If the Shoe Fits - 4

by Paul G. Jutras and Heather St. Claire

[Fourth and final (?) in the continuing saga of those remarkable shoes...   Ed.]

       The bank had taken over Moon Tech labs for failure of payment. When the auction took place for Dick's safety deposit box, a mousy little girl named Roxy Pizza stood and watched the bidders. She was never one to stand up for herself, but when the bidding got high enough to get rid of most of the buyers, she managed to raise her hand to cough at the right time to have it sold to her.

    "The box and contents goes to the young lady in the first row." The man said as he slammed the hammer down.  Roxy was too spineless to even say she wasn't bidding. She paid the money and took the box to her dorm room at collage.

      "What's that, mouse," Her roommate Cheryl Boots asked as she checked her flawless make up and left for another party. "Your take out dinner? That old tin box looks like something you should eat out of."

     Roxy just ran her hand through her stringy hair and sighed as she sat  therein her ankle length skirt, heavy sweater, thick glasses and loafers. She opened the box and started to read the contents about the magicial shoes and Moon Tech Lab’s address.

      Curious, she took the bus downtown to the abandoned and boarded up building. She made her way through the dust and rubble to find the lab in the back. A pair of shoes were found in a toppled over box in the corner.  She wondered right off if the pumps were the same that the info mentioned. She pondered for a moment what she could do with such technology.

       "If this really works, I'll be the most popular girl in collage." Roxy said with an evil smile spreading across her face.  It was like she was possessed by the devil. Or that she had seen too many episodes of FRIDAY THE 13TH, THE SERIES. "Anyone who gets in my way now will soon disappear from the real world into a frozen existence."  Walking away from the lab building, she felt the thrill of absolute power.

     As her confidence and backbone began to build on the way home, her clothes just did not seem right to her anymore.  Once at the dorm, she immediately changed out of her mousy clothes and put on one of her roommate's hip hugging blue dresses along with spike heeled shoes. She had never before worn such shoes, but form some reason her new confidence made it easy to walk in them with a confident strut. Standing in front of the mirror, Rxoy unpinned her hair and let it drape down over her bare shoulders.

      As she scanned her third period class, she noticed another shy girl like she had always been, afraid to be seen. Hiding in the back of class and never raising her hand. Invisible to the class and the world. Roxy also knew the girl personally. That mouse was an orphan who had gotten into college on a scholarship so she knew nobody would miss her. An ideal test subject to try on what she had found in the lab.

     "Hello, Amy." Roxy said as she stood outside of class when Amy walked out last.

     "Are you talking to me?" Amy asked, not recognizing her classmate.

    "It's me... Roxy Pizza." Roxy said with a smile. "My contacts makes me look like a whole new person, don't they?"

     "Roxy?! I... I don't believe it." Amy stood stunned at the change in the girls’ appearance and personality. "Do... Do you want to be my partner in the science project?" She mumbled.

     "In a manner of speaking." Roxy smiled as she held out the shiny black leather pumps. "I went to an auction and made a bid by mistake. Got lucky though and ended up with use of an abandoned lab that was suppose to produce footwear that could a girl’s outlook on the world just by wearing them. As you can see.. my outlook has changed."

     “Those shoes could do that for me?” Amy asked, enviously. She took a step closer.

     “Without a doubt. Try them,” Roxy urged.

      As Amy took off her own flat shoes, she stepped into the glue lined pumps and found how comfortable they were. When she tried to remove them; however, she couldn't. "What's going on?" Amy asked in panic as a tingling sensation moved from her feet up her legs and throughout her body.  It was the last thing she ever said. She could not move. Soon she became stiff and hard as the mannequinizing effect spread.

       Taking the rigid figure of Amy to the back of her pick-up, Roxy drove her to a nearby amusement park. She dressed Amy up as a gypsy as soon as she made sure the shoes had done their job. Amy ended up in a coin operated fortune teller booth after which she was sold to the carnival owner.

    "Watch out college... Roxy is going to be your queen!" Roxy grinned as she counted the money she made off the mannequin sale. What’s more, Amy would never again mess up the grading curve for her.

     Now Roxy thought about her next step. Should she trick Cheryl into putting on a pair of the magic shoes? It would be tempting; after all, Cheryl was a real bitch, who had taken a lot of delight in lording her beauty and popularity over Roxy... but unlike Amy, Cheryl did have parents who would miss her.. rich ones, at that. Maybe she could use that to her advantage, she thought. In the meantime, she took her new- earned cash and went shopping. She felt herself coming alive.

