Shape of Things to Come - 3

by Northern Chill

                              Author's note : This serial revolves around the villain Amos Fortune and how he uses an item of incredible
                             power to wreak havoc on the heroines who have crossed his path in the past or meet him in present time.
                              There are scenes of sexuality, violence and profanity so if this offends you, please move onto another story,
                             otherwise enjoy !

                             All characters mentioned in this serial are the property of the respective comic companies except for the
                             ones I make up.  This story is meant strictly as a parody.

           Chapter 3 - Making Money has Drawbacks

    The sun rose and shone through the pulled drapes in the roadside motel room Amos was staying in along with his newest acquisitions.  Laying face up on one bed, seemingly oblivious to everything around them, were inanimate - yet very lifelike - love dolls that only yesterday were the renowned heroines Black Canary and Wonder Woman.

    For Black Canary, her trademark fishnet hose and black leotard lying in a nearby cardboard box, her train of thought seemed to be dissipating rapidly as the hours passed and she laid on the bed.  Every now and then, when she felt the sensation of her latex and vinyl body being caressed or picked up, there was a brief flash of thought (simplified, but still thinking) before her mind receded into darkness when these touches ended.  In short, her mind was becoming as empty as her hollow artificial body.

    From Wonder Woman's perspective, she wished that her mind was just as empty as the doll next to her.   She mentally howled in anger over her state over and over, only to have her thoughts interrupted by Amos picking her doll body up and posing her in several vile and disgusting positions.  She was helpless to feel anything except pleasure and desire when the villain ran his hands over her firm latex breasts and kissed her O-shaped mouth hard.  Even worse, her doll eyes were filled with occasional bright light of a camera the villain had set up.

     As for Power Doll, formerly known as Power Girl, she was still able to move in her artificial doll form but her mind was simplified to provide only utter obedience of her owner Amos Fortune.  During the past night, she had dressed and undressed in various outfits ranging from her usual white bodysuit to a gold and white spandex outfit that clung to her smooth body like a second skin as well as other outfits.  At various points in the night, Amos had Power Doll to freeze in the middle of changing or ordered her to assume a heroic pose and remain in it while he made use of her like the good dolly she was.  She moaned out loud as her owner groped her full breasts and ran his hands down her smooth back, while she stood rigid leaning forward pulling on the gold and white outfit.  The animate sex toy whimpered in disappointment when Amos withdrew his touch to busy himself elsewhere in the room.  Overall, it was one of the best nights Amos had ever experienced though he was the only one able to express his opinions in a clear and intelligent way.

    "Well, I guess I should be going now if I want to get onto my next destination.  I understand Clarksvillle is called home by several people I've encountered in the past.  It might be a good place for me to stop and reacquaint myself with those individuals only on a more level 'playing field', so to speak,"  Amos said softly as he lifted himself up from where he nestled between the dolls.

     "Can't owner play with Power Doll a little more?  Doll will even share owner with other dollies if he promises to run his hands down her boobies,"   the living sex toy said as it squeakily sat up and draped its hollow latex arms around Amos' neck.

     The villain smiled and turned his look to gaze into the lustful eyes of the love doll that just a short while ago was one of the most powerful heroines on the planet.  Amos knew that, deep down, there was still a small part of the doll that retained Power Girl's intelligence and emotions and that part probably wanted to rip his head off   This irony served to be a source of great amusement to the villain as he looked over the dolls and he laughed out loud before dressing and exiting the room to go to his car.

      A few minutes later, he returned with three long cardboard boxes and set them on the room's floor.  He slipped the uniform of Wonder Woman and Black Canary onto the respective dolls (the outfits were now made out of rubber as a result of the heroines' transformation) but found it difficult to pull the uniforms over the inflated chests.  Figuring he'd look after these two later on, Amos finished dressing them and packed them tightly into the boxes.

      When Amos turned to look for Power Doll, he found her sitting on the bed, running her hands over her latex body, producing quiet squeaks as she did.  Her doll eyes seemed to sparkle as she enjoyed the sensations rippling through her hollow body with all other thoughts now unimportant.

