Sexy in Rubber

by Northern Chill

      Janet shuffled together the papers on her desk and put them into a drawer of her desk before clicking on her computer mouse for the latest stock info.  As the head of Best For U, a company that produced everything from baby food to adult themed clothing and products, Miss Jones was considered one of the wealthiest women in the country.

     With her long red hair, attractive if not downright sexy appearance, money and power, Janet was pursued by half the eligible bachelors in the area she lived in.  However, much to their chagrin, the wealthy woman brushed off their advances quickly or terminated any romantic relationships.  There were a few whispers among gossipers in the community she lived in that she preferred the company of women and had a secret relationship going on with one in a neighboring city.

      However, the truth behind Janet's reticence with men was nowhere near what the gossiping hags thought it was.  In fact, Janet's secret was that she had a fetish for latex and leather and all the sordid things associated with wearing outfits made of those materials.  After her work week was finished, she would often throw a few bags of luggage into her BMW (which she only drove on weekends) and head off to visit a few shops that carried her private obsession.

      At the end of her work day, Janet shoved a few papers in her valise and headed out of her office with a serene look on her face.  She had just got to the elevator banks when she heard someone calling out her name from behind her.  Turning around, the company CEO saw a chunky dark suited man walking briskly towards her who she recognized as Bill Moriarty, vice president in charge of product development.

     "Janet.... puff.... wait !.... before you go, I've got to talk to you about the new product geared for adults I sent you the email about,"  Bill panted as he ran up to the elevators, where a bemused Janet had walked quietly into an open car.

     "I'll look at the specs and let you know what I think.  First thing Monday,"  Janet said with a dismissive tone in her voice.

     "But, can't you....?"  Bill said waving a few sheets of paper in his hand.

     "Monday.  Bye!"  Janet replied as the elevator doors slid shut.  She closed her eyes as the car accellerated downward, making her feel light on her feet.

     "I wonder if I should buy another catsuit this weekend.... or should I settle for accessories.... or maybe attend that private meeting that is being held for people like myself,"  Janet thought to herself as her thinking was already becoming focused on her weekend activities.

     After leaving work and a quick drive home, Janet packed her bags and left for another weekend of hedonistic fun.  Driving down the busy highways packed with people like herself heading out for relaxation in the countryside, Janet took an exit about twenty minutes into her drive.  Speeding down the side road, the redhead admired how the urban sprawl she was used to dealing with had given way to trees and farmland with the occasional house spotted tucked in almost out of sight.

     A short while later, Janet drove into what looked like a sleepy little town of a few thousand people.  There were the usual array of businesses offering a variety of items though nothing displayed interested Janet in the slightest.  As she drove past the last of the shops on the main street, she saw there was a hotel located at the far end of the street.  Slowing down as her car passed in front of the multi-storied building, Janet saw the name HOTEL ICEBIRD shown boldly on the building's signage out front.

     "This must be the place where the meeting is being held at,"  Janet murmured to herself as she turned her car into the hotel's parking lot.  After parking her vehicle, she grabbed a bukly purse she carried with her for such an occasion and headed inside the hotel through the front entrance.

     As Janet strolled through the modestly decorated lobby, she discreetly looked around the room for any familiar faces from her business travels or visits to shops selling the distinctive outfits she wore as part of her secret hobby.  To her disappointment, she saw no one that looked familiar, though she did spot one strikingly attractive blonde woman at the far end of the lobby.  She was dressed in what looked like a black latex catsuit with bright red circles around her breasts and zippers on her thighs and where her pussy would be.   With matching thigh-high black boots and gloves that ended just above her elbow, she looked like a domminatrix or, at the very least, one man's darkest erotic fantasy.  However, with the convention going on, no one in the lobby besides Janet seemed to notice.

      "I wonder if she'll be typical attendee for this little festival.  If so, this could be a very memorable weekend to say the least,"  Janet thought to herself as she walked up to the front desk to book a hotel room.  To her mild surprise, she was told by the hotel clerk that most of the rooms were booked solid for the weekend with only a few rooms in the most expensive price range left.  Nonplussed, Janet whipped out her platinum MasterDiscoverVisa credit card and asked for the penthouse suite for two nights.

