Sisterhood of the Ring

by Susie

This new story in the Tuckerverse also comes from a new contributor, who expands this fanciful setting into yet another captivating dimension. Check out the index. This story happens right before "First Day of Class" and about the same time as "Hawaiian Trip".

Note from the Authors: After deliberation we've decided that yes, the Clockwork series and the Tucker stories are set in the same world. This world is currently being dubbed the Tuckerverse by the authors, since Tucker currently has the most stories that revolve around him though the Clockwork stories are quite large by comparison. We hope you've enjoyed the Clockwork and Tucker series' so far and hope you will continue to do so in the Tuckerverse!


Phi Sigma Delta House, Decker State College

“So I can already sense it, this year is going to be great for us now that thing is all behind us,” Sandy Vanholt announced as her and best friend and Phi Sigma Delta vice president Amber Prescott navigated through their new sorority home. Sandy was of course president. This was the first year that Phi Sigma Delta was at Decker State College. In being a current member it was only proper that Sandy took the job after her and few other girls transferred from UC Fullerton and decided to start the new chapter.

The whole house back in UC Fullerton had been involved in an international crime spree in which they were all kidnapped and made into mindless zombies by an evil corporation. This was the thing Sandy had referred to. The incident put the school and the girls on the map with the media, which included a sensationalized story of their ordeal. Once the incident was over however, the school encouraged the girls to transfer, not wanting the attention any more as it was problem to normal campus life. Sandy and four others transferred to DSC while the other members dispersed to different institutions all over the US.

“Too bad we got stuck with Wiener again though…” Amber sighed, “That is going to put a dent in our plans to become best and hottest sorority here. Everyone knows we have to look sexy to be hot and party like crazy to get recognized as the best. We can’t do that with Wiener.” Beatrice Wiener was the house ‘mom’ – she wasn’t really anyone’s mother, she was just a responsible figure put into the house to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. She had probably been a looker back in her day as she still kept most of her beauty for a woman in her mid-forties. Sandy and Amber agreed that she fit the sorority’s standards appearance-wise as the house mom for their house since she had been a blond bombshell in her early days. She turned out to be a buzz kill, though, a total by the book person. They knew this because she was their house mom back at UC Fullerton; after the incident she was found in Russia while most of the girls were all in Canada. She never talked about what they found her doing though. 

“True.” Sandy agreed, her buzz dead. She perked up, “But you know, Wiener has been acting weird.”

Amber stopped her friend and looked at her wide-eyed, “I know, right! Every since the new girls moved in yesterday she’s been really strange. She didn’t even come down for dinner last night.”

“Also yesterday Phoebe was in some booty shorts and walked right past Wiener and the old wench didn’t say a word!”

“Weird…” Both girls said in unison as they continued to walk upstairs.

“Maybe she changed. I saw her in her room a while ago; she was just sitting there dressed in what she was in yesterday.” Sandy added.

“I doubt it, maybe she’s just homesick.”

“Whatever let’s just figure it out later, maybe Erika can help us?”

“No Sandy, getting caught with Type-7 could get us expelled.” Amber warned, her voice serious.

Sandy smiled, “Oh Amber I didn’t say anything about Type-7. Erika can do other things too…”

“Like what?”

Sandy knocked on the first door in the hallway and smiled, “Let me worry about that, Ms. Vice President.”

“Sandy I don’t like that…” Amber began but smiled quickly, masking her concern as the door opened.

“Hey girls!” Sandy greeted as Jaki Newborn opened the door to the room. Jaki like Sandy and Amber was a blond. She was dressed a Sigma t-shirt and a pair of pink track shorts showing off her long legs.

“Oh hey guys.” Jaki greeted, stepping aside letting Sandy and Amber in.

Kelsey Wick, the other girl in the room, turned around from atop a step stool, her hands still at the wall adjusting a large poster of an insanely cute puppy. “What’s going on guys?” Kelsey was pretty average compared to the other three girls, her hair being a mix of brown and blond, so no one could really guess what her natural color was. Her physique was a bit curvier than her other three sisters as well but she was still a pretty girl and wasn’t afraid to show off her body. She was dressed in pair of black spandex shorts and an orange sports bra. 

“Just dropping by to see how you girls are doing?” Sandy replied.

“Poster is leaning slightly left.” Amber added, turning her head left and eyeing the poster.

“Jaki said it was too much to the right.”

“Well now it’s too much to the left.” Jaki said, looking back at the poster. “You suck.”

“Bitch…” Kelsey muttered.

“Okay…you guys good?” Sandy then asked, looking around the room, which was more or less moved in.

“Aside from Jaki being no help with this…we’re good.” Kelsey replied.

“This place is actually bigger than our house back in Fullerton. Really like the space,” Jaki added.

“New girls good?” Amber then asked, watching Kelsey adjust the poster too much to the right. She was about to say something before Jaki stopped her and mouthed ‘its fine’. The three girls smiled.

“Yeah the new girls are good; Susie, Roxy, Hannah, Vanessa and Leslie are different though… different good.” Kelsey quickly added so the others wouldn’t think ill of her. Said girls were all minorities in the house. Back at Fullerton all of the Phi Sigma girls were mostly blonds and white, with the exception of Phoebe who was a redhead and Amber who was a natural brunette with dyed blond hair to fit in.