       "All right, Power Doll, time to go on a little trip again only this time you have to go inside this cardboard box,"  Amos said to the living latex toy seated before him while simultaneously closing his fingers around the gem that was his source of power.

       "Couldn't we stay here and I can make you happy, owner?"  the living sex toy said with a squeaky voice while putting her arms behind her head and pushing out her chest in an inviting manner.

       "Sorry, my dear.  Time for you to join your two friends in the box and current state as well.  INANIMATE LOVE DOLL!!!"  Amos commanded as he pulled out the gem and pointed it in the direction of Power Doll.

        A beam of energy shot out from the gem and enveloped the target subject from head to toe.  Unlike previous uses, the effects of the ray were much less apparent than before.  Power Doll seemed to stiffen slightly and her head stopped moving altogether as did the rest of her.  The only other noticeable effect was that the doll stopped talking altogether as its lips locked into an ovular shape like the other dolls.

       "Ah, if only I had a few extra days that I could spend with you three.  However, if my past encounters with the spandex hero set has taught me anything, it's that, given enough time, the heroes and heroines always find a way to tip the scales in their favor," Amos said somberly as he picked up the motionless doll and placed it in the box snug against the packing material.

       From the doll's perspective, its change in state had also changed the perspective it had on the world around it.  Some of Power Girl's persona had returned and a sense of newfound outrage filled her thinking, much like Wonder Woman.  However, like her fellow transformed heroines, she was powerless to stop Amos from covering her up and putting her in his car with the others.

       After gathering the rest of his meager belongings up, Amos headed out to his car and drove slowly out of the parking lot while he pondered his next step.  After driving a short distance to the west, he stopped at a roadside diner for a coffee and donut and to think things over.

       "Now what?.... it's not like I should step out in the middle of some city street and call out the ones I want to get rid of......" the villain murmured to himself as he sipped on his coffee and looked through the paper he had bought while seated in a corner booth.  He was about to fold up the paper and leave when he spotted an ad in one of the back sections for a store opening in a town about 40 miles from where he was.

       Glancing at the ad closer, Amos saw that the business catered to 'adults 18 and older with private tastes' (a porn shop in layman's terms) and gave the name (with a small picture) of the owner, Jack Dawson. The villain recognized as a man who he employed in one of his past schemes to achieve power and fortune.  Judging by the slicked back hair and golden necklaces he was wearing, Jack was doing very well for himself these days.

        "I think it's time Mr. Dawson got a visit from a past friend, whether he likes it or not,"  Amos murmured to himself as he stood up and went to leave the diner.  It was then that he noticed that most of the customers seemed to be staring at him with looks of puzzlement and disdain.  Glancing downwards, Amos saw that he had been so consumed with the enjoyment of his newfound power that he had neglected his own personal appearance.  In fact, he was still dressed in the same clothes that he wore just a few days ago and they frankly stank of smoke, sweat and other odors.

        "Well, I guess a stop at a clothing store first might be in order before visiting Jack.  I've got an offer for him that will make us both quite a tidy sum of money,"  the villain thought to himself as he strolled out of the diner, with the grin on his face growing wider by the second.


         ".......want interviews with everyone who was in the building and I want descriptions of anything unusual no matter how obscure.  Even if it sounds like something that came straight out of a drug induced haze, I want it noted.  When we get a solid idea of what we're dealing with here, we'll take our next step.  Let's move, people!"  a burly, dark haired man wearing dark sunglasses, white T-shirt and blue shorts with NSA written in big yellow letters on the back of the shirt.  The group of people that were gathered around him, wearing similar style outfits, immediately scattered with some heading into the office building that had been the site of Amos' visit the previous day and others headed towards waiting cars to drive off to local homes or the hospital to interview the victims of the villain's rampage.

