If the Shoe Fits - 3

by Paul G. Jutras and Heather St. Claire

[Third in a continuing saga of those remarkable shoes...   Ed.]

          For the past few hours thunder rumbled in the clear sky. As the black clouds worked their magic along the sky, rain broke up out from the heavens and poured on Moon Tech Labs. As rain drops beat against the window pane of one lab, Dick Niteglo watched as his months of hard work had finally paid off.  With the plans he had copied, the shoes to turn any woman into a living mannequin were reborn.

      "Now I must make sure these shoes work as well as Flash's original pair." Dick said smugly as he notice his secretary running her nylon coated sore feet. Putting his special glue along the lining, he stepped out of his office.  "Oh, Betty. Could I talk to you a moment?"

     "What is it?" Betty asked as she folded her legs underneath and got herself  more comfortable.

    "I think I improved my old partners plans to make the worlds most comfortable woman's pump." Dick said, holding out the shoes. "They're supposed to allow a woman to stand on their feet all day without a aching foot or ankle. Could you try them on for me and tell me what you think?"

     "Sure, why not?" Betty said as she got to her feet and walked around her desk. She stepped into one shoe and then the other. As she walked about in the heels, she was unaware of the glue sealing them on her forever. "Ooohhh... these do feel comfortable."

     "Now you'll wear them forever." Dick started chuckling madly as she stared at him with a puzzled look on her face. As she stared at him, she wasn't even aware that she wasn't even blinking. Her breaths became shallow to the point of non-existence. "I didn't want it to be this way, but I can't let you tell  anyone of my plans to create the most beautiful and realistic mannequins the world has ever seen. If I ever tire of creating mannequins, I can always go with Flash's original plan to sell the shoes without glue to those who work as living mannequins to ease their job."

     Betty was helpless as she listened in horror as Dick called a local department store and arranged for a truck to come pick her up. When he put the receiver down, he turned and rubbed her shoulders, causing waves of pleasure pass through her. "Bet you wonder what is going to happen to you. Now that you're an actual mannequin, that'll be up to whoever dresses you. Since you are a real mannequin you may become but a pantyhose form on display while the rest of your stiffened body is kept boxed up in the store room."

      As the men arrived and lifted Betty onto a hand truck, she was still trying to figure out what had happened to her. Her mind was still trying to process it; she had been turned into a piece of plastic! After some of the terror had faded, she tried to get a handle on what her new sensations were. While she was being moved, she realized how light weight she was; probably just a few pounds now.

     Of course, she couldn't speak, and no longer needed to breathe. Thankfully, she could still see through her glass eyes somehow, and could still hear. It was hard to think though, because her plastic skin was incredibly sensitive, and every bump in the road sent waves of pleasure shooting through her. As wonderful as the feeling was, it didn't seem to be a fair trade for her life! All the years she had given to Dick, and he repaid her like this. She had to find a way to free herself.

     But as the truck pulled away, she realized she would have no way to communicate with others, and would have to pray for some kind of miracle to save her. Maybe Jay would come looking for her..

     In the offices of Moon Tech, Dick poured himself a drink, sat down sand savor his success, and thought about his next move. "Poor Betty," he muttered to himself. "But I can't afford sentiment. Besides, she didn't have much of a life anyway." With that thought, he put Betty out of his mind and turned his attention to securing more mannequin candidates.

      "Call a modeling agency? He asked himself. 'no, it would arouse too much suspicion when none of them ever come back'. He found himself pacing back and fourth in his office, drink still in his hand. Finally, an idea came to him.

    "I'll start my own modeling agency... or at least that's what I'll say in the newspaper ad." In addition to calling someone to fill in for Betty.. at least for a while.

     The next morning, the fill-in receptionist, a somewhat plain looking woman in her early 50s showed up. ("Well, she's not a candidate," Dick thought to himself.) She introduced herself as Mrs. Solomon. "Okay Mrs. Solomon," he asked, "What kind of response do we have to our ad?"

     "There are a dozen women here already, sir," she said. "And the phone's been ringing non-stop. It seems like there are lots of beautiful young women in this city who want a chance to break into modeling."

      Dick stood in the laboratory in front of the shoe machine, staring at the shoes being mass produced. To one side was a light board scanning the materials, and behind him came out the finished product. He changed out of his comfortable clothes and put on a three piece suit. Adjusting his tie, he asked the first model to come in.

      "Amazing," Ronnie said. "What do you wish to know about my modeling experience?"