Susie Kim and Hannah Kai were both Asian, being Korean and Chinese respectively. Leslie Chun was Eurasian, but looked more Asian than her other parent with the exception of her dirty blond hair. Roxy or Roxana Ruiz was the only Hispanic in the house, with reddish brown hair. She was one of the four active athletes in the house. Another athlete was Vanessa Marx, who was the only African American in the house as well. 

“Change is a good thing,” Sandy suggested.

“We need to be more diverse if we want to be the best,” Amber added.

“I’m good with all of them and the other new members too… though Angel freaks me out a bit.” Jaki said. Angel Mathews was very ‘spiritual’ – that was a nice way to put it. The other girls had watched Angel’s movers bring in various odd trinkets of items that would only be considered as artifacts of witchcraft the day before.

“I’m sure it’s just a hobby,” Amber assured.

“Most likely,” Sandy agreed as she began walking towards the door. “Well, see you girls at the underwear party tonight.”

“Bye!” Both roommates said in unison.

“See you guys later,” Amber said following Sandy. “The poster looks great, Kelsey,” she added with a wink at Jaki. The poster was obviously heavy to the right and would become clear once Kelsey stepped off the step stool to look at it. Jaki only smiled.

Susie Kim was 18 years old and a freshman in school, coming from the other side of the coast. She couldn’t help but to feel a little bit homesick being away from all that she cared about. But it was something she had to do. As her mother put it, was time to spread her wings and fly. Susie was a fashion major and Decker State was not known for its fashion school; in fact it had a very small one. It was an odd choice for anyone in that field but Susie liked the beach and this school was the only school that privately owned one.

She was adjusting her drawing desk when there was a knock at the door to her room. She looked over at her roommate Kalania Scholvo. The tall blond Russian was fast asleep on her bed, completely naked. Susie looked over at her roommate and shrugged as she walked over to the door and opened it to the sight of two more blonds, though one of the blonds wasn’t a natural as she could clearly see the dark roots. “Hey guys!” She greeted, stepping aside.

“Hey…” Amber began but stopped abruptly, seeing the naked girl fast asleep. She covered her eyes and backed out the room. “OH MY GOD… what’s wrong with her?”

“Cool…” Sandy said with a big grin, stepping in the room and taking a closer look. Kalania was said to be a former teen model in Russia before deciding to give that up and go to school in the states. She was a little older than the others, being 23 years old. She was easily the tallest girl in the house standing at nearly six feet, but her body was well-proportioned for her height and in photos she did not look that tall. Sandy and Amber thought it was funny that she was roommates with Susie, who was one of the shortest girls in the house, standing at only five and a half feet. Susie was cute though and Sandy could see that the small Asian girl with perfect bangs had a rocking body that could easily stand toe to toe to any of the other girls’ in the house. She was definitely Phi Sigma material.

“Nothing is wrong with her… she just likes to sleep like that.” Susie replied casually, looking over at her exposed roommate. “It must be a Russian thing…” she added.

“Could you, like, wake her up or something? So she could get some clothes on. There are other people here,” Amber asked from the hallway with her back to the Susie and Sandy.

“She took some sleeping pills, so she’s totally zonked. I’ll cover her up though, if you like,” Susie replied, going over the bed and draping the girl’s sheets over her tall naked body. Only Kalania’s bare feet were in view.

“I didn’t mind…” Sandy shrugged innocently as Amber came back into the room.

“I think we may have to make a rule about that,” Amber suggested, looking over at the now covered girl. “I mean, have at least some respect for those around you.”

“Amber doesn’t like naked girls,” Sandy said with smirk, looking over her shoulder at her friend.

“I don’t think a person should be naked in front of others.”

“I’ll let her know when she comes to. So, what could I do for you ladies?” Susie then asked, going back to working on her desk.

“Oh, we just wanted to stop by and say ‘hi’ that’s all and to welcome you to the house officially,” Amber explained, trying her best to not look over at Kalania who – even though covered – still bothered her.

Susie looked over her shoulder and smiled, “Thanks guys. I’m glad to be here.”

“Also feel free to talk to Amber or me about anything,” Sandy added.  “We know you’re a freshman so this college thing is new for you and all. Any questions or concerns, you can just talk to us. Don’t think of us as president and vice president, we’re here to be friends.”

Susie finished adjusting her desk and brushed her palms together before turning back around. “Thanks girls I really, really, appreciate that,” she replied smiling. “Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to be part of this.”

“Oh it’s no problem, we need the members since we’re new here too; new members like you would only make us better too,” Sandy replied.

“Still, I want to thank you guys for the chance though,” Susie said, looking around the room before spotting a cardboard box near her bed. Going over to the box she opened it and produced two tiny black velvet boxes. “Here,” she bubbled, handing Amber and Sandy the boxes. Both blonds looked at each other, wide-eyed, knowing exactly what was in them.  Jewelry.

“Oh really, Susie, you don’t have to do this,” Sandy said, taking the box and opening it up to reveal a shiny gold ring. “Oh my…” she said in awe, eyes locked on the ring.

“Yeah, Susie this is too much…” Amber agreed, delicately opening the box and seeing the ring.

“Please guys, it’s a present – a token of my thanks.”

“In that case,” Sandy almost squealed as she removed the ring from the box and slipped it onto her finger. “Fits perfectly,” she cooed, raising her hand up to look at the ring.

Amber did the same and also noticed the ring fitted perfectly to her ring finger. “How did you get our sizes?” she asked, playing with the ring, amazed that something that looked so nice felt like nothing on her hand.

