If the Shoe Fits - 2

by Paul Jutras

       In the Lodge mansion, Sherman Lodge was reading his daughter's post card about what a wonderful honeymoon she and Flash was having. He was happy that she would be returning soon, though not so happy that she'd be living in a small apartment off of his small pay check.  "I just hope he can provide for her like we used to."

      "They'll survive on love." Mrs. Lodge said as the butler opened a crate. "I want the statue there, the paintings on that wall. I think the new sofa will look good over there."

      Meanwhile in their apartment, Sabrina put a pot of coffee as Flash snuggled her neck from behind. She was dressed in a blue sleeveless turtle neck collar blouse, purple print skirt and three inch heel sandals. "Not much room in here for the two of us, but I am an incredible cook. The family head chef taught me."

     "If Goodman accepts these photos of you for the calendar, it'll be quite a feather in my cap and a bonus in my pay check." Flash said as he set up the studio equipment. He turned around to see Sabrina standing with one leg slightly forward, the other foot turned and her right arm up as if she was looking at her wrist watch. She remained unmoving for almost a minute while Flash circled her with his camera before at last breaking into a grin.

     "Having spent some time as a real mannequin, I've become pretty good at holding still for long periods of time without feeling bored."

     After a few more shots of that outfit, Sabrina changed into a black leotard and tights with matching open toe spike heels and floppy hat. She sat atop a step ladder and smiled saucily in a series of poses that the camera just ate up.  The final set of shots were wearing a red spaghetti strap dress, dusky sheer pantyhose, with a pair of three inch heels.

     "Make yourself at home, mother." Sabrina said the next day as she picked up a note from the table.

    "He left you?" She asked with concern.

   "He had to go out to meet a client and will be back later." Sabrina said, setting the card down while her mother kicked off her shoes and stretched across the bed.

    "A bit small." She said as Sabrina sat down at the end of the bed.

    "We couldn't fit a big bed in this size apartment." Sabrina said, suddenly realizing what her mother meant. "We think of the apartment as cozy, not small."

    "Honey, I think I got some fantastic shots this afternoon." Flash said as he came in with his camera in one hand and his tripod in the other. Setting them on the floor, he put his hat and coat in the closet before turning around and seeing that they had company. "Oh, I'm sorry dear. I didn't know we weren't alone. You didn't say anything about your mother stopping by."

     "We were out shopping together and she dropped me off." Sabrina said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

       "At least you picked the right day," Flash said with a smile as he fixed all three of them a glass of wine and offered cheers to his new client. "I'll be working all tomorrow with a new model for a series of layouts the client wants."

           The next day Sabrina was painting one corner of the house in a pair of Flash's baggy coveralls and old sneakers while Flash aimed his camera at his new model wearing a similar leotard outfit as Sabrina had worn for the calendar shoot. As she painted, the roller dripped white paint on her hands and face, making her a mess; she looked jealously at the two engaged in the much more glamorous world of models and photographers.

      "Okay, take a deep breath and hold it." Flash ordered as Sabrina watched the models chest expand impressively until the camera snapped the shot. The same was true when the girl was laying in a sandbox with a painted background of the ocean behind her. "Alright, gorgeous, think of something beautiful and hold it."  Flash didn't see the look on his wife's paint-flecked face.

      "Mother, make me a clever woman." Sabrina said as she sat on her mothers new couch in Lodge manor and begged for help. "I need your help to see that Flash and  I have a good marriage. Sometimes he's so... heartless... towards me."

     "You have to remember dear that men are nothing but little boys who often have their heads turned by a new toy." Mrs. Lodge said. "As little boys they must be treated as such. Some may even go as far as to say to treat your husband like a dog. Like a new puppy they need to be trained."

       That evening, Sabrina got her first chance to test out her mothers advice. She was hanging pictures and was having trouble telling if they were straight or not. "Oh Flash dear, could you come here a second?"

     "What is it hon, you know I'm busy. It is this layout that's putting food on our table." Flashed asked as he was greeted with a kiss. "Maybe I should take breaks more often."

     "I just thought you could use some relief." Sabrina smiled. "While you're here, what do you think of these pictures?"

     "I don't know." Flash stepped back and looked at them. "I think the top one should be over to the left some more."

     "Like this?" She moved them over and saw his nod. She then quickly marked the spots on the wall. "Thanks dear, I couldn't of done it without you."

     "Let me know if there's anything else you need."

     The next day Flash at in his favorite chair with his pipe as Sabrina walked into the room and put her gloves on. "I need to pick up a few things and wondered if you could be a dear and carry a few of the items for me?"

     "But sweetheart, it's my day off," Flash complained. "I've been looking into the camera all week and don't want to look at anything else."

     "You're so right honey." Sabrina said thoughtfully. "It is your day off and you deserve to do anything you wish. How about we make it your day. We'll go anywhere you want and do anything you wish."

    "Really?" he asked.

     "Really."   She assured him.