    "Since I'm looking for mannequin models it's your looks and not your acting that interest me." Dick said as he took a pair of the special shoes in a color that matched her red strapless evening gown with a push up bra. "Let's see how you look in these."

      Ronnie smiled her ruby lips sweetly and stepped out of her shoes and into the new pair. She placed her left hand on her hip and brushed her hair back with her right. She gave a pouting smile just before her body took on a plastic sheen.

      "That is quite perfect." Dick said with a sinister smile as he cut a hole through her pantyhose and panty so that the support rod could slide easily into her ass. "You will soon have a job forever over at Apollo's department store."

       As Dick rolled the frozen model into the shadows, he called for Mrs. Solomon to send in the next model. As Dick saw the five foot nine inch woman, he knew right away that he was dealing a transsexual in a body suit. The face and figure made such a lovely image, that he didn't care. He asked the same questions he had done with Ronnie and Crystal soon found him/herself a frozen piece of plastic.

     "I think you'll like this," Dick said as he stripped the frozen beauty. Even with the body suit gone, the plastic figure held its hourglass shape. Dick ran his hand over a smooth sexless crotch and whispered in the ear. "The body you've always dreamed of is finally yours forever. Renting you out will bring me the money I can use to continue my experiments."

      "Miss Solomon," Dick said in the intercom. "I've sent our first two young ladies on to their first assignment through the back door. I  need one lady with especially good legs for the Dusheer Pantyhose company. After you pick one, please send the rest home for now. I'll be calling it a night until we reopen tomorrow."

      "Understood sir." Mrs. Solomon said as she looked at the lovely young things with their legs crossed. Picking a lovely young thing, with blue eyes and Blonde hair, she sent the little thing inside the back room where she was in for a very special surprise. After the shoes had mannequinized her body, he injected her with a fluid into her arm. Her upper torso shrunk in on itself. She stared terrified as her breasts disappeared and her facial features became less defined. Her hair was gone from both her head and her pussy. Within moments Clara was nothing but a pantyhose form wearing a lovely pair of navy nylons and matching heels.

     Picking up the pantyhose form that had until minutes before, been a living woman, Dick began to chuckle; it was a mad, evil laugh. He picked it up to inspect it, and said, "Clara, I'm sure you're upset with me now, but try not to be. I was looking for a the most beautiful pair of legs among all the women who showed up today, and they turned out to be yours. Just think, your legs will stay beautiful and be admired forever. And you're going to have more orgasms than you can count!" Clara's fear began to turn to pleasure as Dick's touch sent shivers of an orgasm through her form.

    "I think I'll deliver you personally." Dick told the form. He walked out of his office with Clara under his arm. "Mrs. Solomon, I need to drop this mannequin off, so I won't be back today. Please answer the phones until 5."

     "All right, Mr. Niteglo." Mrs. Solomon shook her head as she watched her new boss leave. There was something odd about him; she would be relieved when her assignment here was finished and the agency could send her to another office. Dick had only been gone a few minutes, when a tall, muscular man in his mid- 30s walked in.

    "Hello, can you tell me where Betty is?" Jay Huston asked. Although Mrs. Solomon had been married for more tan 30 years, she couldn't help but experience a moment of fantasy involving the well-built man who was looking down at her.

     "I'm sorry, she said," but I really can't help you. All I know is that my agency sent me here. They  said Mr. Niteglo's regular secretary was out, and he needed someone to fill in for  awhile."

    Jay shook his head. "This is very strange," he said. "It's not like her to leave town without letting me know."

    "May I ask your relationship to Betty?"

    "We .. We were married until five years ago. We split up... and believe me, it was all my fault...but I straightened out my life, and we'd started seeing each other again just a few weeks ago. I tried calling her for a couple of days...this just doesn't make any sense!" He thought for a moment. "Could I ask you what Mr. Niteglo does here?"

     "Well, I'm not exactly sure. I guess he's some kind of inventor. Told me he was working on making the world's most comfortable woman's shoe. Today he had a bunch of women in her to auditon for modeling jobs. He left just a few minutes before you got here, carrying the bottom half of a mannequin."

     "Can I see where he makes these shoes?" Jay asked. He wasn't sure why, but he hoped this might provide a clue to Betty's disappearance, and the strange going- on at Moon Tech Labs. Soon, Mrs. Solomon had led him to the lab where dozens of shoes had come off the line, which was now quiet. Jay opened a box and took a pair out. "They look like ordinary shoes to me," he said.