“It’s magic.” Susie replied honestly. Both girls turned very quiet upon Susie’s answer, only making her grin with delight. Sandy remained standing with her right hand raised up, her blue eyes locked on the ring while her left hand was on her hip. The sorority president’s facial expression remained dumbfounded. Amber stood with her left hand holding her right; her gaze was on Susie with a puzzled look, a slight grin on her lips as she was happy for the gift. Both stayed as still as statues as the seconds ticked by. Susie pulled a thin gold necklace from around her neck and kissed it before tucking it back in her shirt.

The necklace and the rings that had come with it were in fact enchanted. It was something Susie didn’t know too much about, but she knew how to use it. It was in her blood to use it. It was her blood that allowed her to use it. From what her mother and grandmother told her, the women in her family all knew how to use it. From an early age Susie’s mom had trained her mentally to use magic, as did her grandmother before her. The golden necklace was as old as Susie’s family and allowed its wearer to completely control people through mental and vocal commands. The controlled people just had to wear a ring, though. The rings were made of the same magical gold as the necklace, with the source of its power a mystery. The first owner of the necklace was an 18-year-old princess, who was given the necklace by her parents, the ancient king and queen of the Korean peninsula, in order for her to control those around her. It was made more for her protection. If she could control the people around her, there was no way they could in turn harm her. The power to use the necklace was transferred to her daughter on her 18th birthday and so on. Susie was the current wearer, having taken possession of the necklace on her high school graduation day, which was also her 18th birthday.

She looked over at the bed, simply thinking her desires; Kalania sat up like Frankenstein, the sheet falling from her naked chest. Her brown eyes remained staring forward blankly. She swung her long legs over the side of the bed and stood up, letting the blanket fall off the rest of her body. Susie’s thought drifted and the controlled girl then stood at attention next to her bed, awaiting instructions. The door to the room opened and Ms. Wiener walked in, closing the door behind her, locking it. The demure yet attractive forty-two-year-old walked over to Kalania and stood beside the entranced girl at attention. The conservatively dressed house mom standing next to the naked model was a striking contrast. Susie had first given Wiener a control ring yesterday when she was checking in and had to trick the older woman to actually put on the ring, as she was not into that sort of jewelry. Kalania got her ring soon after. The girl had a thick accent and talked too much about pointless things. Susie was glad to be able to shut her up. The former model talked about her clothing so much that as soon as the ring was on her finger and she was under Susie’s control she made the Russian strip naked and sleep fully in the buff for the remainder of the day.

Turning her attention to her two new ring wearers, Susie made them stand at attention. She kept Amber’s facial expression the same, but gave her president a drugged-out look with sleepy eyes and jaw hanging slackly. She focused on Sandy’s lips for a moment and nodded in satisfaction as a dribble of drool leaked from the corner of the girl’s mouth. “Now don’t you look attractive, madam president?” Susie asked the vacant-minded blond, patting her on the head. Looking over at Amber, “So you don’t like naked people?” Susie asked, looking the frozen vice president up and down and then at Ms. Wiener. “Go make her naked.”

Without hesitation or delay, Amber turned on her heels and walked over to the waxwork-like house mom. Looking straight ahead, she began to unbutton Ms. Wiener’s blouse.  Susie sat on her bed and watched the show. Ms. Wiener remained silent and still with eyes staring emptily ahead. Once the blue blouse was opened, Amber parted it and peeled it off the older woman’s shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

Susie looked up at Sandy. A line of drool was now clearly visible down her chin. “Hey I really like your shoes,” she said as she kneeled at Sandy’s feet, removed one of the pink sneakers and inspected it, “Just my size too,” she shrugged and lifted Sandy’s other foot up to removed the other sneaker, leaving the girl standing there in her white ankle socks.

Ms. Weiner was now topless; her breasts were fairly large but sagged a bit and were angled outward. Amber had removed the woman’s skirt and was now working on the tan pantyhose. Within moments the pantyhose and the white cotton panties under them were pulled down around the older woman’s ankles. Her old-fashioned black pumps were removed one at time next, rendering the house mom nude. “Get her hair too,” Susie ordered. Amber complied, tossing the pumps aside and standing up. She then pulled Ms. Wiener’s blond hair from its tight bun, long blond hair flow down to the small of the woman’s back. “Like some kind of elf,” Susie laughed. “Show me your dance skills… trance style,” Susie ordered as Amber turned and began to thrust her hips very quickly; her arms were bent at the elbows and her hands were in a fist moving in rhythm with her hips. Susie laughed and stood up and danced with girl before realizing there was no music. She stopped and watched Amber dance alone, “What the hell are you smoking?” she giggled and stopped Amber. “How does Wiener’s underwear smell?”

Amber immediately dropped on all fours, crawled over to the pile of clothes, fished out Wiener’s bra and panties and began to sniff them deeply. She then stood, holding the undergarments up to her face as if they were freshly scented clothes. The older woman had been wearing them for a couple days now so Susie knew they didn’t smell nice. She laughed as Amber continued to sniff them, smiling. “They smell great… just like B.O.!” Amber said with enthusiasm.

“That’s right, they do!” Susie replied with a giggle. “Go over there and smell them,” Susie then gestured to a corner. She watched as Amber walked over to the corner, still smelling the undergarments.

“Oh they smell so… good,” she moaned as she squatted in the corner, her back to Susie, like some kind of goblin. Amber continued to moan as she buried her face into the undergarments.

