Part Two – A Few More Acquisitions

by Zapped!

   It has been several years since the first few women went missing from Hatchapee County. Many locals have their own theories as to their whereabouts. Some speculate that they were unfortunate victims of a white slavery ring, while others say they just simply ran off; completely fed-up with living a boring life in their isolated little town.

*Note: These next few vignettes will focus on a few of the Grimly boys’ victims, and how they managed to completely vanish without a trace. There isn’t a whole lot of freeze content, but you may have more sympathy for the solidified characters when they’re eventually revealed!


Lei Li’s Story . . .

   At eighteen years of age, Lei Li left her homeland China and set off for a new life in America. The young woman was here in this unfamiliar country completely on her own, without the support of any family or friends to turn to. Having been in the states for only a few weeks, Lei’s ability to read, speak or even understand the English language was quite poor, and she wound up getting lost on a regular basis. So when the young woman got on a bus and set out to see about a job opportunity in the town of Black River Georgia, it was through her own misfortune that she somehow wound up in Shady Creek instead!

   This story is about an unfortunate incident that happened to the young Chinese woman not long after her arrival . . .

May 12th, 1988

   It was on a stormy afternoon in the spring of 1988, when Lei Li had taken the bus line out of Atlanta. The young woman was on her way to see about a job opening, that she had heard about from her advisor, over at the Chinese cultural center.

   The friendly ticket agent back at the bus terminal had purposely written down that Lei should get off the bus at the seventh and last stop. This would have made perfectly good sense, had she gotten on the right bus in the first place. Unfortunately, the young woman wound up on a bus that was heading out into the country and up towards the mountains.

. . . It’s funny how the pronunciation of a word can make such a big difference!

   So some two hours later, Lei Li unquestioningly arose to get off at the seventh and final stop. Now this particular depot was rarely used and was poorly lit. Even the bus driver himself was a bit surprised that the young woman wanted to get off here.

   “Are ya' sure they sent ya’ll to the right place?” asked the bus driver with a tone of concern.

   That was when the woman pointed outside and said, “Dark!”

   The bus driver replies, “Yes sweetie, it’s dark out.”

   “No no, Dark . . . Umm?” the pretty woman pauses in thought, as if she were struggling to find a word. “Ah . . . Oh!” . . . Lei Li gets an excited look and begins motioning with her arms, as if she were a fish swimming through the water.

   The driver replies, “Yes it’s raining out there!”

   The girl flashes her cute smile, but shakes her head as if to say no. Now feeling a little frustrated, Lei Li reaches into her bag and digs out her hand written instructions. She then hands the little scrap of paper to the nice driver.

   The man takes the paper in hand and reads;

* be sure to get off the bus at the seventh and last stop! There will be somebody there to pick you up.

   “Huh! . . . Well they certainly didn’t give you much to go by, did they?… I don’t see your ride out there anywhere . . .”

. . . The man looks back up at the young woman, who continues to look down at him with her innocent little smile. The girl excitedly inquires, “Me get off here, yes?”

   The man shakes his head in disbelief and replies, “Well, I guess if that’s what you want . . . I wish you the best of luck, ma‘m!”

   Lei Li flashed her bright smile at the kind man’s words, and chirps a happy, “Tank you!” . . . A second later, the enthusiastic girl steps off the bus with her duffle bag and umbrella in hand. By the time she considers that she might have made a mistake, the bus was long gone, and the young woman was left standing in the pouring rain . . .


   Nearly an hour later, the rain continued to pour down. There were bolts of lightning now streaking through the sky, as thunder began to rumble in the distance. Despite having the use of her umbrella, Lei’s white blouse was completely soaked through to the skin, revealing her lacey blue bra underneath. Her shoulder-length hair was once silky and black, but now it was dripping wet and pasted close to her head. The woman’s calf-length, charcoal-gray skirt was equally drenched. Now completely discouraged and all alone, the shivering young Asian sat on the old wooden bench and began to cry . . .

   Meanwhile, two hicks named Billy Bob and Weasel were out cruising around in an old beat up Plymouth Fury. The boys were just out looking for something to do, when Weasel broke out a jar of his pappy’s moonshine and began swapping it back and forth. You see; there wasn’t much to this small town to begin with, and since they got laid-off from the textile mill, there wasn’t much to do either. These days, it seemed like everything was being made in either China or Mexico, and that was slowly killing off a lot of the factory jobs - especially down here in the south.

   As the rednecks cruise through the run-down section of town where a boot factory once proudly stood, they notice a drenched woman sitting on a bench in front of the old bus depot . . .

   “Hey, what do we got here?” asks Billy Bob.

   As Weasel spots the woman himself, he’s heard to stutter, “Well it looks like w-w-we got us a lil’ Asian fortune cookie! . . . W-w-why don’t cha' pull on over thar, so I can git me a closer look!”

   The old Plymouth pulled up along to where the Chinese woman sat crying on the bench. Weasel rolls down the window and asks, “Hey thar cutie, w-w-what cha' doin' in this here d-d-dark section of town?”

   Lei Li flashes her adorable smile, as it looks like help has arrived at last! In her best broken English, the woman explains, “Me got lost. You tink you help?”

   “Aww, it looks like she d-d-done got lost Billy . . . Do you think w-w-we got time to help her?”

   Billy Bob answers, “Sure we could help her out. In fact; I could prob’ly give her exactly what she needs! - Heh-heh-heh!”

   As Weasel opens the car door to get out, he asks, “Did ya’ll hear that?…M-m-my friend Billy here says we can help ya’ll out n-n-no problem. So why don’t ya’ll hop inside, n' we’ll t-t-take ya' wherever ya’ll need ta' go.”

   “You do dat fo me?” asks Lei Li with a look of innocence.

   “Oh sure . . . Sure w-w-we will,”  affirms Weasel. As the redneck carefully guides the young woman into the car, he notices the girl is about 5’1” and of a slender build. With the way the rain had drenched her white dress shirt, he could easily see that the foreign gal was fairly chesty!

   Lei Li smiled shyly and murmured, “Me O.K. now,” as she sat in the car between Billy Bob and Weasel. The young woman was always very trusting of other people, and she was glad that these nice young men had finally come to her aid.

   The big green Plymouth finally drives off into the rainy night; creeping through town and then picking up speed as it reached the city limits. It was about that time, when the one named Billy Bob inquires, “So where we gonna do this?”

   Weasel replies, “Why don’t we take her on out ta' my pappy’s place; he’s on the r-r-road this week with the sideshow, so we’ll have that thar barn t-t-to ourselves . . . That ways, my Uncle Lester will know what ta' d-d-do with 'er afterwards.”

   Billy Bob excitedly replies, “Sounds good ta' me, cuz!”

   The old Mopar continues down Rt. 5, until it eventually turns off on a muddy road. The Plymouth drove slowly onward; churning up the mucky mountainous road to where some farm property stood at the end. It was here, in the surrounding woods, that the Grimly’s made moonshine for several generations.

   When the boys pull up in front of an old two-story barn and the car is shifted into park, Lei Li starts to get a little worried. The woman thinks to herself, Why car stop at old building? . . . . Maybe dees bad men!

   Once the two men exit the car, Billy Bob urges their guest to get out. When she hesitates, the redneck yanks the young woman out of the car by the arm, and forcefully drags her towards the barn. As his friend rolls the heavy barn door open, Lei Li looks on in freight . . .