     As she wandered the downtown mall, trying on one sexy outfit after another, she couldn't help but  notice how life-like several of the mannequins in the displays appeared. She had no way of knowing that several of them were already victims of the magic shoes and special glue; exquisite plastic statues once known as Betty, Lois, and Ronnie. "Stores always need fresh mannequins... this should provide a good way to dispose of several of my victims." Roxy said with a fiendish laugh.

    Roxy had always been a good student; that was the one thing she had done well in her old life. But for some reason, she was having trouble now in her English Literature class. The instructor, a young woman name Monica Evens, had seemed to have it in for Roxy from the beginning of the term. And after a few days of seeing the new Roxy, her treatment become even worse. Roxy couldn't believe it when her latest paper came back with a bold C + scribbled across it.

    "C plus?" Roxy muttered to herself. "I worked on that paper for hours!" She did her best to contain her anger after class as she walked up to the instructor and said, "Professor Evens? I’m so disappointed in my last grade. Could I make an appointment to talk with you about how I'm doing in class? I'd really like to figure out how to do better."

     "You can see me in my office at 4:45 this afternoon," Monica Evens said.

    Roxy smiled; it would be the end of the day... probably no one would be around to notice the sudden disappearance of the instructor. And there would be just enough time to get back to her apartment and pick  up a pair of the shoes. Things were coming together perfectly.

      "This isn't a bribe, Professor Evens," Roxy said as she walked into the cramped office that was crowded with overflowing bookshelves and papers. She carried a plain shoebox under her arm, hoping she had guessed Monica's foot size correctly. Roxy took a moment to size up her next target; she was about 30, with a nice slim figure and good features. She didn't do much at all to show off her features to a natural advantage; oh, well, the window dressers at the mall could take care of that for her. Afterward.

     "What do you have there, Roxy?" Monica asked.

    "It's kind of a science project, and I'm looking for busy women like yourself who are willing to help me out. I'm trying to develop a more comfortable woman's shoe that still has a nice style. I think I've found something here that will change your life... you won't ever feel tired again, no matter how long you stay on your feet. I promise!" Roxy was smiling; it was the avid smile of a hunter about to capture her quarry.

     Professor Evens had by now taken the shoes out of the box and looked them over. "I don't see what's so different about these," she said, skeptically.

     "That's the point," Roxy said. "They don't look any different, but they sure do feel different; won't you please try them on?" She put on a pleading expression.

     "Well if it means that much to you." Monica removed her own pumps and slipped on the ones Roxy had brought. A perfect fit, Roxy thought to herself as the instructor stood upright.

     "Roxy?" Monica asked with alarm in her voice. "I'm feeling...very... strange... what's happening...?" Monica's breathing grew more shallow; her body became rigid; any blemishes on her skin disappeared, and it took on a uniform, even tone; her eyes became fixed and glassy, unblinking stare. She remained still.

      "I'm sorry, Professor Evens, but I couldn't have you messing with my grade point average just because you didn't like me. The old Roxy would have worked all the harder just to try to please you. The new Roxy knows that there's no way to please you.. and it's really not worth the trouble. I guess they'll have to cancel your class, when the instructor disappears." Roxy began to laugh. Professor Evans stared back at her like the statue she had become.

     It was a few minutes after 5; Roxy was about to carry the frozen form of Monica Evens to her truck, where she covered it up with a tarp for a quick trip to the mall and another sale at the department store.

     As she drove back to the campus a short time later, Roxy wondered how she would put her new power to use next. She passed the football stadium, where she knew the team was practicing. She pulled over to a spot alongside the stadium, where she could get a look at the workout from her front seat. As Roxy watched the large muscular bodies slamming into each other, she felt herself becoming aroused. She reached under her short skirt, slipped her fingers under her panties and began to pleasure herself.

     "Yesss,' She moaned to herself. "A football player. I need to date a nice, well- hung football player, who can fill me up." Roxy began to pant. "If he has a girlfriend.. too bad for her."

   The next day at school, Roxy waited by a tree with her books pressed up against her almost bare breasts. When she spotted the head of the football team, she stepped forward and pretended to trip helplessly. Her books fell to the ground and her body into his arms. "Oh... So sorry." She cooed sweetly. "How clumsy of me."