“Good girl.” Susie chuckled. She then looked over at Sandy to see the drool had made its way down to the girl’s tight fitting t-shirt. She pointed and laughed at the drugged-face girl. Sandy began to moan a second later, only making Susie laugh a bit more.

She quickly stopped laughing at hearing a knock at the door. Amber and Sandy went silent as well. “Who is it?” Susie asked after collecting herself.

The door knob jiggled a little before a reply came, “Why is the door locked? It’s Kelsey. Have you seen Sandy and Amber?”

“I’m naked!” Kalania shouted in her thick accent with her face still expressionless.

“I’m helping her tan herself…” Susie quickly added, shifting her eyes left and right regretting the reply from the Russian.

“Weird…” Kelsey muttered, more to herself then to Susie, “If you see Sandy or Amber around, tell her that Phoebe, Jaki and I are heading to the Deck.”

“Yeah,” Susie acknowledged.

“Enjoy your tan… Kalania.” Kelsey said with just a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Thanks!” The Russian replied cheerfully, her rigid expression and body like she had turned to stone.

Once it was quiet again, Susie plopped down in Kalania’s desk chair and let out a sigh of relief. “Soon…” she whispered under her breath.

“Too close, girlfriend!” Ms. Wiener said with the attitude and in the tone of a teenager. Like Kalania her face remained blank and body unmoving. Her right arm suddenly moved up to her face and she snapped her fingers.

Susie chuckled, stood up and moved to stand face to face with the house mom. Wiener was quite attractive, fitting with the rest of the occupants of the house. “We have to vamp you up a little,” Susie said into the woman’s unhearing ears. Looking down at Ms. Wiener’s large but sagging breasts, Susie cupped them, “Real breasts… just wish they weren’t like this,” she said as pushed them together, making them look normal. “I guess that’s why we have bras,” Susie said as she took hold of Ms. Weiner’s hands and posed them tucked under her breasts holding them inward. She then molded the woman’s face into a smile and sent her to stand inside of the walk-in closet. Susie closed the door to the closet once the naked smiling house mom was all the way inside and facing out, cupping her large breasts.

Going back over to Kalania, she made the tall blond walk over the opposite corner from Amber and made the former model sit down as if she was seated on an invisible seat, her bare back supported by the corner. She then positioned the girl’s arms so that they acted like arm rests. Kalania’s face was then molded into a shocked expression with mouth open and eyes wide. Susie then sat down on Kalania’s naked thighs and leaned on the girl’s right arm in thought. She wiggled her body around, leaning back against Kalania’s breasts, “Not bad… a little lumpy though,” she concluded, standing back up and looking at the human chair. Susie tucked Kalania’s blond locks behind her ears before piling random articles of clothing on the blond, mostly Ms. Weiner’s clothes. “That’ll do for now,” she said as she pulled Ms. Weiner’s pantyhose over Kalania’s head. She chuckled at the sight, turning away.

There was more fun to be had.  Susie concentrated her thoughts.

Amber stood back up, dropping the underwear in the corner. She turned and walked over to Susie and the two began to make out. Susie quickly pulled away, freezing Amber with her lips puckered and leaning forward, arms hugging air. “What the hell…” Susie cringed, smelling something funky. Leaning in, she smelled Amber’s nose and lips. “WHOA… what the hell? You smell like old ass and piss!” She smacked her forehead a moment later, remembering that Amber had just been sniffing Weiner’s underwear. “Gross!” she groaned, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. “Let’s just leave you to air out a bit.”

Moving to Sandy, Susie knelt down and peeled one of the girl’s socks off her feet to wipe clean the drool and tossed the sock over at Kalania. Susie eyed the president’s stylish outfit, a tight fitting baby-T with Combat Medic printed across her bust, a pair of denim cutaway shorts showing off lots of sun browned leg and one sock. “Cute. I wonder what else does a senator’s daughter wear?” She sat down on her bed, crossing her legs and closing her eyes. This part of the magic was always the most difficult, but she had mastered it. She took a deep breath and released it slowly. Susie suddenly saw herself, sitting crossed legged on her bed, eyes closed, a smile on her lips. Looking to the right, she saw Amber frozen, hugging air with lips puckered and arms outstretched. Turning around, she spied Kalania the chair. “Yes!” she exclaims and hears Sandy’s voice.  The body-switch had worked!

‘Sandy’ walks over to the door and unlocks it, opening it. She steps into the hall, closing the door behind her. Looking around, she sees the hallways were empty. She starts to strut down the hall dragging her sock covered foot. Tami Tyler, Leslie Chun, Vanessa Marx and Roxy Ruiz, the resident jocks of the house, were leaving their rooms chatting and laughing; they stop in their tracks and go silent looking at their disheveled president. Susie chuckles.

“Hey Sandy…” Leslie greeted. “That chuckle…”

“Yeah Sandy, that chuckle sounded like that new kid what’s her name?”

“Susie.” Leslie replied. “That’s such a creepy chuckle.”

“Hey you’re creepy!” Sandy shot back.

“Sorry Sandy, I didn’t mean it…” Leslie quickly said with the others nodding in agreement. Both girls were shocked as Sandy wasn’t the type to easily get mad and her tone of voice was completely different as well.

“What happen to your sock and shoes?” Tami asked, noticing the missing sock and shoes.

“It’s because you touch yourself at night!” Sandy said, chuckling oddly. “I’m just joshing with ya; I lost them.”