      After she received the key to her room, Janet headed for the elevators while the bellhop retrieved her luggage and followed her up in a separate car.  As she rode upwards in the ornately decorated elevator car, the redhead glanced over at the other person in the car with her.   A tall, dark-haired man of slender build, he was carrying a small suitcase in one hand while glancing at a Palm Pilot with the other.  On the right lapel of his black leather jacket, there was a large white button with L. R. S. in big black letters written on it.

      "I gather you're here for the convention?"  Janet asked politely of the well dressed man.

      "Yep, in fact, I'm one of the people who is in charge of organizing the whole weekend.  Jack... Jack Smith is my name,"  the man said warmly as he turned to look at Janet, discreetly checking out her gorgeous appearance.

       "Alice Talbert.  It's a pleasure to meet you.  Tell me, how many people do you expect to be here for this weekend convention?"  Janet said, using the fake name she always gave when involved in her secret hobby.  The credit card she used for the room even had that name on it though the bill still came to her real name.

       "Well, the total number should be around two hundred or so once the counting and fees are all done.  Of course, for most of the weekend, you'll probably only see ten or twelve people at one time in any room here.  Besides that, there is the big gala at the end of the weekend and numerous other workshops and other events.  Is there anything in particular you plan to see or do this weekend?"  Jack asked in a pleasant manner, trying to maintain eye contact though he was gazing over his fellow passenger's physique with obvious admiration.

        "Well, this is the first time I've attended a convention like this so it's going to be all new to me.  I'm sure I'll find something that tweaks my interests.  Just out of curiosity, is there any rules considering what can and can't be worn at the gathering?  I have a few items that show a bit more of me than the usual blouse and skirt,"  Janet said with her cheeks turning slightly red in embarrassment.

         Jack chuckled softly at the inquiry.  "Well, the hotel does ask that conventioneers maintain some sort of decent attire when in the hallways or general areas where the regular hotel guests use as well as us.  However, at the gala, not to mention in private rooms, your imagination is all you need,"  the man said with a broad smile and a wink.

         "Oh, I think he's going to be surprised and then some if I have my way...!"  Janet thought to herself as she returned the man's smile with one of her own.  After another thirty seconds or so of chit chat, the door slid open and Jack stepped out onto his floor.  When the door slid shut and the elevator resumed rising to Janet's floor (two floors above Jack's), Janet was left to her own thoughts about the weekend and how she was going to spend her time.

         After getting to her room and giving the waiting bellhop a generous tip, Janet laid out her outfits and started to look over the brochure that Jack had given to her.  According to the schedule on it (accompanied by several images of people dressed in various types of latex and rubber), there was a registration for all participants tomorrow morning in Suite A after which there was several workshops planned, plus one session for new members like herself .  As well, there was a list of vendors who would be displaying their wares and a fashion show planned on day 2.   The weekend ended with the gala Jack mentioned as well as something called a 'friendly auction', whatever that was supposed to be.

         "This sounds like it's going to be a really fun weekend.... maybe a good time to pick up some new stuff and see if my getup is as nasty as I think it can be....."  Janet thought as she hung up her clothes except for the items she planned to wear to the intro meeting.  The redhead showered and decided to take a nap before setting up her plans for the following day and what she'd be looking to buy, look at and such.  Strangely, while she was sleeping, she swore that she heard something or someone enter her room but when she groggily opened her eyes and looked around, she didn't see anything.

        Next morning....... 

         The elevator doors swung open and a man and woman stepped out onto the convention floor dressed in attire that seemed more appropriate for a BDSM party than for a convention that was being held for fans of leather and similar type attires.  The man was dressed in a skintight white latex catsuit that covered him the neck down with boot like gloves and a steel studded collar around his neck.  The woman was similarly attired with her outfit a shiny red in color and she was wearing oversized black wraparound sunglasses.  Both of them had what looked like a dog leash draping down from their respective collars and the woman was clutching what looked like a portable stun gun in her right hand.

          As for Janet, who emerged from an elevator along side a few moments later, she was dressed in a skintight black latex catsuit with steel buttons running up and down her arms and legs.  Zippers were visible above her breasts and over the area of her pussy indicating the suit could be worn by Janet if she was in the throes of intimacy.  Janet had silver gloves and boots on with a soft leather hat and an oversized matching handbag to complete her outfit.  With her natural beauty and voluptuous physique, Janet's stroll across the hotel floor towards the registration desk produced  more than a few long stares and reddening faces by both men and women.

