Sharon's Touch 1

by Panic and JMD

Author’s note (Panic): This was originally a thread of stories posted on the BEAddventure at the urging of JMD. I immediately enjoyed his idea on this thread and added my own little twist to the fantasy. Will this continue...? I guess it depends if you wish to see more; let me know at Big thanks to JMD and all my friends in the community!

Chapter One: Sharon’s Touch (by JMD)

“Have you been enjoying your fantasy, lover?”

“You better believe it,” Jim told her, kissing her gently.

“Good,” Sharon smiled, “cause now I want to tell you about my secret fantasy. It's a little strange, but hear me out.”

“Okay,” Jim agreed. They sat on a bench next to Brenda's pedestal. A subtle grin crossed his face as he remembered the powerful wish that held Brenda locked within solid brass. The erotic theme of her pose was humiliating yet didn’t seem harsh enough for her betrayal. Trapped at the peak of masturbatory desire, she would remain a slutty monument for as long as he wished: a condition unlikely to change anytime soon.

“You know how much I like to come to these art shows, right?” Jim nodded. “Well, ever since I was a little girl, I've always liked to look at statues. Not the abstract stuff, but the lifelike ones. I can't really explain it, but I've always been attracted to the idea of people being turned into statues.”

“Like what I did to Brenda?” Jim asked.

“Exactly,” she nodded. “Why, if I hadn't been made of rubber at the time Brenda froze up and became bronze, I would have cum in my shorts.”

“You're right,” Jim said. “That is a little strange.”

“Said the man who turned his girlfriend into a blow-up doll repeatedly for the last few weeks,” she said, sarcastically. “But that's not all. While the idea of turning another person into a statue gets me hot, the idea of someone turning me into one puts me into orbit.” She moved around and took his hand. “Now, for the last two weeks, I've been giving you exactly what you've always wanted, right?”

“Right,” Jim repeated.

“...and I haven't asked for a thing in return…until now.” She paused. “Jim, I want you to turn me into a statue like you did Brenda. Not as erotic, though. I want to be a simple life study. Then, I want you to enter me in the show and leave me here till it's over. What do you say?”

Jim spent several hours deciding whether or not he should grant Sharon her wish. Every so often, he’d glace at her out of the corner of his eye, her face glowing in anticipation. Nervously, she bounced her knees up and down as she counted the minutes. At last, Jim decided he had let her suffer enough.

“Okay, Sharon,” Jim announced while they were watching TV that evening. “I've made my decision.”

“Are you going to do it?” she asked. “Are you going to make me a statue?”

“Not exactly. I'm going to do something better.” Jim pictured what he wanted to happen in his head, and then said, “I wish what I was just thinking about would become a reality.”

“I don't get it,” Sharon admitted. “What did you just do?”

“Come over here and I'll show you.” They went to the bar that separated the living room from the kitchen. “Touch the counter,” Jim told her, “but when you do, think about being a statue.”

Sharon thought it was odd, but placed her hand on the marble countertop. When she did, she felt a slight tingling sensation in her hand. “Whoa!” she gasped, pulling her hand away. “What was that?”

“Don't panic,” Jim assured her. “Now come over here.” He guided her back to the center of the living room. “Okay,” he told her, making sure she was well balanced. “Now say 'freeze'.”

“Freeze? Oh!” Sharon gasped as a strange electric shock ran through her body. In seconds, her body froze up, turning the same color as the countertop. In a matter of moments, she had become a marble statue.

Jim walked around his petrified girl friend a couple of times to see the results. “Not bad,” he admitted. “Now you understand, don't you? Instead of making you a statue myself, I've given you the power to make yourself one. Just by touching a material and thinking about it, your body will absorb the properties of that material. Then, by saying the code word 'freeze', you will become a statue of that material. To change back, you just have to will it so. Try it.”

He watched as Sharon's marble body returned to flesh. “Wow!” she shouted when she was completely restored. “That was incredible.” She struck another pose. “Freeze.”

Nothing happened.

“Sorry,” Jim said. “One statue per touch. Also, as a fail safe, a single transformation will only last a month. That way you don't get stuck as a statue forever.”

“Good idea,” she said, moving back toward the counter. “I want to do it again.”

Jim stopped her. “In a minute. First, let me show you something else.”

“Something else?”