All four girls smile at the blond uncomfortably, “We’ll see you later, okay? I hope you find your missing stuff.” Leslie quickly said as her and the others scurry past the blond. Susie can hear them whispering as they descend down the stairs. Sandy lets out a heckling laugh before skipping down the hall.

As she skipped down the hall, she stops, hearing someone call Sandy’s name. She stopped and hopped in the direction of the voice. “Hey girls!” she greeted, looking into a bedroom to her right. She stood with knees and elbows bent and fist balled up as if ready to pounce for an attack. Her face bore a bright smile though. This was not something that perky, pretty Sandy would ever do.

The girls who called her were speechless at her unusual stance and were quiet for a moment before answering. “Hey Sandy?” Rose Mazza greeted her; roommate Hannah Kai, who had called for Sandy in the first place was still speechless. “Anything wrong?”

“Nope,” Sandy answered normally, standing back up and casually walking into the room with a smile. “What could I do for you ladies?” Rose and Hannah were both Susie’s age and were new members of the sorority. Rose was an international politics major while Hannah was an art student. Rose had raven black hair, while Hannah had brown hair that she liked to color or style into peculiar ponytails. Both girls were seated on Hannah’s bed, which was closest to the door.

“Where are your shoes and sock?” Hannah asked, noticing the odd one sock look.

“Not a thing, I lost them,” Sandy replied, crossing her legs and plopping on to the floor. “I know you didn’t call me in here to talk about footwear. You girls are freshmen I just want you to know that if you have any concerns or questions you can talk to me. I know this college stuff is new and all to you. Look to me as a friend, not as a sorority president.” Sandy preached, sounding really unnatural and rehearsed. She smiled brightly at the girls, tilting her head left and right like some kind of robot.

“Okay…” Rose replied, puzzled, looking at Hannah who had the same look of bewilderment.

Hannah smiled awkwardly and asked, “Rose and I wanted to know what type of underwear was required for the party tonight; normal or lingerie?”

Sandy spun up from her seated position and was back on her feet in one quick move, “You girls decide; anything would do – just not commando,” she said with an odd chuckle.  “Anything else?”

“No, that’s it…” Rose replied.

“See ya guys later,” Sandy then waved and backed out the room, still smiling and facing the girls.

As soon as Sandy was out of sight, Hannah turned to her roommate, “Oh my gosh she’s weird as hell today.”

“She was cool yesterday… I heard she does designer drugs though,” Rose whispered with Hannah nodding in agreement.

Sandy opened the door to the room that she shared with Amber and pranced in, closing the door behind her. Moving over to the walk-in closet that the two friends shared, she threw it open. As expected, it was loaded with clothes and shoes. She squealed happily and jumped up and down for a moment before peeling off the remaining sock and stripping the rest of her clothing off. Looking down at herself, she noted that she had nice breasts; they were real too, she thought, fondling both as she looked around the closet. Sandy shook her ass like a hula dancer as she rummaged through the hangers. Sandy’s womanhood was cleanly shaven, from that morning she guessed, feeling the smooth skin. She massaged the clit and lips a little before plugging two fingers in. This girl is quick to get horny, Susie thinks as she pleasures Sandy’s body. “OHHHHH!” she cries out, feeling weak in the knees. She wiggles the two fingers inside a bit more before she pumps them in and out a little and then finally pulls them out. Sandy’s right leg automatically lifts up and shakes once her fingers leave her mound. “Weird.”

She wipes her fingers and womanhood on the discarded sock before continuing her hunt through the closet. After a while she was able to figure out that Amber’s clothes were on the right side of the closet while Sandy’s was on the left. From there she pulled on numerous outfits and even danced a bit in them. Sandy’s body felt good, it was easy to control; the girl was healthy and decently strong too. She was also flexible as well, easily able to do the splits. It was something Susie couldn’t do in her own body, so it felt cool. Soon the once clean room was littered with clothes as most of Sandy’s outfits were off the hangers. Sandy was naked again and was now digging through her underwear drawer. “Oh sweet! This would look so hot on you.”

Standing in front of the body-length mirror mounted on the door, Sandy smiled brightly as she eyed the outfit. A strapless black satin bra covered her perfect breasts. A lacy garter belt sat at her hips, with sheer black thigh-high stockings attached. Covering her womanhood was a black see-through G-string. The blond stood in a pair of six-inch-high black spiked heels that completed the ensemble. “Hot! You look just like the slut you are!” Sandy cooed. “That’s enough for now,” she sighed, closing her eyes, taking a deep breath and then slowly releasing it. Sandy’s body suddenly went rigid, snapping to attention with legs together and arms tightly at her sides.

There was an odd smell of urine and sweat when Susie opened her eyes, back in her dorm room. She smiled and looked around the room, first seeing the Kalania chair with the pantyhose hood and then turning around and seeing herself sitting on her bed with a smile on her lips. Susie reached up, wiped her body’s lips and nose roughly, trying to rid the smell as she went over to Kalania’s desk. Leaning over, she looked at the mirror and chuckled, seeing Amber looking back at her. “OMG I hate naked people!” Amber parodied, followed by an odd laugh, not fitting to the blonde’s polished attitude. She shoved her hand down the front of her jeans, pushing her fingers behind her panties. “A little bit of a fuzz down there.” Squeezing her breasts, she nodded, “Fakes, but they’re nice though.”