          "Hello and welcome to Synthacon 6.  Do you want a day pass or would you like the full weekend pass?" the woman seated behind the registration table asked Janet in a warm and friendly manner.  Unlike many people around them, the receptionist was dressed fairly conservatively in a leather blouse and skirt with a hat that had a button in it.  The button had the letters S and C on it with small figures (both male and female) shown below the insignia in outfits that seemed to be typical for this type of gathering.

          "Oh, I'll take the full weekend pass.  Does that include the auction and gala at the end?"  Janet inquired as she handed the woman her 'Alice Talbert ' credit card for the registration payment.

          "Yes, that's all included.  In addition, with the full pass, you're entitled to 20% off all your purchases from the vendors selling here at the convention.  Hmmmm..... that's strange...."  the woman before pausing momentarily when she swiped the credit card and a faint annoying BEEP! could be heard by both women.  Frowning slightly, the clerk motioned to one of the convention officials to come over to her for a second.

          Janet was briefly worried that there might be a problem with her credit card, though her rising panic was somewhat quelled when he saw the familiar face of Jack approach the table.  Smiling and nodding in Janet's direction, the man pulled the registration clerk to one side where the two talked in hushed tones for several seconds.  Once they were done, Jack returned to the table and got out a pad of paper and pen.

          "There seems to be some sort of glitch with your credit card, Alice.  It's probably just a snafu on the credit card company's part, or a computer problem.  If you could mark down your address and phone number, I'll give them a call right away and straighten out the whole mess,"  Jack said quietly while gesturing towards the pad.

          "I'll jot down the address I gave the credit company and hope nobody realizes that it's the address for my company,"  Janet thought to herself as she jotted down the requested items and handed the pad back to Jack.

          Nodding in appreciation, the brown haired man tore the sheet off the pad, folded it neatly in half and put it in his vest pocket.  "We'll make a few phone calls and get it all straightened out but in the meantime, I think we can issue you your convention pass right now,"  Jack said as he handed Janet a plastic card with the convention logo printed at the top and the image of a full length catsuit visible below it, along with her credit card.

          Janet thanked Jack profusely and told him to drop by her room (the number of which was also jotted down on the paper she just filled out) if he had any more questions.  After a few minutes of chatting about the various exhibitors, Janet said good-bye and headed off to take in the sights and sounds.

          As the redhead wandered from booth to booth, she was impressed by the number and variety of dealers set up.  There were some who offered to to take high quality color digital photos of patrons in whatever pose they desired behind a blue curtain.  Others offered electronic accessories to the outfits the patrons owned and there were a few booths that were run by people who produced movies that catered specifically to the leather, latex and rubber enthusiasts.  Although the images shown on the video monitors were rather dark, the enthusiasm by the people in the booths was undeniable.

          Janet bought a few items that caught her eye and paid for her items with cash or a debit card she also carried with her.  She wandered around for several hours taking in the sights and sounds of the convention and the people there.  Glancing at her watch, Janet saw it was just past noon and judging by the faint rumbling of her stomach, she needed to grab a quick bite to eat.  She was about to head down to the hotel dining room when she literally ran right into a man with a very familiar face.

          "Bill?  Is... is that you?"  Janet asked, with obvious amazement evident in her voice.  The man who she had worked with for some time was decked out in a black latex outfit that seemed to cover every part of his body, except for his face, in a skintight manner.

          "Ummm...ummm... hi, Janet.  I sure didn't expect to see you here this weekend,"  Bill said with his face turning noticeably red.  He fingered his chrome studded belt nervously as if he was wishing he was anywhere but standing in front of his boss at that moment.

          "Well, this is my first time at a convention like this.  Tell me, Bill, how often do you indulge in this type of interest? Hmmm...?"   Janet said with a somewhat smug look on her face.

          "No, it's umm..... well, you see... uhhh.... it's kinda like this, Janet, I was... ummm... oh, darn it, that's my cell phone... I told Gwen, my receptionist, to call me if there's any emergency calls sent to my service.  I should call her right back now,"  Bill stammered as he started to edge away from his catsuited boss.

          "Huh.... are you sure?  I didn't hear you cell phone ringing at all.  Maybe you should wait for a few minutes and see if it's your phone at all,"   Janet called out noting to herself that she didn't even see where her employee could be carrying a cell phone.