         "Paul, we've got early word that there were at least three superheroines in the building when this incident happened.  No names yet though one woman, who was dressed like she was going to a gym, unlike everyone else, mentioned something about one heroine wearing 'an American flag'.  She was acting a little odd though," the sandy haired man called out to the NSA head from a nearby van.

          "It sounds like someone saw Wonder Woman in the area, sir,"  a female voice called out from above before Jack could respond to what his subordinate had said.  The crowd that had gathered around the building's area, held back by barricades and police tape, gasped in surprise and amazement as a female figure, dressed in a light red top with matching skirt and boots, slowly descended from the sky.  Her outfit was trimmed in bright gold as was the cape she wore around her shoulders and, to top off her appearance, a symbol of a golden thunderbolt in the center of her top.

          "Ah, you must be Mary Marvel, I presume.  I had heard from my superiors that someone like you might be stopping by to give us a hand.  Well, as you can see, we have everything under control here right now so if you want to help, you can help keep the crowd back by flashing a smile and signing some autographs.  If we need your help, we'll give you a shout, ok?" Paul said to the heroine as she landed a few feet from him and walked over to the law enforcement man.

          "Well, Paul Linseman, I don't want to interrupt things too much here but before you try and wrap things up neat and tidy, there's a few other facts you might want to know.  One is that my friends and colleagues Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Power Girl were in this area when the incident at this building.  Since then, all our attempts at communicating with them have met with silence.  Considering the power and experience those three have, I doubt very much you're looking at a routine criminal or gang of crooks,"  Mary Marvel said while glancing towards the building with an obvious look of concern on her face.

           Paul was about to retort when a subordinate came running up to him clutching a piece of paper in his hand.  He murmured softly when handing it to his NSA chief before stepping back and waiting for further orders.

           Paul looked over the paper for several seconds and his face grew quite pale as he read what was written.  The official then silently folded the paper in two and put it into his jacket pocket before returning his attention to the waiting heroine.

           "Ordinarily, I'd stand here and recite to you, Mary Marvel, the rules that are ignored if you bypass procedure and ignore all lack of evidence to arrive at a conclusion like that.  However, I've just been informed that according to preliminary interviews done by my agents of the building's workers, the perpetrator of what went on here looks to have been a man wielding unnatural abilities,"   the NSA chief said smoothly with his cheeks turning ever so slightly red.

           "Hmmm... ok, if you can tell me what the physical description of this gentleman looks like as well as his 'powers', I can...."  the heroine started to say before noticing the government official was shaking his head while taking off his sunglasses.

           "Before you get too carried away, young woman, I should tell you that at least one witness said that this man also seemed to be getting help from one of the colleagues you mentioned earlier..... willing help, according to the statement I just read," the security chief said sternly while rubbing his right hand against his chin.

           Mary Marvel's eyes sparked angrily and her face momentarily turned red before she regained her composure.  "I think you might want to interview that witness again because I know for a FACT that none of the people I mentioned would help anyone participate in criminal acts willingly.  While you do that, I'll talk to some of your subordinates to see if there was any indication where this criminal was headed when he left here,"  the heroine said coolly before turning and walking away.

          Paul slipped his sunglasses back on and an annoyed look crossed his face.  "I should have accepted that desk assignment in the Houston bureau but no, I had to take the 'active assignment' job....."  he muttered as he moved towards a nearby van and started barking out orders at his nearby subordinates.


            The cardboard boxes were being quickly emptied of their contents as several employees stocked the new store shelves with numerous types of products.  At the front of the store, two gentlemen were busy setting up the computers for the cashiers to use while the owner stood to one side talking excitedly into a cell phone.  The owner pounded his right fist on the counter top several times even as he gestured one of the workers to unpack a new case.

            "Look, I don't care if the suppliers on your end are behind on the shipping.  You promised me five display cases by the 28th and if you don't have them here by then, my lawyers will be on your ass by the 29th!  Bye!!!"  Jack shouted before slamming shut his cell phone.  He was about to turn his attention to the computer installation going on around him when the front door bell chimed and a visitor walked in.  Jack looked up to see a late 30's man, dressed in an expensive looking business suit, walk through the entrance way in a breezy manner.