   “Too dark! . . . Me no like!”

   Billy Bob orders, “Shadap n' git on in thar!” . . . The hick roughly shoves little Lei Li inside, but the woman quickly turns and bolts for the door! With his slow reaction time, the guy misses grabbing the girl by inches. He quickly yells, “Catch her Weasel, she’s gettin' away!”

   As the terrified woman charges through the door, she has to side-step Weasel. The man manages to grab the back of her blouse, but only rips the material down the back. Lei Li sprints a good twenty feet, before she trips over an unseen automobile wheel rim; sending her flying face down into the sloppy mud!

   Now laughing, Weasel yanks the slithering woman back onto her feet. The poor girl was now covered in mud from head to toe . . .

   Caught up in the excitement, Billy Bob excitedly rips the front of Lei Li’s shirt wide open. Now laughing in unison with his friend, the pair looked on at the poor woman who stood there in the rain in her sexy lace bra. The hillbilly asks, “Now what’s wrong with this har picture?”

   Weasel replies, “Ah tell ya' one thang; it’s gonna be a d-d-damned shame to tear up that char pretty lace foundation! - Heh-heh-heh!”

   The rednecks took turns shoving the poor girl back and forth; roughly yanking at the remains of her blouse, until none of it remained on her frame. Weasel had begun yanking at her bra until it finally tore off of her shoulders. The hicks grinned with growing desire, as Lei Li’s tits popped out into view! . . . Her breasts were quite impressive, standing out from her slim frame and slightly sagging off from the sides of her chest. The nipples were brown and hard, as they strained in the chilly air from the cool persistent rain.

   Weasel turned the focus of his eyes from the woman’s remarkable rack, to her pretty, but saddened face. Even in the rain, the rube could see that Lei Li’s almond-shaped eyes were liquid pools; her expression a mix of fear and rage. . . . The redneck soon advises, “Baby, my p-p-pecker is jest a trobbin' away fer ya’ll.”

Now squeezing his crotch, Billy Bob warns, “Yeah, he-he . . . Mine too.”

. . . It was at that point that Weasel suggests, “What do ye say we drag this bitch in the barn and fuck 'er right now.”

   Lei Li might not have understood English too well, but she certainly knew that she didn’t like the way these men were looking at her!

   Weasel orders, “Alright sweetie, lets g-g-go have us some fun!”

. . . As the redneck drags the woman into the old barn, Lei Li puts up a struggle. The hysterical woman is sobbing uncontrollably and lashing out at her captors:

“What you do wit me? . . . You say Fuk . . . what dat mean?”

   Billy Bob replies, “Ya’ll will know in a minute, cutie-pie!”

   His partner-in-crime taunts, “Yeah, weez gonna have ta' teach ya’ll the international language . . . The language o’ love, that is! -Heh-heh-heh!”

   Weasel then switches on the lights to reveal the interior of the old dusty barn. There were various automobile parts scattered about, including several engines, transmissions and rear axle housings. In one corner, several doors and hoods were stacked upon one another and leaning against a wall. In another corner, the remains of an illegal liquor still with its copper wire coil and old wash tub, stood intact. The floor of the barn was covered with oil stains, and straw was scattered around just about everywhere.

   Lei Li’s breasts heaved, as she took in the unfamiliar surroundings and it’s contents. That’s when one of the hicks grabbed her ankles from behind, making her fall over into a loose stack of hay. The woman let out a piercing scream, as the one named Weasel pulled her skirt completely off, revealing her blue lace panties. . . . Even now, the woman’s firm calves and creamy thighs still glistened from the rain.

   “Whoa, she sure got some nice legs!” observed Billy Bob. “What do you think?”

   Weasel stutters, “I think w-w-we should hang her from one o’ them thar m-m-metal hooks and screw her in ass!”

   Before long, Lei Li found herself dangling from a large meat hook on a nearby rafter. With her wrists tied-up above her head, the woman’s toes hung just inches above the barn floor. She began to struggle and kick with her legs, but the rednecks just grabbed them too and secured them down in a spread position. The woman continued her helpless struggle, but now she just twisted and turned when she attempted to kick . . .

“有人请帮助我,这些人将要强奸我 !”

   Weasel asks, “Hey, w-w-what do ya’ll 'spose she’s screamin' about anyways?”

   “Beats the hell outta me,” replies Billy Bob. “ I don’t know any o' that fer’eign gibberish.”

   Lei Li pleads for mercy with the men, but neither pay attention. That was when one of them stuck his fingers into the waistband of her panties, and with one swift yank, tears them clear off! . . . The two creeps just stood there gawking at her nakedness, as she hung helplessly from her restraints! . . . Now they could admire her perfectly rounded ass and the thick patch of pubic hair, along with the rest of her!

. . . One of them cruelly whistles.

   The men quickly pull down their pants and kick them off to the side. Their captive’s eyes went wide, as the hillbillies thick peckers bobbled into view.

   Lei Li immediately shakes her head and pleas, “NO! . . . No, me no want no boom-boom! . . . Please no!”

   “Did ya' hear that?” asks Billy Bob. “She said ‘please’ . . . Now lets see how well this lil' fortune cookie can ‘please’ us! - Heh-heh-heh!”

   Weasel gave the woman’s bare ass a good slap, while Billy Bob slid his dirty paw down between her legs. He soon felt the crinkly sensation of her black pubes scratching against his rough skin.

   The men were so caught up in their devious activities, that neither heard the feet that were approaching from outside . . .


. . . The unseen figure had pumped the handle on his twelve gauge and raised it in the air above his head. Suddenly a shot rings out:


. . . As the percussive noise echoes throughout the surrounding areas, the barn quickly goes silent. The figure lowers the smoldering barrel of his shotgun and orders, “I think that’s quite enough!”

   Billy Bob and Weasel both struggle to get their pants back on, as the stranger steps out from the shadows and into the dim light of the barn . . .

   “Oh . . . Hey their Uncle Lester,” greets Weasel rather apprehensively.

   The man questions, “What in the hell are ya’ll doin' out here in mah barn, boy?”

   Weasel nervously explains, “W-w-well we picked up this purdy lil’ thang right char, down in front a that ole' bus depot, downtown. W-w-we decided ta' pick 'er up n' have us a lil' fun, that’s all . . . We honestly didn’t mean nothin' by it!”

   Lester observes, “We’ll she don’t look like she’s enjoyin' it much!”. . . The man lowers his shotgun, as not to frighten the young filly any more than she already was, then slowly approaches her . . .

   It was undoubtedly true; Lei Li was a beautiful woman. From the female’s young and exceptionally cute facial features, to her tight naked body now glistening beneath the florescent light - the girl was a perfect study of feminine perfection. Her absolute disregard for the man, only attracted him all the more . . .

   “Hey now purdy girl, there’s no need to worry anymore,” says Lester before he assures, “Everythangs gonna be jest fine.”

   The kind old man sets his shotgun aside, and begins cutting the girls restraints with his hunting knife. He takes his own flannel shirt off and covers the girl’s nakedness and suggests, “Why don’t we getcha inside, before ya’ll catch a nasty cold?”

   Now twitching around and quivering her lips, the shivering girl nods her head rather shyly.

   As Lester puts his arm around the woman’s shoulder, the pair turn to walk toward the barn door entrance where Weasel and Billy Bob stood waiting . . .