Looking over at herself on the bed she walked as Amber over to it. Pushing herself on her forehead, her empty body falls backward like a mannequin, legs still crossed legged and seated. Amber pulled Susie’s legs straight and then stood the petite Korean girl up and straightens out her arms. When she was out of her body, her original body went stiff as a board and could be manipulated like a doll if anyone found her that way. She had to be careful though; if she broke the necklace or took it off her normal body, she could get stuck in the body she was in and all her ring wearers would freeze in place. Everything would be put back to normal either by the rings being removed from the wearers, freeing them or the necklace being returned to her body; but the latter was necessary for her to be returned to her own body. The rings themselves were hard to remove as they molded themselves to the wearer, only by wearing the necklace or cutting off the finger could one remove them. “Let’s not touch that,” Amber cooed, stroking the thin gold chain necklace around Susie’s neck. The false blond girl then knelt down and began to loosen Susie’s white belt that held her jeans up. “Weird… but at least I’m hot.”  Amber said with Susie’s intonation.

“Gawd damn girl, you’re fine!” Amber exclaimed upon eyeing Susie’s nearly naked body. Susie now stood, posed with her hands running through her hair, her back arched backwards, thrusting her naked breasts forward. Her bare legs stood wide and her sex was covered by her pink panties, a good contrast with her tan skin. Amber leaned in and kissed Susie’s nipples. “Weird… I taste pretty good too.” Looking at Susie’s lips she smiled, “Kissing myself, I must try it,” she chuckled before locking lips. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds. Pulling away, Amber wiped her lips with the back of her hand. “Too weird and I should stop eating kimchi so much too. Yuck.” She kissed Susie on the cheek, “I’ll be back.” Moving to the side of Susie’s bed, she lifted up the box full of rings, walked down the hall and stood in front of the room she shared with Sandy.  Then she concentrated again.

She blinked, turned, and saw Sandy’s reflection. Sandy smiled to herself, groping her breasts, “The slut level increases ten fold when I come back to this body,” Sandy remarked in Susie’s voice with a chuckle. She stretched out and yawned and opened the door. “Ah, right on time!” Amber stood at frozen attention in the hallway in front of their door, holding the cardboard box that contained all the rings. Her eyes were shut and her lips agape. Sandy took the box and put it aside before dragging Amber’s petrified body into the room closing the door behind.

Sandy lifted up Amber’s arms over her head and began to pull off her t-shirt. “Let’s get you naked, Ms. I don’t like naked people,” Sandy said in Susie’s voice, chuckling. Two slight knocks at the door stopped her. “Who is it?” she asked, switching back to Sandy’s voice.

“It’s Angel, Angel Mathews.”

“Oh, hey Angel, what can I do for you?”

“Could I speak to you… face to face?”

“Of course, just one minute,” Sandy replied, “Shit…” she then whispered in Susie’s voice. She quickly dragged Amber’s rigid body over to the closet, since she had been in Amber’s body once already, she couldn’t control her again until she was back in her own body thus leaving Amber and Sandy’s body stuck like posable statues. After getting Amber in the closet, she tossed most the loose clothes on the floor in as well before closing the door.

Taking a deep breath she went over to the door and opened it, “Hi! Come on in, Angel!” Sandy greeted happily and stepped aside, letting Angel in. Angel had short black spiky hair and bright blue eyes. She had pale skin but wore dark make up, eye shadow, black lipstick and her nails were painted black as well. The girl was about Sandy’s height and was completely dressed in black, a tight fitting ribbed sweater and form-fitting designer jeans tucked into black expensive looking high heeled boots.

Angel looked at the sorority president up and down. “Did I interrupt you, or something?” She gestured at what Sandy was dressed in. “You’re like sluttified… I could come back.”

“No, its okay; I’m just getting ready for the party later,” Sandy replied. “What can I do for you?”

“Well it’s about that party. Actually it’s about the whole sorority thing. My mom was a Phi Sigma girl back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and she thought it would make me a better woman if I joined. If it was up to me I wouldn’t be here, in fact I wouldn’t be in school at all. I’d be somewhere else, probably shooting up or practicing my craft…”

“Your craft?”

“I’m a witch.  A wiccan…”

“Oh okay…” Sandy replied, still smiling woodenly, “Go on.”

“Any who, my parents paid my tuition here and I don’t want to live with them… they’re totally lame; they don’t believe I’m witch just cause I haven’t cast any spells yet. But it’s on them – I hexed them both before I left. I don’t want to be part of this sorority. I’m only here ‘cause my mom paid for it as well as my monthly dues and stuff. So I’m a member, but I’m just telling you now I’m not participating in shit. That includes the lame underwear party, too… I think you guys are bimbos and tools by the way, too.”

“Wow… harsh,” Sandy said, unknowingly in Susie’s voice, her smile gone.

“Hey, what the hell, your voice changed. For a second you sounded just like that Chinese chick!”

Susie quickly switched back to Sandy’s voice. “She’s Korean; Hannah is Chinese and I don’t think I sound like her.”

“Well now you don’t… but just a while ago, yeah you did.”

“You’re crazy… I mean literally,” Sandy shot back as she went over to the box of rings and pulled out a single black velvet box from it.

“Hey bitch, I’m not crazy! I’m not standing here in my underwear!”

“Hey listen, you don’t want to participate, that’s fine. But as long as you live in this house you’re a Phi Sigma girl and you have to wear our ring.” Sandy said seriously, holding out the little velvet box.

“Seriously, I don’t have to participate in this lame shit and I can do anything I want? I just have to wear a stupid ring?”

“That’s it.”

“No strings?”

“No strings; you just have to wear it at all times, starting now.”

