The Perfect Gymnast

by Dr. Balmung


            “No, no, no!” Eric’s voice erupting from his mouth at the figure that fell onto the mat, flat on his back. “You didn’t set. Set before you start the back tuck.” Eric was standing on the blue soft floor, looking at the line of children waiting to work on their round offs.

            “Sorry, Coach.” The older male teen said approaching Eric. They were in the gymnasium, and Eric was teaching the last class of the day, an all boys class. It involved tumbling and trampoline. The kids in the class were of all ages.. Adam being the oldest, the one that had messed up on his tuck, at 19.

            Eric was only a few years older than Adam at 23, yet Adam still saw him as his superior.. He really had to because he was being taught by this man. “Ok, hurry up and finish this last one, then you guys can leave.” Eric said in his deep masculine voice. He had the body of a gymnast, as well as a swimmer. Nice toned calves, rock hard thighs, chiseled abs and chest, and very broad shoulders.. He almost looked like a Greek god. Too bad that most of his clothes were covering his wonderfully tanned body.

            Hazel eyes, a brilliant combination of green and brown, started following the rest of the kids as they worked their way down the tumble track. Upon finishing they headed towards the door, grabbing some water before exiting. The concrete floor just off of the work out area was always wet with water from children drinking.

            Half the kids were gone, as Eric found himself looking over Adam. This was not the first time he had caught himself checking out his student. A small blush appeared on his cheeks. He had a very defined jaw line, as well as a wonderful facial structure.. His chin protruded from his face slightly, which just added to his masculinity.. Spikes of hair rose up from the top of his head, colored a medium brown color.

            Adam stood in line, waiting for his last chance at the tumble track like the rest. He too was built like a Greek god. Maybe even a bit better than Eric. Eric longed to see the muscles of Adam’s body without the clothes. Adam’s face was a bit different than Eric’s. It was less geometric, and more relaxed and kid-like. He had more of a round face, where as Eric had a squarer face. Adam was tanned a bit darker than Eric, but not by much. Short blonde hair sat atop his head, and blue eyes followed the other children as they tumbled their way down the tumble track.

            The rest of the kids were working on getting out of the building, quite a few of them stopped to grab some water from the water cooler. The floor was wet as always. Adam lunged from the table, landing on the tumble track. He proceeded to round off, then back handspring, then after that he finished with a perfect back tuck. “Bravo!” Eric cried out to Adam as the other male jumped down from the mat.

            “Perfectly done, I don’t know how you do it so well after just one try, but I love it.” It was quite strange actually. Eric just told Adam what he had to do, and Adam would perfect it almost immediately. Not that this wasn’t a good thing, maybe it was just because Adam was a quick study.

            Eric had been teaching him for nearly half a year, but since there was such a large class he could never get Adam alone. If he did he could probably get Adam to progress so much faster. Adam walked over, smiling and wiping the tiny beads of sweat from his forehead. Another strange thing about him, he had minimal sweat. It had been two hours of intense workout, yet he only began to sweat now, and only a tiny bit at that.

            “Thanks a lot, Coach.” Adam said with a giant grin on his face, flashing his pearly white teeth at Eric. Another trait they shared, perfect, white teeth.. He said goodbye and turned around to walk off.

            “Wait!” Eric cried out to Adam, “I’d like to talk to you for a second.” He said as Adam turned around immediately and walked over to the other.

            “What did you need?”

            “Do you think you’d be able to come for personal sessions? I don’t think you’re progressing as fast as you could with such a big class.. So I’d let you come to a personal session once a week free of charge.”

            Adam looked like he pondered it for a second, “Sure, I guess I could do that.. What day were you thinking?”

            By now everyone had left the gym, seeing as it was seven o’clock. Eric and Adam were the only ones left inside. “Whatever day is free for you.”

            “How about Thursdays, at 8:15 pm?”

            “Sure, that sounds great. So I’ll see you then.” Eric said smiling politely to Adam. With that Adam nodded and turned on his heel, glancing at the clock.

            “Shit, I’m going to be late.” He said sprinting off, away from the workout area. “Bye!” He called out stepping onto the cold hard concrete floor. This concrete was painted though, to give it a nice look. But because of this paint, it made the floor extra slippery when it had water.

            Eric turned around swiftly upon hearing a loud crash come from the entrance. He walked over to find Adam laying on the floor. He must have slipped or something. Quickly, he ran over to the other making sure not to slip on the water. “Adam?! Adam, can you hear me?” Eric asked shaking the other slightly.

            Adam’s once closed eyes shot open, but there was something strange about them. They seemed reflective instead of blue. He just stared at the ceiling for a few seconds, before his mouth opened rigidly. “Bye…I’m going….going….be late…shit…shit…” Adam’s once gorgeous deep, but soft voice, was now much more monotone and mechanical sounding.

            Eric cocked his head looking down upon the other, as the other’s jaw moved in a circular motion, repeating words from his last phrase. “Bye…bye…bye…going…going…late…late…to be…going.”

            “Adam, are you alright?” He asked looking down upon the other as Adam began to move his legs as if he were running. His arms swung slightly, hitting against the cold hard concrete next to him, then raising up into the air. His head flicked to the side as he continued his mantra.

            “Error…late…late…Error in cerebral chamber.” It seemed that the skippyness of his voice had stopped. “To prevent further-further damage. Please reboot…shit…going to…going…be late.” Adam continued to move mechanically, his head shooting back and forth, his arms and legs beginning to move more mechanically now.

            It seemed that Adam was not what Eric thought. For the entire time Eric knew Adam, he thought he was a regular human. But it seemed he was an android. Those were supposed to only exist in stories. White smoke curled from Adam’s chest, distracting Eric from his thoughts. Maybe there was something in his chest.

            He grabbed onto Adam’s shirt and pulled it off of him, though it was hard to get it past his arms. Once he did he looked at Adam’s perfectly sculpted chest.. The smoke seemed to be coming from the skin. Trying to control the tightening in his pants he reached down onto Adam’s chest and felt his soft skin. There was a line that appeared after a few seconds of feeling around the chest.

            “Er-error…please…reboot…reboot…damage…shit…errorrrrr.” Adam’s movements were starting to get slower, and it was easier to dodge the moving arms.

            Eric ran his fingers down the line, that now was a crevice going down the center of Adam’s chest. As his fingers moved down the chest, more of the line appeared.. Going all the way down to the navel, and up to the collar bone. He worked both his hands into the crevice and pulled it apart like he was opening a cupboard. It was an access panel.

            There was a small red button that Eric assumed was some kind of power button, so he pressed it. “Please reboooooottt nnnnoooooowwww……” Adam’s voice said slowing down and deepening after Eric had pressed the button. The reflection in Adam’s eyes went away, and revealed a light that was behind them. The light disappeared to pinpoint, and his arms fell to the ground. The android’s body becoming limp.

            Eric stood up looking down at his discovery, the android. “Well…This is not what I was expecting.”


To be continued…

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