   “So are we g-g-good here, Uncle Lester?” asks the man’s nephew.

   Lester replies, “You two idiots go on n' git the hell outta here.   . . . An don’t ever let me catch ya’ll in ma barn without my accompaniment! . . .Ya’ll hear me?”

   Both men quickly reply, “Yes sir!”

. . . The two rednecks jog off to the car they arrived in and jump inside. A moment later, the old Plymouth slides sideways in the sloppy muck, before roaring off into the darkness.

   Lester spent the next several hours comforting his guest, and tending to her every need. The hours soon turned into days, and as much as the hillbilly tried, he just couldn’t seem to gain the young woman’s trust. . . . Lei Li seemed thoroughly disenchanted with the man altogether, and he hadn’t a clue as to what he’d done to earn the female’s cool stares and silent dismissals. Grimly actually became more infatuated with the woman, the longer she continued to ignore him:

. . . I must’ve looked a total fool jest tryin' to gain Lei Li’s approval - or even jest her attention. . . . Once er twice I done caught the slightest twist of her lips jest tryin' to form a smile, before she’d turn her purdy lil' head to frown. . . . Those tiny glimpses of amusement - or even acknowledgment, was what drove my desperate thirst fer more…

   By the time the Lester had become completely smitten with the woman, he had finally come to his own realization that he didn’t even stand a chance with her. When he’d finally had enough, the hillbilly marched up to her with his arms folded across his chest, and simply stared at the woman in mute anger. That was when she had the gall to flutter her long eyelashes and ask if there was something he wanted . . .

   In an irritated tone, the man replies, “You know damned well what it is I want!”

   “You mad you get no boom-boom, well me no care!” Lei Li demurred, her eyes seeming to muse at her captor’s thinly-veiled fury.

   Lester pushes, “Surely ya’ll have needs jest like I do, woman!”

   Lei Li just continues to stare off into the distance with complete disinterest . . .

   The hillbilly locks his big hands onto Lei Li’s small shoulders and orders, “Quit bein' coy with me woman, I’m sick a bein' made the fool!”

   “You take Lei Li back home!” . . . The woman fluttered her lashes again, before her thin, dark eyebrows narrowed in anger. That was when the young woman tempted fate. “You old man . . . You too old for Lei Li! . . . Me no like!”

. . . Lester’s jaw tightened. The man inhaled slowly to calm his temper, but the die had already been cast . . . Lei Li would officially become missing victim number five.



The Black River disappearances . . .

August 15th, 1993

   On a sunny August morning, twenty three-year-old Regina Rodriguez stepped into her rubber raft and began her descent south, down Georgia’s Black River. She had brought along Mary Lou McCray; her twenty nine-year-old girlfriend, for her very first weekend-long camping excursion. The relaxing three day trip south from Atlanta’s city limits, was one Regina had made on her own, on numerous occasions . . . But this time, the trip would prove to be different.

   It was on the second day, as the couple drifted slowly downstream, that they noticed a middle-aged balding man standing by the riverbank. There was also a second, much younger man sitting on the tailgate of a nearby pickup truck. Miss Rodriguez figured that the men were out enjoying a day’s fishing. When she asked the older man if he had caught anything, the man quickly yelled back that he had not.

   “Well good luck, ya’ll,” shouted Regina while waiving them off.

   As the two women continued to float down stream, Mary Lou just happened to look back, to notice the two men leaving in their pick-up truck.

   “Huh! . . . I guess we must’a ruined it for them,” observes the woman out loud.

   Regina looks back to see the truck disappear in a cloud of dust, but just shrugs her shoulders and thinks nothing of it . . .


   It was nearly an hour later, when the couple was passing through a narrower section of the Black River. This section of the river was known for its thick vegetation that floated on the surface of the water, and the women’s paddling was somewhat sluggish . . .

   “Eww!” exclaimed Mary Lou. “What is this crap anyway?”

   “It’s just algae that grows on the surface of the water,” replies her partner. “Some say that it’s caused by contaminated run-off from nearby industries.”

   Mary Lou makes a disgusted face and assures, “Well whatever it is, I sure as hell don’t wanna touch it!”

. . . It was then, that Regina got a mischievous expression on her face. The Latina dipped her paddle sideways in the water to scoop up a big pile of the muck, and then swung it playfully at her girlfriend in the front seat!

   The natural blonde lets out a blond curdling scream, before taking off her baseball cap and throwing it back at her friend in retaliation.

   Before long, Regina has scooped another mound of weedy-muck and tosses it at her friend, effectively landing it squarely between her shoulders!

   Mary Lou lets out yet another scream; this one even louder than the first!

   “Oh that’s it you little shit! . . . 'Yer goin' down this time!”

   The two women proceed to get into a mud and weed fight, right there in the middle of the Black River! . . . The grown adults squeal and giggle like two little school girls, as they continue to pelt each other with mud and slop! . . . In fact; they were making so much noise, that they failed to notice the precisely shot arrow that pierced the bottom corner of their rubber raft . . .

   After a few riotous minutes, the gals hear the raft rub-up against some rocks in a low part of the river, and Regina quickly warns, “OK-OK . . . That’s enough! . . . We’re in shallow waters here!” . . . The high-jinx finally subside, and the two women are now spattered over with mud!

   In between her moments of uncontrollable laughter, Mary Lou manages to spout, “Oh my god Regina . . . I swear . . . that was the most fun that I’ve had since I was a kid!”

   Regina, (still laughing herself), reminds her friend, “Yeah well; too bad all we have to wash up in, is this dirty river water!”

   Mary Lou replies, “That’s ok, I’ll still love ya!”

   It was a few minutes further down stream, when Regina noticed that the raft was starting to look deflated. . . . A few moments after that, she actually started to get a little worried . . .

   It was at that point that Mary Lou asked, “Hey . . . is it just me, or is this thing losing air?”

   Regina replies, “Yeah babe, I think a rock must have jabbed a hole in this thing, when we went through that shallow water back there… We’re going to have to find a place on shore to patch it.”

   Unfortunately, the girls were in a steeply banked section of the river. It would be almost another mile, before the couple would come across a safe enough section to land! By the time the rafters came to that spot, the deflating boat was going completely under! . . .

Both women soon found themselves chest deep in river water, and wading their way in towards shore!

   With her soaked tank top clinging to her chest and her saturated blue jeans now weighing her down, Regina Rodriguez walked up onto the shoreline rather tiredly. With every step she takes, a noticeable “squishing” noise emits from her drenched sneakers.

   Mary Lou McCray staggered in behind her, spouting remarks of total disgust, as she stumbled wearily ashore. The blonde was completely drenched from her armpits down, and it was her girlfriend’s fault. With her arms held out from her sides, Mary Lou looked down to see the t-shirt that she had neatly tied below her breasts, now pasted to her skin. The woman’s cut-off shorts now dripped water, and her flip-flop covered feet were now barren.

   Both of the women stood there shivering from the after-effects of the cold river water. They no longer had a raft, dry clothes or any supplies. . . . Mary Lou began to nag her partner about getting them into their predicament. Darkness would soon be upon them, and the temperature would be dropping fast. Now trembling violently from the cold, the blonde warns, “We need to build a fire to keep warm and try to dry our clothes off or something!”

