kept Elvis from saying anything more. "The guys are downstairs. The one you want is alone on the third floor below at the end of the hall. Enjoy yourself for me."

Getting off the bar stool, Sandy head for the stairs. She moved down the stone steps the way Mary had started to lead her the previous night before Marco interrupted. She made sure this night to slip out so that nobody had seen her.

As she made her way along the second floor, she saw some doors opened and heard women moaning in pleasure. As she moved down to the stairs at the end of the hall she made her way down to the third floor, wondering if she'd wake up and find it had all been a dream.

Sandy entered the room and saw the handsome blond man moving off the bed and running her shoulders. Pleasure shot down her spine. The two soon laid down on the bed together. "You're mind." He smiled. "Heart, body and soul."

"Why don't you make me feel the pleasure I've been longing for." Sandy said in a whisper.

The two gently kissed as he removed her blouse and ran his hands over her breasts. They immediately went erect. The music from the people dancing in the bar above flowed downward and made things more magical. He reached down and probed her pussy with his fingers and she began to moan deeply.

As he head stretched upward in a moan, the hand detached itself it self from the wall and attached herself to face, muffling her screams of terror. "You will soon feel pleasure like never before." The man said as he rolled out of bed.

At dawn, Mary entered the room and found the young mannequin laying on the bed. She tapped Sandy's hard face with her finger nail and heard the hallow hardness. She then stood Sandy's naked form up and inserted her ass into a rod. With the man's help, Mary tried five different outfits on Sandy before she was pleased with one.

"Perhaps someday like Elvis, you'll raise from the depths of death to the world of the living." Mary smiled as she carried Sandy upstairs and placed her in the back of her station wagon. "I have just the little shop to place you in. Don't worry about your family or friends. All memory of your existence has been whipped from their minds."

As the days and months past, Sandy stared out from her front window home. The pleasure that washed over her every few seconds made her love her new life as an eternal beauty of plastic. She could not understand why she would ever want to be any other way.


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