      "That's alright." He smiled as helped her pick up her books. "May I walk you to class?"

     "I'd be delighted."

    As the two were seen walking down the hall, heads turned by the popular and non popular alike. When they walked into the dorm kitchen,  one cheerleader slammed a drawer and watched her coffee cup drop into pieces upon the floor.

     "Eat your hearts out." Roxy thought to the other girls as they sat down on the couch together and she blew into his ear. "Boy, are they going to be surprised when they realize who I really am."

     "Don't you think we're a little too public for this?" The man asked, backing off. Roxy's smile turned to an angry fown. She rose to her feet and slapped him across the face. As he looked at her in a dazed state, she stormed off.  "Is it something I said?" he said to her shapely departing backside.

      "Who was that?" The cheerleader asked as she began tapping her foot. Little bitch, she thought.

     "Her name is Roxy Pizza." Brad said, rubbing his cheek. "Sounds Italian; I guess she must be a late transfer student. I'd sure remember someone  that cute from the beginning of the school year,” he mused. “Any member of my team would be proud to be seen with a girl like that." Including himself.

     "Just remember who's your girl is, kiddo." Mary said as she bopped him on the head with her pom-poms. She then went and fixed herself another cup of coffee before going around asking people just who Roxy Pizza is.  When Cheryl replied, then showed Mary  her roommate’s mousy high school yearbook photo, Mary became furious at the little boy stealer. What a tramp Roxy had turned into!

      After Roxy had finished her last class, she saw Mary standing outside the music building waiting for her. "I'd like to talk to you, you little hussy." She glared at Roxy with a harsh look in her eyes. "I've been dating Brad since High school. You stay away from him, or I'll make you sorry you where ever born!"

     "That's what she thinks." Roxy thought as she watched Mary storm off into the night air. After Roxy enjoyed the Jade dance club until the wee hours, she went to Mary's dorm house instead of her own. She headed into Mary's room and saw her laying face down with her breasts pressed flat against the sheet and her feet sticking out. The girl was deep asleep and snoring lightly "Perfect," Roxy said to herself.

      Tip toeing inside, she slipped the shoes onto Mary's bare feet without waking her. Quickly, the snoring stopped, along with any other movment. Roxy waited a few minutes until she was sure the cheerleader was hard plastic before picking her up. As with the others... Mary weighed next to nothing when a mannequin. She carried her to the science lab since the mall was already closed for the night and stripped her out of her nightgown. "I don't know if you can hear me, Mary." Roxy's whispered into her plastic ear. "If the papers I read  are right, you should be feeling incredible pleasure. You will be well used by the science teacher in his talks about the female body." She faced the figure away from the chairs so her heart-shaped buttocks were in full view of the class and draped the hair so Mary’s face was diffcult to see.

       After returning to her own room, Roxy got herself some rest. The next day she went shopping because touching all those magic shoes did cause some changes in her body as well as her mind. She was still flesh and blood, but her breasts had increased in size, her waist narrowed and her hips widened to an hourglass shape that any model would kill to have. As she shopped for new outfits, she saw that Professor Monica had been set up in formal wear. She looked quite elegant in her purple gown, head band and long evening gloves. She even had on a pair of the magic shoes.

     Roxy had no idea as she moved into the undergarment section that those elegant mannequins in lingerie; wearing bra, panties and garters had once been as alive as she was. The beautiful tiger striped bra and panty set was more than she could resist. She had to have them.  And so she did, without a second thought.

     Roxy returned to campus with her new purchases. She stopped by Brad's dorm first. Briefly, she thought about how the old Roxy would have been afraid to even look at Brad, let alone show up at his room. But that was before the magic.. she was a new Roxy, with beauty and power... unbelievable power.

     "Hello, Brad." She purred as he opened the door. "If you're not busy tonight...want to have a good time?"

     The football captain was taken back by Roxy's beauty, as well as her forward manner. "Uh...Roxy... hi, Gee, I'd love to go out with you sometime...but I have a date with Mary tonight."

     Roxy had a very sly grin on her face. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," she said. "I hear she's left campus. Something to do with a problem with her family."

     Brad looked briefly concerned. "Gee, that's too bad. I hope it's nothing too serious... But as for our relationship, maybe it's for the best. She was getting kinda possessive. I think it's time I started opening my eyes to some of the other lovely women on campus... like you." At that point, they fell into each other's arms and began to kiss passionately. Soon Roxy was unbuttoning her blouse, which was straining against her enlarged breasts. Brad smiled when he saw her tiger striped bra, then bent lower to kiss its mate.