   Regina gives her friend a disgusted look and says, “Well duh!” . . . That was when she held up a zip-lock baggie containing their matches, as well as some plastic forks and knives. The woman goes on to explain, “Luckily I managed to grab these as the raft was going under . . . I suggest we gather up some kindling wood, so I can build a fire.”


   Within an hour, Regina had gotten a pretty good blaze going. Before long, the Puerto Rican girl began to peel off her wet clothes. Mary Lou watched hungrily from a few feet away, as her girlfriend’s glistening browned skin was eventually revealed. The taller blonde followed suit, and soon they both stood around the campfire completely naked. Their damp clothes now hung from branches all around them, as the couple tried to get warm. Regina’s petite athletic figure; with her muscular legs and perky 34C’s, contrasted with Mary Lou’s taller build, slender legs and small, nearly boyish looking breasts. The nipples on both of their chests stood erect from the cold dampness, while goose bumps covered their bare skin.

   Completely preoccupied with getting warm, and now entranced by the crackling glow of the campfire, neither of the women noticed the snapping of twigs or the rustling in the bushes nearby. The two men that the girls had seen fishing from the riverbank earlier, had been following them down stream for the last few hours. . . . As Elmer and Weasel do their best to approach quietly, they briefly pause in step for a moment, just to observe their unsuspecting prey . . .

   “He-heh; already nekid n' they aint too bad lookin' either,” whispers the one named Elmer. “That short Mexican-lookin' one has a tight lil' ass n' nice round tits!”

   The other redneck, (whose name is Weasel), quietly stutters, “That thar one w-w-with the yeller hair is g-g-got some nice legs! . . . I think I’ll t-t-take that one, so’s she can wrap 'em around my back when I’m b-b-bangin' her!”

   The two hicks decide that now was as good a time as any, and slowly arise from their hiding place behind the bushes . . .

   “All right you bitches, don’t even move!” yells Elmer as he steps out into the light of the fire. The man spat a wad of tobacco at the ground as he aimed his hunting rifle at the two startled girls. Weasel stood just beside him; wielding his hunting knife and leering at the girls’ nakedness.

   Mary Lou lets out a piercing scream, as Regina grabs hold of her friend to offer protection. The blonde’s milky white breasts contrasted dramatically with her companion’s cinnamon tones, as the two pressed themselves tightly against one another in fear!

. . . The redneck’s toothless grins quickly broaden, as they witness the sight of two naked women now hugging each other in terror.

   “What are ya’ll doin' out here nekid?” questions the older one.

   “Looks like we f-f-found us a couple o' lesbians, daddy,” observes the other, (now waving his hunting knife at the trembling couple).

   Regina tries to explain, “W-w-we ended up in the river when our raft sunk, and had to come to shore . . . Please don’t hurt us mister; we’re cold and hungry with nothing to eat.” . . . (The woman then attempts to hug her friend even closer, so these scary looking rubes wouldn’t see her nakedness as much).

. . . Mary Lou just continues to shiver in fear, (now more so than from the cold air that surrounds them). The blonde’s pretty eyes are now dripping with tears.

   “Of course it sunk! . . . We was the ones that shot that thar arrow at you,” confessed the older one. “Now turn yerselfs around n' face us, jest so we can see what we done caught!”

   The younger redneck took a step forward and reinforced, “Yeah, ya' best do as my pappy says, or I’ll carve ya’ll up like a coupl'a deer!”

   In fear for their lives, the two quivering females slowly turned to face their captors…

   Regina felt a uncomfortable mixture of anxiety and fear, as she stood there naked at the river’s edge. The woman was hoping their captors wouldn’t notice just how nervous she was, but by now her ample breasts were jiggling along with the rest of her body. Right beside her, Mary Lou was helplessly shaking just as well. The blonde’s pink nipples remain erect from the cold. The poor girl attempted to hide her curly blonde pubes with one hand, while the other unsuccessfully covered her creamy breasts.

   The younger man with the stutter orders, “You - with the yeller hair . . . W-w-why don’t ya' let it down fer me.”

   Mary Lou wipes the tears away from her eyes, before reaching back to undo her ponytail. Once untied, the woman shakes out her platinum-blonde hair; allowing it to fall freely. The silvery locks now cascade down her bare back and frame her small breasts . . .

. . . Regina reaches over and squeezes her friend’s delicate hand, in some small effort to comfort her.

   Weasel immediately flashes his toothless grin in approval.

   Elmer instructs, “Now; before we all git ta' business, I want ya’s ta' squeeze each other tight, n' kiss . . .  An I want ya’ll ta' do it jest like ya' meant it!”

   Regina immediately protests, “Are you fucking serious?”


. . . The hillbilly had pumped the handle on his shotgun and raised the barrel a little higher!

   Regina immediately embraces her friend and tilts her head upward towards her face. Mary Lou lowers her own head, until she feels her lover’s breath on her mouth. Both of their lips began to part slightly, before they interlocked into a breathtaking kiss. With their breasts now crushing together, the Latina reaches up with her fingers, to support the blonde’s delicate chin.

. . . In response, Mary Lou reaches around to settle her hands upon the curves of her girlfriend’s perfect ass.

   When Elmer Grimly and his son finally deliver their catch to his brother, (several hours later), this would be the erotic pose that the redneck would describe in great detail. It would be a simple fishing tale, that involved two lovers that were caught up in an intimate moment of sweet surrender. That intimate moment would soon be captured forever . . .



The Old Route 7 Case . . .

January 13th, 2001

   It had been a long hot night at work, for Esmeralda Lobos. As the dancer steps out of the ‘Buck Nekid’ gentlemen’s club and into the cold dark night, she swears out in broken English, “Dam, it be cold out hee-yah!” …(The woman pulls her little fur coat in tight to her curvy figure, in reaction to the change in temperature).

   Now shivering from the cold, the woman cordially nods to the bouncer, (now slamming the door closed behind them and locking the joint up for the night). “Guess I be seein' ya’ll ta'morra,” she told the large man, as she began her walk across the vacant parking lot.

   The bouncer inquires, “Hey, are ya' sure I can’t get ya’ll a cab?”

   “Naw, I’m good Eddie,” the woman yells back.

   “All right then . . . ya’ll have a good one Sinnamon,” replied the man, before walking around back to start his truck.

   Esmeralda lets out a sigh, before pausing to light up a cigarette. When the woman finally blows a cloud of smoke into the air, she hears the bouncer’s truck rumbling off in the opposite direction. …What a bunch a crap, the dancer thought to herself, as she cinches in her coat even tighter.

   So far, life in the states hadn’t been very easy for Esmeralda Lobos. The illegal immigrant had paid good money to get a lift over the border, and was promised a good factory job in Florida. The twenty two-year-old was looking forward to starting a new life, and leaving Mexico behind her forever. But once she arrived in Florida, she found that there never was any factory job. Esmeralda, along with several other pretty girls from her small town, found themselves forced into selling themselves by a Latino gang. . . . The brave young woman eventually made a run for it, and hitchhiked her way from Miami all the way to Georgia. She soon found herself in Shady Creek, and has been hiding out here for almost three months now.

. . . Unfortunately, strippers don’t make a whole lot of money in a podunk town like Shady Creek.

   Esmeralda mumbles, “Man, this freakin' sucks!” as she walks along old route 7. Even though it was the main two-lane highway that ran back into town, things were pretty much desolate out here - especially at night! . . . Shit, the dude even offered ya’ll a cab! …Smart move, home girl!