Angel looked at the box for a moment then snatched it. “Deal.” She popped the box open and slipped the simple gold band on to her ring finger. “There, happy?” she asked, waving the ring in front of Sandy’s face. The girl’s eyes suddenly went blank as she froze in place. One hand stopped as she was waving at Sandy while the other was resting on her hip.

Susie chuckled, “Deal, bitch. Now, strip to your underwear.” Angel’s expression went blank as she began to peel off her dark clothing. Sandy closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She was back in her room back in her own body. It felt good. “Home sweet home,” Susie chimed in, kissing her arm, “MUAH!” She stretched out and yawned. She felt like she was waking up from a nap; in a way she was. She quickly dressed back in her clothes and snuck down the hall. When she had walked down the hall in Amber’s body earlier, Hannah and Rose’s room door was closed. She was glad to see it still closed as she quickly and quietly tip-toed past it and opened the door to Sandy and Amber’s room and slipped in, shutting the door silently behind her.

“Crazy bitch,” she chuckled, looking at Angel, now standing over a pile of her discarded clothing. The girl was thinner than Susie thought and corpse pale too. She stood with a blank look on face, blue eyes staring ahead. Angel was only clad in matching black hello kitty bra and panties. “Oh boy, are you going to make mommy happy when she sees you again,” Susie giggled, eying the girl up and down and then tapping her nose.

Turning to Sandy, Susie said, “Sit on your bed,” Sandy complied, walking over to her bed and sitting primly in her sexy lingerie while maintaining a blank stare. Just then the closet door opened and Amber came out of the closet, completely naked. “Hello sweetie; you look hot.”

“Hey Susie, are you ready to bang?” Amber cooed seductively, while touching herself.

“In a second, go over to your bed and wait for me.”

“No problem…” Amber replied, kissing Susie full on the lips and then giggling.

Susie gulped and smiled. Leaning next to Sandy, “Listen very carefully, Sandy, this is how it is going down tonight….” she began.

*  *  *

“What is it?” Susie mumbled sleepily after hearing the tapping against her bedroom door. “What!” she shouted after the tapping had continued.

“Hey – party is starting; Sandy wants you guys downstairs right now, she has something important to announce.” Amber replied from the other side. “Just keep in mind it’s an underwear party, Kalania, not a naked party,” she reminded.

As on cue the tall blond Russian stood from her posed chair location in the corner of the room. The clothing on her naked thighs fell to the floor; she pulled off the nylon pantyhose from her head as if it was nothing. “Got it,” she replied in a thick but sexy Russian accent, her face still blank. With her slack expression still on her face she stiffly walked over to her dresser and started digging through her underwear drawer. “Hurry up roomie,” she urged, now sounding like herself and looking livelier, sans the slack face and stiff movement. Kalania pulled on a white lacy bra and thong and slipped on some high heeled sandals.

“You go ahead, I’ll be along,” Susie replied, poking her head out from under her blanket.

“Alright, woo hoo my first underwear party!” Kalania cheered, fixing her hair in front of the mirror on her desk, “You know, I feel so very rested!” Susie only smiled, knowing that the girl had been sleeping for almost two days and when she was under Susie’s control her mind was at rest. “Tah, Tah, for now roomie!” Kalania waved as she left the room. Susie could already hear the drone of the music downstairs when the door was opened followed by the near silence when it was closed.

As soon as her roommate was gone, Susie sat up from her bed. She was naked as well as was the other person in bed with her. Angel Mathews. The wannabe witch moaned in comfort and turned to her side when Susie sat up. Susie wasn’t sure if the girl was into girls or not, but it didn’t matter when she was under magical control. After her fun with Amber, Susie returned to her room with Angel in tow. The pale dark haired beauty’s defiance in participating in sorority activities had sort of turned her on, more so than when the girl stripped down naked moments later. She was also a wild thing in bed, too. Susie could tell the girl was no virgin. Angel sat up with a smile and wrapped her slim arms around Susie, “That was fun,” she cooed.

“You’re just saying that because I told you to say that,” Susie replied, kissing the girl. It was true. Angel only smiled shyly and kissed Susie’s shoulder.

“You guys are all tools!” Angel then mimicked, but the girl was still smiling. Susie only chuckled before making Angel stop. The girl’s face went blank and she turned stiffly so she was facing front. Holding the blank look, Angel slowly crawled out of bed and stood motionless and naked at attention next to Susie’s bed.

Susie pulled her knees up to her chin and looked over at the naked girl with a smile, “You are one hot little angel,” she chuckled, letting her eyes wander the naked Angel. “I’ve decided you can skip tonight’s festivities like you had wished, you can stand here exactly as you are and wait for my return though.” 

*  *  *

When they moved in they were told that one room was the party room. It was a large square room with white walls and wooden floors. A fireplace was on the north end of the room. There was flat screen TV that was playing music videos mounted on a wall. Four yellow sofas were lined along the walls. It was just after 7PM and the room was packed with the occupants of the house, minus one house mom and a sister which unknown to everyone were standing naked just upstairs. Some of the girls were seated or standing around the sofas while others stood in the middle of the room. Sandy and Amber stood in front of the fireplace; Amber cradled the box of rings in her arms. Like everyone else, both were in their underwear. Sandy was in what she had been wearing since that afternoon while Amber was in an elegant purple and black satin bra and panty set.

