Solitary Confinement

by Northern Chill

        Sandi was a bit nervous as she threw another load of clothing and bedding into the giant washer in the prison laundry room.
She had been an inmate at North Chillton prison for about 2 years now and she was having trouble fitting in with the other prisoners.  Whether it was the fact that she was a former model before being convicted of beating a photographer to death or the fact that she resisted the advances of the Sisters of Sin, a female gang of convicts who preyed upon fellow inmates for sexual  advances or protection money.

       " I don't how much longer I can take the Sisters' constant advances in the TV rooms or out in the exercise yard....sigh... "  Sandi muttered as she dumped the rest of the hamper's contents into the washer and hit the red button on the washer to get things started.  However, when she turned to go back and get another load, she found her way blocked by two women, a tall blonde named Patti and a scrawny brunette named Penny, who Sandi knew roamed the prison yard under the nickname ' Punishment Pair'.

      " Well, sweetie, you're all hot and sweaty down here working with the laundry.  Why don't you head down to where the Sisters are and you can get just as hot and sweaty there only doing something a lot more fun ? "  Patti said with an evil sneer on her face.  Penny just stood there idly running her hands through a nearby basket though Sandi saw what appeared to be something metal clutched in the convict's right hand.

      Sandi knew these two were part of the enforcement part of the Sisters and to defy them would invite a definite violent confrontation resulting in her almost certain death.  Nevertheless, she took on a defiant look and slammed a dirty sheet into a nearby hamper with an angry gesture.

      " If you two think you can bully me into being the new pet slut for the Sisters, you two have another thing coming.  Why don't you go off and apply your three gallons of make-up to make yourselves resemble women ? " Sandi hissed as she stared first at Penny and then Patti with a determined face.

     The duo cursed at her and took a few steps towards Sandi with the obvious intent of inflicting serious harm to her if not outright killing her.  However, before they could get near the brave woman, there was a loud clanging sound that echoed through the room followed by the sound of several sets of feet.

    " Patti, Penny, get back to your cells right now or else you'll both be spending time in solitary !  Sandi, stop standing around and get your butt down to the laundry truck.  They need somebody to help unload it ASAP and you've been volunteered to assist them."  the prison guard Ilsa said pointing her guard stick in the appropriate directions.

    The Punishment Pair reluctantly turned to follow Ilsa's directions though the looks they shot towards Sandi indicated the matter was far from settled.  Sandi mentally sighed when the two left her immediate vicinity though she had to wonder if ultimately she would have to kill just to survive.


    Sandi let the hot water flow down her body as she rubbed soap vigorously over her body trying to wash away the harshness of the reality around her.  As she stood with the other prisoners in the prison's shower area, she mulled over what options she had at this point.  She had applied for a transfer to another prison but she was told that such a move could take upwards of six months to go through.  Most of her fellow inmates that were not part of the Sisterhood or paying them protection money steered clear of Sandi as they knew she was a marked target.

   " What am I going to do...pffff....huh ?...where is everybody..?.... "  Sandi started to think to herself before she noticed the shower room had completely emptied out in the last few minutes.  She pulled her head out of the steaming hot water to see the leader of the Sisterhood, Nina, standing nude in the entranceway holding two long pieces of metal in her hands.

   "  Sweet..sweet Sandi...if you had just agreed to submit to the will of the Sisterhood, we wouldn't have to resort to all this unpleasantness."  the red haired leader of the group said with malice visible in her eyes.

   " I didn't plan to serve my stretch here in prison being a whore to a bunch who looked like they've been part of an inbred family for the last few generations."  Sandi retorted as she stepped out fully from the shower water with no sign of fear of Nina and her cronies.

   Loud murmurs echoed from some women standing behind Nina upon hearing Sandi's derisive words but these whispers fell silent when Nina whipped her head to glare at them.  After a second or two, Nina focused her attention once again on the defiant woman standing at the far end of the shower area.

   " Normally, I would take great offense at something like that, sweetie, but seeing as how I've already decided that you won't be getting out of this shower area alive, I'll let it pass.  I'm even going to give you a weapon so when the guards find your cut-up dead body, I'll be able to claim self defense. "  Nina said maliciously hurling one of the weapons in her hands towards Sandi.

   After the item clattered to the floor near Sandi, the brunette reached over to pick up the weapon in question.  She saw that it was a metal rod with what appeared to be a razor sharp piece of glass that was duct taped to the end of the rod.  Holding the makeshift shiv in her right hand, Sandi looked at the brown haired leader of the Sisterhood and shook her head for a second.

   "  I wouldn't be counting on you talking to any guards after this, bitch.  If I can cave in the skull of a photographer who tried to  get too cute with me, I can certainly slice up a pretentious slut who dips her toe nails in the toilet to make them look better."  Sandi said trying to look brave while inward frightened like she had never been before.