            "Sorry, sir, we're not open for business until Friday.  If you have anything specific in mind, we can set it aside until the grand opening,"  Jack said with a helpful look becoming visible on his face.

            The would-be customer shook his head and laughed.  "Jack, Jack, Jack; you don't remember me, do you?  I would have thought after the time we spent in Vegas in the casinos entertaining the costumed visitors that came our way, you'd never forget the good 'fortune' that we had there,"  Amos exclaimed with a whimsical look on his face.

            Jack stared hard at the customer for several seconds trying to place the face in his memory.  Suddenly, his face turned white and he quickly turned around to face the store workers once again.

            "All right, everybody, lunch hour starts now and is paid.  Let's get going, ok?"  Jack called out to the assembled staff.  After a few seconds, the store workers made their way to the front door, prodded by Jack's increasing insistence that they hurry up before he changed his mind.

            Once the last of the staff had exited, Jack locked the front door before turning his attention to Amos.  "Listen, I don't care what scheme you've cooked up now to make a big score or embarrass some heroes that have crossed your path in the past.  I don't want anything to do with it.  I've reformed and become a respected businessman in this area and I don't to get involved with anything shady.  If you head out now, I won't mention to the local cops that.... URRRKKK!!!!"  the store owner said in a dismissive way before going silent when Amos lunged at him and grasped him around the neck.

           "You insignificant flea!  Before I gave you the chance to participate in the plans I came so close fulfilling, you were nothing more than a two bit thief who stole from pensioners' homes for jewelry and a few bucks in the middle of the night.  You should be thankful I deemed you worthy of taking the gamble to make something of yourself,"  Amos snarled as his grip tightened for a few seconds before he released the red-faced man.

           "Cough..... cough.... ok...ok, Amos, I'm sorry about what I said about you but I'm really not interested in another caper.  Is there something else I can help you out with?"  Jack inquired, while rubbing his reddened throat area with his right hand.  No matter what he thought of the attack upon himself, he knew better than to provoke a man he knew was unpredictable, to say the least.

           "Of course there is, Jack, otherwise I wouldn't be here.  You see, I've decided to start up a legitimate line of products for sale to discriminating adults that will be unlike anything currently available for purchase.  I've set up deals with several manufacturers that will produce the products based on my designs and specifications.  If all goes according to plan, I'll be shipping thousands of items nationwide within a matter of weeks.  All I need now is a store to display the merchandise that could expand the number of locations based on increased demand,"  Amos said smoothly in a cool manner.

           Sensing the opportunity being presented to him, Jack decided to take the bait.  "Well, what you say sounds good, Amos, but it's a speech I've heard from a whole lot of salesman that have come through these parts.  Without insulting you, what makes your pitch better than the others?"  the store owner inquired somewhat hesitatingly.

           "Give me a minute and I'll show you some samples of what I'm going to be producing,"  Amos said before heading out a side entrance of the store.  Five or so minutes later, he was standing in the store once again with three long boxes on the floor in front of him.  Amos motioned for Jack to open the boxes and have a look at what was inside them all.

           Once opened, Jack was very impressed to find three incredibly realistic love dolls, two blondes and one brunette, in the boxes.  The detailing on each sex toy was much more elaborate than anything he had sold in his store ever before right down to the dolls' eyes, which looked like they could wink at any time.  Judging by the costumes the sex toys were dressed in, Amos was looking to market them as items resembling some of those superhero types they both encountered in the past.

           "Well, Jack, what do you think?  Are these samples the type of items your customers might be interested in?"  Amos inquired, relishing the fact that the store owner had no idea of the true nature of the dolls before him.

           "Uhhh... yeah... yes, indeed!  How soon before you can ship me my first order for these beauties?"  the store owner murmured as he bent down and ran his hand over the soft breasts of Power Doll.