“Right. Remember how you said that you got off on the idea of turning people into statues?” She nodded. “Well, try this. Touch the coffee table like you did the counter.” She did as he instructed, again feeling that thrilling tingle. “Now, touch that plant on the TV with the same hand and say 'Freeze'.”

Sharon moved over and placed her hand on the peace lily. “Freeze. Holy shit!” she exclaimed as she watched the plant turn into solid wood, polished and lacquered to perfection.

“There you go,” Jim smiled. “After you've absorbed the properties of a material, saying your code word will make you a statue of that material, unless you're touching something else with the same hand you used to absorb the material. If you are touching some other object, saying the code word will change the item instead of you.”

“Including people?”

“Including people,” he nodded. “So, now that you have this statue-making power, what do you want to do with it?”

Sharon looked at the wooden peace lily on the television. “Will it stay that way forever?” she inquired.

“Nope,” he told her. “Just like with you, it'll stay transformed until you will it back or a month passes. And there's something else you should know.”

“What's that?”

“I'm immune to your touch,” Jim said. “If you try to use it on me, you'll become a statue yourself, without the power to free yourself for an unlimited duration of time.”

“You don't want to be a statue for me?”

“I didn't say that,” he explained. “I just want a little say in the process is all. You saw how Brenda became after she’d acquired some power. I don’t want you corrupted, since I don’t want to have to punish you like Brenda! So, what's it gonna be? Ready for the art show?”

Sharon thought for a second. “Actually,” she told him, “I think I should get a little more familiar with these powers first. I think I’ll just play around the house for a little while.”

“Sure thing,” Jim smiled. “I’ll just watch TV while you have your fun.”

For the next several hours, Sharon played. She turned herself into wood, glass, porcelain, and several other materials. Likewise, chairs, magazines, doorknobs and other items around the house were molecularly changed into different materials.


Chapter Two: Backyard Games (by Panic)

It was about midnight when Jim turned off the television. He didn't hear Sharon, but that didn't bother him. She had been quiet several times during the evening, when she had become one type of statue or another. He just figured that she was standing frozen somewhere in the house. So, it was something of a surprise when Sharon turned up missing. Jim looked all through the house, but couldn’t find Sharon anywhere, animate or frozen. “Now, where did she get to?” he wondered out loud. Then he remembered. “Oh, yeah,” he told himself. “I've got wishing powers. I wish I knew was Sharon was right now.”

In a flash, Jim was transported to Sharon's location. Enveloped in thick smoke, Jim coughed and sputtered, shocked by the swift force of his mere wish. As he started to regain his bearings, he began to recognize the familiar confines of his own backyard. Sharon's eyes darted over to him in playful surprise.

“Wow! Where did you come from?” asked the voluptuous damsel as she caught her breath. On her face she held a perfect expression of impishness as she bounced around in excitement.

Jim quickly scanned the grounds behind his house. Gathered all around were statues made of pristine, white stone. 'I should have known,' thought Jim as he wrapped his knuckles on one stony woman's forehead. “You've been VERY busy, haven’t you!” chided Jim in a harsh tone.

“Oh, darling, please don't get harsh with me. I simply couldn't help myself,” replied Sharon with a meek pout. Jim anxiously studied the five seductive sculptures with weary apprehension, fully expecting the police to bust in at any moment. Suddenly, he saw a face he seemed to recognize.

“Wait a second! Is that… Candace?”

Sharon nodded with a proud smile, saying, “I invited all of my girlfriends over for a late night get-together, a sleep over of sorts. We drank a few marguerites, swapped a few stories and played a few party games.” With a swagger in her hips, Sharon strutted over to her dear friend, Candace. Planting a delicate kiss on Candace's stony lips, she used a single finger to play with her friend's aroused nub of a nipple poking through her skimpy nightie. “I had a great idea for the last game, as you can imagine! The contest itself is called Statue Maker. I fondly remember playing that game when I was a kid, and it seemed like a perfect way to surprise these darling women into becoming my private art collection.”

Confused, Jim asked, “I don't ever remember playing Statue Maker when I was a kid. How do you play it?”

“Well, you take a partner by the arms and swing her around for a few rotations. Once spinning, you release your grip, sending her soaring. When she lands, she's supposed to hold whichever awkward position she finds herself in when she makes contact with the ground.” Sharon slung her arm around her dear friend, Lydia, before adding, “As you can plainly see, these girls cheated a bit, since they all composed themselves before I graced them with my touch.”