     After Flash changed his clothes he led Sabrina all over town from sporting stores to the local race track until he got things out of his system. Afterward he was happy to join her in her own clothing and jewelry shopping.

 "Your advice has made a new man out of Flash." Sabrina said  as she sat on the couch and watched as she watched Fifi hem her mother's dress.   "I treat my husband like a pet and we hardly ever argue anymore. I call and he comes willingly.

      "Guess you can know the real truth now." Mrs. Lodge giggled as Sabrina stared in shock. "It isn't Flash that been trained but you. It isn't Flash that changed his behavior; it's you. You've changed how you treat your husband."

      "Hi there, Susan," Sabrina said with a smile as Flash's chesty model headed down from the apartment as she headed up.

    "I'm sure Flash will be glad you're home." Susan smiled. "Where have you been?"

    "Taking luncheon with mama." Sabrina said in her upper crust tone. "And you?"

    "Finishing off the bathing outfit layout. He won't stop talking about you all the time we were alone." Susan replied. "You're lucky you can turn into a butterball while I have to make sure I don't gain an ounce before the camera."

    "What's this?" Susan continued as she saw Sabrina's dog training book sticking out of her purse. "I didn't know you were getting a dog."

    "I'm not it's.." Sabrina began, suddenly feeling very silly.

    "What is it?" Susan urged Sabrina to explain.

     "Why its a book on training your husband." Sabrina blushed. "You know that kids are like pets who need to be taught to behavior and men are nothing but kids at heart."

     "Oh, Susan...?" Flash asked as he came out of the apartment and saw Sabrina. "Oh, honey, you're back."

     "Hi rover." Susan giggled.

     "Uh?" Flash asked as Susan pulled the book out of Sabrina's purse. "What lessons haven't you used on him yet?"

    "Lessons?" Flash asked as he snatched the book away and looked at the cover. "Dog training? What is this all about, Sabrina?"

     "Well, you see dear..." Sabrina found herself speechless.

    "You've been treating me like dog?" Flash asked, feeling insulted. Grabbing his hat and coat, he stormed out of the building with Sabrina calling after him until he got into a taxi and disappeared around the corner.

     "Thanks a lot." Sabrina said as Susan kept laughing as she got into her own taxi and took off. Standing alone, Sabrina took off upstairs to her empty apartment and threw herself on her bed in tears. As she looked toward the closet, she saw the box with Flash's special shoes in them.  An idea sparkled.

"Well, mom, it looks like it's up me now to save my marriage."

     "Don't worry mother," Sabrina said on the phone as she changed into her skimpy yellow dress. "I'm telling you my plans so that nothing will happen to me this time. I also made arrangement with dad's manager and new dresser, Ginger, so they'll be no problem."

    Before Mrs. Lodge could protest any further, Sabrina hung up the phone, stepped into the magical shoes and instantly froze in place as a mannequin. A short time later, Ginger showed up on her way to the store. She and Brenda crated up Sabrina and carried her out of the apartment. She was loaded in the back of their pick up and headed for the store.

      A short time later, Sabrina had a rod placed up her butt. She orgasmed as Ginger's hand ran up her smooth hips while making sure the rod stayed in place. Sabrina's painted smile shined out the store window as she was kissed goodbye.

      "She did what?" Mr. Lodge screamed. "Did she tell you which manger and dresser she talked to?"

      "I'm afraid not; we own so many." Mrs. Lodge said with a worried look. Their talk was broken off as Mr. Lodge headed for the garage and Mrs. Lodge went for the phone.

     "Now hold it." Flash said, holding up his camera and four lovely models. Each of the models had their hair done up nice and wore a different color evening gown that complimented their eyes. Just as he snapped the first shot the phone rang. "Relax for a moment. Yes?"

     "Thank goodness you're there!" Mrs. Lodge said in a frantic voice. "Is Sabrina there with you?"

    "No isn't she with you?" Flash said in a worried tone. "I got home to find a note saying that she was sorry for how she treated me and that she talked to you about how to put the magic back into our marriage. Do you have any idea where she went?"

    "Are those special shoes of yours gone?" Mrs. Lodge asked worriedly.

    "Special..." Flash thought and moment and then gasped.  He dropped the phone and ran over to the closet. On the floor beside the door was a shoe box that was marked DON'T TOUCH. He returned to the phone and grabbed the receiver. "The mannequin shoes I created are gone. Are you saying that she's..."

      "Sabrina knows how the shoes brought you together once and is hoping for it to do it again." Mrs. Lodge explained. "Mr. Lodge is already driving around to try to find which of our stores she had herself taken too. I'll call him on the car phone and have him swing over to pick you up."

         "I'll be outside waiting for him."

       A short time later, Flash and Mr. Lodge were riding in the back of the limo. "Think, sir." Flash said as they passed the downtown shops. "We know that Sabrina wouldn't make it too hard. She wants us to find her."

     "Mr. Dursheer was always very friendly to Sabrina while she was growing up." Mr. Lodge said thoughtfully. "Maybe he'd help pull off this prank. In fact, I think she's pretty close to some of the workers in that store."

