Sophia's Day at the Universal Fair

by: Anime1979

Disclaimer: The Star Ocean characters that appear in this story are the property of Enix. No infringement intended. I'm just borrowing them for a while.


A few months after Fayt and his companions beat the Sphere Company and saved their universe things had clamed down for each of them. One of them, a woman was walking down a pathway at the Universal Fair on space station V-563. The woman had long hair that went past her shoulders. She had green eyes and today was wearing a pink tank top and blue jeans. It was Sophia Esteed.

"What should I do for now?" Sophia wondered.

A few days earlier Sophia and Fayt planed to go on a date together at this fair. However Fayt had to take care of some things in the morning so he couldn't pick up Sophia himself. They then decided to meet up at the Universal Fair's Item shop at 11 am. Lucky Sophia had a friend that could drop her off at the fair, but due to her friend's own busy schedule Sophia was dropped of at the fair at 6 am. 

"Well it's better then not coming, but Fayt won't be here for another five hours." said Sophia as she continued to walk around.

Some of the Fair events and stores had already opened up and started. However for the most part people were setting things up.

"Oh well, this place doesn't really get moving until 10 am anyway." said Sophia.

Sophia noticed that the Fair's Battle Simulator was open, If Fayt was in her place that's were he would be. Sophia walked over to it. There was a woman in a clown suit standing next to the door of the Simulator room.

"Hi, would you like to try the Simulator?" said the clown women.

"Yeah, I'm getting bored and need something to past the time." said Sophia.

"Ok just register at the control panel and you can start.” Said the clown woman.

Sophia walked over to the control and pressed her finger print on it along with pressing some more buttons to put in other info. Soon Sophia battle simulator data appeared on the control panel's monitor. The clown woman was surprised at what she saw.

"WOW! Level 255. The monsters in our simulator only go up to level 100. Do you play in simulators often?" asked the clown women.

"Let's just say I had my own little adventure a few months back." said Sophia.

"OK. Well everything’s ready." said the clown women as she pressed a button to open the doors to the simulator.

Sophia walked in and the clown women watched as the doors closed behind Sophia. Sophia looked at the choice of weapons on the walls. Since she was a magic user, she looked in the Rods section. The only good one was the Magician's Rod. Sophia took it of the wall.

"It’s not even close to my Sacred Ether Rod at home but it will do for now." said Sophia.

Sophia then walked into the Main Simulator room and an hour later.

"THIS ONE'S FOR HURTING ME!!!! STONE RAIN!!!!!" said Sophia.

Huge stone rocks appeared above last of the monsters that were at level one hundred and crushed them all.

"Game Complete" said the computer as the simulator stopped.

“WOW you sure know a lot of spells. Would you care to try our next level it's only opened to players like yourself." said the clown women's voice over the intercom.

"I may as well try it out there still is a lot of time left." said Sophia as she looked on at a clock on a nearby monitor.

Suddenly Sophia saw the floor open up on the west side of the room. It revealed a stair case that seemed to lead into the darkness. Sophia decides to walk down the stairs. Once she got to the bottom she was in a small hallway with a door at the end of it. Sophia heard a rumbling noise as she saw the hole that showed the staircase close up.

"It been a while since someone got down here." said a man's voice over the intercom.

"HUH...Who are you?" said Sophia.

"I'm the one in charge of this section. No one has made it this far has ever complete my section. That may change, because I see you have an impressive level 255 status on your record." said the man.

"Bring it on." said Sophia.

"Okay Miss just enter that door at the end of the hall for the next simulator room." said the man's voice from the intercom.

Sophia got up to the door and it opened automatically. Sophia walked into the room and the door closed shut behind her.

"What is this?!" said Sophia.

Sophia looked around and saw she was in an all white room with nothing in it but her. Suddenly a trap door in the floor opened up and Sophia fell in.

"AAAAHHHH!" yelled Sophia as she fell.

Sophia saw the trap door close back up before everything went dark.

"OWW!" said Sophia as hit the floor.

"Oh great a trap; and it's to dark to see anything." thought Sophia as she walked around in the darkness.

Sophia finally found the wall and begin searching for a switch or panel. That was when something came up from behind her and pulled on the back of her tank top.

"OWW!" said Sophia as she felt her tank top ripping against her skin. Sophia's tank top was now fully ripped off her.

"Who's there!!" yelled Sophia as she backed up with caution.

She was now topless. The only thing keeping Sophia's breast from being exposed was the darkness of the room. Sophia then felt these two cold metal arms grab her from behind. Thanks to that Sophia’s arms were also pinned down. Then Sophia felt cold metal pressed against her back. As far as Sophia could tell she was being bear hugged by some big robot.

"Damn, if my arms were free I could summon up a spell." thought Sophia.

Sophia could also fell the robot's cold metal legs against her legs. With her legs as the only part of her that was free, she begin kicking the robot's legs as hard as she could. While trying to kick the robot Sophia heard the sounds of clashing blades come near her. Sophia stopped kicking the robot when she felt the small blades cutting up her jeans.