“And, apparently, they didn't realize the penalty for messing with the rules, now did they?” added Jim with a wry smile. Slowly, he began to appreciate Sharon's little prank. Besides, they could only be transformed for a maximum of one month, unless he himself decided to change the restrictions on Sharon's powerful touch. Out of sheer curiosity, Jim asked his beloved sculptor, “So, when did you do all of this?”

As Sharon skipped around her petrified friends, she said, “Well, I think it was around four in the morning when I finally froze them. I've been spending the rest of the morning trying to figure out where to place each of them for maximum impact.” With a contented sigh, she added, “You should have seen the sunrise reflecting off of their chilly curves earlier. Simply breathtaking!”

Jim could plainly see locations where underbrush was removed; undoubtedly Sharon had been planning and working for many hours. Without exerting any strenuous effort, Jim simply wished that each sculpture be displayed precisely as Sharon desired. In an instant, each of the stiffened maidens flew through the air briefly before landing delicately all around the circumference of the backyard.

With a loud giggle, Sharon proclaimed, “Hurray! Now we have a perfect Roman sculpture garden! Although, their clothes are a bit of a distraction…”

Jim immediately took the hint and wished that each of the statuesque ladies would be completely nude. In a heartbeat, the various nightgowns and teddies vanished, leaving only pristine curves of solid stone. Out of courtesy, Jim added another wish, ensuring that their clothes would be restored in a folded pile in his arms. Gently, he placed the unnecessary clothing items on a shelf inside the nearby storage shed.

Suddenly, from around the corner, they could both hear chattering laughter. Slightly alarmed, Sharon tiptoed around the corner to investigate then hollered in joy as she welcomed a trio of ladies into the yard.

“Cynthia, Darlene and Tricia! I'm so glad you could make it! It's not like you to miss a party!” Without any hesitation, Sharon threw her arms around the new arrivals.

The willowy blonde named Cynthia offered in a dejected tone, “We would have been here many hours ago, Sharon, but we had a flat tire on the way out here.”

“Yeah,” added the brunette named Tricia in disgust. “Somebody decided a spare tire wasn't important enough to pack in her trunk.”

The blushing redhead sulked for a moment before saying, “Here we go again! I can't believe you two haven't relented yet! I know, I know, I'm a complete screw-up! Can we drop the issue now?”

Sharon smiled warmly, stifling a boisterous giggle. 'They're still at each other's throats, even after all of these years!' Struggling to lighten the tense atmosphere, she offered each of the young ladies a warm libation, a brash shot of Jameson. “This sounds like a problem that can be easily solved with a healthy dose of alcohol, ladies!”

As Jim introduced himself to Sharon's high school friends, he noticed Sharon winking at him from the corner of his eye. 'She doesn't quit, does she?' thought Jim in excitement. 'I guess she plans on adding these lovely women to her growing collection of statuary.'

After downing a few drinks, the three striking ladies wandered around the yard, admiring the fine quality of sculptures gracing the yard. Never once did any of them recognize anybody else from their tight circle of friends in the hardened expressions gathered all around them. In awe, Darlene shouted in admiration, “I love what you've done with this yard, Sharon! These statues are simply a sight to behold!”

Sharon replied, “I couldn't agree with you more, Darlene! I hope to acquire more lovely ladies as soon as I get the opportunity.”


Chapter Three: Without a Chariot (by Panic)

Cynthia giggled as she glanced around the lush backyard, still blinking in disbelief. When Sharon called her cell phone hours ago offering to host a raucous party, nobody knew what to think. It was already pretty late in the evening and Sharon sounded blitzed beyond all belief, but the loud revelry heard within the background chatter proved too tempting to resist. It took some convincing, but eventually Darlene and Tricia were coaxed into slipping on slinky party dresses and flashy high heels. In giddy haste, they grabbed the booze from the fridge and plowed ahead towards Sharon’s impromptu reunion.

With a screech, Darlene swerved to avoid plowing into a scavenging raccoon, blowing out her front passenger tire in the process. Eventually, the three of them discovered they had no spare available to get back on the road. Looking like prom angels without a chaperone, they wandered up the road in their uncomfortable pumps undaunted by such a tedious setback. Naturally, Darlene took quite a bit of ribbing from her chums as each mile passed underfoot, so she began drinking with reckless abandon. As the sun rose in the distance, they all sighed with relief as Sharon’s house popped up on the horizon.