 Mrs. Solomon said. "He said the secret was in how comfortable they are. You know. I'm curious to try them out." She looked through the stack of boxes and found a pair in her size. Soon, she had taken off her own pumps and slipped on the heels. Jay watched in surprise and horror as Mrs. Solomon's body began to freeze up. "What's...happening...to...me?" she asked in terror.

      "Good god!" Jay exclaimed. When the shock wore off, he shouted. "Mrs. Solomon? Can you hear me? But there was no response from the mannequin. He tapped gently on her face; she had the sound and feel of hollow plastic. Suddenly he realized what had happened. "Of course!" he cried. "Those shoes! Let's hope the process is reversible." He tipped Mrs. Solomon's form backward, which was simple, because she now only weighed a few pounds, and quickly pulled off the shoes.

Mrs. Solomon reverted back to human form. "Thank you, young man," she said. Jay notice she was blushing. "What an odd... and arousing experience."

     "Now we know why he needed those women for mannequin models... and what must of happened to Betty.

     "What are you going to do now? Called the police?" Mrs. Solomon asked.

    "No, I don't think so," Jay said/ "They'd think I was nuts! No, somehow I have to find Betty, track down the girls if I can, and see if there anyway to stop this madman!"

        "Nobody is stopping anyone." Dick said as he stood in the doorway with the pantyhose form in one hand and a gun in the other. Pulling the trigger twice, a pair of darts shot into Jay and Mrs. Solomon's arms. The two's bodies went limp and dropped to the floor. "Enough sedative in there to knock out a elephant." Dick  said as he set the pantyhose form down and walked over to the two. "Good think I forgot to destroy Clara's personal effects."

      Stripping Jay and Mrs. Solomon of their clothes, Dick added his special glue two pairs of shoes and placed them on their feet. Their immobile bodies changed from flesh to plastic. Their bodies shrunk in on themselves, allowing Dick two more pantyhose forms. "Before you two are lost in aroused pleasure, I believe I should mention the special property on the glue. It allows the shoes' power to seep through your feet like plant roots so that even when the shoes are finally removed, you remain unmoving plastic."

       Once all traces of the three of them being in the office had been removed, Dick called the agency and told them that Mrs. Solomon wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be in contact with them for a while. "That should tie up all loose end," he thought as he loaded the three forms aboard his truck and drove to Dusheer  Pantyhose company.

    A young window dresser name Lois worked with her sister Lucy set up the three pantyhose forms in a display while Dick got paid and went to pick up his rent money for the mannequins given to Apollo Department store.

      "Hello, Betty. Ronnie. "Dick whispered through the front window as she stood in a foxy 2" heel and blue dress. He also notice that Ronnie was in the window display with her dressed in a matching red dress. Dick wondered which were more aroused. Betty with the support rod up her ass, or Ronnie with the support rod where her sex used to be. "I see you already have no need for my shoes to remain mannequins."

           Taking the elevator down to the pay roll office, Dick got his check for the mannequins he was renting. An ad for the new Rocky and Bullwinkle movie was seen on the TV sets of the electronic department as he passed by. "Maybe I'll catch a flick with some of my extra cash. Perhaps Pokemon 2000."

      Heading through women's wear on the way to the exit, Dick notice a dresser twisting on the upper torso and head of the transgendered Crystal that he had transformed. A smirk smile appeared on Dick's face as the dresser touched the hard bumps that were his new nipples. "Hope he's finally getting the full body arousal he dreamed of having."

    Dick became a spectator as the dresser continued assembling Crystal's body on the support post. A pair of pantyhose with a hole in the rear sliding up snuggly about French cut panties. Dick was sure that she could quite a wave of pleasure as the woman fastened a bra about her chest and adjusted the straps about the shoulders so the cups fitted nicely. After the wig was put on Crystal's head, Dick turned and walked off, leaving Crystal to enjoy the rest of her treatment as she stared with her eyes fixed straight ahead.

     "You look great, girlfriend." The dresser smiled as she ran her hand along the mannequin's smooth skin. "You will have every woman envy you and every man ogling you in no time."

       A few days later, Lois and her sister Lucy came into Dick's modeling agency. Dick recognized them right away. Dick had thought that they were quite lovely as was the girl that was dressing Crystal in the other store. Dick couldn't help but wonder if they could get used to being nude in front of passerby's as the other girls had done. Not that they could complain about it otherwise.

    "Would you step into my backroom and try some shoes on for size?" Dick asked the two girls as he opened the door to his lab and allowed them to enter the room first.