           "Oooooohhhhh....... yessss!!!!....... is this my new owner?....."  the doll thought as it stared up at the unfamiliar face before it.

           Amos paused for a few seconds as if he was considering Jack's question deeply.  In reality, he hadn't thought of doing much beyond getting revenge on the spandex-clad people who had defeated him in the past.  The fact that he could make real money with his new power at the same time was something he had never really considered.  Of course, he could walk into any bank with his gem and depart in a matter of minutes with a huge sum of cash and little resistance.  However, there was something tempting about being legitimate while humiliating fools like Wonder Woman......

           "Hello?  Amos?  Did you hear what I asked?"  Jack asked while briefly waving his hand in front of Amos' face.

           "Huh?  Sorry about that, Jack, I was mulling over the numbers and trying to figure out shipping dates and such.  If I can get everything up and running, how about four to six weeks?"  Amos said as he started lifting the dolls up and standing them up against a nearby wall.

           "Great !  Tell you what, I'll put these here in my front window here to maximize the customer inquiries.  It'll be a secured window and clearly marked so no one will steal these beauties.  Could you give me a hand?"  Jack called out to his new business partner.

           Together, the two cleaned out the front window space before moving the love dolls over, one by one.  After Jack and Amos talked it over for a minute, they decided to put the Wonder Woman and Power Girl dolls standing up with rods securing them in place while positioning the Black Canary doll on its side.  Once that was done, Jack went to a nearby counter to do up some temporary signs leaving Amos to adjust the love doll's poses and appearances as he saw fit.

            First off, he adjusted the costumes for each of the transformed heroines so that the upper halves of each of the love dolls was exposed.  Amos did this for two reasons: Potential customers would be more impressed by the lifelike appearance of the doll's breasts and, on a more personal level, he knew that whatever existed of the trio's original minds would be humiliated and embarrassed by their public semi-nudity.

            Once smoothed out the costumes, Amos turned his attention to poses for the living sex toys.  For Wonder Woman, he put her hands on her hips, a stance that, coupled with her legs spread slightly apart, suggested the classic power pose the Amazon took when uttering one of those sickening speeches about her triumph over evil.

             As for Power Girl, he tilted the doll's head back slightly so that it was staring upwards at the ceiling.  Amos bent the doll's arms at the elbows and tucked the hands behind the hollow head.  Standing back, the villain mused to himself how it looked like the doll was offering itself to the customers entering the store.  Considering the doll's current frame of mind, that was probably quite close to the truth.

            Finally, Amos adjusted the Black Canary doll so that its head was propped up with its right hand with the elbow parallel to the soft latex body.  After putting the left hand so it was resting on the doll's hip, the supremely happy man put signs in front of all three of the dolls stating in big, black letters: PROTOTYPES -> NOT FOR SALE!!

"Well, that looks spectacular, Amos.  If you want, I'll write you a check now for the first shipment and you can write down the firm's name that you'll be using for shipping,"  Jack said as he reached into his pocket pulled out his checking book.

            "Ummm, I hate to be a bother, but I was wondering if I could have that in cash instead.  I'll give you a receipt and everything but I'm in the middle of getting everything set up and I don't really have the time to cash a check,"  Amos replied as he stepped out of the display window.

            "Hmmmm, ok, but I'll have to head over to the local branch myself and take care of it.  Would you mind keeping an eye on things?"  Jack asked as he slipped on a jacket and secured his cash register.

            Amos quickly agreed and watched his new business partner head out through a side door.  After Jack's departure, Amos jotted down the address of a warehouse he spotted on the outskirts of town that was for sale.  He figured it would take little effort to find the sales agent for the property in question and convince him or her that the land should be sold to him.  Of course, the little gem he was fondling in his pocket would help if all else failed......

            With a wry grin on his face, Amos was about to step outside and see how the front window display looked from the street when he spotted someone or something approaching from the distance.  As the figure drew closer, the villain saw more clearly who it was that was approaching and withdrew for the moment......