Almost immediately, Cynthia noticed a subtle gleam of mischief in Sharon’s eye, even as a sigh of relief rolled over the group the moment they realized their trek was complete. Cynthia felt the slightest pang of disappointment at the thought of missing the party, since no guests remained with Sharon except her long-time boyfriend, Jim. ‘All dressed up with nobody to blow,’ thought Cynthia with a grin. Taking in her surroundings, she noticed several incredibly detailed stone statues glistening in the morning sunlight, perched all around the impeccably tailored landscape. The scene felt all too familiar, almost like watching the same movie for a second time after being utterly distracted at the first screening. Another sensation that struck her was an odd, warm glow of arousal, drifting in like the pungent scent of lilac blossoms. A couple shots of whiskey only heightened this balmy feeling of groaning contentment.

‘I guess Sharon isn’t all that drunk anymore,’ thought Cynthia with a grin. ‘Darlene, on the other hand... looks absolutely pummeled!’ Darlene swayed as she stood spellbound, tracing her tiny palms along the polished surface of a seductively-perched alabaster maiden across the vast yard. Cynthia was secretly impressed with Sharon’s taste in art, even though she was surprised how risqué some of their poses were. Imagination wasn’t necessary to see intimate details of their stony anatomy, yet somehow such marble nudeness wasn’t inappropriate or bawdy. Part of Cynthia felt jealous of these static ladies for having the honor to pose for such a virtuoso.

Jim studied the bustling activity around him for a few minutes, slowly studying Sharon’s precious friends. Finally, after about five minutes of analysis, he pulled Sharon aside, saying in a low whisper, “I'll help you capture these three, if you'd like, Sharon. I don't know if your fascination with statues is rubbing off on me or what, but I think it would be fun to assist you in making these vibrant women into breathtaking sculptures after all.”

Trying to appear nonchalant, Sharon could feel tingly butterflies welling in her stomach as she considered the possibilities. Gently stroking her fingers along the noticeable bulge growing within his pants, she moaned quietly, “I knew you'd see it my way, darling. I'll tell you what, why don't you take Cynthia and Tricia on a tour of the house. While you three are away, I'll get Darlene to pose for me, alright?”

The conspiring pair shared a tender kiss for a moment, fully reveling in the excitement of the moment. Jim gently patted his lover on the butt before offering an assisting hand to Cynthia and Tricia. “Ladies, would you like to see the grand tour?”

Without any apprehension, both ladies leapt up and reached out for him, timidly linking arms with their confident host. As they swept through the door, Darlene looked dejectedly at Sharon, saying in a hurtful tone, “Why didn't he take me along with them? I wanna see your house, too!”

Sharon struggled to ease her friend's troubled mind, saying in a warm tone, “But, darling, then we wouldn't have a chance to chat. I've really missed you, Darlene.” They both hugged as they smiled. Within her mind, Sharon thought, 'So soft and warm. But you won't be for long, Princess!'

For a few brief moments, they sat and talked. Darlene, however, seemed to still be distracted by the incredibly life-like statuary perched around them. After a few minutes, the two ladies decided to wander around the yard while they conversed. Eventually, Sharon recalled a funny moment from their past. “Remember when you were trying to avoid that awful boyfriend of yours in high school? What was his name, again?”

“Scott Pecor,” sighed Darlene in exasperation. “That prick stalked me for almost a year after we had broken up!”

“Oh yeah. Scott was his name, wasn't it? Sneaky Pecor,” Sharon giggled as she saw the burly football player in her mind's eye. “Well, we were at the Fairview Mall shopping when we spotted him scouring the mall for you. Do you remember?”

“God, yes! He just wouldn't leave me alone back then,” smirked Darlene, with just a hint of fear in her voice.

“Do you recall how we hid you from him?” asked Sharon with a sly wink.

Darlene pondered the question for several moments. Suddenly, her face lit up in an instant. “I remember now! Didn't you guys have me pose like a mannequin in a window display?”

“That's right!” replied Sharon in excitement. “And it worked, too! That stupid jock hounded us for ten minutes, and all the while you were standing right in front of the idiotic thug.”

“I was so scared that he'd find me,” whispered Darlene as she began to relive the entire experience. Sharon took a moment to absorb the properties of the small statuette in her pocket while she listened to her gorgeous high school chum. “I was so sure that I'd budge and reveal myself to him unwittingly. It took every ounce of strength not to break my pose.” Without any provocation, Darlene walked over to a low platform of stone. In an instant, she flowed into the stiff pose that she was forced to endure as a living mannequin. “There I was standing just like this, hoping beyond hope that you three would find a way of throwing him off my trail.” Darlene then remained absolutely still in her desired pose, trying to relive the experience right there in the backyard.