     Roxy had been thinking of a night on the town, but as it turned out, they never left Brad's room. After a  while, they put in a call to have a Chinese dinner delivered... but it went almost untouched, as they could hardly keep their hands off each other.

    The next morning, as she kissed Brad goodbye, she said, "It's only fair to warn you, Brad, I can be the jealous sort too...but I'm sure we don't have to worry about that."

     As she walked back to her dorm, Roxy thought about her next conquest. She happened to spot a poster noting that nominations for Homecoming Queen were now being accepted. Of course! Roxy had promised to become queen of the campus.. talk about a way to make it happen! There was sure to be plenty of others including Cheryl, her roommate. Hmmm.. Cheryl had rich parents... maybe there would be a way to take her out of the running for good... and maybe make some more money at the same time.

     The first thing Roxy did when she signed up for Homecoming Queen was to memorize the list of the others who were also on it. It wasn't a very long list, but she was right, Cheryl had been the first to sign up. With the names of her competition memorized, she went to the manager of Apollo's Department Store and offered him a similar deal as Dick had, before he had become Veronica and been placed in a window.

      "I read in the paper about the closing of Moon Tech Labs." Apollo said, watching Roxy's hips wiggle  as she made her way over and sat on his lap. She started to purr into his ear and rub his penis to erection. The two locked lips and pressed hard enough that they fell over backwards in the chair. They tore off each other’s clothes and rolled about naked in the opulent office. Roxy spread her legs and allowed Apollo to penetrate her and seal their deal. Like the god he was named for, this Olympian was impressively hung.

     Returning later to the remains of Moon Tech labs, she showered off and went through Dick’s formulas looking for something special. She found just want she needed; something to make sure that even Cheryl's rich parents wouldn't be a problem.

      The next day at lunch time, Roxy went over to Susan's little clique of friends and flashed a smile. Her recent popularity had turned the heads of Susan's friends and they had accepted the new Roxy. Although  Susan didn't want anything to do with her, she went along with the pack.

     "So Susan, how about a make up party after school?" Roxy said with a smile.

     "Sounds.. fun." Susan said unexcited.

      That evening, Susan and her three friends showed up at Moon Tech labs. Although Susan's friends weren't in the Homecoming race, they needed to be put out of the way to avoid having them blab anything. The girls relaxed in the gave one another facials, and did one another's hair and nails. They even read a few fashion magazines.

    "I went shopping yesterday and got myself some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever found." Roxy smiled mysteriously and she pulled out a bunch of boxes, making sure the different size numbers were out of sight. "You should give them a try."

    As each other girls put on their heels, a tingling sensation passed through them. As it reached their sex, they moaned in pleasure. "What... happening... to..." They got before their voice boxes stopped working and their mouths frozen shut in a lustful look. Some had managed to stand up, others became mannequins posed sitting or stretched out on the floor. Roxy loaded the girls up in the back of her pick up and took them to the delivery entrance of Apollo's. Apollo himself was waiting as he helped unload his newest treasures into the shop.

     Susan was placed in a window display dressed in a golden evening gown. Beside her, Clare was given a zebra stripe bikini andreclining  Lois was given a erotic latex cat suit. "We service for all fetishes and tastes." Apollo smiled at Roxy as he saw that she had something special planned for Janet.  Apollo watched as Janet, dressed in a golden bikini, was injected with a formula. Her feet and hands dissolved into her arms and legs. Her head vanished into its torso. Soon Janet was nothing more than a black 3/4 torso mannequin.

     "I put dildo into Janet before her pussy closed up." Roxy looked at Apollo with a smile as she rubbed Janet's plastic pussy. "It has a lithium chip like those that powered those toys in the movie "Small Soldiers." It will never run out inside her."

      When the store opened the next day, Mr. Lodge and his son-in-law, Flash was shopping for something special for their wives when they noticed the shoes on the three full mannequins. "Sir, those look just like the shoes that turned Sabrina into a mannequin." Flash said with some concern that what had happened twice to his wife could happen to her again. "I think we need to get to the bottom of this."