    Dick realized that he hadn't transformed two people at the same time without a sedative before. This would be a little tricky; he couldn't have Lucy changing into a mannequin while Lucy watched or vice versa. There was always the dart gun but he was getting tired of having to overpower people. As the women looked for the shoes in their size, he spotted a camera sitting on a shelf and had an idea.

    "Why don't you step into the shoes at the same time ladies." He said, picking up the camera. "I'd like to capture the feeling of pleasure on both your faces...I assure you, they are like no shoes you've ever worn." Lois looked at Lucy; they both shrugged their shoulders, and Lucy said: "It's your show, mister."

    Soon both women had their shoes off and were ready to step into the new pumps, Dick held the camera, a sinister smile on his face. "Go for it, ladies." He said. "I'm sure this is a moment you will always remember." They stepped into the magic shoes, and both smiled. "These sure are comfortable." Lois said. "Yes." Lucy agreed. "But.. I'm feeling... kind of ... strange..." she was rapidly find it hard to move, even to breathe.

    "Oh...my God..." Lois said. They were the last words she was able to utter. Dick had been absorbed in watching their transformation, but had the presence of mind to lift Lois' dress and pull down her panties, inserting a long life dildo into her sex before it sealed up forever. "I wish I could do that for both of you...I'm sure it will make passing the time a little easier for you Lois." Soon both women were almost completely frozen; but before that could happen, Dick injected the special fluid into their arms, and soon had two more pantyhose forms.

     "Very good ladies, very good. I'm going to lease you back to Dusheer. Just think of it as giving your all for your employer."

    Before too long, Dick had converted dozens of women (and a couple of men) to pantyhose forms, and his pockets were lined with more money that he had ever dreamed of. "I really need to have some fun," he said to himself. "Not just a night at the movies, but a real night on the town."

    He climbed into this newly- purchased BMW. There were several boxes of the shoes sitting in the back seat. He tried a couple of clubs, but Dick had his usual luck with women... all bad. Finally he decided to pick up a hooker. He began cruising the part of the downtown the streetwalkers were known to frequent.

    "Maybe I can have a little fun and do some business at the same time," he muttered. He soon spotted a tall, curvaceous redhead in a fur jacket, leather mini-skirt, fishnet stockings and high heels. Something about her build briefly reminded him of Crystal; but the thought soon passed out of his mind. He pulled over to the curve.

    The prostitue, whose name was Mary Jo, leaned over and peered in the open car window. "Looking for some action, mister?"

    Dick smiled. "You bet; why don't you get in?" Actually, he was looking for some inaction; from her...

   As they got out of the car, Dick grabbed one of the larger sized pairs of shoes from the back seat.

   "You got a foot fetish, mister?" Mary Jo asked.

  "You might say that," Dick said with a laugh.

  "Whatever," Mary Jo replied. "It's your hundred bucks."

    Soon, they were in the motel room, Dick thought he might as well get his money's worth before he turned Mary Jo into a mannequin. As he began to disrobe, Mary Jo reached into her purse and pulled out a gun and a badge. "Vice squad, sir. I'm afraid you're under arrest."

      A short time later, Dick found himself downtown in the 57 precinct. As Dick sat in a waiting cell, Mary Jo took the shoes down to the evidence locker. As she was about to sign it in to the officer on duty, she took one a look inside. She saw a pair of black Mary Janes with elastic instep strap. They looked so wonderful that she couldn't help herself but sit down on a bench and remove her own shoes. As she stepped into the pumps, her spine was the first spot taken. Locked in an upright position, she could only stared straight ahead as she changed into a mannequin.

     As one of the male officers went by, he assumed that she was just one of the mannequins use for purposes such as wardrobe measurements and target practice. Then he notice the tag that was on the shoe box and figured the mannequin was on its way to the evidence locker. Stripped of her uniform, Mary Jo stood nude in the locker for the next twenty four days.

      With nobody coming to claim the mannequin, Mary Jo wound up in the yearly police auction where she was sold to a motion picture studio and shipped off to Hollywood.

      In the meantime, Dick was soon released when his trial came up since Officer Mary Jo never showed up to testify against him. Dick thanked the justice system and returned to his place of business after making a withdrawal at the bank to pay his back rent on his lab and office space.

      With that taken care of, the temp agency that Mrs. Solomon worked for called and asked if Dick had heard from her. He just smiled as he cradled the receiver against his ear. "I've been stuck in jail for picking up a hooker," Dick honestly said. "If I hear from her I will let you know."