Slowly, Sharon walked right up to her precious friend. Without disrupting her motionless friend, Sharon whispered into Darlene's ear, “I'd never let anybody harm you, Darlene.” After throwing a wink at her perfectly proportioned comrade, she was rewarded with a bright, knowing smile. With a gentle hand stroking Darlene's exposed shoulder, she could hear a soft sigh emanate from her darling companion. “Hold still,” toyed Sharon, while under her breath she muttered, “I like it when you freeze.”

In an instant, everything changed. Darlene's body began to whiten uncontrollably as a wave of stone began to slink down her shoulder and up her neck. A loud, crackling sound began to echo throughout the backyard as the alabaster transformation began to sweep across Darlene's adorable face and down her heaving breasts simultaneously. Sharon stood back and watched in awe as her friend swiftly surrendered to the advancing surge of flawless marble. As it swept down Darlene's shapely derriere, Sharon marveled at the delicate curves becoming immortalized in hard granite. It thrilled Sharon to the core to be able to weave a web of seduction around her drunk and gullible friend. Within moments, Darlene fully succumbed to Sharon's trap and became nothing more than a trinket, a garden statue, captured at the height of her beauty for all to see and admire.

From inside the house, Jim watched his darling Sharon as she guided the inebriated Darlene to a perch of honor. While his touring guests were preoccupied, Jim smiled as their companion became a lawn decoration so stunning, it would warm the most jaded of souls. In a flash, he wished this new monument’s clothes removed and tucked away with the other garments in the shed.

As Jim led his new acquaintances through the back door, he smiled then offered a thumb’s up towards his dastardly lover. Sharon held an aloof look of pure rapture as he approached and kissed her on the cheek. In a delicate whisper, Jim said proudly, “You did a great job on Darlene; she looks wonderful!” Sharon merely nodded her approval.

Before long, Tricia asked, “Where did Darlene go? Did she leave us here?”

Sharon smiled before lying. “The auto club showed up to fix the tire on the car. She took them to find the car, wherever you guys ended up leaving it.” With that last statement, she exchanged a wry look with Jim.

As they circled around the delicately balanced alabaster statue that once had been their friend, Darlene, Cynthia sighed in wonderment, seemingly unaware of her friend’s static presence. She lingered longingly while the others strolled to the bar, secretly in awe of such beauty rendered in durable stone. “Did we lose you, too, Cynthia?” called Tricia over her shoulder. Cynthia shook herself out of her trance, but still couldn’t resist tracing a tremulous finger along the curve of those stony lips.

Sharon poured a chilled bottle of champagne into several glasses, recklessly sending foaming lather all over the ground. Once Cynthia had reached Sharon's location, she tugged on her friend's shirt sleeve. In a timid whisper, she begged, “ Sharon, can I come along with you the next time you acquire more of these flawless sculptures? These are simply stupendous!”

Smiling knowingly, Sharon replied, “I assure you, Cynthia, you will be there. Are you thinking of starting a collection of your own?” Cynthia merely nodded in wonderment as she traced her fingers along a chiseled pair of heaving breasts, deftly playing with one aroused nub of a nipple.

“So, what are we celebrating, ladies?” asked Tricia out of curiosity as she reached for an effervescent glass of bubbly.

Jim chimed in immediately, saying in a proud yet mischievous tone, “We are celebrating Sharon's new career…as a sculptor! Congratulations, sweetie!”

In shock, the pair of ladies screamed in unison, “What?!”

Sharon threw angry daggers at her loose-lipped boyfriend as she tossed the empty bottle of bubbly aside. She studied her high school chums apprehensively, believing the jig was up. All of their jaws were dropped in absolute surprise. Slowly, Cynthia whispered, “Sharon, did you REALLY make all of these fantastic masterpieces?” Cynthia's eyes were as wide as saucers as she waited for a response from her most cherished friend.

Deliberately kicking her left foot in the dirt, Sharon looked down in embarrassment, shyly wishing her new magical ability had remained a secret. Again, Jim stepped in, saying proudly, “Aw, come on, Sharon. You should be proud of what you've accomplished here.” With steady movements, he lifted her chin up until her bloodshot eyes looked directly into his. As Jim smiled wickedly, he added, “In fact, I wish your close friends could see you in action, Sharon.”