   "Fredrick, turn around." Flash ordered as the limo made a U-turn and headed back down main street. As they pulled in front of the department store, they noticed the motionless figure of Sabrina in the window wearing a perky yellow sun dress.  Leaving the chauffeur to park, they leaped from the limo and rushed inside. He grabbed the door handle to the display area and twisted it open.

     Flash tipped her back and kicked off her shoes. He could feel her plastic flesh turn back to flesh and back to life. The one thing Sabrina loved about the magic shoes was that the spell had kept any hair from growing on any part of her body except her head. As Sabrina wrapped her arms around Flash, they gave one another a hug.

     "Glad to see that you two have made up." Ginger said with a smile as Sabrina wiggled her painted toes, glad that they were no longer fused together. "If you ever want a job working as a real living mannequin let me know."

     "I'll keep that in mind." Sabrina said as her father took the shoes away from the two of them. "I thought I told you before that I never wanted these things to touch your feet again?" he said sternly.

    "I'm sorry daddy." Sabrina said in a pouting voice. "Ginger does have an idea. Maybe I wouldn't be as jealous so much if I wasn't at home watching Flash work with those sexy models all the time. With these shoes on  I could help pay the rent and maybe get myself a few extras."

    "You don't think we're making enough money do you?" Flash glared. "I may not be rich like your folks, but I'm no pauper."

    "I know dear." Sabrina chuckled. "I think it'd be fun to work as a mannequin model. I love the erotic sensations my skin gets when I have the shoes on and I'd never get bored when I'm in my frozen state. With Ginger doing my dressing and undressing, it's not like I'd be in any real danger."

      "It's your life, pumpkin." Mr. Lodge said with a sigh. "Just promise me you won't let them take you apart or anything."

       "I promise." Sabrina said as she wondered what it would be like to see her lower half being used as a pantyhose form from across the store.

      "I think we need to talk," Mrs. Lodge said, taking her by the arm. The two went to a salon and where soon dressed in robes with towels wrapped around their heads. The two got facials, and pedicures. All the time, Mrs. Lodge told her how dangerous the shoes are and that she should not be considering using them as a job for a living mannequin.

    "She wants to be a mannequin, huh?" Susan smiled as she watched the two get up and leave.

      With a smile, Sabrina returned to her apartment and put the shoes away.  After dinner, they both went to bed early.  Flash had an early photo shoot in the morning and Sabrina had to get down to the department store before it opened to get dressed and transformed by the shoes. Sabrina knew that their marriage had been saved and had now taken an interesting new turn thanks to the special mannequinizer shoes.

        When the next day came, Sabrina simply threw on a plain looking dress and no underwear. After she fixed them breakfast, Flash started to set up for the models that would be coming while Ginger swung by to pick Sabrina up for work. "See you after closing." Sabrina smiled as she kissed her husband goodbye.

    At the store, Sabrina put on a pair of pantyhose and stepped into the shoes. She then let Ginger finishing dressing her like the other mannequins in the front window. She loved the look of her blouse and skirt she had on while staring blankly ahead at nothing.

      "There you go, Sabrina." Ginger said with a smile as she reached underneath the blouse and played with the breasts. "You're body becomes so perfect with those shoes. Snapping out of it, she pecked her a kiss on the check and went on to set up the other displays.

       During their lunch breaks, The Lodges and Flash made a point to swing by the store and look at their frozen beauty. As Susan picked up a bikini she stared at Sabrina with a jealous look. "It's not fair," she thought to herself. "Money, a handsome husband and a perfect body until she dies."

     With a smug smile Susan purchased her clothes and then went to a hardware store. Buying a container of glue, she returned to the department store near closing. She went up to the frozen Sabrina and dumped the glue into her shoes. "You want to be a mannequin, huh?" Susan grinned as she made sure than her feet were securely in the shoes. "Let's see you get out of them now."

           When the store closed, Ginger went over and picked Sabrina up. To her surprise, the shoes didn't drop off. "Huh?" She thought as she laid Sabrina on her side and tried to force the shoes off. "What's wrong with these things?" Soon she knew the whole sticky story.

     "Mr. Lodge isn't going to like this." The manager said, worried. Going to his office for a moment, he returned to the window display with a switch blade. As Ginger made sure Sabrina's body didn't wobble, the manager began to cut off the hose from her plastic body.

      By the time the shoes got taken off, they were completely ruined. Sabrina didn't care since she was glad just be able to move again. "How are you feeling, kid?" The manager asked.

    "A bit stiff, but I'll get over that soon enough." Sabrina said, checking how touch it was to rotate her right arm. She then jogged in place a few seconds and flexed her still nylon encased toes before removing what remained of the pantyhose. "Guess the job is over before it begins. Perhaps I'm better off as a housewife anyway."

    Ginger took Sabrina back to her apartment and Flash agreed that it was best that the shoes were out of their lives for good. Flash just hoped that nobody else would ever figure out how to make such an enchanted pair of shoes ever again.


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