   As the strong southern wind blows her jet-black hair about her face, the stripper struggles to walk in her crystal clear, high-heeled dance shoes. A wolf howls off in the distance, while a strong breeze rustles through the leaves on some nearby trees. A tree branch finally gives way from the force of the wind and suddenly snaps; the young woman yelps as it crashes to the ground just a few feet away! 

. . . Goosebumps were now starting to form on the Mexican’s brown flesh, and the poor gal was starting to feel a little foolish. Esmeralda lets out a dejected sigh and reminds herself, . . . Only anotha' mile-or-so!


   On the other side of Shady Creek, Lester Grimly had just picked up a deceased body from the hospital, and had left it off at his place of business. Being the only funeral home in town meant that Lester was on call 24/7. The mortician had taken his brother Elmer along, just to help with picking up the little old lady that passed away earlier that day. (The old man was “getting up there” in age, and he certainly appreciated any help when he could find it).

   “Well, it’s certainly a shame about ole' Esther,” comments Elmer. He then reflects, “I remember runnin' shine out ta' Macon with her younger brother. His name was Jethro, and I tell ye' what; that boy could drive like a son-of-a-bitch! . . . He run a blocker car fer me and Johnny Lee a few times…”

   As Lester balances the steering wheel of his van with his knees, he cups a match within his hands to light up a much-needed cigarette. The mortician then comments, “Yeah well, I 'spose when the good lord says it’s 'yer time, then it’s 'yer time . . . No questions asked.”

   Elmer replies, “Ya' sure got that right, brother!”

   The mortician blows off a smoke cloud, as he continues down old route 7. The brothers soon pass the ‘Buck Nekid’ strip club, only to see that the bar has already shut down for the night.

   Elmer looks out the passenger side window and observes, “Hell; even the strip joint done closed already.”

   “Yeah, I 'spose it’s gettin' pretty late,” reasons the driver. “Maybe we’ll git lucky n' see a stripper stumblin' down the road, 'er somethin'! - Heh-heh-heh!”

   Elmer answers, “Yeah, imagine that.”

   Ironically; as the van rounds a curve just a half-mile ahead, its headlights illuminate a young woman that’s stumbling along the roadside! The female wore a furry white jacket that appeared to be a size too small, along with a short pink miniskirt that offered fleeting glances of her naked tush to anyone passing by. On her legs were fishnet stockings, while her feet were nestled in clear high heels. The woman had this long, black “teased-up” hair that blew around in the southern wind.

   “Well speak o' tha devil!” exclaims Lester. “Quick Elmer - git in the back!”

   Lester’s brother gives him an odd look and starts to question, “Why, what’s goin' on?”

   The mortician repeats, “I said ta' git in the back! . . . I think I have an idear!”

   Elmer complains, “Well dang-it-all Lester . . .”

   As his brother scrambles to get in the back of the panel van, Lester quickly advises, “Thar should be a medical bag on the floor someplace. Grab the needle, take off the protective tip, and then load the plunger like I done showed ye.”

   The black van slows to a stop, just as the young woman is raising her hand to thumb a ride. …Once the window is rolled down, the man calls out, “Well hey thar sexy girl!” The stranger then flirtatiously comments, “Ya' know; it jest amazes me what a nice set o' legs can do fer a set o' fishnet stockin's!”

   The woman almost cracks a smile at the clever play on words, but questions, “Isn’t it past ya' bed time, ole' man?”

   The driver shrugs his shoulders and answers, “No, not really . . . Besides, why would a purdy lil' filly like ya‘ll, be wanderin' around out here in the dark - especially at this late an hour?”

   “Maybe I jest felt like goin' for a walk beneath the stars,” lied the woman. Her voice sounded a little bit hoarse, and the tone was deep and smoky; like that of a really good phone-sex operator. She also spoke with an accent, as if she might be from “tha' hood” or something.    . . . Now crackling her bubble gum out of habit, she asks, “So was ya’ll jest stoppin' to offa' me a ride, or are ya’ll lookin' for a good time?”

   “I dunno, maybe both,” the man replied. “How much of a good time are we talkin' about?”

   “Dat' depend on what ya’ll want to do to me,” answers the woman with a giggle. She then offers, “. . . Or fa' dat' matter; what I might have to do to you, sweetie.”

   The driver suggests, “Well why don’t cha' come 'round and let me take a look at cha'.”

   The woman flashes a rehearsed smile, before making her way around to the other side of the van. As she does so, the driver notices a certain twist in her walk that looks very alluring . . .

   Lester mutters, “Hello baby,” under his breath, as his cold gray eyes scan over the passing girl through the broken windshield . . .

   The sexy woman smoothes her skirt down, as she takes her place just outside of the driver’s door. With one hand resting on the curve of her waist, she cocks her hips to the side a bit and then poses with a cheeky grin to ask . . . “Well?”

   While Lester looks the woman over, he detects a little trepidation from his gaze. But now that she was standing up close, the driver could see that the she’s even better looking than he had hoped:

. . . Ah, such a purdy face, I mused. So purdy, that it was almost a shame that her most attractive features were hidden beneath layers of whorish makeup and burgundy lipstick. She was young, with an olive-brown complexion that told of her Latin descent. . . . Her ribbony black hair was nestled upon her shoulders, while the front bangs was all teased up like one o' them lil' French poodle dogs! . . . The gal was petite, but she wore these crystal clear 7-inch heels, with a 3 inch thick platform at their front. Them heel’s mighta' looked a bit outrageous, but they done made her look like a damned Amazon woman! . . . The upper band on 'em was also clear throughout, allowing a view of her lil' pedicured feet and brightly painted toenails. Her curvy legs was sheathed in either black stockings or panty-hose; I couldn’t quite tell. (Although I knew I’d be findin' out soon enough!) Her form-fitting skirt looked mighty tight and it jest barely covered up her cooter by inches!

   Lester suggests with his grainy voice, “Why don’t cha' open up that thar jacket fer me, precious…”

   The woman crackles her gum once more, before parting the front of her coat to show off her impressive dimensions. A pair of firm, cantaloupe-sized breasts now press out against her pink tank top, which was tucked deep into her miniskirt. The gal then goes on to confess, “They might not be real, sugar . . . but I can promise ya' one thang: they’re fucking perfect!”

   As Lester leans out the window even further, he notices the imprint of the woman’s nipples in her top, as her chest heaves nervously with each breath. . . . The redneck silently predicts, Soon I’ll see those puppies in person, when I remove all of 'yer clothing!

   The man inquires, “How much fer a titty-fuck, and then a doggy-style finish?”

   “I’ll need two-fiddy up front,” she informed the man, (with her tone sounding like there was no room for negotiation). “. . . An I don’t want ya’ll jerkin' off in ma' weave, either!”

   Lester furrows his eyebrows at the price, but his need to possess the woman standing just outside his window, is far too great. The john nods his head mutely, before digging in his back pocket for his wallet . . . (The hillbilly was hoping like hell, that he had the money on him!)

. . . After fanning through the appropriate amount of funds with his fingertips, the man confirms with a slight note of reluctance, “Yeah, I got that.” …That’s when the Latina looked directly at him with her dark, soulful eyes . . .

   “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m gonna' take real good care of ya’!” assures the prostitute, (as she gives the man a playful wink). “Now why don’t cha let me in, an we can go someplace a little mo' private, ok sugar?”