Immediately, Sharon's forlorn expression faded into excitement as she stepped towards her astounded friends. In a soothing tone, she uttered, “How about posing for me, ladies?”

Jim took a seat on the lush grass as Cynthia and Tricia appeared to swoon, unreservedly influenced by Sharon's dedicated enthusiasm. Well prepared for the occasion, Jim pulled out a small camcorder from his backpack and began recording his entranced lover as she helped Tricia remove her slim garments. Initially, Tricia displayed timidity about posing for Sharon, and she balked in hesitation. However, Sharon’s unbridled excitement loosed any further inhibition in her mind until she couldn’t help but smile while rolling her head from side to side. Once they had succeeded in stripping the athletic brunette out of her clothes, they shared several tender embraces before Sharon planted an inspired kiss on Tricia's pouty lips.

After tearing their lips apart, Sharon whispered seductively into Tricia's ear. “Would you like to become a sexy work of art for me, Tricia?”

Tricia nodded raucously, anxious to take her transformation to the next level. Cynthia began to join in adoration with the loving pair, adding more indulgent warmth to the moment. Each girl took turns kissing Tricia before Sharon lifted her slim friend onto a durable shelf of granite, located in the far right corner of the backyard. Cynthia stepped back to give Sharon some room to work, but she made certain that no obstacle stood within her line of sight. Nothing would impede her view of Tricia's metamorphosis.

Eventually, Sharon stepped up onto the platform with her subject, saying in a sultry voice, “Look into yourself, Tricia, and visualize the pose that you long to display for all eternity. Take a deep breath, focus your thoughts and then flow into your predestined expression. When you are truly ready for me to work my magic, blink twice.”

At first, Jim thought Tricia would stumble or recoil at Sharon's abnormal request. However, Tricia didn't miss a beat, swiftly and gracefully positioning herself on her knees. Arching her back lifted her well-proportioned breasts triumphantly outward, tipped by rock-hard nipples, fully aroused to their maximum extent. Sharon looked on intently as Tricia continued to move, lifting her arms high into the air above her. Finally, she lifted her chin up elegantly, aiming her darling face skyward. With deliberate precision, Tricia made minor adjustments to her uncomfortable stance, flexing her fingers and toes slightly until she seemed utterly satisfied with her ultimate pose. Sharon stepped closer, discretely absorbing the properties of the shimmering ring around her own slim finger.

In an instant, the now motionless woman fluttered her eyelashes, effectively signaling her total readiness. Sharon leaned in, whispering into the ravishing brunette's ear, “You've always been a flawless masterpiece, Tricia. I shall merely make your endearing beauty more permanent.” Tricia's face lit up a bit, yet she remained true to her pose, despite the warm flow of vaginal fluid trickling down her inner thigh. Immediately, Sharon whispered, “Freeze,” while stroking Tricia's extended right nipple.

A shimmering shaft of light instantly appeared from the point of contact, a radiant sparkle with a noticeably amber hue. Tricia's body quickly became enveloped within the iridescent fire, locking into precious Gold. A loud, ringing sound filled the air around them as the quaking energy surged, conquering every inch of Tricia's perfect body until her warm curves were flesh no longer. In an instant, Sharon's adorable friend has been completely altered, forming a lovely trophy of solid gold.

Sharon let out a wild moan of pleasure as she reached out for Tricia's gilded skin. Jim stepped in closer with his camera, excitedly capturing the incredible scene for posterity. Through the viewfinder, he saw more than just a golden statue; he witnessed a deity that glowed like the sun, sharing its warmth for all who cared to look.

As Sharon stepped back from her latest captured ally, she sighed in utter contentment. Cynthia, at last, couldn't resist. She bounded up to Tricia's gilded form, gently pressing her warm body against the lustrous and chilly monument.

Sharon delicately pulled Cynthia away from their motionless friend, warmly coaxing her into her warm embrace. In excitement, the lust filled woman began to tear at Sharon's clothes with thoughts of giving Sharon ecstatic pleasure, graciously licking and caressing her all over her glistening, sweet-drenched body.


What will happen to Sharon’s friend Cynthia? Will Jim step in to alter the rules of Sharon’s touch, or will Sharon continue her rampage of transformations? Stay tuned for new developments!

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