A few people on the edge of town thought there was a dust devil forming on the barren wastes nearby as they saw what appeared to be a large ball of dust and dirt rapidly approaching.  Moments later, that notion dissipated much like the dust ball did and a solitary female figure stood in the center of the dispersing cloud.

            Dressed in a red spandex leotard with a white stripe running down the center and a lightning bolt depicted running from her modest sized left breast to the bottom right, the blonde woman was quite a vision to see.  With gold colored gloves and matching boots and a dark visor to conceal her eyes, Jesse Quick was a heroine with plenty of heroic ancestors but little experience on her own as of yet.

             Jesse's father, Johnny Quick, was a hero during WW II whose super speed abilities made him a legend during those dark days.  Her mother was a crime fighter as well under the name of Liberty Belle, whose superhuman strength and other abilities aided greatly against the Nazis and their lackeys.  With such a lineage, Jesse's parents expected their daughter to follow in their footsteps but Jesse resisted such a path for her life.  At first, Jesse was content to head up her own company as a normal person until circumstances dictated for her to own a uniform and use the speed and strength she had inherited from her parents to fight crime.  However, during one such battle, Jesse had temporarily lost her powers and had only recently regained them through sheer luck.

            It was with the idea to test her regained abilities, as well as to figure out whether she wanted to rejoin the heroic set, that found Jesse standing in the middle of this nondescript midwestern town.  The heroine figured that the best way to figure out how much of her super speed had returned was by taking quick trips on fleet foot across country and seeing how she made out.

           "Well, I wanted to stop in an obscure, boring town and this looks like just the place.  Judging by the rumbling in my stomach, I need to get back some of the energy I've used up in my little run.  I wonder if there's a store near here that sells energy bars or something similar.  Wally said he eats quite a few of them after a long run,"  Jesse said, recalling the words of her fellow speedster known as the Flash to the general public.

            Walking down the sidewalk (and silently thankful that the streets seemed to be deserted at this time of day), the blonde heroine briefly looked into each store window as she passed the businesses.  Disappointed that most of the businesses seemed to be hardware or farming supply shops, Jesse was about to take a speed trip to the other side of town when she paused at the business at the very end of the street.

             Standing to the left of the storefront window, Jesse could see the business looked to be on the verge of opening and was geared to selling adult oriented products to customers.  However, it was the items the store had in the front window that had Jesse staring with her mouth opening in shock and surprise.  Three sex dolls that appeared to have been designed and dressed to resemble Power Girl, Black Canary and Wonder Woman were on display, in very suggestive poses.  The sex toys were so lifelike and realistic in appearance that it gave Jesse something to ponder.

            "It's strange...... Wally said something before I left about how PG, Canary and Wondy were going to be in the Midwest for 'some chick thing', as he put it.... I suppose this store set this tacky display to appeal to people visiting the area.... though there's something odd about these dolls......"  Jesse thought as she continued to gaze upwards.  For someone used to traveling at superhuman speeds to stand in place for any length of time, it usually took something unusual for that to happen.  Judging by Jesse's expression as she continued to gaze at the tableau before her, this was such a scenario.

            Unfortunately for Jesse, the person responsible for the window display took that moment to peer out from the backdrop's curtain to see if anyone was noticing the dolls in the storefront.  When Amos saw that the spectator in front of the store was none other than Jesse Quick, another of those 'do-gooder' heroines, his first thought was to head out of the store through the back exit and get away from the woman.  However, when the villain realized that the female speedster was oblivious to his presence or didn't recognize him in his current outfit, he quickly changed his mind. Grabbing the gem that had changed his life profoundly in the short time he had possessed it, Amos let his old feelings of desiring payback come to the forefront yet again.

            "SILVER STATUE!!!!"  Amos exclaimed while simultaneously aiming his gem in Jesse's direction.  For the briefest of moments, he thought the gem's beam of energy might have been diffused by passing through the glass in the display case before reaching its intended target.  However, judging by the look of jubilation that quickly crossed the villain's face, his worries were  misplaced........