      When they saw Apollo in his office, Apollo denied any knowledge of any missing women in town or the fact that the shoes on the mannequins had any special powers what-so-ever. Mr. Lodge was very rich and concerned about his daughter. They had planned to keep a stealthy eye on both the local college and the department store for anything weird going on.  Little did they know they were too late.

         While Mr. Lodge and Flash began their first stakeout at the mall, Roxy had planned something special for her stuck-up roommate Cheryl. While Cheryl was in the girl's floor shower, Roxy smeared a special version of the formula in her panties before heading off to class.  Cheryl walked back to her room in her bathrobe and slippers with a towel wrapped around her head. She was glad to have the room to herself as she stepped into her panties and pulled them up over her hips. As she sat down, she started to do her hair.

      Cheryl's body responded to a sensitive massage that the panties seemed to give her buttocks and pussy like none other. It became so intense that she could barely control her erotic arousal. When she tried to pull them off, she couldn't. It was like they were glued on. She wanted to scream out in panic, but only screams of pleasure escaped her mouth. She dropped back and forth while trying to pleasure herself and relieve the exploding orgasms that didn't even wet her panties for some reason. With each orgasm, her body seem to shrink and change even more. Cheryl lost track of time and space, lost herself in the endless pleasure.

     A short time later, Cheryl's friend Betty came into the room. "Cheryl, can I borrow a pair of panties?" She asked, spotting a pair of silken panties resting on a bathrobe. "All of mine are in the wash."

     "She won't mind." Betty thought as she picked up what remained of  her former friend. All Cheryl could feel of her transformed body was her pussy and buttocks.  The merest touch of her friend's fingers sent Cheryl from mild arousal to one exploding orgasm after another. Even that was nothing compared to when Betty put her on and headed back to her room while fondling herself idly..

        "I see someone decided to wear my new panties." Roxy smiled brightly to see the Cheryl-panty gone. "She won't transform; whoever she was, but Cheryl will find pleasure the likes of which she never dreamed of. I'll have think of what to tell her parents since if I can't find her, I won't be able to change her back after the homecoming vote is over." Oh, well, that would be just too bad, she thought…

        Roxy put her math books away and picked up her science lab. When she entered the science lab, she made sure to whisper a hello to the statue Mary who had been touched by men all week in previous classes. "Nice to see you again Mary. I hope you're enjoying all the male attention you've been getting. Especially that handsome teacher. He probably keeps you nicely dusted," she said, running her finger along her frozen rivals’ back.

        Roxy's talk with the mannequin was cut short when she saw Brad standing  with one of the other girls on the homecoming list in the front of the class. Roxy’s eyes turned red with jealously as she stormed up to her new boyfriend. "What is going on here?"

    "I said that I agreed with you about how possessive, Mary was." Brad offered as an explanation. "That I need to see other women like you... and Tammy, here."

      Roxy spent the rest of the day planning what she'd do with this new rival. She went through all of Dick's formulas such as pantyhose form and living underwear. None of them seemed proper for her vile feelings toward this one. It was then that she realized it wasn't the woman she was upset with, but Brad himself. She soon found a spell that made her smile with perverse pleasure.

     Using the power of techo-magic (a mixture of technology and magic), Roxy's mind’s eye spied on Brad until she was sure that he was alone. That was when she closed her eyes and started to chant the spell needed for her revenge. Her mind watched as Brad's body began to quiver like jell-o and melted right out of his clothes. His soul passed through the air and entered Roxy's chest. Roxy smiled as her tits expanded one size. He was right where she wanted him.

      For Brad, he found himself in a sightless state of constant arousal as he literally became Roxy's new larger breasts with his sight blocked by the tightly straining bra she was wearing. The jiggles of her breasts with each slight movement sent waves of pleasure through him. "Hope you like your new life, lover." Roxy smiled as she rubbed her own nipples and moaned. "We'll never be apart now."

              "Now I just got one more member on the list to deal with." Roxy grinned wickedly as she had no idea that she'd also have to deal with Flash, his wife Sabrina and the Lodge family too in the near future. Not that she would care in her state of possessed mind. As she left for a good night sleep, The Devil himself started to laugh wickedly from the shadows.

     "Heh-Heh-Heh." The Devil laughed to himself. "Flash and Dick may have escaped my evil, but this one is causing more mischief & chaos with my special shoes that even I had imaged possible. She has no idea that it was I who placed the notion of using the shoes to become popular into her mind."