“Phoebe?” Sandy gestured to a redhead dressed in a green push-up bra and matching thong. The redhead nodded and pointed a remote she held at the TV and the music went silent. The girls went on chattering for a moment before settling down and turning their attention to Sandy, all with eager eyes and smiles. “Welcome, my sisters, to the first underwear party of the Phi Sigma Delta sorority DSC chapter!” Sandy greeted, followed by cheering from the girls. “I am very pleased to be the very first president of this new chapter and you all should feel all very honored as you are the very first chapter at this school.” Cheers followed before Sandy quieted the girls down and continued. “I’m not going to bore you with a long speech, I know you all want to get on with the party so I’ll make this quick. As the first chapter we must set forth new traditions,” she said as she pulled a tiny velvet box from the cardboard box in Amber’s hands. “This ring will symbolize our sisterhood and from this day forward sisters of this chapter well bear this ring with the honor of knowing that they belong to something very special, something that will be lifelong bond, an unbroken bond, a bond of eternal sisterhood!” The crowd clapped. “Step up and get your rings and let the party continue!” Sandy concluded, nodding at Phoebe, who turned back on the music. The girls gathered around Amber and each got their rings.

Susie sitting on one of the sofas watched with satisfaction as each one of her sisters slipped on their rings and eyed them with joy and awe. She only chuckled, seeing all the girls so willing put on the ring that would bond them to her mind for as long as she chose. Her thoughts were interrupted as Hannah plopped down on the sofa next to her. “Oh my gosh, this ring is so nice! They must have spent a fortune getting ring for all of us.” The Chinese art student said, looking at her ring in awe, she then added, “It’s odd how it fit so well on our fingers.”

“It’s like magic,” Susie chuckled.

Hannah only looked at Susie with an awkward smile and then asked, “Where is yours?” Noticing Susie’s finger was empty. Susie only smiled, making Hannah feeling even more awkward. Suddenly the Chinese girl went limp, falling back in the sofa with her head thrown back and mouth agape.

“Oh Hannah! Are you alright!?” Rose asked worriedly, rushing to her roommate’s side; however before the dark-haired girl could say anything else she froze in place. As did the rest of the room; with good timing too as all of the attention was directed at Susie and Hannah.

“Close one.” Susie breathed looking around the room. The music was still blaring but no one moved or spoke. The motionless scene looked like a diorama in a wax museum or one of those flash mobs.  She looked over at Hannah, who was in a deep slumber, thanks to her. The Chinese girl was dressed in a simple black cotton bra with black bikini-cut silk panties. Susie patted the girl on the cheek and looked down at her ample breasts. “Why not?” she chuckled, pulling down both bra cups, revealing Hannah’s dark nipples. “Not bad.” Lifting up Hannah’s limp hands, Susie placed one over one of her exposed breasts and the other down the front of her panties. She chuckled at the sleeping girl before standing up.

Rose stood nearby, frozen in the moment. A look of concern on her face directed at Hannah. She was leaned over with both hands reaching out to her roommate. The black haired girl was dressed in a light blue silk bra and panty set. “Get her naked and tuck her in for the night,” Susie ordered. Rose’s face went blank as she knelt down and peeled Hannah’s panties from her hips and then folded the limp girl over and stripped off her bra, rendering the Chinese girl naked. With ease Rose draped her roommate over her shoulder and started to make her way upstairs. “Get naked too, I’ll be up shortly,” Susie called after her with a smile.

Leslie Chun and her equally tall roommate Tami Tyler stood nearby, both girls having frozen looking over at the now empty sofa. Leslie was half-Asian, giving her almond eyes and high cheekbones. She had natural dirty blond hair and a Caucasian nose, from her mother’s family. The girl stood immobilized with her hands on her hips and was dressed in black and red bikini style panty/bra set. Her roommate Tami, a brunette, stood rigidly with a slight grin on her face, eyes staring over at the same empty sofa as her friend. The brunette had one hand on her hips while the other held a cup of punch. She was dressed in a red thong and a pink lacy bra. Susie walked around the two, admiring their athletic tall bodies. The two beach volleyball players did nothing as she peeked down the front of their panties before moving on.

Roxy Ruiz and her roommate Vanessa Marx stood next to Kalania. The Russian looked ridiculous as her eyes were shut and her mouth open, her face contorted as if she was in mid-laugh. She stood like a mannequin with a cup of punch in hand. Roxy Ruiz was a gymnast and her tight body wrapped in orange undergarments said it all. The reddish-brown-haired athlete stood smiling, holding a cup of punch and looking at the laughing Kalania. Her roommate Vanessa, a track star and only African American in the house, stood equally still with her face contorted in laughter as well and her hands behind her back. Her tall dark body was dressed in lacy dark undergarments. Her bra could barely contain her decent sized bust. Susie groped them before a bit, the black girl said nothing but her expression went blank as did the other two girls’ faces.

Sandy and Amber were surrounded by their closest friends, the girls that had transferred with them from Fullerton. Amber and Jaki were both wearing white lace and stood smiling with arms crossed looking over at Sandy. The house president held a cup in one hand, raised up as if toasting, her eyes shut and mouth open. Amber stood next to her in the same frozen pose, the box of rings at her feet. Finally, Phoebe stood nearby, a living statue like the others and had a smile on her face and her hands held in front of her as if she was clapping. 

Susie pried the cup from Sandy’s stiff hand and raised it up, “Here’s to the sisterhood of the ring!” she toasted, drinking the contents of the cup and looking around at all her unmoving sisters. This is going to be a fun four years.



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