            "WHAT THE.....?........ I.... I CAN'T MOVE!!!......"  Jesse exclaimed upon being struck by the beam of energy before falling silent.  Even with her superior reflexes, the blonde heroine didn't have enough time to avoid the attack and the transformation that was quickly sweeping through her body.  She desperately wanted to look downwards to see what was happening to her but found she couldn't move any part of her body.   With a look of surprise seemingly frozen on her face, she saw what looked to be patches of pure silver starting to appear on her face and neck that were growing larger by the second.  Her breathing was slowing quite noticeably and Jesse sensed that her whole body was becoming heavier as if flesh and bone was changing to inorganic matter.

            "I...... I.... I DON'T UNDERSTAND........ MY BODY...... I'M BECOMING A STATUE..... OR SOME SORT OF OBJECT..... HOW CAN THIS BE?........"  Jesse thought desperately as she felt the transformation move swiftly upwards through her inert form.  Despite the horrifying situation she was in, the heroine moaned softly upon sensing her pussy and anus changing into inanimate material.   Before she had a chance to recover from the jolt to her senses, she gasped again involuntarily as the transformation reached her breasts and changed them into mounds of pure silver.

           "THIS.... CAN'T..... BEEEE............"  Jesse thought before her thinking, like all of her other normal functions, ceased and her world faded to darkness.  A statue of pure silver stood in her place with the leotard draped over it giving the only indication that she was a living woman just a few minutes ago.

           "You know, if I had this little beauty a while back, I wouldn't be in a hick town like this right now,"  Amos murmured as he stepped outside and started to drag the statue into a side alley before anyone noticed it.  As he started to tug and pull, he dropped the gem into his pocket once again with an oblivious attitude to the new cracks that were appearing running lengthways on the artifact.

           Wiping beads of sweat from his forehead, Amos managed to drag the silver object d'art down the alley and to his waiting car.  Retrieving a piece of canvas from a nearby dumpster, he wrapped the silverized heroine in it before sliding it into the back of the car.

             "After I settle things up with Jack, I guess its' another trip to a museum and a quick sale.  Hmmmm, ya know, come to think of it, maybe I should take advantage of this situation,"  Amos muttered as he rubbed his chin in a thoughtful manner.

            Elsewhere.........Three or so hours later........

Bob glanced at his watch and saw that about an hour had elapsed in his shift as the lone security guard for the museum.  He was still getting used to the surroundings after taking over from the previous fellow, an old geezer who quit abruptly ranting about 'stuff coming to life!' and 'haunted building'.  Personally, Bob thought that the guy had been taking too many sips of bourbon during rounds and was seeing things.

             As the dark suited guard wandered down the polished hallways, he paused every now and then to gaze at a painting on the wall or one of the many sculptures that dominated the rooms they were in.  For Bob, the golden sculpture of a nude female posed like about to embrace her lover was particularly striking and he spent longer looking over it than any other piece.  According to the plaque in front of it, it was sculpted by Jacques Dublanc in 1950 and represented a desire to free humanity from its repressed sexual desires.

             "Dunno about the repressed Frenchman's desires but it raises my desires.... damn!!"  Bob thought as he stroked his chin in absent thought.  Judging by the growing bulge in the groin area of his pants, his feelings about the figure were more obvious than he thought.

             Tugging on his hat, Bob turned away from the sculpture and started to walk out of the room and back to his desk for a cup of coffee.  He had just reached the room's entrance when there was a brilliant flash behind him that lit up the entire room.  The guard spun around and was momentarily blinded by the brightness before it faded away a few seconds later.  When it did,  Bob was stunned to see a naked woman slowly sitting up and dismounted from the display he was just looking at.

              "Qui?  Qui est vous?  Est-ce que un policier pres d'ici?  Monsieur?" the woman asked as she stared at the man before her.

              "Shittttttttt......!!!!!!!!!!!"  Bob said, with his eyes widening and his jaw dropping open.

   TO BE CONTINUED.........

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