          "Oh, I.... I has it on vibrate mode, Janet.  Look.... ummm... if I don't see ya later on today or tomorrow, please don't mention this to anyone at work, ok?"  Bill called out as he quickly hustled out of the room.

          Chuckling out loud, Janet resumed her journey out of the display area and headed back to her room to drop off her purchases.  Once there, she decided not to go down to the dining room for something to eat but order a meal through room service instead.

           The redhead had just finished eating her meal when she heard a knock at her door.  When Janet opened it, she found Jack waiting there for her with several other people from the convention behind him.

           "Sorry to bother you, Alice, but I need you to come down with me to the convention area right away.   We have procedures set up for first time attendees that I should have mentioned to you before.  If you need a few minutes to get ready, I'll wait here, no problem,"  Jack said with a smile though not as warm as before.

           "Ok.  Just give me one minute and I'll be right out, "  Janet muttered before closing the door and started to get ready.  As she did so, she briefly wondered what exactly was going on but figured it was some sort of initiation stunt.  She quickly dressed in a latex and leather outfit that resembled what she had worn before and, checking her make-up for a second in a bathroom mirror, she followed Jack along with the others down the corridors and into the waiting elevator.

           Once they were in the elevator car, the group accompanying Jack were handed ball gags to insert in their mouths by an assistant of Bill's.  After they all were gagged, Jack led everyone off the car when it stopped at the desired floor.  Janet noticed that the floor was the same one where the various convention dealers were pitching their wares.  However, the entire floor was mysteriously dark save for hand held flashlights illuminating a path in front of the elevators.

            Jack led the group of gagged conventioneers into a nearby room that was just as dark as the floor's hallways and told them all to wait there while he retrieved the other convention organizers.  Janet and the others waited in silence with the occasional muffled gasp heard as one latex clad person bumped into another.

           Roughly five or so minutes later, the door to the room swung open and the light was turned on which temporarily blinded the occupants.  When Janet's eyes cleared, she saw Bill standing in the entrance with a man and woman on either side of him.  In Jack's arms, there appeared to be a pair of stiletto high heels and some kind of suit similar to the one she was wearing only made out of rubber.

           "Ok, Ms. Talbert, could you follow me to the room next to this one?  Florence and Jeff will take care of the initiation for these people here,"  Jack said, with a decidedly stern look on his face.

           Puzzled both by the tone and request,  Janet thought briefly of asking Jack what was going on but figured he had treated her well to that point (not to mention she was still gagged like the others) so she went with him quietly like before.  A few seconds later, Jack swung open the door open to the room he wanted and ushered Janet in after turning the lights on.

           "Change into this right away, miss.  I'll be back here in about fifteen minutes to discuss an important matter with you before your initiation,"  Jack said with the same, somewhat stern voice of before.  He then left the room and closed the door behind him to allow Janet privacy.

            Looking around, the redhead saw the room was virtually empty save for a long wooden table at the front of the table and what looked like the rod and stand for displaying a store mannequin at the back.  Figuring this was all part of her initiation, Janet quickly stepped out of the outfit she was wearing and slipped on the rubber catsuit given her.  Zipping it up part way, she noticed that it hugged her body so tightly to the point that her nipples were clearly visible through the surface of the suit.   Sitting down gently on the table, Janet slipped on the shoes one at a time before standing up once again.  Gingerly reaching around to the suit's back, she slowly tugged the zipper upwards until it was just an inch or so from closing completely.

            Suddenly, without warning, the suit sealed up itself and Janet found herself unable to move at all!  Worse of all, she found her arms slowly raising on her own until they froze, posed seductively over her head with her left hand slightly tucked behind her right one.  Her pose caused her breasts to push a little further out causing the nipples to become more prominent than before.  The other odd thing that she felt (though couldn't confirm) a part of the suit disappear around where her anus was, as she felt a slight breeze in that area.

            "What's going on?  I can't move... can't budge... did Jack know this was going to happen?"  Janet wondered in still silence as she tried to comprehend what was going on.  She figured she would find out what was going on when Jack returned and explained it all to her.  The redhead still held out hope it was just part of the initiation but a tiny part of her was screaming that this was wrong.... very wrong.