   " Well then, sweetie, let's get it on !  I've got some fresh pussy waiting for me back in the block once I get down carving my initials in those perky little tits of yours."  Nina snapped as she advance towards her naked opponent.  The inmates cheered as they looked forward to the bloody fight that laid ahead.

    The two women circled each other warily which surprised Sandi as she figured the Sisterhood head would use her size and weight advantage to rush her and end the fight right away.  However, Nina was keeping her distance while shifting her homemade weapon from her right hand to her left and back again.  Both women kept their eyes locked on their opponent's movements waiting for the attack or movement that might end the lethal dance of death in a heartbeat.

    Suddenly, Nina lunged forward with her left hand in a fist directed at Sandi's face while thrusting her shiv towards the brunette's mid section.  Lucky for Sandi, she was able to avoid the head punch while twisting out of the way of the lethal blow heading towards her.  As Nina's momentum carried her forward, Sandi took a swipe at her and cut a deep gash in the Sisterhood leader's right shoulder.

   " You swing like a school girl, bitch.  Maybe you ought to rename your group ' Cuddly Kindergartners' after...OOOFF !! " Sandi said before being cut short by a punch to the jaw.  The brunette staggered back towards the showers as Nina briefly touched her shoulder wound with her left hand  and brought a drip of blood to her mouth.

   " Didn't you learn when you were a model to stay quiet when doing something trying to stay alive ? " Nina hissed as she moved towards her opponent, who spit out a tooth in her direction.

   After circling for a few more seconds, the two combatants suddenly rushed at each other with each uttering a piercing scream. The two women slammed together in a clinch much like the convicts seeing the death match would see in a 70's action movie or TV series.

    For several seconds, the two women glared at each other as they looked at each other literally nose to nose.  After what seemed like an eternity, Nina slumped to the floor with Sandi's shiv sticking out of her chest.  Blood started to pour from the wound as well as her mouth as her body twitched for a few seconds before falling still.  Sandi looked down at her dead opponent and exhaled a long breath of relief at having survived the fight.

     When Sandi looked up, she saw the stunned faces of the Sisterhood members looking at the scene in disbelieving silence. After a minute or so, a cry of anger came up from the gathered onlookers and a few in the front took a menacing step towards the bleeding Sandi.  

     Just as Sandi braced herself to swept under by the mob and certain that she would be killed by it, the sound of whistles and loud footsteps echoed through the room followed quickly by seven or eight heavily armed prison guards pushing their the way the crowd.  While three or four quickly swept the convicts away from the shower area, the others moved towards Sandi and the deceased Nina with surprised looks evident on their faces.  Sandi started to sputter out an explanation when the loss of blood and exhaustion from the life and death struggle she was just in caught up with her and she collapsed unconscious into a guard's arms....

     Two weeks later.....

     ".....we are aware of the extenuating circumstances that led to you killing your fellow inmate but this nevertheless leaves us a problem, Miss Duncan. "  the female warden said sympathetically as she sat at her desk across from a weary looking Sandi.

    " I know I'll be killed if I go back out into the yard with the other inmates.  Could it be arranged for me to be transferred to another prison in the area, Warden Sadismova ? " Sandi inquired while slightly wincing from her still mending shoulder.

    " I've checked with the other wardens in the area and this Sisterhood gang has elements in every prison in the area.  There's also rumors that the Sisterhood have put a ' bounty' out for any inmate who kills you regardless of where and what prison it happens at.  We obviously can't keep you in solitary for the rest of your sentence so we've been mulling over an alternate way for you to serve your sentence safely."  the warden said while leafing through a folder.

    " Alternate ?  What do you mean by that...going to another country ? "  Sandi said a tad nervous at the thought of winding up in one of those notorious Canadian prisons (rumored to be home to games involving wooden sticks, rubber pads and fishnets).

   " No, nothing like that.  We have an unusual way of helping out inmates who are in predicaments like yours though we use it very rarely.  To be blunt, we use a cover scheme that one of the national magazines wants to shoot a prison picture layout with a sexy model as the subject.  Since you worked as a model before your incarceration, this should be right up your alley for work. The tricky thing is this shoot, via secret government technology, will result in your transformation into an inanimate plastic display figure... a mannequin if you will...  After this is achieved, you'll be placed in a local store where only the manager will know your true status.  Once your length of sentence has reached its conclusion, we'll transform you back to human form once again and you'll be free with absolutely no side effects."  the warden said sternly.

   " Mannequin ???  Are you serious ? "  Sandi asked with a look of disbelief clearly visible on her face.

   "  Extremely so, Miss Duncan.  Your options are either this or we transfer you to another prison where we make no guarantees about your safety in the long term.  Choose which one you can live with..."  Sadismova said with a serious tone to the prisoner in front of her .

   Sandi thought about what she had been offered for several minutes.  Neither choice was very palatable to the brunette as she felt she was caught in the " between a rock and hard place" dilemma.  After fidgeting in her leather seat for a little longer, and with the warden drumming her fingers on the desk, Sandi lifted her head up and looked at Sadismova with a resigned expression visible on her face.