"Noooo!" yelled Sophia as she started kicking wildly to try to throw the blades off.

However it was not use, the blades soon had her jeans cut up in to ribbons. Then someone or something come up and easily ripped what was left of the jeans of Sophia.

"HEY GIVE THOSE BACK!!!" yelled Sophia as she felt her socks and shoes being taken off of her.

The only thing left on Sophia was a pair panties. Sophia then felt a small pair of metal hands squeeze her breast. Sophia now noticed that there was something else in the room with her other then the thing that was holding her.

"COLD!! DON'T TOUCH ME!!" yelled Sophia, but the hands didn't move.

A small rod come out of the right hand that was squeezing the Sophia's right breast. The rod then pressed against Sophia's right breast for a few second then went back into the right hand. Once that was done the hands let go of Sophia's breast. 

It was then that the ceiling lights came on in the room. The robot that was holding Sophia begin to move. Sophia quickly closed her eyes because she was in the dark too long. By the time Sophia's eyes refocused the robot had carried her to the front of a big platform. Sophia looked down at her breast and saw the words "SEX-LOONS MADE BY UNIVERSAL FAIR” stamped on her right breast.

"What kind of joke is this!!!" yelled Sophia as she looked up and saw she was in a big room.

Sophia looked around and saw many metal crates with the name "Universal Fair" on them also.

"This must be a storage area on the lower docks of the space station, if it wasn't for this piece of junk, I would get out of here." thought Sophia.

The robot walked onto the platform and finally dropped Sophia onto it.

"OWW!" said Sophia as she hit the cold metal platform.

Sophia was a bit shocked that the robot let her go. Without another thought Sophia tried to run off the platform but then something grab both of her feet. Sophia looked down to see the two clamps hold come up from the platform and grabbed her feet. Sophia tried to pull herself free, but couldn’t. Then to her surprise two more clamps rose of the platform and grabbed her arms. Then those same two clamps quickly retracted mostly back into the platform. This took Sophia down on all fours. She was now on her hands and knees, plus clamped down on the platform.

“HEY LET ME GO!!!!" yelled Sophia.

Then yet another clamp rose from the platform and grabbed Sophia by her neck. As the clamped retracted it forced Sophia to move the upper part of her body down so her ass was higher in the air. Then the two clamps that were holding her legs forced her legs to spread apart more. Sophia was in this same potion a few days ago when she was fucking her boyfriend Fayt, but this time it wasn't any fun for her.


Sophia then felt something pull on her panties. Before Sophia could say something her panties were ripped off quickly against her skin.

"OWW!" said Sophia.

Sophia's pussy was now fully exposed. Many things begin to race into her mind. Sophia was sure that a rapist was going to show up any second now and she was helpless. A few seconds later another smaller robot that was about her size walked to her.


This robot had all of Sophia ripped clothing in its hands.

"beeeppp.beeep,,bep.." said the small robot.

Then the big robot left the platform and walked over to the crates to continue its normal work. The small robot walked onto the platform behind Sophia. Sophia heard the robot press a few control panel buttons.

"What going on?!" said Sophia.

Sophia watched as the platform she was on move onto a pair of tracks. The platform then begin moving down a small tunnel.


The small robot then keeled down behind Sophia. A small opening appeared between the robot's legs. A twelve inch silver dildo come out of it. The robot quickly mounted Sophia forcing it's dildo up her pussy.

"YEOOWWW!" yelled Sophia as she felt the cold metal probing her pussy.

As the robot pumped it's dildo into Sophia pussy it made her body rock back and forth. Also it made her breast jiggle. This reminded her of the times she masturbated with one of her smaller magic rods. Sophia was surprised that the robot's dildo didn't hurt her. In fact it was also ticking Sophia's pussy. Sophia felt that this robot's dildo had to be lubricated some type lotion.

"AHHHH!!!!OHHHH!!!AHHH!!" moaned Sophia as she was really starting to enjoy it.

"This feels..OOHHH!!..But release me...AHHH!!" Sophia demanded between moans.

It felt good to Sophia, but she still realized the possible danger she was in.

"RELEASE ME!!!" yelled Sophia as she did her best to hold back her moans.

Sophia knew it was a class "B" robot and had to follow the commands of humans. The robot then stopped pumping it's dildo into Sophia's pussy.

"Finally!" said Sophia however the robot's dildo was still more then halfway up Sophia's pussy.

She felt the dildo starting to warm up. Suddenly Sophia felt warm air coming from the robot's dildo and into her body.

"Hey that's hot...." said Sophia as she lost her voice.

As the hot air rushed into Sophia's body her mouth opened up it an "O" shape and she couldn't close it. Sophia's pussy and anus also opened up into "O" shapes. "I can't move my mouth and it feels like my bones are melting! What's happening to me?" said Sophia. Then Sophia's body started puffing up. As her body puffed up her skin turned from flesh to shinny green rubber. Sophia's breast inflated from a size "B" to a size "F".