   “Sure,” says Lester with ease.

. . . As I leaned over to open the door, I warned Elmer beneath my breath, “Be ready brother!” . . . When I leaned back, the interior door handle was still in my right hand. In a rather cunning maneuver, I drop the lever into the console below me . . .

   The Latina swung the passenger side door open to the van and climbed inside. A second later, she slides her tushie back into the seat, before straining to pull the door closed.

. . . There was no handle.

   “Ah, how do I shut this thang?” asks the girl with a rather stupefied look.

   Lester replies, “Yeah, jest pull it by the glass . . . I been meanin' ta' fix that thang, I jest never get the chance…”

   The hooker slams the door, and then leans forward to pull her jacket off of her shoulders. It was too crowded in the front seat, so she leans over to toss it on the floor beside her.

. . . The jacket’s furry hood lands on Elmer’s foot, so he scooches back a few more feet on the van floor, before ducking his head down low . . .

   Lester looks over to notice that the prostitute’s short skirt was riding further up her thighs. So high, that he could clearly make out the darker band of elastic circling around her leg! . . . So she was wearin' stockin's!

   The woman suddenly asks, “Hey mista'… ya' think I could bum a cigarette from ya’ll?”

   “Ye' sure could darlin',” replies Lester, before reaching into his flannel for his smokes and lighter. The man then leans over to hand the woman a cigarette, before lighting the end for her, in courtesy.

   The sexy gal takes a long hard toke, before thanking the considerate man with a smoke-filled, but appreciative, “Gracias!” . . . The Latina blows off a smoke cloud before announcing, “By the way; I’m Sinnamon, and that’s spelled with an S.”

   As Lester drops the van in gear he asks, “I beg 'yer pardon?”

   The woman explains, “Well actually; my birth name is really Esmeralda, but I perform under tha' name of Sinnamon . . . They say we not supposed ta' tell clients ya' real name, but ya’ll seem pretty decent enough.”

   The driver replies, “Oh, well thank ya' ma’m, and I sure do appreciate that . . . By the way; the name’s Lester.”

   “Well it’s a pleasure to meet ya’ll Lester,” assures the woman. She then surprisingly asks, “So what do people do fo' fun 'round hee-yah anyway?”

   Lester confesses, “Well, I’m afraid thars not a whole lot to do here in Shady Creek . . . ya' see; most of these folks in Hatchapee County is poor people. 'Bout the only things they can afford is to drink, have sex or read the Bible . . . 'Course the county fair comes round the second week o' Ju - ly.”

   In her deep sexy voice the woman then asks, “Sooo…what do you do fo' kicks, Lester?”

   “Well, I operate the only funeral parlor in Shady Creek n' that takes up most o' my time,” discloses the man. “However, I do like to practice taxidermy in ma' spare time.”

   “You mean . . . like stuff animals and such?”

   “Yeah; I been doin' it since I was a kid,” reveals Lester, before going on to explain, “I always had this fascination with preserving things, or restoring 'em back to thar natural beauty . . . Kinda' why I took over the old man’s business when he passed. …Thar’s a certain satisfaction I get when somebody is in a car wreck, and I patch their loved one back together fer 'em . . . Heck, not ta' brag on ma’self, but sometimes they come out lookin' better than they did in real life!”

   “Well, I don’t wanna say it’s weird or anythang, but most dudes restore an old car or motorcycle or sum'tin,” recalls Esmeralda. “But dat's cool dat ya’ll is helpin' peoples through their grievin' process . . . It must take a lot o' time and patience.”

   “Yeah well, I suppose it has its moments.”

   There’s a brief pause in the conversation, before the woman unexpectedly comments, “Well, if ya’ll know ya' way around an embalming table, I suspect ya’ll know ya' way around a woman’s body.”

   Lester, not quite sure if he heard right, asks, “I beg your pardon?”

   “Ah come on man,” pushes the Latina. “If ya’ll be gettin' some hot dead girl up in da' crib, ya’ll know ya' gonna' be checkin' ha' out from side ta' side.”

. . . The mortician narrows his eyebrows, and gives the girl a suspicious look.

   The dancer lets out a deep, hearty laugh and says, “Nah relax dude; I’m jest messin' with ya‘ll!”

. . . That’s when the man reached into his shirt pocket, and then quickly lit up a cigarette of his own, in response!

   Esmeralda then went on to briefly tell of the hardships that she’s endured since leaving Mexico, and how her life has taken a downward spiral ever since. She also confessed that she wasn’t proud of her profession . . .

   Lester inquires, “Do ye' want out?”

   “Most people do,” the woman assured. “But fo' me, it’s jest makin' a livin'. I mean, I’m in dis' strange town, wit nobody ta' turn to . . . I have to do what I have ta' do, ya’ know what I’m sayin'? . . .  I don‘t have any other skills, an it pay better than a factory job.”

   Lester nod’s is head in understanding.

   “Ya' know, ya’ll is real easy to talk to,” complements the Latina. She then blows out a bubble with her gum, before sucking it back in.

   “Maybe I’m jest good at understandin' people’s needs,” Lester said, before winking at the gal.

   The stripper glances back at the man with her deep brown eyes and inviting smile, before playfully winking back.

   That was the first time that Lester began to notice just how truly beautiful Esmeralda was. She sort of reminded him of Lei Li, with her big, dark and soulful eyes . . . The same woman that never needed him the way he’d wanted her to. But this woman was stronger than his Le Li. The memory of her sickened him now, twisting in his gut and devouring him from the inside out. It was her fault that he was still out here gathering for his demented display of flesh and beauty . . .

   Lester reaches over and touches the woman’s thigh. Esmeralda inched towards the door a little, in reaction. The insistent man gently runs his hand over her thigh again. It moved up and ran along the hem of her mini-skirt, before sliding down underneath. Slowly, his fingers slowly spanned upward and the man became aware of her slight trembling, as his eager touch reached bare skin. He felt his cock stir, as he found the clasp of a garter strap and began to fiddle with it . . .

   Turning to the john, Esmeralda reminds him, “Dat's two-fiddy up front, mista.”

   Lester looked over to where the hooker sat. The woman was looking back at him with an unsympathetic expression, as her burgundy colored lips began to stretch into a fake-looking smile. Obviously displeased, the man hesitated briefly, before digging out his wallet and finally forking over the required amount. He fixed her with a cold, dark gaze, before harshly pressing the bills into her hand . . .

   Esmeralda paused for a second, before closing her fist around the bills. Taking time to count it first, the prostitute then stuffs the wad of cash into her little hand-held purse. The woman reminds, “Ya’ll have yo' bills to pay, as I do mine.”

   Lester cracks his own half-hearted smile, before blowing a cloud of smoke off into the air. He silently considers, I’m beginnin' to really like this one; a sexy appearance, and yet; she’s quite business-like. She don’t take shit from anyone!

. . . The man tosses his butt out the window, before picking up where he left off. Now using his left hand to steer, the redneck lets go of the wheel with his right, and reaches over to stroke the woman’s thigh. As he does, the prostitute takes one last drag off of her own cigarette, before tossing it out the window.

   Esmeralda suggests, “Hee-yah, wait a minute . . . I don’t need ya’ll puttin' us into a tree or sum'tin!” . . . The woman then readjusts her position, so that she’s straddling the corner of the front seat. Now that the her fishnet covered legs were now parted for access, Lester’s roving hand was back in action!