    The next morning, Roxy woke up feeling refreshed and very aroused. She reached through her filmy night gown to caress her erect nipples. "Good morning, Brad." She said with a devilish laugh. As she climbed into the shower and began to lather up her curvy body, she smiled again and said, "Hope you're enjoying this, my captured love." She made sure to take a long, slow shower.

     As Roxy was dressing in a low cut silk blouse, sheer pantyhose, and a black mini skirt, Flash was talking to his wife and father-in-law at his mansion. "I picked up a copy of the campus newspaper today and came across an odd article. It says that several girls had signed up for Homecoming Queen, but all but two of them have left campus or disappeared. "

     Mr. Lodge had a worried look on his face. "I don't like the sound of that at all. Does it say which girls are acconted for still?"

     "Yes. Roxy Pizza and Michelle Marler." Their names don’t sound familiar to me.

     Sabrina was quiet during this conversation, staring off into space. She and Flash were past their early troubles, and quite happy in her married life. Her previous experience with the shoes had been filed with misadventures and dangers. Still, part of her missed the erotic feeling of having a skin of hard plastic, being unable to move in the slightest way, all the while experiencing constant orgasms. She began to daydream

     "Sabrina? Are you listening to me, dear?" Sherman Lodge said. "I said you and Flash should go to the campus, and try to find these girls. I'll go to the mall to keep watch, in case any new mannequins suddenly appear. Thank goodness the newspaper had recent pictures of these girls."

      Flash and Sabrina w ere driving to the campus. Flash suddenly turned to his wife and asked, "Are you sorry you didn't stay a mannequin?"

     "No, of course not," she insisted. "It was...interesting... but I love you."

    At that moment, Roxy was knocking on Michelle's door. Michelle Marler, a well-endowed blonde with shoulder length silky hair, opened the door. Well, Roxy thought,  she'll make a great mannequin. She quickly spoke up.  "Hi Michelle, we haven't met yet. I'm Roxy Pizza, one of the other girls running for Homecoming Queen. Did you see that article in the campus paper about the missing girls? Isn't it awful!"

    Michelle shook her head. "I'm scared. Maybe we should talk to the police."

   Roxy quickly tried to steer her in a different direction. "No. I think if the police thought we were in any danger, they would have contacted us... But maybe it would be a good idea if we spent some time together. Get to know each other. Having good friends is more important than any silly Homecoming election. Besides, what do they say about safety in numbers?"

    Michelle smiled. "You're right. Maybe it's silly to worry." She looked at the shopping bag that Roxy carried. "What do you have there?" she asked.

    "Oh, a few outfits, some shoes and the like. I just hope that we'd be about the same size.. I hope I'm not being too bold, but a lot of my girlfriends and I swap and lend outfits with each other."

    "Sounds like fun," Michelle said. "I think we must be the same size. I've got lots of great outfits you can try on."

     "Great," Roxy said. "And wait until you try on these pumps I brought.... They're stylish, but they're also the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in my life..."


    At that moment, Flash and Sabrina were still a couple of miles from campus, since the Lodge mansion was on the outskirts of town. Their progress was halted by a sudden blowout. "Damn!" Flash cried. "And I don't have a spare! Unseen, The Devil laughed. "I'm not ready to have Roxy's fun come to a halt... not quite yet anyway."

      With a snap of The Devil's fingers, dark clouds broke out in huge bolts of lighting. As a rainstorm started coming, Sabrina sat in the car while Flash headed off toward town in the rain. He was sure the town he could get a spare tire in the nearest garage. He only hoped Sabrina wouldn't be too scared alone.

       In Michelle's room, the girls went through the bags with the Universal Studios label on it. She held up a $12, Navy, Poseidon's Secret of the Lost City Fury shirt over herself and tossed Michelle a Sinbad Adventures shirt. "Pretty good," Roxy said. "Universal set up a tent sale in the campus parking lot. You can get the shirts a lot cheaper than in the park itself."

    "I'll say," Michelle said, seeing the price tag of $7.50 on the shirt she put on. Roxy just smiled as she watched   her final competition step into the pumps. "These shoes are as comfortable as you claim they are."

     "You look great in that pose." Roxy smiled. "Good enough to last a lifetime."

    "What...do... you..." She got out before Michelle found her voice and motion was lost to her. Roxy waited until it was dark enough for the campus to be deserted. She then took Michelle to the back of her pick up and pulled off just as Flash and Sabrina arrived at the campus.