Sophia eyes then became painted features on her face. Once Sophia transformation was done she was a human shaped balloon, but was as fuckable as a sexdoll. Plus thanks to the magic of the transformation Sophia was also unpoppable. This is what the Universal Fair called "Sex-loons" an item only won or sold during their weekend late night adult events. Sophia felt the robot's dildo cool back down. Once that was done, the robot begin pumping it's dildo in and out of Sophia's new rubber pussy.

"AHHHHHH!!!OHHHHH!!!!AHHHHH!!OHHHH!!AHHHHH!!" moaned Sophia mentally, her  body was now really sensitive to touch of any kind.

The sexual sensation was too great to ignore, but there was worry on the back of Sophia's mind. With the position the Sophia Sex-loon was in the only thing she could see were her hands and they were a shinny green color. The robot continued fucking the Sophia Sex-loon for five until the platform reached another cargo area.

"AHH!! Why did you stop!" thought Sophia as she felt the robot remove it's dildo from her rubber pussy.

The clamps that were holding down the Sophia Sex-loon released her. The robot picked up the Sophia Sex-loon and walked off the platform.

"Were are we going now?!" thought Sophia.

The robot carried the Sophia Sex-loon into a room on the far end of the cargo area. The robot sat Sophia on a table and there was a mirror on the wall across from her.

"WHAT!! I'M A BALLOON!!! NO WAY!!!" thought Sophia.

Sophia just stared at the mirror in shock and would scream if she could. The robot then walked in front of Sophia.

"Now What!" thought Sophia.

The robot squeezed the Sophia Sex-loon's palm on her right hand.

"I'M SOPHIA! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" said the Sophia Sex-loon in a high perky voice.

"Huh, did I JUST SAY that!" thought Sophia.

The robot squeezed her palm again.

"SQUEEZE MY HUGE BREAST!!" said the Sophia Sex-loon.

"It sounds like there is a speaker in the back of my head." thought Sophia.

The robot squeezed her palm for a third time.

"HI MISTER ALIEN! I'M READY FOR PROBING!" said the Sophia Sex-loon.

"I would never say something that stupid." thought Sophia.

The robot squeezed her palm a forth time.

"I GOT A MOUTH! INSERT YOUR DICK!" said the Sophia Sex-loon.

"I'm NOT a whore either." thought Sophia.

The robot squeezed her palm a final time.

"I LIKE MY PUSSY WET!! MORE MASTER MORE!!!" said the Sophia Sex-loon.

"I can't take this any more! If I could move I WOULD KILL THIS ROBOT!!!." thought Sophia.

"TESTING DONE." said the robot.

"It spoke?!" thought Sophia.

The robot picked up the Sophia Sex-loon and placed her in a small box. The box had the words "Sex-loons Special Order" on the side of it.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" Sophia mentally yelled at the robot.

It was as if the robot heard her complaints. The robot had taken a red twelve inch dildo and a small charger off the table. The robot attached the dildo to the charger. The charger has six days of power on it, so the dildo wouldn't run out of power any time soon.

"Don't!!!!!" Sophia mentally yelled as the robot put the red dildo up her rubber pussy.

The robot turned on the dildo and it begin to vibrate. Sophia mental complaints stopped and were replaced with mental moans.

"AHHHHHH!!!OHHHHH!!!!AHHHHH!!OHHHH!!AHHHHH!!" Sophia moaned mentally.

The robot put a lead on the box she was in and carried it out the room. Sophia found herself in a dark small box. Due tot he sexual sensations the dildo was giving her now super sensitive sex-loon body it was hard for her to tell how much time had passed. The box the Sophia Sex-loon was in had been picked up and moved around about five times.

After some time Sophia saw the box lead being moved and she saw light. This time it didn't hurt her eyes because they were just painted features now. The Sophia Sex-loon was now in someone's bedroom. A naked man with blue hair and blues took Sophia out of her box. It was her boyfriend Fayt. Fayt put the Sophia Sex-loon on his bed and checked the charged dildo.

"Only forty minutes left on it. You were pleased for the whole trip I see." said Fayt as he pulled the dildo from her rubber pussy.

"Sophia let me explain a few things... You always said that I spend too much time at the Battle Simulator. That you didn't like it much. You also said got in the way of our dates. Sorry to set you up, but I knew you would go to the Battle Simulator if you got there early. So I made a little order with the Fair's Adult Event Officials. So now you'll be spending tons of time together with me here at my home." said Fayt.

Sophia couldn't even yell at Fayt if she could. Sophia's mind had started mentally braking down during the six days she was pumped by that dildo in the box.

"FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCK ME." was the only thing Sophia song in her mind over and over now.

Fayt squeezed Sophia's palm on her right hand.

"I'M SOPHIA! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" said the Sophia Sex-loon.

"Very well, You'll enjoy being my toy." said Fayt as he hopped on the bed.

FAYT got on top of the Sophia Sex-loon and quickly mounted her. Fayt pumped his penis in and out of Sophia's rubber pussy as fast as he could.

"Well, you're not as good as the robot!" thought Sophia with her slowly changing mind.



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