   As the hillbilly brushed his hand over the fishnet’s elastic band, he attempted once more to make it past the bare area of her upper thigh. (Esmeralda is a little more lenient with his advances, now that she’d been paid!) The john moved his hand downwards and stroked the silky feel of her panties; the warmth of her pussy now permeating through the fabric. (He felt her tremble a bit, as he moved his middle finger up and down what he perceived to be her slit). . . . Lester then locates her clitoris, and begins to steadily rub it in a circular motion with his thumb. (It soon comes alive and hardens with his touch, even though it’s held within its silk enclosure!)

   Esmeralda was breathing shallowly and rolling her hips restlessly. The dancer was beginning to savor the sensation that was now thrumming through her lower half.

   Lester asks, “Are ya’ll wet?”

   “Well what do ya’ll think?” she replied teasingly.

   The redneck surmises, “I’m thinkin' it’s pro'lly been a good long while, since ya’ll had a good lay.”

. . . Lester is completely surprised a short moment later, when the woman uplifts her hips and thrusts her pelvis out just enough to slide her silk panties off. The woman holds out the minuscule thong, (which is nothing more than a small patch at the front and a thin strip at the back), before seductively dropping it to the floor.

. . . From his hidden position in the back of the van, Elmer Grimly sees the panties drop, and fights off the urge to grab them for his collection!

   Back up front and with the stripper’s panties now out of the way, Lester ran his paw over the thicket of her pubic hair. The man was more persistent and urged her legs even further apart; they separate with ease . . . Taking two fingers, the hillbilly pinched the bead of her clitoris and the response was immediate; Esmeralda gasped softly, before pressing herself up against his touch. …This girl is responding even better than I hoped!

Without releasing his hold on her labia, Lester inched his middle finger forward and lightly rubbed it over her opening. As his massaging grew more insistent, the man’s fingers became slick; Esmeralda was secreting more fluid now, indicating an increased level of arousal.

. . . The Latina deeply moans at the contact.

   The hillbilly works his middle finger into her opening and begins to massage it’s inner walls. As he begins to work in a second finger, the woman stretches one leg out across the dash. …Much to Lester’s satisfaction, the muscles of her vagina began to loosen up. The man soon considers, Wow, she actually is enjoying this! …And knowing that brought him all the enjoyment he needed, (well at least for the moment, anyway).

   Esmeralda began rocking her hips and pressing herself up harder against his fingers.
She presses her head back hard into the seat-back, now biting her lower lip in pleasure…

Ugh . . . Ugh . . . Ugh . . . Ugh!

. . . The Latina continues to grind herself against the man’s skilled fingers, with one hand splayed out against the dashboard, and the other gripping the side of the high-backed bucket seat!

. . . This was unimaginable; I jest couldn’t believe what this ole' dude was doing to me – and he was more than twice my age! …By now my womanhood was pleasurably swollen, and his talented fingers were my phallus. As he increased the speed of his fluent motion, I almost fell into a trance-like state; I found myself no longer capable of coherent thoughts. This stranger was sexually manipulating me, but my burning pussy certainly didn’t seem to mind! …I jest continued to moan and cry out, even whimpering at times like some scolded child.

   I thought I was going to go out of my mind, and soon arched my head back to let out another moan of pleasure. He jest kept working those fingers back and forth like a piston in my cylinder, pushing me closer and closer to the edge. Nothing could bring me back at this point!

. . . And that was when I finally lost it. My entire pelvis bucked against the seat and I let out my deepest moan, as an orgasm washed through my body and gushed out all over his fingers!

Ugh - Ugh - Ugh - Ugh! …Ummm -Ugh - Oh! - Ugh -ugh-mm-mm-Hmm-hmm . . .

. . . My desperate moans of pleasure soon turn into murmured coos of delight, as I basked in the afterglow of my orgasm.   . . . Umm-umm-Umm-Hmm-hmm!

   Now spent, the woman drops her head back against the seat, as her body goes limp. She crosses her hands and lets them hang lazily over her seeping vagina, as her knees knock inward towards one-another.

   Meanwhile, Lester lets out a low grunt from deep within his throat, as he makes his own discovery. He had lifted his fingers to his lips and licked them clean. Esmeralda smiled back dreamily at him, still totally turned on . . .

   With a euphoric smile she says, “Lesta, ya' know what? . . . Fuck it! . . .Why don’t ya’ll jest take me back to ma' crib. It’s only another mile or so, down the road . . . Ya’ll can take me there and bang my shit all night long, honey.”

   That was about the same time that Lester mentioned another idea. The man suggests, “Ya' know, I think I’m gonna' to take ye back ta' my place n' show ye' my collection.”

   “You mean see ya' stuffed animal collection?” inquires the stripper with a sour look. “Shit dude, I don’t wanna see dat . . . I thought ya’ll wanted ta' get all up in my pussy?”

   “Naw friend, I’m not talkin' bout no critters,” the hillbilly assures. “I’m talkin' bout a collection of another kind . . . One I’m sure you’d fit right in with! - Heh-heh-heh!”

   The hooker gives the man a puzzled look, just as he yells towards the back of the van…

“Hey Elmer, why don’t ye come on up here n' introduce ya'self!”

. . . That was when a stranger unexpectedly stepped forward in the van. As he leaned over the passenger seat, the man said, “Well hey thar sweetie-pie!”

   The man was staring at her with one bloodshot eye, while the other eye creepily wandered off at an angle. His hair was gray and disheveled, and it stuck out of the sides of his derby hat. He wore a stained white shirt and patched-up pants that were held up by suspenders. His teeth were a moldy green color and his breath reeked of booze and cigarettes!

The stripper immediately swallows hard in her throat.

   That’s when the man said, “You’s and I are about to get real acquainted wit one-another! - Heh-heh-heh!”

   “Man…I never agreed to doin’ both of ya’ll. You people is into some fucked-up shit, an I want nothin' to do with it!” Esmeralda makes a move towards the door, but the stranger grabs her hand. In a frightened voice she asks, “W-what are ya’ll gonna' to do wit me?”

   “Come on girly, It’s best not ta' put up a fight,” warns her assailant, before reaching beneath her armpits to pull her from the seat.

   “Stop! . . . Please ya’ll, don’t hurt me!” Esmeralda cried as the man yanked her roughly from the passenger seat. The stripper continues to struggle and pleads, “Let me go!”

   The man reveals, “Naw, we already got plans fer you, sweetie. 'Yer gonna be our new display piece!”

   Esmeralda gulped. The woman had no idea of what these two were implying, and didn’t want to wait around to find out! . . . As the odd character drags her into the back, the Latina constantly struggles with the man, fighting to escape his strong grasp. At one point, she even digs her long nails into his forearms, piercing the man’s skin.

   That’s when Elmer reaches into his back pocket and retrieves the hypodermic needle. When he expands the plunger, his captive looks up at him with pleading eyes…

   “Please…,” the woman moaned, “Don’t. . . . Don’t do it!”

   “Heh-heh, sweet dreams thar, honey!” . . . Elmer places the needle to the struggling woman’s neck and jabs it directly into her carotid artery!

   “What the - YAAAAAH! Esmeralda yelled, as her attacker squeezes the plunger!