   "  When do we start the shoot ? "  Sandi asked with a tone of finality.

   3 days later......  

   "......just stand over in front of the bars next to the plant, honey, and this will go real smooth. " the photographer said as he guided Sandi into the indicated spot.  The man then adjusted her stance slightly before moving back to his camera and adjusting it one final time.

   Dressed in a black push-up bra with matching lace trimmed panties, Sandi leaned against one of the bars with her right hand while she posed for the pictures that were being snapped.  Behind her and the bars was a temporary backdrop of blue sky, put there for esthetic reasons as well as keeping prisoners or other prison workers from seeing what was going on.

   " Why are you doing this whole photo thing anyway just to cover my....umm... 'changing status' ? "  Sandi inquired as she dropped the straps down on her bra in response to a request from the photographer.

   " Well, this set of photos that we're taking is for the people who invented the technology that we'll be using today.  As part of the agreement signed between the prison and the developers, we have to pictures before and after the change for each use of the product." the photographer said quietly while snapping away with his camera.

   " Ok.  The change it done via your camera or some sort of drink I'm supposed to ingest?  I've looked at some of the fantasy stories posted on the internet and they all look the same. " Sandi said as she waited patiently for the next step to occur.

   " Actually, this process is much more detailed than that.  The lingerie that you are wearing is coated with a special chemical that, in combination with the intermittent flashing of the camera I'm holding and the set lights reflecting off the special coating on the backdrop, should start everything rolling right.... about... now! "  the photographer said while glancing at his watch.

   " Righhhhttt!!!..."  Sandi started to say something in a semi mocking tone before her ability to speak vanished and she found the whole process WAS starting.  She could see, by her reflection in a mirror the camera guy had brought, that her body was changing shape from flesh and bone to inanimate plastic devoid of any imperfections.  Sandi felt her sex starting to close up as it became smooth plastic like the rest of her was becoming.  She could see joint lines appearing on her wrists, ankles, waist and right thigh and realized she could be taken apart in her new form.  At the same time, she felt a rush of cool air where her anus was as it formed a circular opening capped by a metal rod which was meant for the insertion of a support rod by a store manager or visual merchandiser.

   The process rapidly spread up Sandi's torso and her ability to breathe vanished just as abruptly as her talking and ability to move.  She felt her breasts transform into twin mounds of molded plastic that pushed outwards against the bra that was on them almost pushing the lingerie off.  Sandi felt her face tightening as it changed into plastic like the rest of her was already with her eyes becoming colored glass that stared straight ahead devoid of humanity.

   " I'M...I'M A MANNEQUIN...THIS IS SO COOL.....I FEEL EVERYTHING...WOW !!..... "  Sandi thought to herself as the camera fellow put aside his gear and walked over to her still form.  He rapped his knuckles on her plasticized chest and nodded in satisfaction  upon hearing a distinctly hollow noise.  He then stepped back and picked up his cell phone to arrange for Sandi to be delivered to her new home....

   3 months later....

   Sandi was quite happy in the front display window mounted on her usual gold and silver display stand as usual.  This week, she was modeling the latest in exercise wear to be for sale at the store and she looked stunning as usual.  Wearing a tight fighting pink lycra top with matching bicycle shorts and Nikebok sneakers, she had caused more than a few pedestrians to stop and gaze at her fantastic form on display.

   Her reverie was interrupted by the sounds of the manager Beverly  standing up in the window next to her and putting another mannequin next to her.... one which, judging by her reflection, looked very familiar....

   " Oh shit ! It's Patti from the Sisterhood..what the hell is she doing here ? "  Sandi thought frantically to herself as her enemy was placed next to her wearing a similar style outfit.

   " Did you think the Sisterhood would let you get away so easy ?  I get changed back 6 months before you do...when I do, well, I'll be visiting you after hours one night...with a blowtorch... " Patti thought to herself as she stood waiting to take the revenge her bosses had planned.

   Just then, one of the store clerks came running up and whispered excitedly to Beverly.  A minute or so later, the manager picked Patti up once again and put her down on the store floor.  Beverly then walked over to a nearby counter and retrieved a large cardboard box which she set down next to the mannequin.

   " Sorry, dear, but we just got orders to ship a bra form to our sister store in Europe and you're it.  We'll keep your bottom half here to model pantyhose or stockings and your arms to model gloves. Your head will be used in our sunglasses display I guess..."  Beverly said as she lifted off the top part of the mannequin and set it in the box.
   " NOOOOO!!!!! " screamed Patti mentally over and over....

   Several years later, Sandi's prison term reached its conclusion and she was successfully changed back to her human form. Once released, she set up her own modeling agency that specialized in hiring out models to pose as live mannequins for trade shows and shopping malls.....

   And Patti ?

   Well, if one recalls the children's nursery rhyme about a certain overweight egg that fell off a brick wall....

    "....couldn't put Patti together again...."


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