            Five or so minutes later, Jack returned to the room with the two Janet had seen before as well as Bill, who didn't seem surprised by Janet's current motionless pose.  In Jack's right hand, he was carrying what looked like a TV remote while Florence and Jeff were carrying what appeared to be a full length mirror.  Jack motioned to Bill to remove the gag while the other two placed the mirror in front of Janet.  Once they were done, the convention executive turned his full attention to the immobile redhead.

            "Well, 'Alice', I'll be brief.  When we checked your credit card out, the company said that the name you gave us didn't correspond with the address listed.  We have a convention attendee, Bill Smith, who also said that he knows for a fact that your name isn't Alice though he couldn't say what it was, exactly.  Needless to say, fraud is a crime we take very seriously,"  Jack said solemnly.

           "What...!  Fraud... that can't be!  Bill, you know who I am... tell them!  Damn.. why won't they let me talk?"  Janet thought to herself as she tried to explain her true situation to anyone who could hear but found her ability to speak had vanished just like her mobility.

           "We try to keep things like this private and out of the local authorities so until we find out who you really are, we're going to punish you in a rather unique way for trying to defraud us,"  Jack continued before finishing his statement by taking the remote in his hand and depressing the red button marked M at the top.

           Almost immediately, Janet felt a tingling sensation surge through her entire body though, strangely, it was a very pleasant sensation.  She felt her breathing grow shallow and her eye movement start to slow considerably.  It started to feel to her like her very body was changing and becoming something else entirely.  Her feelings were confirmed when Florence and Jeff unzipped her catsuit partly and pulled it down to her waist while simultaneously turning her sideways.

            Janet saw that all her blemishes and freckles were disappearing rapidly as her skin was taking on a smooth, glossy sheen of hard plastic.  She felt her pussy clench together before it smoothed over and become plastic like the rest of her.  Simultaneously, she felt her anus form into a long, cylindrical channel with what seemed to be a metal plate appearing out of nowhere over it.  As her breasts transformed into firm mounds of plastic devoid of areolas with only the slightest bump where her nipples had been, Janet realized what was going on.







Janet thoughts changed along with her body, as her wide mouth twitched slightly before becoming a fixed smile of pleasure and desire.  Her eyes became nothing more than colored glass and her hair became nothing more than a wig of red hair.

Janet felt herself being picked up with ease by Jeff and carried over to the mannequin stand.  When he slid the rod into her anus and the plate locked it into place, Janet felt what she might have called an orgasm if she still had human form.  As it was, she found her mind tumbling into a sea of endless bliss that enveloped her thoughts totally.

            As Jeff and Florence zipped up the suit once again, covering the stiffened figure that had been Alica Talbert, Jack nodded in understanding.  "Well, now she goes into storage until the fraud part is resolved.  Does anybody here want to volunteer to look after whoever this is?" the convention executive asked the people in the room.

            "Well......."  Bill started to say.....

            Next week.......

            "....have no clue as to the whereabouts of millionaire Janet Jones, who was last seen at her company HQ two weeks ago.  Police have recovered a car with her finger prints in it about 100 miles from her home and a person matching her description was seen in the area.  However, the police have yet to pinpoint her final...."  the news commentator read before the screen went blank as Bill switched off his TV and went into his bedroom.  Standing next to the bed was the rigid figure of Janet, still secured to her mannequin stand, though she had a blonde wig on and now was wearing a lacy black teddy and garterless black hose.  Sitting next to her stand on a coffee table was the remote responsible for changing her into a display dummy.

           Bill went up to her, looking into her glassy eyes and running one finger along her smooth hardened cheek. "Well, I have to admit, Janet, deciding to max out your credit card with my laptop computer was a good idea, after all.  You really shouldn't have left your secret card statements lying around your office where anyone could find them.  Don't worry, I'm sure they'll figure out who you once were and where you're supposed to be, eventually. Of course, by then, I'll be elsewhere with you... maybe opening a new clothing store in a city far away.  After all, I've already got one mannequin to display my goods!  And I can make more of those with just the press of a button... Ha!  Ha!"  Bill said, with an evil laugh.

          "DISPLAY PRETTY CLOTHING?.. THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL.... IT'S WHAT I'M MADE FOR, AFTER ALL........"  Janet, or the mannequin that she now was, thought as she settled into her new unmoving life.

          A life altered by a simple convention....

          And a credit card....


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