. . . As the chamber empties its contents into the hooker’s bloodstream, Elmer calmly advises, “Now jest relax n' take it easy, 'cause once that venom takes hold, ya’ll won’t be in tha mood to be movin' round so much!”

   “P-please help me Lester,” pleaded the woman. “W-what is he gonna to do wit me?”

. . . Up front, Lester just glances up at the rearview mirror with a sinister look.

   “Oh now, ole' Lester aint gonna' help ye. Now jest calm down and ever'thin gonna be alright,” assures her captor.

   “Please, I’m beggin' ya’ll,” Esmeralda appeals softly, (now stretching out her arms to stress the point). “Just let me go . . . I’ll do anythang!”

   As the hillbilly gently strokes her jet-black hair, he replies in a sinister tone, “Oh, I have no doubt you will, honey!…Heh-heh . . .Heh-heh-heh . . . Heh-heh-hah-hah-hee-hee!”

   By now, Esmeralda was submitting to the effects of the poisonous venom. Her whole body seemed to be tightening up. The interior of the van began swirling around, while the figure above her was starting to blur. The hillbilly’s echoing voice seemed to be fading in-and-out. From beside her ear, a voice whispered, “Nightie-night.”

. . . The prostitute groaned woozily, as her eyes glazed over and her breathing began to slow. She was also struggling to move her lips, as if she had something to say. “I just…want . . . to . . . be-”

. . . Esmeralda had suddenly frozen in place. …Her body had become completely paralyzed, before the Latina had even managed to complete her sentence!

   A moment later, the redneck releases his grip. The stripper’s petrified form drops to the floor and lands on its side. Her outstretched arms are frozen stiffly in place, and prevent her from tipping completely over and landing face down.

   With a smirk now plastered on his face, the hick comments, “Ye dumb little whore,” before carelessly rolling the body over with his foot.

   “Make sure to bound up her hands and feet; we wouldn’t want her to run away on us,” joked Lester from the front seat.

   “Heh-heh, that’s a good one!” complements the redneck. The man then looks down at the solidified stripper who lay at his feet; her sightless eyes staring up at him, with tears now forming in their corners.

   “Well why don’t we have a look at ya,” Elmer suggests, before kneeling down to check the female out.

   Now straddling her frozen form, the hick shifted to one side and carefully manipulated the stripper’s one arm away from her chest, before pressing it back next to her head. Doing the same to the other arm, the man now had better access to Esmeralda’s clothing. Elmer excitedly tugs at the front of her skirt, dragging it down over her legs, and then off of her feet. After tossing the skirt aside, the rube repositions himself back over the woman’s body. He stared down inquisitively at the neatly trimmed pubic triangle that’s nestled between her thighs and just below her flat stomach. It wasn’t just the silky thicket of black hair that piqued his curiosity, but also the tattoo of a cracked heart that was stamped beside it . . .

   Elmer informs, “Hey Lester, this'n has a little ole' tattoo of a broken heart right next to her coochie!”

   “Oh yeah? . . . Well someone musta' done her wrong at some point in time,” surmises his brother.

   “I reckon . . . But I know one things fer sure; I’ve always wanted to taste a Latina!”

. . . Elmer turns his attention back to the helpless dancer below him. He then asks with an evil sneer, “…Aint that right sweetie?” . . . The hillbilly slips his middle finger into her cooling snatch, before withdrawing it a moment later to inserts it into his mouth!

“Mmm-mmmm! . . . Jest like the good colonel says - finger lickin' good!”

   Elmer stared down at the unconscious woman for a moment, still savoring her tangy flavor. The redneck furrows his brow in thought for a moment, and then abruptly pulls his hunting knife from its sheath. . . . The man pulls the pink tank-top up from the female’s body and places his blade against the neckband. With one swift, but careful swipe, the rube cuts her top wide open, revealing her upper torso and lacy bra. The sight of her full, lace-bound breasts, causes the man to gasp out loud in delight!

. . . In the wake of his brother’s excitement, Lester glances up in the mirror with the look of cold satisfaction in his expression.

   With his tongue anxiously licking his crusty lips and his blood now pounding in his hairy ears, Elmer reaches to unclasp the front of the stripper’s bra. The man had barely unhooked the catch, when Esmeralda’s impressive tits sprung forth, parting the two halves of the bra on their own! …The man’s eyes never move from the impressive jugs as he excitedly yells out, “Sweet baby Jesus!”

. . . No longer cramped in their confinement, Esmeralda’s breasts met the open air, standing firm and high, like two fleshy torpedoes bursting from her chest plate. (Even from his position in the driver’s seat, Lester could see the impressive globes in the rearview mirror, and noted how they resembled a pair of pyramids in the desert plains!)

To Elmer, they were the most beautiful tits he had ever seen! Each bosom was tipped with a distinct brown nipple that was clearly the size of a fifty-cent piece. (Just the sight of the well-defined areolas on the dancer’s ample orbs, made him even more aroused than he already was!)

   “Dam you got some fine titties!” exclaimed the hillbilly, as his hands cupped her breasts and attempted to squash them together. The man lowered his mouth to one of the globes and his lips immediately found a sensitive tip. Now sucking at the brown nub, Elmer reaches over to strum the other nipple with his thumb and index finger. By the time the man was finished with his coaxing, the swollen buds were noticeably tighter and stood out more prominently; each now appearing as if it were aching with need!

. . . Elmer whispers, “God Esmeralda, ya’ll is jest so beautiful,” as he brushes back a lock of hair to study her facial features. In their region of town, women of her complexion didn’t exist, and the hillbilly was sort of mesmerized by her dark beauty.

   The redneck swept his admiring gaze back over the female’s body, before leaning in to place a gentle kiss on the sensitive area of her neck. Then Elmer made his way south; mapping out the hills, valleys, and plains of her body, while running his hands over the Latina’s golden skin.

   Elmer speaks out, “She sure is purdy, aint she Lester?”

   “Yeah, she sho' is,” confirms his brother from behind the wheel.

   “She kinda makes my lil' heart go pitty-pat,” confesses the hillbilly, (now tracing a light circle around one of the Latina’s nipples). He lifted his head and looked at the woman’s face again, before exhaling in reflection. Esmeralda’s dark, glassy eyes gleamed hungry with desire, (or so he imagined). …Elmer could almost envision her letting out a soft, almost tender sigh of bliss, as he continued to knead her breast.

. . . But imagining it wasn’t nearly enough.

   Unable to help himself, Elmer reached down to unhook his belt buckle and unzip his pants. Once his suspenders are pulled off of his shoulders, the man drops his pants and shorts, and then reaches for his unit. Now directing himself to the stripper’s opening, the redneck presses himself inside . . .

   Now holding Esmeralda’s unblinking gaze with his own, Elmer begins to rock the dancer’s body back and forth. As he does so, the man appreciatively comments, “By the way miss; thank ya' fer the hospitality!”

. . . And so was the story of Esmeralda Lobos; a part-time dancer and common hooker, with no hope or aspirations for a better future. She might have even been out there just walking along old route 7 tonight, if it wasn’t for that fateful night so many years ago. Now the Latina stands among the countless others who had crossed the Grimly brothers’ path and had unknowingly become objects of eternal beauty.

   As a former client at the “Buck Nekid” gentlemen’s club once told a television news reporter, “How very sad 'bout Sinnamon . . . That little gal could do the most amazing things with jest a pair o' fishnet stockings…”


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