      The next day, Dick opened up and waited for his next model to arrive. When a older man came in, he was quite surprised. He was even more surprised that the widow Solomon had a new fiance. What more, despite his age, the ex- military man was as strong as an ox. He squeezed the breath out of Dick until he passed out. The man then viewed the lab's security camera tapes.

     "What... Where am I?" Dick came to and found himself with a support pole up his as and his feet dangling a few feet above the ground. "What are you doing?"

    "Giving you a taste of your own medicine." Philip Welby said as he placed a pair of shoes on Dick's feet and watched while Dick's squirming slowed down until his body completely froze. Dick watched helplessly as his penis turned in on itself until it formed a sealed vagina. His nipples grew into full tits that became hard and erect. His eyes glazed over in a glassy stare at nothing in particular. "I was thinking that since those who been transformed can't be transformed back I'll turn your model agency into a mannequin rental and give a good deal of the profits to the family of the poor people you changed and caused to suffer with the lost of their family members."

      Dick couldn't believe it. He had been turned into a beautiful  female mannequin! Welby found a full- length mirror and carried the transformed Dick to it, so he could see the results of his mad plot. He looked through his glassy eyes and saw his feet encased in the pumps that had worked their magic on him. He knew even now, the special glue he had developed was working its magic, making the transformation permanent.

     He had always had a feeling of admiration for a beautiful female form, and had to think that his long legs, narrow waist, large breasts with permanently erect nipples would have stirred him to quite a state of arousal...had they been real, and not his. And of course, the woman would have to have something besides an expanse of smooth plastic between her legs.

     Next, he focused on his face; he looked closely at the full red lips, the small upturned nose, the big blue-glass eyes; the wig of brown curls that sat atop his head. He was scared; he was furious; but he had to admit he made quite a beautiful mannequin. His thoughts were distracted at that point by Philips Welby's touch. He was stroking Dick's crotch, then his breasts ."You sick bastard." He said, " I be you couldn't attract a woman in real life. I saw the tapes... I bet this was the only way you could get off." As the waves of pleasure shook through Dick's form, he was thankful that Welby didn't know how much happiness his touch was bringing him.

    Welby was staring straight into Dick's glassy eyes. "I know you've rent out most of your victims to high-class businesses that can pay well for them. I thought about doing the same thing with you... but I think I've arranged a more appropriate place for you." With that he picked up Dick and carried him outside to his waiting pickup. Welby placed him in the back of the truck bed. As they made their way through the city, Dick could only helplessly stare up at the sky and wonder about their destination.

    Soon, Dick realized he was being carried into an adult bookstore in one of the seedier areas of the downtown. "Here's that mannequin I told you about." Welby told the store owner. "Have fun with her."

    The store owner smiled at Dick and said, "Mr. Welby told me all about you Dick, we're going to have lots of fun. But Dick isn't a very good name for a sexy mannequin like you.. I think we'll call you Veronica from now on."

      Soon Dick or Veronica found herself in the store's front window, wearing a shiny black PVC bra and panty set, matching black gloves, fishnet stockings, and three inch high heels. His anguish about his lost empire and fortune was rapidly fading... Being replaced by the pleasures that every touch, every contact between his skin and the sexy clothing, sent through his form.

    Phillip Welby went back to the offices of Moon Tech with a feeling of satisfaction. He had stopped Dick's evil plans, done what he could to help his victims' families and destroyed every set of shoes and the entire supply of Dick's special glue. The world would never be threatened by these shoes again.

    What Welby didn't know, though was that Dick had placed copies of the formula for the shoes and the glue in a safety deposit box at the local bank. When the rent went unpaid for a year, the bank would auction off the contents of the box. Whoever found it might not believe they really had a formula for shoes that could turn people into mannequins. But then again... they might feel compelled to at least give it a try.

      That's exactly what happened. A bitter woman named Roxy Pizza, who was a wall flower throughout her high school career, got hold of the formula by way of the auction. She noticed an address on one piece of paper and found the items in the boarded up and abandoned Moon Tech labs.

       "If this really works, I'll be the most popular girl in collage." Roxy said with an evil smile spreading across her face. "Anyone who gets in my way will soon disappear from the real world here for a frozen existence in some store."

      Testing it on a mousy girl that was almost invisible in class, Roxy dressed the frozen girl up like a gypsy and sold her to a circus passing through town. The girl ended up standing in a booth at automatically send fortune slips down a slot when a coin was put into the machine.

    "Watch out college... Roxy is going to be your queen!" Roxy grinned as she counted the money she made off the mannequin sale.

                     THE END (or is it?)

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