     Flash and Sabrina entered the dorm and went up to the girls’ floor. "This is the room," Flash said seeing clothes scattered everywhere and a pair of empty shoe boxes. "Looks like we're too late. Must have been where they struggled and were transformed forcefully."

     "Hardly!" Sabrina giggled. "When I was in my 20s, my dorm room always looked like this when I was late and couldn't decide what to wear. Not that I ever did have anything really to wear."

    "We'd better catch up with the girls before whoever is changing them get to them first." Flash said as he started back to the car. He didn't notice an invisible Devil whispering in Sabrina's ear.

     "I hid the second pair of shoes so that your husband would think both girls were taken." The Devil cooed lovingly. "I save the second pair just for you. You know how much you loved the tight feeling your hard plastic body had. The erotic emotions that was like nothing your husband could ever give you in bed."

    "We'll check the campus dance club to see if the two were place there before we go all the way to the mall." Flash reached his car and realized that his wife wasn't anywhere around. "Sab? Sabrina!" He screamed as he turned and ran back into the dorm. He raced upstairs and found his wife standing frozen in the dorm room. "Noooo!"

       Flash quickly laid his stiff wife on her back and removed the shoes. To his surprise, Sabrina didn't change back to normal. He felt her warm pulse that let him know that she was still alive as she stared through her unblinking eyes at him. "Oh Sabrina, I should of checked out the dorm room better. Made sure that you where behind me when I left."

       Picking up his stiff wife, he carried her to the car. As he placed her into the back seat, he stepped into some gum left in the parking lot. "Just great." Flash muttered. "At least I brought my sneakers with me."

      The Devil watched from the shadows as the smell of sulfur rose from his burned skin. Skin that made him look a little like Elm St.'s Freddy Kruger.  As Flash's second foot entered the sneaker, he was instantly transformed into a male mannequin. "Love the old switch the magic item joke."

       As the wind picked up outside of the mall, Roxy showed up at the delivery entrance of Apollo Department store. Mr. and Mrs. Lodge watched as the two unloaded a new mannequin for the shop. Mr. Lodge picked up his cell phone and called Flash's car phone. The car phone just rang into the ears of the helpless mannequin's ears.

        "Must be my new mannequins whose order got lost." The owner of the dance club said as he picked up his new mannequins from the lot and brought them to work with him. He had no idea he was  doing just what The Devil wanted.

     "You'll just love your new home." The Devil chuckled as he transported himself in a puff of brimstone smoke from the campus to the mall. "Let's see what I can do about your other family members."

  "This isn't good." Mrs. Lodge said worriedly. "I say we abandon the stakeout and find them."

   "First things first," Mr. Lodge said as he pulled out a detonator from his brief case and flicked a switch with his thumb. "I rigged Moon Tech Labs to blow in case anything went wrong. I wanted to make sure the nobody made techno- magic shoes there again." In the distance, a muffled explosion could be heard, followed by the wailing of emergency sirens.

       "They'll pay." The Devil said as he hovered over to the rich couple and karate chopped them from behind. "I have a long standard contract with Apollo. Too bad for Roxy, her contract has now expired."

       "Hello, Apollo." The Devil said as his power caused the rich couple to float over to stand at his feet. "Mr. Lodge always look good in a tuxedo. You can put him and his wife in a nice wedding display."

     "Yes master." Apollo smiled.

    Roxy just stared as The Devil's eyes burned fresh and backed off in shock when he smiled wickedly directly at her. She sensed something was afoot slightly too late to do anything about it.

    "Oh, Don't worry about your little assistant. I have a new position in mind for her." The Devil snapped his fingers and activated the magic pumps he had secretly switched for Roxy's own. Roxy instantly felt the pleasure that all the others felt while being transformed. She barely had time to raise her arm to try to stop him before stiffening into her final position. The Devil chuckled. "Don't worry about Homecoming, cutie. Being one of Apollo's mannequins is a far better fate than the police arresting you when your the only name on the sign up sheet that hasn't disappeared. This way, I can always restore you if I ever need your services for some future evil scheme. Pleasant dreams…” he patted her rigid cheek. Roxy was awash in waves of blissful pleasure.

       "I'll set them up as you wish." Apollo obeyed his master and got ready to open his shop with his new displays in the morning. Business and life would go on as usual, but not for them.

        THE END (or is it?)

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